Government is Stealing Your Wealth and Planning For More

If you watched the State of the Union speech last week you saw the hypocrisy of Barack Obama laid out in plain view.

He chided those who are already campaigning while having run a perpetual campaign for the last year. He called on Republicans to participate in the process while having locked them out for a full year. He played the American people for fools, saying they were against Obamacare because he had not talked about it enough and therefore the poor, unwashed masses just didn’t understand it. And he vowed to freeze spending while proposing more boondoggle projects that’ll require the Federal Government to print more money to pay for them. And then he did what he does best:  He blamed George W. Bush.

After that, he vowed to go full steam ahead with what he’s done for the past year. That’s a prescription for disaster for the American people.

You would think that the political system would do everything possible to protect, above all, the producers and savers of wealth. Yet they are attacked from all sides. Obama and company are sharpening their knives now for a big roundup on the cattle farm.

Like Bush and presidents before him—and Congresses before this one—they steal the world with paper money that costs them nothing, yet they transfer guilt and heap ever more taxes on the people. They love the words “tax cheats” and “illegal foreign bank accounts.”

Yes, the foxes are in charge of the hen house. The people are pacified with propaganda, bread and circus. Why swallow all this hypocrisy and insult? The answer is that the people don’t know, and they don’t know that they don’t know. They are fed pacifism in their churches and pablum in their schools and they never ask questions.

The Internal Revenue Service (IRS) now wants 1,000 new agents to enforce more tax collections.

How can a minority criminal element make perpetual war on the majority? The answer is that they have propaganda and they have the guns. And don’t forget they have the printing presses to spew out fiat.

Do you know that it is a crime to try to keep what you earn and save? Just try to hold onto what “Uncle Sam” claims you owe.

I cannot believe the downright ignorance of even the most “educated” people about the nature of fiat paper money and how governments enslave the whole world with their hoax.

Think now! The American people strive to get education, they work their entire lives as professionals or non-professionals and they never so much as ask a question about paper money and how it transfers their labor and wealth to the government.

They don’t know that when they go to a commercial bank to get a loan that the bank doesn’t loan them money that it has in its vaults. It just writes you a check. The bank “makes a loan” with non-substance that costs it nothing, requiring you to use real collateral.

You have to give up or risk something for nothing. This is slavery, even though it has a pretty face. Bankers don’t look and act like crooks in the community. In fact they don’t even know what they are doing. They never question the system.

Is Obama forcing an exodus? Yes, companies and individuals will go elsewhere. Watch!

Well known tax attorney Marshall Langer says Obama plans a value added tax (VAT) like Europe has. Once started it will get higher and higher. These humanoids never tire of hypocrisy. Can you believe it? Yes, I believe they will implement the VAT. This will be a tax on everybody.

When you read nonsense like the government has new debt of $1.7 trillion, just consider it default. Fiat implies default the day it is created. What is wrong with us?

Regardless of what we want to think there is no such thing as government debt. He who prints the money has no debt. Yes, everybody else owes debt, except the Federal Government with the printing presses.

They call it a financial crisis, but what it is is a new war on savers who have found that they are now too poor to retire. They may have decided that their pension-fund managers deserved to be jailed.

Already many people have come to realize that they will have to work until they are 75 to 80. Governments are going to tax the living hell out of Americans as they inflate their own “liabilities” away.

There is no way to win in a rigged regime of paper money. It’s a perpetual treadmill.

Did you think that you would see this? General Electric and Berkshire Hathaway have lost their triple-A credit ratings. Is this the world that we live in?

Yes, expect anything but prepare for inflation (a crashing dollar and serious depreciation of purchasing power). Prepare for more taxes and more bureaucratic oppression. You may see troops and armored cars in more places. You will hear the words “hoarders” and “speculators.”

But you know the meaning of the whole thing. It will be the rumblings and death rattle of a terminal regime trying to hold on.

Still, you should be buying gold coins and pre-1964 U.S. silver coins. You should be storing food. You should still get some money out of the U.S. while it is still legal.

Exchange your paper money now for much more paper money later, plus survival. Depreciation of the currency is going on now!

The Supreme Court Got This One Right

Some of the elected class are expressing dismay at the recent United States Supreme Court ruling that overturned much of the McCain-Feingold Campaign Finance Reform law that was passed in 2002. That law limited soft money in campaign financing, issue ads and controversial campaign practices.

Democrat National Committee Chairman Tim Kaine went so far as to call the ruling a decision that “must not be allowed to stand.” He also warned the Obama administration is preparing a forceful response. Senator John McCain (R-Ariz.) declared himself disappointed in the ruling.

Remember this: If the elected class opposes it then the ruling must be good for the American people. And this one is.

McCain-Feingold was an attack on free speech, plain and simple. It was, as some pundits have said, simply an election insurance bill that almost guaranteed the incumbent could waltz into the election against an opponent who had his hands tied. And special interest groups or corporations opposing the incumbent or big government-friendly legislation were forced to remain silent.

After all, if you ban ads opposing certain positions or politicians you have stifled the type of speech the First Amendment to the Constitution protects. And an assault on one portion of one Constitutionally guaranteed right is an attack on all of them.

As Thomas Jefferson wrote: “One of the amendments to the Constitution.. expressly declares that ‘Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof, or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press,’ thereby guarding in the same sentence and under the same words, the freedom of religion, of speech, and of the press; insomuch that whatever violates either throws down the sanctuary which covers the others.”

Discovery of the Cullinan Diamond

On Jan. 26, 1905, the largest diamond known to man was found in Pretoria, South Africa. Called the "Cullinan," the stone weighed an amazing 3,106 carats. Even Elizabeth Taylor couldn’t have worn it around her neck.

Joseph Asscher, a legendary diamond cutter in Amsterdam, was chosen to split the giant stone. He studied the diamond for six months before trying to divide it. On the appointed day, he asked to have a doctor standing by, in case he made a blunder.

After nearly shattering the diamond on his first hit, he succeeded on his second blow. The diamond fell neatly into two pieces. Asscher was so relieved he promptly fainted.

The Cullinan was ultimately cut into 106 separate diamonds. The largest is the 530-carat "Star of Africa," which is reputed to be the largest fine quality colorless diamond in the world. The gem was presented to King Edward VII by Transvaal Province, South Africa, and now rests in the Tower of London, along with the other Crown Jewels.

—Chip Wood

Quick Help for an Aching Head!

Stress… odors… foods… smoking… these are just a few things that can trigger headaches and make you feel lousy.  If you’d rather not rely on painkillers for relief, Dr. Michael Cutler offers these home-spun remedies to ease the throbbing pain:

  • Use an ice pack on the painful area of your head
  • Take a warm bath or shower to help you relax
  • Have a back or neck rub—or even a full-body massage!
  • Use your thumbs to apply gentle but steady rotating pressure to the painful area; maintain the pressure for about 10-15 seconds then release
  • Rest in a low-lit room to relieve back, neck and shoulder tension.

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The Health Risks of Naked Body Scanners

The naked body scanners that government and submissive, fearful travelers are clamoring for in the wake of the Christmas day Northwest Airlines bombing attempt will expose people to harmful radiation creating an as-yet-unrealized health risk.

And while the machines do a virtual strip search revealing much more than just knives and guns someone might have hidden away, the technology probably wouldn’t have revealed the bomb ingredients carried by Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab. Even so, The New York Times reports that the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) has contracted for 900 of the scanners to be deployed in airports across the country.

The current technology uses one of two methods: the older backscatter X-ray method or the newer millimeter wave method.

With the backscatter X-ray technology, passengers stand against a large backscatter machine as a pencil-thin X-ray beam rapidly scans them, producing a negative image of the entire body. The X-ray barely penetrates the skin. So while any weapons that are hidden beneath clothing are revealed, weapons or explosives concealed in body cavities or beneath heavy folds of skin are not.

The Health Freedom Alliance (HFA) says backscatter X-ray machines are setting the stage for a future epidemic of cancer.

While the manufacturers claim it would take about 150 scans to equal the amount of radiation exposure of one chest X-ray, frequent flyers exposed to the scans, plus extra radiation exposure at high altitudes could be a deadly combination for them. The operators of the machines and those who spend a lot of time around them face the danger from exposure as well.

“Drawing on sources like The Mayo Clinic and The Radiological Society of North America as well as interviews with prominent radiologists, molecular biologists, and medical doctors, ionizing (penetrating) radiation in any dose, no matter how tiny, causes genetic mutations, which set all living cells exposed on the path to cancer. X-rays are considered ionizing radiation,” according to the HFA.

Researchers at England’s Oxford University say that X-rays given off by medical equipment are to blame for thousands of cancers every year. So combine the scans you get for medical treatment with those you will receive while traveling and you can see how the danger increases.

The millimeter wave technology machines may be as bad or worse. Researchers for the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) Technology Review blog write that the terahertz (THz) waves emitted by the millimeter wave machines interact with DNA in ways that are only now being understood.

According to the blog:

But what of the health effects of terahertz waves? At first glance, it’s easy to dismiss any notion that they can be damaging. Terahertz photons are not energetic enough to break chemical bonds or ionise [sic] atoms or molecules, the chief reasons why higher energy photons such as X-rays and (ultraviolet) UV rays are so bad for us. But could there be another mechanism at work?

The evidence that terahertz radiation damages biological systems is mixed. “Some studies reported significant genetic damage while others, although similar, showed none,” say Boian Alexandrov at the Center for Nonlinear Studies at Los Alamos National Laboratory in New Mexico and a few buddies. Now these guys think they know why.

Alexandrov and co [sic] have created a model to investigate how THz fields interact with double-stranded DNA and what they’ve found is remarkable. They say that although the forces generated are tiny, resonant effects allow THz waves to unzip double-stranded DNA, creating bubbles in the double strand that could significantly interfere with processes such as gene expression and DNA replication. That’s a jaw dropping conclusion.

The blog goes on to say, “Of course, terahertz waves are a natural part of [sic] environment, just like visible and infrared light. But a new generation of cameras are [sic] set to appear that not only record terahertz waves but also bombard us with them. And if our exposure is set to increase, the question that urgently needs answering is what level of terahertz exposure is safe.”

And if the dangers to our health aren’t enough to give you pause, consider how the images produced could be used. While the TSA and the machines’ promoters are saying the images produced are too vague to be considered indecent, a German security advisor recently explained to the German publication just how revealing they can be.

“Unlike with a complete X-ray examination, the rays do not go deeply under the skin. They see only the things which lie over it, so bladed weapons and firearms as well as ceramics,” Hans-Detlef Dau is quoted as saying.

“Beyond that, they show intimate piercings, catheters and the form of breasts and penises.

“But newer devices can automatically distort intimate areas in the picture.”

And a reporter for The Guardian newspaper in the United Kingdom, viewing a trial of the new scanners that have been placed in the Manchester Airport, wrote, “The full-body scanner on trial at Manchester airport consists of two Tardis-like blue boxes that passengers stand between and produces a ghostly naked image with curves and genitals eerily visible.”

The scanners produce an image that looks like a negative. And, as demonstrated here (caution: this image may not be suitable for viewing in a work environment or on a monitored computer) by using Photoshop computer software anyone can invert the image to create a photo of a naked body in full color.

The TSA says the images are not stored and there is no way for them to be transferred or transmitted. But the Washington-based Electronic Privacy Information Center (EPIC) disagrees and claims that the TSA specified in 2008 documents that the machines must have image storage and sending abilities.

According to an EPIC press release:

These machines produced detailed, three-dimensional images of individuals’ naked bodies and are being used at airport security checkpoints, court houses, and correctional facilities.

While TSA originally provided assurances that the technology would not be mandatory for passengers and would include a privacy algorithm that blurred faces, the agency later withdrew these assurances. In April 2009, the agency announced plans to expand the mandatory use of body imaging to all U.S. Airports. This means that Whole Body Imaging devices will replace metal detectors at the primary screening devices in U.S. airports. As a consequence, the TSA could obtain naked pictures of every airline passenger, including children, who travel from a U.S. airport.

That leaves open the possibility the machines—which can see beneath people’s clothing—can be abused by TSA insiders and hacked by outsiders, EPIC Executive Director Marc Rotenberg told CNN.

And how believable is it that the TSA is not going to store images? Wouldn’t they want to have a record available if a terrorist did slip through security?

Without a record of some sort there is no way to understand how the terrorist outwitted the system. And without that knowledge how can those invading our privacy while ostensibly trying to make us more secure ensure that that method—at least—is not used against us again?

The fact remains that until the government is ready to make us more secure by profiling and targeting those who seek to harm us, these steps are just window dressing. Unfortunately it’s the type of window dressing that is designed to make us more compliant and submissive while empowering government and enriching a few well-connected corporations and lobbyists.

Deep Politics and the Death of JFK by Peter Dale Scott

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In Deep Politics and the Death of JFK, author Peter Dale Scott delves into the underworld and reveals the behind-the-scenes players whose actions actually drive the decisions of the surface politics we see.

Scott has done a lot of research on deep politics and its role in many aspects of America—9/11, drug wars and oil wars—and has written many books about it. In Deep Politics and the Death of JFK he focuses not on who actually pulled the trigger—he does not place the blame on Lee Harvey Oswald—but on all the enemies President John F. Kennedy made that would have a reason to see him dead.

Scott also goes deep into the links between organized crime, anti-Fidel Castro groups operating in the United States at the time, the military and its desire to continue the war in Vietnam, the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) and the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI).

Many of the names are familiar to even those people detached from the Kennedy assassination: Jack Ruby, Lee Harvey Oswald, J. Edgar Hoover, Robert McNamara, Jimmy Hoffa and Robert Kennedy. Others are known only to those who have studied the era of the 1950s and 1960s and the Kennedy assassination.

And some of those players have popped up in connection with other American scandals like Watergate and Iran-Contra.

Scott goes into great detail connecting the links between Ruby, Oswald, anti-Castro groups, the mafia, labor unions, the horse racing wire service wars, casinos—both in Cuba and U.S.—and two large banana importing companies: United Fruit and Standard Fruit & Steamship. These people and corporations figured prominently in the deep politics of the U.S. and of several Latin American countries in the early 1960s.

He covers CIA activities that were in place—seemingly at least—to set up Oswald long before the assassination took place. And he reports on Oswald’s possible links to the CIA or FBI as an undercover operative or informant, particularly regarding his activities in and around New Orleans.

Most disturbing is the way the Warren Commission and the House Select Committee on Assassinations overlooked, ignored or just plain covered up many leads that could have named the assassins and those involved in the conspiracy. And FBI Director Hoover’s role in the cover-up is not ignored by Scott.

“Deep politics,” according to Scott, are all those political practices and arrangements, deliberate or not, which are usually repressed rather than acknowledged.” He goes on to write:

The chapters in this book explore many processes of politics at levels usually not acknowledged or reported and indeed repressed and denied. Normally, these deep political processes are not brought to the public eye: for example, the way in which major drug traffickers are recurringly protected by the U.S. Justice Department, or the way in which some of the top traffickers have been recurringly named in connection with the systematic sexual corruption of members of Congress. Such arrangements are in fact widely known, but rarely written about. One way or another, scholars and journalists learn to back off.

And the media plays a key role in not only allowing deep politics to remain in place, but in writing its cover story. And Scott provides specific examples to back up his claims.

Not overlooked by Scott is President Kennedy’s decision to scale back America’s role in Vietnam, and new President Lyndon B. Johnson’s quick decision to rescind Kennedy’s order.

Deep Politics and Death of JFK doesn’t give the reader the proof of who pulled the trigger—Scott seems to discount the Mannlicher-Carcano rifle found at the Texas School Book Depository as the murder weapon—but he gives you some possibilities to consider. The main thing Scott does with the book is reveal what really goes on in and behind government without the accompanying trappings.

Armed with that knowledge the reader can come to a greater understanding of why so much the government does often fails to make sense to those not involved in deep politics.

Need To Know How To Invest In The AENY Stocks

Dear Bob,

I am a missionary in Mexico and need to know how to invest in the Aeny stocks. I will go to El Paso, Texas. next week. Is there anyone I can buy from in El Paso who will let me keep the certificates?

Thanks for your help,
Ed Capps

Dear Ed,

I do not make recommendations on stock brokers or brokerage houses. My suggestion is for you to call some of them directly and ask whether they will allow you to keep the certificates. When push comes to shove, most will if it means the difference in losing or gaining a new client. Be sure to do your due diligence.

Best Wishes,

Intelligence Ties to The Underwear Bomber

Could the Christmas day bomb attempt on Northwest Airlines Flight 253 have been a false flag set up by various intelligence agencies with the goal of tightening the grip of governments on its people while enriching a few well-connected individuals and corporations?

That idea—seemingly incomprehensible at first glance—gains credence the more one looks to connect a few dots.

There remain many unanswered questions about just what happened in the months, days and hours leading up to Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab’s attempt to detonate the explosive pentaerythritol tetranitrate (PETN)—which he had concealed in his underwear—as the flight descended on Detroit.

President Obama, in a news conference on Jan. 7, said a “systemic” failure allowed Abdulmutallab to board a plane at the Amsterdam Schiphol airport carrying the explosives. But was it a failure, or was it an orchestrated event?

As we documented here it’s being reported that Abdulmutallab used cash to buy a one-way ticket to the United States at the last minute while carrying no luggage and being on a terrorist watch list. Incredibly, his father had communicated to the U.S. Embassy in Nigeria in November that Abdulmutallab had been radicalized and may be planning a terrorist attack.

At least one witness—passenger Kurt Haskell—claimed that a well-dressed Indian man had escorted Abdulmutallab to the ticket counter and told a ticket agent that Abdulmutallab didn’t have a passport but needed to get on the plane. Haskell’s story has since been corroborated by another passenger who has asked not to be identified, according to a blog posted by Haskell’s wife, Lori. Dutch authorities deny this but refuse to release surveillance video of the airport terminal.

Haskell has also said another Indian man was arrested after the flight landed. But the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) disputes Haskell’s version of the story. However, the FBI has orchestrated a cover-up by giving at least four different accounts of what happened once the plane was on the ground.

But there is much more to the story, and it starts a little more than two years ago.

In November 2007, under orders from President George W. Bush, two Guantanamo Bay prisoners were released to Saudi Arabia. From there they went to Yemen where they joined with the top leader of al-Qaida in Yemen and went to work.

As CBS News has reported, in August 2009 the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) picked up information on a person of interest dubbed “The Nigerian.” He was said to have met with “terrorist elements” in Yemen. The Nigerian has turned out to be Abdulmutallab. But that connection was not made when Abdulmutallab’s father went to the U.S. Embassy on Nov. 19. There are also reports out of the United Kingdom that MI5 had warned the CIA about him in 2008 as well.

Despite Abdulmutallab’s father’s disclosure to U.S. authorities, Abdulmutallab’s visa was not revoked nor was his name placed on a no-fly list. That an oversight like this could occur by accident, without the knowledge of the CIA and U.S. State Department, is not believable.

As Gordon Duff reports in Veterans Today, groups claiming to be al-Qaida in Yemen say the Detroit attack was in retaliation for U.S. cruise missile attacks on bases in Yemen. According to a report by the British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC), the al-Qaida terrorists released from Guantanamo by Bush are really Israeli intelligence agents. This was stated by Yemeni President Ali Abdullah Saleh when he announced the arrest of a group of alleged Islamist militants. He did not say what evidence pointed toward a link with Israel.

Duff told (AFP) that there is no al-Qaida in Yemen. “George Bush released a couple of phony operatives from Guantanamo, and after travelling to the Middle East, they hooked up with [the Israeli intelligence agency] Mossad. The only reason Attorney General Alberto Gonzalez released them is because they’re assets,” Duff told AFP.

And, as Duff reports, Abdulmutallab’s father also has ties to Mossad, as well as the CIA station chief and U.S. Ambassador in Nigeria. Named Alhaji Umaru Abdul Mutallab, he is one of the richest men in the world and recently retired as chairman of Nigeria’s First Bank. He also serves on the board of a number of Nigerian corporations and runs the nation’s national arms industry in partnership with Mossad.

Israeli intelligence officers have been training Nigerian security forces for some time, according to an article in Nigeria’s Daily Trust newspaper. Reports show that Mossad trains the military, sells weapons, runs the airports and wields power over Defense Industries Corporation (DICON) in Nigeria, according to AFP.

In an interview with AFP, Duff said he’s not surprised that a man of Indian descent has been tied in with the Abdulmtullab’s bombing attempt. Israel and India are close business partners, especially via their military contracts. He also said the Indian intelligence agency Research and Analysis Wing (RAW) works hand-in-hand with Israel.

As investigative journalist Wayne Madsen wrote in a recent copyrighted Wayne Madsen Report (WMR), Asian intelligence believes the Indian man who helped Abdulmtullab through security was a RAW agent who used his influence to convince airline and airport security personnel that Abdulmtullab was a bona fide Sudanese refuge.

WMR reports that the security company that cleared Abdulmtullab in Schiphol is the Israeli-owned International Consultants on Targeted Security (ICTS). Many of ICTS’s officers are former Israeli intelligence agents. The online version of Israel’s Haaretz newspaper,, reports the failure of ICTS, saying: “Even if U.S. intelligence failed and the name of the Nigerian passenger was not pinpointed as a suspect for the airline, he should have stirred the suspicion of the security officers. His age, name, illogical travel route, high-priced ticket purchased as the last minute, his boarding without luggage (only a carry-on) and many other signs should have been sufficient to alert security officers and warrant further examination of the suspect. However, the security supervisor… allowed him to get on the flight.”

It’s not the first time ITCS has failed. The firm also cleared attempted shoe bomber Richard Reid for a Miami-bound American Airlines flight from Paris in December 2001. And, on Sept. 11, 2001, ITCS handled security at Boston Logan Airport, Newark Airport and Dulles Airport, the three airports from which the ill-fated 9/11 planes took off. ITCS also handled security at the London transportation system when the July 7, 2005, bombing took place there.

There is another common link between Reid and Abdulmtullab: the explosive PETN. That’s what Reid had in his shoes that he tried to set off before being subdued by other passengers.

But Duff told AFP that the explosives Abdulmtullab had on him “couldn’t have blown up his own seat. Even if full power, it wouldn’t have worked.”

PETN is commonly used with blasting caps to set it off. The chemical concoction used by Abdulmtullab only caused a small fire.

So, to close the circle, who stands to gain?

First, every attempted terrorist act is met by a call for tighter security and better screening. Now the cry for full body scanners is getting louder. And who is making the most noise on these? People in Congress and those who are in a position to influence the sale of the machines. Some of them are:

  • Former Department of Homeland Security (DHS) Secretary Michael Chertoff lobbies for Rapiscan Systems, one of the leading manufacturers of the scanners. Chertoff’s department purchased five of the scanners in 2005. He hit the news talk shows within hours of the attempted bombing.
  • Another manufacturer is American Science and Engineering. It is represented by former Transportation Security Administration (TSA) deputy administrator Tony Blank, who also once worked for House Speaker Newt Gingrich. Also lobbying for the firm is Chad Wolf, former assistant administrator for policy at TSA and a former aid to Senator Kay Bailey Hutchison (R-Texas), who is the ranking Republican on the transportation committee.
  • Smiths Detection, another screening manufacturer, employs the lobbying firm Van Scoyoc Associates. Working for them is Kevin Patrick Kelly, a former top staffer to Senator Barbara Mikulski (D-Md.), who sits on the Homeland Security Appropriations Subcommittee. Former Rep. Helen Delich Bentley (R-Md.) also works for Smiths.
  • L-3 Systems is represented by former Sen. Al D’Amato (R-N.Y.), and is said to have developed one of the most sophisticated systems available.

But that’s not all. It just so happens that some provisions of the USA Patriot Act of 2001 are due to expire at the end of the year and President Obama wants them to continue. These provisions are a boon to intelligence-gathering agencies.

They are:

  • The secret Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act (FISA) court which grants the government “roving wiretaps” without identifying the target.
  • The FISA court’s ability to grant warrants for “business records,” from banking to library to medical records.
  • The so-called “lone wolf” provision, enacted in 2004, that allows the FISA court to issue warrants for electronic monitoring of an individual even without showing that the person is an agent of a foreign power or a suspected terrorist.

What better way to convince a skeptical Congress and public that an unconstitutional intrusion on liberty should be continued than through a failed terrorist attempt?
And finally, the military-industrial complexes of the U.S. and Israel stand to gain, as do the Bush conservatives (also called neocons), all of whom are pushing for a ramping up of military activities in Yemen. Plus, neocons like Gingrich—and most conservatives for that matter—have used the attempted bombing to bludgeon Obama as being soft on terror.

Remember, government loves a crisis. Crises allows government to push through things it could never accomplish without the people being in a state of fear and urgency.

Unfortunately, it seems the traveling public is going to stand passively by and allow their governments to squeeze them even more and use them to make pornographic photos, all in the name of a false sense of security.

(Editor’s note: My original plan for this article was to write on the dangers presented to the travelling public by the full body scanners. Sadly it seems now that their use in all airports is a foregone conclusion. However, my research led me off on this tangent, and the more I dug the more I uncovered. I realize that the vast majority of the public is not ready or willing to believe that agencies for their government could be so diabolical as to intentionally place people’s lives in jeopardy for profit or control. But I’ve sourced the information well enough that if you care to examine the evidence for yourself, you can. I suggest you do that before dismissing this out of hand. Next Monday I will write on the dangers inherent in the scanners themselves. But don’t be surprised if more on the bombing—and those who could be behind it—follows.)