Insurance Companies Are Money Motivated. Duh…

Have you wondered why the insurance companies wouldn’t be the very first to embrace alternative therapies? Instead, they support the medical monopoly 100 percent. They pay for death benefits, that is for drugs and everything that will kill you, instead of natural alternatives that cure and heal at a very low cost.

Why? The answer is money. How? The cost of conventional medicine is skyrocketing and insurance premiums are correspondingly rising out of sight. So, the higher the cost, the higher the premium income becomes to the health insurers.

Come now, if they got involved with alternative therapies, they would kill the medical cartel and their own profits. On the contrary, they have a vested interest in noncures and research that is forever looking and never finding.

They don’t insure for “health care.” They insure for premiums and profits.

These revered and respectable institutions are merchants of death. Only in America!

Example: Nationwide Billboard Campaign

“Love Them”
“Protect Them”
“Immunize Them”

Do you get it? The sign is cleverly equating loving and protecting your children with immunizing them.

This is a perfect example of subtle persuasion where the public is fed two positives to get them to automatically accept something against their best interest.

The billboard is a sales pitch for vaccines and the pharmaceuticals.

The Germ Theory of Disease

The germ theory of disease is a foolish hoax created by Louis Pasteur. It is a notion of nonsense that has confused millions of people and made billions for the pharmaceuticals with vaccines and tens of thousands of drugs or over-the-counter preparations.

If one person in society should die of a “contagious disease,” the whole world population would expire.

Well, what about the flu epidemic shortly after World War I that killed 80 million people worldwide? According to the germ theory of disease, this flu should have killed everyone on earth. Of course, it didn’t and some people died in the same household where others did not. Why did this so-called “infectious disease” not infect the entire world population?

The answer is that disease is born of us and in us. If our immune system is strong and healthy, we could sleep with people dying with “contagious disease” and never even get sick. What a relief this is to know, but how difficult it is to get people to believe!

The germ theory of disease is nothing in the world but a commercial enterprise.

Disease comes from within. When the body is overly fatigued with excess stress, toxins and malnutrition, there is a breakdown of immunity.

A person’s nutritional status and hydration level is the prime determinant of health. Disease comes from within!

Poor Moms

We have reported to you for several years the very high risk of Hormone Replacement Therapy (HRT). In the United States, hormone replacement therapy or HRT simply means prescription for synthetic estrogen.

So-called estrogen therapy has probably caused the death of more women than wars (since the Civil War) have killed men. And it’s still going on with the blessings of the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) in spite of years of scientific evidence that HRT causes cancer and heart attacks.

Even after The Journal of the American Medical Association published that HRT grossly increases the risk of many types of cancers and heart attacks, still leading gynecologists around the country are prescribing synthetic estrogen. Many have stated that they would continue HRT.

Can the death of tens of thousands of women on the altar of conventional medicine be justified any more than the murder of young men in war? Just because HRT is called medical treatment it does not, in any way or under any pretense, justify murder.

And the fact that both the women and their doctors are ignorant of what they are doing does not change the charge of murder. Realism is rare in our Orwellian world.

The phrase “My doctor told me,” may be the most seductive and dangerous phrase in the English language for our moms. God bless ‘em, why won’t they read? It’s only their life!

Inexpensive and simple modalities cry out for prevention and reversal of cancer. Most doctors will not agree to any treatment unless it is prescription drugs. Follow the money!

Balanced nutrition plus natural progesterone supplementation not only can prevent cancer but actually reverses pre-malignant cells as well as diagnosed cancer.

What is balanced nutrition? As applied to cancer, it is natural complexes such as folic acid (folate), vitamin A, C and E. These should not be isolated synthetics. Folate is crucial in prevention and returning early cancer cells back to normal cells.

Folic acid is also very important in protecting blood vessels against the damage from the amino acid homocysteine that leads to heart disease.

Hormone Therapy: Synthetic estrogen “therapy” leads to estrogen dominance and cancer. What can be done to counteract this? The answer is natural progesterone.

Cancer is systemic. This means that when we have cancer, we have it all over. This, of course, makes surgery a cruel joke. We have cancer at all ages because of malfunctions of our biochemistry, mostly due to bad diet and widespread synthetic estrogen therapy.

How many women would have a hysterectomy if their surgeon called it what it is—female castration. And did your doctor tell you that without your ovaries, you are at a higher than normal risk for both osteoporosis and heart disease—a far greater threat than ovarian cancer.

The power of the medical monopoly in the United States rests in omission as well as commission.

The commission of malpractice is the overmedication with synthetic estrogen—the very same estrogen used to fatten beef cattle and also used in birth control pills. The omission is not educating patients on the very great importance of natural progesterone therapy.

The central and fundamental cause of the cancer epidemic in the United States is estrogen dominance in the human system. This is caused by widespread synthetic estrogen therapy on women as well as saturation of food and fiber with xenoestrogens, (pronounced “zeno estrogens”); i.e., bad synthetic estrogens in all kinds of household and commercial chemicals.

Estrogen dominance applies to all ages both female and male as well as all children. This is a great source to feed the cancer industry. Who is telling this story to the American people?

The answer for estrogen dominance is balanced nutrition as discussed above and persistent and ongoing use of natural progesterone by women and men. We emphasize natural progesterone, not artificial progestin (prescription medicine).

Establishment medicine knows exactly what is stated above. Their problem is that natural progesterone is not a patented drug and not under the police power of the FDA. Therefore, as the knowledge of the serious therapeutic benefits of natural progesterone becomes generally known, we can expect natural progesterone to become limited and controlled by prescription.

Natural progesterone is for both men and women as it produces no secondary sex characteristics. It causes neither feminization nor masculinization. Its most basic role appears to be as a precursor of the natural production of virtually all of the other adrenal steroids, including cortisone, androstenedione, testosterone, and the natural estrogens—estrone, estradiol and estriol.

Both sexes begin to lose their natural production of progesterone around age 40. Just look at the difference! Synthetic estrogen causes obesity, blood clots, strokes, epilepsy, uterine fibroids, fibrocystic breast, breast and uterine cancer, PMS, osteoporosis, depression and emotional breakdown, water retention, decreased libido, irregular and/or excessive menstrual bleeding, craving for sweets and excess deposition of fat—especially around the hips and thighs.

The medical excuse for overprescribing synthetic estrogen is to prevent osteoporosis and heart disease in women after menopause. Unbelievable considering the danger of it is killing in so many other ways.

Estrogen does not stop or reverse osteoporosis and the progestins in HRT could give you a heart attack. After years of touting estrogen as a heart protector, it has been discounted in the medical community.

Natural progesterone on the other hand has many positive benefits for both males and females at all ages. These include water metabolism (especially excretion of water and sodium), increasing libido, balancing thyroid function, assisting in the metabolism of fat for energy, helping cells use oxygen, stimulating bone growth. Natural progesterone does reverse osteoporosis causing the actual regeneration of bone tissue. There is absolutely no doubt about this.

Progesterone protects against strokes and excellent studies show natural progesterone to be a heart protective. Progesterone inhibits atherogenesis—or the formation of plaque-building cholesterol—and these plaque deposits can eventually can lead to the blockages that cause a heart attack.

In summary, the cancer crisis is directly related to unopposed synthetic estrogen dominance. The answer is balanced nutrition and especially natural progesterone for males and females at all ages.

You Have A Right To Remain Silent

Historically, the legal principal “You have a right to remain silent” has had great protective benefits in protecting one’s civil and criminal rights at law.

Did I say civil? Yes, because trickery is involved. Civil investigations compel testimony against one’s self—testimonies which are later used for criminal charges. In short, authorities use civil investigations—courtesy of your testimony (confessions)—to build a criminal case against you.

Sounds like the old Star Chamber, where in olden days one was tortured into confession and then tortured to death because of his confession.

We now live in a welfare state—euphemism for fascism and cover name democracy. The term “democracy” is no doubt the most complete deception in modern times. Never mind the politicians and bureaucrats, the most intelligent minds of our world have bought this facade called democracy hook, line and sinker.

The power of stated propaganda is most disturbing. Democracy is nothing more than benevolent totalitarianism. Don’t take this word benevolent too seriously. It simply means that you get social security and food stamps if you will live on “the animal farm” and confess to Big Brother all your sins.

I am just trying to tell you that you are a part of the herd. The only way out of the herd is to first recognize that you are in it. What does this mean? It means that you are on one side and the government and its politicians and bureaucrats are on the other. No, they don’t want you to know this or they would lose control—we have bigger numbers but massive propaganda makes the difference in the balance of power. The government “pays” for everything with the money they print.

Yes, they manipulate your mind against your best interest from cradle to grave. They convince you to eat foods and take vaccinations that will kill you and your children. They create wars of human sacrifice under benevolent terms like patriotism. They set up a Gestapo and call it “homeland security.”

Artifices of deception are almost everything you read and hear. We will never get off the animal farm until we recognize the facade of democracy and the absolute despotism behind it.

Aging is a Drying-Out Disease

For some reason, seniors drink less water as they get older and move less. And since they take so many drugs, this compounds their dehydration, especially with the taking of so many antihistamines. Antihistamines block hydration—leading to acidic blood and the masking of pain. What we mistake as pain and disease is really chronic cellular dehydration.

Seniors do not drink enough water to dilute and dispose of acid waste, greatly contributing to the aging process. Add to this a lack of exercise and acid buildup in the tissues, overloading the lymphatic system. Dehydration over time leads to chronic acid/alkaline imbalance (over acidity) causing chronic disease.

Increased water consumption contributes to alkalinity simply by expelling, diluting and washing out acidity. The diet of American people is highly acidic. Health is restored when diet is returned to 80/20 (alkaline/acidity ratio) coupled with rehydration. Rehydration by itself causes health miracles but added to an 80 percent alkaline diet, health benefits grow exponentially. The more alkaline your diet, the more rapid your improvement will be.

Low oxygen levels come with acidity. To contract an infection, our internal environment has to be acidic. Wouldn’t you guess that this is why some people develop colds and flu when others don’t in the same environment? The medical establishment is confusing symptoms with disease. Disease arises within and develops from an acid and dehydrated environment.

Overacidity and dehydration are the basic causes of all sickness and disease. It is the root cause of aging.

Make no mistake about it, the people selling drugs will never tell you this and they certainly don’t tell their medical students and doctors. And thank God the medical mafia can’t stop this rehydration because it’s as FREE as water. Seniors, start drinking eight glasses of water a day (with a 1/4 teaspoon of sea salt for each quart of water you drink) and get up and start walking. Sitting, by itself, will flat out kill you.

Americans eat too much animal protein which is acidic. Here there is a great need for calcium to neutralize the acid. The body always tries to return to an alkaline state the only way that it can by withdrawing calcium from the bones.

Take your daily calcium and check your saliva and urine pH. Your pH balance (7.365 pH) is the foundation for health and restored health. It’s a good idea to take a mineral supplement with the eight-glasses-a-day water therapy.

Agents of Change

Battle for the mind: How they do it. Any religion that has group identity is by definition an organized religion. Religion prescribes parameters of thought and religion prescribes thought. There are few exceptions to this.

Governments desire organized or group identity religion because they can be manipulated without any awareness by the group.

Religion is in general “tax exempt” because organized religion is pro-government and pro-authority. Any group has group thought and group expression. All individuals become faceless and mindless.

To the extent that one is a group member, to that extent that person surrenders individual identity or ego. The group is first step authority.

The more organizations that authority can get the people involved in, the easier the control and manipulation because all groups espouse altruism. (see below)

Group identity can be any religious group, any fraternal group either secret or open, and any social group.

What about Christianity?

Christianity is a personal and individual religion anathema to organized religious and regimented “spiritual” systems.

The stronger the groups appeal, the more one can be led into and deceived by altruism and altruistic appeals.

Governments strive to move humanity from the ego or self to the group — the foundation of government deception and power.

  1. They use controlled media
  2. “Public education”
  3. Organized religion
  4. Fraternal organization (both secret and open)
  5. Many, many subgroups — see “Occult Theocracy”
  6. Charities

Organizations impress upon one’s psychic concepts pseudo “facts” that are unprovable and have no foundation in fact but are accepted as an absolute generation after generation. The same is foolish to the individualist who by nature or who has a natural inclination to inquire into anything without inhibitions.

As one loses his/her identity to group thought, then he/she becomes manipulated by phony altruistic pronouncements of politicians and authority. This is to say when one loses self he is transferred to group thought. We are one or the other.

Altruism is a morality based on the philosophical premise that man lives for the sake of others… that man’s life and property are available for sacrifice to “higher causes, e.g., the common good the public interest, society, the needy, the world, God, country.”

In practice, it’s who will sacrifice whom. You guessed it. It’s the non-producer political power transferring the wealth, production and the public will to itself. They do this with great ease once they instill Altruism in the public mind with the group concept.

Competent people who act on reality have gone underground in these latter days of political suppression. They are fully aware that hyper-individualism now, though not coded, is tantamount to crime against the state.

What about Warren Buffet and Bill Gates? They certainly understand capitalism and the accumulation of wealth, but they well know to bow their knee to Baal with their espousal of charities and social dispensations, as Bill Gates heavy involvement in vaccination in Africa. Do they know that they are appeasing authority or are they mind-altered with Altruism?

Possession of ones’ ego is to live in reality. The ego is the self and means individuality. The common use of the word ego implies vanity, but our use here simply means the ultra-expression of the individual as opposed to the group.

Group dynamics promotes altruism and a mind locked out of reality. It’s a long road back and few arrive except those few who will read the right material without reservations or bias.

Groups socialize and dehumanize. Communication fails between husband and wife, between neighbors, between professional associates, etc., etc., in direct relation to group influences and their degree of altruism.

Authority abhors individuality. It is the destruction of the individual over time that has moved us to the fascist state.

Think Nazi torchlight parades. Herr Hitler used the morality of altruism with his “higher good” to which anything and everything should be sacrificed for the “National Will.”