AP Doubles Down On Soft Language, Mass Media To Become More Liberal-Friendly

Political correctness fanatics at The Associated Press were busy last week as they amended the style guide used almost universally by American journalists to make the world of newswriting a kinder, gentler place for illegal aliens and non-extreme Muslims who worry about being grouped with Islamist extremist outfits like the Muslim Brotherhood.

The Hill: Senators Pass Pay Cut Measure For Publicity, Few Follow Through

The Senate, in a bid to make the American people believe lawmakers were holding themselves accountable for the Nation’s financial troubles, passed a measure last month urging members to forgo 20 percent of their legislative pay during sequestration. But a poll of lawmakers conducted by The Hill, suggests that a majority won’t follow through with the self-imposed pay cuts.

Whistle-Blower Defense League Fights Government Oppression To Protect 1st Amendment

In a free society, whistle-blowers serve as a great equalizer in the battle between everyman and elitist; unfortunately, the U.S. legal system as it currently stands dissuades or, worse, destroys those who bring to light abuse, incompetence and corruption.