Let Us Pray!

Move along. No praying here. It’s against the law.

That’s the message a United States Supreme Court officer gave to a group from an Arizona Christian school as they stopped for a moment of prayer outside the Supreme Court building May 5.

While taking an educational tour of the Supreme Court, Wickenburg Christian Academy teacher Maureen Rigo, her students and a few adults stood off to the side of the Oval Plaza steps, bowed their heads and quietly prayed. Even though they weren’t obstructing traffic, were not demonstrating and were not praying in loud voice so as to draw attention to themselves, a police officer told the group they were not allowed to pray there because it was against the law.

Last week the Alliance Defense Fund (ADF) sent a letter to U.S. Supreme Court officials urging them to stop their police officers from prohibiting people from quietly praying outside the court building. The letter threatens legal action against Supreme Court police if Rigo is not allowed to return and pray there without fear of punishment.

ADF notes a U.S. code that makes it “unlawful to parade, stand, or move in processions or assemblages in the Supreme Court Building or grounds, or to display in the Building and grounds a flag, banner, or device designed or adapted to bring into public notice a party, organization or movement.”

In its letter the ADF says that code did not apply to Rigo and her group. Small groups are not hindered from stopping and carrying on conversations in the area Rigo and her group were in, so the officer was obviously singling out Rigo and her group simply because they were praying, according to the ADF.

This is a clear violation of the 1st Amendment rights of Rigo and her group. In addition to violating their rights to freedom of speech and freedom to exercise their religion, it violates their equal protection and due process rights as well.

Hopefully the Supreme Court police will correct this error quickly. Otherwise the Supreme Court will one day be deciding whether a small group can pray outside while inside it opens its session with a crier saying, “God save the United States and this honorable court.”

The October Surprise

I’m sure you’ve heard of the “October Surprise.” It’s an event or series of events occurring in the days before a November election that sway voters one way or another.

The first one—or at least the one in which that term first came into use—occurred in late October 1972 when then National Security Advisor Henry Kissinger announced that peace with North Vietnam was at hand. President Richard Nixon was already leading George McGovern in the polls, but that declaration is thought to have increased Nixon’s standing with the electorate.

There have been several October incidents since that some think at least influenced United States elections.

Now, with polls showing increasing dissatisfaction with President Barack Obama and Democrats in Congress—a recent poll by Democracy Corps showed that 55 percent of Americans think Obama is a socialist and only 42 percent of Americans support Democrats—there are some rumblings that an October surprise may be the only way for Obama and Democrats to retain their Congressional majority.

In fact, a former Clinton official recently suggested to the publication Financial Times that a major terrorist incident in the U.S. along the lines of 9/11 or Oklahoma City may be Obama’s only hope. As the Times reported:

“The bottom line here is that Americans don’t believe in President Obama’s leadership,” says Rob Shapiro, another former Clinton official and a supporter of Mr Obama. “He has to find some way between now and November of demonstrating that he is a leader who can command confidence and, short of a 9/11 event or an Oklahoma City bombing, I can’t think of how he could do that.”

Shapiro knows a thing or two about surprises. In 1995 Clinton used the Oklahoma City bombing to bolster his political comeback. We documented here how if the government was not directly involved in the bombing of the Alfred P. Murray building, it at least fostered a cover-up.

Democrats are desperate to retain the majorities they currently hold in the House and Senate. Don’t be surprised if a false flag terrorist attack along the lines of 9/11 or Oklahoma City occurs prior to November.

Americans tend to rally around their leaders in times of crisis. But remember that the government response to every terrorist attack on U.S. soil has been to steal more of your liberty.

Start Small, Work Consistently

“Too many people make the mistake in thinking emergencies only happen to ‘other folks,'” writes Larry Barkdull in his book, Emergency Essentials’ Tips For Preparedness. “Beyond the subject of disaster, being prepared should be a part of your normal provident living. Don’t become overwhelmed. Start with small goals and work consistently.”

Barkdull gives the following ideas to help you get started on your preparedness plan:

  • Establish a modest preparedness budget. Make it a priority and work at it the best you can. Start with a few items, such as: a 72-hour kit, emergency candles, a sleeping bag and a first aid kit or an emergency bag. Then budget enough money monthly to keep adding to your stores of emergency supplies.
  • Get your information from reliable sources. Most sensible programs will coincide with other reputable sources such as books, community preparation and church or government programs. Don’t let anyone scare you into thinking that has to be done all at once or that you must incur heavy debt to achieve your goals.
  • That which would be required to sustain life for three days can be easily multiplied for planning long-term storage needs.
  • Be consistent. Within a short time you will have the necessary supplies and equipment to take care of yourself, family members and others.
  • Think investment not expense. Think practically when it comes to assembling a food storage program. Buy the basics and learn to use them. Buy foods that you can rotate and eat regularly instead of storing foods that are unknowns to you that you have never eaten. Buy emergency materials that can be used for other activities such as Scouting events, camping adventures and family road trips. Take care of what you purchase and learn not to waste. The point is, do something and do not procrastinate.

Pulling Obama's Strings

The main stream media have been so in bed with President Barack Obama since he announced his candidacy that he has to lean over them to kiss Michelle goodnight. That has been evident to anyone who is conscious.

But just how far that collaboration went is only now coming to light. Mortimer Zuckerman, the publisher and owner of New York Daily News and the editor-in-chief of U.S. News & World Report now admits he wrote one of Obama’s speeches. He won’t say which one.

Zuckerman in 2008 was listed as the 147th wealthiest American by Forbes magazine. He is a member of the Council on Foreign Relations (CFR) and a regular attendee at Bilderberg meetings.

No wonder many of Obama’s campaign speeches were lauded as works of art; different members of the MSM were writing them with the approval of the New World Order crowd. This revelation by Zuckerman sheds a little more light on Obama’s agenda. He’s doing the will of the corporatists that thrust him into power and now pull his strings.

The Fourth Estate failed the American people during the last election cycle, as it has done for most of the last 100 years. No longer a free and independent press, it bows and scrapes to the corporatist global governance cabal.

Sugar Works As Antibacterial Agent

Looking for a natural treatment for your cuts and scrapes? In her book Salt in Your Sock and Other Tried-and True Home Remedies, Lillian Beard, M.D., recommends using sugar to help heal your minor wounds. The sugar granules are natural antibacterial agents and can help speed up the healing process. So next time you have a minor injury reach for a sweet sprinkle instead of chemical ointments or sprays.

Four Questions For "We The People"

Dear Bob,

I have four questions, (1.) When are the people going to get off their fat lazy butts and start to take control of the government the way the constitution was meant to control the government?

(2.) When will the people who have the power and can impeach this clown and kick him and his lackey’s out into the street where he belongs?

(3.) What do we the voting, tax paying and legal citizens of this country have to do to get the 28th Amendment passed?

(4.) When Social Security was first implemented and people first started to collect Social Security, they did not have to pay income tax on the monthly allotment, due to the earner had already paid taxes on at the time of earning, everyone that now draws SS each month should not have to pay income tax on it again and should not be considered as income. If I withdraw money every month from my savings or 401K to be able to pay my living expenses, I’m not taxed, it’s not considered income. Social Security should be the same, I’ve paid the max for the past 50+ years into it, now I should be able to withdraw from it, as if it where a savings account and the leaches in Washington are the bankers (shyster’s).

The silent majority and legal citizens of our once great country, must now, more than ever, get off there lazy asses and take back control of the government and tell the politician’s we run this country and you are only the appointed administrators and WE the People can boot you if you don’t do your job.

Bob, one last thing, with today’s technology, why do we need the electoral college and polling places, we should be able to vote on our computers, phones or these Ipods, if these are secure enough to handle money and top secret documents, it should be safe enough to vote…….


Thank you for taking the time to read my complaints and suggestions.
Michael J. Anthony Sr.


Dear Michael,

Thanks for your questions. I’ll try and answer them as succinctly as possible.

  1. While there are a good many people who are aware of what’s going on in our country (particularly those participating in Tea Parties), a great number are unaware of anything beyond American Idol and Jay Leno and when their next check will arrive from the government. Currently about 49 percent of Americans pay no income taxes. You can’t expect any of that number to vote for candidates who do not promise them a handout. I’m hopeful that enough people are fed up with the policies of this administration and will go vote in November and elect enough Republicans to take unbridled power away from the Democrats. However, if you’ve paid attention over the last 20 years you must realize that Republicans and Democrats are essentially two sides of the same coin. Both, when in power, seek to steal more of your wealth and grow their power. So we can’t just mindlessly elect Republicans. As example, I give you Lindsey Graham, John McCain, Olympia Snowe, etc. We must elect Republicans who are in the vein of Ron and Rand Paul, Michelle Bachman, Jim DiMint, etc. Until we elect enough of this type of person, true conservatives, nothing will change.
  2. As currently constituted, with Democrats controlling the House and Senate, there will not be any action to remove Obama from power, much less the Democrat leaders in Congress. However, I’m not sure there are any of the current crop of Republicans who will have the stomach for an impeachment hearing and trial should they gain control of Congress. There are serious doubts about whether Obama is even constitutionally eligible to serve, and yet there is not one Republican candidate that I’m aware of that is talking about this subject. Don’t look for it to happen. You may recall that although the House presented plenty of evidence to the Senate that Bill Clinton had committed perjury, which would have fallen under the Founding Fathers’ definition of High Crime and Misdemeanor, all 100 Senators, Republican and Democrat alike, voted against removing him from office. Most refused to even look at the evidence presented by the House. When pushed into a corner they circle the wagons and protect their own.
  3. While I agree with certain portions of the proposed 28th Amendment, I’m not sure that it is the best course of action. I agree that the 16th Amendment should be repealed (in fact it was not lawfully ratified). I believe there are enough safeguards in the existing Constitution to govern us correctly if we elect the right people: people who are willing to live by the Constitution. I also believe nullification (as per Jefferson and Madison’s nullification of the Alien and Sedition Acts) is the proper way to fight an over-reaching Federal government. However, anyone supporting the proposed 28th Amendment should get out and promote it, get the backing of their fellow citizens and put pressure on the elected elitists. That is the only way something like that will have a chance to pass. I’m skeptical that even that will work, however, and believe we should remain within the framework of the existing Constitution to wage our battles.
  4. Social Security is the greatest Ponzi scheme ever devised by man. It is simply another of the several ways the elected elites are using to steal our wealth from us. I could go on for pages on this Ponzi scheme and the other ways our government has enslaved us, but I’d better just suggest you scan our site, for much of what I have written about these subjects. As to the use of technology in voting, that is something I’m extremely leery of. It is too easy for the voting machines to be tampered with. Regarding the Electoral College, we don’t need to tamper with that. This is a safeguard provided by our wise Founding Fathers and is what prevents us from becoming a true Democracy, which no thinking person wants to happen. Our Founders devised for us a Republican form of government, and that’s what I’d like to see us keep. To understand the difference I would direct you to the Federalist Papers. They provide fascinating reading and you can gain great insight into the ideas that led to the establishment of our country.

Finally, we the people no longer control the government. The government has become corporatist. Corporations and special interest groups that provide the campaign funds are who control our elected elites. That is why you saw such hubris on the part of the elites in pushing through the stimulus bills and the healthcare bill. They no longer care what we think because they no longer fear us as much as they fear upsetting their sugar daddies. In order for that to change the people must rise up in sufficient numbers, overcome the lies told during the campaign and make good decisions when we vote.

I hope I have adequately answered all your concerns,

Best wishes,

Fed Secrecy Survives Again

Democrats in Congress have managed to nail the lid back down on Federal Reserve transparency.

Writing in his weekly column Texas Straight Talk, Congressman Ron Paul (R-Texas) said that his Federal Reserve Transparency Act was left out of the Wall Street reform bill when House and Senate negotiators reconciled the different bills passed by both houses of Congress. An effort by House Republicans to re-insert the language failed, with more than 120 Democrats who had co-sponsored the bill voting against it.

The bill would have allowed the Government Accountability Office (GAO) to fully and completely audit the Federal Reserve and would have opened the Fed’s operations to Congressional oversight. Paul wrote:

“Any legitimate objections to the audit proposal were addressed in the language of the motion to recommit. Thus, it is clear that the real reasons for opposing it are unstated and indefensible. The real reasons are that politicians like to spend money far exceeding income and it is convenient to have an enabler of this in the Federal Reserve. The easier it is for the Fed to create money, hidden from public view and accountability, the easier it is for politicians to spend that money and make sure their friends and interests are taken care of through shady political processes.”

“The broader reasons for supporting this entire financial regulatory reform bill are just as sinister. This is not about cracking down on big banks as some claim. Rather, this is about not wasting a crisis. This is about using a traumatic event to increase government power and control over the economy. If it was really about addressing the causes of this recession, Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac would have been dealt with, or abolished. Failed companies would just fail, rather than being bailed out. Instead, a permanent bailout mechanism is being established. The Fed, and its ability to control interest rates and create cheap money, would be reformed or better yet, abolished. But instead its power is being increased and this Congress refuses to even fully audit it!”

As Paul points out the Federal Reserve has operated in the shadows since its inception in 1913. While its defenders claim it was designed to give stability to financial markets, what it has really done is preside over the near complete destruction of the dollar. Since the Fed’s inception the dollar has lost more than 95 percent of its purchasing power.

Its loose money policy is also the culprit behind current economic crisis. By artificially keeping interest rates low rather than allowing the free market to set rates, bubbles were created that eventually burst.

For some reason, Average Joe and Average Jane seem to have trouble understanding this concept. But here’s a concept they may understand.

When Congress passed the massive stimulus and bailout bills they used your money by authorizing the U.S. Treasury Department and its head Timothy Geithner (formerly president of the Federal Reserve of New York) and Fed Chairman Ben Bernanke to determine which financial institutions received bailout funds.

But they have decided that you, the American taxpayer, have no right to know who got money, how much the recipients received and what it was used for. They have rejected every inquiry by Congress to find out where YOUR money went.

We know that it went to their buddies at Goldman Sachs, where former Treasury Secretary—and Geithner buddy—Hank Paulson served as chief executive officer. We know that some went to AIG. We know that some went to overseas banks to bail them out. We know that some went to the automobile companies to bail them out, and to the autoworkers unions to support their pension plans. But that’s about all we know about that.

We know that the Federal Reserve, which is not a part of the Federal government and which holds no reserves, was formed by six conspirators who met in secret in 1910 and pushed its approval through Congress in 1913. We know the conspirators were foreign and American banksters and Big Oil men and their lackeys in the Senate.

We know that a secret cabal of banksters—both foreign and domestic—still own the Federal Reserve, and profit off it at the expense of the American people.

We know that the Federal Reserve destroys your savings through inflation. It steals your wealth without you knowing it by printing more and more currency, making each dollar worth less.

We know—and now the evidence is there for all to see—that the Federal Reserve is a powerful entity that was able to sway the votes of more than 120 Democrats and persuade them to vote against a bill they had co-sponsored. And we now know for sure—as if we didn’t already suspect—that there will be no end to the Federal Reserve while the current regime is in power.

There will be a time for reckoning in November. Will the banksters and corporate donors (corporatists) win out? Or, will the people rise up in sufficient numbers to take their country back?

Putting The Small Farmer Out Of Business

The Federal government has long been legislating in an effort to eliminate the small farmer, and increasingly local governments are doing so as well.

The government’s efforts—under the guise of making our food safer—have all but put off limits good, healthful foods like whole raw milk and truly organic meats and vegetables grown by local farmers. The Federal government, through the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) and other alphabet soup organizations are constantly banning natural, good-for-you foods and inventing new restrictions that hurt the small farmer for the benefit of Monsanto, Archer Daniels Midland and other large farm entities.

And local governments are constantly devising zoning and other restrictions to hinder small farms, just like Lake Elmo, Minn., is doing here. This is not just a Minnesota problem, it’s a national problem.

Chicago Tries Another Tack In Its Battle Against The 2nd Amendment

Four days after the United States Supreme Court overturned a Chicago handgun ban as unconstitutional, city aldermen passed another ordinance that bans gun shops from the city and makes it a crime for a gun owner to step outside his home—even onto his porch or into his garage—with a handgun.

Several people and at least one organization have already sued the city in Federal court seeking to have the new ordinance declared null and void, according to The Washington Examiner.

The Eric Holder Justice Department ripped Arizona’s immigration law within days of its passage, saying the law stepped into the jurisdiction of the Federal government. On Tuesday the Federal government filed suit against Arizona over the law.

The Supreme Court’s ruling in the Chicago handgun ban made it clear that cities and states could not infringe on the right of Americans to keep and bear arms—essentially making gun laws a Federal issue. I’m sure that, since Holder is so concerned with keeping Federal authority where it belongs he’ll soon be joining the suit against the city of Chicago.

When will we see your department file that lawsuit, Mr. Holder?