Has PL’s comment moderation changed?

An Open Letter to Mr. Bob Livingston;

I would like to fully understand why you have been strongly regulating posts for the past 2 months and changed the format so it’s all but impossible to contact Personal Liberty any longer. I understand that at times I get extremely vitriol. That happens when I have a liberal and/or progressive attack me, persons, or what I stand for. That I fully understand. But when you start suppressing peoples Freedom of Speech and/or Thoughts in the name of a ‘Benjamin’ you begin to tread a rice paper thin sacred ground. I believe it’s because of the federal gov’t & your sponsors regulating your website now. And yes Mr. Bob you do have sponsors & do make an income off of this website. You do not do this from the goodness of the bottom of your heart. I’ve watched other sites become as Personal Liberty is, “Catering to the PC Police & Liberal Progressives” who can make or break a business anywhere in the world at this current time. I guess I’ll have to resort to, The Drudge Report once again.

Doug James, Abilene, KS

Dear Doug,

Our comment policy is clearly stated above the comments and has not changed, nor has its enforcement. We always try to be as lenient as possible, but sometimes conversations degenerate to the point that we have to step in. Only the most egregious offender is ever “blacklisted” without first receiving a warning or three. The commenter’s response to that warning goes a long way toward the tolerance level afforded future policy violations. I have not been “suppressing peoples (sic) Freedom of Speech and/or Thoughts in the name of a ‘Benjamin’” or for any other reason. First, I cannot do so. Only government is capable of suppressing Freedom of Speech and I am likewise incapable of getting inside your head and suppressing your thoughts. Second, whether you or anyone else comments here has no effect on our bottom line.

Your comment about “Catering to the PC Police & Liberal Progressives” is specious. As can be plainly seen in my commentaries, I am not now nor have I ever been concerned with being “PC” or catering to the wishes of the conventional wisdom crowd. As far as being difficult to contact, there is a “Contact Us” link at the bottom of every page that provides an email address, mailing address, three telephone numbers and office hours. I have also provided from time to time an email address that comes straight to me. It is freedomwatch@personalliberty.com.

Best wishes,


Propaganda is force!

Propaganda can be words and phrases that collectivize and mold the public mind so that subtle or overt force is made easier or becomes unnecessary.

Carefully chosen words by the establishment are the basis of mass mind control leading to acceptance of force. Until the people accept collectivism under some pretext, they are not docile and completely subdued.

But, Bob, you say, you have written this before. Well, a whole volume could easily be written demonstrating the twisting and distortion of words and phrases along with outright lies to manipulate the public mind. Really, few people escape this psychological warfare.

Words are created and repeated, which expands the collective psyche to accept and repeat some more. People who freely use those terms are not in control of their own thinking process.

Following are some examples of establishment words and phrases used as propaganda:

See your doctor

It is oh, so evident that this phrase channels the crowd toward pharmaceutical control. The doctor is only the medium. Few doctors suspect that “medical orthodoxy” is a rigidly controlled system in the medical schools and practiced by the pharmaceutical companies.

We have long held that so-called modern allopathic medicine is a very esoteric witchcraft — a deceptive practice that has little or nothing to do with curing or healing, but it does have to do with a multitrillion-dollar industry. But don’t just take my word for it.

Read the words of Marcia Angell, M.D., former editor of the prestigious New England Journal of Medicine, from her book “Drug Companies and Doctors: A story of Corruption.”

It is simply no longer possible to believe much of the clinical research that is published, or to rely on the judgment of trusted physicians or authoritative medical guidelines. I take no pleasure in this conclusion, which I reached slowly and reluctantly over my two decades as an editor of The New England Journal of Medicine.

This fraud is becoming increasingly visible in the wake of the revelations by Centers for Disease Control and Prevention whistleblower William Thompson and the establishment’s reaction to the revelations.

In case you missed it, and it’s likely you did because there is a full-on mainstream media blackout on it and circling of wagons by the establishment, Thompson has revealed that he and other CDC researchers have been falsifying data for years in order to cover up a link between vaccines and autism.

In a recorded call between Thompson and Brian Hooker, Ph.D., Thompson is heard to say:

The CDC has put the [autism] research ten years behind. Because the CDC has not been transparent, we’ve missed ten years of research [on the autism-vaccine connection]… CDC is…they’re paralyzed. The whole system is paralyzed right now… I have a boss who’s asking me to lie…if I’m forced to testify, I’m not gonna lie. I basically have stopped lying… Really, what we need is for Congress to come in and say, “Give us the data and we’re gonna have an independent contractor do it,” and bring in the autism advocates [who understand the vaccine-autism connection] and have them intimately involved in the studies.

The attempt to stem the damage has reached the absurd. State Farm insurance recently fired comedian Rob Schneider over his anti-vaccination stance. This is common practice by the establishment to shut down any dissenting views.

But even if they worked and were without risk, vaccines only stimulate temporary immunity. By trading lifelong immunity for temporary vaccine-induced immunity, people become vaccine dependent.

The winners of repeated mandatory vaccinations are the pharmaceutical companies. The losers are the people, who are first put at risk as children for vaccine adverse events and then put at risk as adults for repeated vaccinations that have already failed.

The pharmaceuticals, aided and abetted by the CDC and the Food and Drug Administration, have discovered a money machine in mass vaccinations. But they need and have to have your body for the pretense.

Healthcare is a right

This is a phrase that seeks to establish that modern medicine is beneficial to the health of the people. It disarms any negative connotation. It greatly helps cover the medical fraud.

There are more than 600,000 injuries and 100,000 deaths annually in the U.S. from adverse drug reactions (ADR) in hospitals. These are caused by FDA-approved drugs. ADR is the third-leading cause of death in the U.S.

Life expectancy

This phrase programs the public psyche to expire when we retire. Since people are not cooperating and are now living longer, this concept must be reinforced from time to time, as Obamacare architect Ezekiel Emanuel, M.D., recently did in The Atlantic.

“By the time I reach 75, I will have lived a complete life,” Emanuel writes in the magazine. “I will have loved and been loved. My children will be grown and in the midst of their own rich lives. I will have seen my grandchildren born and beginning their lives. I will have pursued my life’s projects and made whatever contributions, important or not, I am going to make. And hopefully, I will not have too many mental and physical limitations… [It is] a simple truth that many of us seem to resist: living too long is also a loss. It renders many of us, if not disabled, then faltering and declining.”

Establishment propagandist CBS News medical contributor David Argus, M.D., pontificated before a national audience with, “Ezekiel Emanuel did a remarkable thing: He created discourse. He made everybody start to talk about this.”


This word is among the greatest deceptions in the English language. The system wants everyone to believe himself a taxpayer or as one who pays his or her “fair share.” Since the government (and banksters) create money (credit), why would they need you to pay taxes?

The answer is they don’t, but they do need a regulatory system and a dossier on everyone to profile your manner of living and, yes, even your thoughts. It’s a thought system and a system of people regulation.

Tax dollars

There is no such thing; see “taxpayer” above. Our so-called “tax dollars” don’t exist as money going to pay government expenses. When we “pay tax dollars,” we are not funding the government or anything else. We are reducing our consumption as part of social planning.

Your fair share

This is a collectivist concept that eventually evokes a guilty conscious. Few have any concept of what this means, but it unconsciously produces a herding instinct.


This is a big one and it has sucked in everyone. Democracy is a system of manipulated mob rule by the elite. It is the very opposite of human liberty. Democracy does not mean freedom and freedom does not mean democracy.

Democracy is a front for despotism under the rule of an oligarchy.

Hitler called his Nazi Germany. America is a fascist system with benevolent totalitarianism.

Democrat and Republican

These words show how perfectly the same thing can have two names. Aren’t you glad that you go to the polls and vote? The politicians are laughing at us.

The government spends money

The word “spend” suggests that money is finite or limited. This makes so-called “budgets” myths to occupy the public mind and to create the aura of the legitimacy of governments. The federal government does not “pay” or “spend” money. It creates credit and exchange it for goods and services.

Yes, they get everything for nothing. This is how the politicians “finance” their perpetual wars. Few people would pay real money out of their pockets to kill “terrorists” killing each other in the Middle East. The public reaction against this would be visible and dramatic, if people truly understood how perpetual wars benefit the ruling class.

Assad is the target; ISIS is the excuse

The ultimate target of the new American bombing campaign is the regime of Bashar Assad. Attacking ISIS and the newly minted enemy du jour, the Korashans, is just an excuse.

The Wall Street Journal laid bare the backstage machinations required to get the Saudi Arabian kingdom — one of the principal backers of ISIS — on board.

Folks, the U.S. is not fighting a “war on terror.” It is fighting a war to ensure Saudi Arabia’s dominance in the region and to open the way for a natural gas pipeline from the South Pars/North Dome Gas-Condensate field in Qatar to Turkey and then Eastern Europe. The American people have been lied to once again. And once again, the American people have fallen for it hook, line and sinker.

The New York Times reported Sept. 18 that the U.S. is paying “salaries to thousands of ‘vetted’ rebels and has given them ammunition to boost their battlefield mettle.” These rebels, according to The Times, hate ISIS, but their priority remains ousting Assad.

As for the Saudi involvement, “Syria had become a critical frontline in the battle for regional influence with Iran, an Assad ally. As Mr. Assad stepped up his domestic crackdown [on the opposition forces], the king decided to do whatever was needed to bring the Syrian leader down, Arab diplomats say,” according to The WSJ.

“In the last week of August, a U.S. military and State Department delegation flew to Riyadh to lay the ground for a military program to train the moderate Syrian opposition to fight both the Assad regime and Islamic State — something the Saudis have long requested. The U.S. team wanted permission to use Saudi facilities for the training. Top Saudi ministers, after consulting overnight with the king, agreed and offered to foot much of the bill,” The WSJ reports.

In other words, the Saudis wanted the U.S. to train and equip the forces fighting Assad. The U.S. wanted Saudi Arabia to join a coalition against ISIS to give its attacks on ISIS “international legitimacy,” and the U.S. military needed a base in Saudi Arabia to train opposition fighters. The Saudis agreed to supply the base and some fighter jets in exchange for a promise to equip the anti-Assad rebels.

In addition to stripping Iran of a key ally, taking out Assad will open a way for the coveted gas pipeline across Syria — a pipeline Assad opposed. That pipeline will ultimately supply gas to Eastern Europe, which currently gets most of its natural gas from Russia. That pipeline will cut off Vladimir Putin’s trump card in his conflict with the West.

So the U.S. trumped up an ISIS threat, pulled the Korashans out of their old playbook, polished them up to make them appear new, put a shiny cover on an old plan to use clothing as a terror weapon (remember the underwear bomber), and used them as the excuse to begin the campaign to bring down Assad.

This battle has nothing to do with fighting terrorism, and ISIS poses no threat to the U.S. This is a battle ensure Saudi Arabia’s regional dominance — a Saudi Arabia that purports to be an ally of America but which played a key role in the 9/11 attacks and has been funding the very terrorists the regime is using to terrorize Americans into supporting this new war. This battle is to provide Qatar with a means to natural gas profits and to cut the legs from under Putin and destroy one of his last remaining allies in the region.

Putin’s not likely to take such a threat lying down, so the “peace president” is risking World War III on behalf of Saudi Arabia and globalists with interests in the Qatar gas line.

But regardless, once again, the globalists will win and the American people will lose blood and treasure and be further impoverished by a war paid for with more money printing.

The fiery and destructive passions of war

In Federalist No. 34, Alexander Hamilton wrote, “To judge from the history of mankind, we shall be compelled to conclude that the fiery and destructive passions of war reign in the human breast with much more powerful sway than the mild and beneficent sentiments of peace…”

These “destructive passions” have come to the fore quickly in the wake of the unrelenting propaganda war the regime has foisted upon the people over the past several months.

It was just over a year ago, in early September, when President Barack Obama deferred to Congress on a possible military strike on Syria. The war-weary American people rose up almost as one to oppose another military adventure and turned the Congressional phone lines white hot. Congress got the message, and a war to take out the Syrian government was averted.

Turns out it was just delayed. U.S. hegemony would not be denied.

The military-industrial complex, the CIA and U.S. “allies” Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, the United Arab Emirates and Qatar created, funded and armed ISIS; and ISIS marched across the desert into Iraq, reportedly raping and beheading and crucifying along the way. But then, ISIS crossed the line. They produced videos that purported to show “journalists” being beheaded.

This ignited the “fiery and destructive passions of war” among the American people, who now support a war on ISIS or ISIL or the Islamic State, or whatever they call themselves today.

Now commenters here and on Facebook are calling for bombs, bombs and more bombs. “What we need is an FASHION CRUSADE LIKE in yon days of YORE and drive them back to before the STONE AGE,” posited Facebook commenter Earl Scott. And that sentiment is shared by many, if not most.

Almost no one is questioning whether this regime, which has lied through its teeth so many times, is lying about the ISIS threat. Almost no one is questioning whether the U.S. military machine and its enabling neocons, which lied through their teeth about the need for the first Iraq war, are lying today about the ISIS threat.

The “fiery and destructive passions of war” have been lit and must be assuaged.

“My policy has been, and will continue to be, while I have the honor to remain in the administration of the government, to be upon friendly terms with, but independent of, all the nations of the earth,” wrote George Washington to Gouverneur Morris. “To share in the broils of none. To fulfil our own engagements. To supply the wants, and be carriers for them all: Being thoroughly convinced that it is our policy and interest to do so.”

Washington’s policy should be America’s policy.

Another illegal war

The so-called “Peace President” — aided and abetted by a feckless Congress — has begun yet another illegal war.

By bombing targets inside Syria without the permission of the Syrian government, Barack Hussein Obama violated international law — and the U.S. Constitution — and should be brought up on war crimes. He has now, finally, gotten the war with Syria that he so desperately sought last year before the American people rose up in opposition.

This time, thanks to two propaganda videos that purported to show the beheadings of American “journalists,” the American people have gotten behind the Syrian war. If you think Bashar Assad is not the ultimate target of the regime, acting on behalf of the globalists, you haven’t been paying attention.

Islamic State — or ISIS or ISIL, whatever their current nom de guerre — was created by the U.S. and funded by the U.S., Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Kuwait and the United Arab Emirates precisely to bring to down Assad.

This lawless regime’s first illegal war was in Libya, in which the U.S. used the cover of NATO to violate international law and create regime change in a sovereign nation which posed no threat to the U.S. It has drone-bombed a number of other nations– killing innocents, including women and children in the process — that did not threaten the U.S., another violation of international law.

Wars are used by the globalists to cover a failing system. People in the know are aware that it’s time for the big New York market to crash and usher in the second Great Depression.

As the big New York stock market crashes, this will signal the beginning of the second great economic depression. Yes, we have had depression since 2008, but the big one is just ahead. Everything is ready!

Get your ducks in a row while the crowd is still asleep.

The public believes that the government will keep pumping the stock market. Not so! The stock market will crash when it’s ready — and that will be soon.

The war that the politicians and talking heads have been long clamoring for has begun. So we are now just ahead of the big stock market crash and all-out war.

Behind the scenes there is mass devaluation of the U.S. dollar. Few people see the trickery.

Market riggers have kicked the legs from under silver and gold, giving the big banks time to accumulate and corner as much of the precious metals as possible.

High blood pressure a silent danger

You eat healthy. You take vitamins, minerals and nutrients on a daily basis. You exercise regularly. Then you go for your checkup and find out you have high blood pressure. Are you surprised?

High blood pressure has virtually no symptoms until it gets critically high and into the stroke and heart attack ranges. The normal measurement is 120/80.

You may not realize you have high blood pressure until it is too late. That is exactly why elevated blood pressure is known as a silent danger. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), in America:

  • About 1 in 3 American adults have prehypertension, or blood pressure levels that are higher than normal.
  • About 67 million Americans have high blood pressure.
  • Only about half of people with high blood pressure actually have it under control.
  • High blood pressure and its complications results in more than 348,000 deaths each year.

Blood pressure relates to and can be affected by many variables like family history, personality type and daily exercise levels.

It has biochemical individuality, so we allow for these variables.

All conventional medicine condemns salt as a provocateur of high blood pressure, but I have never seen one define salt. What they mean and don’t say is that the bad guy is sodium chloride. Sodium chloride (table salt) is a synthetic with all the minerals extracted. Sure, it’s bad, especially on high blood pressure.

Sea salt is different altogether; it has16 natural minerals with many therapeutic benefits.

There are many vitamins and herbs that can help you naturally and safely lower your blood pressure and also help you maintain normal blood pressure. Some of these include vitamins C, B6 and B12; folic acid; potassium; niacin; garlic; olive leaf extract; hawthorn berry; green tea extract with hibiscus flower; flax oil or fish oil (omega-3 fatty acids); cocoa extract; and magnesium and vitamin D3. There is a lot of good research on these nutrients.

High blood pressure greatly increases your chances of heart attack and stroke, so take this seriously. If you don’t regularly monitor your blood pressure at home, start now. I check my blood pressure every day at home. My Panasonic blood pressure monitor cost me $40 on Amazon. It is also available at your local pharmacy.

A good diet alone can’t provide all the needed nutrition for healthy blood pressure.

Get a good nutritional supplement, or supplements, containing herbs and vitamins designed to keep your blood pressure in check, as mentioned above.

Lawyers and minorities love socialism

When American politicians talk about “rights” and “liberty,” they certainly are not talking about our personal and individual liberty. For them, “rights” and “liberty” are code words for groupism (the crowd). Politicians and bureaucrats never remotely consider personal or individual liberty.

Government under any name or label is all about making and passing laws that strengthen and grow government. Where there are many laws, there is no individual freedom. Where there is no individual freedom, there is no freedom at all.

Politicians and bureaucrats have so skillfully imposed the word “democracy” into the lexicon that the crowd confuses groupism with individual liberty. Democracy by all definitions is mob rule, or groupism. It is anathema to individual liberty.

Democracy does not equal human liberty. Democracy precisely means the manipulated mob. Mobs are rarely if ever spontaneous. They are usually manipulated events like the Arab Spring events of a couple of years ago or the Ukraine uprising this year.

As always, the spokesmen for the “movements” talk about creating or reinstalling democracy and liberty as their motivation. Politicians have to do this in order to confirm and reaffirm their political identity to the eyes and ears of the system bosses.

Lawyers love socialism except for themselves. Why? It’s because they created it and they parasite off it.

Have you noticed that the Bar Association in every country always supports government? Lawyers write the laws that channel all power, authority and wealth to the government. They create confusion so the people can’t understand the law and can’t understand esoteric (hidden) political and “legal” manipulation of the public.

So lawyers create socialism and label it democracy. Socialism is a disguised system of stealing the wealth and production of the producers of wealth with spurious laws. Stealing or taking from producers and transferring it to nonproducers make for very sophisticated and concealed class warfare. In other words, it is a parasite system with the parasites ruling and fleecing their host through deception.

It is obvious that government parasites have to have “friends” and allies. They are not at all confused about who their natural allies are. Politicians and bureaucrats achieve balance of power (deceptive rule by consent) by subtly playing economic class, cultural and racial minorities against the producers.

Producers are softened and neutered into passiveness by a constant campaign of altruistic propaganda. It works! Producers and creators actually become persuaded that they should support the system of unequal equality. Now the politicians have a double lock on the public mind. It is their ultimate goal that guarantees their safety and security and preparation for the New World Order — already in existence. The more complete the deception, the more complete the power.

There is yet another element that guarantees the survival and credibility of “democracy.” It is the covert and implied sanction of organized religion — not Christianity, but a very well concealed oriental mysticism that pervades organized religion. It is an esoteric force for world unity.

Who are minorities? They are, of course, the racial minorities. But there are a whole lot more than that. There are homosexual minorities, feminine minorities, so-called “civil rights” minorities, cultural minorities and all the minorities that make up the “diversity” of the nation.

Public policy is molded on these manipulated minority influences, all contributing to the power and collectivism of government. This is all an invisible charade, an organism, with a totally different and opposite orientation to individual liberty. It is in reality New Age slavery, a benevolent totalitarianism, an illusion of freedom.

One can always identify minority special interests simply because they welcome government intervention and intrusion (socialism) as a net for perceived social inequality, poverty and underachievement. Guilt manipulation and all manner of charades are used to force social and economic equality where none is earned.

Organized religion does not recognize human diversity and natural inequality. All are deserving of the blessings of God and the equal benefits of the community. Nothing is ever mentioned about earning social and economic benefits through personal achievement.

Manipulating minorities who are naturally drawn to socialism is a basic political strategy to justify government politics and plunder.

The principle of government is that political power is maximized by forcibly leveling every individual to the same status of conformity, collectivism, ecumenicalism and serfdom. The truth goes deeper. Because of perceived social, cultural, racial and psychic inferiority, minorities desire to parasite on government force and socialism to subvert those they envy and wish to imitate.

It would never succeed except for the very sophisticated propaganda of altruism. Altruism has a double meaning. To the unsuspecting public, it appears good. But it is hypocrisy with a hidden agenda to cover evil. It is the philosophical basis of democracy and benevolent totalitarianism.

Altruism cleverly hides the depravity of human nature. It makes evil appear good and good appear evil. See no evil, hear no evil, do no evil permeates the propaganda. It conceals the political agenda, promotes ignorance of public health, creates a state of mind of dependence on government and the medical establishment and quashes every form of individualism, independence and creative thinking.

The people must be controlled without being aware. Non-awareness is the key.

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Somebody Should Drown Ann Coulter

Columnist Ann Coulter is nothing more than a mouthpiece for the Republican establishment, notwithstanding the title of the newest book the faux conservative is hawking. She’s as evil as Karl Rove; she’s just got better packaging.

In her latest column, “Your ‘To Do’ List To Save America,” Coulter says she wants to “track you down and drown you” if you are “considering voting for the Libertarian candidate in any Senate election” this November. But if anyone deserves drowning, it’s Coulter for leading shortsighted conservative voters, enamored by her good looks and combative personality, down the path to ruin.

Coulter’s plan to save America is simple: Vote Republican. And Coulter says no one should ever challenge a sitting Republican.

“Take a moment to notice something, Republicans: No incumbent Democrat had to deal with a primary challenger this year,” Coulter writes. “That’s one reason why Democrats win more elections than their insane ideas would seem to dictate. Liberals understand that you can’t do anything if you don’t win, so Democrats don’t stage primary fights against other Democrats.”

So regardless of whether the “Republican” has been voting against the interests of the people and is a dinosaur (like Sen. Pat Roberts), he’s a Republican so he’s OK. “I don’t know why Roberts got a primary challenge at all. Please stop doing that, Republicans,” she writes.

Perhaps it’s because he has consistently voted to send American troops into wars around the globe, voted for the National Defense Authorization Act — which allows the unconstitutional detainment of U.S. citizens — and voted for the misnamed USA Patriot Act. Roberts has voted 11 times to raise the debt limit. He has voted for tax increases. And he gave money to Senator Thad Cochran’s (another dinosaur) race-baiting campaign in Mississippi. And he doesn’t even live in Kansas.

Oh, and you’ve got to donate to Scott Brown, Coulter proclaims. That’ll “save America.” She even provides a link to his campaign website.

But this is the same Scott Brown who, during his two-year stint as a Massachusetts senator, voted with Democrats on Senator Harry Reid’s $15 billion jobs bill and the Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform and Consumer (read bankster) Protection Act.

The last time Republicans controlled both Houses of Congress, the country entered a war on false pretenses, a prescription drug boondoggle bill was passed, the Department of Homeland Security was given more liberty-stealing powers, Federal expenditures grew from $2.7 trillion to $2.9 trillion and the deficit almost doubled.

Coulter’s newest book (which I have not read) is titled “Never Trust A Liberal Over 3 — Especially A Republican,” yet her latest column is a clarion call to elect (and trust) Republicans simply because they are.

American conservatives need to realize that Coulter is part of the system, and she’s employing the Hegelian dialectic to further entrench the system. The proof can be seen in the penultimate paragraph in her column, in which she wrote: “When we’re all dying from lack of health care across the United States of Mexico, we’ll be deeply impressed with your integrity, libertarians.”

As if Republicans, save for a couple in both houses, haven’t gone all in for amnesty on behalf of their corporate masters.

Jimmy Carter’s UFO

On Sept. 18, 1973, then-Governor Jimmy Carter filed a report with the National Investigations Committee on Aerial Phenomena (NICAP), claiming he and about a dozen others had seen an unidentified flying object outside a Lions Club meeting in Leary, Ga., at about 7:30 p.m. in 1969. The exact date of the alleged sighting is lost to memory.

By filing the report while governor, Carter became the highest-ranking government figure in the U.S. to ever report a UFO sighting.

While campaigning for president in 1976, Carter promised to encourage the government to release all documents it had on UFOs. Once elected, however, his tune changed.

As to the sighting, Carter claims he was standing outside the Lions Club when he and other witnesses spotted a red and green orb radiating in the western sky. Carter described an object that “seemed to move towards us from a distance, stop, move partially away, return, then depart. Bluish at first; then reddish — luminous — not solid. At times,” reported Carter, “it was as bright as the moon, and about as big as the moon — maybe a bit smaller. The object was luminous; not solid.” He later told the Atlanta Journal-Constitution that the sighting was “a very remarkable sight.”

While Carter is credited with creating what became known as the golden years for UFO enthusiasts because of the thousands of government UFO documents that were released during his term by the CIA, FBI, NSA, State Department and military branches, Carter’s restriction on ensuring that “legitimate national security secrets” were maintained meant that hundreds or thousands more documents would not see the light of day.

Some of the documents released did prove embarrassing for some government agencies. For instance, the CIA long claimed it had not kept documents on UFOs. But following a protracted battle in the courts over Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) requests, the CIA finally turned over almost 1,000 pages of documents that were UFO-related. Other documents revealed the FBI was keeping extensive files on UFO investigators and witnesses and that the FBI Academy at Quantico, Virginia, was monitoring and collecting newspaper clippings that dealt with UFOs. That information was filed under the heading “Transportation.”

There are reports that during the transition from the Gerald Ford to the Carter presidency, Carter met with then-CIA Director George H.W. Bush and told Bush that he wanted all information the government had on UFOs and extra-terrestrials. Marcia Smith, director of the Library of Congress’ Science and Technology Division of the Congressional Research Service from 1984-1985 (and researcher during the Carter years), claims that Bush responded with, “no … that he wasn’t going to give this to him … that this was information that existed on a need to know basis only. Simple curiosity on the part of the President wasn’t adequate.”

One can only guess whether Carter ever got his answers. He’s never definitively said.

Other sources: History.com, UFOEvidence.com

War On Poverty? No, It’s A War On Prosperity

Yesterday marked the 50th anniversary of Lyndon B. Johnson’s “War on Poverty.” It’s a war that will never be “won” because it is not and was not meant to be.

It’s a $22 trillion boondoggle that currently enslaves 100 million Americans (and over its life enslaved many more), making them essentially wards of the state. It’s destroyed families by undermining self-sufficiency, reducing the work ethic and encouraging out-of-wedlock births while creating an ongoing cycle of dependency. Enslaving Americans was the goal of the statists in the beginning, and it continues unabated.

Why do I say this? Because the statists know that the more dependent we are, the easier we are controlled. Dependency is a natural proclivity of human nature.

The $22 trillion spent on this “war” came from money transferred from producers to create a whole new class of nonproducers, as well as from money printed out of thin air.

The money creators impoverish the people by transferring their wealth to government. When the “money supply” is increased, there is no increase in actual wealth. Just the opposite, new money is negative wealth. It destroys the wealth of the people and/or transfers it to the money creators.

So the producer class is impoverished because the money they earn is worth less, and their savings earn negative interest. The dependent class is further impoverished because the paper money they receive from government buys less and less with every new dollar printed.

Likewise, the word “poverty” in America is typical government doublespeak. When the “War on Poverty” began, about 14 percent of Americans were considered poor. Today, after $22 trillion dollars and 50 years, about 14 percent of Americans are still “poor.” But poor does not mean hungry, homeless and impoverished, as it implies.

Poor today means air conditioning, cable or satellite TV, a home computer, a widescreen television and at least one vehicle. Yet they still get $9,000 or more in government largess — in the form of cash, food, housing and medical care — with incentives to accumulate more.

Like all of government’s “wars,” this one has enriched the banksters and the crony capitalists and impoverished the people. The war on poverty has really been a war on prosperity.

Note from the Editor: America is on the brink of the biggest money grab in history! With $21 trillion in cumulative personal savings, Washington politicians think your hard-earned private retirement account is the answer to fixing the economy. They’re calling it a “Bail-in,” and it’s already spreading like wildfire. Click here to claim an urgent FREE report that shows you how to tell scheming politicians, “HANDS OFF MY MONEY!”

Healthy Kids? Fat Chance

Schools across the country continue to deal one way or the other with the U.S. Department of Agriculture’s “Smart Snack” rules — the latest portion of the Michelle Obama-backed Healthy Hunger-Free Kids Act of 2010.

Some are dealing with it by ditching the plan altogether — and forgoing federal dollars in the process — and going back to serving old and more popular menu items. Others are attempting to comply. But the rules are ridiculous and arbitrary and are doing little to help make kids “healthy.”

One such rule requires schools to ditch bottled teas and replace them Gatorade G2 (GG2). And while ditching bottled teas containing sugar or sugar substitutes and other additives is laudable, replacing tea with GG2 indicates there is something afoot besides kids’ health.

GG2 is the last drink children — or anyone else, for that matter — should be drinking. First, GG2 contains Splenda. Splenda is a synthetic sweetener containing sucralose and is found in thousands of processed food products. Splenda is made by combining three chlorine molecules with one sucrose molecule in a covalent bond. The human body has no enzymes to break down the covalently bound chloride. Consumer complaints about Splenda consumption include gastrointestinal problems, seizures and dizziness, blurred vision, allergic reactions, blood sugar increases, and weight gain.

Research shows sucralose destroys beneficial gut bacteria. One study on animals indicates it kills as much as 50 percent of the beneficial bacteria in the intestines. It also alters glucose, insulin and glucagon-like peptide-1 (GLP-1) levels, making it a real danger to diabetics.

GG2 also contains acesulfame potassium, a zero-calorie sweetener that is 200 times sweeter than sugar. Acesulfame potassium works in the body by stimulating the secretion of insulin in a way that may lead to hypoglycemia. In lab animals, it has produced lung, breast and organ tumors, leukemia and chronic respiratory diseases. Long-term use in humans has resulted in headaches, visual disturbances, mental confusion, nausea, depression and liver and kidney damage.

Among other additives, GG2 contains monopotassium phosphate and FD&C Blue No. 1. Monopotassium phosphate creates an imbalance of phosphorus and calcium in the body. Too much phosphorus spurs the body to draw calcium out of the bones, causing osteoporosis.

FD&C No. 1, a blue dye, has been linked to allergic reactions and carries a warning label “Caution: Do not consume if sensitive to aspirin.” In 2003, the FDA sent out a safety warning concerning its use in medical procedures following reports of discoloration of the skin, urine and feces in patients given a feeding solution containing the dye.

In short, GG2 will make kids fat and susceptible to a host of health problems. Smart snacks? Hardly. Healthy kids? Fat chance.

The Democrats’ Ruse

Commenting on Senate GOP Quash Democrats’ Attack on Free Speech,
Matforce says:
September 11, 2014 at 7:11 a.m.
Our “pay-to-play” legislature has been writing policy for 30 years now that has answered to and benefitted moneyed interest over what is good for “we the people,” even over what is good for our nation, and has resulted in the consolidation of wealth to the top like we haven’t seen since before the Great Depression.

When you couple that with the rhetorical propaganda manifesto, “The Integration of Theory and Practice,” by Heubeck and Weyrich from the Free Congress Foundation that uses the relentless pounding home of rhetorical sound bites, the contents of which do not have to contain the least amount of accuracy or truth, the only thing that matters is the conviction with which the deception is delivered.


To counter the effects of these divisive and deceptive attacks through electronic media, TV ads, and print costs $$$ MILLIONS. Dark money from Super PACs comes into the USA to curb policy to their ends. It doesn’t even have to originate in the USA; foreigners can contribute to our political debate through funding of these Super PAC mouthpieces to turn USA policy to benefit “multinational” corporations that dwell beyond the jurisdiction of the USA.

That is why we need to overturn Citizens United! Calling it free speech is a ruse to confuse a gullible people into signing over the USA to moneyed interest.

We need to fund our elections from a blind trust that is divided up equally among the parties or candidates to be used to get their message out. May the best message win!


Conventional Wisdom Is A Mass Illusion

A recent poll by Rasmussen found that more than one-third of Americans had no clue which parties control the House and Senate. What a sad commentary that such a basic bit of information — taken for granted by this audience — is lost on an American populace so distracted by bread and circuses.

This, of course, is not true of the typical Personal Liberty Digest™ reader. You are a special lot and much appreciated. Most of you are making a valiant attempt to rid yourself of a lifetime of brainwashing and propaganda. It is a difficult task; I know. And it has nothing to do with one’s intelligence.

I have watched as otherwise intelligent and thoughtful people have had their minds manipulated so that they acted against their own best interests as a result of propaganda. It seems that organized and sophisticated propaganda is able to operate above the threshold of intelligence. In other words, without some imperative to trigger inquiry, very intelligent people buy into lies and myths the same as the general population. The lies and myths then become conventional wisdom. The human mind rarely accepts a challenge to conventional wisdom. Instead, it dismisses it under the auspices of “conspiracy theory,” a catchall category for information outside the main.

But you, Personal Liberty reader, keep your focus on reality, paying no attention to the political noise, the controlled media, the economic establishment or, indeed, the medical cartel in America. You recognize it for what it is: all noise that interferes with a calm and sober psyche.

Here are things as I perceive them: The U.S. is deteriorating at a very fast rate — one that is becoming perceptible to even the millions of people who had not previously observed it. Even mainstream economists are starting to sound the alarm, though they continue to miss or ignore the cause. It does not matter “who” is doing it to us. The main thing is “it” is being done.

It is up to us to choose personal liberty for ourselves and our progeny and loved ones as much as it is possible within the laws of the land, whether we agree with those laws or not. Our great and overpowering advantage over the masses and the elites is our dedicated accumulation of special information that we dig for outside the system. But to take advantage of it, we have to think outside the box. Sorry, this is a requirement.

This type of thinking and the revealing of information outside the main has caused me to endure many slings and arrows and charges of nuttery. No matter.

You are likely familiar with the parable Jesus told of the sower as read in the Gospels. The sower spread seed. Some fell on the path and was devoured by birds. Some fell on the rocky ground where they took root but withered and died in the heat. Some fell among thorns and were choked out. Others fell on good soil and flourished. The lesson is that many seeds are planted here, but few become permanent. So it is with the truth. So it is with people.

Only a few can focus and then hold that focus until they achieve personal liberty based upon a foundation of health, wealth and knowledge. They refuse to look over their shoulders at the system and are no longer influenced by the system.

Therefore, the main and powerful issue facing everyone in the United States is the depreciating currency. This is very simple to understand but becomes merely an illusion to those who haven’t escaped the system. Somehow, people cannot grasp that they can be impoverished even while accumulating, saving and holding the currency of the land.

Why is the mass illusion perpetuated? The answer is that the myth blinds the masses because they have childlike misplaced faith in “authority.” They are politically naïve. Few people can imagine that the system is not honest, that it is indeed very sophisticated fraud.

A depreciating currency expedites a transfer of wealth from the producers and savers to the money creators. Depreciating currency becomes hyperinflation and finally, in the endgame, deflation and economic collapse. As we experience hyperinflation there will be, as has always been, a quick disappearance of cash (deflation).

Money creators through all the ages have many pretenses and disguises like war, price controls, exchange controls, etc. Translated, this is suppression of liberty and severe restriction on privacy and travel. This is happening now and will only increase, along with a massive dose of propaganda and charges of anti-Americanism against those who seek an escape route.

Remember, the majority believe propaganda until it is too late for survival. The rest rationalize that things are bad but that times will get better long before there is a reign of terror. This was the mindset of the German people in the 1930s. While a few escaped, most believed the propaganda. But you know the ending: Nazi Germany and then a destroyed country.

If the face of tyranny is pretty enough, people can be manipulated to adore and embrace it. Modern tyranny is so sophisticated that it actually appears benevolent to the masses. How Herr Goebbels would love it. He’s likely smiling from hell!

All this is what we get when depreciating currency is used to confiscate the wealth and savings of the people. All fraud and social and economic chaos originate with depreciating currency. When prices rise (inflation), this is depreciating paper money. But the people don’t make the simple connection and fraud continues.

Governments are all on a paper money system. Paper money moves wealth and production into the hands of government. All is fine with this mass theft until there comes along an aging population.

An aging population becomes nonproducing consumers. This reverses consumption from the government to the nonproducing, aging consumers. Governments can’t afford this and they have to reverse consumption back to government. They want young people to produce and fight wars funded with paper money.

What to do? Kill off the aging population, benevolently of course. Down the road, there is euthanasia; but for now, we put them under the tender care of the medical establishment. Everybody gets rich except the aging victims killed with drugs, operations and “medical care.”

Anybody ever find out about it? Nope.

Only a few find out who have the capacity to look beneath. It’s the perfect crime and a very profitable one.

For personal liberty, accumulate gold and silver outside the system and keep yourself in good health through proper diet and exercise. Proper diet means mostly raw whole foods and only organic, free-range meat. Expensive you say? Not nearly as expensive as falling into the hands of the deathcare system.

And avoid the bread and circuses.

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Note from the Editor: As a reader you deserve to know the truth behind the economic disaster America faces. I’ve arranged for readers to get free copies of two books that reveal the sinister plot by the US Government to steal our wealth—a plot Merrill Jenkins, Sr. (the Original Monetary Realist) tried to expose at great risk. His books are hard to find, but these books include rare transcripts from his lectures. Click here for your free copies.

If You Take Him At His Word, Obama Is Insane

“I want the American people to understand how this effort will be different from the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan,” President Barack Obama said in a nationally televised address Wednesday night. “It will not involve American combat troops fighting on foreign soil.”

If you take Obama at his word and believe that he believes what he said, he is utterly insane. There are currently U.S. troops on the ground in and around Iraq sent there by Obama. Whether there are 100 or 500 or 10,000 or more is irrelevant. Whether he calls them advisers or observers or something else is irrelevant. They are there, and their numbers are growing incrementally. That’s called “mission creep.”

The U.S. has spent most of the past decade training and arming Iraqi troops, al-Qaida-linked “freedom fighters” and an assortment of other ne’er-do-wells that he and his neocon buddies call “the good guys.” Those “good guys” are the same “good guys” that became the bad guys and ran roughshod over the vaunted U.S.-trained Iraqis, who surrendered their U.S. weaponry faster than a Frenchman on double-time.

So Obama’s strategy is to use bombs to kill ISIS troops — and, no doubt, civilians as “collateral damage” — and let the vaunted Iraqis and some new group of al-Qaida-linked “freedom fighters” (whom we trained and are continuing to train and who are aligned with ISIS against the Syrian regime) wage the fight against ISIS. In other words, he’s going to continue to do what he’s been doing for six years — and just add in some bombs for good measure. And he expects that to defeat ISIS.

The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over again and expecting a different result. If you take him at his word, Obama is clearly insane.

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So look for changes in the days to come.

These 9/11 Questions Remain Unanswered

Three years ago, on the 10th anniversary of the 9/11 attacks, I posed a series of questions about the official narrative that to this day remain unanswered — and largely unasked — by the propaganda media and the elites walking the halls of power.

Here they are:

  • In the months leading up to 9/11, the United States’ vaunted intelligence agencies lost track of 19 foreigners, most of whom had overstayed their visas, and could not catch up to them even though some of them were living with FBI informants and others were enrolling in flight schools where they sought to learn to fly — but not land — airplanes. They were living the high life and not showing any evidence of trying to hide. In July 2001, according to an article in Germany’s daily Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung, U.S. and Israeli intelligence agencies received warning signals through the Echelon spy network that Middle Eastern terrorists were planning to hijack commercial aircraft to use as weapons against important symbols of American and Israeli culture. Yet we are told the attacks came as a complete surprise. How could this happen?
  • Papers released by WikiLeaks indicate that in the weeks before 9/11, American intelligence services were on the trail of another group of five men with terrorist ties who were staying in California. They slipped away in the days after 9/11. Were they a fifth team of hijackers who did not complete their mission for some reason? How were they able to escape the massive U.S. dragnet?
  • Two days before the 9/11 attacks, the “Lion of Panjshir,” Ahmad Shah Massoud Khayin, who was the leader of the Northern Alliance in Afghanistan, was assassinated by two suicide bombers posing as journalists. In the early morning hours of Sept. 11, a van occupied by Middle Eastern men pulled up to The Colony Beach and Tennis Resort in Florida, where President George W. Bush was staying. They said they were there to interview the president, but didn’t have an appointment. They were turned away. Are these two incidents related?
  • Two hours before the planes slammed into the Twin Towers, two employees of the Israeli instant messaging service Odigo received messages warning of the coming attacks, according to the Israeli publication Haaretz. Who sent the messages and why? Who else was warned ahead of the attacks?
  • At 8:44 a.m., during a working breakfast on missile defense with Congressional leaders, Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld predicted a terrorist attack would come, saying, “Let me tell you. I’ve been around the block a few times. There will be another event.” Did he know about the attack in advance?
  • How did that passport of Satam al-Suqami survive the crash? The plane was exploded into a giant fireball upon impact with WTC 1. Yet the passport exited his pocket or luggage and fell unharmed to the ground near the tower, where it was spotted by a passerby and turned over to police despite the bedlam going on all around? How is it that his was the only identification found out of all the passengers on the plane?
  • At 8:50 a.m., four minutes after the first plane struck, CIA head George Tenet was made aware of the crash and realized it was no accident. Yet there is no indication he made an effort to stop Bush from making a scheduled appearance at Booker Elementary School in Florida, despite the danger he may have been facing were a highly coordinated attack being carried out. Before entering the classroom, Bush paused to speak with then-National Security Adviser Condoleezza Rice. Later, Bush said he learned of the first crash before entering the classroom when he saw the plane crash into the building on television. There was no video of the first crash until much later in the day, and the school principal said there was no television in the area that Bush could have seen anyway. Why this discrepancy? Was Bush lying?
  • According to media reports, a number of the passengers on the hijacked airliners supposedly used cellphones to call loved ones and authorities. But cellphone technology in 2001 didn’t allow the use of phones above 10,000 feet. How were the calls possible?
  • Witnesses reported seeing a white jet that looked like a fighter plane trailing United Airlines Flight 93, and a sonic boom was reported in the area over Pennsylvania. Was there a second plane? If so, where did it come from?
  • Some witnesses also reported seeing Flight 93 on fire before it crashed into the field. Why were these witnesses hushed up and why weren’t they allowed to testify for the 9/11 Commission? What was the plane they saw and did it shoot down Flight 93 upon orders from Vice President Dick Cheney?
  • If the plane flew into the ground intact, how did a large portion of the engine fall more than a mile away from the crash site? How did lighter debris wind up as far as eight miles away?
  • In the days following the attacks, at least 60 Israeli citizens were arrested and held secretly — some of them with ties to Israeli military and intelligence. Fox News’ Carl Cameron was the first mainstream reporter to break the news. It was weeks later before other mainstream news outlets picked up on it. His four-part series that provided evidence that the Israelis had foreknowledge of the 9/11 attacks has been scrubbed from Fox News. Who were these Israelis, what did they know and what became of them? Why did Fox News scrub the stories?
  • The North American Aerospace Defense Command (NORAD) is tasked with protecting American airspace. Yet even though the Federal Aviation Administration notified NORAD of the hijacking of American Airlines Flight 11 at 8:38 a.m. and other flights in the minutes that followed, it wasn’t until long after the last plane hit the ground that NORAD planes showed up. Where were they and why did NORAD sit on news of the hijacked planes for several minutes (which NORAD admits to but won’t explain) before scrambling any fighters?
  • When the 9/11 Commission tried to get answers to these questions, NORAD stonewalled and its representatives lied. What were they covering up and why? Why do they continue to stonewall to this day?
  • Firefighters and reporters arriving on the scene of the WTC fires claim to have heard numerous explosions before the buildings collapsed. What caused the explosions? Were they deliberately set to bring down the Twin Towers?
  • How did fires cause two skyscrapers to fall? It’s the first time fire ever brought down a skyscraper, and it happened to three buildings in one day. Why did they pancake down as if in a controlled demolition? If fire weakened the support beams, as the official stories suggest, why didn’t the towers fall to one side or the other, rather than pancake down as if in a controlled event? Many engineers and architects at AE911Truth.org say it could not have happened as we’re told. Why are they being ignored? Better yet, if these architects and engineers are lying about their theories, ask yourself what they stand to gain from lying and what is their motive.
  • Traces of an explosive called thermite were found in the rubble of the WTC, and melted steel was found beneath the columns. What is the source of the thermite and what caused the steel to liquefy? Burning jet fuel does not reach a temperature high enough to liquefy steel.
  • What caused WTC Building 7 to fall?
  • The maneuver required to fly an airliner at the trajectory of the one that hit the Pentagon would be difficult for an experienced pilot, and some of the air traffic controllers watching the flight believed it to be a military aircraft at the time. How did a terrorist with limited — and by all accounts very poor — flying ability pull off such a maneuver without crashing into the ground prior to reaching the Pentagon?
  • Why was the hole in the Pentagon wall too small to accommodate an airliner — both in width and height? Why were no identifiable parts of a Boeing 757 found at the crash site? Why was an engine turbofan from an A3 Skywarrior found at the crash scene? If Flight 77 did not crash into the Pentagon, what happened to it and its passengers and crew?
  • In the weeks and months after the attack, men alleged to have been the hijackers and supposed to have died in the attacks began turning up alive. At least seven of them have been seen since 9/11 and one was found to have died prior to 9/11 in an airplane crash. What is the explanation for this?
  • Why did Bush begin talking to cabinet members about attacking Iraq while the Afghanistan attack was being formulated
  • If we attacked Afghanistan with the intention of defeating al-Qaida and killing Osama bin Laden, why are we still there? Al-Qaida is no longer in Afghanistan and bin Laden is reportedly dead
  • Why did the Pentagon participate in a cover-up and attempt to mislead the 9/11 Commission?
  • Why do members of the 9/11 Commission believe there are still many unanswered questions regarding the events of that day? Why did Commission members say they believed the Commission was set up to fail? Why have there been no charges of obstruction filed against those who stonewalled and lied to the Commission
  • Did someone or someones in government or within some shadowy quasi-governmental agency participate in or facilitate the attacks? Was it a coup against the Bush regime? Could that explain Bush’s seeming confusion and his trips crisscrossing the Southern portion of the U.S. before going back to Washington, D.C.? What other lies are we being told?
  • And a new question: What’s on those 28 redacted pages in the 9/11 Commission Report that congressmen have called “shocking?”

Why aren’t you asking some of these same questions?

(Other sources include: http://www.antiwar.com/justin/j030802.html, http://www.911timeline.net/, http://whatreallyhappened.com/WRHARTICLES/booker_time.html, www.prisonplanet.com, 9/11 Synthetic Terror: Made In USA.)

For Optimal Health, Our Goal Should Be High Stomach Acid, Low Tissue Acid

Proper levels of acid in the human body are crucial. But not all acid is the same.

Which acid we are referring to is not just kind of important, it’s all-important — like life or death. And doctors pay no attention.

Remember these three points:

  • Acid in your stomach — good.
  • Acid in your tissue — bad.
  • Acid water to cleanse your face — good.

Acid In The Stomach Is Good

The pharmaceutical companies and TV advertisers tell Americans that stomach acid is bad. It is bad indeed if we don’t have any. And if we take their antacids as they insist, we won’t have any stomach acid and we will eventually wind up with stomach cancer.

Without proper stomach acid somewhere around a pH of 3 to 4, our food rots — causing putrefaction and backup poison. This is serious and leads to disease, most likely cancer. Your digestive process breaks down if you don’t have enough stomach acid. Hydrochloric acid (HCl) is the only inorganic acid our body makes.

Ever wonder why your dog can eat all kinds of compromised food and thrive? The answer is that dogs have lower pH stomach acid levels; they are about 1.5 to 2. They can digest and process much better than human beings, and they don’t take antacids.

Adequate stomach acid becomes ever more critical as we get older because we have less of it. This means that we get less nutrition assimilation, which in turn causes a lowering of immunity.

But once again, pharmaceuticals and doctors are practicing symptomology. Symptoms of acid indigestion in the absence of ulcers are actually symptoms of lack of acid. Ever heard of a doctor prescribing acid for an acid stomach?

Without enough hydrochloric acid we cannot absorb minerals or digest protein. Our digestive capacity diminishes as we age; but it’s easily compensated for with betaine hydrochloride, which we should take with our meals. Another good habit is taking 1 or 2 teaspoons of whole apple cider vinegar in a glass of water before meals.

Speaking of hydrochloric acid, I by chance found some anecdotal evidence of the high efficacy of hydrochloric acid by injection. The dosage ranged from 1-250 to 1-1000 in 10cc of distilled water without any toxic or inflammatory reaction no matter if it was given orally, intravenously or intramuscular. The results were astounding.

Generally, the oxygen content of the blood doubled within 30 minutes, and a significant stimulation of the phagocytic (white cells) system was also noted. In one instance, phagocytosis increased the white blood cell count from 7,800 to 2.6 million within 48 hours.

This is not the effect of drug activity. This is the injection of the basic acid of the human body. What a stimulation of the forces of resistance!

The conclusion here is that hydrochloric stomach acid needs to be adequate at all times.

Acid In The Tissue Is Bad

The ideal situation is for the body to be slightly alkaline. But due to our very high-acid diet from commercial foods, our acid buildup is getting worse with time. With the progressive accumulation of acid, we come closer to death. New babies are highly alkaline. Acid in the tissue is very different from acid in the stomach. The difference is the pH. Tissue acid should range around 7.2 to 7.4 pH as measured by pH paper or test strips using saliva.

Acid in the stomach is inorganic acid. Acid in the tissue is organic acid. One is life and assimilation and one is pollution.

As we age, we get more acid accumulation. This means a shortage of oxygen and a shortage of breath. Most cells die in an acid environment, but some cells survive by becoming abnormal cells. This is cancer.

To get more oxygen and to dispose of acid waste, we drink alkaline water and eat an alkaline diet. The amount of organic acid accumulation is directly related to the amount of oxygen we have. The more acid you have, the less oxygen your body has — and the more potential for disease.

When the environment for the cells becomes too acidic, there isn’t enough oxygen to go around. In order for some cells to survive, they selectively change some cells so that they take in carbon dioxide (CO2) and give off oxygen (O2).  This sets the stage for cancer.

But when we drink alkaline water, we are drinking water with excess oxygen, not in the form of O2 but in the form of OH, which is very stable because it is mated with positively ionized alkaline minerals.

Two of these hydroxyl ions can form a water molecule (H2O) and give off one oxygen atom. The alkaline mineral is used to detoxify poisonous acid compounds while supplying excess oxygen to the cells preventing the development of cancer.

Got Valuables? Hide Them Here

Subject: Safety Deposit Boxes

You wrote not to store valuables in a bank safety deposit box. It would be very helpful if you could give some thoughts on WHERE to put those valuables. I would really appreciate your advice. Thank you!!!


Dear Karen,

First, you should tell only one or two of your most trusted family members or friends that have valuables stashed. Remember the adage that “loose lips sink ships.” You should invest in a good security system for your home. This is true whether you keep much of value there or not. You should then invest in a fireproof safe and secure it in your home in a hidden location. That can be in the crawl space, the basement, the attic or a void in a closet or ceiling. There are also secret safes available. You can hollow out an inconspicuous book, place valuables in it and put the book on a shelf.

If you own property, you can bury your gold and silver in a waterproof container or containers somewhere on the property. Just be sure you can locate it again by placing it near a landmark or drawing a coded map for yourself that you then secret. You should spread out your stash so that your savings aren’t decimated should some of them be located by thieves. To better hide it, make the hole about 4 feet deep, place the gold and silver in the bottom of the hole, fill the hole almost to the top, then place a junk metallic object in the hole and cover it completely. That way, anyone with a metal detector will think the junk metal is what set off the detector.

You can place coins in the freezer in bags of vegetables or in coffee cans or plastic containers beneath frozen food. Just be creative.

Sadly, the reality is that no matter how clever you are at disguising a hiding place, a determined criminal with enough expertise and experience can find what he’s looking for. Your objective is to make it as difficult and time-consuming as possible.

Time is usually precious to a thief. The longer he is at risk of exposure, the more likely he will be caught. He wants to get the job done quickly and get the heck out of there. Make it as tough for him as possible to find your valuables and you’ll improve the odds that your goods will remain safe in your possession. It’s also a good idea to place a fake “stash” of $100 or so that the thief can find with a little effort. Once he starts looking, a thief wants to look until he finds something. This might encourage him to move on.

Best wishes,

Years Of War And We Have Not Learned A Thing

As we approach the 13th anniversary of the 9/11 attacks, it seems that despite the years, the thousands of military casualties, trillions of dollars spent and regime changes caused, we in the U.S. seem to have learned little and accomplished less.

On Sept. 13, 2001, Hillary Clinton proclaimed that, “Every nation has to either be with us, or against us. Those who harbor terrorists, or who finance them, are going to pay a price.” President George W. Bush proclaimed much the same thing, using almost the exact same words, to Congress a week later as he sought and obtained a use of force agreement from Congress that essentially gave him and subsequent presidents carte blanch to bomb whomever they chose, all in the name of fighting a “war on terror.” Funny, that “price” promised by Clinton and Bush apparently didn’t extend to our “ally” Saudi Arabia.

Soon after the invasion of Afghanistan in response to 9/11 — ostensibly to root out former CIA contract agent and U.S. ally (and Saudi Arabian national) Osama bin Laden (who we were told was responsible for the attacks) and unseat the Taliban that governed the country and harbored bin Laden — we were emphatically told by the Bush regime and the propaganda media that al-Qaida in Iraq and Saddam Hussein posed an “existential threat” to the U.S. and that Iraq possessed weapons of mass destruction. This was the imprimatur Bush and the neocons used to rally Congress and Americans to the cause of perpetual Middle East war and regime change wherever and whenever in order to “spread democracy.”

Anyone in the Middle East and the African continent suddenly became a potential target of U.S. bombers and drone strikes… all for “humanitarian” reasons or to fight “terrorists” — terrorists that, it turns out, the U.S. and its “allies” were arming and training all along.

“We had to attack them there before they attack us here,” was a common refrain uttered by the Bush regime, his proxies, the propaganda media and, sadly, most Americans. It made for great theater and even greater sleight of hand. All this on the basis of a false meme: that Saddam possessed weapons of mass destruction and there was a nexus between al-Qaida and Saddam. There was never a call to attack the real culprit: Saudi Arabia.

Saudi Arabia provided 15 of the 9/11 hijackers (if you believe the official “story” as told by Washington) and much of the funding for the operation. This has been reported by such august “official” publications as The New York Times, and others. More details of the Saudi involvement are also likely what’s found on the 28 redacted pages of the Joint Intelligence Committee Inquiry of 9/11 that Reps. Walter B. Jones (R-N.C.) and Stephen Lynch (D-Mass.) are trying to have declassified — information the two men called “shocking.”

For most of the 18 months following the Afghanistan invasion, all we heard from the Bush regime was a rallying cry to justify a war on Iraq. The resulting fearmongering, with an assist from an al-Qaida beheading video (Daniel Pearl), got Americans rousingly on board with the attack that commenced in March 2003.

The U.S. has been bombing ever since. It’s bombed wedding parties and birthdays in Pakistan and U.S. citizens in Yemen. In order to “save” citizens in Libya, it bombed them. It helped assassinate Moammar Gadhafi. “We came, we saw, he died,” Clinton yucked when she learned of Gadhafi’s death.

It’s bombed people in Mali, Somalia and Algeria. According to the Bureau for Investigative Journalism, the drone campaign had killed at least 2,400 innocent civilians — including hundreds of children — by January 2014. Tens of thousands more died in Libya from NATO (read U.S.) bombs.

The result was a power vacuum in a once peaceful country that’s left hundreds of thousands, if not millions, of Libyans dead or impoverished and caught in the crossfire of a sundry of militant groups vying for power. It also enabled the gunrunning operation through the Libyan consulate that got Ambassador Chris Stephens and three others killed.

Is anyone surprised that there are people in the world who bitterly hate the United States and its rulers?

Now ISIS, birthed by the U.S. in 2006 with an assist from Saudi Arabia and nurtured, aided and abetted by the U.S., Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Qatar and the United Arab Emirates, is the new terror brand for the military-industrial complex. They are, we are told, an existential threat to America. They are, we are told, massing on our Southern border. And they have, we are told, “beheaded” two journalists and untold other Syrians and Iraqis.

ISIS, we are told, is the greatest threat to America since Nazi Germany. Fact: ISIS has only about 10,000 to 20,000 fighters. Many of those are simply “joiners” who have no particular loyalty and signed on because they wanted to be on the “winning team.”

The American public, just recently weary of perpetual war and having last year staved off a neocon- and Obama-proposed U.S. attack on Syria — which would have benefited the very group of al-Qaida-linked terrorists that have since become or joined with ISIS — is now clamoring for war with ISIS. This clamor is fueled by two suspicious “beheading” videos, one of which has been proven as staged if not completely faked and the other suspicious in both its similarity to the first and the fact that it was initially released by the same group responsible for the release of the fake video blamed in the Benghazi narrative by the Obama regime. Those facts, coupled with James Foley’s ties to the CIA front group USAID, make the beheading videos suspicious and likely false flag events designed specifically for the purpose of agitating the American public for war.

It is very difficult to get any truth in America from the politicians or the controlled media.

It is risky to believe anything official. The art of war is that all warfare is based on deception and that rulers must cultivate the appearance of moral rightness in order to rally the people and persuade them to fight. It works!

The government of the United States has reasserted its power over the American people. It is now stronger, much stronger, because of the threat of a “terrorist” attack. This threat, we are told, comes from ISIS, which the U.S. created and funded, and which, if it’s on U.S. soil in any form is here because the Obama regime opened up the border and invited it in. And now we stand poised to start all over in Iraq. And some in Congress want to give the president sanction to bomb some more?

Deputy National Security Adviser Tony Blinken told CNN last week a new Iraq war would “probably go beyond even this administration to get to the point of defeat.” That means embarking on another Middle East misadventure without end.

The U.S. has been making war in the Middle East for 34 years. It’s enriched the globalists and the military-industrial complex, impoverished the people and earned the U.S. great, well-deserved enmity.

I want to candidly remind you that governments — all governments — need crisis, no matter how much lip service they give to the idea of “peace.” Crisis is a well-known Machiavellian strategy to gain and solidify political power and persuade public opinion.

Crisis provides the stage where governments can control all sides. At least they can arrange events to “naturally” unfold. Governments must have scapegoats and phony enemies. The people must have perceived threats to their security, and so naturally government is there to “protect.”

Governments must have enemies to the extent that they finance them. There can be no military budgets without perceived enemies.

Don’t be fooled again. The U.S. has nothing to gain by entering an Islamist religious war. When will the American people learn?

Another Economics Lesson For The Statists

Not even a government monopoly can overcome basic economics.

Lured by the promise of federal subsidies (read “free” money), school systems across the country went all in on the Michelle Obama pet project National School Lunch Program’s Healthy Hunger-Free Kids Act that posed strict limits on calories, fat, sugar, carbohydrates and sodium in school lunches and also limited the types of snacks available and foods served at other school activities. As was usual with the collectivists, we were told it was all about the children: particularly, childhood obesity.

School lunch programs and vending machines have long been cash cows for school systems. The more “needy” children that schools could recruit into their “free” or “reduced” lunch programs with the lure of two or three “hots” a day, the more federal largess the school districts received. Vending machines peddling Twinkies, Ding-Dongs, chocolate bars and sodas could pull in incomes of five figures in a single year. Bake sale fundraisers typically pulled in hundreds more to help fund extracurricular activities.

But it turns out kids don’t want what Obama is peddling. School districts have seen a sharp decline in school lunch participation and a sharp increase in school waste. The lost sales have school cafeterias struggling to make ends meet. The end of fundraisers has restricted extra activities the kids could pursue.

According to a survey by the School Nutrition Association (SNA), about 25 percent of school lunch programs have lost money for the past six months because of the new Obama-inspired menus. In New York, more than 75 percent of school districts are losing money because of the new federal lunch and snack regulations, Todd Fowler, food service director at the Bloomfield and Canandaigua schools told The Henrietta Post.

The SNA reports that statistics from the U.S. Department of Agriculture show a decline in student lunch participation in 49 states since the new standards took effect. Millions of kids are now shunning school lunches.

“The students are clearly voting with their pocket book,” Warren Consolidated Schools Superintendent Robert Livernois told the EAGNews.com. “What I see down the road, as these regulations become stiffer, is our paying customers continuing to vote with their wallet and going elsewhere for their meals.”

Livernois said federal regulations are creating a two-tiered school lunch scenario in which poor children are forced to eat the school lunch while others bring food from home. “I see the program morphing into a free and reduced meal program,” he said.

In last week’s economic lesson, statists were taught how confiscatory taxes and burdensome regulations drive businesses out of the country to more business-friendly climes. This week’s lesson is that to be successful, a business must provide a desirable product.

Long-time readers know that I have long been an advocate for healthy eating. But as history has shown, not even government can force a product on an unwilling public for long. And in yet more typical government program double-speak, the Healthy Hunger-Free Kids Act has resulted in exactly what its name implied it would prevent.