The FDA’s War on Dietary Supplements

The United States Food and Drug Administration is trying to implement new guidelines that will effectively kill the nation’s supplement industry.

A draft of the guidelines was issued July 1 to comply with the New Dietary Ingredient (NDI) notification protocols called for in the 1994 Dietary Supplement Health and Education Act (DSHEA). In the 17-plus years since the act was passed, supplement manufacturers have had little information to help them determine what makes a NDI and when or how to file NDI notification.

Now, we know the FDA wants to destroy the supplement industry.

The guidelines were reviewed by the Alliance for Natural Health, and the alliance determined them to be onerous and punitive. For example, any supplement developed since 1994 is now subject to FDA approval under the NDI.

Many important supplements have been developed since 1994. Under the new guidelines, those will have to come off the market for at least 75 days while the FDA decides whether it wants to approve them. On top of that, any supplements that were “grandfathered” in by the DSHEA that have been altered in any way — prepared by a different process, dosage increased, harvested from the plant at a different point in the life cycle, recommended for use by another demographic group, etc. — must also be pulled from the market and sent to the FDA for approval. And the kicker is that the FDA is under no obligation to approve them.

If any changes are made or unapproved substances are added to a supplement, the FDA considers it adulterated. As a result, the supplement could be confiscated by the FDA, the supplement manufacturer would be subject to severe sanctions and the manufacturing company’s officers could be imprisoned.

Additionally, any new supplement being considered for manufacture must have an NDI completed for each ingredient, regardless of whether those ingredients had been previously approved by the FDA for use in other supplements, or the same substances had been previously approved for manufacture by a different company. This will drown supplement manufacturers in paperwork and result in increased costs and the closure of many supplement companies.

It’s obvious the FDA and Big Pharma want to destroy the supplement industry and are not interested in letting Americans make their own health choices.

Call or email your Senators and Representative and tell them the FDA should not be imposing such draconian guidelines on the supplement industry. You can find the contact information for your Senators at and your Representative at Or you can call 1-800-333-4636.

Prostate Health

From the research findings of Dr. John R. Lee:

Natural progesterone may be the absolute best anti-cancer transdermal that we have. Progesterone may also be the best natural therapy to reverse cancer.

Men, think natural progesterone to prevent and treat prostate cancer. Whereas women should leave off their application of progesterone a few days each month, men should take or rub it on every day. It only takes a small dab the size of a pea, according to Dr. Lee. What in the world could be simpler or easier?

Now just think how many women have been “treated” with Hormone Replacement Therapy (HRT) estrogen, resulting in cancer and death. Even now, they are still doing it in the face of massive evidence against HRT estrogen therapy.

We write here about natural progesterone, not synthetic.

The male hormone, testosterone, is antagonist to estradiol (estrogen). Testosterone prevents estradiol from causing prostate cancer by destroying the prostate cancer cells it stimulates.

Cancer appears when there is an error in natural cell death. Normal cells are supposed to die at their appointed maturity. This natural cell death is a process called apoptosis. If it fails, we have runaway cell growth or cancer.

Testosterone diminishes with age unless we take a supplement in the form of transdermal cream testosterone, available by prescription. Normal testosterone offsets estrogen, but as we age, we have to rebalance with natural progesterone according to Dr. Lee.

The use of natural progesterone is most important in men and women, especially seniors age 50 and older.

Remember this: All cells, with the exception of brain and muscle cells, multiply continuously. Natural cell death, apoptosis, is crucially important. The balancing of estradiol with natural progesterone was basic to the late Dr. Lee’s successful research and medical practice.

We emphasize that all males older than 50 should be using a small amount (pea size) of transdermal progesterone daily.

The fact is that our whole acid food diet supplies us with too much estrogen, which leads to a condition called estrogen dominance.

Cell overgrowth not only applies to male prostate enlargement but to other diseases like neurodegeneration, autoimmunity, heart disease, etc. The lesson here is use natural progesterone to balance estradiol dominance.

Nominal vs. Real Dollars

Nominal dollars are the everyday paper dollars that we think of and call money. These dollars change every day (depreciate). The value of these dollars goes down constantly as the money printers continue to debase our currency.

The point is that Americans don’t know the difference. They don’t know that their savings and their retirement are being destroyed, and they are being systematically impoverished by depreciating or debased nominal dollars. If this is not all important, I don’t know what is.

Nominal dollars, or depreciating currency, are destroying America. America is a giant Ponzi scheme, no different from Enron. As with Enron, we are locked into an economic death spiral. The U.S. national debt will never be paid off.

Nominal depreciating paper money dollars are by default headed for the same trash heap of the rest of the unfunded paper money.

The few who wake up to the real world begin exchanging their depreciating paper money for gold and silver and Swiss annuities (Swiss francs). They also buy value gold stocks and other stocks that go up as un-backed paper money depreciates.

Most people think that a dollar is a dollar. Not so. Today’s dollars (nominal dollars) are quicksand money that financially destroys all who trust it.

Those unaware of the inflating debasing nature of nominal dollars live in a fickle and imaginary world. They believe all is well and all is safe. They are further deceived by rising stock prices in nominal dollars. One can be up 100 percent in a stock portfolio but still be losing in real dollars — very deceptive! How many investors in Warren Buffet’s famous Berkshire Hathaway realize they have been losing in real dollars for years? I don’t believe they mention this in their sensational annual reports.

Look at the nominal dollars in your pocket. They are nowhere near the value of the dollars you had as a child or that you have under your mattress.

We have had paper money since 1913, and most of that time it was being debased (inflated). Now it’s at a 92 percent loss. We are only as rich or as poor as the purchasing power of our money.

Have you ever wondered why banks and politicians love paper money? Because they profit from it!

All modern money is nominal dollars. Look at the money in your pocket or your savings account or your retirement. You are being deceptively impoverished, and the fact that you are unaware of it makes your eventual impoverishment certain.

What can we do? Until there is a change in the monetary regime of the United States, we must get out of U.S. dollars as much as we can. Buy farmland, buy food to store, buy gold and silver, buy the Swiss franc via Swiss annuities.

Call 242-353-4261 for a free packet on Swiss annuities. You may also write to: SA Information, P.O. Box F-42657, Freeport, Grand Bahama, Bahamas 99999.

Since we expect inflation (now visible), we also buy fertilizer and pesticides ahead. We fix things that need repair.

We predicted that the money printers would pull us out of the 2008 financial collapse at least one more time. Well, the indicators tell us they are doing it, at great cost to the value of your dollars.

In this inflating economy we could have a skyrocketing Dow Jones, but that will create deceptive losses in nominal dollars.

Take caution for a possible deflationary shock. Nothing goes straight up or straight down; and sometime in the near future, we could have a bone-crushing deflationary shock for a short while. I expect it.

Therefore, keep some cash (you be the judge of how much) to tide you through. You will need it.

If we understand nominal dollars vs. real dollars, it will absolutely change the way we think. They are not the same.


How long before every aspect of government has its own police force? Apparently, we are nearly there, as an 83-year-old New York woman found out on June 25.

Darbe Pitofsky told CBS New York that at about 6:30 that morning, she was on her way to get a cup of coffee when she threw a brown bag filled with old papers in a city litter basket near her apartment on East 71st Street. Suddenly, a city sanitation worker swooped down on her and demanded her information to write a summons.

“I froze,” Pitofsky told the station’s reporter. “He just frightened the hell out of me, scared me to death. I was terrified.”

She told the station the sanitation worker demanded a form of identification and threatened to “put her away” if she didn’t comply. The worker took 25 minutes to write out her ticket; and when she complained that it would cost $100, he threatened to make it $300. Her crime: Street baskets are for pedestrian use.

So this is where we are in America. Sanitation workers are staking out garbage pails, discerning who can and who can’t use them. An isolated incident? Hardly. In December, 80-year-old Delia Gluckin was fined $100 for improper disposal for throwing her newspaper in the trashcan in the Inwood neighborhood, the station reported.

And to further connect the dots, in March 2010 the U.S. Department of Education purchased 27 Remington Model 870 police 12-guage shotguns for its Office of Inspector General, which is the “law enforcement” arm of the Department. Last month, the Department apparently put those guns to use when OIG special agents executed a search warrant at a Stockton, Calif., residence.

Initial news reports indicated the raid was conducted because of unpaid student loans. The DOE later issued a statement denying the raid involved student loans, but wouldn’t say specifically why the raid was carried out.

It would seem that with local police and sheriffs and the myriad Federal alphabet soup law enforcement agencies, there would be plenty of officers to handle all of the nation’s scofflaws. But apparently not in the United Police States of America.

The Roots of Obama’s Rage by Dinesh D’Souza

[pl_amazon_book_order src=""]America is currently being governed by a polygamist who abandoned each of his wives; a drunk who lost his legs in a car crash and later killed himself in a drunk-driving crash; a socialist who railed against the British empire and aspired for revolution to free his country from its shackles; a long-dead ghost, seldom seen in life by the son.  And that describes one man: Barack Obama Sr. For it is the senior Obama who shaped the anti-colonial views of the junior Obama currently occupying America’s White House.

That is the premise that forms Dinesh D’Souza’s book, The Roots of Obama’s Rage.

D’Souza writes that the senior Obama held the greatest influence of all others over the junior Obama, even though the current President saw him only briefly in his formative years — when the senior Obama visited the United States for a few days and made an appearance at young Obama’s school. Young Obama, 10 years old at the time and long separated from his father, had already developed a romantic image of his father standing up to colonial aggression that was only strengthened by the elder Obama’s visit to the school.

D’Souza calls it the defining moment of young Obama’s life. As Obama would later write in his book Dreams from My Father, “I realized, perhaps for the first time, how even in his absence his strong image had given me some bulwark on which to grow up, an image to live up to, or disappoint.”

The Roots of Obama’s Rage is essentially a deconstruction of Obama’s Dreams. For it is there that D’Souza believes Obama lays out his plan for bringing America down as punishment for its colonizing ways: not down in the sense of destroying America itself, but down in the sense of leveling the playing field for all the oppressed people the world over who have been subjected to colonization by a superpower.

Unfortunately for D’Souza, the passage of time since The Roots of Obama’s Rage was published in 2010 has proven part of D’Souza’s premise erroneous. Obama’s expansion of the War on Terror into Pakistan, Yemen, Somalia and Libya shows that he is not anti-colonial… at least not if he’s doing the colonizing.

But it does give us some glimpses into Obama’s plan for America and gives an explanation for some of Obama’s most curious actions: like why he continuously disses our friends (Great Britain, for example) while trying to cozy up to the Third World dictators around the world.

Obama’s 2nd Amendment Assault

Senator Charles Grassley (R-Iowa) continues to peel back the layers of the U.S. inJustice Department’s conspiracy to send arms to Mexican drug dealers and use those gun sales as a pretext to impose stricter gun laws on the American people.

Grassley has told news agencies that high-ranking Justice Department officials were briefed on Operation Fast and Furious and Operation Gunrunner as early as October 2009. The two operations led to about 2,000 weapons crossing the border while agents from the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives watched.

The operation came to light after ATF agent John Dodson blew the whistle following the death of Border Patrol agent Brian Terry on Dec. 14, 2010. Guns that ATF had let “walk” across the border were found at the scene of Terry’s murder. They’ve also turned up at other crime scenes and have been used in the escalating drug wars going on in Mexico.

While his top agents were busy sitting on their hands and videotaping the sale of large quantities of weapons to Mexican drug dealers in U.S. border States that were then taken illegally into Mexico, President Barack Obama was speechifying that America needed to toughen its gun laws to prevent illegal arms from going to Mexico. And it’s growing more likely that Obama’s Attorney General, the racist and virally anti-gun Eric Holder, probably knew about the practice — and, at the very least, should have known.

You’ll be hard-pressed to find two people more anti-gun than Obama and Holder. Obama has been quoted as telling Sarah Brady of the Brady Center to Prevent Gun Violence that he’s working behind the scenes to restrict gun ownership.

The scandal grows closer to Holder — and by extension to Obama — with every layer Grassley peels away. If it turns out that Obama knew about the operations — or endorsed them — that will be yet another impeachable offense Obama has committed that a feckless Congress can ignore.