The Constitution in Exile by Judge Andrew P. Napolitano

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Almost since its adoption in July 1789, the U.S. Constitution—the oldest continuously effective written constitution in the world—has been under assault by presidents, Congress and errant decisions handed down by Supreme Court justices.

That’s the view of Judge Andrew P. Napolitano in his book, The Constitution in Exile.

Napolitano, the senior judicial analyst for Fox News Channel, New Jersey judge and legal professor and talk radio co-host, describes what the founders envisioned when they wrote the constitution. He explains Natural Law—that rights are endowed by a Creator, not by government—and what that idea meant to the Founders and should mean to us today. He describes Natural Law’s opposite—Positivisim—which is the idea that the law is whatever those in power say it is.

And, Napolitano lists and describes the 18 enumerated powers granted to government by the constitution and what each of them means, as well as the purpose behind the inclusion of the Bill of Rights.

He writes:

“In establishing our system of separate powers, checks and balances, and federalism, the Founders limited Congress—and thus the will of Positivists—to eighteen specific, enumerated, and delegated powers. Those three words are important. Specific means something that is definite or explicitly set forth. Enumerated refers to things that are listed individually by their identifying characteristics. Delegated refers to a power that has been assigned by one party another.

“The Founders did this to create a system of government in which power is diffused between the states and the central government and diffused further within the central government. State sovereignty is maintained; and because governmental power was not concentrated anywhere, individual liberty is protected…”

The judge takes the reader on a legal course through American history outlining the first assault that began with the Judiciary Act of 1789, passed by the Federalist-controlled Congress, and the effects the 1800 presidential election had on the makeup of the federal judiciary.

After Thomas Jefferson defeated John Adams for the presidency, the Federalist-controlled Congress created 42 additional judgeships and then Adams appointed Federalist John Marshall as chief justice of the Supreme Court.

Jefferson voided the appointment of the “Midnight Judges” and one of them, William Marbury, sued directly to the Supreme Court. Two years later, after much legal wrangling over Marbury’s suit, the Supreme Court ruled that portions of the Judiciary Act of 1789 were unconstitutional and Marbury had sued in the wrong court.

That result made it appear as if Marshall was in favor of limiting Congress’ powers to those enumerated. But future decisions by Marshall and his court showed his desire was to centralize power, and Napolitano covers the individual cases and what they meant.

Napolitano also covers the Federalism of Abraham Lincoln and how his unconstitutional actions before and during the Civil War further centralized power, and how Lincoln’s actions affected the Constitution.

The next great assault on the Constitution came from Franklin Delano Roosevelt’s New Deal and Roosevelt’s threat and then his attempt to stack the court or alter its very makeup. And Napolitano covers that era in great detail.

Included in that era is the beginning of the use of the Constitution’s “Commerce Clause” to grant Congress the power to regulate almost everything, a ploy that continues apace to this day.

And then there is the assault on freedom known as the USA PATRIOT Act, passed by Congress and signed into law by George W. Bush while the rubble of 9/11 still smoldered.

“The PATRIOT Act is the most unpatriotic of the things that the Bush administration and this Congress could have visited upon us,” Napolitano writes. “When then-Attorney General John Ashcroft advocated before the House Judiciary Committee, he said, in effect, ‘we need the powers under this PATRIOT Act. We need them so badly—there are so many bad people out there we need to prosecute—that there isn’t enough time to debate it.’”

And without debate it passed.

Among other things, the USA PATRIOT Act effectively voided the Fourth Amendment and gave federal agents and local police the authority to write their own search warrants and serve them without the intervention of a judge. Such a thing would be anathema to the Founders.

This book is written in the plain, easy to understand language that Napolitano uses every day on Fox and on his radio show. It’s a roadmap of the assaults hoisted upon our Constitution, and hence our freedoms, throughout the 200-plus years of that great document’s existence.

Among other things, The Constitution in Exile shows that the power grab going on today is not new, but rather is the culmination of many years of assaults led by those who believe that government knows best.

Who Among Us Doesn’t Want Law and Order?

How have we evolved into a faceless people? How did we become politically correct?

Sometimes, when I get galled and tired from the tasks of the day, I watch the national news. What do the newscasters really say? What news do they really tell us in America?

I am duly impressed by how articulate they are and how they never say anything. They are trained icons at having NO OPINION.

It’s my conclusion that to be politically correct and socially acceptable in America is to be a faceless people. Just have no opinion.

Oh yes, we can master the King’s English as long as we don’t say anything. Does this remind us of the three monkeys who “See no evil, hear no evil and speak no evil?”

This is modern America, faceless and soulless. Scripture suggests that we are neither hot nor cold and that God spews us out. (Rev. 3:15-19) So how do we learn? How do we approach reality?

I have my own rules. My rule—and I have taught this to my children—is to believe just the opposite of government and political pronouncements. This is the most direct route to sobriety and a peek at the real world.

The system can thrive with no opinion. With this syndrome, “they” can milk us and shear us and keep us on the animal farm. We are as docile and obedient as cattle.  We can be intellectual giants and, as far as practical reality, be complete idiots.

But what if our inner soul begins to suspect disharmony of and disgust with the monotony of the system and the sickening conformity of the masses? The people can have literally the firepower of armies and still be under disciplined control, just so long as they believe the lies of the system.

How else can countries field multi-million-man armies that really don’t know who their enemies are, but are willing to fight to the death for some nebulous propaganda? Ignorance is not bliss. It is sorrow and death.

If we do not know reality we cannot know right from wrong. We have no moral ethic or restraints.

There is a system. Outwardly and ideally it is the rule of law and a moral order. Inwardly and secretly it has an unannounced agenda of human and population control, regardless of the name of the system or the form of government. The same secret elite rules. They have the power of life and death through and with thought control.

There can be no secret elite without thought control. Man must not be allowed to think his own thoughts, but must think the thoughts of the system. And he must not know the difference.

Mind control is used to extract wealth and human freedom without consent. The most perfect crime is when the people who carry out the will and purpose of the system do not suspect the complete shroud of thought control. They suspect nothing.

There are those who see and there are the many that are blinded. What gives us perception and vision? Knowledge is the mechanical attribute of the brain.

The world is floating in knowledge. There are thousands of universities and colleges. This is the black and white world, the rote and the mundane.

But wisdom only filters through to a very few. They are the ones who see with their souls and with their spirits. Their vision is as the colors of the rainbow. Spiritual vision cannot be known or communicated to the vain.

Words carry knowledge but words cannot carry wisdom. Wisdom is perception and spiritual discernment. It is to know God and reality.

It is the evolution of consciousness. It is the fullness of life on earth that God intended. Blessed are those who have it!

It is beautifully described in Madame Ghis’ book “Madame Ghis: Escape In Prison.” In it she wrote:

“My soul showed me that the world in which I live is made up of lies and illusions. Reality can only be perceived with the soul’s eyes. With her (my soul) help, I learned that behind the tax system and all other systems, we find slaves without chains, human beings who are ignorant and unconscious of being the property of the State.

They trust their government enough to entrust it with their children, their health, their property and their entire lives. Citizens cannot guess that the State is a mere legislator and tax collector working for the bank of Canada, and a cartel of private bankers.

When I became aware of this situation, I decided to put an end to my life as the subject of a ‘higher’ authority. How could I do this?

By doing the exact opposite of what I had been doing before. How does a slave behave? Like a domestic dog. He submits to the will of his master who uses it as he wishes. In return, the master feeds it and brings it security. The more docile is the dog, the better he gets treated.”

Madame Ghis is a prison name given by inmates to Dr. Marie Eva Sophie Ghislain Lanctot, a medical doctor who spent a few months in prison for refusing to conform to the income tax system in Canada. She has written several revealing books, “The Medical Mafia,” “The Trial of the Medical Mafia,” “What the Hell am I Doing Here Anyway,” and “Madame Ghis: Escape in Prison.” They can be bought at

How do we become aware of the illusory world in which we live? How do we come to understand that law, finance, politics and religion are all interconnected?

Everything turns on the individual imperative to inquire. Do you know that most people do not inquire? They ask no questions. They seek no information.

We who inquire are few. We speak of the battle for our minds. We seek freedom from lies and deception which saturates our lives. Self change and release from deception is not easy, nor is it comfortable.

It is very difficult for the ego to let go of old habits of thought and lifelong, cherished attachments. The inquiring person reaches reality according to his own level of consciousness.

What then does the fascist state not tell us? What does the state not want us to know?

They do not want us to know that we do not think our own thoughts, but those of the system. They do not want us to know that we do not have human freedom, that democracy is a myth.

They do not want us to know that we have imaginary money that transfers wealth and savings to the state.

They do not want us to know that public schools and universities are government schools. They indoctrinate us with the system so that we cannot evaluate reality.

They do not want us to know that the medical system is a front for pharmaceuticals and a marketing vehicle for their drugs.

They promote a sickness system to sell drugs. The American people are fast discovering that sea salt and water are more medicinal than all the drugs.

Garlic: A Miniature Medicine Cabinet

You probably know that cooking with garlic makes foods taste great. But garlic is almost like a miniature medicine cabinet!

Research shows garlic is helpful for:

  • Reducing heart disease
  • Preventing hardening of your arteries (atherosclerosis)
  • Reducing blood clots
  • Lowering elevated blood pressure levels
  • Curing yeast infections
  • Acting as a natural antioxidant

Garlic is also a great remedy for battling cold viruses. So be generous when you spoon out the garlic during food preparation. Or, if you worry about the strong scent—garlic capsules work well, too!

U.N. Using Climate to Push One World Government Reforms

With assaults on our nation’s freedoms and liberties coming from so many directions at the same time it is difficult to characterize one as being more dangerous than another. But a United Nations (U.N.) gathering scheduled for Dec. 7 – 18 may hold more lasting ramifications to U.S. sovereignty than anything the republic has ever faced.

That’s when the first overt attempt at establishing the framework of a One World Government will occur.

The U.N. Climate Change Conference is currently drafting a treaty that, if signed by President Barack Obama and ratified by the U.S. senate, would place the U.S. under an unelected, undemocratic world body that could impose taxes and place limits on industry, transportation, mining and energy production in order to limit carbon emissions.

Global warming zealots from around the world are scheduled to gather in Copenhagen, Denmark to try and suck billions of dollars from the U.S. economy and the economies of other industrialized nations and spread that money around to developing countries, all in the name of saving the planet.

As The Washington Times editorialized on Oct. 27:

“The treaty’s text is not yet finalized but its principles are aimed at regulating all economic activity in the name of climate security, with a side effect that billions of dollars would be transferred from productive countries to the unproductive.
“The control lever is the regulation of carbon emissions, which some purport are causing global warming. The treaty would establish a carbon market Regulatory Agency and “global carbon budget for each country.
“In effect, this would allow the treaty’s governing bodies to limit manufacturing, transportation, travel, agriculture, mining, energy production and anything else that emits carbon—like breathing.”

One of the few people sounding the alarm on this sinister conference is climate expert and foe of global warming alarmist Al Gore, Lord Christopher Monckton, former science advisor to British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher.

“I read that treaty,” Monckton told the Minnesota Free Market Institute as posted on, “And what it says is this, that a world government is going to be created. The word ‘government’ actually appears as the first of three purposes of the new entity. The second purpose is the transfer of wealth from the other countries of the West to third world countries, in satisfaction of what is called, coyly, ‘climate debt,’ because we’ve been burning CO2 and they haven’t. We’ve been screwing up the climate and they haven’t. And the third purpose of this new entity, this government, is enforcement.”

The most recently-released copy of the treaty can be found here. Section 38 mentions government and outlines how it will be framed and financed.

The treaty is still a work in progress even though the U.N. Framework Convention on Climate Change had planned to have it finalized before the opening of the conference.

Obama first said he wouldn’t attend the conference unless the treaty is finalized. But he began backtracking on that statement last week, saying if his presence could push the deal through he would attend.

Hoping to spur a deal, California Senator Barbara Boxer in early November decided to pass a climate change bill out of committee without Republican support.

Without a clear indication from legislation of how much the U.S. is willing to contribute, the treaty probably won’t be finalized in time. Some other industrialized nations are also balking at the cost and regulations in the treaty, prompting U.N. climate Chief Yvo de Boer to say he didn’t think a legally binding agreement could be passed during the upcoming conference, but he thought one could be reached within a year.

Notice his use of the term, “legally binding.” That’s what they’re after, because once the treaty is signed by the president and ratified by the senate, any hope of America extricating itself from the agreement is gone.

“You can’t resign from the treaty unless you get agreement from all the other state parties,” Monckton said. “And because you’ll be the biggest paying country, they’re not going to let you out of it.”

And don’t think Obama won’t sign an agreement if it can be finalized. He’s signified he’s all in on the global warming boondoggle. And the Democrats only need to persuade six Republicans to join them to ratify the treaty.

Arizona Senator John McCain, South Carolina Senator Lindsey Graham (who began working Nov. 5 to help draft compromise Cap and Trade legislation) and Maine Senators Olympia Snowe and Susan Collins are likely defectors.

Signing such a treaty and ratifying it into law would be an unconstitutional ceding of U.S. sovereignty to another entity. But what’s one more unconstitutional act in Washington?

Culture of Corruption by Michelle Malkin

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As a candidate, Barack Obama vowed to change the way Washington worked and to end politics as usual. As president, Obama has demonstrated that his “hopeychangey” mantra was all talk and his nominations, appointments and associations bear this out, according to Michelle Malkin in her latest book, Culture of Corruption.

Starting with the failed nominations of people like Tom Daschle, Bill Richardson and Nancy Killefer, Malkin takes the reader step-by-step through the sordid history of graft, tax evasion and insider deals of Obama’s cabinet nominees and official wannabees in the president’s inner circle.

For instance, the ultimate insider, former Senator Tom Daschle, was slated to be Obama’s Secretary of Health and Human Services, where he would lead the charge to reform the nation’s healthcare system. He and the president were so sure that Daschle’s confirmation was in the bag that Daschle already had office space decked out on the ground floor of the West Wing of the White House.

But that came crashing down under “furious funnel clouds of ethical scandal, conflicts of interest, and tax avoidance,” Malkin writes. Daschle, it seems, had neglected to tell the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) about his use of a chauffer and private car provided by an equity firm for which he lobbied.

Malkin covers the other tax cheats in the administration as well: people like Treasury Secretary Tim Geithner and Killefer. But cheating on taxes isn’t the only thing that hampered Obama’s early appointees. Ethical lapses and questionable associations and writings, missed or ignored by the Obama’s vetting team, doomed people like Richardson, Jon Cannon and Charles Freeman.

Malkin also covers the sordid history of Michelle Obama and her brass knuckle, Chicago-style thuggery. And Vice President Joe Biden—portrayed as just “Average Joe” by the media—is unable to evade Malkin’s telling research.

Good ole’ train-ridin’ Joe—who never heard a folksy personal story he couldn’t steal for his own—is neck deep in insider sweetheart deals that have enriched him and his family. But he’s not alone in the Obama administration on that account. And Malkin fleshes them all out.

Malkin is an award-winning investigative journalist who exposed government corruption in Seattle for the Seattle Times. She knows how to dig out the dirt and graft, and she took on both Republicans and Democrats while in Washington Sate.

She backs up her work in Culture of Corruption with extensive footnotes that take up 75 pages. That is why, in television appearances discussing politics and her book, she is personally attacked by defenders of Obama while the facts presented in her book go unchallenged.

Malkin can be seen regularly on Fox News—where she is a contributor—and her writings appear on her blog, Watching her commentary and reading her blogs you can see that she is not afraid to challenge those in power, Republicans and Democrats alike.

Those who are unwilling to accept that the current commander-in-chief is completely different from the Hope and Change, larger-than-life presidential candidate on display during the campaign, need not buy this book. But if you are interested in learning the truth about Obama and his associates, as well as learning exactly how things work in Washington, D.C., then this is one book you’ve got to read.

The Results of Our Ignorance

Ignorance is a lack of knowledge, education or awareness.

There are many people today who know little or nothing about the U.S. Constitution. There are many who know little or nothing of U.S. history, let alone world history. There are many who know little or nothing about central banks, and how they are used to steal our wealth.

There are many who buy into the glossed-over news of the day. There are many who take at face value the words of the elected class, the pundits and main stream media talking heads and printed headlines.

There are many who buy into the party line of their preferred political party. There are many who blindly believe the various political parties have a platform on which they base their actions and agendas and are committed to following through on those policies. There are many who believe the president, senator or representative they elected has in their hearts the best interests of the people they supposedly serve.

There are many who are ignorant.

It’s not all their fault—particularly the younger generations. Their education system has been corrupted by 1960s radicalism—the same radicalism that has infected our government.

Public education has become a sad joke. Its downward slide accelerated with the passage of “No Child Left Behind.” None are left behind because none are allowed to get ahead. The intelligent children are left languishing and fending for themselves while extra resources are devoted to those unable to keep up.

In speaking with a seventh grader recently I asked what he had been studying in his U.S. history class. Well, we spent about 20 minutes on World War II, then several class periods on how the U.S. Olympic Hockey Team beat the Russians in the 1980 Olympics, was the reply.

In class they watched Miracle, the 2004 movie about the team and its victory.

How backward is that? Twenty minutes spent learning about a six-year war spawned from the feckless, irresponsible and dastardly policies of the elected and ruling classes that resulted in the deaths of somewhere between 62 million and 79 million people worldwide. Several class periods on a three-hour hockey game that gave Americans a temporarily thrilling victory over a Cold War foe at the tail end of four moribund years of Jimmy Carterism.

Even the seventh grader was perplexed by his teacher’s decision.

Also glossed over in his class was more than 230 years of American history.

Is it any wonder there is so much ignorance?

Lack of understanding of the founding of our great country has led us to where we are now. Lack of understanding of the origins of the Federal Reserve—and other government attempts to establish a central bank—has led us to where we are now. Lack of understanding of the causes of Great Depression and the misguided (deliberately or unintentionally) attempts to head it off, and how government policies affected the country’s financial health for years has led us to where we are now. Lack of understanding of how a president’s policies can affect a country has led us to where we are now.

Where are we now? In an economic pit of our own making—suffering the aftereffects of a Fed-created bubble that spurred individuals and businesses to borrow and spend like there was no tomorrow. Now there may not be one.

Where are we now? Exacerbating the problem by dumping money out of helicopters in an attempt to stop it—at least that’s what the elected class tells us they’re trying to do. It’s a policy enacted by a supposed conservative, George W. Bush, and perpetuated on a grander scale by Barack Obama.

Where are we now? Watching as the elected class finds more ways to spend more money and steal the wealth of the individuals through massive tax hikes under the guise of healthcare reform.

Where are we now? Waiting for the other shoe to drop in the form of Cap and Trade, which amounts to more taxes and more spending.

Where are we now? Enduring the Obama presidency, which equals Jimmy Carter to the second power.

Sadly, many are ready to go full steam ahead with such policies.

Never mind that the elected class isn’t even considering whether such things are Constitutional. Forcing Americans to buy a product—health insurance—is okay with the elected class.

Maryland Rep. Steny Hoyer said it’s permissible under the general welfare clause of the Constitution. Presidential spokesman Robert Gibbs told the press the president wasn’t even considering whether it was constitutional and no one had brought it up.

Don’t think the elected class is ignorant. They’re not. They know exactly what they’re doing—stealing your wealth and your liberty.

Never mind whether it’s Constitutional, says the elected class. We know what’s best for you.

Never mind whether it’s Constitutional, it’s free, say the ignorant.

Our healthcare system is in terrible shape, we need to have competition, says the elected class. Government can do it better than the free market can.

Yeah. With the compassion of the Department of Motor Vehicles and the efficiency of the Post Office.

Where are we now… really? Many are sitting in front of the television watching Simon Cowell or anxiously awaiting the result of who is getting kicked off the island next or watching some stars in a dance contest.

Some are waking up. The Tea Parties demonstrate that.

But too many are ignorant. And apparently they’re ready to accept anything as long as it’s “free.”

After all: ignorance is bliss and free is good.

I have heard conflicting information about coffee drinking and whether it is good for your or bad.

Dear Bob,

I have heard conflicting information about coffee drinking and whether it is good for you or bad. What do you think?

A: “It is critical that coffee is completely eliminated from our diet. Coffee raises levels of cortisol and insulin, hormones that accelerate aging and store body fat. Substitute green tea instead, which contains catechin polyphenols, antioxidants that boost metabolism and slow aging.

“Green tea can also block the absorption of bad fats by 30 percent, while the amino acid theonine promotes a sense of calm and improves one’s mood. And, of course, avoid chemical-laden diet sodas.

“It has been shown that drinking just two cups of coffee can increase levels of the stress hormone cortisol. An elevation of this hormone can have adverse effects on the immune system, brain cells, sugar metabolism, and weight gain.

“In addition, coffee drinking has been reported to cause increased body fat. Although it is not clear why coffee affects weight gain, clinical studies show that by reducing coffee intake, body fat goes down. When coffee drinkers substituted tea, especially green tea, they discovered that it has the opposite effect and helped them to lose weight.” (From the book, The Perricone Prescription by Nicholas Perricone, M.D.)

Best Wishes,