SPLC Helped Gay Rights Extremist Pick Target For Attack With Politically Motivated Definition Of ‘Hate’

In recent years it appears the Southern Poverty Law Center has fallen behind changing times and compensated by crying “hate” in the direction of any group out of line with its left-leaning philosophy. The case of domestic terrorist Floyd Corkins II is exemplary of the danger stemming from SPLC’s hatred for conservatism.

Regulate The Environmental Protection Agency If You’re Really ‘Green’

The Environmental Protection Agency appears well on its way to achieving its self-defeating goal of completely shuttering any polluting industry in the United States. Once the EPA drives all of America’s industry to nations where they can pollute freely, will the agency come up with a plan to keep pollutants from floating over U.S. borders?

No Place For Liberty In The Progressives’ Timid New World

The Founders’ vision of the United States as a beacon of liberty for the rest of the world grew largely from their desire to ensure that the Nation never resembled that from which they were forced to fight a bloody war to free themselves. The law of the land, in its original construct, was designed to protect personal freedom, privacy and the right to self-preservation against the malicious intent of both agents of the state and free-actors with equal vigor.

But, for busybodies and statists hell-bent on total control, the modern world is too different a place for Americans to value the historic advice — and legislation — of the Nation’s Founding Fathers. And every tragedy or event that has the potential to affront the hearts of Americans with the least bit of unease represents a new chance for the liberty-averse to make their case for less Constitutional consideration.

Obamacare Is Going To Be Bad, But Enjoy The Commercials You Paid For Touting The Plan

The word for using public relations campaigns to make populations more accepting of laws pushed onto the people by governments is “propagandizing.” And the Administration of Barack Obama has been prolific in its use of taxpayer-funded propaganda to push the President’s signature healthcare overhaul.

Federal Judge Seeks To Thwart Obama’s Hypocritical Use Of ‘State Secrets’ Provision

The Federal government keeps a classified “no-fly” list of Americans and citizens of other Nations that it bars from traveling by air, allegedly to avoid a repeat of the tragic events on 9/11. To date, a “state secrets” law has meant that only the Executive branch can grant access to the list—but a Federal judge is challenging the provision.