Hooray For Our Do-Nothing Congress

According to a CNN/ORC International survey, almost three-quarters of those questioned say that, so far, the 113th Congress has done nothing to address the country’s most serious problems. Nearly two-thirds say the current Congress is “the worst ever.”

Kelly Was Right, Santa Is White

Good golly, Miss Molly, what a brouhaha FOX News host Megyn Kelly stirred up by saying something that the vast majority of us would regard as incredibly obvious: Santa Claus is white. There is no other issue in America that gives liberals more opportunities to climb up on their soapboxes and spout off than accusations of racism.

Conservatism Didn’t Die On Tuesday

Liberals are gloating that Tuesday’s election results prove that committed conservatives can’t win the big races. Their main exhibits are two Gubernatorial races: the defeat of Ken Cuccinelli in Virginia and the success of Chris Christie in New Jersey. The left’s message can be summarized in four words: Conservatives lost big time. And, boy, do they love to rub it in.

Obama’s ‘Please Kick Me’ Appearance At The U.N.

Chalk up another embarrassing rebuff for a U.S. President at the Mecca of international socialism, the United Nations. Barack Obama’s team let it be known that the President would be delighted to meet Iranian President Hasan Rouhani while the two were at the U.N. this past Tuesday. “Thanks, but no thanks” was the insulting Iranian response.