The Morality of Paper Money

Government printing press money distorts economic reality and dilutes morality. Financial speculation rises with the increase in paper money and the general work ethic deteriorates. The something-for-nothing mentality pervades society.

Paper money promotes the “quick buck” syndrome like narcotics peddling and hookers on the streets. Hookers, incidentally, were widespread in the Weimar Republic in Germany in 1923 because the women had to sell their bodies for food for themselves and their families. The social order visibly deteriorates. The morality of the stable gold standard gradually changes to the amorality of fiat. Few people see the cause and effect and the politicians try to legislate human behavior. They always fail as the system is overrun with jails and prisons.

Fiat promotes an illusory reality where non-substance such as financial speculation and gambling replaces the substance of industrial production and long-term value.

When consumption surpasses income, as the government and the politicians promote, distorted human emotions replace stable behavior. Social breakdown increases and real values are forgotten.

Prices of labor and craftsmen escalate beyond all reason when there is never enough money. Service repairmen charge like medical doctors.

When labor and supplies are valued in fiat, everything becomes distorted. In the final stages of hyperinflation there is no anchor to sanity and common sense.

Paper money expands consumption way beyond income. This eventually guarantees debt collapse and social breakdown. The foundation of the household collapses and the middle class is destroyed. Paper money is an illusion because it is non-substance and can be created by the government to infinity. When the people accept numbers on green strips of paper or computer symbols for money, they accept illusion for reality. They accept non-substance for substance. Real money (gold and silver) comes from the earth and human production. It is no illusion.

Future generations are cheated out of life because working mothers give up newborns for fiat paper money. They unwittingly exchange new life for paper money, and more paper money and consumption. This is what the system promotes.

What Comes Next?

I believe that I can assure you that three years from now the dollar purchasing parity will be about 30 cents as compared to the present. I don’t know why it is not obvious to people who have dollar savings.

There are many controls coming. As paper currencies come to their end, governments greatly step up suppression of the people. They start foreign wars. They attack their own population with high-sounding hypocrisy. Government makes criminals out of honest men—“in the public interest,” of course.

What then?

Default of the United States? Not formally but by stealth, depreciation of the currency (inflation). Will the U.S. world system hold? Yes, as long as world fear factor dominates as a result of superior military power.

Much press about vast U.S. debt? Yes, but sober people understand monetary realism, to wit, that fiat implies stealth (slow) default. No payment is ever intended and impossible even if intended. The main feature or attribute of sovereign debt default is gradualism. The public cannot grasp gradualism even as they are impoverished. The debt propaganda is a cover for the fiat regime. It’s a hoax!

Scarcity of gold? Already evident.

New taxes? A value-added tax (VAT) as in Europe, income tax increases on the American “rich,” currency controls, strict rules on cash transfers and withdrawals, more reporting requirements on asset wealth. These are some of the controls alluded to earlier.

The system will try to defeat all attempts by individuals (and collectively) to protect their savings and personal security.

Destruction of the middle class? It’s already begun. It is impoverishment through currency depreciation and class warfare between the perceived haves and have nots, i.e. the politics of envy. A huge percentage of population will be pushed below the poverty line.

Savings and pension fund assets? They will be forced conversion into treasury bonds. There is plenty of precedence for this, Argentina being the most recent example.

Martial law? Yes, at some point.

Will confidence deteriorate in the banking system? Yes, by stealth (quietly) resulting in restrictions of withdrawals and frozen bank accounts.

Price of gold? When all is said and done it will be measured in U.S. dollars to about $4,000, then in Swiss francs because of the nebulousness (no meaning) of the U.S. dollar.

First Rule of Government—control its own people. America is occupied by government.

Possible good news? The current economic depression will extend the system (via nationalization) and the precious metals market and gold stocks. I foresee inflationary prosperity for a while with massive infrastructure rebuilding. If so, get your house in order for the final deluge. Do all the things you know to do such as long-term food storage. Inflationary collapse creates shortages of everything.

The stock market turns up before the economy. Sentiment is black, getting close to time to buy stocks. Never stop buying gold!

Don’t wait for exchange (currency) controls to transfer some funds into Swiss francs via Swiss annuities.

Take delivery of all your stock certificates. Soon you will not be able to. This cuts brokers out and takes your stocks out of the system. They will tell you anything to stop you. They will not tell you that they loan your stocks out for shorting and make income on them. Also they fear the loss of re-sales when you decide to sell, perhaps through another broker. They get directions from above to stop the delivery of stocks. Don’t be dissuaded!

My friends, the “change” promised by politicians should remind us that some power, both political and economic, is built upon destructive forces. We have reminded you many times of the destruction of the middle class in the U.S. now going on.

When a segment of the population becomes impoverished they clamor for “change.” This is exactly what happened to bring about the rise of Adolph Hitler. The German population was largely impoverished as a result of depreciating paper currency. No U.S. politician would dare mention depreciating paper money, as Hitler did not. He had his own paper mark.

The destructive forces in America are in full appearance for the few who can see. But for the majority, they are blind to the biggest and greatest transfer of wealth in the history of the world. Yes, there is change for exactly the same reason as the destructive change that gave rise to Hitler.

Inflation they call it, but it is really depreciating currency in all forms. And depreciating currency is the system used to transfer wealth from the savers and producers to the money creators.

In the early phase of paper currency the people go to work and accumulate wealth. In the final stage of the speedup of depreciating currency, wealth and savings is returned to the source, i.e., the money creators. And all appears to be natural economic forces. There is no bloodshed.

Yes, the people can be economic slaves without chains, without the rack or the thumbscrew, but with depreciating paper money. Alchemy is a reality. Non-substance (depreciating currency) is used to steal substance.

“Whoever controls the volume of (paper) money is the master of all industry and commerce,” said President James A. Garfield.

People who understand depreciating currency will do as necessary to survive and maybe prosper under the nose of despotism.

Do you know of anything that will treat skin cancer?

Dear Bob,

Do you know of anything that will treat skin cancer?

A: I recommended a skin cancer salve available from International Anti-Aging Systems in England (

The name of the cream is BEC5 Curaderm Topical Cream. It was developed by Dr. Bill Cham, who claims it to be “virtually 100 percent effective.” The cream is for non-melanoma skin cancers such as: basal cell carcinomas (BCC), squamous cell carcinomas (SCC), keratoses, keratoucanthomas, sun spots and age spots.

A 20 ml tube of BEC5 sells for $129.99. This is enough to last a very long time in my experience.

Best Wishes,

Democrats and the General Welfare Clause

Senate Democrats continue to try and draft a healthcare reform bill that will be palatable to Blue Dog Democrats yet still contain enough of a so-called public option to placate the party’s left-wing base. Both the Senate bill and the bill already passed by the House of Representatives contain a mandate requiring everyone to purchase health insurance or face fines and possible jail terms.

When asked where Congress gets the authority to force Americans to buy health insurance, Congressmen—if they answer the question at all—cite the general welfare clause of the Constitution.

“Well, in promoting the general welfare the Constitution obviously gives broad authority to Congress to effect that end,” Rep. Steny Hoyer (D-Md.) told “The end that we’re trying to effect is to make health care affordable, so I think clearly this is within our constitutional responsibility.”

Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) didn’t answer the question at all. She replied, “Are you serious?” And Senator Roland Burris (D-Ill.), obviously a great Constitutional scholar, told, “Well, that’s under certainly the laws of the—protect the health, welfare of the country.”

The word health does not appear in the Constitution. And the founders certainly never intended for the general welfare clause to be used to pass anything they pleased. But, as Judge Andrew P. Napolitano wrote in his book, The Constitution in Exile, Congress has been abusing the general welfare clause for many years.

The preamble to the Constitution says:

We the people of the United States, in Order to form a more perfect Union, establish Justice, insure domestic Tranquility, provide for the common defence, promote the general Welfare, and secure the Blessings of Liberty to ourselves and our Prosperity, do ordain and establish this Constitution for the United States of America.

In an opinion on forming a national bank, Thomas Jefferson wrote:

"They are not to do anything they please to provide for the general welfare, but only to lay taxes for that purpose. To consider the latter phrase not as describing the purpose of the first, but as giving a distinct and independent power to do any act they please which might be for the good of the Union, would render all the preceding and subsequent enumerations of power completely useless. It would reduce the whole instrument to a single phrase, that of instituting a Congress with power to do whatever would be for the good of the United States; and, as they would be the sole judges of the good or evil, it would be also a power to do whatever evil they please… Certainly no such universal power was meant to be given them. It was intended to lace them up straitly within the enumerated powers and those without which, as means, these powers could not be carried into effect." (Thomas Jefferson on Politics & Government,

Clearly the nation’s third president and the author of the Declaration of Independence would scoff at today’s congressmen and the understanding—or lack thereof—they have of the Constitution.

Green Tea and Cinnamon

We did it and it works! Yes, we bought the cinnamon bark and boiled several sticks while brewing green tea loaded with fresh mint leaves. It forces blood pressure down and greatly helps reduce insulin resistance and heads off Type 2 diabetes. It is a great drink—cold or hot. Let me know how it works for you. Give it a few weeks and monitor your blood pressure levels before and after consuming this beverage. You may see a positive difference.

Reader “sc” posted the following in The Stealth System:

This is true. And just like the Wizard of Oz, we’re not supposed to look behind the curtain. The wiz ‘knows best,’ and he won’t tolerate the idea of too much truth.

The Wizard’s system is extremely profitable, it is deeply entrenched, it requires silence on many levels, and it doesn’t hesitate to sacrifice those who threaten the system’s status quo.

It would make a great movie, if Hollywood had any integrity. It would foster many TV programs, if the media wasn’t a bloated, unworthy prostitute.

Stealth systems work best in an artificial environment where ‘leaders’ are corrupt and citizens are ‘managed’ by those who ‘know best’ and expect to be highly paid for doing as little as possible.

Sounds like Washington, doesn’t it?

Reader Justen Posted in A New Paradigm:

I know sometimes it feels like you’re only preaching to the choir, or that it’s all falling on deaf ears, but remember—we all used to be statist drones once. Very few people have the privilege of being born into a family that counter-educates them; we all have to figure this stuff out on our own. I try not to get frustrated with the empty-headed ones. Either they’ll come around eventually or they’ll be murdered by their own state (directly with a gun or indirectly through starvation, damaged health, and suicide). Spreading the word is our way of paying forward the gift of knowledge that was given to us, but we have no obligation to help anyone, only the desire.

Reader Kevin Posted in A New Paradigm:

Roosevelt said in his 1930 Home Rule speech that when nearly all power was centralized in Washington DC, America would have an “Oligarchy masquerading as a Democracy”. Of course, Roosevelt and the Democratic Presidential platform of 1932 called for downsizing the Hoover Administration’s Big Government policies. Roosevelt lied and did a 180, expanding government to “save the economy”, paralleling what Hitler was doing in Germany. Hitler even sent a letter, through our ambassador to Germany, to Roosevelt thanking him for the job he was doing with America. As F.A. Hayek warned in his “Road to Serfdom, socialism, collectivism, and central planning were the common thread between communism, fascism, the New Deal, etc. It doesn’t really matter what you call it, when the central government controls it, it’s totalitarian.

Our government has been under the Sustainable Development, United Nations Agenda 21 program since 1993, which calls for worldwide population control and reduction. The right and left media are ignoring this. Like the quiet children in the other room, it’s what you don’t hear about that you should worry most about.

With over 600 pages, “AIDS, the Crime Beyond Belief”, by Don Scott is an excellent book to understand America’s population reduction programs since 1953. Of course, the book covers the development of AIDS by our government, which was working with Rockefeller and other eugenics-minded people, such as Kissinger. One AIDS strain was developed in New Orleans, the other in Africa—one strain was put in the Hepatitis B shots given to the Gay population in San Francisco (75 percent that took the vaccinations developed AIDs), the other in the Small Pox Vaccinations in Africa—many blacks were forced at gun point to take these vaccinations–8000 blacks a day are dying of AIDs in Africa. If you understand that Myco Plasma is one of the co-factors in AIDS (our government even patented Myco Plasma to control studies on it), and that 30 percent of the black population have it in their bodies (as compared to 2 percent of the white population), then you realize AIDS really was targeted at the black population.

Random Musings on the Date Which Lives in Infamy

Sixty-eight years ago today, at about 7:55 a.m. local time, Japanese bombs began falling on the United States military installations Wheeler Field and Hickam Field in Hawaii, signifying the beginning of the attacks on Pearl Harbor.

That attack—which killed 2,390 sailors, airmen, soldiers and civilians—officially drew America into World War II. Until Sept. 11, 2001, that attack was the deadliest on American soil (2,976 died that day). As war was declared on Japan the next day, President Franklin D. Roosevelt called it, “a date which will live in infamy…”

On Aug. 15, 1945, President Harry S. Truman accepted the surrender of the Japanese. One of the terms of the surrender was that Emperor Hirohito would be allowed to remain on the throne.

Gen. Douglas MacArthur first met Hirohito on Sept. 27, 1945. In a black and white image preserved from that meeting, a casually dressed MacArthur towers over the diminutive, formally attired Hirohito. As historian Carol Gluck told the Public Broadcast System (PBS) in a documentary on World War II, “What does it say? It says, I’m MacArthur, supreme commander of the Allied Powers, and I’m in charge.”

The Bow Seen Round the World

Last month, President Barack Obama met Japan’s current emperor, Akihito, who happens to be the son of Hirohito. A color image of that meeting shows Obama bowing at an almost 45 degree angle to the son of the man who presided over a country that dropped bombs on our countrymen.

What does that image say? As an unnamed expert on the Japanese empire told ABC’s Jake Tapper (as reported on Tapper’s blog), “The bow (Obama) performed did not just display weakness in Red State terms, but evoked weakness in Japanese terms… The last thing the Japanese want or need is a weak-looking American president and, again, in all ways, he unintentionally played that part.”

Unlike President Richard Nixon’s bow to Hirohito or President Bill Clinton’s bow to Akihto—who both bowed slightly, as equals—Obama bowed as an inferior.

Never mind more than 200 years of U.S. State Department protocol that said “thou need not bow,” three presidents have. But the most glaring bow is Obama’s, who also bowed to the king of Saudi Arabia last spring.

What would Thomas Jefferson—who penned in the Declaration of Independence the words, “We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal…”—say about Obama’s bow?

The Founding Fathers, after having suffered under the rule of a king, didn’t take kindly to royalty. As Article 1, Section 9 of the Constitution says, “No title of Nobility shall be granted by the United States…”

Those statements answer the Jefferson question. Even better are the words of President Theodore Roosevelt: “If I see another king, I think I shall bite him.”

Now Will Obama Bow to the Global Warming Liars?

Having spent his formative years in Indonesia rather than the U.S., Obama apparently doesn’t understand that Americans are subservient to no one. This thought causes great consternation as Obama heads to the United Nations (U.N.) Climate Change Conference in Copenhagen this week.

As I wrote in U.N Using Climate to Push One World Government Reforms, Obama is expected to bow to the climate change/One World Government crowd even as the house of cards that built up the man-made global warming hysteria comes crashing down.

In case you missed it—and it wouldn’t be surprising considering the U.S. mainstream media has ignored the scandal—emails between man-made global warming proponent scientists have either been hacked or leaked. The emails show what many—including me—have said: that the “science” of global warming has been completely fabricated, with numbers fudged and critical opposing views deleted or omitted.

Man-made climate change “science” is the abode of today’s anti-capitalist, anti-freedom communists. The so-called consensus of global warming science has been created on a fraud of speculation and corrupted data.

That Obama’s team would continue—in the face of forced resignations of the proponent scientists and calls for investigations—to claim man-made global warming is settled science demonstrates the Copenhagen meeting is not about climate change at all. It’s about control.

Or, as global warming skeptic Lord Christopher Monckton claims, “a world government is going to be created.”

Rather than a bow, if Obama agrees to this it’s more of a bend-over-and-grab-the-ankles moment… for all Americans.

Slaying Leviathan: The Moral Case for Tax Reform by Leslie Carbone

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Slaying Leviathan: The Moral Case for Tax Reform by Leslie Carbone

America’s income tax system is a visionless policy that has reduced a free people to moral slaves, squabbling over goodies. This is Leslie Carbone’s view as posited in her book, Slaying Leviathan: The Moral Case for Tax Reform.

The book is a history lesson of American tax policy. Beginning with the Stamp Act and other oppressive taxes the British foisted upon the colonies that spawned the Revolutionary War, Carbone describes the abusive tax systems that government has used to suppress, create disincentives and exploit its subjects.

She pulls no punches in describing the unconstitutional nature of the income tax system and the effect it has had on all aspects of life. While she notes the first income tax and the first Internal Revenue Service (IRS) were created in 1862, she lays the blame for the unconstitutional attack on freedom at the feet of Congress. She falls into the politically correct trap of blaming Congress rather than placing blame where it belongs: President Abraham Lincoln and his efforts to centralize government.

“That legislation was the most comprehensive, far-reaching tax measure up to that point in United States history,” Carbone writes, “Every manufactured article was subjected to excise taxes, as were gross receipts of railroads, ferryboats, steamships, toll bridges and advertisers. It imposed an inheritance (death) tax, license fees and stamp duties. Finally, it raised and graduated the income tax, imposing a rate of 3 percent on annual incomes from $600 to $10,000 and a marginal rate of 5 percent on amounts about $10,000.”

Carbone does an excellent job of laying out an argument that the tax system of the 20th Century destroyed justice in the name of fairness. She also provides examples of IRS abuses, such as violating the privacy of unconvicted people through “economic reality audits”—enacted in 1995—in which taxpayers, rather than their tax returns, were audited.

Today’s system is designed to—in President Barack Obama’s famous words—spread the wealth around through higher taxes on the wealthiest wage earners and reducing or eliminating the tax burden on lower income Americans through tax breaks and credits.

But what the system has done, she says, is lead to a breakdown of America’s moral society.

“Progressive taxation and redistributed spending policies encourage laziness among both those who are taxed and those who are given,” Carbone writes. “Those who are taxed at increasing rates are discouraged from work because they receive diminishing fruits from their labors. Those who receive are discouraged because they receive without having to work at all. Beyond the daily laziness of simply not working, or working less, there is the more dangerous moral laziness of not taking responsibility for one’s own life. Finally, there is the disincentive to marriage, as it can leave beneficiaries ineligible for so-called entitlements.”

Indeed, the marriage penalty—in which married couples are taxed at a higher rate than if the couple filed individually—is cited by Carbone as one of the primary causes of the breakdown of the familial unit and a scourge on American society.

Finally, Carbone presses her case that the tax system cannot be reformed, but must be torn down and rebuilt.

She then lists the reform plans that have drawn the most interest in recent years: flat income tax, national sales tax (also called the Fair Tax) and the value-added tax. She lists the pros and cons of each, and also covers other areas that need reform.

If you are of either a conservative or libertarian bent and need an argument against tax increases and liberal tax policies to use on your progressive friends, Carbone’s book provides you with lots of ammunition. If you are a progressive seeking a way out of the wilderness in which you find yourself, you need this book as well.

A New Paradigm

I have written lately about the stealth system and law and order in an effort to spark a thought process that goes below the surface, beyond the conventional.

A few understand, but most don’t. It’s obvious from many of the comments posted that people continue to look only for us versus them, Obama versus Bush, Republican versus Democrat.

Facts are dismissed outright if they don’t conform to the reader’s perception, formed through 12 or more years of government-controlled education, years of listening to the government propaganda-spreading media and from toeing the party line.

No legitimate criticism of Obama policies can be made without a Bush derangement syndrome-like “but Bush…” response. No legitimate criticism of Republican ideas can be made without a corresponding “Obama is a non-American socialist because…” response. If this is what you do you are caught in their trap.

The argument is not about Democrat versus Republican. It’s about freedom- and liberty-loving American patriots versus the control-seeking, socialist elected class.

People ask, “They’re spending money like there is no tomorrow. How can they be so dumb?” Or, “They’re passing this bill that can’t be constitutional. Don’t they read the constitution?”

The answers: They aren’t dumb, and they may or may not have read the constitution. But it doesn’t matter. They don’t care what it says.

Their efforts are directed toward total control. They seek your compliance and nothing more. Dissent? Not tolerated.

Consider the response of the elected class to the Taxed Enough Already (TEA) Party protests. They showed their disdain, calling a group of people exercising their right to petition government names like un-American, Nazi or terrorists.

In town hall meetings they tried to show the people they represented who was boss. As Rep. Baron Hill (D-Ind.) told a constituent in explanation for why the congressman’s remarks couldn’t be videotaped, “This is my town hall meeting. Let me repeat that one more time; this is my town hall meeting for you and you’re not going to tell me how to run my congressional office.”


How do they control the people?

By stealing their wealth—A fiat money system, in which dollars can be created by a keystroke on a computer, puts more money in the system thereby making the dollars worth less. This is combined with a system of taxation where they take ever-increasing amounts of money from the highest achievers while exempting a growing number of lower wage earners, all the while convincing an ignorant public it’s done for the public good—or will be saved for retirement (Social Security).

By feeding them propaganda—A complicit state-run media that feeds off the government and willingly passes along government messages in order to remain relevant and to gain access to those in power. An example: ABC will have Oprah Winfrey interview Barack Obama for a Christmas special to be aired Dec. 13. Expect probing questions from Oprah, the Obama sycophant.

By keeping them sick—We don’t have a healthcare system in America, we have a sickness care system. It’s the most sophisticated killing machine that demented minds can create. Modern medicine is now the third largest cause of death. This is a Malthusian dream to reduce the population under the pretense of doctoring for sickness and disease. Modern medicine implies sickness is a drug deficit. Modern medicine pushes harmful vaccines to keep the people sick and provide a sop for big pharmaceuticals. And now it pushes toward a socialized healthcare system of Obamacare. A review of socialized healthcare programs in Canada, the U.K. and Europe reveals Sarah Palin’s “death panels” were no exaggeration: Government bureaucrats in those countries routinely deny healthcare based on abstract determinations of “quality of life,” rather than of medical necessity.

By drawing them into a political party—There’s no difference between the two main parties. Oh, yes, there are differences in the platforms on some issues: abortion, taxation, foreign policy, etc. But those are just clever ploys to draw people in and get them to conform. “I’m a Republican” or “I’m a Democrat” gets people arguing among themselves over minor issues while both parties continue to push toward socialism. Don’t believe it? Think back over the last few years about how government has grown when one party is in power. And look at the legislative process. When one party introduces a bad bill, rather than kill it, the other party tries to amend it. A pig doesn’t become a cow if you glue on a set of horns and udders. Likewise, an amended bad bill remains a bad bill, and the march toward socialism ebbs and flows. Republicans or Democrats—no difference. But you argue amongst yourselves believing there is a difference.

So, again, it’s time for a new paradigm.

Protect yourself against the fiat money system—Gold or silver, and stocks in companies that mine gold and silver, are your protection. Keep your savings in the fiat money system and you might as well be setting your paper dollars on fire one at a time.

Reject the propaganda—Divest yourself of the mainstream media. Understand that what they are feeding, you don’t need. Search out the alternative media. Read books and publications that enlighten and challenge conventional wisdom. Some of them can be found in Personal Liberty Digest under the link: Latest Book Reviews. Others have been mentioned from time to time in my previous writings here and in my newsletter, The Bob Livingston Letter. They include: The Fat Resistance Diet by Dr. Leo Galland; How to Hide Anything by Michael Connor; Trust Us, We’re Experts (about how industry manipulates science and gambles with your future) by Sheldon Rampton and John Stauber; Propaganda by Edward Bernays; Manufacturing Consent by Edward S. Herman and Noam Chomsky; Good-bye Germ Theory by Dr.William P.Trebing; Rethinking Pasteur’s Germ Theory by Nancy Appleton; and The Miracle of Magnesium by Carolyn Dean M.D., N.D. Read with an open mind. Only then will the wisdom sink in. Then, share with others what you’ve learned.

Take charge of your health—True healthcare is in the foods you eat and in understanding that there are alternative treatment options for your ailments. Conventional medicine pushes drugs and the cut-and-burn method to treat disease and cancer. It treats the symptoms but not the cause. True health lies in prevention through diet and treatment through diet and non-conventional means. Reject the move toward socialized medicine. The elected class claims it’s good for you but they have rejected every effort to have them included in the Obamacare system. But you can’t opt out. If you decide it’s not for you then you face a fine and jail term.

Ignore the party line—The parties are only interested in building their power base and collecting your money. They are two heads of the same dragon. The Democrats currently in power push for a take-over of industry, socialized medicine, huge stimulus bills and talk of coming tax increases. Before them, Republicans in power pushed a huge stimulus bill, a huge war bill and power-grabbing anti-liberty legislation in the USA PATRIOT Act. Government grew under Republicans, it’s growing exponentially under Democrats. Don’t believe they’re the same? See: Arlen Specter (Democrat to Republican to Democrat), Joe Leiberman (Democrat to Independent to ?), Dede Scozzafava (Republican to Democrat), Newt Gingrich (Republican who has supported Specter and Scozzafava and sided with Nancy Pelosi in the global warming hoax), George W. Bush (supported Specter, joined with Edward M. Kennedy on No Child Left Behind), John McCain (beyond supporting amnesty to illegals, prohibiting more oil drilling and supportive of cap and tax, who knows from one day to the next where he stands?), Lindsey Graham (supports amnesty, working on cap and tax bill, says Republican Party is not party of Ron Paul).

Overturning years of an entrenched line of thought is difficult, but you now know there is another direction. There is another paradigm.