Baptist Pastor Unapologetic After Gay Rant

Baptist Pastor Sean Harris is unapologetic for the remarks he made during a sermon that was a part of the Vote For Marriage NC campaign, a movement encouraging voters in North Carolina to vote against gay marriage.

Harris, who has become known as the Amendment 1 pastor, said:

So your little son starts to act a little girlish when he is 4 years old and instead of squashing that like a cockroach and saying, “Man up, son, get that dress off you and get outside and dig a ditch, because that is what boys do,” you get out the camera and you start taking pictures of Johnny acting like a female and then you upload it to YouTube and everybody laughs about it. And the next thing you know, this dude, this kid is acting out childhood fantasies that should have been squashed.

Can I make it any clearer? Dads, the second you see your son dropping the limp wrist, you walk over there and crack that wrist. Man up. Give him a good punch. OK? You are not going to act like that. You were made by God to be a male and you are going to be a male.

And when your daughter starts acting too butch, you rein her in. And you say, “Oh, no, sweetheart. You can play sports. Play them to the glory of God. But sometimes you are going to act like a girl and walk like a girl and talk like a girl and smell like a girl, and that means you are going to be beautiful. You are going to be attractive. You are going to dress yourself up.

Harris has been the subject of scorn since that sermon. The liberal media have made the preacher out to be an advocate of child abuse and gay bullying.

Those who think his message was too violent have sent him death threats. Others have protested outside of the Berean Baptist Church, Harris’ congregation. Police are still patrolling and protecting the area.

The mainstream media have expected an apology, but they have not received it.

Harris recently appeared on CNN’s “Anderson Cooper 360.”

“I was telling them in strong words that were not careful. What did I learn this week? Be more careful with your words,” said Harris.

He said he would have used the word “straighten” instead of “crack.”

“It’s amazing how ‘punch’ has been equated with inciting violence against gay youth. That’s not what I meant.”

When CNN correspondent David Mattingly asked “what exactly” he meant, Harris said: “A shove, an affirmation. You see coaches give their players a good punch, a good slug. It’s a way of affirming the gender distinctions between a male and a female. I was apologizing for my failure to say the right thing, to be more careful. …I don’t even believe there are such thing as gay children. …I don’t think I need to apologize for preaching to my people what the word of God says. That’s my responsibility.”

Mattingly said: “I heard a few ‘Amens’ on that recording.”

Harris replied: “Yeah, because they knew what I meant.”

Harris is not alone in his stance on gay marriage. North Carolina became the 31st State to add an amendment on marriage to its constitution. Vote For Marriage NC, the group with which Berean Baptist Church was aligned, raised more than $1 million.

The Rev. Mark Harris, president of the Baptist State Convention of North Carolina, said: “The involvement of the local churches across this state was absolutely the turning point.”

Minnesota, Maine, Maryland and Washington will be voting on gay marriage rights in November.

West Virginia Democrats Pick Inmate Over Obama

President Barack Obama has made the Democrats of West Virginia feel like they are prisoners of his big government policies. So many of them voted for an inmate.

Keith Judd, a 53-year-old inmate in Texas who is serving 17 years for extortion, extorted 40 percent of the vote at the West Virginia Democratic Presidential primary. Obama received 59 percent.

The coal-mining State attempted to show the Democratic Party that anyone is a better choice than Obama.

As the Beaumont Enterprise put it: “Nearly 70,000 West Virginians would rather have an actual criminal in the White House than the current occupant.”

“I voted against Obama,” Ronnie Brown, a 43-year-old electrician, told The Associated Press. “I don’t like him. He didn’t carry the state before and I’m not going to let him carry it again.”

Judd got on the ballot by paying a $2,500 fee. He also had to file a notarized certification of announcement. Because Judd received at least 15 percent of the vote he should be represented by at least one delegate at the Democratic National Convention. But it looks doubtful that he will be.

According to Judd’s biography with Project Vote Smart, this is his fifth time to run for President. The self-proclaimed Rastafarian-Christian was a member of the Federation of Super Heroes from 1976-1982. His hobbies include bowling and telling the future.

If you would like to participate in Judd’s campaign, contact his headquarters at: Federal Correctional Institution Texarkana; Post Office Box 7000; Texarkana, TX 75505.

Obama Comes Out Of The Closet, Fully Supports Gay Marriage

Today, President Barack Obama became the first sitting U.S. President to fully support gay marriage.

For much of his political career, Obama has thought that gays and lesbians had all the rights they needed to be treated fairly. But he took that belief one step further in an interview that will air Thursday on “Good Morning America.”

“I’ve always been adamant that gay and lesbian Americans should be treated fairly and equally,” Obama told correspondent Robin Roberts.

Political analysts thought Obama might wait until after the November election to discuss what many already suspected, but in what was an unprecedented move, the President announced:

I have to tell you that over the course of several years, as I have talked to friends and family and neighbors, when I think about members of my own staff who are in incredibly committed monogamous relationships, same-sex relationships, who are raising kids together, when I think about those soldiers or airmen or marines or sailors who are out there fighting on my behalf and yet feel constrained, even now that ‘don’t ask, don’t tell’ is gone, because they are not able to commit themselves in a marriage, at a certain point I’ve just concluded that for me personally it is important for me to go ahead and affirm that I think same-sex couples should be able to get married.

Obama said his decision was also influenced by the fact that his daughters, Malia and Sasha, are friends with children who have gay parents.

Democrats House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi believes this is monumental day in American history.

“Today marks progress for the civil rights of LGBT Americans and all Americans. With President Obama’s support, we look forward to the day when all American families are treated equally in the eyes of the law,” Pelosi said.

Obama told ABC News that he believes gay marriage is a “generational” issue.

Abortion Advocates Raise Money Through Bowl-A-Thon

The National Network of Abortion Funds (NNAF), a group that helps women pay for abortions, raised $474,835 through its third annual bowl-a-thon.

Bowling teams across the Nation assembled to raise money for abortions. Hundreds of teams participated including Coat Hanger, Feminist Drinking Club, Gutter Balls and Screwballs.

One of the recipients of the abortion fund is 14-year-old Darcy. According to a post on the group’s website, Darcy’s mom is behind on the bills, and the abortion would cost more than the family’s rent, so NNAF got involved. In a post titled “Getting an abortion means getting a second chance” Darcy says “Getting my abortion means I’m going to get a second chance. And I want to make it count.”

The non-profit organization’s motto is “because lives matter.” Their mission is to “fight for Medicaid coverage of abortion for women with low incomes. We also work to break down the barriers to abortion for immigrant women, young women, and women in jail and prison.”

School System Bans Bake Sales

No more bake sales, no more treats, no more fundraisers, no more sweets.

In Massachusetts, bake sales and all other education related events that sell gooey goods will be a thing of the past come August 1.

The Massachusetts Department of Public Health is banning any fundraiser that might compete with a healthy school lunch. Instead of PTA apple pie, students will have to eat a regular apple. And booster club banana bread will be replaced by an ordinary peel-it-and-eat-it banana.

Initially, the ban will be in place immediately after, before and during school hours. But State officials would like to see the prohibition pushed to include all school functions—including community events, door-to-door sales and sporting events.

Lawmakers and advocates of the plan believe the ban will cut down on obesity.

“It’s the solution,” said Boston radio personality Jim Braude.

Not everyone thinks it is the solution. Some believe it is downright senseless. Parents and teachers alike argue that the fundraisers make money, and that’s what it’s all about.

“The goal is to raise money,” said parent Maura Dawley. “You’re going to be able to sell pizza. You’re not going to get that selling apples and bananas. It’s silly.”

Middleboro School Committeeman Brian Giovanoni weighed in on the obesity epidemic and the State’s proposal: “My concern is we’re regulating what people can eat, and I have a problem with that. I respect the state for what they’re trying to do, but I think they’ve gone off the deep end. I don’t want someone telling me how to do my job as a parent. … Is the commonwealth of Massachusetts saying our parents are bad parents?”

Neo-Nazi Party Making Headway In Greece

Golden Dawn, a right-wing extremist party in Greece, has landed 21 seats in Greek Parliament. The group is accused of being neo-Nazis.

The Golden Dawn party was one of 32 parties to participate in the election. The election was held earlier than usual in an attempt to form a coalition government and address the Greek financial crisis. Voting is mandatory in Greece but those who do not favor any candidate may cast a blank ballot. For a party to move into one of the 300 parliament seats, it must receive at least 3 percent of the vote.

Golden Dawn’s support is increasing at a rapid pace. In the last election, the extreme party took just 0.23 percent of the vote. This year they obtained 6.9 percent.

The Golden Dawn party is supported by those who say they are tired of the mainstream media’s bias and lack of integrity.

“I would like to thank with all the strength of my Greek heart, the hundreds of thousands of Greeks who voted for the popular nationalistic movement: the Golden Dawn, who turned their backs to the defamation by TV channels and the yellow press,” said party leader Nikos Michaloliakos. “They were against us all this time. They accused us in the worst possible way. On their TVs they showed only people who didn’t receive half of the votes we got. They despised the Greek people, and the Greek people despised them.”

Michaloliakos wants the nation to maintain its sovereignty amidst the country’s financial crisis. He wants “a Greece that will not be a social jungle because of the millions of illegal immigrants they brought into our homeland, without asking us.”

“The victory of the Golden Dawn is a victory against the tyrantship of the mass media. …The fight will continue,” he added. “The new golden dawn of Hellenism is rising. For those who betray this homeland, the time has come to fear! We are Greek patriots, we are nationalists, and we don’t let anyone question that.”

The party, which reportedly uses a Nazi salute and has a swastika as its logo, denies being neo-Nazis.

France Elects Socialist President

France will be a nation of equality, fairness and socialist policy if new president Francois Hollande delivers on his promises.

France went about 17 years without a socialist president. But that streak came to an end after Sunday’s election. French socialist Hollande will be taking the reins from Nicolas Sarkozy.

Hollande won the office with 51 percent of the vote.

“I’m proud to be in a position to give back hope,” said Hollande during his victory party. “Everyone in the republic will be treated equally.”

Hollande promises to pour his energy into the youth and wants “to be fair.” Equality between men and women will be a major issue in Hollande’s program of progress and change—two words Hollande used to describe his upcoming presidency. “Remember your whole life this great gathering at the Bastille—it must tell the whole of Europe that change is coming.”

When Sarkozy mentioned Hollande during his concession speech, the name was greeted by boos. But Sarkozy told his supporters to respect the new leader.

Hollande reportedly wants to raise taxes on big corporations as well as those who make over a million euros a year.

“I am a socialist,” concluded Hollande amidst celebratory chants and cheers.

Brooklyn Man Dresses Up As Dead Mother To Cash Social Security Checks

A Brooklyn man is facing time behind bars for stealing the identity of his dead mother. Thomas Prusik Parkin has been found guilty of grand larceny, mortgage fraud and criminal possession of a forged instrument.

Parkin took advantage of more than $115,000 of government benefits which were addressed to his deceased mom. Irene Prusik died in 2003, but she still received Social Security benefits until June 2009.

Over the course of six years, Parkin impersonated his mother by donning a platinum wig and red dress when he went to cash the checks. And Parkin wasn’t alone. His partner in crime, Mhilton Rimolo, posed as his mother’s nephew when the con went out in public.

“These defendants ran a multi-year campaign of fraud that was unparalleled in its scope and brazenness,” Brooklyn District Attorney Charles Hynes said in a statement.

They were even captured on video at the Department of Motor Vehicles renewing the dead woman’s driver’s license.

The con artists were caught during a real-estate issue. Parkin had been unable to maintain ownership of his mother’s house. The house was sold in a foreclosure and the new owner accused Parkin of filing a false affidavit.

Parkin told the district attorney his mom would meet with them.

“When prosecutors and detective investigators arrived, they found Prusik-Parkin dressed as his 77-year-old mother, wearing a red cardigan, lipstick, manicured nails and breathing through an oxygen tank,” the DA’s office said.

The duo was indicted on 47 counts each. Last week, a jury found Parkin guilty of 11 criminal counts. He faces up to 83 years in prison when he is sentenced May 21. Rimolo, pleaded guilty and was sentenced to three years in prison.

Illegal Aliens In Los Angeles Get Health Insurance

About 75,000 restaurant workers in Los Angeles don’t have health insurance because they are illegal aliens. But that might be changing. The health insurance part, that is.

A restaurant workers’ group and a Los Angeles community clinic are working together to provide illegal aliens with healthcare. “Restaurant workers are preparing, serving and cooking our food,” said Mariana Huerta of the Restaurant Opportunities Center of Los Angeles. “So many of these workers reported that they go to work sick. That is a public health hazard for consumers.”

For a $25 monthly charge, uninsured workers will be allowed to go to clinics in the Los Angeles area for physical and dental care.

David Hayes-Bautista said the program will benefit everyone financially: “Emergency rooms are the providers of last resort, and they are very expensive. If people can be provided alternatives, that saves everyone money.”

White House Announces Climate Change Is A National Security Threat

Defense Secretary Leon E. Panetta told an environmental group on May 2 that climate change is emerging as a threat to national security.

“The area of climate change has a dramatic impact on national security,” Panetta announced at a reception hosted by the Environmental Defense Fund. “Rising sea levels, severe droughts, the melting of the polar caps, the more frequent and devastating natural disasters all raise demand for humanitarian assistance and disaster relief.”

Panetta is concerned about the effect of climate change as well as the “budget shortfall” due to “higher-than-expected fuel costs this year.” He vowed to invest “more than a billion dollars in more efficient aircraft and aircraft engines, in hybrid electric drives for our ships, in improved generators, in microgrids for combat bases and combat vehicle energy-efficient programs.”

He also addressed threats not related to climate change: “I have a deep interest in working to try to ensure from a security perspective that we take measures that will help facilitate and maintain power in the event of an interruption of the commercial grid that could be caused, for example, by a cyberattack which is a reality that we have to confront.”