Testosterone—Manpower! The Elixir of Youth!

There are drugs and synthetics—but what men over 40 need is testosterone. Doctors are quick to confuse steroids with natural testosterone.

Aging diminishes male testosterone. It can and should be replenished on a consistent basis. There is 5 percent cream and patches available from compounding pharmacies by prescription.

Besides the restoration of sexual power, testosterone therapy is proven treatment for cardiovascular and circulatory diseases.

Testosterone is an element essential for the existence and continuance of life.

The following are quotes and extracts from Testosterone Treatment of Cardiovascular Diseases by J. Moller of Copenhagen, Denmark: (Broda Barnes Foundation)

  • There is absolute clinical proof of the positive effects of testosterone on circulation.
  • There is definite improvement in patients with impaired carbohydrate metabolism as shown by a decrease in plasma glucose levels.
  • Dr. Charles D. Kochakian, as far back as 1951, demonstrated an improvement in nitrogen balance due to testosterone treatment. This is fundamental for the effect of testosterone on cardiovascular disease (CVD).
  • Testosterone has a cholesterol-lowering effect.
  • Testosterone therapy has an anti-diabetic effect counteracting the effect of insulin resistance and the improvement of retinopathy.
  • W. Meyer Molleringhof (1964) showed improvement in patients with angina pectoris after injections of testosterone.
  • Treated CVD patients show normalization of ECG abnormalities.
  • Claudication (leg pain) patients had longer walking distances, gangrene healed and angina pectoris symptoms disappeared after three months of testosterone treatment.
  • The testosterone level correlated negatively with blood glucose levels in all subjects.
  • Aging and the deterioration of biological functions can be greatly and positively modified with ongoing testosterone therapy.
  • There is considerable evidence to support the results observed with testosterone therapy. The theory supported by modern endocrinology, physiology, biology and cardiology, that cardiovascular disease (CVD) must be considered to be the result of a disordered metabolism within the cell. While the natural progress of life cannot be altered, the administration of transdermal testosterone makes it possible to intervene in cases where this progress has become accelerated. The use of testosterone can improve the status of an afflicted circulatory system and has saved thousands of patients from amputation, gangrene, angina symptoms and disability. Transdermal topical skin application of testosterone cream has saved many lives.
  • The plague of male impotency can greatly be naturally relieved. Women need only 10 percent as much testosterone supplementation as males. Who among us can’t rub on a little transdermal cream daily?

Caveat: People with prostate cancer should not use testosterone.

Modern Warfare Arrives!

Modern warfare arrives with two dimensions. One is still the old war machine and the prizes and prestige still go to the one that has the biggest and most guns.

But modern warfare is seductively esoteric. I will describe it. It goes directly to the psychic

  • It is almost totally invisible to the natural eye.
  • It is almost totally invisible to the human spirit.
  • It cannot be measured and calculated by the human I.Q. because it operates above the threshold of intelligence.
  • It is an organism that suppresses the human intellect.
  • It is not a phenomenon that the natural mind can confront and deal with.
  • But it can be discerned by those prolific readers with background information.

When one comes to understand this cause of human motivation, all frivolity is stripped away and the Emperor has no clothes.

Within the world ruling elite is a death cult. These are simply humanoids who do not reproduce themselves and they worship death. They love warfare and killing. They want to spill blood. “Some men love death more than they love life because their deeds are evil.” John 3:19.

They have survived through the ages and they are modern-day throw backs of Old Testament animal sacrifices. They love death more than they love life.

But the second type of warfare can only be described as above. Let’s expand: The modern-day political and economic arena is a stage and a front for socialism. It is called many things such as democracy, representative government, and a few diehards occasionally refer to modern America as a Republic.

These names (democracy, etc.,) are foolish and child-like frivolity. They are fog, not substance. Their purpose is to cloud the mind and reality.

There are many serious and honest economists and analysts who are very astute at reading the circus of American politics and economics. Many of them, like Marc Faber, see very clearly that the so-called financial and economic “solutions” to the current credit crisis (really a dollar crisis) are made to fail. In fact the bailout “solutions” will move the system further toward collapse.

A thought here on psychological warfare: Since the American system poses as an “open society” with a “free press,” there is the pretension to allow open debate, but only on spurious issues. The effect is that as long as the issues are not real or are spurious they are welcomed and promoted as open debate and commentary. The people do not have a clue that all public commentary is spurious.

Shakespeare wrote in As You Like It, “All the world’s a stage.”

What then is the issue that even very savvy commentators fail to understand or even mention?

The problem is that all of them are trying to see and understand the American system as free enterprise when in fact it has been socialist for a hundred years.

“The world is governed by very different personages from what is imagined.” —Benjamin Disraeli.

This is a most sensational testimony of the power of naming government systems something that they are not and imposing it on the public mind and psyche by a long process of “public education” and highly sophisticated and organized propaganda on a world-wide basis. There has never been an equal and even at this moment it is more powerful than ever, deceiving more people than ever.

Socialism in America today is seen as a raving success because its hidden handlers call it by other names. Hitler indeed made an attempt to call Nazi Germany “the great democracy.” Through his effort to put a pretty face on an ugly system, he certainly must have understood the propaganda significance of the sensational power of people persuasion with names, fronts, and high-sounding human freedom terms.

Alas, for the record, you historians will not, I hope, see national socialism as any different from American democracy today or even at the time of World War II when the two (U.S. and Germany) were locked into mortal combat.

In fact, except for their different names bestowed upon each by their hidden elite masters, they are more identical than identical twins. The bad guys versus the good guys propaganda was meaningless and ridiculous but served well to drive millions to their deaths on all sides as well as motivated parents to sacrifice their young in total ignorance of reality.

All is a disgrace before God, as my mother used to say, that the human race will allow itself generation after generation to be twisted and perverted like animals to the slaughter and precious few ever question “why” about anything.

In fact the more learned and “educated,” the less capacity to think outside the prescribed system.

Few ever conclude that the system that they grew up in is neither legal nor illegal as taught by the system itself. It is manipulated fraud in which the owners of the system do not live within their own law but above the law. The law is for you! Things may not be nice just because they have a pretty face.

The major combatants of World War II were identical, making the Nuremberg Trials a sham and a disgraceful spectacle. Of course this perspective bears directly on the current financial crisis.

The world systems hide their dirty deeds by hiding the issues. They don’t dare let the real issues arise. All kinds of stupid and meaningless debates are fostered to throw sand in the eyes of the uninitiated. This satisfies the people that they are in the know because they saw it on Bloomberg. My friends, it is the esoteric that runs the system. Frustrate not yourself with crass frivolity and ridiculous drivel. This nonsense is for the crowd who loves deception and who gets mad at the truth.

Back to the issue of World War II, for it is the issue today: WorldWar II was prosecuted and carried out with fiat paper money on all sides. It would never have happened otherwise.

There would have never been any Hitler Germany or four-term Franklin Roosevelt without paper money. This should have been the issue at the Nuremberg Trials with all sides on trial as equal defendants, including the money creators. This issue was oblivious to everyone without exception at the Nuremberg Trials. These deceptions carry forward to generation after generation.

It carries to this very day as it lies at the heart of the so-called “debt bailout.” This drama could not be more deceptive or more satanic. It is difficult to find a nice or polite word to fit any of this monumental fraud and deception.

This is the grandstand and easily qualifies as fraud, theft, and deception without historical precedent.

Here is what has happened to the American people: The money creators, the Federal Reserve, and the U.S. Treasury as symbiotic partners, are creating non-substance (fiat money) and “buying” (stealing) substance with it.

Has anyone wondered why “Federal money” never gives out? As admitted in Congressional testimony and in Federal Reserve publications, the Federal money creators can create any amount of “money.” Of course this money is non-substance fiat. It is imaginary numbers that appear either on green pieces of paper called dollars, or as computer symbols.

The key word to describe fiat non-substance is infinity. This imaginary money system can be created to infinity and indeed is on its way. The American people (and the world) believe that this non-substance is real money. This is an exercise in an unbelievable and unimaginable delusion that is accepted by the mind as real.

This is socialism at its most perfect creation and it is doing exactly socialism’s work of transferring the wealth and savings of the American people to the state without payment.

My friends, you may have title to your home, your savings, and your accumulated wealth but the state is the owner without compensation to you.

Why? Everything that you “own” is denominated in fiat U.S. dollars. As the Fed creates fiat to buy up America (euphemism for bailout), the nominal dollar ownership of your property diminishes. This system allows no escape from its fiat. Remember I said that if you buried your pile of fiat 40 miles deep in a concrete vault, the Fed system can diminish your purchasing power and real savings by simply multiplying the dollars (numbers) in circulation.

The Fed is creating fiat to buy up (bailout) the American bankrupt system. All this wealth flows to the system for FREE without payment. This dilution of fiat money equally diminishes your personal savings and retirements.

What about this scenario causing a huge government debt? Listen and read closely my friends. Remember the key word used above to describe the nature of fiat creation? That key word is infinity. This word defies, voids, and cancels the word debt. Now how can the system have debt (as advertised and propagandized) when it creates fiat money to infinity as revealed in the Federal Reserves’s own publications.

Debt implies that there are limits to money and spending. This applies to government at all levels except the Federal Government. Debt is not a concept that can be applied to Fed Government so-called accounting. This is one of the system’s deep dark secrets. The whole Federal System is a fiat paper Ponzi.

What Should You Do?

Stop thinking conventional thoughts. They are not your own. If you will digest completely what is in Personal Liberty Digest or subscribe to The Bob Livingston Letter, you will be catapulted into the real world. You will not spend your life with frivolity and off point. In fact this column should alert you to know how far from reality you really are and have been.

Preserve your labor, savings and retirement with gold and silver in your possession.

You will know what to do with your precious metals when the time comes, and it will come.

Precious metals don’t pay interest, you say? This is conventional thinking backed by the paper money myth. Gold and silver are the only real money in existence. They are real money as well as intrinsic wealth. Moreover, gold and silver appreciate in purchasing power as paper money depreciates. That is your real interest.

All understanding of hard money has been lost down the memory hole of the fiat paper world money regime.

I am proud to be an American but I know that my government and my country have been stolen by the money creators.

Vitamin D3 and Ultraviolet Therapy

If I knew that I had cancer of any kind or any other intractable disease, I would think first about detoxification of my blood. Life is in the blood.

I believe that the benefits of ultraviolet therapy—detoxification of the blood—can be received through massive doses of vitamin D3 daily. Even a short-term loading dose of 50,000 units per day for a week should be considered (under medical supervision). It is not toxic but uninformed people will tell you that it is.

The shortest route to blood detoxification would be ultraviolet sterilization. It is also called blood irradiation or photoluminescence. The alternative doctor draws a small amount of blood, places it for a few seconds under UV light and then re-injects it into the patient. The history of this procedure and its success goes back to the 1920s, according to Jonathan V. Wright, M.D.

Now, of course, any alternative success which is not under the controlled medical system is forbidden and risks the medical license of those doctors who actually put their patients’ health first. I myself had photoluminescence treatments and I think they were beneficial to me and others that I witnessed.

The doctor was well aware of the risk from the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) et al. He would remove his equipment at night from his office in case of a raid.

Let me inject here that doctors—or anyone else—do not come into conscious reality until and unless they have inquiring minds and never, never cease questioning the modus operandi of "authority." One must always suspect that money and power motivates authority, and the very last thing would be an interest in the welfare of the public.

Now my doctor (can’t reveal his name) was savvy about alternative medicine. I would drive a few hundred miles to see him. But like so many intelligent people, he had a black hole in his thinking. He served a Federal sentence for "failing to file and pay his income tax." He protested his income tax on the grounds of refusing to "support the Vietnam War."

Come now, would any of you have been so foolish? I hope not.

The truth is that the Vietnam War and all wars were and are funded with NOTHING— called fiat. There is no such thing as income tax funding anything. This is the big deception and my good well-meaning doctor went to jail. How sad! I said nothing as this subject goes beyond the parameters of conventional thought. He would not have understood that fiat means that there is no payment, only exchange simulating payment.

As long as we believe that fiat is money, we will be grossly deceived. We cannot know reality.

The Need for Natural Progesterone

The great need for natural progesterone for women has become acute in the last 50 years because of the widespread use of hormone replacement therapy (HRT) prescribed by physicians, causing estrogen dominance. HRT is synthetic and it leads to cancer and death. It is still widely prescribed in spite of the fact that synthetic estrogens cause blood clots, strokes, epilepsy and heart attacks, and is a source of breast and uterine cancer.

Natural progesterone levels begin to decrease around age 35 and the decrease is associated with many health problems. These mostly affect women, and include: uterine fibroids, fibrocystic breast, breast and uterine cancer, PMS, osteoporosis, depression, water retention, decreased libido, irregular and/or excessive menstrual bleeding, cravings for sweets and excess deposition of fat, especially around the hips and thighs. Estrogen dominance and progesterone deficiency promotes these conditions.

The remedy for progesterone deficiency is natural progesterone cream. The many great benefits of natural progesterone include anti-aging, increases body supply of oxygen, improves circulation, improves brain structure and function, helps regulate edema, prevents PMS, promotes pregnancy, increases libido, assistance in the metabolism of fat for energy, increases oxygen to the cells and stimulates bone growth. Progesterone normalizes the immune system and is very effective in autoimmune problems.

Progesterone is a major regulator of estrogen and is the most versatile hormone in the human body. It is very important for both women and men as it causes neither feminization nor masculinization. Use only natural progesterone cream, about one-quarter teaspoon per day for men and women.

Census Workers Marking GPS Coordinates of U.S. Homes

The United States Constitution calls for an enumeration (census) to be taken every 10 years to determine the number of representatives each state will send to Congress. The next one is set to begin on April 1, 2010.

But census workers are already on the streets of America, and they’re doing more than just seeking the number of people in each household. They’re tasked with marking the Global Positioning System (GPS) coordinates of every house in America.

According to the U.S. Census Bureau website, “This GPS technology allows us to reduce the amount of time spent by census workers in locating addresses while increasing productivity. Most importantly, by adding a GPS coordinate to each housing unit, the Census Bureau is able to ensure that residents are counted in the right location. This is important as the data are used to apportion congressional representation and used to draw redistricting lines.”

But the idea of mapping GPS coordinates for every front door in America reeks of Big Brother intrusion. And it’s just a continuation of Big Brother Government’s efforts to compile more and more data on each individual.

Already the census goes far beyond its Constitutional charter of counting the population. Census forms ask intimate questions that are not the government’s business.

Information such as income, description of your property, whether you have running water, a shower or bathtub, type of heating system, the type of fees you have to pay in your community, rental or mortgage payment amounts, education level, whether you have insurance, whether you have a disability, how you get to work and much more is requested on some forms. All of it beyond the scope of what our Founders had in mind when they set up the enumeration.

All that information is great for pencil-pushing, snooping bureaucrats and newspaper editors writing statistical stories. But it’s much too much information for the government to have on its citizens.

Now comes the GPS coordinates as a further intrusion. As blogger Douglas V. Gibbs wrote on his American Daily Review, “GPS coordinates of your front door will make it easier for the government to monitor you. The U.S. Census Bureau is simply an excuse—a harmless-looking means of obtaining the front door coordinates. The creation of GPS coordinates for front doors has nothing to do with the Census, in all honesty, no matter how much the United States Government tries to convince you that it does.

“Why would the U.S. Government desire the exact location of your front door to be entered into their GPS data base when they already have the location of your home in the system?” Gibbs asked.

How’s this for a scenario? With the military stretched thin by fighting a two-front war, what’s going to happen in the case of a national emergency?

Gibbs posits that perhaps United Nations troops, many non-English speaking and certainly unfamiliar with U.S. communities, would use them to locate the neighborhoods they are required to police or the houses of people they are sent to take into custody.

Certainly foreign troops would be more willing than U.S. soldiers to quell an uprising of U.S. citizens fed up with an increasingly socialist/fascist government.

And who can forget the scenes of smart bombs and tomahawk missiles, guided by GPS coordinates, going through the windows and doors of buildings during the invasion of Iraq?

Who thinks this is what the Founding Fathers had in mind when they wrote the census into the Constitution?