The Enzyme Treatment of Cancer by John Beard, D.Sc.

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Listen up medical researchers! If you want the medical establishment to accept, or at least consider, your new health ideas that seem promising, you better have the right credentials, politics and media skills to put it across. And having the right friends doesn’t hurt, either. Otherwise, no matter how wonderful your insight, the backlash against it is going to be devastating. Mainstream medical practitioners don’t take kindly to outsiders impinging on their turf.

Consider John Beard, born in 1858, trained as an embryologist, nominated for the Nobel Prize in 1906 for his work in embryology and the author of The Enzyme Treatment of Cancer. A novel idea occurred to Beard as he was staring through his microscope at cells known as trophoblasts, the cells that form the outer layer of the placenta and attach it to the womb. As they begin to develop and divide, Beard noted, trophoblasts resemble cancer cells. They multiply rapidly and accumulate like a tumor. They develop a new blood supply to feed themselves as tumors do. Plus, they invade the walls of the uterus the same way cancer cells invade the organs of the body.

However, Beard found that at a certain point during normal development of the placenta the trophoblasts give up their cancer-like proliferation and behave themselves. Through a mysterious process, the body signals the trophoblasts when it’s time to settle down and call off the invasion. Remarkably, the trophoblasts listen and obey.

According to Beard, in humans, the key event that apparently halts trophoblastic cellular anarchy is the development, in the fetus, of the pancreas, the main gland that releases enzymes needed for digestion. Therefore, he thought, the enzymes released by the pancreas could be the body’s way of telling the trophoblasts to cease and desist. And he was struck by an idea. Maybe the same enzymatic signals could halt cancer.

Subsequently, work with cancer patients seemed to show that Beard was on to something. Injection of pancreatic enzymes, which had already been isolated by other scientists, frequently produced an anti-cancer effect.

And what was Beard’s thanks for his remarkable insight? A good deal of scorn and the relegation of his findings to the ash heap of medical history. His call for treating cancer with enzymes was laughed off. The more so since pre-World War I surgeons had just begun to use their scalpels for cutting out tumors and weren’t about to drop their knives in favor of a more benign therapy.

A big part of Beard’s dilemma was that he didn’t know how to manage his public relations. A few years later, Madame Curie, a much more media-savvy scientist, sold the journalists of her day on the idea that radiation (a new term she had coined with her husband) offered a high-tech, risk-free cancer cure. In her enthusiasm she never suspected that radiation itself was toxic — even though radiation eventually killed her when her bone marrow succumbed to years to exposure. Matter of fact, her lab was so filled with deadly beams that today her contaminated papers are still stored in lead-lined boxes.

The book The Enzyme Treatment of Cancer and Its Scientific Basis is a reissue of John Beard’s seminal work from 1911. It explores his examinations of embryos and discusses how cancer’s infiltration of body tissues mirrors the way a placenta implants itself on the walls of the womb.

The new edition of Beard’s book features a foreword by Nicholas J. Gonzalez, M.D., a nationally known physician who has explored Beard’s concepts and used them to devise enzyme based nutritional programs for cancer and other degenerative diseases.

The average reader may find much of Beard’s book tedious. For example, a few of the chapters replay his conflicts with the medical establishment of his day, pointing out how he was misquoted and his work misinterpreted. While alternative medicine still copes with that type of treatment from mainstream doctors, the specifics of Beard’s difficulties offer details mostly of interest to historians.

But for those who wish to understand the ins and outs of early cancer research, this book conveys a first-person narrative from a meticulous scientist who made some startlingly prescient observations about cancer. His, insights echo modern research: For example, scientists at Princeton are even now studying how metastasizing cancer uses enzymes and certain types of cellular signals to take root in bone. And researchers at Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory (CSHL) only recently discovered the stem cells that give rise to carcinoma — cells that Beard would have called “vagrant germ cells.”

All of which makes you realize that another problem Beard had was that he was too far ahead of his time. And we’re still waiting for mainstream medicine to catch up.

The Nazification Of America

Two recent news items indicate the Nazification of America continues apace.

First, a report in The Daily broke the news that the Department of Homeland Security plans to begin testing portable DNA scanners this summer.

The device resembles a desktop printer and will make genetic tests common and affordable.

“This can be done in real time, with no technical expertise,” Richard Selden, the executive chairman of NetBio, the company that devised the scanners, told The Daily. That’s perfect for use by the morons, simpletons and thieves DHS hires as its field agents.

It cuts the cost of a DNA test from $500 to under $100, making it so affordable that everyone can be forced to contribute DNA to the government’s database. It can analyze and record DNA from a drop of saliva. Just think how handy such a machine would have been for Hitler’s SS as a tool to help identify the “undesirable” Jews that needed to be shipped off to the gas chambers.

It will certainly make it easy for the regime to identify its undesirables—especially those who are genetically inferior and therefore deserve to be denied healthcare treatment once Obamacare rationing starts or those believed to be a “threat.”

The second item is equally distressing and, in fact, could be used in conjunction with DNA screening. That is the coming DHS-backed Real ID Act national identification card.

When first introduced in the aftermath of 9/11 and under the recommendation of the 9/11 commission, most States resisted.  But now the issue is back and it’s set to go into effect on May 11 unless Congress stops it or the States continue to resist through nullification.

 According to a Feb. 17 FoxNews story, “The law… creates a national security standard for state-issued identification cards to be used for purposes like boarding airplanes and entering federal buildings.”

Used together, the DNA database and the national ID card would ensure the Federal government knows who you are and where you are at all times. The ramifications of this are enormous.

Big Brother government would be able to track you through Federal checkpoints at Federal courthouses and through encounters with Transportation Security Administration agents at airports and train and bus stations and through the DHS FAST program and other law enforcement personnel and any time you present you ID to “authorities” to make a purchase.

Just think of a government that can decide whether you are a desirable member of society, whether you possess blood or organs that a more desirable person could use, or whether you pose some sort of threat based on your genetic code.

It’s a program Adolf Hitler would love.

Good News About Good Fats

Are you looking to increase your body’s heart-healthy omega-3 fatty acids? A new study suggests a glass or two of red wine may boost your levels of these “good” fats.

Researchers from Catholic University in Italy discovered that patients who consumed wine in moderation had higher concentrations of omega-3s compared to those who preferred other alcoholic beverages, such as beer or liquors.

Omega-3s have been scientifically shown to help lower your bad — or LDL — cholesterol, protect you from heart disease, lower your blood pressure and fuel your brain for optimum performance. These nutrients may also help you sleep better, improve your memory and ease the symptoms of PMS.

The Gravy Train Has Derailed

Scenes like those playing out in Madison, Wis., with tens of thousands protesting efforts to reduce State budget deficits, may well soon come to your State capital.

States are broke and their budgets are imperiled. Years of living beyond their means, of spending like there’s no tomorrow, of borrowing to fund profligacy and of providing obscene benefits to government workers have caught up with State finances. The chickens are coming home and are finding their roost has collapsed.

President Barack Obama ginned up the stakes in Wisconsin when he said the budget battle, in which Governor Scott Walker is looking to make up a shortfall of $3.6 billion over the next two years, is a battle against unions. That’s not it at all, but Obama seldom lets facts stand in the way of an opportunity to stoke the class warfare argument. It’s what Marxist community organizers do best.

Walker’s proposal would require some State employees to pay about 5.8 percent toward their own pension (they currently pay nothing) and about 12 percent of their own insurance premium (they currently pay about 6 percent, and 12 percent is about half what the average private sector worker pays) and relinquish their rights to collectively bargain their benefits (not their wages).

For this, teachers called in sick or just didn’t show up for work and schools were closed. Union thugs were bused in from around the country to protest. Race hustler Jesse Jackson showed up to get his scowl in front of news cameras. Democrat State legislators — rather than do their jobs (they must be union workers) — ran away and hid in other States in order to deny the Legislature a quorum.

Former House Speaker Nancy Pelosi — who knows a thing or two about living the high life at taxpayer’s expense — expressed solidarity with Wisconsin teachers. Unethical physicians handed out sick notes to teachers like they were penny candy.

The irony is Obama, Pelosi and Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid have themselves to blame for this fiasco. In 2009 and 2010, thousands of average, everyday Americans interrupted their lives, took off from work, temporarily suspended their businesses and found babysitters for their kids in order to travel to Washington, D.C., or to a city nearby, to gather in protest of big government spending bills — that paid off elite-favored corporations — and Obamacare.

But Obama, Pelosi, Reid and company ignored the wishes of a majority of Americans and continued to spend and steal liberty from an electorate that was clearly fed up with big government antics. Had this Axis of Evil and their progressive cohorts not run roughshod over the wishes of the American people, Democrats would probably still be in control of both Houses of  Congress and most State governments and State worker benefits probably wouldn’t be the target.

Oh, State budgets would still be in dire straits. But Democrats would be tackling their deficits some other way; probably by raising taxes. If history is a guide, Democrats — and for the most part Republicans as well — rarely tackle deficits with spending cuts.

But voters in November swept most Democrats out of their Houses (governor’s mansions and legislative buildings) and installed new governments. They showed they wanted a change to more frugal governance from one that had no compunction over enriching favored constituencies (unions and certain industries) on the backs of taxpayers. They elected men and women who said they understood what the electorate wanted.

So Walker is making the hard choices his voters sent him to make. And other governors are facing some of the same choices about spending.

According to The Washington Post, State and municipal governments have about $2.4 trillion in debt. That’s 15 percent of the national gross domestic product. Across the country, from California to New York, state pension obligations are crushing state budgets.

Heavy taxes and burdensome government regulation have stymied business growth and run jobs out of the country. Private sector workers have given up raises, endured lay-offs, salary cuts and loss of benefits and have borne the brunt of the financial crisis. Now it’s time for the public sector to accept the reality that the gravy train fueled by bubbles resulting from the Federal Reserve’s money printing policies has jumped the track.

Public sector workers’ salaries come exclusively from taxpayers. Public sector workers’ salaries are used to pay union dues. Unions use those dues to campaign for Democrats who then raise the salaries and increase the benefits of public sector workers.

In other words, if you are taxpayer you have contributed money to support Democrat candidates and Democrat initiatives whether you agreed with those candidates and initiatives or not, as The Washington Examiner’s Michael Barone pointed out in a recent column.

The stranglehold unions have over the Democratic process has to be broken. Wisconsin is ground zero of the battle between some sort of fiscal sanity and the status quo. State budgets are in deep trouble and cuts will have to be made. And those cuts are inevitably going to have greater effect on those who mooch off government.

And public sector employees — with salaries and benefits far and away above that seen in the private sector — have mooched off government for too long. Taxpayers are tired of paying for lucrative pensions and health insurance for public sector union employees when they can’t afford to contribute to their own retirement plans or provide adequate healthcare coverage for their own families.

We’ve seen the result of austerity measures in places like Greece and France. We’ve seen protests against tyranny in the Middle East and North Africa. Sometimes these protests turn violent.

In America, we’ve seen college kids protesting rises in tuition costs at State colleges. In some cities, near riots have broken out when public housing and other public assistance didn’t meet demand. Now we’re seeing protests against meager government cuts in Wisconsin and Ohio. California Governor Jerry Brown is trying to put a plan to reduce the State’s public pension obligations on a June referendum.

Public employees from Bell, Calif., to Clarkstown, N.Y. have been caught looting their taxpaying citizens with salaries exceeding $500,000.

In Washington, spineless Republicans are cowing to Democrats and backing off their pledge to make “deep” cuts, even though they only pledged to cut a meager $100 billion from a budget that tops $1.4 trillion. Democrats are playing games — pledging to make cuts but proposing higher taxes and cuts on children’s aid programs in an effort to gin up the class war.

Political elites, public sector workers and those who’ve made a career milking the system in order to avoid personal responsibility are parasites. They’ve sucked the host dry and the host is ready to end it.

But, as evidenced by the squawking going on in Wisconsin, Ohio and elsewhere, the parasites aren’t about to go quietly.

Walker has all but threatened to use the National Guard to replace State workers — or quash protests. Walker was also was caught on tape saying to prankster who called him and claimed to be billionaire David Koch that he had thought about using troublemakers to infiltrate the crowd in an effort to delegitimize the protests. An Indiana deputy attorney general urged police to use live ammunition against Wisconsin protesters.

Democrat politicians are telling the parasites, “Every once and awhile you need to get out on the streets and get a little bloody when necessary” (Massachusetts Democrat Representative Mike Capuano). Union thugs — apparently having forgotten the calls for civility in the wake of Representative Gabrielle Gifford’s (D-Ariz.) shooting — seem to be following his orders as you can see here, here (the fracas starts at about 7:30 on the video) and here. They’re waving signs comparing Walker to Hitler, using vile language and intimidating and assaulting pro-Walker supporters.

Are these really union supporters validating the stereotype of thuggish behavior, or are these provocateurs?

That’s not clear. But in the run-up to the bailout and Obamacare votes, Tea Party activists were accused of using slurs and intimidation. There was never any evidence to back it up, but the mainstream media ran with the false accusations anyway. When acts of violence did occur, it was revealed the culprits were liberal provocateurs.

But the use of slurs and violence by those who support Leftist policies is never mentioned on the alphabet soup networks or the major papers, and there was scant mention of the duplicity when perpetrators of violence turned out to be Leftists rather than Tea Partiers. That wouldn’t fit the agenda of the mainstream media.

Whether you like it not, changes are coming. The parasites are unhappy. The elites are worried. The collapse is underway.

Question for Bob

Dear Bob,

Can you tell me about secure retirement avenues as far as pulling money out and buying gold.  Won’t there be heavy tax penalties? Will it be worth it to pull it out now and pay the taxes or leave it and hope that things don’t crash before they are of age?  Should we be buying gold and silver now while waiting on the 401K?

Barbara Perillo

Dear Barbara,

If you are talking about cashing out your individual retirement account (IRA) or 401(k) retirement plan then, depending on your age, the length of time you’ve had the plan and other factors, yes there will be heavy tax penalties. You should speak to your tax advisor to determine exactly how it will affect you. I pulled my money out of a 401(k) many years ago and, despite the penalty, I’ve still come out ahead. But without knowing all about your situation I cannot advise you as to whether it would be in your best interests to do the same. I still recommend buying gold and silver. Gold has gotten out of the reach for most people, but silver is still a wonderful investment. You can buy one-ounce Silver Eagles or junk silver (pre-1965 U.S. silver coins).


Best Wishes,

We’re No Longer A Virtuous Nation

Reports out of Wisconsin indicate that physicians are defrauding the State — and therefore the taxpayers — by issuing fake medical excuses to teachers to give them cover for their “sickout” protests over the governor’s proposals to combat the State’s budget shortfall.

These fake medical excuses will cost the state upwards of $6 million, if press reports are accurate.

If physicians are indeed handing out fake excuses, those doctors need to be fined heavily and their licenses to practice should be revoked or suspended. But don’t count on it happening. Fraud is a hallmark of the government and the medical community, and the act of giving out fake excuses is but an extension of the corruption that infests mainstream medicine. And that’s a fraud perpetuated by the government through the Food and Drug Administration.

Beyond that, it represents a breakdown in our society’s moral compass, which is a direct result of statist and godless policies pushed by progressives and socialists.

In a letter to James Warren on Feb. 12, 1779, Samuel Adams wrote:

“A general dissolution of principles and manners will more surely overthrow the liberties of America than the whole force of the common enemy. While the people are virtuous they cannot be subdued; but when once they lose their virtue then will be ready to surrender their liberties to the first external or internal invader.”

Can there be any doubt that we are no longer a virtuous nation?