Leave Off Salt?

The last thing my doctor told me at my most recent appointment was, “Be sure to leave off the salt.”

And most people under the care of a doctor do “leave off salt.” In fact, they starve themselves of salt mainly because they believe myths about salt.

Beware! I am not recommending you eat (take) more salt. You have to decide that for yourself. But I do believe you will eat more salt (sea salt) if you have the facts.

Salt Myths: Salt causes high blood pressure, water retention (swelling), kidney problems, heart problems, etc. A low-salt or salt-free diet is best for health.

Salt Facts: Just you try to cut salt out. Life won’t be worth living, in my opinion.

If you have an older dog that is suffering from arthritis, give him one-fourth teaspoon of sea salt on his food daily. He will love it, and he will get healthy again. But don’t miss a day, because the dog will ask for sea salt.

My son and I were both suffering from bad heartburn and gastritis. Of course, you know why: not enough hydrochloric acid in the stomach. We were both consuming antacids, alkalizers and citrocarbonate regularly, even getting up at night to get relief.

Well, you would think that sea salt would catch our stomachs on fire. But instead, both of us gained complete and permanent relief and cure. This occurred more than two years ago. What happened? The chloride in the salt put hydrochloric acid back into our stomachs, healing our stomachs and relieving the pain.

My son and I still take sea salt regularly, and we still have excellent digestion. It must be worth a few million paper dollars! We often take about one-eighth to one-fourth teaspoon of sea salt on the end of the tongue and dissolve it with water.

Remember, when you go to the hospital, the first thing they do is put you on intravenous salt water. They call it saline solution, maybe so you won’t know it is just salt water.

Somebody in the inner sanctum of medicine learned long ago about the medicinal benefit of salt. What they could do if they used sea salt instead of sodium chloride (processed salt)! And they charge $35 to $50 a bottle for the stuff.

A Medical Doctor’s Point Of View

David Brownstein, M.D., in his book “Salt Your Way to Health,” said he was taught in medical school that salt causes high blood pressure and everybody should be on a low-salt diet. While treating his patients, he started to notice the ones who had high blood pressure received very little benefit from a low-salt diet. Most of them were also low on minerals.

In his search for ways to help these patients, he came across unrefined salt. By suggesting his patients should use unrefined salt, which has more than 80 trace minerals in it, he noticed something strange start to happen.

His patients with high blood pressure were finding that their blood pressure was actually coming down to the point they could come off their medications.

Brownstein has a current medical practice at Center for Holistic Medicine in West Bloomfield, Mich. The center’s website is www.centerforholisticmedicine.com/, and Brownstein has his own website, www.drbrownstein.com.

Brownstein’s book “Salt Your Way to Healthwill show you how adding the right kind of salt to your diet can help adrenal disorders, blood pressure, cholesterol levels, fatigue, headaches, immune system function and thyroid disorders.

Keep cash on hand?

Dear Bob,

Do you still recommend having cash on hand in view of the coming collapse of the dollar? Will there be an interim period to use paper, or will there be an immediate collapse?

Do you recommend having copper coins on hand?

We have read about forced inoculations for H1N1 coming this fall. Is this true?

Info regarding alternative medicine:
My husband was diagnosed with early stages Parkinson’s disease about 1.5 years ago. He is on medication, which is helping some. But in other ways, he was getting worse. Three weeks ago, we started an alternative treatment: IV glutathione… a total of 6 injections so far. He is using a hyperbaric oxygen chamber for one hour each day. Amazing changes! He looks and feels good, and the tremor in hand has vanished! He will continue oxygen for another four weeks, and he has been told glutathione will be ongoing. Hopefully, he will work up to once a month or better.

Thank you for your response.

Appreciate you,
Linda Pennington

Dear Linda,

First, glad to hear of your husband’s improvement. It’s amazing that mainstream medicine refuses to embrace alternative treatments when they demonstrate such excellent results.

Yes, I recommend having one to three months’ cash on hand. The collapse won’t be immediate, but will occur over time. For a period of that time, I anticipate most, if not all, banks closing while the fiat money is devalued. So that cash on hand will be invaluable.

I’m not sure what copper coins you are referring to. Today’s supposed copper coins, like the U.S. penny, contain only traces of copper. If they were truly copper, they would have value. Silver and gold are what you should hold. I believe junk silver (pre-1964 silver coins) will come back into use. They are valuable for their silver content and the fact that they look like our currency and people are familiar with them.

Regarding forced H1N1 inoculations: I have not heard that from any reliable source. However, note that during the past H1N1 scare, there were some State agencies that required teachers and healthcare professionals to become vaccinated or give up their jobs. There were court cases dealing with those, but I am not sure if they have been adjudicated yet.

Best wishes,


Government Lies And The Failure Of The Corporate Media

There was once a time when the media understood it had a job to do: Question everything, take nothing for granted and do whatever it takes to ferret out the truth.

Sadly, that time has passed. Now, the corporate media blindly accepts its nuggets of food from its government master — never questioning and often cheerleading rather than reporting, especially if that master is a socialist like the one we have in Washington, D.C., today.

Take the ever-changing story of the Osama bin Laden execution. It has become quite evident that either no one in or around the White House knows exactly what happened, or the whole story is a lie and the Administration is simply very bad at lying. But despite the discrepancies, the media continues to parrot the official version… whatever it happens to be at the time.

When first announced, the story was expressed thusly: A secretive Navy Seal team dropped into a million-dollar compound where bin Laden had been hiding for a number of years. Searching for bin Laden, the Seals fought their way through a phalanx of bodyguards. During an intense firefight — which was observed in real time by President Barack Obama, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, CIA Director Leon Panetta, Secretary of Defense Robert Gates and a number of others in the White House Situation Room (a photo of this happening was put out by the White House) — bin Laden, hiding behind a woman and firing away with a weapon, was shot twice in the head. Two women were shot, one mortally.

The Seal team snatched bin Laden’s body and some computer hard drives and made off. Bin Laden’s DNA was quickly and accurately matched with that of his half sister, his iris was scanned and his body was photographed. After that, his body was prepared according to the Muslim tradition and dumped into the sea.

From there, the story has taken on a life of its own. In the hours after the news first became public, many media outlets began running a photograph of bin Laden with obvious head trauma. That photo was quickly deemed a hoax. It was, in fact, a Photoshopped photo combination of bin Laden and an unidentified Muslim man who had suffered a massive head wound.

As the week progressed, more and more of the story came into question or was changed by officials inside the White House… and Obama himself:

  • The intelligence gleaned as a result of enhanced interrogation resulted in the execution of bin Laden… but it didn’t.
  • The Pakistani government knew about the raid in advance, then they didn’t, then they actually participated, then they didn’t.
  • Bin Laden was not really hiding behind a woman, nor did he fire a gun. But he did resist. What that resistance was no one will say.
  • A woman was killed in the crossfire… or not.
  • The “mansion” was not really a $1 million compound, but a decrepit building without air or any luxuries and worth much less.
  • The firefight involved some shots fired by one of bin Laden’s couriers — who was killed — as the Seal team entered the compound. The only other shots were fired by the Seals.
  • The Seals were to capture bin Laden if possible… or shoot him on sight. The Seals shot an unarmed bin Laden in “self-defense.”
  • Bin Laden was shot once in the head and once in the chest, not twice in the head.
  • The President and his staff didn’t really watch the mission — Panetta says the video feed went dark as soon as the Seals entered the compound. The photo of this event was a complete fake.
  • There are photos of a dead bin Laden, and the Administration planned to release them. Then, it decided not to.
  • The Administration claims there is video of him being buried at sea and the video would be released. Er… not really.
  • The DNA test, performed mere moments after his death, is conclusive because it was compared to DNA from bin Laden’s half sister who died of cancer. There is also facial-recognition software proof… even though his head was ravaged too badly from the one bullet that hit him in the head (not two, as first announced) for the photo to be released.

All of this is political theater designed to bolster Obama’s sagging approval rating and distract attention from his three wars, the failing economy, the ongoing unemployment crisis, rising gas prices, Obamacare and the upcoming release of Jerome Corsi’s book “Where’s the Birth Certificate?.” And there may be one other reason… as a pretense to open up a fourth front in the “War on Terror” in Pakistan.

As we have told you before, bin Laden has been dead for several years — probably since 2001. There have been statements by many who would know that have been printed in the corporate media. Remember? He was bombed in Tora Bora. He needed dialysis. He was killed by his own security guard. He had a liver problem. He had Marfan syndrome, etc.

But the administrations of former President George W. Bush and Obama have purposely kept (the idea of) bin Laden alive to give them a bogeyman to trot out whenever they needed a public relations boost. Bush did it around election time, and now Obama is doing it when he needs something to distract the masses from their woes.

Bin Laden was a CIA creation. First used to keep the Soviet Union bottled up in Afghanistan, bin Laden then became useful to the CIA when it was time for government to tighten its grip on American freedoms and set that in motion by setting off a false flag attack on America.

I don’t know who the Navy Seal team killed when it raided that rundown Pakistani compound. The Reuters news agency released photos it claims come from the compound that show three dead men bleeding from the ears, nose and mouth. These are reported to have come from a Pakistani security agent who entered the compound moments after bin Laden was shot.

But the most disturbing part of the whole story is the exuberant cheerleading by corporate media — led by Fox News. None of the media has bothered to question the constantly changing narrative, much less why it has changed so often. None has sought proof that bin Laden was killed at the compound on Sunday, and few have bothered to ask what was to be gained by a hasty sea burial of the “Most Wanted Terrorist.”

Rather, the media has taken it on blind faith that its government would not, could not lie — even as it helps the administration fake still photos of the President’s news conference after the actual televised address is completed.

And so we are told we are safer now that bin Laden is dead… except we are also told we are not because now there is an even greater threat of terror attacks, according to some intelligence found at the bin Laden compound.

A couple of things are certain in all this: Our government has used the “War on Terror” as an excuse to steal our liberty under the guise of keeping us safer. Our rights guaranteed under the 1st, 2nd, 4th and 10th Amendments are being chipped away each day.

The government has lied about the events that occurred at the Pakistani compound that was ostensibly the home of Osama bin Laden for the past several years.

What other lies are we being fed?

An Update On Maryanne Godboldo And Medical Tyranny

A Wayne County (Mich.) Family Court judge has ruled that a Detroit teenager stolen from her mother by armed thugs of the Detroit medical police must be turned over to the custody of her aunt this afternoon.

We told you April 20 in The Medical Police State about Maryanne Godboldo, who took her 13-year-old daughter, Ariana, to the Detroit Children’s Center last year after the girl began experiencing behavioral problems following a series of State-mandated immunizations.

The doctor at the DCC prescribed a treatment plan for Ariana that included a psychotropic drug. But the “treatment” only worsened Ariana’s condition, so Maryanne did what any rational person would do: She sought a second opinion.

The second doctor recommended removing Ariana from the drug and prescribed a holistic plan to help Ariana, who also has a physical disability. Maryanne agreed with the new treatment.

But medical goons from the DCC and tyrants from Detroit Child Protective Services did not and gave Maryanne two choices: Put her daughter back on the “treatment” plan first prescribed — a treatment plan that she sought voluntarily and, therefore, should be able to stop — or give up her daughter. Maryanne chose none of the above.

So on March 24, the DCC and CPS fascists, aided by a Detroit Police SWAT team, crashed into Maryanne’s home, took Ariana into custody of the State and incarcerated Maryanne for resisting the armed intrusion.

Ariana has been detained ever since. And to make the case even more bizarre, a doctor treating Ariana while she was in custody decided she didn’t need the psychotropic drug after all. And if the whole ordeal wasn’t enough trauma for the State to inflict on one of its citizens, Ariana was apparently assaulted while in State custody, as Maryanne’s attorney claims Ariana has contracted a sexually transmitted disease.

The DCC and CPS are trying to fight the judge’s order to turn Ariana over to her aunt (notice that she still will be separated from her mother), according to the Detroit Free Press. But the judge said she would have none of it.

Let’s hope rationality finally reigns in this case and Ariana can be returned quickly to her mother, who apparently is one of the few people who truly has the girl’s best interests at heart.

The Price of Everything by Eduardo Porter

[pl_amazon_book_order src="http://rcm.amazon.com/e/cm?t=perslibedige-20&o=1&p=8&l=as1&asins=1591843626&ref=tf_til&fc1=000000&IS2=1&lt1=_blank&m=amazon&lc1=0000FF&bc1=000000&bg1=FFFFFF&f=ifr"]If you’re looking for some scattered, interesting facts about prices and the spending habits of different societies, The Price of Everything by Eduardo Porter, is the book for you. Porter has spent the past few years researching global statistics on paying for things like housing, food, athletes and votes. Mixing this all together, he provides a few entertaining nuggets about the exuberance of financial bubbles, the differing costs of getting married, why Pele never got paid enough and how folks decide what to tip a waiter.

But in his extensive compilation of research, Porter can’t seem to see the financial forest for the trees. For instance, while wading through factoids like how much a donated kidney is worth (about $15,200) or the median salary of the 2009 New York Yankees ($5.2 million), he never asks himself a really meaningful question. He never stops to wonder: What is the real significance of wealth and prices in a world where the supply of money is cynically manipulated by government bureaucrats beholden to corporate oligarchs who continually seek to concentrate power in the hands of an elite few?

I kept waiting for him to go deeper into his subject as I waded through this book’s mish-mosh of stories and anecdotes about the byzantine subject of prices. But he stays on the surface.

The Value Of Nothing

The title of Porter’s book is taken from an Oscar Wilde story wherein one of the characters muses, “What is a cynic? A man who knows the price of everything and the value of nothing.” Now, I’m sure that Porter doesn’t consider himself a cynic. But he never offers discerning insight into our modern day values even as he regales us with calculations of how much we’re willing to spend pumping gasoline, joining a church, keeping illegal immigrants on the other side of the border and downloading music.

Yes, he talks about the relationship between wealth and happiness, opining that “…money is not the only relevant variable…” to increasing your happiness. And he points out that happiness “…can be bought with love… (and) time. And pursuing (economic) growth at all costs can lead us to sacrifice other components of our happiness.” But he omits an analysis of our motivations. He never seeks to analyze how, today, most people’s conception of happiness is psychologically manipulated by giant corporations who spend billions to persuade the masses to buy products that are allegedly necessary for personal fulfillment.

Example: When he talks about what we pay for snack foods, you’ll learn about the number of cheese curls in the bag, but not why we’re buying so much of this extruded corn dough. He tells us, “If munchers had no other option but Frito-Lay products, the company would have less of an incentive to put more Cheetos into the bag and trumpet it to the world.” But he doesn’t think to ask why we are consuming so many more of these nutritionally-worthless snacks than is good for us. Or what the price tag is for the zillion dollar marketing campaigns that entice us to keep coming back for more.

At one point, Porter notes that “… belief in the inerrant ability of our choices to communicate our preferences is inconsistent with how we behave… people often make decisions about prices and values that, upon careful consideration, are inconsistent or shortsighted.” But it would have been enlightening to see him examine how companies that market consumer goods take advantage of our inconsistencies and purchasing irrationalities.

Porter does acknowledge that despite a marketplace full of goods and services Americans seem to be “…stuck in a happiness rut…” And if he had expanded on this notion, the book might have been more valuable. In this part of the book he briefly mentions that our happiness deficit is linked to the fact that we get too little sleep, we don’t spend enough time cooking our own meals instead of downing processed foods, we watch too much TV and we don’t exercise enough, especially when compared to other, healthier, industrialized nations.

He doesn’t point out, though, that while we’re watching all that TV, not only are our bodies turning to flab, but our minds, bathed in endless commercial messages, are turning to flab, too. We’re not only letting the companies who have purchased these ads persuade us to pay inflated prices for their merchandise, we have allowed them to commandeer our perspective on the meanings of our lives in the same way they’ve commandeered our government, our money supply and the direction of the country.

Although the subhead of Porter’s book is Solving The Mystery Of Why We Pay What We Do, it’s no mystery. The mystery is why we’ve allowed these behind-the-scenes manipulators to make us pay the price we’re paying.

More Assaults By The Food Police

The fascist government elites continued their assault on American liberty last week with separate raids on an Amish farm that was committing the “crime” of selling raw milk and a natural supplement company that violated U.S. Food and Drug Administration labeling rules.

In Pennsylvania, armed Federal thugs wearing flak jackets swooped in on Rainbow Acres Farms and bashed in doors like they were raiding Osama bin Laden’s compound. The raid came after a months-long “investigation” that saw agents using assumed names and surreptitiously purchasing products from across State lines so they could apply the misused “interstate commerce clause” of the Constitution, according to a report in The Washington Times.

In Oregon, the FDA, IRS and FBI raided Maxam Nutraceutics, a company that produces and sells nutritional supplements primarily for autism spectrum disorders and Alzheimer’s disease.

Maxam’s “crime” was using customer testimonials about its products. According to the medical fascists in the FDA, repeating what customers say about your products turns those products into unapproved drugs.

So the FDA’s position is that natural products — like raw milk, which man has consumed as far back as time can be recorded — are illegal and harmful, but falsely marketed drugs from Big Pharma, with at best dubious research on their effectiveness, are perfectly okay for consumers. And falsely labeling food products by claiming they contain fruit, even though they only contain artificial fruit concoctions and contain no fruit whatsoever, is legal, but using the words of actual customers to promote products is not.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and the FDA take the position that raw milk can be contaminated with harmful bacteria and that pasteurized milk provides all the nutrients of raw milk without the danger. The truth is, pasteurized milk is a dead food. All the benefits of the milk are removed in the pasteurization process. And there had been no complaints of anyone becoming ill from consuming Rainbow Acres Farms milk.

This is just another example of the medical tyranny and corporatocracy in which we now live.

Hat Tip: Naturalnews.com

Red Wine And Blueberries

Wine is created from an age-old fermentation process known for thousands of years. It is spoken of in the Bible. Most of the time the alcohol content of wine is 4 percent to 6 percent.

I am a teetotaler except for red wine. I like the taste, and since I have read studies on resveratrol, a molecule found in red wine, I really am excited about it.  However, reality sets in… it takes a lot of red wine to get a little bit of resveratrol, the healthy nutrient found within.

The most familiar connection to red wine is the “French Paradox.” Researchers have discovered that in regions of France where the population enjoys a high-fat diet but consumes a lot of red wine with meals, the incidence of heart attacks is considerably lower than in other parts of the world. 

They now believe that the benefits of red wine, that is resveratrol, extends to brain health in addition to being cardio-protective. 

And, according to David Sinclair, Ph.D., associate professor of Pathology at Harvard Medical School, resveratrol “may have wide-ranging health effects including anti-cancer, anti-viral, anti-aging and anti-inflammatory benefits and may even protect the brain from stroke, Alzheimer’s and other neuro-degenerative diseases.” 

Actually, resveratrol is a select compound found in red wine that activates human defenses against the above named diseases. 

Later research suggests that resveratrol has a positive effect on the mechanism of aging. Now I am interested! I want to cheat time and live to 100+! 

Well, logic implies that if resveratrol limits the above named diseases, that it would most certainly extend life. 

We can get the resveratrol compound from several foods, with grapes and wine being the best, but in extremely small amounts. But resveratrol is a molecule that is easy to capture and formulate as an extract or supplement and get the full benefit. 

Now there’s a nutrient discovered that evidence shows to be actually better than resveratrol. Pterostilbene (tear-oh-still-bean) has been shown to lower cholesterol and triglycerides better than the most popular drugs, and fight other symptoms of heart disease and is anti-cancer as well. 

No side effects, muscle pain, nausea or anything else. Only benefits! 

Pterostilbene has blood sugar balancing benefits as well, which are very important to all of us who are concerned about sugar levels and avoiding diabetes. Studies actually show 42 percent reduction in blood sugar levels. 

I need the cardio-protective benefit and I want longevity. So I try to enjoy a glass of red wine daily and be sure to supplement with resveratrol and pterostilbene.

Osama bin Laden Killed By Navy Seals

Osama bin Laden Killed By Navy SealsIn a hastily-called national television address, President Barack Obama announced that the most wanted man in the world, Osama bin Laden, had been brought to justice. He had been shot in the head by Navy Seal Team Six in a raid on a compound just north of Islamabad, Pakistan, Obama said.

bin Laden was blamed by the United States government for orchestrating multiple terrorist attacks on U.S. interests, including the attacks on the World Trade Center and Pentagon on Sept. 11, 2001. He was also touted as the head of the terrorist group al-Qaida.

But news of bin Laden’s death at the hands Navy Seals was greeted with skepticism in some quarters because of the number of previous reports of his death from people who would know, including former Pakistani President Pervez Musharraf, the assassinated former Pakistan Prime Minister Benazir Bhutto and Afghan President Hamid Karzai.

Fueling speculation that the bin Laden execution is a ruse is the decision to bury the body at sea in the hours after the attack and the fact that many news organizations ran a photo they claimed to be the face of bin Laden showing  severe trauma even as the White House claimed it was debating whether to release photos of the body to quiet skepticism.

Reality Check

All day long April 27, meteorologists warned that conditions were rife for a severe weather outbreak in the South, and Alabama was expected to be ground zero. The sky was warm and moist, the sun was shining, dew points were abnormally high and Southeasterly winds coming off the Gulf of Mexico were stewing the air. Higher up was a wedge of cold air. It came from the North, creating wind shear.

The numbers meteorologists look at to predict storms, numbers that make sense only to those with an obsession over weather, were frightening to even the casual observer. Compared to the conditions that created an EF5 tornado that scoured the Alabama countryside on April 8, 1998 — a tornado that killed 32 as it cut a mile-wide swath of destruction across Alabama for more than 30 miles — Wednesday’s numbers were off the charts.

One of the State’s most seasoned meteorologists said the numbers were among the highest he’d seen in his 20-plus years of weather forecasting.

The damage actually began in the early morning hours. A line of storms with strong, straight line winds — and sometimes containing small, pop-up tornadoes — whipped across the State before daybreak. They knocked down trees and power lines. But they only foreshadowed what was to come.

Shortly after 3 p.m., a tornado dropped from the sky and began churning across North Central Alabama. It was one of the first of dozens that would churn up the landscape that afternoon and early evening. While it seemed significant enough at the time, it was far from the largest that would grind over Alabama.

As the afternoon wore on, larger tornadoes spun up and dropped from the sky. They obliterated much of Tuscaloosa — damaging the campus of the University of Alabama — and wiped the smaller towns of Pleasant Grove, Concord, Hackleburg and many small communities completely off the map… literally. Not a structure or tree remained. It was if a giant scythe had swept across the landscape. The town of Cordova and the city of Fultondale suffered major damage. Other towns and communities suffered similar fates.

The tornado that decimated Tuscaloosa stayed on the ground through Birmingham and into neighboring Georgia — grinding along for more than 70 miles — and left in its wake a scene of devastation that words cannot describe. Houses were scrubbed down to their foundations, cars and trucks disappeared and could not be found, couches and pianos were tossed across several yards, mattresses and box springs hung suspended from bare tree trunks and bodies lay in the streets and fields.

By Saturday, the death toll in Alabama was at 240 and climbing. But dozens, or even a couple hundred or more were missing, so the count was expected to go higher. Across the South, the death toll from the tornado outbreak topped 300.

The tornado that dropped out of the sky at 3 p.m. aimed its fury on the city of Cullman. The city, with a population of about 16,000, houses the offices of Personal Liberty Media Group, LLC., the parent company of Personal Liberty Digest™.

The storm severely damaged the Cullman County Courthouse, the First Baptist Church and a number of businesses as it roared through the city center. Businesses were destroyed, their brick walls knocked down by the force of the wind, their roofs blown off.

Homes that had stood for 100 years or more were damaged or destroyed. Stately oak trees older than that were pushed over.

The Personal Liberty office building was once a bank. As the storm approached, the few members of the Personal Liberty staff that remained in the building — most had left for home in anticipation of the bad weather — took shelter in a vault on the bottom floor.

They watched as across the street the wind peeled the roof off a building. They saw debris fly past the windows.

After the storm passed, they stepped outside and saw damage all around. The Personal Liberty building escaped damage, but the power was off — power poles and lines and building debris lay in a twisted mess all around them — and the nearby water treatment plant suffered heavy damage, so water was no longer flowing through the pipes.

Across the State, as soon as the storm was past, first responders, rescue workers and volunteers began caring for the injured they found and searching the rubble for other victims. But in some communities, because the destruction was so complete and so widespread, rescue workers had not yet arrived. There were still bodies in the streets more than 48 hours after the storms were over.

And most disturbing of all were reports that some looting was going on in some of those communities.

The storms and their aftermath demonstrate how quickly our civilization can collapse. Even though people were quick to donate their time, efforts, equipment and their money to assist in the cleanup and to provide for people’s needs, it’s going to take a long time for the hardest hit areas to achieve any semblance of normalcy.

Electrical workers began immediately to try to restore power to the more than 400,000 homes left dark after the storms passed. But in many cases, the electrical infrastructure was completely gone. New poles had to be planted and new lines strung. Some will be without power for more than a week even though their communities escaped damage. Getting power to hardest hit areas will take longer.

We’ve long preached preparedness in our articles on Personal Liberty Digest™. We believe you should have water and food, guns and ammunition and gold and silver stored for times such as these — or whatever circumstance life throws you way. But watching tornadoes rip through your cities and towns and seeing the devastation they can leave in their wake makes you realize that no matter how prepared you may be, there are times when it is not enough.

Man likes to think he’s in charge. But despite the advancement of man’s knowledge and technology, nothing man has devised or constructed can withstand nature’s fury. The April 27 tornadoes and the Japan earthquake and tsunami are evidence that God is in charge.

But don’t make the mistake of blaming God for the destruction. A friend of mine said, “God does not punish people with natural disasters, although I think they do serve the purpose of showing his power and making people take stock of their lives. And if our world was perfect and no one ever suffered, then no one would long to go to heaven, would they?”

So as the media reports from the storm-ravaged areas fade away, take stock of your life. Are you properly prepared for whatever nature might throw at you? Better yet, are you properly prepared for what comes after life? I pray that those 300-plus who departed this earthly realm during the storm were.

P.S. The Personal Liberty staff and their families are all safe, though some received damage to their property. Even though power is not scheduled to be restored in Cullman until later this week, we have continued bringing Personal Liberty Digest™ to you without interruption, thanks to the efforts and ingenuity of the fine staff.