Senate Oks Special Interest Internet Measure, Denies Americans Privacy Protection

By now, it is common knowledge among privacy-concerned Americans that Federal agencies have the wherewithal and the desire to access private email communications without warrant or accusation of criminal activity. The Senate killed a key portion of a new bill that would have required acquisition of a warrant prior to government snooping.

Ron Paul: ‘Government Has Zero Moral Authority To Legislate Against Violence’

As everyone from the National Rifle Association to leftist anti-gun groups throw in two cents about how the Nation should proceed in the conversation about guns, mental illness and violence, Libertarian icon Ron Paul took to his Congressional website recently to plea for rational discourse.

Lawmakers Toe The Fiscal Cliff

Most economic experts agree on three things: 1) Lawmakers are highly unlikely to reach an agreement before Jan. 1, when deep automatic spending cuts and crippling tax increases will automatically occur. 2) When they do implement a fiscal cliff plan, it will probably be little more than a quick-fix to avert only the harshest consequences of their failure avert the cliff. 3) Talks over the fiscal cliff have become more about political grandstanding and less about protecting Americans’ bottom lines.