Oprah Among White House Picks For Nation’s Highest Civilian Honor; Canadian Gunsmith Prints 3-D Rifle; Obama Used To Support Surveillance Reform; Remembering Nixon; Carney Claims NSA Doesn’t Actually Read Email— Personal Liberty Digest™ P.M. Edition 8-8-2013

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Obama Awards Oprah, Bill Clinton With Nation’s Highest Civilian Honor

The group of 16 people chosen by the Administration of Barack Obama to receive the Medal of Freedom, the Nation’s most prestigious civilian honor, includes television personality Oprah Winfrey and former President Bill Clinton. Read More… 

Canadian Gunsmith Prints 3-D .22 Rifle

Following in the footsteps of American 3-D printing gunsmith Cody Wilson, a Canadian man has created what he believes to be the world’s first 3-D printed rifle. Read More… 

The Surveillance Reforms Obama Supported Before He Was President

When the House of Representatives recently considered an amendment that would have dismantled the NSA’s bulk phone records collection program, the White House swiftly condemned the measure. But only five years ago, Sen. Barack Obama, D-Ill. was part of a group of legislators that supported substantial changes to NSA surveillance programs. Read More… 

Carney On Email: ‘It’s Not Being Read’

White House spokesman Jay Carney Thursday said the National Security Agency is not reading the email of Americans on a routine basis. Read More… 

Was He A Crook? The Anniversary Of Nixon’s Demise

This week marks the 39th anniversary of the week leading up to disgraced President Richard Nixon’s final day in office in 1974 following the drawn-out national embarrassment that was the Watergate scandal. Read More… 

Was He A Crook? The Anniversary Of Nixon’s Demise

This week marks the 39th anniversary of the week leading up to disgraced President Richard Nixon’s final day in office in 1974 following the drawn-out national embarrassment that was the Watergate scandal.

Incidentally, the days of this week — for only the fourth time since Nixon’s resignation — coincide with the days of his final week in office.

The Washington Post  offers a brief account of the events of Nixon’s final days in office:

It was Monday, Aug. 5, 1974, that the famous “Smoking Gun” tape was revealed. The tape recorded Nixon, six days after the break-in, conspiring with his staff to have the CIA ask the FBI not to investigate the break-in for reasons of national security. The revelation  instantly cratered any possible chance Nixon could stay in office.

Even so, on Tuesday, Aug. 6, Nixon resisted, determined to go to trial in the Senate. He told his Cabinet that he’d listened to “miles and miles” of tape, according to an account in “The Final Days, by Bob Woodward and Carl Bernstein, and hadn’t found “an impeachable offense,” so he was not resigning.

Wednesday, Aug. 7, a delegation of top Republicans — Sens. Barry Goldwater (Ariz.) and Hugh Scott (Pa.), and House GOP leader Rep. John Rhodes (Ariz.)  went to the White House to make sure Nixon realized he was facing certain conviction in the House and removal by the Senate. Apparently he did, and later that night began working on his resignation speech..

Thursday, Aug. 8, at 9 p.m., Nixon announced on national television that he would resign the presidency effective at noon, Friday, Aug. 9.

Friday, Aug. 9. The historic Nixon photo of him flashing the famous “V’ with his arms atop the steps of the helicopter on the south lawn.

The week culminated in Nixon’s famous, and characteristically awkward, exit from the White House:

While most Americans will forever hold Nixon in low regard for his political style, his Administration was responsible for one positive contribution to American culture: He gave the famous creator of Gonzo journalism, the late Hunter S. Thompson, something to write about time and again.

Whether you agree with Thompson’s politics and life choices or not, you could probably at least agree that the Nation could use a few journalists like him today. Imagine a modern White House press pool full of Thompson-types, questioning President Barack Obama’s lackeys about the National Security Agency’s actions.

In remembrance of the Nixon years, here’s the irreverent send-off Thompson penned for Rolling Stone  following the 37th President’s death in April 1994:


‘He was a crook’

Jun 16, 1994


DATE: MAY 1, 1994




“And he cried mightily with a strong voice, saying Babylon the great is fallen, is fallen, and is becoming the habitation of devils, and the hold of every foul spirit and a cage of every unclean and hateful bird.” –REVELATION 18:2

Richard Nixon is gone now and I am poorer for it. He was the real thing–a political monster straight out of Grendel and a very dangerous enemy. He could shake your hand and stab you in the back at the same time. He lied to his friends and betrayed the trust of his family. Not even Gerald Ford, the unhappy ex-president who pardoned Nixon and kept him out of prison, was immune to the evil fallout. Ford, who believes strongly in Heaven and Hell, has told more than one of his celebrity golf partners that “I know I will go to hell, because I pardoned Richard Nixon.”

I have had my own bloody relationship with Nixon for many years, but I am not worried about it landing me in hell with him. I have already been there with that bastard, and I am a better person for it. Nixon had the unique ability to make his enemies seem honorable, and we developed a keen sense of fraternity. Some of my best friends have hated Nixon all their lives. My mother hates Nixon, my son hates Nixon, I hate Nixon, and this hatred has brought us together.

Nixon laughed when I told him this. “Don’t worry,” he said. “I, too, am a family man, and we feel the same way about you.”

It was Richard Nixon who got me into politics, and now that he’s gone, I feel lonely. He was a giant in his way. As long as Nixon was politically alive–and he was, all the way to the end–we could always be sure of finding the enemy on the Low Road. There was no need to look anywhere else for the evil bastard. He had the fighting instincts of a badger trapped by hounds. The badger will roll over on its back and emit a smell of death, which confuses the dogs and lures them in for the traditional ripping and tearing action. But it is usually the badger who does the ripping and tearing. It is a beast that fights best on its back: rolling under the throat of the enemy and seizing it by the head with all four claws.

That was Nixon’s style–and if you forgot, he would kill you as a lesson to the others. Badgers don’t fight fair, bubba. That’s why God made dachshunds.

Nixon was a navy man, and he should have been buried at sea. Many of his friends were seagoing people: Bebe Rebozo, Robert Vesco, William F. Buckley Jr., and some of them wanted a full naval burial.

These come in at least two styles, however, and Nixon’s immediate family strongly opposed both of them. In the traditionalist style, the dead president’s body would be wrapped and sewn loosely in canvas sailcloth and dumped off the stern of a frigate at least 100 miles off the coast and at least 1,000 miles south of San Diego, so the corpse could never wash up on American soil in any recognizable form.

The family opted for cremation until they were advised of the potentially onerous implications of a strictly private, unwitnessed burning of the body of the man who was, after all the President of the United States. Awkward questions might be raised, dark allusions to Hitler and Rasputin. People would be filing lawsuits to get their hands on the dental charts. Long court battles would be inevitable–some with liberal cranks bitching about corpus delicti and habeas corpus and others with giant insurance companies trying not to pay off on his death benefits. Either way, an orgy of greed and duplicity was sure to follow any public hint that Nixon might have somehow faked his own death or been cryogenically transferred to fascist Chinese interests on the Central Asian Mainland.

It would also play into the hands of those millions of self-stigmatized patriots like me who believe these things already.

If the right people had been in charge of Nixon’s funeral, his casket would have been launched into one of those open-sewage canals that empty into the ocean just south of Los Angeles. He was a swine of a man and a jabbering dupe of a president. Nixon was so crooked that he needed servants to help him screw his pants on every morning. Even his funeral was illegal. He was queer in the deepest way. His body should have been burned in a trash bin.

These are harsh words for a man only recently canonized by President Clinton and my old friend George McGovern–but I have written worse things about Nixon, many times, and the record will show that I kicked him repeatedly long before he went down. I beat him like a mad dog with mange every time I got a chance, and I am proud of it. He was scum.

Let there be no mistake in the history books about that. Richard Nixon was an evil man–evil in a way that only those who believe in the physical reality of the Devil can understand it. He was utterly without ethics or morals or any bedrock sense of decency. Nobody trusted him–except maybe the Stalinist Chinese, and honest historians will remember him mainly as a rat who kept scrambling to get back on the ship.

It is fitting that Richard Nixon’s final gesture to the American people was a clearly illegal series of 21 105-mm howitzer blasts that shattered the peace of a residential neighborhood and permanently disturbed many children. Neighbors also complained about another unsanctioned burial in the yard at the old Nixon place, which was brazenly illegal. “It makes the whole neighborhood like a graveyard,” said one. “And it fucks up my children’s sense of values.”

Many were incensed about the howitzers–but they knew there was nothing they could do about it–not with the current president sitting about 50 yards away and laughing at the roar of the cannons. It was Nixon’s last war, and he won.

The funeral was a dreary affair, finely staged for TV and shrewdly dominated by ambitious politicians and revisionist historians. The Rev. Billy Graham, still agile and eloquent at the age of 136, was billed as the main speaker, but he was quickly upstaged by two 1996 GOP presidential candidates: Sen. Bob Dole of Kansas and Gov. Pete Wilson of California, who formally hosted the event and saw his poll numbers crippled when he got blown off the stage by Dole, who somehow seized the No. 3 slot on the roster and uttered such a shameless, self-serving eulogy that even he burst into tears at the end of it.

Dole’s stock went up like a rocket and cast him as the early GOP front-runner for ’96. Wilson, speaking next, sounded like an Engelbert Humperdinck impersonator and probably won’t even be re-elected as governor of California in November.

The historians were strongly represented by the No. 2 speaker, Henry Kissinger, Nixon’s secretary of state and himself a zealous revisionist with many axes to grind. He set the tone for the day with a maudlin and spectacularly self-serving portrait of Nixon as even more saintly than his mother and as a president of many godlike accomplishments–most of them put together in secret by Kissinger, who came to California as part of a huge publicity tour for his new book on diplomacy, genius, Stalin, H.P. Lovecraft and other great minds of our time, including himself and Richard Nixon.

Kissinger was only one of the many historians who suddenly came to see Nixon as more than the sum of his many squalid parts. He seemed to be saying that History will not have to absolve Nixon, because he has already done it himself in a massive act of will and crazed arrogance that already ranks him supreme, along with other Nietzschean supermen like Hitler, Jesus, Bismarck and the Emperor Hirohito. These revisionists have catapulted Nixon to the status of an American Caesar, claiming that when the definitive history of the 20th century is written, no other president will come close to Nixon in stature. “He will dwarf FDR and Truman,” according to one scholar from Duke University.

It was all gibberish, of course. Nixon was no more a Saint than he was a Great President. He was more like Sammy Glick than Winston Churchill. He was a cheap crook and a merciless war criminal who bombed more people to death in Laos and Cambodia than the U.S. Army lost in all of World War II, and he denied it to the day of his death. When students at Kent State University, in Ohio, protested the bombing, he connived to have them attacked and slain by troops from the National Guard.

Some people will say that words like scum and rotten are wrong for Objective Journalism–which is true, but they miss the point. It was the built-in blind spots of the Objective rules and dogma that allowed Nixon to slither into the White House in the first place. He looked so good on paper that you could almost vote for him sight unseen. He seemed so all-American, so much like Horatio Alger, that he was able to slip through the cracks of Objective Journalism. You had to get Subjective to see Nixon clearly, and the shock of recognition was often painful.

Nixon’s meteoric rise from the unemployment line to the vice presidency in six quick years would never have happened if TV had come along 10 years earlier. He got away with his sleazy “my dog Checkers” speech in 1952 because most voters heard it on the radio or read about it in the headlines of their local, Republican newspapers. When Nixon finally had to face the TV cameras for real in the 1960 presidential campaign debates, he got whipped like a red-headed mule. Even die-hard Republican voters were shocked by his cruel and incompetent persona. Interestingly, most people who heard those debates on the radio thought Nixon had won. But the mushrooming TV audience saw him as a truthless used-car salesman, and they voted accordingly. It was the first time in 14 years that Nixon lost an election.

When he arrived in the White House as VP at the age of 40, he was a smart young man on the rise–a hubris-crazed monster from the bowels of the American dream with a heart full of hate and an overweening lust to be President. He had won every office he’d run for and stomped like a Nazi on all of his enemies and even some of his friends.

Nixon had no friends except George Will and J. Edgar Hoover (and they both deserted him.) It was Hoover’s shameless death in 1972 that led directly to Nixon’s downfall. He felt helpless and alone with Hoover gone. He no longer had access to either the Director or the Director’s ghastly bank of Personal Files on almost everybody in Washington.

Hoover was Nixon’s right flank, and when he croaked, Nixon knew how Lee felt when Stonewall Jackson got killed at Chancellorsville. It permanently exposed Lee’s flank and led to the disaster at Gettysburg.

For Nixon, the loss of Hoover led inevitably to the disaster of Watergate. It meant hiring a New Director–who turned out to be an unfortunate toady named L. Patrick Gray, who squealed like a pig in hot oil the first time Nixon leaned on him. Gray panicked and fingered White House Counsel John Dean, who refused to take the rap and rolled over, instead, on Nixon, who was trapped like a rat by Dean’s relentless, vengeful testimony and went all to pieces right in front of our eyes on TV.

That is Watergate, in a nut, for people with seriously diminished attention spans. The real story is a lot longer and reads like a textbook on human treachery. They were all scum, but only Nixon walked free and lived to clear his name. Or at least that’s what Bill Clinton says–and he is, after all, the President of the United States.

Nixon liked to remind people of that. He believed it, and that was why he went down. He was not only a crook but a fool. Two years after he quit, he told a TV journalist that “if the president does it, it can’t be illegal.”

Shit. Not even Spiro Agnew was that dumb. he was a flat-out, knee-crawling thug with the morals of a weasel on speed. But he was Nixon’s vice president for five years, and he only resigned when he was caught red-handed taking cash bribes across his desk in the White House.

Unlike Nixon, Agnew didn’t argue. He quit his job and fled in the night to Baltimore, where he appeared the next morning in U.S. District Court, which allowed him to stay out of prison for bribery and extortion in exchange for a guilty (no contest) plea on income-tax evasion. After that he became a major celebrity and played golf and tried to get a Coors distributorship. He never spoke to Nixon again and was an unwelcome guest at the funeral. They called him Rude, but he went anyway. It was one of those Biological Imperatives, like salmon swimming up waterfalls to spawn before they die. He knew he was scum, but it didn’t bother him.

Agnew was the Joey Buttafuoco of the Nixon administration, and Hoover was its Caligula. They were brutal, brain-damaged degenerates worse than any hit man out of The Godfather, yet they were the men Richard Nixon trusted most. Together they defined his Presidency.

It would be easy to forget and forgive Henry Kissinger of his crimes, just as he forgave Nixon. Yes, we could do that–but it would be wrong. Kissinger is a slippery little devil, a world-class hustler with a thick German accent and a very keen eye for weak spots at the top of the power structure, Nixon was one of these, and Super K exploited him mercilessly, all the way to the end.

Kissinger made the Gang of Four complete: Agnew, Hoover, Kissinger and Nixon. A group photo of these perverts would say all we need to know about the Age of Nixon.

Nixon’s spirit will be with us for the rest of our lives–whether you’re me or Bill Clinton or you or Kurt Cobain or Bishop Tutu or Keith Richards or Amy Fisher or Boris Yeltsin’s daughter or your fiancée’s 16-year-old beer-drunk brother with his braided goatee and his whole life like a thundercloud out in front of him. This is not a generational thing. You don’t even have to know who Richard Nixon was to be a victim of his ugly, Nazi spirit.

He has poisoned our water forever. Nixon will be remembered as a classic case of a smart man shitting in his own nest. But he also shit in our nests, and that was the crime that history will burn on his memory like a brand. By disgracing and degrading the Presidency of the United States, by fleeing the White House like a diseased cur, Richard Nixon broke the heart of the American Dream.


It is Nixon himself who represents that dark, venal and incurably violent side of the American character that almost every country in the world has learned to fear and despise. Our Barbie-doll president, with his Barbie-doll wife and his boxful of Barbie-doll children is also America’s answer to the monstrous Mr. Hyde. He speaks for the Werewolf in us; the bully, the predatory shyster who turns into something unspeakable, full of claws and bleeding string warts, on nights when the moon comes too close….

At the stroke of midnight in Washington, a drooling red-eyed beast with the legs of a man and head of a giant hyena crawls out of its bedroom window in the South Wing of the White House and leaps 50 feet down to the lawn … pauses briefly to strangle the chow watchdog, then races off into the darkness…toward the Watergate, snarling with lust, loping through the alleys behind Pennsylvania Avenue and trying desperately to remember which one of those 400 iron balconies is the one outside Martha Mitchell’s apartment.

Ah…nightmares, nightmares. But I was only kidding. The President of the United States would never act that weird. At least not during football season. But how would the voters react if they knew the President of the United States was, according to a New York Times editorial on Oct. 12, presiding over “a complex, far-reaching and sinister operation on the part of White House aides and the Nixon campaign organization … involving sabotage, forgery, theft of confidential files, surveillance of Democratic candidates and their families and persistent efforts to lay the basis for possible blackmail and intimidation?”

In the comments below, tell us how you feel about the Nation’s affairs under the Nixon Administration.

Obama Wants To Pick Your Neighbors; Smart Ladies Not Having Babies?; Manning Prosecutors Attempt To Tie Leaker To Islamist Militants; Iran’s New Rocket Site; Trayvon Supporters Could Crash MLK Commemoration, Concerns Of Violence; And More — Thursday Morning News Roundup 8-8-2013

Here is a collection of some of the stories making the Internet rounds this morning. Click the links for the full stories.

  • In a move some claim is tantamount to social engineering, the Department of Housing and Urban Development is imposing a new rule that would allow the Feds to track diversity in America’s neighborhoods and then push policies to change those it deems discriminatory. Source: FOX News… 


  • Research emerging from the London School of Economics examining the links between intelligence and maternal urges in women claims that more of the former means less of the latter. Source: The Guardian… 


  • Prosecutors of Bradley Manning trial have approached experts on militant Islam for showing Manning damaged U.S. interests by disclosing classified information through WikiLeaks. Source: The Times Of India… 


  • Iran has constructed a rocket-launching site that could be used for testing ballistic missiles, a report from a military intelligence publication said on Thursday. Source: Reuters… 


  • Organizers commemorating the 50th anniversary of the March on Washington say they expect the case of slain Florida teenager Trayvon Martin to figure prominently in their events, but they insist the controversy won’t overshadow the tribute to a milestone in the civil rights movement. Source: The Washington Times… 


  • A FOX News poll released Wednesday shows 74 percent think Americans rely too much on the government and not enough on themselves. That includes almost all Republicans (87 percent), most independents (80 percent) and a majority of Democrats (58 percent). Source: FOX News… 

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Romney Reappears; President’s ‘Conscience’ Betrays Him; Rangel’s Non-Apology; NRA 2nd Amendment Bid For ‘Young Adults'; Somebody Give Obama A Map— Personal Liberty Digest™ P.M. Edition 8-7-2013

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Romney Reappears, Criticizes Conservatives, Advocates More Of Same In GOP

With his characteristic vigor of a reanimated corpse, failed Republican Presidential candidate Mitt Romney has re-entered the public fray. His mission: to undermine libertarian-leaning Republican efforts to revitalize the Party’s conservative spirit and defeat President Barack Obama’s progressive policies. Read More…

Low-Information Voters; Low-Information President: Obama Geography Puts Savannah, Charleston, Jacksonville On Gulf Coast

President Barack Obama get plenty of heat for his gaffes and denials on Tuesday’s  ‘Tonight Show’ interview with Jay Leno. He told Leno the government doesn’t have a domestic spying program and appeared to insinuate terrorism deaths “unfortunately” haven’t yet surpassed automobile deaths in the U.S. Read More…

John Lewis, Obama’s ‘Conscience Of Congress’: Snowden Appealed To ‘Higher Law’ To Expose Wrongs

Representative John Lewis (D-Ga.), a 73-year-old civil rights icon on par with Rev. Martin Luther King Jr., stepped away from the thinking of many of his Congressional peers in a recent interview with The Guardian, in praising whistle-blower Edward Snowden as a man appealing to “a higher law.” Read More… 

HuffPo: Rangel Should ‘Absolutely Not’ Apologize

Charlie Rangel (D-N.Y.) raised a big stink last week when he said the Tea Party is the same “white crackers” civil rights activists overcame in the 1960s and said the House GOP is worse than Muslim terrorists. Huffington Post columnist Earl Ofari Hutchinson agrees absolutely. Read More… 

NRA Petitions Supreme Court For The Right Of Young Adults To Purchase Handguns

Citing a “categorical burden on the fundamental right to keep and bear arms,” the National Rifle Association is petitioning the Supreme Court to reverse decades-old regulations prohibiting the sale of handguns to people under the age of 21. Read More… 

Obama’s ‘Tonight Show’ Freudian Slip; Detroit Mayoral Write-In Trounces Teamster; No Love For Newark; NYC Health Department A Bedbug Hotel; If You Choose Not To Decide, You Still Have Made A Choice – Wednesday Morning News Roundup 8-7-2013

Here is a collection of some of the stories making the Internet rounds this morning. Click the links for the full stories.


  • President Barack Obama told Jay Leno the United States is not overreacting by closing some U.S. embassies for a week, saying “The odds of dying in a terrorist attack are a lot lower than they are of dying in a car accident, unfortunately.” Source: Weekly Standard…


  • In an uphill battle fought partly in court and partly in the neighborhoods of Detroit, former Detroit Medical Center CEO Mike Duggan heads for a showdown in November with Wayne County Sheriff Benny Napoleon as both seasoned political figures vie to become the next mayor of Detroit. Duggan trounced Napoleon, his Teamsters-backed opponent, garnering nearly 50,000 write-in votes to Napoleon’s 28,352 in Tuesday’s mayoral primary.  Source: Detroit Free Press…


  • Conde Nast Traveler magazine selected its 10 friendliest and 10 unfriendliest cities in the U.S. for this year and placed Branson, Mo., at the top of the smiley-face list — and Newark, N.J., as No. 1 on the opposite extreme as the most unfriendly city in the entire Nation. Source: Newark Patch…


  • According to local reports, the New York City Department of Health and Mental Hygiene headquarters, which cost taxpayers $316 million, is overrun by bed bugs. The building is 21 floors, and five of those are home to a bed bug infestation. Source: Breitbart…


  • State Department spokeswoman Jen Psaki told Matt Lee of The Associated Press Tuesday that the United States had “determined that we do not need to make a determination” over whether the ousting of Mohammed Morsi in Egypt was a coup. Source: Free Beacon…


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Snowden Supporters May Be Terror Suspects; Black Senator ‘Free At Last’ From Dems; NSA Spying FAQs; Dems Love, Hate Hillary 2016; And More — Personal Liberty Digest™ P.M. Edition 8-6-2013

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Former NSA Chief: If You Get Upset When The Government Gets Snowden, You Might Be A Terrorist

If you support National Security Agency leaker Edward Snowden and believe that his actions were well-intentioned and benefit the public good, your government views you as a potential terrorist who may be as dangerous as an al-Qaida operative. Read More… 

Black Louisiana Senator Wants Black Americans ‘Free At Last’ From Democratic Party

Senator Elbert Lee Guillory, a black State lawmaker in Louisiana, announced a change in Party affiliation in June, from Democrat to Republican, evoking the late Martin Luther King Jr. in saying that he was “free at last” from the Party that has destroyed black America with liberalism. Read More… 

FAQ: What You Need to Know About the NSA’s Surveillance Programs

There have been a lot of news stories about NSA surveillance programs following the leaks of secret documents by Edward Snowden. But it seems the more we read, the less clear things are. ProPublica has put together a detailed snapshot of what’s known and what’s been reported where. Read More… 

Democrats Love, Hate Hillary 2016

Media buzz, combined with her own actions in recent months, has made the prospect of a Hillary Clinton Presidential bid in 2016 seem likely. But according to the results of a recent Rasmussen poll, Democratic voters appear to have a love/hate relationship with the former Secretary of State. Read More… 

Father Of Man Shot In Marathon Investigation Seeks Answers

The father of a Chechen man shot by the FBI during the Boston Marathon bombing investigation has traveled to Florida hoping for answers, officials said. Read More… 

Japan’s Big War Boat; WAPO Sold To Amazon Founder; Appeals Court Doesn’t Know If 2nd Amendment Applies In Public; Elect Black Conservatives; And Jet Setting Holder Costs Taxpayers Millions — Tuesday Morning News Roundup 8-6-2013

Here is a collection of some of the stories making the Internet rounds this morning. Click the links for the full stories.

  • Japan on Tuesday unveiled its biggest warship since World War II, a huge flat-top destroyer that has raised eyebrows in China and elsewhere because it bears a strong resemblance to a conventional aircraft carrier. Source: The Associated Press


  • The conservative and libertarian blogosphere lit up Monday at news that Amazon founder Jeff Bezos would buy a group of publications including The Washington Post for $250 million. Source: POLITICO… 


  • In a case over New Jersey’s requirement that a citizen demonstrate “justifiable need” for a carrying a firearm before receiving a concealed carry license, the U.S. Court of Appeals for the 3rd Circuit ruled that such a requirement “does not burden conduct within the scope of the Second Amendment’s guarantee.” The court also said “it remains unsettled” whether the 2nd Amendment is even applicable outside one’s home. Source: Breitbart


  • Republican State Senator Elbert Guillory of Louisiana, who recently switched from the Democratic Party, has announced the creation of a new political action committee with the goal of electing black conservatives. Guillory will serve as honorary chairman of Free At Last PAC, which purports to promote “Republican values in all communities.” Source: The Weekly Standard… 


  • U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder’s travel expenses exceeded $4 million for 213 separate trips during President Barack Obama’s first term in office, according to documents obtained through the Freedom Of Information Act. Source: The Daily Mail… 

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NSA Lying; Obamaphones For All; State Takes Child, Child Dies; Army’s Terror Double Standard, And More— Personal Liberty Digest ™ 8-5-2013

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Ron Paul: Why Won’t They Tell Us the Truth About NSA Spying?

Politicians and bureaucrats are faced with serious backlash from Americans outraged that their most personal communications are intercepted and stored. They had been told that only the terrorists would be monitored. In response to this anger, defenders of the program have time and again resorted to spreading lies and distortions. But these untruths are now being exposed very quickly. Read More… 

How National Review Journalist Jillian Melchior Got Three Obamaphones

National Review Franklin Fellow Jillian Kay Melchior published a piece last week detailing how she, a comfortably affluent New Yorker with a white collar job, was able to qualify for three free government-paid cell phones through the Lifeline program – a public service established in the pre-cell phone Reagan era to ensure impoverished or geographically-isolated people could call 911 in the event of emergencies. Read More… 

Parent Loses Daughter For Smoking Pot, Daughter Dies In Foster Care

After learning that her parents enjoyed winding down some nights by smoking marijuana once their child had been tucked into bed, Texas Child Protective Services officials decided it would be best to kidnap the two-year-old girl from her loving home and place her into State custody. Read More… 

Army Loyal To Contractors With Al-Qaida Ties As Embassies Close In Fear Of Al-Qaida

Amid news that 19 U.S. embassies were being shuttered this week, thanks to an alert that Al-Qaida may be mobilizing an attack, comes a report to Congress from the Special Inspector General for Afghanistan Reconstruction that condemns the U.S. Army for refusing to drop contracts with people and companies that have been linked to the Al-Qaida supply chain. Read More… 

Al-Qaida Terror Fears: 19 U.S. Posts Staying Closed All Week

Nineteen U.S. diplomatic outposts in the Middle East and North Africa will stay closed all week “out of an abundance of caution,” the State Department says. Read More… 

Parent Loses Daughter For Smoking Pot, Daughter Dies In Foster Care

After learning that her parents enjoyed winding down some nights by smoking marijuana once their child had been tucked into bed, Texas Child Protective Services officials decided it would be best to kidnap the two-year-old girl from her loving home and place her into State custody.

Joshua Hill who was accused by the State of “neglectful supervision” is now mourning the death of his daughter Alexandria; and, the foster mother with whom she was placed by the State for her own safety from her natural, marijuana-loving parents, is facing murder charges.

KVUE News reports:

Hill’s daughter Alexandria, or Alex as they liked to call her, was rushed to a Rockdale hospital with severe head injuries, then flown to Scott and White Children’s Emergency Hospital in Temple and immediately placed on life support.

Alex was living with foster parents after DFPS removed her from her parent’s home last November for “neglectful supervision.”

Hill admits they were smoking pot when their daughter was asleep.

“We never hurt our daughter. She was never sick, she was never in the hospital, and she never had any issues until she went into state care.”

For two months, Alex was placed in a home that Hill says was dangerous.

“She would come to visitation with bruises on her, and mold and mildew in her bag. It got to a point where I actually told CPS that they would have to have me arrested because I wouldn’t let her go back.”

In January, CPS placed her with Sherill Small in Rockdale, and Hill says things seemed safe there.

“They listened, they paid attention when we had concerns, they tried to keep us in the loop, but in the end, it wasn’t enough.”

Hill got the call Monday night that his daughter was in a Temple hospital.

Meanwhile, Hill has paid the ultimate price for breaking the State’s prohibitive marijuana laws.

More GOP Attacks On Paul; NAACP, Martin Family Want Justice Legislation; Rangel Hates White Cracker Tea Party; State Department Warns Of Imminent Terror; And More – Personal Liberty Digest ™ P.M. Edition 8-2-2013

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Establishment GOP Attack On Paul Continues: He Would Have Appeased Hitler

Speaking on CNN this week, Representative Peter King (R-NY) flew his establishment Republican colors, jumping to the aid of New Jersey Governor Chris Christie in lambasting Senator Rand Paul (R-Ky.) for not being a surveillance-loving war hawk. Watch… 

NAACP, Trayvon Martin Family Fighting To Repeal Stand Your Ground, Racial Profiling

The NAACP, the Nation’s oldest civil rights organization, is leading a charge to encourage lawmakers to introduce a set of legislative proposals to address what it believes are flaws in the legal system that led to the shooting death of Florida teen Trayvon Martin. Read More… 

Rangel: Tea Party The Same ‘White Crackers’ We Fought In The 1960s

Add Representative Charlie Rangel to the brood of race-baiters in the Congressional Black Caucus trying their damnedest to establish an imaginary link between Tea Party conservatism and the racism of the losers (many of them Southern Democrats) who persecuted blacks and their allies during America’s civil rights era. Read More… 

Possible Al-Qaida Threat Prompts State Dept. Worldwide Travel Alert

An unspecified al-Qaida threat prompted the U.S. State Department to issue a worldwide alert Friday for U.S. citizens traveling abroad until the end of August. Read More… 

Stave Off Hackers With Passphrases

Vehement capitalist blogger Lew Rockwell has a tip for people concerned about the security of the passwords they use to access their protected information online: ditch passwords altogether in favor of passphrases. Read More…