In Texas, Another ‘Why-You-Should-Never-Call-Police’ Moment

More and more, police have ruled themselves judge, jury and executioner. Unfortunately, another family has learned too late that you should never call police.

On Nov. 4, 2013, Michael Blair, a paranoid schizophrenic, suffered a delusional episode, grabbed a knife and claimed he wanted to kill himself. He locked himself in a bathroom. His family called 911.

While police were en route, a family member placed a cellphone in the hallway to monitor the police response. This video is the result. (Caution: Extremely graphic)

It shows that, as soon as they arrive, deputies from the Fort Bend County Sheriff’s department escalated the situation by threatening Blair. A deputy kicked in the door, pulled his weapon and began barking commands. Officers used a Taser on Blair several times, and he can be seen writhing in the bathtub. Despite repeated warnings to drop the knife and repeated shocks from the Taser, Blair refuses.

Finally, with the deputy shouting, Blair steps toward the door and the deputy unloads his weapon, continuing his rapid fire long after Blair hit the ground. In all, 11 shots were fired.

The situation is said to be under internal review. That’s code for the officer will get a paid vacation. The family says they intend to file a lawsuit.

H/T: Police State USA

Surprise: Amnesty Pushers Are Lying About STEM Worker Shortage

One of the main lies promulgated by the amnesty pushers in their propaganda campaign to open up America’s borders is that there is a shortage of American workers with science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) skills to fill the available jobs.

A new report by the Center for Immigration Studies puts that lie to bed, as have previous reports by the Economic Policy Institute, the RAND Corporation, the Urban Institute and the National Research Council.

The CIS study analyzed the latest government data and found that in 2012 there were more than twice as many people with STEM degrees as there were STEM jobs (12.1 million native-born and legal immigrants with STEM degrees versus 5.3 million STEM jobs). Only one-third of American natives with STEM degrees actually work in a STEM occupation. There are 1.5 million Americans with engineering degrees not working as engineers. There are half a million with technology degrees, 400,000 with math degrees and 2.6 million with science degrees not working in their chosen field. There are another 1.2 million Americans with STEM degrees not working at all.

The numbers are bad for legal immigrants as well. Fewer than half of immigrants with STEM degrees work in STEM jobs, and just 23 percent of immigrants with engineering degrees work as engineers. Of the 700,000 STEM workers allowed into the U.S. between 2007 and 2012, only one-third work in a STEM job, another third work in a non-STEM job and a full one-third are unemployed.

In fact, the RAND study found that there has been no shortage STEM workers since 1990 and there is no shortage on the horizon.

Don’t be fooled by the rhetoric. The Republican amnesty push is simply to a ploy to keep wages suppressed for the corporatocracy. It is the agenda of the U.S. Chamber of Commerce and of Silicon Valley moguls who fund Republican campaigns. The amnesty push by the Democrats is to fulfill the agenda of the unions, which need millions of potential new union members to prop up their numbers, as well as more automatic Democrat voters.

Neither Republican nor Democratic amnesty backers have the best interests of Americans or America at heart, for granting amnesty to 11 million or 12 million illegals will serve to drive down wages, leave more Americans unemployed and further destroy the middle class. And studies show that Third World immigrants favor socialist policies of unionization, set minimum wages, gun control and nanny state governance.

Collateral Circulation

Collateral circulation is a very important concept but it is little known by the average heart patient. In this instance, it has to do with the heart and its ability to create different pathways for blood flow. I am sure all cardiologists and heart surgeons are very familiar with this natural phenomenon.

There are many signals or symptoms of a heart going into a heart attack or a heart not getting enough blood and oxygen causing the symptom of heart pain as well as other symptoms. If one survives a heart attack or just symptoms of a heart attack and is able to live for a short time, the heart begins a natural process of building collateral arteries around a closed off artery, even restoring full blood supply around a blocked artery.

This is all a miraculous natural process that achieves full recovery for occluded arteries. It is so complete in establishing recovery that the body doesn’t know the difference.

There is no need to rush into open heart bypass surgery as cardiologists and surgeons are wont to do. It is up to the patient to decide whether he/she wants to give collateral circulation time for the natural healing process to work.

‘Meaning’ Has No ‘Meaning’?

Commenting on Why We’re Losing The Culture Wars,
Mike in MI says:
May 15, 2014 at 7:11 a.m.
Well, some will say, the Bible has nothing to say about anything except “religious matters” or “spiritual ‘thingeys'” (what ever that means).If God is not cognizant of what happens in our realm of existence or doesn’t approach such things, then the statement that “We have been given all things that PERTAIN UNTO LIFE AND GODLINESS” is asinine and void. “Meaning” has no “meaning” and words stand for nothing except what we want them to portray except as it suits us.If that is so, nothing means anything and the left is free to portray good as bad and bad as good, up as down and down as up. So, where do we learn THAT except in our FAMILIES and in our SCHOOLS?

If definitions mean nothing then communication is flouted and wrecked.
If you want to cause chaos the best way to do that is to disrupt the avenues whereby we communicate. Animals can not communicate precisely. Therefore they have few tightly knit and symbolically influenced cultural progressions.

The left is destroying English grammar, vocabulary and meaning. They are putting history into a mixmaster and pulling out their version to teach our offspring. If it continues, CHAOS in culture can be the only result.

Language, history and meaning in application…what are you going to permit? Dissolution of our culture or regeneration and stability?

God’s word and its principles are the only source of continuity and stability.

Learn and apply it …or take potpourri.

Your choice. You read it? You will be held accountable.


What Difference Does It Make?

Hillary Clinton, in deflecting to Congress over her role in the cover-up of the Benghazi arms-to-al-Qaida-terrorists gunrunning scandal, famously replied, “What difference does it make?” Let’s see.

In December 2012, a scant three months after four Americans were killed while running guns to al-Qaida-linked terrorists in Libya, the Secretary of State reportedly fell and suffered a concussion. She was hospitalized for three days. A month later, the State Department pronounced her fit. Now, Bill Clinton claims it took Hillary Clinton “six months of very serious work” to recover from a “fainting spell” and subsequent concussion and blood clot.

Six months of very serious work implies intensive physical or occupational therapy, meaning she likely suffered a stroke or serious head injury. What difference does it make?

The elites are pushing Hillary Clinton and Jeb Bush to be their respective party’s nominees. Both are statists and part of the American monarchy with family ties to the Council on Foreign Relations, the oligarchy that runs the U.S. State Department and the World Bank (i.e., the elites who control the world). That means whichever is elected will mean more of U.S. expanding empire and growing U.S. fascism beyond what we’ve seen over the past three decades. Both of them will work to advance the neocon agenda and U.S. hegemony.

According to the June 2014 issue of the American Journal of Public Health, there have been 248 armed conflicts in 153 locations around the world since World War II ended. The United States launched 201 of them. During the 20th century, coinciding with the rise of U.S. hegemony, there were 190 million deaths directly and indirectly related to war, more than in the previous four centuries.

War is just one of the ways governments steal from their people. Wars benefit the elite, while the people are slaughtered and impoverished.

If either Jeb Bush or Hillary Clinton is elected, what difference does it make?

Barack Obama’s immigration department released tens of thousands of criminal illegal aliens last year. This number includes 193 murderers, 426 guilty of sexual assault, 303 kidnappers, 1,075 guilty of aggravated assault and 16,070 drunk drivers. Hillary Clinton, Jeb Bush and most of Congress publicly proclaim they want to set them on a path to citizenship. What difference does it make?

An influx of illegal aliens will drive down wages, leave millions more Americans unemployed and hasten the slide of America into a socialistic, Third World backwater. What difference does it make?

U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement Agents were specifically told not to comment on the release of the 36,000 criminal illegals. What difference does it make?

Doubling down on the President’s efforts to turn the U.S. into a Third World backwater overrun by foreign criminals, the Obama regime has signaled it may take executive action to halt deportations of illegals whose information turns up in Federal immigration databases when they are booked for crimes. Think I’m exaggerating? A House Judiciary Committee report shows that criminal illegal aliens released by the regime between 2009 and 2011 went on to commit 19 murders, three attempted murders and 142 sex crimes. What difference does it make?

The U.S. Department of Agriculture has ordered .40-caliber submachine guns, continuing a pattern of Federal agencies and local police forces militarizing themselves. Government agencies and police forces across the country are becoming increasingly militarized and increasingly militant. What difference does it make?

The U.S. has armed al-Qaida in Libya and Syria and narco-terrorists in Mexico even as it does all it can to disarm Americans. Agents of the regime have begun calling Americans domestic terrorists for standing up for their rights and peacefully petitioning government. What difference does it make?

The Internal Revenue Service — at the direction of high-ranking Democratic Senator Carl Levin and under cover provided by a high-ranking Democrat, Congressman Elijah Cummings — ordered the IRS to selectively target conservative groups. Emails obtained by Judicial Watch through Freedom of Information Act requests reveal the instructions for IRS targeting were directed out of Washington, D.C., and a specific BOLO (be on the lookout) was ordered for agents to watch for paperwork referencing the words Tea Party, Patriots and 9/12 Project, among others. The IRS then delayed or denied approval of conservative groups seeking 501(c)3 status, likely changing the outcome of the 2012 election by denying them their ability to engage in their activities. What difference does it make?

The U.S. State Department and the CIA orchestrated the ouster of a legitimately elected government in the Ukraine at the behest of the International Monetary Fund, and the U.S. then looted Ukraine’s gold reserves and installed a puppet regime, leaving the region in chaos and the U.S. and Russia on the verge of war. The looting continues as Vice President Joe Biden’s son has taken a position with Ukraine’s largest private gas producer. The Obama White House says it doesn’t approve. What difference does it make?

Climate science bunkum and outrageous claims of the looming catastrophe are being promoted across all spectrums of the elite and the oligarchy. Anyone, regardless of credentials, who opposes it is shouted down. What difference does it make?

Despite an expense of $29,349 per pupil, 83 percent of D.C. public school eighth-graders are not proficient at reading and 81 are not proficient at math. What difference does it make?

Biden is using the White House website as a campaign medium. What difference does it make?

In 2013, Nigeria wanted to wipe out the Boko Haram terror group now responsible for kidnapping Christian girls and threatening to sell them into slavery. The kidnapping led to Obama’s hashtag diplomacy of trying to “guilt” the group into releasing the girls, with Michelle Obama posing for a propaganda picture with sad face and a sign. The hypocrisy of a regime that is killing African and Middle Eastern civilians by the hundreds with drones lamenting the kidnapping of a few dozen African girls is lost on a populace that is distracted by the inanities of today’s pop culture.

The truth is the Obama regime threatened to sanction Nigeria if it continued its attacks on Boko Haram aimed at eliminating it as a threat; and Hillary Clinton, while she was Secretary of State, opposed putting the organization on a terror list. The regime used a George Soros-funded report to propagandize against Nigeria and in favor of Boko Haram. What difference does it make?

Meat prices have surged the most in 11 years. The price of shrimp is up 61 percent over last year. Bacon is up 13.1 percent; and because of a disease affecting pigs, pork production is expected to drop by as much as 10 percent and pork prices could rise by 20 percent or more in the next year. The price of chicken breast is up 12.4 percent over the past 12 months. Of course, the mainstream media tell you inflation is under control. What difference does it make?

And since there is now a realization that the mainstream media is becoming increasingly irrelevant as its lies and propaganda are revealed, the Federal Communications Commission is trying to get into the business of regulating the Internet, which is increasingly where people go for their news, and a move is afoot to tax it. What difference does it make?

Harry Reid and his Senate minions believe the government should decide who can spend money in elections and how much they are allowed to spend. That would apply to candidates and average Americans. Reid is seeking to amend the Constitution to allow it. What difference does it make?

In addition to fires set and currently raging in Syria, Libya, several African countries and the Ukraine by Obama’s foreign policy, there are two others smoldering not entirely his doing going on in Venezuela and in China. As the neocons are inclined to step in and fan flames wherever they are in order to further American hegemony and enrich the 1 percent, those hotspots will likely soon see American interference at some point. What difference does it make?

The Federal government has for more than 150 years acted against the interests of the people and for the interests of the elites and has made war on the American people and sapped their wealth, destroying the middle class. What difference does it make?

Why Does USDA Need Submachine Guns?

The U.S. Department of Agriculture has solicited for the purchase of.40-caliber submachine guns with 30-round magazines and a number of other high-dollar bells and whistles and capable of firing two round bursts or as semi-auto.

As weapons with the ability to fire on full auto, these are guns American citizens cannot own without first obtaining a Federal Firearms License.

The USDA, according to its mission statement, exists: “To expand economic opportunity through innovation, helping rural America to thrive; to promote agriculture production sustainability that better nourishes Americans while also helping feed others throughout the world; and to preserve and conserve our Nation’s natural resources through restored forests, improved watersheds, and healthy private working lands.”

I sent an email to the USDA contact person listed on the solicitation in an effort to learn how arming agents with high-powered, military-grade weapons will assist that mission. I received an auto response saying that person was out of the office for training.

Of course, we have seen how armed Federal agents help “rural America to thrive” by assaulting farmers and criminalizing milk sellers. The Federal government has a history of destroying food while Americans go hungry. It has abused young rabbit farmers, intimidated magicians, attacked small farmers and confiscated the crops of raisin producers. Virginia farmer Joel Salatin has written a book about how everything he tries to do is illegal. U.S. judges have even ruled that people have no fundamental right to consume any food they grow or own or any milk their own cows produce.

Apparently, the USDA believes it needs to further arm its jackbooted enforcers so it can escalate its assault on American farmers and organic food sellers.

Or, as some have noted, it might be that these weapons will end up in the hands of the U.S. Forest Service Law Enforcement and Investigations unit, which falls under the USDA. Perhaps they are for use the next time a Federal agency overstepping its bounds is confronted by Americans opposing the overreach.

Regardless, the USDA doesn’t operate in a theater of war. It operates in the U.S., and it’s obviously — with this purchase — like other Federal agencies preparing to make war on Americans.

Senate Acquits Johnson

On May 16, 1868, the U.S. Senate acquitted President Andrew Johnson of committing “high crimes and misdemeanors” when it failed by one vote on each of three counts to gain a two-thirds majority necessary to remove Johnson from office.

Johnson, a Democrat who ran with Abraham Lincoln on the National Union ticket and became President upon Lincoln’s death, favored a policy of benevolent reconciliation with the Southern States following the Civil War. He issued a series of proclamations that directed the Southern States to hold conventions and elections to reform their governments, and he attempted to veto a number of bills establishing military districts to oversee the new State governments.

When many of those States began returning their old leaders to positions in government, Congress objected and passed legislation to prevent the old leaders from being seated. Johnson vetoed those bills, most of which were overridden by Congress. He also opposed the 14th Amendment to the Constitution.

In 1867, over Johnson’s veto, Congress passed the Tenure of Office Act. It was a bill designed to maintain Republican power in government.

Secretary of War Edwin Stanton, who had committed war crimes through his support of total war on the Southern citizenry, also favored the policy of harsh retribution, as did the Republicans who held the majority in both Houses of Congress.

When Johnson fired Stanton in violation of the Constitutionally questionable Tenure of Office Act, the House used this “violation” to begin impeachment proceedings. It filed 11 counts against Johnson, three of which were taken up by the Senate.

Johnson’s impeachment was purely political, unlike Bill Clinton’s, which was based on perjury charges.