U.S. Attorneys Attack Elderly Woman

OMAHA, Neb. — The Federal trial of a completely innocent and elderly Nebraska resident, Donna Kozak, is scheduled to begin on July 28 in Omaha, Neb. Kozak is represented by Omaha attorney David R. Stickman.

As previously reported in the US~Observer:

Donna Kozak is currently charged with nine felony crimes. Two counts pertain to tax crimes and seven counts pertain to filing false liens into the public record regarding an unrelated event. The U.S. Attorney’s Office via their indictment sums the tax charges up: “Beginning as early as 1997, and continuing until at least on or about December 13, 2012, in the District of Nebraska and elsewhere, the defendant, DONNA MARIE KOZAK, corruptly endeavored to obstruct and impede the due administration of the internal revenue laws by not filing federal individual income tax returns.”

First off, Donna Kozak is completely incapable of “corruptly endeavoring” to do anything. In 1996, Donna was a member of a local college faculty in her third of ten years of teaching adults English as a Second Language. According to witnesses, Donna is exceptionally academic and she is a wonderful Christian, mother and wife.

The Prosecution

Department of Justice attorneys Brian D. Bailey and Matthew R. Hoffman are currently prosecuting Kozak for the U.S. government. Neither attorney has questioned Kozak, and neither knows the facts of this case. The same can be said of the grand jury whose foreman — along with Deborah R. Gilg and Michael P. Norris, assistant U.S. attorneys in Omaha — signed an undated and unattested indictment without calling Kozak to give any testimony or to submit any evidence documents on her behalf. My previous article, “The Tax Protestor Trap — And Resulting Nightmare” explains very well how Kozak was deceived by professional scam artists into believing that she wasn’t required to file a Federal 1040 income tax form.

Many well-educated and polished “tax experts,” including some former Internal Revenue Service agents and former government employees taught Kozak that Federal income taxes were “voluntary.” And they provided plenty of “proof” in the form of past Supreme Court decisions, statements by IRS officials and the Internal Revenue Code itself to convince her they were correct. When the IRS and Kozak became at odds, these same professionals and others convinced Kozak that they had the “legal” remedies to resolve her disputes and the disputes of others associated with her.

These so-called experts left out one very important fact. The fact was that if Kozak were to be indicted and put on trial, the Federal judge would instruct the jury that all U.S. citizens are required to file income tax forms if they earn beyond a specific amount of money. You see, Kozak paid her taxes, but she simply refused to file the Form 1040 because she came to have a specific belief about using that form. In fact, the withholding system actually created an overpayment of taxes for her and her husband for some years. The way the IRS system works is that if you file for past years, which the Kozaks have now done in order to bring closure to their circumstances, and there is a tax owed, you still must pay. But if you have an overpayment and the filing is beyond three years, the IRS will not return any of that money. They keep it without crediting it to other taxes owed.

It will also be well-established at trial that the liens Kozak submitted to a public record for a third party are not recognized remedies by the current system of government which is operating this country. During one interview, Kozak said: “I feel very humiliated for having believed these people about alternate remedy processes. I had no idea that I was being deceived. I actually thought that I was being patriotic and attempting to correct my government that has gone so far off course.”

While there is sufficient evidence to prove that Kozak is innocent, much of it will be inadmissible during her trial due to corrupted laws, court rules, etc. Actually, the only defense Kozak will have when she faces her jury will be her good-faith belief that she wasn’t required to file and her belief that the liens she filed were appropriate remedies to keep court and IRS officials in check.

It is an absolute fact that Kozak did not have any intent to commit a crime, just as it is an absolute fact that, just like hundreds of thousands of Americans, she believed her government was dysfunctional and corrupt and that she was doing her patriotic duty when she refused to file the forms when she process-served a third-party’s liens for filing.

Kozak was factually a victim of extremely deceptive tax-protestor professionals, making it completely impossible for her to be a perpetrator of a crime. This situation is actually no different whatsoever from the countless elderly people in America who fall victim to phone scammers on a daily basis. The scammers easily convince the elderly they owe money for one thing or another; the scammers access the accounts of the elderly, and the rest is history.

Kozak should be found not guilty. If there is any other finding, it will be due to the very same corruption Kozak was attempting to correct. If her jury finds her guilty, the members will all eventually read my articles — and they will live out their days knowing they have ruined a completely innocent fellow American. Each and every public official, including the Federal judge in her case, will live each day of their lives wondering who has read about their treachery and abuse. And I assure them that I will completely ruin their legacy and reputation before I am through.

Nothing could be worse than for an American public servant to wrongfully attack the citizens they are supposed to serve, especially the elderly. The US~Observer takes such things very seriously. It is hoped that other men and women in the Omaha area will pack the Federal court trial, currently scheduled for July 28 at the Omaha Federal Courthouse, in support of learning about their public servants and the kind of (in)justice they are planning to carry out, because you never know if you will be next.

–Edward Snook

Bond Granted After Three Years In Prison

This article originally appeared in the US~Observer.

On June 5, Jamie Clark was finally given another chance to prove his innocence. After nearly three years in prison, Clark was granted a bond, giving him temporary freedom to work on his DUI Manslaughter appeal. Clark has maintained his innocence for almost eight years. In a very complicated case, with twists and turns that have basically left everyone involved speechless, Judge John Kastrenakes unexpectedly approved Clark’s bond at his most recent hearing.

Kastrenakes had already ruled against a previous bond for Clark, so this news was shocking. Prior to the bond being granted, Clark’s father said, “The only punch that is sure ‘not to land’ is the one you don’t throw. So, we are still throwing as many punches as we can.”

Something Worked; This Punch Landed

Content from the US~Observer’s articles on Jamie’s case was “read in front of the judge prior to the bond being granted,” according to witnesses.

Clark now plans on assisting his defense for the upcoming appeal scheduled for the end of this summer. Although he will be released, he will be on strict monitoring, pending the outcome of his appeal.

For a complete background on Clark’s case, read this. The article has links to all previously written articles, which give an in-depth report on this case.

The US~Observer plans on producing a short documentary on Clark’s case this summer. You can follow the US~Observer on our Facebook page or check the Jamie Clark Deserves Justice Facebook page to stay informed about this case and the upcoming documentary.

Congratulations to Clark and his family. They are real-life examples of a family that has fought a long, hard battle and managed to stay positive throughout the process.

The US~Observer fully expects to help exonerate Clark. The evidence is there, and it proves his innocence.

–Joseph Snook


In Sex Abuse Cases, Children Don’t Mean To Lie, But They Do

This article originally appeared in the US~Observer.

We, as a society, have been made to believe that if you are arrested and your picture appears in the local paper as having done something, you must be guilty. This is simply a tactic used by the state to get convictions. Another such tactic, which has swept the country, deals with false sex-abuse charges; children are being made to invent testimony.

After an initial allegation, children are assigned advocates or investigators who promote to the child that the appropriate behavior is to give them the information they are wanting, which might not necessarily be the truth. The result is a false allegation: the child caving in to what the authoritative figure wants. The allegation quickly turns into a charge, an arrest and then prosecution.

In many of these cases, there is only one witness to the crime: the child “victim.” In a life-altering game of “he said, she said,” the state, the jury and the justice system as a whole typically rule on the side of the victim. Ruling anything other than guilt would be considered tantamount to participating in the abuse itself, right?

In one such case outlined in a video produced by the US~Observer and titled “Life, plus 25 years,” the man accused and convicted was found guilty on the testimony of the child alone. There was no other witness testimony and no admission. And there was no physical evidence; the sex-assault exam was negative.

Now, the US~Observer is seeking justice in this case: a new trial.

Take a few minutes out of your day to watch this intriguing video and weigh in with your comments.

While it is true that not all allegations are unsubstantiated, it is equally true that not all are substantiated. Keep this in mind the next time you hear that someone is charged with a crime, especially sex abuse.

Find the truth, seek justice and always demand accountability.

–Ron Lee

Allegedly Fraudulent Survey Creates Nightmare For Landowners

This article originally appeared in the US~Observer.

IDAHO COUNTY, Idaho — Property disputes between neighbors just outside of Grangeville, Idaho, began in 2009 and they escalated, until a lawsuit was filed by Sydney (Butch) and Dorothy Walker in late 2011. The Walkers named Bessie Harmon, Etta Harmon, Ellan Hoiland, Thain Hoiland, Elvin Hoiland and the Grangeville Highway District as defendants in their suit. However, our current US~Observer investigation is uncovering what appears to be a history of possible out-and-out fraud, as opposed to a dispute.

The Walkers were represented by attorney Dennis Charney until he filed a declaratory judgment motion, which, according to the Walkers and experts we have consulted with, basically gave away a good portion of their land. The Walkers fired Charney and demanded he withdraw his “ill-conceived” motion. Much more can be written on this issue if the need arises.

The Walkers have since hired attorney Wes Hoyt.

On June 12, the defendants in this case filed a motion for partial summary judgment “upon the grounds and for the reason that there exists no genuine issue as to any material fact.” I have never read a more frivolous motion in my more than 30 years of investigating such matters. I have found that there are four records of survey and various corner records filed, with little to no agreement on boundaries and corners. Yet there is very good evidence that possible fraud was perpetrated in a survey and corner record back in 1977. Not one surveyor is using the original corners that were in place when the Walkers purchased their land.

Idaho District Judge John R. Stegner is presiding over this case, and I will closely analyze and report on his rulings.


Dorothy Walker has conducted an extremely thorough investigation and study into surveying laws, the surveys on the properties in question and deeds and issues involved. She said: “Everything is wrong with the current surveys. None of them match up with our original corners and they don’t match each other.”

After studying the surveys myself and again, speaking with our experts, I completely agree with Dorothy Walker. How is that for “a genuine issue as to any material fact?”

Our investigation shows that the Walkers started purchasing their properties in 1968. They are the third family to own the land, and their property was purchased based on the original Government Land Office (GLO) corners. By law, these corners should be unchangeable; however, forces appear to have been at work for many years to alter these original corners.

According to one witness, in 1977 (nine years after the Walkers purchased their property), their neighbors hired a surveyor to divide their property. Their licensed surveyor allegedly moved original section corners or created new corners, redefined deeds, changed rights of way and changed the neighbor’s property description to fit his new corners. Without the Walker’s knowledge, this surveyor allegedly changed their corners in the process.

The US~Observer has received reports that there is no record of this survey on file at the courthouse and that the records of these new corners were not filed until 1996, 20 years after the survey problems were created. The law states they had to have been filed within 90 days.

Since 1977, this surveyor’s changes have allegedly been causing all the chaos, property disputes and lawsuits in this Grangeville area. The property disputes and chaos allegedly started when the original corners were moved, and the disputes and chaos will not stop until the original corners are restored. I should note that all of the Walkers’ deeds match the original GLO corners, not the alleged false corners that this surveyor set and other surveyors have used.

The Bombshell

The Walkers have hired a well-known and respected surveyor to validate a corner that was actually discovered by a surveyor the Walkers had previously hired. This surveyor has already placed the corner and filed on it. When I confronted the surveyor who originally discovered it, he stated, “I just didn’t have enough facts at the time and I had to get my survey done, because the attorney needed it.” When I told him that I believed fraud was involved back in 1977, he responded, “I thought that might be possible myself.”

I now have two surveyors stating that it appears that the survey that started this entire mess was fraudulent.

The Resolution

At this juncture, it would be easy for the surveyors and attorneys involved in this alleged scam to just say they made “mistakes.” All property lines can be corrected and the Walkers can be “made whole,” so to speak.

If this charade continues or if those involved start lying, they can look forward to gaining notoriety in the US~Observer. At that point, all involved can rest assured that the US~Observer won’t be going anywhere until all facts are public and until the Walkers are totally vindicated.

While I currently use the word “mistake” in an attempt to leave those involved a “backdoor out,” I strongly expect that I will be using the term fraud in the very near future if this wrong isn’t corrected. I will also be naming names and providing a wealth of information publicly that will leave absolutely no room for doubt. My strong advice to those who have made “mistakes” or who committed fraud is to take the backdoor without delay.

–Edward Snook

Editor’s note: Anyone with information on surveyor Carl Edwards or regarding this case is urged to contact Edward Snook at 541-474-7885 or by email to ed@usobserver.com.

The Gross Injustice Of Obamacare

This article originally appeared in the US~Observer.

As a writer for the US~Observer, I’m accustomed to finding injustice within government and the justice system. But one injustice among many from the Affordable Care Act, otherwise known as Obamacare, is particularly shameful.

I’m talking about the fines that people will have to pay for not signing up for having their money taken and receiving little, if anything, good in return from Obamacare. Many people who didn’t have healthcare before the implementation of Obamacare either didn’t want it or couldn’t afford it.

For those wanted healthcare but couldn’t afford it, they really can afford Obama’s Affordable Care Act, which is anything but affordable with rates for healthy individuals doubling, or even tripling. But if people didn’t sign up for it because they can’t afford it, they’ll be fined.

According to the Internal Revenue Service, which will be enforcing the mandate, fines in 2014 will be $95 per person or 1 percent of household income, whichever is greater. In 2016, the fines will increase and start at $695 per person, or 2.5 percent for households making between $9,500 and $37,000 a year, then go up from there for households with greater incomes, according to Henry Blodget of Business Insider.

Imagine fining someone for something he is physically unable to do. And therein lies the most egregious injustice of Obamacare.

For those who don’t want Obamacare or any other health insurance, one can hardly blame them.

Back in 2000, the Journal of the American Medical Association reported that doctors are the third leading cause of death in the U.S. The study upon which the article was based found that many deaths in hospitals for patients under doctor “care” were a result of: unnecessary surgeries, infections, medication and other medical errors, and “non-error, negative effects of drugs.”

As of 2011, the statistic hadn’t changed much, with nearly 784,000 deaths in that year attributed to doctor screwups or 24.5 times more than all gun-related deaths combined. It’s a small wonder why some people choose to opt out of healthcare coverage altogether, and there is every reason to believe that things will be far worse under Obamacare.

Also, just because some opt out of health insurance, it doesn’t mean they can’t afford to pay for it. Some people choose to pay out of pocket or carry catastrophic coverage instead.

In 2009, when Obama was busy misrepresenting the alleged 46 million people who did not have healthcare coverage in the Nation, he conveniently left out the fact that approximately 17.6 million of the 46 million made enough money to be able to afford it but for various reasons simply chose not to buy it, which was and still should be the right of every American.

It is a travesty of justice to fine people for something they don’t want or can’t afford and shouldn’t have to pay for to begin with. But when you allow socialism/communism to slither into power, this is what you get.

Lorne Dey

Life After ‘Not Guilty’

This article originally appeared in the US~Observer.

THE DALLES, Ore. — Armando Garcia’s last year of high school was abruptly put on hold for what could have been his last year of freedom. Instead of the little things most teenagers stress about, like what to wear tomorrow or studying for a test, Armando was facing myriad stacked rape charges — all while not being allowed to attend his senior year of high school. Why? His ex-girlfriend accused him of rape shortly after her parents found out vivid details about their intimate relationship via Facebook.

Armando’s innocence was easy to prove — especially given the mountain of evidence in his favor. But the evident things in life do not initially matter in a courtroom. His ex-girlfriend, her parents (her father is a sheriff’s deputy) and the prosecution pursued the freedom of young Armando at all costs. All that was needed was an accusation. That’s it. There is no more innocent until proven guilty — technically. Today’s court’s put the burden of proof upon the defendant, despite what the Constitution says. The Constitution is a valid argument, but it gets you almost nowhere in a court of law today. The courts have police power, and that is all that is needed.

Fortunately for Armando, he found the right support system. He is truly one in a million, literally. Imagine for a moment that you are a minority in a small, rural Oregon community. Now, imagine you are accused of raping a Caucasian female who is two years younger than you. Her father is in law enforcement. You are charged with rape, based solely on one person’s word. Next, you are forbidden from attending school and told, “You won’t be allowed to return until your case is resolved.” Armando was pretty much told: “Go prove you are innocent. Then you can return to a normal life.”

The charges were brought against Armando after his junior year of high school and lasted throughout what would have been his senior year, continuing through what would have been his first summer as a high school graduate.

Not succumbing to the pressure that could have easily ruined his life, Armando stated that he stayed positive.”

Armando continued, “Towards the end of it all, I was tempted to take the last plea deal (numerous plea deals were offered) because I was so tired of everything. Knowing that I didn’t do it, I fought it all the way to the end.”

On Aug. 27, Armando was found not guilty. Finally, he could focus on moving past this traumatic life experience. Witnesses, Facebook messages, intense planning by his attorney and a full investigative report and article by the US~Observer worked. Armando was now officially a free man. Or was he?

His case was resolved. He was found not guilty. But was he really vindicated? No. Unfortunately, people like Armando still have a record — even after they are found innocent. Again, the burden of erasing his record was Armando’s responsibility. In essence, Armando was still a target for future abuse. His arrest and charges would have remained on his record, despite his being found innocent. Attorney James Leuenberger successfully defended Armando and subsequently filed documents to expunge Armando’s record. Finally, in October, the existence of his ever being arrested and charged with rape was finally dissolved.

Armando stated that he, “really appreciates” what the US~Observer did for him. “Not many would’ve been on the side of someone who was being accused of such charges. People tend to think because someone is charged… that they did it and sadly that’s just humanity’s view on things.”

Armando was allowed to finish his senior year of high school — one year late.

On Saturday, June 7, Armando graduated high school. He is finally moving on with life.

He has no grudges against his accuser, Kelsey Floyd, or her family. Armando stated that he thought “she was scared… The information was found out by Kelsey’s family and she could have reacted out of fear. This was her first relationship with sexual intercourse.”Obviously, her father being a deputy probably didn’t help his situation.

Armando was very forgiving and understanding, considering what he endured.

Giving advice to others who may be in a similar situation, Armando said, Try not to worry. I had a 50/50 chance of going to jail. I stayed positive. Don’t lose hope and don’t forget that you didn’t do it.”

Today, Armando plans on “working for now and hopefully starting college in the fall with future plans of majoring in psychology.”

Life after not guilty is something Armando will proudly carry on his shoulders. Fortunately for this young man, he has freedom on his side. His mentality is that of someone carrying a cup “half-full, not half-empty.”

How many others like Armando have been falsely charged with sex crimes? How many of them didn’t find the right support system? Although Armando wasn’t facing life in prison, he would have had a lifelong sentence had he been convicted. He would have been required to register as a sex offender for the rest of his life. In our society, that is a lifetime sentence.

If you or anyone you know have been falsely charged or convicted of a crime, contact the US~Observer immediately at editor@usobserver.com or 541-474-7885. Time is not on your side.

–Joseph Snook


Invasion Of The Mind Snatchers

While recently watching the sci-fi classic “Invasion of the Body Snatchers,” I couldn’t help but notice the parallels in the movie of the goals of the aliens from another world to the goals of modern liberals/socialists/Marxists. If you remember the story, the extraterrestrials take over people’s bodies and minds in order to create a utopian society that is devoid of worry, want, love or hate. Sound familiar? Does Marxist propaganda come to mind?

And like the body snatchers in the movie, the peddlers of such utopian ideology — or the mind snatchers of today — transform perfectly normal minds of the wide awake but sleeping and replace them with stupid gullible ones. The main departure from the movie is that today’s liberal mind snatchers transform their victim’s minds by disseminating a constant stream of lies and politically correct claptrap. The methodology is different, but the end result is the same: functionally brain-dead adherents.

For people who think and follow things through to their logical conclusion, a Marxist/socialist Shangri-La can end only one way: misery for the vast majority of people with only a relative handful of elitists, as in any oligarchy, enjoying the forced fruits created by the powerless majority. Sounds appealing, doesn’t it? Only if you’re nuts! Yet that is the road to ruin that America is on. And the vast majority of people don’t seem to care because their dumbed-down minds have been fried by the false promises from slick-talking Marxists like Barack Obama, formerly known as Barry Soetoro, the pot-smoking neighborhood rabble-rouser.

So how has America naively accepted such a shady individual whose past is a complete fabrication and who has worked so diligently to: destroy our economy; push for a religion of adherers who want to subjugate or kill us; compromise our military by turning it into a politically correct farce for the radical atheists, homosexuals and feminists; and reduce our nuclear and conventional military arsenal to the point where we are now vulnerable to our traditional ideological enemies like communist China and Russia and even rogue nations like communist North Korea and jihadist Iran. This is certainly insanity on a national scale from people who seem to have a death wish but are too stupid to realize it!

The answer to how all this could happen lies with the fact that our Nation’s downfall has coincided perfectly with its gradual abandonment of the Judeo-Christian God of the Bible and the biblical principles upon which our laws were originally founded and have thrived under for so long. Any intelligent, thinking person could not argue with the fact that America is no longer a Christian Nation, even though there is a significant number in our population who still believe and trust in the all-but-abandoned God of the Bible. Rejection of God leads to a mind that is devoid of any semblance of wisdom and that ultimately becomes susceptible to every hairbrained notion advocated by almost anyone with a greased tongue and wearing a monkey suit and tie.

So how is the spell of the mind snatchers broken?

Since evolution-based Marxism is nothing more than a weak and implausible, humanistic alternative to the Judeo-Christian Creator-God, it is the responsibility of that Creator’s followers, those who have refused to bow to the Baal of our day, to get on their knees and ask for His intervention to change the hearts and minds of the people of America.

If this kind of political discourse seems out of place today, let me remind you that it wasn’t out of place during the time of the American Revolution, when Gen. George Washington and the Congress of the United States regularly called citizens to national days of “prayer, fasting and humiliation” to ask for God’s favor, because our leaders at that time knew that our Nation could not prevail against Britain, the greatest world power of the day, without such favor.

Today, let those of us who revere this same God do the same and then stand, like those before us, and demand accountability on all levels.

–Lorne Dey

Accuser’s ‘Brother’ Orchestrates False Sex Allegations

This article originally appeared in the US~Observer.

UTAH COUNTY, Utah — Blending a family isn’t always easy. In fact, it can have disastrous effects, as Rob and Nedra McKell have found out. It has been alleged that several of Nedra’s children conspired to remove Rob from the family because they felt he was overbearing and “mean.” Their actions, along with those of several overzealous victims’ advocates, sheriff’s deputies and county attorneys, have left Rob facing multiple sexual abuse charges, and Nedra facing charges of neglect and of violation of a restraining order, among other things. Exemplifying the allegations of the children conspiring was when Nedra’s son, Brooke, said in a phone conversation to her that it (the charges) could all go away for $10 million. It’s a statement he verified later on the court record.


Nedra Roney McKell co-founded Nu Skin Enterprises, a multimillion-dollar corporation. Though her personal life brought many ups and downs, especially with marriages, one of the constants has been the love of family and the belief that orphaned children deserve a home, love and a future. Nedra expanded her family beyond her one natural son, Brooke, by adopting seven children from around the world. Each child had his own significant issues to overcome in life, and Nedra felt her affluence and love could afford them the chance to succeed. And, finally, Nedra found a man she could make a permanent home with for herself and her whole family, Rob McKell.

Rob McKell, being successful in his own right with McKell Construction but having grown up with meager means, had his own five grown children when he met Nedra. Soon after Rob and Nedra married, Rob adopted her children as his own and treated them as such.

Surmising about the family and why the charges have been leveled against him, Rob stated, “I grew up learning hard work and sacrifice. It’s how I was raised and how I disciplined my five children and how I approached raising these children. Because Nedra had profited from Nu Skin, her older children had been brought up in an environment of extraordinary privilege. They lived in mansions, went on exotic vacations, flew in private jets and had personal chefs. They had nannies and were home-schooled. Their mother doted on them and spoiled them. They were her world. It was no surprise that they resented my new place in their lives and in Nedra’s heart.”

It has been reported that through the years, several of Nedra’s adopted children, who had issues when they were younger, started showing signs of having serious physical and mental problems. According to witnesses, with troubles ranging from lying and violence to sexual promiscuity and abuse, two of the children found themselves in treatment programs and proctor homes because they became such a threat to the safety of the rest of the family. Family members tell of one adopted boy who was even convicted of sexually abusing a younger sibling.

Both Rob and Nedra tried everything they could to protect their children. They got them what they thought was the best help available and tried to make every decision in their best interests.

The Accuser

Summer McKell is one of Rob and Nedra’s “troubled” children. She was born in Siberia and reportedly was never touched or held as a baby. She suffers from what Nedra describes as attachment disorder.

According to Randy Hyde, a clinical and child psychologist who saw Summer on multiple occasions and administered a Minnesota Multiphasic Personality Inventory (MMPI-2) test (which is a widely used adult psychopathology and personality assessment), Summer likely has a “thought disorder” and is “blatantly paranoid.” The MMPI-2 showed that Summer is “likely to use projection as a defense mechanism” and “tends to be angry and is prone to fighting others.” The report indicates Summer scored as a typical “runaway delinquent,” and Hyde went on to state that “with similar profiles there is a probable history of antisocial behavior, such as promiscuity and deserting their family.” He went on to assess that “sexual acting out is probable.”

Throughout high school, Summer reportedly did, in fact, do that. She acted out sexually, among other things. According to reports, Summer sent nude pictures and videos of herself in the shower to various men, both young and aged via her online profile accounts that she managed with her iPod. In fact, it came to the attention of the local sheriff’s department, which reportedly contacted the McKells with the request that Summer not be allowed to be on the Internet. According to a family member, this, along with her increasing promiscuity and a drug deal Summer orchestrated when she was 18, bounced her from one school to the next, her parents trying desperately to keep her life together.

They restricted her use of online capable devices, which enraged Summer, and enrolled her in various schools or high-school equivalents whenever her behavior warranted.

When they were faced with Summer being 18 and a legal adult, they approached Summer about the McKells being her conservator. It was a stipulation of her staying in their home. The McKells wanted to be able to make legal, medical and other necessary decisions for Summer’s well-being. Summer agreed. Having her own attorney, Summer described how she wanted to stay in the McKell residence and that she was happy being there.

In an affidavit obtained, Sherrie Cozzens, a paralegal who was in court with Summer for her conservatorship hearing, had this to say: “I asked Summer if she understood why she was at court that day, I asked if she understood what a conservatorship was. She answered that she did. Her only concern that morning was that she didn’t ever want to leave her home. She said that two (2) other siblings had moved out and she didn’t want to move out like they did.”

In Cozzens’ affidavit, Summer’s attorney, Marie Bramwell, stated Summer had no concerns about the conservatorship.

Interestingly enough, Summer’s statements came during the time she eventually claimed Rob was sexually assaulting her.

The Conspiracy

Nedra’s children were constantly at odds with Rob’s parenting style. They either didn’t like or couldn’t understand being held accountable for their actions. It has been reported that Brooke was furious to have to get a job. Summer was constantly upset that her online privileges were being revoked and her behavior monitored. Cheyenne, Summer’s older sister, who was initially put into a facility for her purported violent outbursts toward her mother, blamed Rob for being sent away.

All of these children would rather see Rob gone, and they have gone on the record admitting it.

Interestingly, not on the court record, but can reportedly be verified through Brooke’s phone and credit card records is the allegation that Brooke left one weekend for a trip he told his parents was to Las Vegas. Instead, he traveled to Los Angeles, where he met with an ex-stepbrother and reportedly conversed with his ex-stepfather — both of whom, according to Nedra, are people who hold a grudge against her. This is where the McKells believe the plot was hatched to bring ruination to their family.

Soon thereafter, Brooke, Cheyenne and Brooke’s girlfriend, Alex, planned a trip leaving on March 22, 2013. They asked if Summer could go. According to Rob and Nedra, they not only agreed to let Summer go, they thought it was a wonderful idea and gave Brooke $400 toward gas and hotels.

It was a trip that never happened.

Instead, as the initial statements claim, the girls were waiting outside the family home in the car for Brooke, who went in to get some jewelry he was going to sell, so they had money for the trip. Really? According to the girls, this is when they started talking about how much they disliked Rob and how they wanted their mother to leave him. And this is when Cheyenne claims Summer said, “I know something that would get him in trouble.”

As reported, Summer went on in limited, but graphic, detail about how Rob allegedly did things to her. She even claimed that just the night before he had drugged her with some cold medicine and she awoke to find him, as she put it, “eating my —–.”

The statements claim that Brooke was called out of the house and told what happened, and they decided to go to the sheriff’s department to make their accusations.

But Rob and Nedra truly believe that this was the culmination of a carefully orchestrated plot by Brooke to have Rob removed from the home so the kids could have full access to Nedra’s money.

Rob and Nedra also believe that the claims Summer is making are a result of her complicity in her other brother’s sexual abuse of a younger sibling, wherein Summer reportedly held the door closed while her brother molested the younger sister in a strikingly similar manner to the claims Summer has leveled at Rob. It is alleged that Summer is using projection as a defense mechanism, just as Hyde determined in his psychological profile. In fact, Hyde’s profile also states that, “It is probable she is exaggerating her symptoms,” and says that, “given all that she alleges to have gone through … it is interesting that Summer is experiencing, at best mild anxiety and depression…”

The Charges

In any good investigation, you want to collect as much evidence as you can. With a supposed victim saying she was sodomized the night before, you would think the deputies at the Utah County Sheriff’s Office would have thought to send Summer to the hospital to have DNA evidence collected. It is common practice when someone is claiming rape, which in essence is what Summer did. Yet we have found no record of any evidence of this kind having been collected. Why?

Instead, investigators had Summer place a call to Rob and vaguely talk to him about one of Summer’s sibling’s room where some of the activity allegedly took place. It’s called a pretext call and the transcript of this one presented no clear admission, or even suggestion that anything other than a disagreement had taken place between Summer and Rob. But for the sheriff’s office, the call, along with Summer’s statements, were apparently enough. It was handed over to the county attorney, who made the final decision to prosecute.

Rob McKell is currently charged with two counts of object rape and one count of forcible sodomy — of which there is no physical evidence and no corroborating testimony, just innuendo and accusations from a troubled young woman.

The State Versus The McKells

As the story goes, Summer bounced around for a time after the allegations were made. Brooke had taken her, and Nedra took her back; but she couldn’t keep her in the family home as there was a protective order against Rob and Nedra didn’t believe the allegations at all. So Summer resided with multiple people. One was Robbie McKell, Rob’s son.

Summer had a room to herself and all the amenities. It is here that Victim’s Advocates Maria Blanchard and Brianne Wilkes befriended Summer and reportedly tell her that she is being emotionally abused. According to records, they tell her she has nothing and that the ones who care about her are in their office. They ridicule Nedra to Summer. Eventually, they are able to use their self-described leverage over “AGs” and “big wigs” — you know, people who know them by their first name — to bring charges against Nedra, whose only “crime” is not believing her daughter’s accusations.

Nedra McKell is charged with retaliation against a witness, intentional abuse or neglect of a vulnerable adult and violation of a protective order.

During Rob’s preliminary hearing, the witnesses’ testimony changed. Sheriff’s Deputy Whitnie Tate admitted to leading Summer during her interview (putting words in her mouth), and Summer had to be reminded when to claim Rob had become “touchy.”

Frankly, it was a joke.

It is amazing that these charges haven’t been dismissed already. It all boils down to what one person says another person has done. You either believe a psychologically evaluated “runaway delinquent” who is allegedly a recorded liar or a man who has never before been accused of any of these behaviors, a man whose five grown children and all of their friends are staunch supporters of his.

And as for Nedra’s charges, the amount of affidavits that show how many camping trips, outings, gifts, dinners, etc., that Summer went on and received when she was supposedly being isolated makes an average person’s life seem dull — not at all the confined poor lass she and Adult Services would have the court believe.

Unfortunately, short of Utah County Attorney Jeff R. Buhman getting involved and personally looking into this case and dismissing it on its ridiculous merits, both Rob and Nedra await their trials. Unfortunately, Buhman didn’t return our multiple calls to his office.

Also, if this case does go to court, you can bet that most of the real evidence that support Rob and Nedra won’t be allowed due to overprotective rape shield laws.

But then again, there is one option if Buhman doesn’t do what’s right and dismiss the case, maybe they can take Brooke up on his $10 million offer and have it all go away… Yeah, right.

–Ron Lee

US~Observer note: Our initial investigation into this case shows that without question this is the perfect example of an attempted false prosecution. While Julia Thomas is the Utah County Assistant Attorney conducting this travesty of justice, County Prosecuting Attorney Jeff Buhman is ultimately responsible. Rest assured the US~Observer fully intends to hold him accountable publicly. For those who are concerned with justice as opposed to a manufactured and vindictive prosecution, Buhman’s phone number is 801-851-8026.

Tax-Advice Cons And A Deceitful DA

This article was originally published by the US~Observer.

Waukesha County, Wis. — District attorneys and government taxing authorities throughout the country are repeatedly coming down hard on individuals and entities they view as lawbreakers attempting to sidestep their taxation responsibilities. In most cases they are attempting to make an example out of them as a deterrent for others.

Often, these individuals are anything but lawbreakers; they are merely patriotic people who have allowed themselves to become conned by a growing list of individuals and organizations spewing propaganda that the U.S. taxation system is unConstitutional and that, even according to Internal Revenue tax code, the average citizen is not subject to the income tax.

Much of what these individuals and organizations offer in the way of evidence can be very convincing. They use actual documentation and manuals produced directly by the Internal Revenue Service and many State departments of revenue in conjunction with the law itself, and they apply certain implications that would make even some of the best legal scholars think twice. Many of these patriots are suckered into spending thousands of dollars with these tax-advice cons in efforts to supposedly learn the methods to hold their government responsible for unlawfully siphoning money from their pockets.

One such patriot is Michael Gengler from Wisconsin. Gengler and his brother learned of a local “tax group” through a work associate and they began attending some meetings. This group chartered itself with educating people of the overreaches of the government and attempting to help individuals they viewed as victims of the government. They then attempted to get them in contact with local or national entities that could allegedly help these patriots.

Many of the members, with the help of these organizations, often boasted of victory, holding up checks from the IRS where money reportedly taken as a tax collection was being returned to them. Many national organized groups like We the People were bringing their arguments to Congress and other government entities where their questions and evidence were met with silence. One filmmaker, Aaron Russo, created documentaries where he interviewed the IRS commissioner and several politicians who all refused to answer for the claims against them. The evidence seemed so overwhelming, how could someone like Gengler not fall victim?

Gengler, like many of the other attendees, quickly became infatuated with ideas that a government that is supposed to be doing the work of the people was actually taking advantage of the people. Just like countless people before him, Gengler was drawn into the con, making him feel he was becoming part of something bigger than himself, a sociopolitical movement that could not only attempt to hold government responsible to the people again but also help those viewed to have become the victims of the government.

After several years of becoming very active in the movement and spending thousands of dollars with the tax-advice cons to educate himself and others in an attempt to find the silver bullet that would unravel the lies believed to be hidden in a web of government cover-up, Gengler found himself in trouble with the State of Wisconsin. Under the direction of Vern Barnes from the Wisconsin Department of Revenue (WDOR), Waukesha District Attorney Brad Schimel in January 2012, criminally charged Gengler with multiple felony counts of tax fraud.

Gengler spent several months communicating his beliefs and positions to the DA, attempting to learn why his office felt what he had done was criminal. The only response Gengler ever received was that he was considered a taxpayer and, therefore, needs to pay his taxes.

Unsatisfied with the response from Schimel and further convinced he was being wrongfully charged with a crime, Gengler contacted the US~Observer. However, instead of finding another advocacy that would further instill the web of deceptions Gengler had been consuming for years, he met Edward Snook, who began painting a picture quite contradictory to his beliefs.

After countless hours of phone conversations, Snook was able to factually explain the issues and convince Gengler that he had been deceived by providing him example after example of others like him who had chosen to stick with their misguided beliefs, only to have suffered the consequences of the legal system.

In November 2012, Snook sent Schimel a letter explaining to him that Gengler’s actions had all been in good faith and was only acting upon beliefs he formed, listening to those who deceived him. The letter also reinforced the fact that he was able to convince Gengler of his false beliefs and that Gengler would be making efforts to correct things. Snook urged Schimel to also do the right thing and meet Gengler halfway, where both parties could walk away whole.

On Dec. 20, 2013, Schimel responded to Snook, indicating that he was skeptical of Gengler’s turnaround since “he made those arguments repeatedly and vehemently” that he felt he was not subject to the income tax. Schimel’s letter went on to say, “No member of my team has any desire to ruin Mr. Gengler. If Mr. Gengler wishes to demonstrate that he has had a change of heart relative to his legal obligations, the ball is in his court.”

Consistent with how Gengler has always viewed himself as a responsible citizen trying to keep the government honest, Gengler — now realizing he was incorrect and the ball was certainly in his court — immediately filed all of his tax returns and started making past and present tax payments. Over the next six months, Gengler spent more than $15,000 in legal fees and payments to the IRS and State of Wisconsin showing that actions do speak louder than words.

DA Deceives Gengler And US~Observer

As this case was being resolved, Schimel’s office “did a 360” and forced Gengler to plead guilty to a felony as opposed to a misdemeanor. In doing so, Schimel totally deceived the US~Observer and Gengler, who said: “I thank God for Mr. Snook’s help as I would have been stuck in the tax arguments for probably the rest of my life and there is no question that I would have been sent directly to prison. Mr. Snook stopped this, but I’m really disappointed in the DA for basically lying to us.”

Gengler related that Snook is still preparing an effort to attack his case politically and hold Schimel accountable.

I would pose the following questions to Schimel. Why did you deceive Gengler and the US~Observer, and why in the world would you abuse a victim of deceit and false information and not go after the real perpetrators: the tax-advice cons?

In the end, Snook will get his pound of flesh and Schimel will be sorry that he deceived the wrong people.

–Kelly Stone

Editor’s Note: DA Schimel is currently running for Wisconsin’s Attorney General. If he is deceptive now as the District Attorney, one would have to wonder how he would act as AG. Perhaps the fine people of Wisconsin shouldn’t take the risk in finding out.

After 43 Years In Prison, Reno Francis Is Free

Oklahoma — It was 1970. President Richard Nixon sent combat troops into Cambodia to destroy the North Vietnamese headquarters; Super Bowl IV was played; the first Earth Day and the first New York Marathon were held; Janis Joplin and Jimi Hendrix both died; Ziplock bags were invented; violence erupted on the Kent State University campus, resulting in the death of four students; and former Oklahoma Governor Brad Henry was in the first grade. It was also the year a young Native American man named Reno Francis was sent to prison for life for a crime he did not commit.

Holdenville, a small town in eastern Oklahoma, was the scene of the tragic murder of 13-year-old Cathy Scott. Cathy and Francis, then 23, attended the same party on a hot August evening. Later, Francis left the party and was walking in a local parking lot, where he had gone to find a pay phone. He was arrested under suspicion of being “high on an unknown substance.” Two days later, Cathy’s family finally reported her missing. In a very short time, her body was discovered in a storage shed near the site of the party. Francis, who was already in jail, was charged with the crime.

He originally pleaded innocent. He was cooperative, even agreeing to be in a police lineup. He was not guilty and had nothing to hide. The lineup turned out to consist of one person: Francis. The assistant district attorney who handled his case threatened him with the death penalty, which in 1970 Oklahoma meant the electric chair. He harassed and frightened Francis until, fearful of losing his life, he finally changed his plea. His court-appointed attorney told him to waive his right to a trial, his right to appeal and his right to remain in the county jail for 10 days. For reasons Francis still doesn’t understand, his family was not allowed inside the county jail or court to visit or watch his hearing. Francis faced the judge alone, as his attorney was no comfort or help. Seventeen days after his arrest, he arrived at the Oklahoma State Penitentiary at McAlester, a convicted murderer.

Francis knew nothing about who actually committed the murder. And years later, he still has no idea who was responsible for the crime that ended Cathy’s life and his by sending him to prison. He doesn’t even like to speculate on the question, as he is not willing to take a chance on incriminating another innocent person. He knows all too well how that feels.

After spending 14 years in the Oklahoma State Penitentiary at McAlester, he was sent to a medium security prison at Lexington. While there, he exhibited trustworthy and responsible behavior, which resulted in his transfer to a minimum security prison at Taft. He stayed there until a new law made it illegal for any prisoner with a life sentence to be housed at a minimum security unit. Because of that, in 1996, he was sent back to Lexington to another medium security facility, where he remained.

Spending more than four decades in prison, Francis had completed every program available to him. He participated several times in the Speak Out Program, which is designed to help keep young people out of prison. He ran more than 20 times in the Prisoners Run Against Child Abuse, even winning a trophy one year for running 44 miles. As a spiritual leader, he used his ability to encourage young inmates to change their lives for the better. He was liked and respected by the staff and inmates alike and was a peacemaker on the prison yard.

Francis is a very positive person with a strong faith in God. He loves to laugh and joke. He believes in being thankful every day and making the most of it. His wife, Verna Wood, supported him completely and missed only three Saturday visits over the years. While locked up, Francis was a wonderful father figure for her then-young son, Dusty. Upon watching the two together, one would never suspect that they are not biologically father and son. Many visitors to the prison at Lexington commented on the gentleness and loving care Francis gave to Dusty and what a pleasure it was to watch them together. In the winter they played board games, and in the summer they could be seen on the visiting yard practicing Dusty’s fastball with a “baseball” fashioned of trash and rubber bands.

In March, Francis celebrated his 67th birthday behind bars. He was no longer the young 23-year-old man who was railroaded through the system and sentenced to life for something he didn’t do. He is an active, intelligent man who has a lot to offer to the world. He harbors no bitterness or resentment toward those who unjustly sent him to prison — most of whom have since passed away.

He only wanted a chance to walk out of prison and be with his family. He wanted to be with his son Dusty and his wife Verna. He wanted to enjoy his other children and grandchild. He wanted to be able to look across the countryside without seeing it through barbed wire and to be treated with the respect he deserves. He wanted to know the joy of breathing the air around him as a free man. That’s all he wanted: to be Reno Francis, husband, father, grandfather, free man.


During our investigation, we discovered the lack of evidence to support the State’s claim other than Francis’ extorted plea. There was no evidence, no witnesses, no DNA… nothing. According to records, “Mr. Turner (Reno’s prosecutor) was fired from his position as assistant district attorney shortly after Reno’s conviction for using underhanded tactics and threatening defendants who refused to plead guilty.” The lack of evidence and tactics used to convict Reno should make any justice driven person cringe.

The US~Observer championed Francis’ freedom and supplied many letters and supporting information to legal authorities. We published numerous articles, which also greatly influenced his release. Francis’ attorney, Debra Hampton, did a tremendous job for Francis in her relentless pursuit to help him obtain his freedom. Also, without a doubt, his loving wife Verna dedicated many years of her life to help free Francis.

Finally Free!

On April 30, Francis finally walked out of prison as a free man. Legal experts agree, “This is an extremely rare case. Reno should have spent his dying years behind bars. He was convicted and sentenced to life, without parole.”

Congratulations, Francis. You are finally free, and this moment will never be forgotten.

The US~Observer will be featuring Francis in our next publication.

–US~Observer staff