Democrats again dredge up Clintonesque gun magazine ban legislation

Despite failing to enact significant gun control measures when they still had a majority in the Senate, ranking Democrats are again pushing for new restrictions on the 2nd Amendment. The latest proposal from Democrats on the Hill is a familiar foe of firearms enthusiasts: a ban on so-called high capacity magazines.

Who reads your email?

If government snoops wanted to read a letter you retrieved yesterday from your mailbox, they’d need to show you a warrant. But if you have emails that’ve been sitting in your email inbox for more than 180 days, an investigator could be reading them right now. A bipartisan duo of House lawmakers is trying to change that.

Government watchdog: Reporter’s computer wasn’t hacked, she broke it

Just after Former CBS reporter Sheryl Attkisson slammed the Obama administration’s anti-1st Amendment tactics at a Senate hearing Thursday, the Department of Justice’s Inspector General charged that her claim that she’d been spied on by government agents is false. According to the Feds, Attkisson’s backspace key was just stuck.

Rand Paul does Snapchat interview, says he’s down for a drone hunt

Sen. Rand Paul (R-Ky.) got hip with the youngsters this week, conducting an interview with CNN via the popular disappearing-message app Snapchat. Paul offered candid answers to a range of questions including whether he wants to be the nation’s next president, how he feels about Hillary Clinton’s speaking fees and his opinions on drones.