Preserving Obama’s Precious Peace Prize

President Barack Obama spoke Saturday from the Rose Garden at the White House, advocating military action against Syria. He also said he is abstaining from such action as he awaits Congressional approval. In typical fashion, Obama wants to have his cake and eat it, too. Under such orchestration, he can blame Congress if his attacks against Syria have a calamitous outcome. Of greatest importance to the President is his legacy.

Nearly four years after he won the Nobel Peace Prize (for exactly what, nobody seems to know), Obama has acted more like a war criminal than a humanitarian. Yet the Norwegian Nobel Committee, which handed him the award, said it was “for his extraordinary efforts to strengthen international diplomacy and cooperation between peoples.” When he accepted it, the President said he was “surprised” and “deeply humbled.”

Certainly, he was surprised. His biggest contribution to world peace at the time had been as a Chicago community organizer. That Obama was deeply humbled verges on impossible. He is a man without a scintilla of humility. If the President has his way, he will accept all of the credit or none of the blame regarding Syria.

Yet we shouldn’t have been surprised that Obama was bestowed his prize by socialists in Oslo, Norway. In 1919, the dubious award was presented to President Woodrow Wilson. He was commander in chief during World War I. During the war, 100,000 Americans were killed (if you count disease and accidents) and another 320,000 were wounded. It was also Wilson’s regressive peace plan that led to Adolph Hitler.

According to the Cato Institute, Obama has already spent more than $400 billion in the past five years on waging foreign wars or what the Defense Department prefers to call “overseas contingency operations.”

In January, Dave Lindorff wrote the following in a blog post entitled “Hey, Hey, Barack! What Do You Say? How Many Kids Have You Killed Today?”:

The result of this policy of state terrorism has been a wretched, criminal slaughter of children — a slaughter that has been hidden from view, and denied wholesale by the Pentagon and the president. Over 3000 [sic] people have been killed, the vast majority of them non-combatant “collateral damage” deaths. Over 172 of these have reportedly been children.

Obama Is Plumb Out Of Friends

It turns out Obama, who treasures his image as a peacemaker, is not a friend-maker. The lack of international support for Obama’s military intervention against Syria is astonishing.

  • Canada is no friend of Obama’s: His incessant delay on the Keystone XL pipeline has infuriated the Conservative government of Prime Minister Stephen Harper and angered Canadians. Most Canadians believe that Obama will refuse the pipeline and that he is simply jerking around Canada so it cannot make commitments to other oil importers.
  • Great Britain is no friend of Obama’s: Last Thursday, the British Parliament rejected Prime Minister David Cameron’s proposal to join the United States in a joint action against Syria, despite Cameron’s pleas. Many British are angry that Obama is not backing the country’s claims on the Falkland Islands, which are again threatened by Argentina. Since the Suez Crisis in 1956, Britain has been America’s staunchest ally. Obama never seems to see any relationship as a two-way street.
  • Russia is no friend of Obama’s: Russian President Vladimir Putin is not one to let bygones be bygones.  He and Obama have had several disagreements. The conflict came to a head last month over Russia’s granting asylum to National Security Agency leaker Edward Snowden. Because of that incident, Obama said “nyet” to a personal summit in Moscow with Putin this month. Now, Moscow defends Syrian President Bashar Assad.

And it goes beyond nations. In his book The Amateur: Barack Obama in the White House, Edward Klein claims that Obama has few to no personal friends in part because he is always eager to shift blame of failed policies to others.

Even Hermene Hartman, the publisher of N’DIGO, Chicago’s leading black magazine, and the past president of the Alliance of Business Leaders and Entrepreneurs, a powerful group of blacks in Chicago, has said: “Barack is not necessarily known for his loyalty.”

The Networks’ Weapons Of Mass Distortion

The good news for Obama is that TV anchors and analysts revere him, at least when it comes to a good war — or, if necessary, a bad war.

MSNBC, CNN and FOX News have been showing why war is unavoidable with videos of dead and dying Syrian children. Given beforehand is the perfunctory: “Warning! The images we are about to show you may be disturbing.” That always gets people’s attention. I haven’t seen such compelling TV since 22 years ago, when newscasts were showing empty Kuwaiti incubators after Saddam Hussein’s Republican Guard had reportedly ripped babies from them. Only later was it reported that no such thing happened — that and the fact that Saddam did not have weapons of mass destruction (WMD).

Liberals Have A Krystal Ball

The hardest part of my job is watching MSNBC. It’s good to know what the not-so-loyal opposition is thinking, which is mostly nothing. Case in point was last Thursday. On “The Cycle,” Krystal Ball (that really is her name) opined that America “owes it to Syria” to intervene. Ball added that the reason President Ronald Reagan pulled out of Lebanon in 1983 after 241 Marines were killed in their barracks by a suicide bomber was because at that time “America lacked the moral courage” to do the right thing.

That’s one way of looking at it. Another way is that Reagan was unwilling to waste the lives of America’s young people in a religious conflict where U.S. intervention could only make matters worse and could start a global war.

For Ball, it’s as though the Iraq war never happened. It’s as if 4,500 American troops did not die there.

Obama Is Driven By What Is Best For Obama

The situation in Syria is grim. Children are dying, and chemicals are probably being used. Do the dead care if they were killed by chemicals or by lead? Let us not forget it was grim in the 1970s when the Khmer Rouge killed more than 2 million people in Cambodia. It was grim during the Rwanda genocide that killed more than 1 million people. If we didn’t intervene then when the Nation could afford it and we were not facing an Islamic backlash, why are we intervening now? It can’t be WMDs. The only foreign WMDs that are a clear and present danger to our national security are the nuclear warheads being stacked high in North Korea and unstable Pakistan.

Obama doesn’t seem to care about such threats, in part because the only advice he values comes from his all-powerful troika: first lady Michelle Obama, Senior Adviser Valerie Jarrett and Attorney General Eric Holder. They are determined that Obama’s initiatives promote Obama’s legacy. Anything else is unimportant.

Yours in good times and bad,

–John Myers

Area 51: Black Helicopters Or Little Green Men?

Two weeks ago, the CIA revealed one of its worse kept government secrets in a 355-page document. It admitted that Area 51, located on a vast track of government land 80 miles northwest of Las Vegas, really does exist.

Never mind that Area 51 has been part of the American lexicon and pop culture for half a century. Only now does our government have the good grace to tell us. Better late than never, right?

Area-51-mapOf course, the CIA’s release, full of redactions, is probably less than 1 percent of the real truth of what is really going on when it comes to the government’s black operations.

We are left to guess at what secrets are hidden at Area 51, a site surrounded by mountains that has immense parts of it buried deep beneath the Nevada desert.

Most certainly it is a cache for super-secret black military projects that we can only hope are not under development for domestic operations.

Are they all human, or is it possible they are of extraterrestrial origin? I don’t see a definitive answer coming out about this in my lifetime.

After all, Washington or those really pulling the puppet-strings in Washington have billed U.S. taxpayers hundreds of billions of dollars to build, fund and keep secret what goes on in and around Area 51.

In her book Area 51: An Uncensored History of America’s Top Secret Military Base, Annie Jacobsen delves into the labyrinth that is Area 51. It sits inside the largest government-controlled land parcel in the United States, some 4,700 square miles on Groom Lake, a dry lake bed. It is an area twice the size of Delaware.

The Jacobsen book is based on interviews with dozens of former Area 51 employees, all now old men who went to work there in the 1940s, ’50s and ’60s. They include detailed information from technicians, test pilots and scientists, but only on projects that are now declassified. That means the secrets in the book date back before the 1980s.

According to Jacobsen, the most bizarre and dangerous events outside of actual war have happened at Area 51. The scientists there worked a blueprint for a manned mission to Mars with a 250-foot-tall rocket that was to have been fueled by 2,000 nuclear bombs, which hopefully had controlled detonations. The laundry list for Area 51 includes top-secret spy planes like the U-2 and later the SR-71 (known as the Oxcart when it was first flown secretly by the CIA in the 1960s). Area 51 was also the testing site for nuclear weapons, including the neutron bomb, a thermonuclear device designed to release most of its energy as radiation (a great instrument if your goal is to just kill people and not destroy infrastructure).

As for extraterrestrials in giant test tubes and captured flying saucers, Jacobsen is skeptical. Yet she admits she doesn’t know for sure.

One thing we do know: Our government (or who is really running our government) wouldn’t tell us of extraterrestrial existence unless it served a purpose for the government.

One thing I am certain of is that just because there may not be alien UFOs in the sky doesn’t mean other aircraft are not flying over us right now. I might sleep better at night knowing it was ET flying over me rather than government omnipotence.

My UFO Story

I’ve been plagued by insomnia for years. Such was the case in Spokane, Wash., a decade ago. We lived past the southern edge of Spokane, so there was no light pollution — just a lot of tall pines in an open meadow. It was about 2 a.m. on a warm August night, and I was on our back deck looking at the stars. I felt this rush of air moving toward me. It was definitely not wind. I looked up and something soundless and blacker than coal flew just over the treetops blocking out the stars. The air rushed directly over me for a moment and the black object flew fast and low to the west. I never heard a sound, just an alien gust of air. As quickly as it came, it was gone. I stood up, stunned. Eventually, I went into the master bedroom.

“Angela! Angela! A UFO just flew over our house!”

“Oh you’re crazy,” said my wife. “Come to bed.”

Sleep was the last thing I could manage. I went back out on the deck. I half expected another flying vehicle overhead or (who knew?) maybe a fleet of them. Instead, there was stony silence.

It’s funny how the mind works when it faces a conundrum. By that time in life, I had pretty much accepted that I had forgotten everything I was taught in school. Yet one of the lessons came back to me from many years before when I was taking a philosophy class. (Who says philosophy never comes in handy?)

I thought back to a lecture about a 14th century friar, William of Ockham, who said that the simplest explanation is usually the right one. According to Ockham, when facing a riddle, the answer should be simpler than the riddle, not more complicated.

So I thought about what I knew. I knew something had flown over me and that the air felt like it came from a helicopter. It didn’t look or sound like a helicopter, but that didn’t mean for certain it wasn’t. I also know that as the crow flies, our backyard was 8 miles from Fairchild Air Force Base. I also knew that the U.S. Air Force was using stealth airplanes. Why not stealth helicopters? I had not yet heard of black helicopters, but this thing that flew overhead seemed to be just that.

Who Would You Trust More: ET Or Uncle Sam?

Of course, I could have believed it was aliens outside our solar system scoping out Spokane. But, frankly, I couldn’t see why they would be all that interested.

Ten years later, when my wife and I went to see the movie “Zero Dark Thirty,” I believed Ockham would have agreed with my helicopter conclusion. In the movie, which is the dramatization of the tracking and killing of Osama bin Laden, SEAL Team 6 was transported to the compound aboard top-secret helicopters. A general shows the SEALs the helicopters they will be on and states, “Technically, these don’t exist.”

When it comes to our government (or even who really is our government), there are technically a great many things that don’t exist.

Two weeks ago, we were allowed to know that Area 51 exists 70 years after it was created. But we still don’t have a clue as to what goes on at Area 51, how much black ops funding it receives and, foremost, whether it is friendly or hostile to our liberties and the American way of life.

Right now, it is all we need to know. And nobody responsible for the spending or the ultimate mission that exists in the creation and continuation of Area 51 believes that Americans have no need to know. Maybe that was a national security necessity during the Cold War. But the bastard government — in Washington or a secret cabal — is keeping too many secrets from us, the people. That is not what the framers of the U.S. Constitution envisioned.

Yours in good times and bad,

–John Myers

Egypt Proves Obama To Be An Idiot Or An Islamist

“It was not a religion that attacked us that September day. It was al-Qaida.” — Barack Obama

While on vacation in Martha’s Vineyard last week, President Barack Obama condemned the bloodshed in Egypt. He demonstrated his anger over the recent violence that has left more than 1,000 people dead in the past week by declaring that America’s armed forces will not participate in this year’s war games with Egypt.

That’s right; Obama is canceling Bright Star, a biennial war exercise Washington and Cairo have organized since 1981.

The President must think this will bring Egyptian protestors and the military to their knees. To me, it’s like catching your teenage sons in a fistfight and yelling: “No baseball!”

If that doesn’t fix the crisis, the President just might double-dog dare Egypt. I expect the Egyptian army, which is now in control, and the Muslim Brotherhood, which is fighting for control, to say: “So what?”

Obama has made it obvious that he has no desire to suspend nearly $2 billion in annual aid to Egypt — a fortune when you consider that America owes $18 trillion — even as reports surfaced (later claimed false by the Administration) that aid payments had been stopped.

The good news is that Obama appears to not want to put American boots on the ground in Egypt. (Take that, Senator John McCain!) Instead, Obama is going to keep his fingers crossed and hope that Egypt and the rest of the Mideast doesn’t explode. If that happens, it could mean Obama will have to develop fossil fuels in North America. I can already picture the outrage from the greens. As for the neocons who never met a war they didn’t like, it will be heresy.

But events are spinning out of control in the Mideast, and Obama seems clueless when it comes to shaping them. That is either because he is weak or because he understands all too well what sustains Islam: a perpetually tribal and backward region that seems to require Sharia law or a ruthless dictator like Gamal Abdel Nasser, who seized power in Egypt in 1954.

For 65 years, Mideast nations have been ruled either by a dictator or Islamic sectarianism. Dictators like Nasser, Anwar Sadat in Egypt, Saddam Hussein in Iraq and Mohammad Reza Pahlavi, the shah of Iran. More recently, we now have the Muslim Brotherhood battling for control of Egypt and the still-unrepentant Taliban in Afghanistan.

Author Lawrence Wright wrote about “Sayyid Imam al-Sharif, he was the former leader of the Egyptian terrorist group al-Jihad, and known to those in the underground mainly as Dr Fadl” in a story for The Guardian:

The Essential Guide for Preparation appeared in 1988, as the Afghan jihad was winding down. It quickly became one of the most important texts in the jihadis’ training.

The guide begins with the premise that jihad is the natural state of Islam. Muslims must always be in conflict with non-believers, Fadl asserts, resorting to peace only in moments of abject weakness.

The Compendium of the Pursuit of Divine Knowledge, which is more than 1,000 pages long, starts with the assertion that salvation is available only to the perfect Muslim. Even an exemplary believer can wander off the path to paradise with a single misstep. Fadl contends that the rulers of Egypt and other Arab countries are apostates of Islam. ‘The infidel’s rule, his prayers, and the prayers of those who pray behind him are invalid,’ Fadl decrees. ‘His blood is legal.’ He declares that Muslims have a duty to wage jihad against such leaders; those who submit to an infidel ruler are themselves infidels, and doomed to damnation. The same punishment awaits those who participate in democratic elections. ‘I say to Muslims in all candour that secular, nationalist democracy opposes your religion and your doctrine, and in submitting to it you leave God’s book behind,’ he writes. Those who labour in government, the police and the courts are infidels, as is anyone who works for peaceful change; religious war, not political reform, is the sole mandate. Even devout believers walk a tightrope over the abyss. ‘A man may enter the faith in many ways, yet be expelled from it by just one deed,’ Fadl cautions. Anyone who believes otherwise is a heretic and deserves to be slaughtered.

Of course, Obama will never ever speak of this inconvenient truth. But that does not make it untrue.

Humpty Dumpty Sat On A Wall

To believe Islam can be reformed would mean we have to swallow all that garbage that was sold by the George W. Bush Administration and his triad: Vice President Dick Cheney, Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld and Deputy Secretary of Defense Paul Wolfowitz — or, as I call them, The Three Stooges.

Dubya neocons believed that they could engineer Venice on the Euphrates. More than a decade later, we can see how that turned out.

Yet the neocons remain undeterred. Just as McCain still believes America should and could have won the war in Vietnam, Cheney proclaims he has nothing to apologize about after a political career that dates back to the Richard Nixon Administration. To this day he maintains that the Bush Administration’s policies in Iraq were correct.

Cheney really believes the $1 trillion spent on Iraq was money wisely spent. He ignores that the Mideast may erupt into one big Iraq.

American blood and money was wasted to secure Mideast oil. A dividend was those fat military contracts. Now, 12 years after 9/11, our fortunes remain tied to the fortunes of the Mideast. If the region blows apart, it will have a huge economic impact on America. Before it is over, all of Obama’s horses and all of Obama’s men will not put America back together again.

The prospect of the Mideast burning should shake Democrats to their very core. Obama may have to embrace natural gas. He may have to accept the Keystone Pipeline from Canada.

And if Obama refuses to double down in the Mideast, the neocons won’t know what to do with themselves. There are three aircraft carrier battle groups that are on permanent station in the Mideast. Obama may have to put them up for sale on eBay — especially if he continues to give billions of dollars in U.S. aid to repressive Islamic regimes.

Islam-Aid Is A Sinister Tax Upon America

The most prominent Muslim next to the Prophet Muhammad was a professor, philosopher and mystic: Imam Abu Hamid al-Ghazali. He lived 900 years ago, which makes him postmodern in the Muslim world. Ask the Huffington Post, which ran this headline two years ago: “Al Ghazali: 900 Years Later and Still Relevant.” (It’s just another example of the liberal media’s burning need to placate Islam. If you think I am wrong, find a secular publication that claims Thomas Aquinas is still relevant.)

Farah Jassat, who wrote the story, had much to say about al-Ghazali and how “[h]e underwent a traumatic spiritual crisis riddled with doubt and confusion.”

What happened to al-Ghazali? He walked out on his students. He sold all of his possessions and moved about in the wilderness in search of wisdom and truth. If this seems familiar, it is probably because you watched the 1970s TV series “Kung Fu.”

In later life, al-Ghazali’s most important teachings were on taxation — not the taxation of Muslims, of course, but the taxation of Christians, Jews and Sabians. How else was a deadbeat professor going to make himself and Islam rich?

To do just that al-Ghazali laid out his taxation plans for the dhimmi, or non-Muslims. He declared that they were obligated to never mention “Allah” and that all must pay the jizya.

Jizya was a poll tax that non-Muslims had to pay their Muslim superiors. Al-Ghazali determined that non-Muslims were an inferior people. This came from one of the greatest Muslim minds ever, a man whose teachings are still celebrated today.

Yet what jizya really boiled down to was a protection racket no different from what the Mafia ran in America. Non-Muslims paid off Muslims or they faced reprisals.

According to Mark Steyn, author of America Alone: The End of the World as we Know It, this is the prime reason why the Prophet accepted non-Muslims in the Holy Lands. They were heavily taxed by their Muslim masters, and it provided a constant revenue stream.

Steyn writes:

[E]ventually almost all Muslim societies tend toward the economically moribund, if only because an ever-shrinking infidel base eventually wises up…

But the Muslim word has effortlessly extended the concept of the jizya worldwide. If you’re on the receiving end, it’s possible to see the American, European, and Israeli subsidies of the Palestinian Authority as a form of jizya. Or even the billions of dollars Washington has lavished on Egypt, to such little effect (other than Mohammed Atta coming through the window). Not to mention every twenty bucks you put in the gas tank.

When it comes to 21st century jizya, Obama is all in. Each year, the United States spends $25 billion on Persian Gulf oil. In addition to the $2 billion set aside for Egypt this year, the United States will give nearly $4 billion to Afghanistan and more than $3 billion to Pakistan. This is amazing because reportedly, when it comes to support in the United Nations, Egypt votes against the United States 79 percent of the time and Pakistan votes against the U.S. 75 percent of the time.

The neocons in the Bush Administration may have believed that Iraq was bought and paid for, thus giving the United States the right to conduct social engineering.

That is not the case for Obama, who is ever so willing to continue the largest transfer of wealth in human history. Billions of our tax dollars go to Islam each year in the hope that everything works out. It is either the dream of an idiot or the ambition of an Islamist.

As for Obama’s claim that we were not attacked by a religion but by an organization, imagine if in 1942 President Franklin Delano Roosevelt had declared that America was not at war with Germany but with the National Socialist Party. It’s outrageous and it is frightening.

Yours in good times and bad,

–John Myers

Obama, Oprah And Inouye: One An American Hero, The Other Two From Chicago

“During her speech at the Holocaust Memorial Museum, she (Oprah) talked about the devastations of concentration camps and then inexplicably segued into how hard it was to be famous and go to the bathroom in public.” – Kitty Kelly’s Oprah, A Biography.

President Barack Obama announced last week a list of Americans who would receive the Medal of Freedom, the highest honor bestowed to a civilian. The group included the late Democratic Senator from Hawaii, Daniel Inouye and Oprah Winfrey.


Inouye was awarded the Medal of Honor for his combat heroism in World War II. A few years ago he spoke of how he sniped a German officer who was “moving his bowels.” Inouye remembered with regret what he told his men before he took the fatal shot: “This one is mine!” And while we may not like Inouye’s record in the Senate, I believe he should get a pass because of what he did in combat and because of the racism he overcame as a Japanese-American.

Then there is Oprah; the Oprah that despises public washrooms, the Oprah who in 2008 proclaimed Barack Obama to be the “chosen one.” “The Oprah,” who launched Obama’s two-term Presidency.

And when it comes to Oprah it seems to me the President is paying off an old debt. And what do you give a woman worth $3 billion? Perhaps the President asked the first lady what to get Oprah. She may have opined: “The Medal of Freedom would be nice.”

Inouye Lost An Arm… “Oprah Doesn’t Do Stairs!”

Inouye’s posthumous Medal of Freedom was more difficult to earn than Oprah’s, whose biggest contribution to America is a daytime TV show.

More than a decade ago I got a glimpse of the real Oprah. I came home from work early one day and watched her talk show. She was interviewing actor Matt Damon and director Billy Bob Thornton about their then new movie, “All the Pretty Horses.”

Oprah bragged to her worshipping audience in front of her guests, “I don’t even have a cell phone.” To which Thornton replied neither did he, but all three of them had two or three assistants following them around with cell phones. If looks could kill Thornton would have been a dead man.

To be fair, it’s necessary to measure up the life achievements between Inouye— a  Japanese-American who was vanguard for the Democrats in the Senate for half a century—and Oprah— a liberal Chicago celebrity and a onetime confidant to the President.

Inouye’s lifetime of achievement began in 1943 when he volunteered for 442nd Regimental Combat Team. He did that as Japanese-Americans were being interned by the Federal government. Within his first year he achieved the rank of sergeant. While fighting the Germans in World War II he was promoted to second lieutenant.

In 1945, Inouye led his platoon against a heavily-defended ridge near San Terenzo in Tuscany, Italy. He ordered his men to take cover. He proceeded to attack three German gun positions. After he was shot through the stomach, he pressed on with nothing more than his Thompson submachine gun and a sack of hand grenades. After his right arm was blown to shreds by a German grenade rifle, he led a charge past the enemy’s last position.

His actions in World War II gave Inouye a shout-out on one website as, “Badass of the Week.” 

Inouye is remembered as a badass, not as a fat-ass. With regards to the latter, Kitty Kelly does point to a terrible day Oprah had at an exclusive art gallery.

In the book, Oprah on page 340, Kelly quotes renowned Washington, D.C., art dealer Peter A. Colasante who had the misfortune of trying to do business with Ms. Winfrey:

“Hey. You’ve kept me waiting for over thirty minutes.” Her security guards moved in.

“C’mon I need to show you your paintings so I can get to my own appointment.”

“Oprah does not walk,” she said.

“Aw, c’mon. It’s only a few yards,” I said with my hand on her shoulder, steering her across the street. She started screaming at her secretary.

I said, “Your people made appointments for you, insisted on absolute times, and said that we all had to be ready for your arrival and let nothing interfere, so I’m doing exactly what your people told me to do.

The secretary was so frightened she couldn’t speak and she started shaking so hard her notebook bobbed up and down. This only incensed Oprah more. I thought she was going to swat the secretary and then decapitate me. Just as this was happening, a busload of kids passed by. They immediately recognized Oprah and started screaming. Then the most amazing thing happened: Oprah stopped hissing and spitting, and her serpent eyes softened as she waved and beamed. “Hi, y’all.”…. She actually turned from screeching harridan to sweet goddess in less time than it takes to blink. I swear I thought I was in the middle of an alien attack… Then I marched her into my gallery, trailed by her pilot, her secretary, her hairdresser, her makeup man and two big security guards. She walked through the front door and started waving her hands over head like she was doing a very slow St. Vitus’ dance.

“I just don’t feel it,” she said, shaking her head. “I just don’t feel it. The vibrations aren’t right… they’re not speaking to me….”

“You’ll feel ‘em once you see the paintings we’ve assembled for you,” I said, pointing up the stairs where the Court oils had been hung.

“Oprah does not do stairs!”

And so it goes, as Obama embraces the achievements of Inouye and Oprah. One was an American war hero. The other sells soap to desperate housewives. One is dead. The other now encouraged to continue the good work of building the Obama legacy.

And let us not discount how tough Oprah has had it either. She has said she was sexually abused as a child, something denied by her family. And when her ratings were poor she said how she had once done cocaine, too.

As Frank Sinatra so famously sang:

That’s life, that’s what people say.

You’re riding high in April,

Shot down in May.

Life imitated lyrics for Oprah. She was told she would receive the highest civilian honor a President can bestow. The announcement came a couple of weeks after she was subjected to wicked racism by a Swiss shopkeeper.

The First Lady of TV wanted to look at a $38,000 handbag while on a recent trip to Switzerland.  She told Entertainment Tonight: “I was in Zurich the other day at a store whose name I will not mention. I didn’t have my eyelashes on, but I was in full Oprah Winfrey gear. I had my little Donna Karan skirt and sandals, but obviously The Oprah Winfrey Show is not shown in Zurich.

“I go into a store and say to the woman, ‘Excuse me, may I see that bag over your head?’ and she says to me ‘No, it’s too expensive.'”

It seems Oprah likes crocodile bags. (Ouch! Oprah is not an environmentalist!). Yet this Swiss shopkeeper dared to say no to Oprah!

According to Oprah, the woman said: “No no no, you don’t want to see that one, you want to see this one, because that one will cost too much and you will not be able to afford that.”

Cost too much? Too much for Oprah? That is like telling the Pope he isn’t Catholic. If seeing is believing you can watch how Oprah described her Rosa Parks experience, no doubt while on her way back from her Swiss bank. 

I tell you it is an outrage. It is also a coincidence, because the new movie about racism, The Butler, starring Oprah hits theaters Friday.

Obama may feel that what happened to Oprah was so despicable that it influenced his decision to bestow upon the Queen of daytime TV the identical honor he bestowed on the late Senator Inouye.

Just one difference: one saved his platoon and went on to serve in the U.S. Senate for 50 years. The other never does stairs and no longer does handbags in Switzerland.

Yours in good times and bad,

-John Myers

Obama: An Obedient Saudi Servant To The End

“(Saudi Arabia is) one of the worst, most draconian regimes in the world.” — M. Zudhi Jasser, author of A Battle for the Soul of Islam: An American Muslim Patriot’s Fight to Save His Faith

The news seemed shocking last week when the U.S. State Department announced that 19 embassies and consulates in the Mideast and Africa will be closed through this week.

The State Department said closures were out of an “abundance of caution” and “not an indication of a new threat.” This is an abundance of caution? That is like saying you might not want to drive your car this week because it would be more cautious to stay home.

The truth is that if this Mideast mess keeps getting worse, you might not be able to drive your car because you might not have any fuel to fill it. One of the embassies that closed, just to be safe, is in Saudi Arabia — home to the largest conventional oil reserves in the world and the oil kingpin that has been dictating world oil prices since the Richard Nixon Administration.

And let us not forget the warning by our government to U.S. citizens that al-Qaida and extremist groups (who all just happen to be Muslim) may be planning terrorist attacks in the Mideast and North Africa.

Representative C.A. Dutch Ruppersberger, D-Md., told ABC’s “This Week” that the threat intercepted from “high-level people in al-Qaida in the Arabian Peninsula” was about a “major attack.”

To date, there is not a mention by Washington of that evil empire to the north — the one that mines oil from oil sands, which, in turn, kills ducks. Apparently, the embassy in Ottawa, Ontario, is going to remain open. There are no travel warnings to Americans coming to Canada about blue-eyed sheiks.

Despite all this Mideast angst, President Barack Obama is dead set on supporting Arab oil exporters like Saudi Arabia while criticizing Canada’s oil industry. It seems to the Obama Administration and his liberal green backers that it is worse to spew carbon into the atmosphere than it is to butcher Americans.

Obama is the worst to both worlds: a liberal and a neocon.

The United States continues to spend billions of dollars in Muslim kingdoms that, in turn, spend money to buy off al-Qaida. Better to pump up Islamic extremists than to trust Canadians, whom we fought in 1812.

It’s not as though Obama is ignorant of the Mideast and Africa. He understands the region better than any President. For Pete’s — I mean Muhammad’s — sake, Obama had a Kenyan father who by all accounts was a die-hard Muslim.

The President addressed American policy on the Mideast two years ago:

Yet we must acknowledge that a strategy based solely upon the narrow pursuit of these interests will not fill an empty stomach or allow someone to speak their mind.  Moreover, failure to speak to the broader aspirations of ordinary people will only feed the suspicion that has festered for years that the United States pursues our interests at their expense.  Given that this mistrust runs both ways –- as Americans have been seared by hostage-taking and violent rhetoric and terrorist attacks that have killed thousands of our citizens -– a failure to change our approach threatens a deepening spiral of division between the United States and the Arab world.

Speak whose mind, Mr. President? Not the people of Saudi Arabia, unless they want to be tied to the stake and lashed. No kidding, folks, the Saudis still embrace Middle Ages law and order. They proved it a couple of weeks ago when Raif Badawi, founder of the Free Saudi Liberals website, was sentenced to 600 lashes and seven years in prison.

No doubt, the king and royal princes think he had it coming. After all, he was convicted of insulting Islam, speaking ill of Saudi Arabia’s religious police and, even worse, “parental disobedience.”

It turns out Badawi is a brat that doesn’t listen to dad. Keep in mind he is a 30-year-old man. When I was 30, I wasn’t always making the choices in life my dad wanted; but he didn’t have the religious police round me up and deliver the lash. In fact, the old man gave me my last spanking at age 11.

Hopefully, the lashes will be spread out over time; because if memory serves me from my days in history class, 100 of them delivered in one “sitting” will kill a person. Oh, well. That would be one less person to object to King Abdullah, the 80-year-old monarch, the Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques and a friend of Obama’s.

Last month, King Abdullah and Obama met to discuss progress in the Mideast. What progress means to King Abdullah might be allowing women to ride a bicycle without being arrested and beaten. I am more interested in what Mideast progress means to Obama. I suspect it has something to do with locking in more oil from the region so he won’t have to deal with those obnoxious Canadians and their obsession with beer and hockey.

Last week, CNNMoney ran this headline: “If Wall Street’s right, Obama may nix Keystone.”  The story, which is based on a Wall Street Journal article, reported that Obama is still on the fence regarding the passage of the Keystone oil sands pipeline and that he may turn it down because scientists have informed him that Canada’s oil sands are thought to be some 17 percent more carbon intense than regular crude oil.

Seventeen percent! That is going to be the difference between getting oil from a dependable and civilized nation next door and getting it from the Mideast, which is imploding?

Note from the Editor: Hyperinflation is becoming more visible every day—just notice the next time you shop for groceries. All signs say America’s economic recovery is expected to take a nose dive and before it gets any worse you should read The Uncensored Survivalist. This book contains sensible advice on how to avoid total financial devastation and how to survive on your own if necessary. Click here for your free copy.

The same month he meet with King Abdullah, Obama’s Environmental Protection Agency said the pipeline was bound to have an impact on climate change.

At the end of July, the President gave an interview to The New York Times in which he pooh-poohed the number of long-term jobs that would be created by Keystone and said that if approved Keystone might actually cause gasoline prices to go up.

Obama said, “(O)il is going to be piped down to the Gulf to be sold on the world oil markets, so it does not bring down gas prices here in the United States. In fact, it might actually cause some gas prices in the Midwest to go up where currently they can’t ship some of that oil to world markets.”

That’s a prime example of Marxist economic theory.

The Economist wrote that the President’s comments amounted to a “kick in the teeth.” A member of the government of Canada put it differently, saying that if Obama turns down Keystone it will be like a “kick in the balls.”

It is starting to look like Obama will turn it down. It will create a deep divide between the United States and Canada, but perhaps Obama just wants to keep the greens happy and add to his liberal legacy. Another reason could be that he wants to stay on good terms with the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, the homeland of Masjid al-Haram (The Sacred Mosque) in the city of Mecca. It seems what happens in Mecca stays in Mecca.

It also seems that Obama will remain an obedient Saudi servant to the bitter end. We’ll have to see whether it is just to the end of his Presidency or if it’s until the end of America.

Yours in good times and bad,

–John Myers

Sum Ting Wong?

In the wake of the crash of Asiana Airlines Flight 214, San Francisco TV station KTVU erroneously reported the names of the pilots:


I was watching golf on Saturday, July 6, when I started channel surfing and went to CNN. I saw Asiana Airlines Flight 214 burning after an attempted landing in San Francisco. We learned pretty quickly that two of the passengers were dead. In the days since, we have learned that another passenger died. Scores remain in serious condition.

The four pilots are being treated for psychological trauma caused by the accident.

No doubt, they feel guilty. Reports are surfacing that the pilots were incompetent and approached the runway too low and too slowly, causing the tail section to strike the sea bed wall before the runway.

Bloomberg reported last week that the four pilots “lacked manual flying skills.” That is like a heart surgeon with the shakes.

The financial cost to the National Transportation Board, the Federal Aviation Administration and the San Francisco International Airport will be millions of dollars.

The victims in this crash are not just the passengers and their families. Asiana claimed harm had been done to them and their pilots because of racist remarks by KTVU, for which the TV station immediately apologized and accepted blame.

For a week, Asiana Airlines was taking the spotlight off their bad pilots, who killed and maimed passengers. They were putting the focus of the crash on KTVU. Cable news outlets like CNN and MSNBC were happy to cover that story, rather than the crash itself and the incompetence of the pilots.

Asiana announced that it was suing KTVU because of a broadcast that used bogus and racially offensive names for four pilots on the plane.

An intern at the NTSB confirmed the names to KTVU, whose producers broadcast them without thinking.

I first read the names on the CNN ticker. The scrolling words read: “San Francisco TV station apologizes for its mistake in naming flight crew 214 as Captain Sum Ting Wong, Wi Tu Lo, Ho Lee Fuk and Bang Ding Ow.”

I didn’t even understand what I was reading until I saw the third name roll by. I started laughing — not because I am a racist, but because the people at the TV station who ran those names are idiots who should not have jobs in broadcasting. I also laughed at the names because, as my wife maintains, I still have a sophomoric sense of humor. (My wife calls it childish.)

According to MSNBC, I am supposed to feel guilty that I laughed. Clearly, I am a racist. It is Asiana — not the people killed and maimed — that should feel righteous indignation.

Doesn’t anyone have a sense of humor anymore?

If you ever saw the 1979 Monty Python movie “Life of Brian,” you will get my point. Monty Python makes fun of everyone, especially the Romans. Names for Roman leaders occupying the Holy Land are: “Naughtius Maximus” and “Biggus Dickus,” whose wife is “Incontinentia Buttocks.”

It’s a good thing the Romans are gone. If not, they would be certain to have sued Monty Python and George Harrison, who financed the movie. And they would be getting plenty of support from CNN and MSNBC. And President Barack Obama might even give a news conference like he did last Friday and say he is outraged, that just as he could be Trayvon Martin he could also be Biggus Dickus.

Mission accomplished for Asiana. For a week, that story was in the news — not the crash. (Also in the news that week was the story about how those six female jurors — five creepy-ass crackers and a Hispanic — conspired to give George Zimmerman a not guilty verdict despite the fact the media and the liberals were convinced Zimmerman cold-bloodedly executed that sweet innocent “child,” Trayvon Martin.)

Last Wednesday, Asiana announced that a lawsuit against KTVU will not be pursued. The reason is probably that its legal team is going to be too busy defending the airline against wrongful death and injury lawsuits.

The first lawsuit has already been launched. Plaintiff attorney Michael Verna said: “The conduct of Asiana’s flight crew was egregiously reckless and negligent. These pilots were unable to do the most basic task — land on a runway in the middle of a clear day with no wind.”

That is really the something wrong.

North Dakota Reporter Is Outraged Over A Mistake I Made

Last week, I got a phone call from a reporter from The Forum of Fargo-Moorhead in North Dakota. I called back, thinking the paper might want a quote from me on the oil industry. I was wrong.

Instead, the reporter told me the attorney general of North Dakota had come across an old newsletter of mine about oil opportunities in North Dakota. Embedded in the article was a photograph of Mount Rushmore.

Reporter TJ Jerke got straight to it. Did I not know my basic geography? Did I not know that Mount Rushmore is in South Dakota, not in North Dakota? Jerke wanted to know these facts because his newspaper was considering running a story on my mistake.

I told Jerke that I don’t put the printed page together, that my editor does that and that he either didn’t know his geography or perhaps he did and just wanted to put a recognizable photo that subscribers would associate with the Dakotas.

You might have thought that would be the end of it. But, no, there was no stopping this newshound.

“Didn’t I have to sign off on that page after it was designed?” he asked. I said that sometimes I am out of town, so not always.

“Is that any kind of way to run a publication?” he asked.

I had heard enough.

I asked how old he was. He told me 23. I told him how the world worked when I was 23, that newspapers didn’t act as PR firms for the government. I told him that back then we did stories on the politicians themselves. I also told him that he should get off his behind and do some investigative reporting, that government would be a good place to start.

Maybe that young man will grow to be a good reporter. Then again, he may already be fast-tracked toward a great career. In the wake of the Zimmerman verdict, it seems many people in the media work at the behest of President Barack Obama and Attorney General Eric Holder.

It seems to me that these days, there really is something wrong.

Yours in good times and bad,

–John Myers 

Happy Ramadan!

“Strive hard against the unbelievers and the hypocrites and be unyielding to them; and their abode is hell, and evil is their destination.” –Quran 9:73

WASHINGTON, D.C., May 1, 1960: President Dwight D. Eisenhower announced Mayday greetings to communists around the world. The President stated: “On this sacred day for communists, Mamie and I want to extend our best wishes. For the world’s 1.5 billion communists I want them to know they play a significant part in shaping the world’s future, that May Day is a time for thoughtful reflection.”

WASHINGTON, D.C., July 8, 2013: President Barack Obama announced Happy Ramadan to the world, saying: “With the start of the sacred month of Ramadan, Michelle and I extend our best wishes to Muslim communities here in the United States and around the world. For the world’s 1.5 billion Muslims, Ramadan is a time for thoughtful reflection, fasting and devotion. It is also an opportunity for family and friends to come together and celebrate the principles that bind people of different faiths — a commitment to peace, justice, equality and compassion towards our fellow human beings. These bonds are far stronger than the differences that too often drive us apart.”

Obama concluded: “I wish Muslims across America and around the world a month blessed with the joys of family, peace and understanding. Ramadan Kareem.”

The President didn’t mention ritual rape, mass murder and the killing of infidels; you know; folks like us.

As for Ramadan Kareem, that sounds like the name of an NBA player who recently converted to Islam.

When I first read the President’s message, I didn’t have a clue what Kareem meant; but it bothered me that he did.

It also bothers me that Obama just doesn’t get it about Islam, or does he? He is displaying either a total ignorance about the War on Terror (here is a hint, Mr. President: Islam is involved) or, worse, he has sympathetic views toward Islam, its goals and the murderous means it will use to achieve them.

The dateline at the top is my ridiculous invention written for effect. The truth is that on May 1, 1960, Eisenhower gave his personal approval for Francis Gary Powers’ infamous U-2 flight across the Soviet Union. After Powers was shot down and with proof in hand, Nikita Khrushchev, the First Secretary of the Communist Party of the Soviet Union, was furious. He felt Ike was openly taunting the Soviet Union during the most important communist day of the year.

What did Obama do? He told Muslims of every ilk to enjoy this joyous holiday and ended up sounding like the pope on Easter.

Of course, Obama apologists will argue that 99 percent of Islamic believers hold no harm in their hearts against the United States. That number is not accurate, as I will show in a moment; but let’s be generous for the time being and say OK to the Obamaites.

Even if we go along with the 1 percent number, that means 15 million Muslims in the world want to see grievous harm done to the United States. I am sorry that so many American liberals don’t realize that they are on the same hit list.

For the President or any reasonable person to declare that somehow Islam is not at the epicenter of terrorism is to argue that Spain wasn’t involved in the Spanish Inquisition.

Are there elements in Islam that are parallel to Communism 50 years ago? You bet, argues Mark Steyn in his book America Alone: The End Of The World As We Know It.

According to Steyn, the goal of millions of Muslims across the world is the takeover of Western cultures; but our politicians are so politically correct that that they are either apologists or appeasers to Islam.

“Nobody wants to be unpleasant, or judgmental, do they? What was it they said in the Cold War? Better dead than Red. We’re not like that anymore. Better screwed than rude,” wrote Steyn adding:

… [T]he political class prostrates itself before an insatiable force that barely acknowledges the latest surrender before moving on to the next invented grievance. Indeed, a formal enemy is all but superfluous to requirements. Bomb us, and we agonize over the “root causes.” Decapitate us, and our politicians rush to the nearest mosque to declare that “Islam is a religion of peace.” Issue blood-curdling calls at Friday prayers to kill all the Jews and infidels, and we fret that it may cause a backlash against Muslims. Behead sodomites and mutilate female genitalia, and gay groups and feminist groups can’t wait to march alongside you…

One Poll Liberals Won’t Like

Obama supporters often pick and choose the polls that make their President look favorable. Here is a poll they can chew on, a poll from 2009:

  • 24 percent of Palestinians approve of attacks on American civilians in the U.S., and 30 percent of Palestinians approve of attacks on U.S. civilians working in Islamic countries.
  • 11 percent of Jordanians approve of attacks on American civilians in the U.S., and 15 percent of Jordanians approve of attacks on U.S. civilians working in Islamic countries.
  • 9 percent of Pakistanis approve of attacks on American civilians in the U.S., and 12 percent of Pakistanis approve of attacks on U.S. civilians working in Islamic countries.
  • 8 percent of Egyptians approve of attacks on American civilians in the U.S., and 7 percent of Egyptians approve of attacks on U.S. civilians working in Islamic countries.
  • 8 percent of Turks approve of attacks on American civilians in the U.S., and 10 percent of Turks approve of attacks on U.S. civilians working in Islamic countries.
  • 7 percent of Moroccans approve of attacks on American civilians in the U.S., and 7 percent of Moroccans approve of attacks on U.S. civilians working in Islamic countries.
  • 5 percent of Indonesians approve of attacks on American civilians in the U.S., and 6 percent of Indonesians approve of attacks on U.S. civilians working in Islamic countries.
  • 4 percent of Azerbaijanis approve of attacks on American civilians in the U.S., and 7 percent of Azerbaijanis approve of attacks on U.S. civilians working in Islamic countries.

I am pretty sure the numbers haven’t got better in the past four years. They are probably worse. That means there is zero truth to the 1 percent number that is so often bandied about by liberals.

Add up the numbers above; throw in places like Yemen, Chechnya and God knows where else; and we are talking about tens of millions, even hundreds of millions, of Muslims who approve of attacks against America. In total, I suspect a greater number of Islamists want to blow up the United States now than the number of Soviets who were in favor of doing it during the Cold War.

Muslims And Cowboys

This year, I took my wife out to the Calgary Stampede for her birthday along with our daughter and her boyfriend. Calgary is a city of 1 million people, and 1 million people go through the turnstiles each year to see what is called “The Greatest Outdoor Show on Earth.” It is mostly a giant state fair along with the best rodeo cowboys in the world competing for 10 days.

This year, parking was especially difficult in part because the city is getting over a horrific flood and because the city of Calgary erected a giant tent mosque so that Muslim cab drivers can pray during Ramadan. Forty percent of all taxi drivers in Calgary are Muslim. (No word as of yet if customers are left inside the cab with the meter running while their cabbie is inside on his knees facing Mecca.)

This might seem strange if you are from Birmingham, Ala., or Reno, Nev.; but it is what you would expect in Calgary, home to Baitun Nur mosque complex, a 48,000 square foot building erected by the Ahmadiyya Muslim Community in Calgary. It is the largest mosque in North America. The good news is that if you visit Calgary, Baitun Nur’s website welcomes you to come in and pray.

Now imagine anything close to this happening in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. Each year, that city hosts the Janadriyah National Culture and Heritage Festival at a huge “desert-encircled fairground” that attracts 600,000 visitors over two weeks.

You won’t find any Christian tents at that festival. In fact, you won’t find any Christian churches anywhere in Saudi Arabia. Justice Minister Mohammed al-Issa said in April that Saudi Arabia, “does not allow the establishment of non-Muslim places of worship.”

Is it just me or does this not look like a two-way friendship? I may be wrong, but I do not recall King Abdullah of Saudi Arabia ever wishing Christians a Merry Christmas. Yet President Barack seemed effusive in talking about Ramadan. That strikes me as odd.

I am hardly the only one. Brigitte Gabriel is a Christian who escaped Islamic terror in her homeland of Lebanon. She told The Daily Caller she is afraid she will lose her liberties twice in one lifetime because of the Obama Presidency.

“President Obama is transforming the country right before our own eyes. He is sending a message to our enemies that America is weak, America is a paper tiger,” Gabriel said. “He is apologizing for America at any opportunity he can, and that is unacceptable.”

Gabriel added: “I think that if America is that bad in his eyes maybe he needs to step aside and appoint somebody where we can have a commander in chief who is proud of the United States and everything the United States has done.”

I could not agree more. But, then again, what do we Christians know? Infidels like us don’t fast and pray during the Holy Month of Ramadan. I can only hope it stays that way for my children and my grandchildren.

Yours in good times and bad,

–John Myers 

Obama: Superman Or Superego

It’s a bird! It’s a plane! It’s Superman. No, it’s Super President!

Yes, friends, things are looking up for President Barack Obama. He has saved America from an economic depression; he has mandated universal healthcare; and he has arrested most of our fears over his spy network. Now it is time for him to save planet Earth.

This is the headline from The Telegraph: “Barack Obama to cut emissions in vow to save planet.”

“We don’t have time for a meeting of the Flat Earth Society,” Obama said as he outlined his climate-change plan while speaking to students at Georgetown University. He told them he will direct the Environmental Protection Agency to limit greenhouse-gas emissions from power plants and change the country’s infrastructure to protect against extreme weather. His plan means spending Federal money to increase renewable energy.

All this change must happen soon, declared the President, before there is too much Kryptonite… I mean carbon, which will choke the life from us. The President even went on to blame recent national disasters like Superstorm Sandy, terrible wildfires and droughts on global warming. Specifically, he said, one long-running drought has “forced a town to truck in water from the outside.”

Saving the planet is a long-held promise by the President. We are supposed to be happy that he is marshaling all of his knowledge from that Ivy League scholarship plus his time as a community organizer. Yet I wager the President has less understanding of hard science than I do, which is saying a lot considering I studied economics in college.

Then again how dare we question him? He knows what is best for us, right? He knows we need to be spied on for our own good. He knows we need to spend taxpayer dollars to save ourselves from… well ourselves. It’s all there in carbon and white.

On a frightfully frigid January day during his inauguration, the President warned that failing to cut emissions “would betray our children.”

This Looks Like A Job For Superman!

“Good golly,” Superman’s friend Jimmy Olsen might say.

It may seem to us mere mortals that Obama has some explaining to do. After all, Egypt and Syria are in chaos, oil prices have rocketed above $100 per barrel, the stock market is gyrating wildly and Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke doesn’t seem to have a handle on what to do. All this is happening at a time when the greatest arch criminal since Lex Luthor — National Security Agency leaker Edward Snowden — is on the run and ready to sell America’s most important secrets to any and all evildoers. All of this is happening, yet the President is fighting climate change. Never mind such inconvenient truths as the fact that global temperatures have not increased in 16 years.

Please excuse this old country boy and the fact that, where I live, we have experienced one of the coldest springs and worst flooding on record, but I have to ask: What is Obama selling? I don’t believe for one second it is our salvation. I believe it could be our damnation.

In the 2006 movie “Superman Returns,” the hero’s motto was left out. The Man of Steel used to say that he fought for, “truth, justice and the American way.”

Power Africa

I am willing to bet that the last thing Obama is fighting for is the American way.

“Power Africa” (it has a ring to it, doesn’t it?) is Obama’s commitment to provide $7 billion in aid to sub-Saharan Africa.

“A light where currently there is darkness — to provide energy to lift people out of poverty — that’s what opportunity looks like,” Obama recently told students at Cape Town University.

“So this is America’s vision,” the President added: “a partnership with Africa for growth and the potential for every citizen, not just a few at the top.”

This comes at a time when America’s Federal debt tops $18 trillion and at a time when thousands of Americans live with an economy so bad that they cannot get a job to pay for their own power.

There is a reason Africa is called the Dark Continent and why it is going to remain the Dark Continent. It doesn’t have anything to do with the skin color of the people. It has everything to do with corrupt and dangerous dictators and their delusions of grandeur.

And this is something Obama shares with African leaders. You don’t have to take it from me. Instead, read this from the recently published book The Amateur: Barack Obama in the White House, by Edward Klein, New York Times writer and bestselling author:

One morning in the spring of 1991, a telephone rang in Gannett House… The caller was Douglas Baird, dean of the University of Chicago Law School. He was looking for Barack Obama, who had gained national fame as the first black president of the Review.

Actually, Obama was not the first person of color to be president of the Review. That distinction belonged to Raj Marphatia, who was born and raised in Bombay (now known as Mumbai), India, and who had become the Review’s president four years earlier. But while Marphatia’s presidency went largely unnoticed, Obama’s attracted a great deal of attention in the liberal mainstream media.

That publicity, in turn, led to a publishing contract for a book on race relations and several offers of prestigious clerkships and lucrative jobs. The liberal world was already beating a path to Barack Obama’s door. I made a cold call to the Harvard Law Review and spoke to Barack, recalled Baird, who is no longer the dean of the Chicago Law School but is still a member of its faculty. I asked him, “Do you have an interest in teaching law?” and he said, “No. My plan is to write a book on voting rights.” And I said, “Why don’t you write that book here at the University of Chicago. I can give you an office and a word processor and make you a Visiting Law and Government Fellow.

“He accepted,” Baird continued, “and several months after he arrived, he came to my office and said, ‘Boss’–he called me boss–‘that book I told you about–well, it’s taken a slightly different direction. It’s my autobiography.’ I was astonished. He was all of thirty years old and he was writing his autobiography!”

What were you doing at age 30? I had a wife, a newborn and two toddlers. I was still wondering if after eight years as a published writer if I was good enough at it to make a living from it.

Not so for Obama. Even though he was a lowly teaching assistant and by all accounts broke, he decided to tell the world his life story.

Winston Churchill wrote My Early Life: A Roving Commission, at 56. That was after he had been First Lord of the Admiralty, a commander in World War I and the Chancellor of the Exchequer. At 52, Mohandas Gandhi wrote his first autobiography, The Story of My Experiments with Truth, mostly because he was urged to by his friends.

But at 30, Obama wrote Dreams from My Father: A Story of Race and Inheritance.

I can’t comment on the book other than the title does seem strange considering he hardly knew his biological father. I haven’t read it, and I don’t intend to.

What we do know is that after his successful entry into politics the book sold like sunscreen in the Sudan. Overnight, Obama had money in the bank.

How would Sigmund Freud interpret Obama’s book with regard to his theory of the psychic apparatus: id, ego and superego? My guess is that Freud would say Obama has an abundance of superego.

I don’t like to judge another person’s state of mind unless that person is our President. Yet any criticism of Obama may not mean much. To his loyal Liberal supporters it will always be: Up, up and away!

Yours in good times and bad,

–John Myers

Obama Condemns Slavery, Then Celebrates The Life Of Terrorist Nelson Mandela

“I saw the inconceivable mystery of a soul that knew no restraint, no faith, and no fear…” ― Joseph Conrad, Heart of Darkness

As his popularity plunged in the United States, President Barack Obama and the first lady went on an African excursion that included a somber visit to South Africa. There, Obama spoke emotionally about the man who so inspired him, fellow Nobel Peace Prize winner and former South African President Nelson Mandela.

Obama has always said that he is walking in the footsteps of greatness, in the footsteps of men like Mandela and Mahatma Gandhi. But the truth is that Mandela is far more like Obama’s other mentor, Bill Ayers, than he is like Gandhi.

Then again, the truth is not something Obama seems to focus on. He mostly concerns himself with three things:

  • The promotion of his African-American agenda.
  • The shifting of America to the far left.
  • His future legacy.

The ‘Door of No Return’

Part of that legacy for the President and the first lady begins with America’s collective guilt over slavery. Little wonder the first stop on the Obama African Express was Senegal.

The New York Daily News captured the story in its headline: “President Obama pays emotional visit to slavery museum.”

Never one to miss a photo opportunity, the President and first lady stood grim-faced at the “Door of No Return” as they visited the Maison des Ecslaves, the point where African slaves were shipped west until the mid-19th century.

No sooner did we learn about the President’s pilgrimage to the African slave house than we learned something new about the President. Yes, folks, he too has slave forefathers.

International Business Times reported:

Until recently, it was thought that Obama did not have any slavery roots — unlike most African-Americans — as his father was born in Kenya and his Caucasian mother was a Kansas native.

Last year, however, website revealed the existence of a blood line connecting the President’s mother to the first African documented slave in the U.S., John Punch.

The President’s mother! This white lady has roots to slavery. The truth is that if we go back far enough in time, Obama’s father had roots to slave selling. (More blacks are culpable for selling African slaves, but that is an “inconvenient truth” and something liberals will not discuss.)

If we go back far enough, we all have roots to slavery. Each of us has ancestors back to the dawn of time. No doubt some of your and my ancestors were owned, perhaps by those damned Romans. Of course, that is all ancient history — nothing at all like what ended in the 1860s.

Obama’s Selective Memory

While our President can’t forget slave times from 150 years ago, he has amnesia regarding his hero, Mandela, and the atrocities committed by Mandela’s African National Congress (ANC) from the 1960s into the 1990s.

I don’t have roots in Africa, but I spent a month in South Africa in 1990 with my uncle, Dick Myers. At that time, the country was in the grips of racial and tribal violence. (A great read on the atrocities being committed in 1990 is The Bangbang Club: Snapshots from a Hidden War, written by photojournalists who covered it, Greg Marinovich and Joao Silva.)

The focus of my trip was to report on the political climate and whether subscribers should hold or sell their South African gold mining stocks.

While in Johannesburg, we had fancy accommodations that were incredibly cheap. (I think our suite cost $60 an evening because tourism ceased during this time of Western sanctions against the Pieter Willem Botha apartheid government.)

One night, Dick and I decided to take a late-night walk. A few blocks from the hotel, we were intercepted by two white South African soldiers, each packing submachine guns and wearing combat gear.

They told us that some supporters of the ANC, Mandela’s political party, wouldn’t hesitate to execute us on the spot. They escorted us back to our hotel lobby and left us with this: “Don’t be idiots!”

I also remember many South Africans, especially black South Africans, who despised Mandela. Scores of South Africans were convinced that Mandela was a dangerous man, and there was a lot of angst about his upcoming release from prison. Even more hated was his then-wife Winnie Mandela, because she would order executions of political opponents by having them “necklaced” by her gangsters. (“Necklacing” is a method of execution in which a gasoline-filled tire is placed around someone’s chest and arms and ignited.)

Back then, Mandela was seen by people of all races as a man who had not hesitated to use terror to promote the Marxist ideals of the ANC.

Madiba, The Terrorist

Beginning in the 1960s, South Africa was plagued by terrorism. Much of it was committed by the ANC’s guerrilla organization, the MK, which translated to “Spear of the Nation.” That organization was founded in 1961 by Mandela. The next year, Mandela was arrested, convicted of sabotage and conspiracy to overthrow the government, and sentenced to life imprisonment.

But in 1985, the Botha government offered to release Mandela if he would repudiate terrorism. Not a chance. South African History Online states: “Mandela communicates his refusal of the offer through his daughter, Zinzi Mandela, who reads his statement to this effect at a rally in Soweto on 10 February 1985. He states that the ANC’s [sic] only adopted violence as a means of protest ‘when other forms of resistance were no longer open to us.’”

It seems South African whites and other black groups were responsible for the terror being carried out by the ANC, including the Church Street car bombing in May 1983 that killed 19 people and injured 217 others.

This attack 30 years ago is ancient history to Obama. But it is not so easily forgotten by the people of South Africa, some of whom still have to stand up to the intimidation of Mandela’s political party. Last month, the Mail & Guardian reported that the ANC had lashed out at AfriForum’s youth wing for observing a minute of silence for civilians killed in ANC terror attacks:

On Tuesday, the ANC called AfriForum Youth “irrelevant” and “isolated”, following Monday’s event.

AfriForum Youth said the event celebrated the lives of 19 people killed in the 1983 Church Street bombings. AfriForum Youth’s national president Charl Oberholzer said the ANC tried to rewrite history by portraying its leaders as heroes.

“Thousands of innocent civilians, black and white, paid a terrible price during these violent attacks by the ANC. The event is not only a protest against the ANC’s biased rewriting of history in which ANC leaders are portrayed as blameless heroes, but also an opportunity to celebrate the lives of those who died in terror attacks,” Oberholzer said.

He said the ANC’s “dark history” was often “glossed over.”

“But the reality is that many families are still struggling to cope with the brutal way in which their families were murdered,” said Oberholzer.

“More than 500 people were killed by means of necklacing since 1984, hundreds were set alight while still alive and 250 were killed in bomb or landmine attacks by the ANC. Even though the ANC did sign the Geneva Convention in 1980 and undertook not to target ordinary South Africans, 80% of terror attacks by the ANC targeted innocent civilians,” he added.

ANC spokesperson, Keith Khoza, said AfriForum’s views were “unfortunate”, and said the ANC was not aware of the event.

He said it was necessary for the ANC to rewrite it’s history to some extent, because it had been distorted during apartheid.

But, he said, history had to be factual and based in reality. Khoza added the party encouraged people – “even white people” – to start documenting their own history, whether it occurred pre- or post-1994.

Even white people! How gracious of the ANC. How good of South Africa’s ruling party and Obama’s hosts to allow that “even white” people deserve some consideration.

Obama: An African Or American Leader?

Obama described Mandela, whom he refers to by his clan nickname Madiba, as a “hero for the world” as well as a “personal hero,” adding that Mandela’s legacy “will linger on throughout the ages.”

South African President and ANC leader Jacob Zuma was quick to add that Obama and Mandela “both carry the dreams of millions of people in Africa and in the diaspora who were previously oppressed.”

Silly me, I thought that Obama was supposed to carry the dreams of millions of Americans.

Yours in good times and bad,

–John Myers

P.S. The quote at the beginning of this article is from Heart of Darkness. The reference is about the character Kurtz, but I think it could apply to Obama or Mandela.

P.P.S. Have a happy Fourth of July!

Stock Shock: Why Barack Obama Is The King Kong Of Drug Dealers

“Lesson No. 1: Don’t underestimate the other guy’s greed. Lesson No. 2: Don’t get high on your own supply.” — From the 1983 movie Scarface

President Barack Obama is worse than the corner crack dealer who tells kids, “The first hit is free.” Instead of getting a neighborhood addicted to cocaine, he has the Nation hooked on cheap money.

It all worked out perfectly well — for Obama, that is. He won his Nobel Peace Prize, gave the economy its “fix,” was re-elected President and is assured of having inner city-schools named after him for the next century. Mission accomplished for the egomaniacal President.

For you and me, the nightmare is just beginning. And we will look back and say it began on June 19, when Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke suggested he is going to wean the economy off cheap cash.

Currently, the Fed is spending $85 billion every month to buy debt that Uncle Sam can’t sell to anyone else. Bernanke had the audacity to suggest the Fed may start winding down its stimulus program because the markets are strong enough to stand on their own.

Wall Street financiers are savvy. When they heard those words, they felt the way Charlie Sheen feels when walking into the doors of a rehab clinic.

The market understands that the days of high times are over. Its sudden awakening erased 500 points from the Dow Jones industrial average, which in one fell swoop reduced wealth by a couple of hundred billion dollars.

Our Stock Market Nightmare

Sigmund Freud, the father of psychoanalysis, pioneered the understanding of dreams.  He also had a cocaine addiction. He found that cocaine helped cure depression.

In an article for CNN, Howard Markel, M.D., Ph.D., author of An Anatomy of Addiction, wrote: “Like so many others, Freud suffered from the most maddening symptom of addiction: the stealthy process by which the addict’s mind conspires to convince that nothing, nothing at all, is askew or dangerous about something that most decidedly is.”

Millions of people went on to find the ecstasy and short-term cure of cocaine. I suspect that many people (perhaps even Obama during his college days) discovered that it worked wonders until they were flat broke and even more depressed then when they started. Perhaps cocaine was Obama’s inspiration to get America hooked to an even stronger substance: cheap money.

The Independent reported in 2009:

Money works like a drug on the human brain – and even just the thought of earning a higher salary gives us a physical buzz, a study has found.

Scientists have discovered that thinking about cash stimulates the reward centres involved in pleasure and the higher the salary – even if it is just imagined – the greater the pleasure generated in the brain.

The results of the study suggest that the human brain is innately susceptible to the illusion of wealth that money can bring. This is known in economics as “money illusion” – when people get fixated on the nominal value of money, rather than on its actual purchasing power. Some economists have proposed that people behave irrationally when it comes to wages by being happier with higher salary increases in times of high inflation than they are with lower salary rises in times of low inflation.

For instance, studies have shown that people report being happier when they receive a 5 per cent increase in their salaries at a time of 4 per cent inflation, compared to a 2 per cent increase in salary at a time of low inflation.

That explains Obama-economics 101 and the basis for the feel-good economic programs he and special adviser Valerie Jarrett came up with during his Presidential campaign in 2008.

And it certainly has worked. The moneyed elite in America are richer.

But given the headline below, we should have known we were at a market top:


I always heard there is no such thing as a free lunch, and it is true. Michael Lombardi wrote in Profit Confidential:

By creating trillions of dollars in newly printed money, the Federal Reserve inadvertently created a bubble in the bond market and spurred a big rally in the stock market.

By the end of this year, the Federal Reserve will have printed just under $1.0 trillion in new money—roughly equal to the U.S. government’s budget deficit for the year. What a coincidence.

So if the Federal Reserve stops buying U.S. Treasuries, who will step in and buy them?

It’s a rhetorical question. Nobody is going to buy Treasury debt — certainly not Russia, who is at odds with Obama over Syria, and not China, who is at odds with Obama over North Korea. That leaves the PIGS (Portugal, Ireland, Greece and Spain). These bankrupt European Union nations are desperate to sell off their own debt.

As for Obama, he is probably reviewing his blueprints to his Presidential library and his soon-to-be-purchased Hawaiian plantation, along with his bedecked Chicago mansion. The rest of us are left to deal with the financial catastrophe that he dealt us.

Don’t sweat it (pun intended). If you are starting to feel anxious and depressed and you really are sweating, it is just typical withdrawal.

In withdrawal the first reaction is loss. The second reaction is rage. And rage it will be when borrowing rates rise fourfold in the next two years.

Reagan Just Said No

The days of wine, roses and excess money took off during the Jimmy Carter Presidency. We got lucky because two things happened that saved the Nation. Paul Volcker, a fiscal-tough-love economist, was appointed Fed Chairman and Ronald Reagan was elected President.

America was weaned off of cheap money. It meant tough times for a spell, because the cure seemed worse than the disease. The Nation had to endure a rolling recession that cut deep into America’s agriculture and the resource sectors. Yet Reagan risked his political career because he knew it was the right thing to do.

If you are in your 50s or older, you will recall the early 1980s when interest rates shot through the roof.  We can look back on it and know it saved the U.S. dollar, but it was painful.

Consider what happened to the 30-year mortgage rate. It stood at 10 percent during the last year of the Carter Administration. Because the Fed squeezed the excesses from that economy, the 30-year mortgage rate reached 18.5 percent by 1981.

Reagan and Volcker understood that too much money and too much debt would kill the dollar over the long term. Kill the dollar, and in time you kill America.

Quantum Killer

Fast-forward three decades. Obama and his Fed Chairman did the exact opposite of Reagan and Volcker. Instead of pulling easy money out of the economy, they injected trillions of dollars more through three series of quantum easing. Obama and Bernanke didn’t care what America needed. (Of course, the claim is that the Fed acts independent of the White House. If you believe that, you probably believe that the National Security Agency isn’t spying on us).

The President and Fed Chairman have given the Nation copious amounts of ever cheaper money. And for five years, the Nation has believed it was doing better because the President and the Fed were injecting greater amounts of cash into our veins.

I have been looking at charts for more than 30 years, and I probably find them just as boring as most of you do. Yet the chart below really is worth looking at. It shows that Obama has been running the printing presses faster than a Latin dictator hopped-up on his own supply.


Whatever previous Presidents have done regarding the printing of greenbacks doesn’t compare to what Obama has done. And stopping that tidal wave of money that the markets have become addicted to is going to cause a sickening withdrawal.

Prediction: Interest rates began to take off last week. The rates on three-month Treasury bills are rising. This is just the first indicator that, across the board, rates on mortgages, car loans, student loans and such are climbing. That is bad news for Big Board stocks, which have been soaring because bonds have been paying such a paltry return. Bad news for stocks means a falling stock market, and this market could easily lose half its value in the next 24 to 36 months.

Action to take: Lock in any loans you need for as long as you can. Sell all bonds and all stocks with the exception of special resource plays. Retain your physical gold and silver, but let’s see where prices go these next couple of weeks before adding to your position. Meanwhile, move money into cash — I mean cold, hard currency stored in a dry, safe place. Guns, ammo, canned foods and water should always be fully stocked, especially now.

Obama has written a huge check for us all, and the tab has come due.

Yours in good times and bad,

–John Myers