Georgia poll workers force voter to doff his NRA Instructor baseball cap

When Bundy Cobb arrived at the courthouse in Douglas County, Georgia, to vote early, he was wearing the baseball cap he dons to advertise his firearms-training business, Aim True Defense. The cap bore the words “NRA Instructor,” which poll workers said was considered campaigning. They made him take off his cap.

Outraged, Cobb contacted Fox 5 in Atlanta. “It’s definitely not campaigning,” said Cobb, who is certified by the National Rifle Association in firearms training. “And it’s absolutely infringing on my rights to express myself. All this hat does is advertise that I’m an instructor for, certified by NRA and that’s all. It doesn’t endorse any candidate or anything else.”

Douglas County Board of Elections Supervisor Laurie Fulton admitted the NRA is not aligned with a particular candidate. “But,” she told Fox 5, “the courts have found that anything that suggests associated with the NRA in many people’s perceptions is associated with the Republican Party. So in an overabundance of caution, Mr. Cobb was asked to remove the hat so that no one could interpret that we were favored, playing any favoritism toward one party over the other.”

The Daily Caller reported that Cobb alerted the State Election Board, “which, he told TheDC, is investigating the case.”

TheDC contacted Fulton and asked about her Fox 5 interview:

But reached for further comment, Fulton couldn’t cite the court case she alluded to and told TheDC that there was no clear precedent at the state level prohibiting NRA apparel.

Instead, Fulton said that the policy came about after she consulted a colleague following an incident that took place in Douglas County earlier this week.

“It started earlier in the week when a voter complained to me about a hat a man was wearing [an NRA hat],” Fulton told TheDC.

Like Cobb, that man removed his hat after being asked.

“I consulted with one of my contemporaries in another county,” Fulton said. They determined that the NRA hat “fell under the same sort of grey area” as a ruling that barred voters from wearing a “Don’t Tread on Me” t-shirt, Fulton said, citing apparel that is popular among tea party and other similar groups.

Fulton was unable to recall if that ruling came from the Georgia Supreme Court or the state election board.

Sunday News Show Roundup

Last week, ISIS beheaded an American journalist, posted it on the Internet and got America’s attention. What to do about the terrorist group was the main topic of discussion on the Sunday news shows.

“[I]n one week’s time, the threat from the terror group called ISIS no longer seems limited to far away Iraq and Syria,” said ABC news correspondent Brian Ross on ABC’s “This Week.”

“In a bulletin Friday, Homeland Security said ISIS supporters are calling for attacks inside the U.S., although there are no credible threats at this time.”

Ross went on to discuss Foley’s executioner: “The hooded ISIS killer who beheaded 40-year-old American journalist James Foley is believed to be a British citizen. And the FBI is now using a database of known British jihadists to look for a match with his eyes, his hands and his voice with its distinctive London accent.”

On NBC’s “Meet the Press,” British ambassador to the United States, Sir Peter Westmacott indicated authorities are close to identifying Foley’s killer.

“I think we are close,” Westmacott said. “I’ve been in touch, obviously, in the last day or two with my colleagues at home. We’re not yet in a position to say exactly who this is, but there is some very sophisticated voice identification technology and other measures that we have got which should allow us to be very clear about who this person is before very long.”

NBC Chief Foreign Correspondent Richard Engel has spent years covering Iraq and Syria, and he explained the terrorist group:

You know, you’re dealing with a group of people who have been successful, who believe that they are winning, that they are creating an Islamic caliphate. And they call themselves the Islamic State, and they now have a state. They have a big area across northern Syria. They have a large section of Iraq.

They move freely between these two areas, between the part of Iraq that they hold and the part of Syria they hold. They have heavy weapons from the Iraqi army, U.S.-made weapons. And they have thousands and thousands of fighters, not just foreign fighters but local fighters as well. So we are dealing with a little failed state, that doesn’t see itself as a failed state. It sees itself as a triumphant state that is bringing the Islamic battle to the world.

On CBS’ “Face The Nation,” Michael Morrell, CBS News senior security contributor, offered further insight:

[T]his is the most complex terrorism problem that I have ever seen. There are no magic bullets. This is going to take a long time to get under control.

There are two things we have to do. We have to take away their safe haven, their territory. That requires a political solution in Iraq, which is going to require us to continue to press the Iraqis to do the right thing, our Gulf Arab allies to press the Iraqis to do the right thing, the Iranians to press the Iraqis to do the right thing, and then we need to get a solution in Syria to take that territory away.

And then the other thing we need to do is take the leadership off the battlefield. We have to identify them through intelligence and then capture or kill them. We have to remove them from the battlefield.

Republican Senator Kelly Ayotte, a key member of the Senate Armed Services Committee, joined “Face the Nation” from her home state of New Hampshire, also Foley’s home state. She told host Bob Schieffer what needs to be done in order to defeat ISIS:

Well, Bob, obviously, in New Hampshire, the brutal murder of James Foley really brought home this week the threat that it presents to us and our country.

And what I think is that a containment strategy is not going to cut it. We need a strategy to defeat ISIS. As the secretary of defense has described, it is an imminent threat to us. It’s like nothing we have ever seen in terms of the sophistication of this group, the funding, the territory that they control.

And we need a strategy that is going to expand the airstrikes, going to support the Kurds further and the Iraqi forces, but in particular the Kurds, get them the military equipment that they are requesting, and also look at supporting more and more support and enhancement for the moderate opposition in Syria to deal with the sanctuaries in Syria.

We have to do that if we want to defeat ISIS, as the chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff said this week. And then I would say also the political solution is important. We need an Iraqi government that is inclusive.

We also need Muslim leaders to condemn ISIS, to make sure that they are saying that ISIS has to go. And, finally, I think, Bob, we have to address as a Congress where the defense budget is right now, because there is a disconnect with sequester from the threats that we face around the world and the resources we are going to need to fight this threat.

Protests Against The Illegal Invasion Gaining Steam

Imagine, if you will, that a pipe burst in your house. What would you do? Most people would shut off the water and then mop up the mess.

That’s how Deanna Frankowski of Leeds, Ala., believes the immigration crisis needs to be handled.

Stop the influx of illegal aliens first. Then deal with the ones who are here. That’s the message she hopes Washington receives from the protests held nationwide on Friday and Saturday. And it’s why she organized the one in Birmingham, Ala.

“I think the surge has been a concerted effort by President [Barack] Obama,” Frankowski said. “I think he believed that by this point in his Presidency, immigration reform would’ve passed.”

Well, it hasn’t. And the Nation is currently dealing with an influx of illegal aliens, tens of thousands of whom are children. They are pouring across the Nation’s southern border — many of them from El Salvador, Guatemala and Honduras.

“They are using the children as pawns in a political chess game,” Frankowski said, pointing out that American parents who abandoned their children and sent them off on a trip by themselves would end up in jail.

“You have to follow the law of the land, she said. “Why is the government systematically choosing the laws they want to abide by?”

According to Frankowski, Make Them Listen has three objectives:

  • Close the borders.
  • No amnesty.
  • Stop the surge.

“Then,” she said, “we can deal with the people left in the country.”

Frankowski said that may very well include steps to citizenship, which many people involved in the protest movement would support, but that amnesty is not an option.

In the meanwhile, Frankowski knows how the U.S. government can cover the cost of dealing with the illegal immigrants: Use each country’s foreign aid to care for their citizens who made their way to U.S. soil illegally.

The Birmingham protest was part of a network of anti-illegal immigration rallies that took place at State capitols, Mexican consulates, and on streets and overpasses throughout the Nation over the weekend.

A flyer announcing the national protest said:

Our Border Patrol is overwhelmed by the massive flow of illegal aliens crossing our border daily.   Illegal aliens with communicable diseases and conditions such as tuberculosis, scabies, and head lice are entering our country unabated.   There is a very real security risk to Americans from drug cartels, gang members, and terrorists – all of whom can cross our border with no resistance.   Adding insult to injury, American taxpayers are being forced to pay for transportation, housing, schooling, legal assistance, and more for the illegals crossing our border.

The mass protest was the brainchild of Paul Arnold, founder of “Make Them Listen”, and was quickly embraced by a number of organizations, including: America Working, Americans for Legal Immigration PAC (ALIPAC), Americans Have Had Enough Coalition, MINNSIR, Overpasses for America, 2 Million Bikers To DC, Remember 1986, Riders USA, Help Save Maryland, Tea Party Community, and Tea Party Tribune.


Personal Liberty Staff Photo By Kelley Martin
Personal Liberty Staff Photo By Kelley Martin
Personal Liberty Staff Photo By Kelley Martin
Personal Liberty Staff Photo By Kelley Martin
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Sunday News Show Roundup

Texas Governor Rick Perry made the rounds of the Sunday morning talk shows just days after President Barack Obama met with Perry in Texas. During their meeting, Obama urged Perry to put the heat on the Texas Congressional delegation to pass the $3.7 billion legislation the President is proposing to deal with the illegal immigration crisis.

Unfortunately for Obama, the Republican Governor thinks the President’s plan stinks.

On “Fox News Sunday,” Brit Hume asked Perry what he thought of the proposal and whether he would encourage the members of the Texas delegation to vote for it.

Perry said that while he appreciated Obama’s taking time to speak with him, “I do think he should go to the border himself and take a look at this, just like some of these Democrat colleagues and a number of us on the Republican side want him to.”

Specifically regarding the President’s proposal, Perry said, “As I look at that piece of legislation, it is a very large amount of money. As you analyze it, very little of it is for border security. … And it is a border security issue.”

Perry pointed out repeatedly that he’s asked for “1,000 National Guard troops” for more than four years, to no avail. On CBS News’ “Face The Nation,” Perry told Bob Schieffer: “As a matter of fact, in May of 2012, Bob, I gave the President a heads-up on what was happening with these unaccompanied children, these alien children who were coming in on the tops of trains.

“And we laid out exactly what we felt was going to happen if we didn’t address that, and now we’re seeing that become reality with literally tens of thousands of these young children making this long, arduous, very dangerous trip — being separated from their parents. And it could have been stopped years ago, had the administration listened — had the administration been focused on the border with Texas.”

But the Republican Governor was not the only Texan criticizing Obama’s handling of the immigration crisis.

On NBC News’ “Meet the Press,” Representative Joaquin Castro, a Democrat, admitted he doesn’t support the President’s plan.

And it wasn’t just Texans who were speaking out about what some are calling Obama’s Katrina.

On ABC News’ “This Week,” Representative Robert Goodlatte (R-Va.). chairman of the House Judiciary Committee, said: “This matter can be addressed if the President will exercise leadership and stop not enforcing the law. He doesn’t enforce the law. … He’s releasing criminal aliens back on to our streets that have been detained, rather than making sure they get sent back to their home countries.”

When asked whether he supports the Presidents proposed legislation, Goodlatte responded: “I would definitely pass emergency funding targeted for what is necessary. But most of the money that the President is asking for is to continue the process of further transporting these children and adults, by the way, further into the United States. And that, I think, is what the American people don’t like to see, because they know that that is not deterrence.”

Sunday News Show Roundup

On April 6, former Florida Governor Jeb Bush said that many illegal aliens come to the United States out of an “act of love” for their families. A week later, the Sunday news shows were still buzzing about that comment from the Republican who is pondering throwing his hat in the ring for the 2016 Presidential election.

ABC News’ “This Week” featured an interview with Senator Rand Paul. The Kentucky Republican was in Manchester, N.H., attending the Freedom Summit, a gathering of conservative leaders.

After pointing out that Paul won the past two straw polls (one by CNN and one in New Hampshire), ABC News’ Jonathan Karl went on to ask Paul’s opinion of Bush’s comment.

Paul responded:

You know, I think he might have been more artful, maybe, in the way he presented this. But I don’t want to say, oh, he’s terrible for saying this. If it were me, what I would have said is, people who seek the American dream are not bad people. However…

But here’s what I’d finish up with. They are not bad people. However, we can’t invite the whole world. When you say they’re doing an act of love and you don’t follow it up with, but we have to control the border, people think well because they’re doing this for kind reasons that the whole world can come to our country.

Karl pointed out: “But there’s also suggestion that Republicans in previous campaigns have vilified those who came over illegally.”

To which, Paul responded: “And some people perceived it that way, and that’s a perception we do have to change.”

On NBC’s “Meet the Press,” commentator Mike Murphy and David Gregory discussed whether Bush’s comments will cost him should he decide to run. Murphy, a Republican political consultant who has advised Bush, had this to say:

The wider question is, I was proud of him, regardless of if he runs. Because I believe that leadership has been replaced in American politics by marketing. We micro target, micro pander, let’s focus group and figure out how to win, you know, this, win that.

And we’ve lost sight of politicians who tell you what they think is right, they make an argument for it, and then you figure it out. And that’s who Jeb Bush is. He’s not a typical weather-vane kind of guy. So if he runs, that’s what you’re going to get. I think it’s what the country’s looking for. But we’ll see what happens.

On CBS News’ “Face The Nation,” Bob Schieffer pointed out that during the Freedom Summit, “Donald Trump managed to mention Jeb Bush and it brought boos from the crowd.”

Peter Baker of The New York Times commented that Bush appears more interested in pursuing the Presidency than he did six months ago. Baker, who was at College Station, Texas, when Bush made the immigration comment, observed:

And all the people around him seem to be moving in that direction. But what he said was, “I want to get in only if I can avoid the vortex.” Well, Donald Trump just showed him what the vortex will be like, right? And he’s trying to lay out a predicate, saying, “If I run, I’m going to do it on my own terms. I’m going to do it on the issues I’ve cared about like immigration. Things that don’t necessarily sell well in a Republican primary.” He may find that’s not something that’s going to work well for him.

On CNN’s “State of the Union,” host Candy Crowley was more interested in a prominent Democrat’s comments on the immigration bill. She played a video of House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi saying: “I think race has something to do with the fact that they’re not bringing up an immigration bill. I’ve heard them say to the Irish, if it were just you this would be easy.”

Crowley asked Representative Steve Israel (D-N.Y.) whether he agreed with Pelosi’s comment.

Israel responded: “The American people want solutions in Congress. They want people to oppose certain policies for the right reasons.”

Crowley prodded Israel further: “This is about racism. Do you think your Republican colleagues are racist?”

“Not all of them, no, of course not,” he replied. “But to a significant extent the Republican base does have elements that are animated by racism and that’s unfortunate.”

Sign Up For Obamacare — Because I Said So!

“Young lady, have you signed up for Obamacare yet? Don’t you know the deadline is almost here?!?”

“You’d better sit yourself down, young man, and sign up for Obamacare. Now!”

When you read that, did you hear your mother’s nagging voice? If so, then the government’s latest scheme to get folks to enroll in Obamacare is doing just what it’s designed to do. The government wants to guilt-trip so-called “young invincibles” into signing up.

A video released Friday as part of an ad campaign called #YourMomCares attempts to catch the attention of tech-savvy millennials by featuring the mothers of celebrities, including Jennifer Lopez, Adam Levine, Jonah Hill and Alicia Keys. And it wraps up with first lady Michelle Obama, herself the mother of two.

“We nag you because we love you,” Obama says at the close of the video.

Yeah, right. It has nothing at all to do with the fact that, like many mothers who refuse to let their children grow up and make their own decisions, the Administration of President Barack Obama thinks it knows better than you do what’s good for you.

And what about all the single moms (and dads) whose insurance rates will remain sky-high because Obamacare allows “children” to stay on their parents’ insurance until the age of 26? They wouldn’t have a reason to want their kids to buy their own Obamacare policies, would they?

Now you know why Pajama Boy turned out the way he did.


Everyone — Even Southerners — Should Keep A Winter Emergency Kit In The Car

Tuesday started much like any other Tuesday. I awoke, got ready, took my children to school and made my way to work. The forecast for Cullman, Ala., called for extreme cold with perhaps a bit of snow. Nothing to worry about.

Let’s just say the meteorologists got it wrong.

It started to snow before 9 a.m., and it was sticking to the roads. In the South, that always means trouble. You see, it seldom snows here. And when it does snow, it is almost always wet snow. And wet snow seems to almost always turn to ice on the roads. Have you ever tried to drive on a sheet of ice? It isn’t easy.

By 9:30 a.m., I had received a call saying the schools were closing at 10 a.m. By noon, everybody in my office who commutes to Cullman for work had left for the day. Businesses shut down. Government offices shut down. Some city streets were closed. And that was just in Cullman.

Elsewhere, it was worse — much worse. In Birmingham, Ala., traffic snarled for miles and miles as everybody tried to leave work and school at the same time. A friend of mine left work in downtown Birmingham at 11:30 a.m. It took him four hours to get to his home some 10 miles away. He was lucky to get home. Many people were just stuck. They ended up sleeping in their vehicles or abandoning them to seek shelter.


The same thing happened in Atlanta. The snowstorm hit there later in the day and effectively shut down the South’s largest metropolitan area.

I would imagine it’s comical to people who aren’t from the South to see a little bit of snow wreak such havoc. But take it from a woman who has lived either in Georgia or Alabama her entire life: Snow is no joke in the Deep South.

Because of that, I would encourage my fellow Southerners to build a winter survival kit to keep in the car. In fact, I would encourage everyone to do so, because you just never know what’s going to happen.

Here are 10 items recommends you put in your kit:

  1. Blanket: If you are stuck with a car that won’t start, or that has conked out, and have to wait in cold weather for help, you will want a decent warm blanket as an extra layer.
  2. Snow shovel: Get a short-handled shovel, probably a coal-type shovel, to stow in the trunk in case you need to remove snow from around the wheels of your vehicle. You can buy plastic ones, but you may want to opt for a metal one in case you also need to chip at some ice or compacted snow.
  3. Flashlight: Self explanatory. Keep a good-sized, water-proof flashlight with fresh batteries in case your breakdown is at night. Pack emergency candles too, as a back-up.
  4. Hand warmers: Available at camping stores. Smash the bag and the chemical reaction inside creates warmth to defrost fingers that may be trying to change a tire or fiddle with an engine.
  5. Matches: You never know when you will have to manufacture heat. It’s better than rubbing two old, snowy sticks together, hoping for the best.
  6. Bottle of water and a few protein, snack bars. You hear of people surviving on ketchup packets that have fallen between the seats, but some planning will yield a better menu under emergency conditions.
  7. Syphon Pump: If being out of gas is your problem, and you get offered help by a good Samaritan, you want to be able to get a gallon or two of gas out of another gas tank to get you going quickly.
  8. Lightsticks: These cost almost nothing at a dollar store and can be used either as a light source or to wear in case you are shoveling snow around your wheels at night.
  9. Flares: These should be in your trunk in all seasons for putting next to your car if you are pulled over in distress.
  10. Whistle: It can be used to either signal for help to someone who can’t hear you yell, or to scare someone who may be trying to take advantage of your distress.

And here’s what suggests:

In case you are stranded, keep a kit of emergency supplies in your car. This kit should include:

  • Jumper cables
  • Flashlights and extra batteries
  • First aid kit and necessary medications in case you are away from home for a prolonged time
  • Food items containing protein such as nuts and energy bars; canned fruit and a portable can opener
  • Water for each person and pet in your car
  • AM/FM radio to listen to traffic reports and emergency messages
  • Cat litter or sand for better tire traction
  • Shovel
  • Ice scraper
  • Warm clothes, gloves, hat, sturdy boots, jacket and an extra change of clothes
  • Blankets or sleeping bags

Also consider:

  • A fully-charged cell phone and phone charger
  • Flares or reflective triangle
  • Baby formula and diapers if you have a small child

Build your own kit or buy one that’s ready-made. Hopefully, you won’t ever need it. But if you do, I am certain you’ll be glad you have it.