Need To Know How To Invest In The AENY Stocks

Dear Bob,

I am a missionary in Mexico and need to know how to invest in the Aeny stocks. I will go to El Paso, Texas. next week. Is there anyone I can buy from in El Paso who will let me keep the certificates?

Thanks for your help,
Ed Capps

Dear Ed,

I do not make recommendations on stock brokers or brokerage houses. My suggestion is for you to call some of them directly and ask whether they will allow you to keep the certificates. When push comes to shove, most will if it means the difference in losing or gaining a new client. Be sure to do your due diligence.

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Intelligence Ties to The Underwear Bomber

Could the Christmas day bomb attempt on Northwest Airlines Flight 253 have been a false flag set up by various intelligence agencies with the goal of tightening the grip of governments on its people while enriching a few well-connected individuals and corporations?

That idea—seemingly incomprehensible at first glance—gains credence the more one looks to connect a few dots.

There remain many unanswered questions about just what happened in the months, days and hours leading up to Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab’s attempt to detonate the explosive pentaerythritol tetranitrate (PETN)—which he had concealed in his underwear—as the flight descended on Detroit.

President Obama, in a news conference on Jan. 7, said a “systemic” failure allowed Abdulmutallab to board a plane at the Amsterdam Schiphol airport carrying the explosives. But was it a failure, or was it an orchestrated event?

As we documented here it’s being reported that Abdulmutallab used cash to buy a one-way ticket to the United States at the last minute while carrying no luggage and being on a terrorist watch list. Incredibly, his father had communicated to the U.S. Embassy in Nigeria in November that Abdulmutallab had been radicalized and may be planning a terrorist attack.

At least one witness—passenger Kurt Haskell—claimed that a well-dressed Indian man had escorted Abdulmutallab to the ticket counter and told a ticket agent that Abdulmutallab didn’t have a passport but needed to get on the plane. Haskell’s story has since been corroborated by another passenger who has asked not to be identified, according to a blog posted by Haskell’s wife, Lori. Dutch authorities deny this but refuse to release surveillance video of the airport terminal.

Haskell has also said another Indian man was arrested after the flight landed. But the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) disputes Haskell’s version of the story. However, the FBI has orchestrated a cover-up by giving at least four different accounts of what happened once the plane was on the ground.

But there is much more to the story, and it starts a little more than two years ago.

In November 2007, under orders from President George W. Bush, two Guantanamo Bay prisoners were released to Saudi Arabia. From there they went to Yemen where they joined with the top leader of al-Qaida in Yemen and went to work.

As CBS News has reported, in August 2009 the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) picked up information on a person of interest dubbed “The Nigerian.” He was said to have met with “terrorist elements” in Yemen. The Nigerian has turned out to be Abdulmutallab. But that connection was not made when Abdulmutallab’s father went to the U.S. Embassy on Nov. 19. There are also reports out of the United Kingdom that MI5 had warned the CIA about him in 2008 as well.

Despite Abdulmutallab’s father’s disclosure to U.S. authorities, Abdulmutallab’s visa was not revoked nor was his name placed on a no-fly list. That an oversight like this could occur by accident, without the knowledge of the CIA and U.S. State Department, is not believable.

As Gordon Duff reports in Veterans Today, groups claiming to be al-Qaida in Yemen say the Detroit attack was in retaliation for U.S. cruise missile attacks on bases in Yemen. According to a report by the British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC), the al-Qaida terrorists released from Guantanamo by Bush are really Israeli intelligence agents. This was stated by Yemeni President Ali Abdullah Saleh when he announced the arrest of a group of alleged Islamist militants. He did not say what evidence pointed toward a link with Israel.

Duff told (AFP) that there is no al-Qaida in Yemen. “George Bush released a couple of phony operatives from Guantanamo, and after travelling to the Middle East, they hooked up with [the Israeli intelligence agency] Mossad. The only reason Attorney General Alberto Gonzalez released them is because they’re assets,” Duff told AFP.

And, as Duff reports, Abdulmutallab’s father also has ties to Mossad, as well as the CIA station chief and U.S. Ambassador in Nigeria. Named Alhaji Umaru Abdul Mutallab, he is one of the richest men in the world and recently retired as chairman of Nigeria’s First Bank. He also serves on the board of a number of Nigerian corporations and runs the nation’s national arms industry in partnership with Mossad.

Israeli intelligence officers have been training Nigerian security forces for some time, according to an article in Nigeria’s Daily Trust newspaper. Reports show that Mossad trains the military, sells weapons, runs the airports and wields power over Defense Industries Corporation (DICON) in Nigeria, according to AFP.

In an interview with AFP, Duff said he’s not surprised that a man of Indian descent has been tied in with the Abdulmtullab’s bombing attempt. Israel and India are close business partners, especially via their military contracts. He also said the Indian intelligence agency Research and Analysis Wing (RAW) works hand-in-hand with Israel.

As investigative journalist Wayne Madsen wrote in a recent copyrighted Wayne Madsen Report (WMR), Asian intelligence believes the Indian man who helped Abdulmtullab through security was a RAW agent who used his influence to convince airline and airport security personnel that Abdulmtullab was a bona fide Sudanese refuge.

WMR reports that the security company that cleared Abdulmtullab in Schiphol is the Israeli-owned International Consultants on Targeted Security (ICTS). Many of ICTS’s officers are former Israeli intelligence agents. The online version of Israel’s Haaretz newspaper,, reports the failure of ICTS, saying: “Even if U.S. intelligence failed and the name of the Nigerian passenger was not pinpointed as a suspect for the airline, he should have stirred the suspicion of the security officers. His age, name, illogical travel route, high-priced ticket purchased as the last minute, his boarding without luggage (only a carry-on) and many other signs should have been sufficient to alert security officers and warrant further examination of the suspect. However, the security supervisor… allowed him to get on the flight.”

It’s not the first time ITCS has failed. The firm also cleared attempted shoe bomber Richard Reid for a Miami-bound American Airlines flight from Paris in December 2001. And, on Sept. 11, 2001, ITCS handled security at Boston Logan Airport, Newark Airport and Dulles Airport, the three airports from which the ill-fated 9/11 planes took off. ITCS also handled security at the London transportation system when the July 7, 2005, bombing took place there.

There is another common link between Reid and Abdulmtullab: the explosive PETN. That’s what Reid had in his shoes that he tried to set off before being subdued by other passengers.

But Duff told AFP that the explosives Abdulmtullab had on him “couldn’t have blown up his own seat. Even if full power, it wouldn’t have worked.”

PETN is commonly used with blasting caps to set it off. The chemical concoction used by Abdulmtullab only caused a small fire.

So, to close the circle, who stands to gain?

First, every attempted terrorist act is met by a call for tighter security and better screening. Now the cry for full body scanners is getting louder. And who is making the most noise on these? People in Congress and those who are in a position to influence the sale of the machines. Some of them are:

  • Former Department of Homeland Security (DHS) Secretary Michael Chertoff lobbies for Rapiscan Systems, one of the leading manufacturers of the scanners. Chertoff’s department purchased five of the scanners in 2005. He hit the news talk shows within hours of the attempted bombing.
  • Another manufacturer is American Science and Engineering. It is represented by former Transportation Security Administration (TSA) deputy administrator Tony Blank, who also once worked for House Speaker Newt Gingrich. Also lobbying for the firm is Chad Wolf, former assistant administrator for policy at TSA and a former aid to Senator Kay Bailey Hutchison (R-Texas), who is the ranking Republican on the transportation committee.
  • Smiths Detection, another screening manufacturer, employs the lobbying firm Van Scoyoc Associates. Working for them is Kevin Patrick Kelly, a former top staffer to Senator Barbara Mikulski (D-Md.), who sits on the Homeland Security Appropriations Subcommittee. Former Rep. Helen Delich Bentley (R-Md.) also works for Smiths.
  • L-3 Systems is represented by former Sen. Al D’Amato (R-N.Y.), and is said to have developed one of the most sophisticated systems available.

But that’s not all. It just so happens that some provisions of the USA Patriot Act of 2001 are due to expire at the end of the year and President Obama wants them to continue. These provisions are a boon to intelligence-gathering agencies.

They are:

  • The secret Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act (FISA) court which grants the government “roving wiretaps” without identifying the target.
  • The FISA court’s ability to grant warrants for “business records,” from banking to library to medical records.
  • The so-called “lone wolf” provision, enacted in 2004, that allows the FISA court to issue warrants for electronic monitoring of an individual even without showing that the person is an agent of a foreign power or a suspected terrorist.

What better way to convince a skeptical Congress and public that an unconstitutional intrusion on liberty should be continued than through a failed terrorist attempt?
And finally, the military-industrial complexes of the U.S. and Israel stand to gain, as do the Bush conservatives (also called neocons), all of whom are pushing for a ramping up of military activities in Yemen. Plus, neocons like Gingrich—and most conservatives for that matter—have used the attempted bombing to bludgeon Obama as being soft on terror.

Remember, government loves a crisis. Crises allows government to push through things it could never accomplish without the people being in a state of fear and urgency.

Unfortunately, it seems the traveling public is going to stand passively by and allow their governments to squeeze them even more and use them to make pornographic photos, all in the name of a false sense of security.

(Editor’s note: My original plan for this article was to write on the dangers presented to the travelling public by the full body scanners. Sadly it seems now that their use in all airports is a foregone conclusion. However, my research led me off on this tangent, and the more I dug the more I uncovered. I realize that the vast majority of the public is not ready or willing to believe that agencies for their government could be so diabolical as to intentionally place people’s lives in jeopardy for profit or control. But I’ve sourced the information well enough that if you care to examine the evidence for yourself, you can. I suggest you do that before dismissing this out of hand. Next Monday I will write on the dangers inherent in the scanners themselves. But don’t be surprised if more on the bombing—and those who could be behind it—follows.)

Federalist Paper #62 Warned Us of Incomprehensible Bills

The House and Senate have each written healthcare reform bills that are approximately 2,000 pages long. Now they are trying to combine both monstrosities into one Obamacare bill that will pass Democrat muster in both houses of Congress.

The sheer volume of the two bills makes reading them—and therefore understanding them—a daunting task. Combine that with the way they are written, with this section referring to another section that removes a sentence from another section, and reading them becomes almost impossible.

No wonder so many of the elected class in Congress scoff when asked by a few responsible journalists if they have read the bill. They haven’t because they can’t.

Thankfully a few journalists and bloggers have read the two bills and reported on some of the outlandish foolishness they contain. Unfortunately, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s claims of openness notwithstanding, knowing what’s being included in the combined bill will be impossible.

That’s because not only will it be long and written in gibberish, it is being done behind closed doors. But of course, that’s the plan. It’s easier to convince Democratic Congressweasles to pass the bill when the ramifications are unknown—or more likely—hidden.

Founder and father of the Constitution James Madison warned us of such shenanigans in Federalist Paper #62 when he wrote: “It will be of little avail to the people, that the laws are made by men of their own choice, if the laws be so voluminous that they cannot be read, or so incoherent that they cannot be understood; if they be repealed or revised before they are promulgated, or undergo such incessant changes that no man, who knows what the law is today, can guess what it will be tomorrow. Law is defined to be a rule of action; but how can that be a rule, which is little known, and less fixed?”

There are thousands of reasons the Obamacare bill must be killed—or if finally passed—repealed or nullified. The obfuscation is just one of them.

Your Problem and Mine

Just imagine that in 2007 the average consumption of high fructose corn syrup (HFCS) was 94 pounds! HFCS was not widely used until 1970.

Why do the food makers use HFCS? They use it because it is the least costly bulking ingredient for increased profit—after air, water and salt—in the food and beverage chain that is directly metabolized and converted to blood triglycerides (blood fat).

This stored fat is by far the main reason for the obesity pandemic.

Acidic Diet

Dear Bob,

What is an acid diet?

A: Soft drinks, refined sugar, white flour, refined salt, coffee, cigarettes and liquor makes for an acidic diet, pulling calcium from the bones and teeth. I always make sure that my tissues are slightly alkaline.

Best Wishes,

The System Works When a Dutchman is Onboard

“The system worked,” said Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano, even as Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab’s private parts continued to smolder.

Thank God. Just think what might have happened to Flight 253 if the system hadn’t worked.

In case you missed it, Abdulmutallab tried to set off a bomb concealed in his underpants as his airliner descended toward a landing at Detroit Metro Airport on Christmas Day. He was subdued by Dutch passenger Jasper Schuringa.

Abdulmutallab boarded the plan in Amsterdam after buying his one-way ticket with cash. He was carrying no luggage. He had no passport. He also had been denied a visa to travel to the United Kingdom. Oh, yeah, his father had been to the United States Embassy in Nigeria to say that Abdulmutallab had been radicalized and might be about to commit a terrorist act.

In other words, nothing about him caused suspicion.

He had one other thing going for him. Abdulmutallab had the assistance of a man described by passengers as being of Indian descent.

According to passenger Kurt Haskell, an attorney from Michigan, the Indian man accompanied Abdulmutallab to the ticket counter and said, “This man needs to board the plane, he doesn’t have a passport.” The ticket agent responded, “You’ll have to see my manager.”

Haskell said it was the last he saw of the Indian man, and he didn’t see Abdulmutallab again until he tried to blow up the airplane. This has been reported on Michigan Live, Worldnetdaily and, but ignored by the mainstream—or is that lamestream—media.

And Haskell has said other things that the lamestream media continue to ignore. For instance, Haskell told Michigan Live that after landing at Detroit, the plane’s passengers were corralled into a small, evacuated luggage claim area of the terminal and bomb sniffing dogs were brought in.

The dogs found something in the carry-on bag of another man of Indian descent. This man was taken away to a nearby room and interrogated. When he emerged from the room the Indian man was handcuffed and taken away.

The other passengers were then approached by a Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) agent who told them they were being moved to another area for their safety. “I am sure many of you saw what just happened and are smart enough to read between the lines and figure it out,” the FBI agent said, according to Haskell.

Over the course of more than two weeks Haskell’s story hasn’t waivered. That’s not the case with some of the others involved.

Since the incident, the FBI has changed its story about the second Indian man several times, first saying only Abdulmutallab had been arrested, then saying a second man was being held indefinitely, then saying the man being detained had come from another flight and finally admitting—several days later—that another man from Flight 253 had indeed been arrested.

And the FBI isn’t the only agency dissembling. Dutch investigators told the Associated Press (AP) they found no evidence Abdulmutallab had an accomplice. This despite eye witness accounts—others besides Haskell have told similar stories—of the Indian man. Investigators are said to be studying security camera video tapes as part of their investigation.

And everyone in the Obama administration has backtracked on Napolitano’s ridiculous comments made immediately after the incident. For his part, Obama finally conceded last Tuesday there was a “screw up.” The blame seems to be heading toward the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA), one of Obama’s favorite whipping boys.

In the wake of the attack by Abdulmutallab, new restrictions were put in place: no going to the bathroom in the last hour of the flight, no coats or blankets on laps, extra security gate checks and full body pat downs. There’s also a renewed call for naked body scanners.

However there is no call for the FBI or the rest of government—or the lamestream media for that matter—to be truthful about what actually transpired and how the ball was dropped to allow Abdulmutallab to get on an airplane to begin with. And even more disturbing, there is no call for extra scrutiny of Muslims even though every single terroristic hijacking and attempted destruction of airliners in the last nine years has been committed by Muslims.

But don’t worry; the screening of everyone else has really been beefed up in recent days. On Jan. 4 comedienne Joan Rivers was deemed a national security risk and bumped from a flight in Costa Rica because her passport reads: Joan Rosenberg AKA Joan Rivers. A gate security agent said her passport was suspicious. Rosenberg, by the way, was the last name of her late husband.

After all, you just can’t trust elderly white comediennes so you must watch them closely.

But Muslims from Nigeria, who visit Yemen, who are on watch lists, whose fathers report possible terrorist links, who buy one-way tickets with cash, carry no luggage and have no passport? Don’t worry about them.

Just put a Dutch passenger on board. That way, the system works.

The Real Lincoln by Thomas J. DiLorenzo

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Although he is called the Great Emancipator, Abraham Lincoln embarked on a war that led to 620,000 deaths and the destruction of 40 percent of the American economy, not to free those held in slavery, but to centralize power in Washington, create “the American System” of Henry Clay and build an empire.

So says Thomas J. DiLorenzo, author of The Real Lincoln, which has the subtitle: A New Look at Abraham Lincoln, His Agenda and an Unnecessary War.

DiLorenzo turns the myth that surrounds Lincoln on its head, and uses Lincoln’s own words and actions to do so. DiLorenzo writes that:

“According to one source, more than 16,000 books have been written on virtually every aspect of Lincoln’s private and public life. But much of what has been written about Lincoln is myth… Anyone who delves into this literature with an open mind and an interest in the truth cannot help but be struck by the fantastic lengths to which an entire industry of ‘Lincoln scholars’ has gone to perpetuate countless myths and questionable interpretations of events.”

DiLorenzo examines many of those myths in this book.

Lincoln was a proponent of Henry Clay’s American System (taxpayer subsidies for railroads and corporations and infrastructure improvements) for 28 years prior to becoming president. As a Whig Party and later Republican Party activist, he pushed that agenda.

He thought of himself as the heir to the Hamiltonian political tradition, which sought a much more centralized governmental system, one that would plan economic development with corporate subsidies financed by protectionist tariffs and the printing of money by the central government.

As president he achieved or set in motion the achievement of those goals and many more. As a result, DiLorenzo writes, historian Richard Bensel has observed that any study of the American state should begin no earlier than 1865. That’s because Lincoln’s policies virtually wiped out the previous 70 years of America’s highly decentralized, limited government existence.

On the subject of slavery, DiLorenzo quotes Roy Basler, the editor of Lincoln’s Collected Works, who has written that before 1854 Lincoln barely ever mentioned the issue, and when he did mention slavery he did not seem sincere.

But what Lincoln did write and say about slavery will shock those who have learned about him through the filter of revisionist historians and Lincoln scholars.

For instance, Lincoln stated many times that he was opposed to political or social equality of the races; he was not an abolitionist but denigrated them and distanced himself from them; and his primary means of dealing with the racial problem was to attempt to colonize all of American blacks in Africa, Haiti, Central America or anywhere but the United States.

And his Emancipation Proclamation, taught in schools as having been a document that freed the slaves, proclaimed them free only in rebel-held territories and exempted Northern States and much of the areas held by the Union Army. It was recognized in editorials of the time as being nothing more than a political gimmick.

In a famous public letter to New York Tribune editor Horace Greely in 1862, Lincoln explained he wasn’t particularly concerned about emancipation per se; forcing the secessionists to remain in the Union was his main objective.

In fact, as DiLorenzo writes, Lincoln’s true feelings on race mirrored the overwhelming majority of white Northerners at the time who discriminated against free blacks so severely that several states, including Lincoln’s Illinois, amended their constitutions to prohibit the emigration of black people into those states.

DiLorenzo uses extensive footnotes to back his claims about Lincoln’s real agenda and also has a chapter the deals with the long history of the right of secession in America. This disputes Lincoln’s assertion that no such right ever existed and that the federal government created the states, which were therefore not sovereign, and waged a war to prove himself right.

He also deals with the claim by so many Lincoln scholars that Lincoln “saved” the Constitution by suspending constitutional liberty in the North for the duration of his administration. As DiLorenzo writes:

Quite a few Lincoln  scholars have labeled Lincoln a “dictator” for launching a military invasion without the consent of Congress; suspending habeas corpus; imprisoning thousands of Northern citizens without trial for merely opposing his policies; censoring all telegraph communication and imprisoning dozens of opposition newspaper publishers; nationalizing the railroads; using Federal troops to interfere with elections; confiscating firearms; and deporting an opposition member of Congress after he opposed Lincoln’s income tax proposal during a Democratic Party rally in Ohio.

Even though many have labeled these acts as “dictatorial,” they usually add that Lincoln was a “good” or “benevolent” dictator. In reality, these precedents did irreparable harm to constitutional liberty in America…

For a truthful and unvarnished look at a president who has become larger than life—as  depicted by his monument in Washington—but whose legacy is built on myths, mischaracterizations and lies, this book is a must-read.

Cayenne Pepper for Stomach Ulcers

Cayenne pepper heals the body and is especially good for stomach ulcers. Cayenne pepper can be eaten in pods as a powdered condiment, or taken as capsules. To stimulate the entire endocrine system take one to two capsules, three times a day as a nutritional supplement.

Avoid black pepper, which is an acid-former and can irritate the stomach.

The Answer To Menopausal Symptoms

Dear Bob,

Do you know of a natural product that will help relieve symptoms of menopause?

A: The answer to menopausal symptoms is black cohosh, and studies have found that black cohosh actually reduces the risk of breast cancer. (From Kerry Bone in Nutrition and Healing, October 2007.) Another product that may provide relief is DIM (Di-Indole Methane) available at

Best Wishes,