One Of America’s Wealthiest Men Slams Obama

While President Barack Obama is busy persuading people that America’s richest citizens are in favor of his policies, one of America’s wealthiest men is speaking the truth about how he feels.

On Friday, Bernard Marcus, co-founder of Home Depot and one of the Nation’s richest men, sat down with FOX News to talk about what another four years of Obama would mean to the Nation.

“If Barack Obama is re-elected, what do you see in your crystal ball?” asked anchor Sean Hannity.

“Despair,” Marcus replied.

“I’m talking about small business people who don’t have lobbyists in Washington,” he added. “We are going to end up like Spain and Greece and U.K. and Germany and everybody else.”

Marcus, whose net worth is estimated at $2.3 billion, knows a thing or two about what it takes to make money and build business. He provided almost all of the funding for the Georgia Aquarium. He also funded The Marcus Institute, a center for children with developmental disabilities.

Marlins Manager Says He Loves Fidel Castro

Ozzie Guillen, the manager of the Miami Marlins, is fishing for an explanation after he told Time magazine, “I love Fidel Castro.”

Vigilia Mambisa, a Cuban-American group that describes itself as a “hard-line, right-wing, Anti-Castro, Anti-communist group of dedicated Cuban-American demonstrators,” plans to boycott the Marlins as long as Guillen is at the helm.

Guillen addressed the issue in a closed-door meeting with the team’s beat writers before Saturday’s game against the Cincinnati Reds:

“I will apologize if I hurt somebody’s feelings, or I hurt somebody’s thought. I want them to know I’m against everything 100 percent — I repeat it again — the way this man (has been) treating people for the last 60 years.”

Guillen plans to apologize again at Marlins Park today, according to The Associated Press.

“We are aware of the article,” said a statement from the Marlins franchise. “There is nothing respectable about Fidel Castro. He is a brutal dictator who has caused unthinkable pain for 50 years. We live in a community filled with victims of this dictatorship, and the people in Cuba continue to suffer today.”

Guillen, who is from Venezuela, lives in a section of Miami known as Little Havana. He became a U.S. citizen in 2006.

The Man Who Made ‘60 Minutes’ Dies At 93

Reporter Mike Wallace, best known for his “60 Minutes” interviews, has died at 93.

“All of us at CBS News and particularly at ’60 Minutes’ owe so much to Mike. Without him and his iconic style, there probably wouldn’t be a ’60 Minutes.’ There simply hasn’t been another broadcast journalist with that much talent. It almost didn’t matter what stories he was covering, you just wanted to hear what he would ask next. Around CBS he was the same infectious, funny and ferocious person as he was on TV. We loved him and we will miss him very much,” said Jeff Fager, the chairman of CBS News and executive producer of “60 Minutes.”

Wallace retired at age 89 after triple bypass surgery.

Apart from reporting the news, the iconic reporter appeared on a variety of shows as an actor and program host in the 1940s and 1950s.


Advertisement For Burger King Chicken Wraps Is Deemed Offensive

Burger King has pulled one of its commercials off the air after some complained it was offensive to the black community.

Hip-hop icon Mary J. Blige was chosen to advertise chicken wraps, and this caused an online stir. Some found the ad stereotypical and said it was offensive to cast a black woman in a role advertising a fried chicken product.

A website aimed at black women,, published a statement: “Having a black woman sing about chicken was no mistake. They’re trying to reach the ‘urban’ (aka black) demographic and they used you. Because God knows black folk won’t buy anything unless there’s a song, and preferably a dance, attached to it.”

Blige did not find the idea offensive. She accepted $2 million for the cameo.

Burger King claims the ad was pulled due to licensing issues.

David Beckham, Salma Hayek and Jay Leno are also scheduled to be featured in ads for new Burger King products.

Elementary School Wanted To Take ‘God’ Out Of ‘God Bless the USA’

During the organization of an upcoming school function, students at Stall Brook Elementary School in Bellingham, Mass., were told to sing, “We Love the USA,” instead of, “God Bless the USA.” When the news reached parents, it caused quite a ruckus.

“It’s [God] on our currency,” said Patrick Grudier.

But some parents agreed with the decision. “I don’t think there’s anything wrong with changing the song. It’s a public school. If you want to have the word ‘God’ in the song, go to a private school,” said father Matthew Cote.

Lee Greenwood, the man who wrote and sang the hit released in 1984, responded to the incident:

Maybe the school should have asked the parents their thoughts before changing the lyrics to the song. They could have even asked the writer of the song, which I of course would have said you can’t change the lyrics at all or any part of the song. The most important word in the whole piece of music is the word God, which is also in the title “God Bless The USA.” We can’t take God out of the song; we can’t take God out of The Pledge of Allegiance; we can’t take God off of the American currency. Let us also remember, the phrase “God bless the USA” has a very important meaning for those in the military and their families, as well as new citizens coming to our country. The song is played at every naturalization ceremony behind the national anthem. If the song is good enough to played and performed in its original setting under those circumstances, it surely should be good enough for our children.

The school initially decided it would be best to remove the song from the program, but has reversed its decision.

Marine Set To Be Discharged Due To Remarks About The President

Gary Stein, the U.S. Marine sergeant who criticized President Barack Obama on Facebook, will likely be dismissed with an other-than-honorable discharge.

Last month, Stein and his Facebook group, Armed Forces Tea Party, were in the news because of his remarks which were found to be “contemptuous.”

Among other things, Stein called the President “the ‘Domestic Enemy’ our oath speaks about.”

A three-member panel met on Thursday and reached a unanimous recommendation that Stein be administratively discharged. However, it is just a recommendation. The decision must go through General Daniel D. Yoo in order for Stein to be officially discharged.

Depending on which discharge is handed down, Stein, a Marine of nine years, might lose all his benefits.

Men From Vietnam Purchase America’s Smallest Town And Will Not Disclose Their Plans

Unidentified men from Vietnam have purchased Buford, a small town in Wyoming.

The two Vietnamese purchased the town from Vietnam Vet Dan Sammons for $900,000. “I think it’s funny how things come full circle,” Sammons said, referring to his time spent in Vietnam. Sammons is considered the mayor and only resident of the tiny town that sits at an altitude of 8,000 feet.

The town was auctioned off on Dec. 31. Dozens of people came to the auction, including two Vietnamese men. After winning the auction, the men left. No one has been able to find out any information about them. Tonjah Andrews, the real estate broker representing the men, will not comment on the future plan for the town.

Buford is billed as the smallest city in the United States. The 10-acre location along Interstate 80 consists of a gas station, a garage, a three-bedroom house and a cabin.

Tyler Perry Claims Racial Profiling After He Was Pulled Over For Illegal Turn

An investigation has been launched in Atlanta after entertainer Tyler Perry claimed he was racially profiled.

On April 1, Perry recounted the ordeal on his Facebook page.

Perry felt like he was being followed, so he made a left turn from a right lane. He was then pulled over by white police officers.

He remembered his mother’s advice: My mother would always say to me, “if you get stopped by the police, especially if they are white policemen, you say ‘yes sir’ and ‘no sir’, and if they want to take you in, you go with them. Don’t resist, you hear me? Don’t make any quick moves, don’t run, you just go.””My mother would always say to me, ‘if you get stopped by the police, especially if they are white polieceman, you say ‘yes sir’ and ‘no sir,’ and if they want to take you in, you go with them. Don’t resist, you hear me? Don’t make any quick moves, don’t run, you just go.’”

Perry recounted the incident: “It was so hostile. I was so confused. It was happening so fast that I could easily see how this situation could get out of hand very quickly. I didn’t feel safe at all.”

Another officer pulled up. “This officer was a black guy,” wrote Perry. The officer recognized him, and Perry was allowed to leave.

“RACIAL PROFILING SHOULD BE A HATE CRIME INVESTIGATED BY THE FBI!!! That way local government can’t make the decision on whether or not these people get punished,” he concluded.

New Study Shows That Fat Kids Should Exercise

A new press release states: “Improving or maintaining physical fitness appears to help obese and overweight children reach a healthy weight.” The Friedman School of Nutrition Science and Policy at Tufts University analyzed 1,882 out of shape students who became fit. The study took place over four years.

“Obese and overweight girls who achieved fitness were almost five times as likely, and obese and overweight boys were two and a half times as likely, to reach a healthy weight than those who stayed underfit,” said Ph.D. candidate Adela Hruby. “It turns out that maintaining fitness is beneficial, too. We observed that obese and overweight girls and boys who both started and ended the study being fit were more likely to have a healthy weight by the end of the study.”

The study was funded by grants from the American Heart Association, and it appears this won’t be the last time the researches investigate the correlation. Jennifer M. Sacheck, Ph.D., and leader of the study, noted that additional research will be needed to explain the results of the study.

Democrats Boycott Coca-Cola Co. For Supporting Conservative Policy

Coca-Cola Co. will no longer financially support the American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC), a group that promotes voter ID and “stand your ground” laws.

Democratic officials as well as the website were making plans to blackball the maker of America’s favorite beverage because of the company’s support of ALEC.

The movement began when tweeted: “@CocaCola is helping undermine voting rights. Tell them to stop.”

In an attempt to avoid bad publicity, Coca-Cola Co. decided to withdraw its support from ALEC. applauded the corporation. A statement on the website read:

We learned today that Coca-Cola has ended its membership in the American Legislative Exchange Council, or ALEC. Coke dropping ALEC is a major victory for all who are concerned about efforts to suppress the Black vote. It’s also a victory for the many who are critical of the Kill at Will law that Trayvon Martin’s killer is using as his defense.

But Coca-Cola Co.’s withdrawal may not have been the best strategy. The move has some conservatives opting for Pepsi.