The Federal Reserve’s War On Seniors

The Federal Reserve’s zero interest rate policy (ZIRP) of the past half dozen years or so has been a financial act of war on the country’s seniors and, for that matter, on all savers. Under ZIRP, interest rates are artificially lowered through the Fed’s monetary policy popularly known as “QE,” quantitative easing.

Just Who Are We Radicals And Reactionaries?

Those involved in the traditional political realm of left and right deem me delusional. I am labeled a “radical” by those on the right and a “reactionary” by those on the left. In fact, I am neither. Rather, I am the dreaded Libertarian who believes that government, if it must exist at all, must be structurally limited. And it is clear that in that belief I am a part of a small minority.

Commemoration Of A Canard

Addressing the Nation 42 years ago to “outline a new economic policy,” President Richard Nixon failed to disappoint: Wage and price controls were instituted, the automobile industry was browbeaten into reducing prices and a 10 percent tariff was assessed on all imports. All this occurred before Nixon announced his grandest exploit: the termination of U.S. commitments to exchange gold for dollars with foreign governments.

The State Of The State: How Mexico’s New Currency Control Laws Will Backfire

Government in Mexico exists, to be sure; but it has been slow to acquire the desire and sophistication to put its boot heel on the neck of its citizens. Yet, as Mexico becomes more First World, so has its government. While light years behind the USSA in intrusiveness, Mexico is following briskly in the footsteps of its northern neighbor.