EPA Coal Plant Regulations Will Cost Thousands Of Jobs, Trillions Of Dollars

While campaigning in 2008, President Barack Obama promised that Americans’ energy bills would “skyrocket” under his term. Now we know what he meant.

According to a new report by The Heritage Foundation, the Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA) forthcoming climate change regulations for new and existing electricity generating units puts limits for carbon dioxide emissions that will “essentially prohibit the construction of new coal-fired power plants and force existing ones into early retirement.” The regulations call for the phasing out of coal between the years 2015 and 2038.

But the regulations will go well beyond the coal industry. Because 40 percent of U.S. electricity is produced by coal, families, manufacturers and businesses will be out more than $2 trillion over the next 25 years.

Using a derivative of the Federal government’s National Energy Model System, Heritage found that by the end of 2023, nearly 600,000 jobs will be lost, a family of four’s income will drop by $1,200 per year, and aggregate gross domestic product decreases by $2.23 trillion over the entire period of the analysis.

The EPA is one of many of the government’s alphabet soup agencies that is killing the U.S. economy and destroying the middle class. Some in Congress are working to pass the Electricity Security and Affordability Act (H.R. 3826). It would require that greenhouse-gas regulations for electricity-generating units meet certain standards that prove they are economically feasible to achieve and have a demonstrated positive environmental benefit.

But Congress should first rein in and then abolish the EPA and other unConstitutional government agencies.

H/T: Yellowhammernews.com

Feds Put A Worm In Apple

Apple is a successful American company. It got that way by being innovative and creating products that people not only wanted, but felt they had to have. From 2000 to 2013, Apple’s market value climbed from $18 billion to $455 billion. At the same time, Microsoft’s value fell from $603 billion to $290 billion.

But Apple didn’t play the game. It did not involve itself in paying off political favors to government prostitutes in the D.C. cesspool. Its annual lobbying expenditures were measured in the hundreds of thousands of dollars where companies like Microsoft and Google were spending millions.

That independent streak also extended into the company’s attitude toward illegal government spying. A company report in November claimed the company had never received a request under the USA Patriot Act to turn over customer information and, if it ever received one, it would challenge it in court.

That probably did not sit well with Barack Obama’s corrupt Department of (In)Justice.

Two years ago, Apple and five other companies were sued for e-book “price-fixing.” The publishers and Apple denied any wrongdoing. Some publishers said the government’s action could harm consumers by giving Amazon excessive control of the industry.

When Apple introduced its IBookstore in 2010, Amazon had a monopoly on the e-book market. Apple introduced competition and innovation, but was charging more for books than Amazon.

All the companies save Apple settled. Apple lost in court. Among the penalties, the judge appointed a “monitor” in the company to oversee the company product pricing decisions. The monitor job is quite a gig. He charges $1,100 per hour for his services.

This is common practice and one of many ways companies are shaken down when they run afoul of one of the alphabet soup regulatory agencies working so hard to destroy those who don’t “toe the line.” Joseph Covington, who headed the Justice Department’s Foreign Corrupt Practices Act Division in the 1980s, told Forbes, in reference to monitors appointed to enforce that act: “This is good business for Justice Department lawyers who create the marketplace [for monitors] and then get…a job there [after they leave government].”

Apple appealed the verdict this week, but a judge kept the monitor in place during the appeal process.

Apple CEO Tim Cook apparently got the message that he needs to play “the game.” This week, he told stockholders that if they were global warming “deniers” they needn’t own Apple stock. But that’s OK. Cook is not Steve Jobs.

Between Cook, government price fixing and the Washington shakedown artists, Apple will likely be only a shell of itself in a few years. The psychopathic elected and bureaucratic class don’t mind that as long as they can loot the company for a few years before it goes belly up.

The Bear Market In Stocks Is Worse Than You Think!

I began publishing my monthly newsletter The Bob Livingston Letter™ (subscription required) in 1969. The following is an excerpt from the March 2001 issue. The article was actually written in February. Mid-March saw the Dow drop 821 points in a week and the S&P 500 lose 7 percent. A year later, the Dow had lost 28 percent and many stocks had gone bust, as I predicted.

Anybody who knows anything about the Federal Reserve and Mr. Greenspan believes that by the lowering of interest rates plus printing money that recession/depression can be averted. They also believe that lower interest rates and new money can restart the bull market in stocks.

Absolutely not so! A bear market in stocks can wipe out money faster than the Fed can create it. Ask Japan. Even with zero interest rates and the printing presses wide open, Japan is at this moment in deflation after 10 years.

Now get this: The US M-3 money stock is $7.5 trillion. But already just in the first phase of this bear market Wall Street has lost 4 trillion dollars in stock values. This is what you call a black hole and only a few people know that we are in a bear market. Proof of this is that the public is still holding their stocks hoping that Mr. Greenspan will bring back the roaring bull.

It won’t happen and most people will lose their money and their savings. A very high percentage of stocks will lose between 90 and 100% of their value before the bottom is reached.

Kiev Violence A False Flag

A leaked telephone conversation reveals that the snipers who shot at protesters and police in Kiev leading to charges of criminality against the deposed Ukraine President Viktor Yanukovych were hired by U.S.-backed opposition leaders.

The telephone call between Estonia Foreign Minister Urmas Paet and EU Foreign Affairs Chief Catherine Ashton was allegedly hacked by agents of the Security Service of Ukraine (SBU) loyal to Yanukovych and uploaded to the Internet. Paet has confirmed the call is authentic.

The U.S. propaganda media blamed the violence, which resulted in at least 94 deaths and 900 injuries, on Yanukovych. It served to incite U.S. opinion against the Russia-backed Yanukovych, who was forced to flee to Russia and has been charged with numerous crimes.

But Paet learned from a doctor the injuries being treated were made by the same weapons.

“There is now stronger and stronger understanding that behind the snipers, it was not Yanukovych, but it was somebody from the new coalition,” said Paet.

In early February, senior U.S. State Department official Victoria Nuland was caught selecting the puppet Ukrainian opposition leader Arseniy Yatsenyuk. According to Nuland, the U.S. has reportedly sunk $5 billion in the opposition in order to agitate for admittance to the EU.

NYPD Under No Obligation To Protect Citizens

New York City policemen are under no obligation to protect the city’s denizens from harm. So says the city in response to a lawsuit by a man who was attacked on the subway by a man with a knife.

Joseph Lozito said police officers Terrance Howell and Tamara Taylor, who were on the subway at the same time, ignored Maksim Gelman as he stormed about the subway in a drug-fueled rage. They even dismissed other passengers who tried to warn them about Gelman’s actions.

Lozito identified Gelman as the man who approached him telling him he was going to die before plunging a knife into Lozito’s face. Lozito wrestled Gelman to the ground — enduring multiple stab wounds to the back of the head while doing so — and held him until Howell tapped him on the shoulder and told him to get up.

Howell claims — and the city is backing him — that it was he who subdued Gelman. Lozito sued the city saying the officers’ lack of action was to blame for the attack.

The city is refusing to settle on the grounds that its officers had no duty to protect train passengers, but “that doesn’t detract from the Police Department’s public safety mission.”

It is cliché to say that when seconds count, police are only minutes away. But it appears it doesn’t matter whether police are near or far. In an increasing number of cases, it’s obvious police care more about their own safety than the public they claim they want “to protect and serve.”

Study Shows Mammograms Don’t Affect Breast Cancer Mortality Rates

One in seven American women is currently suffering from breast cancer. The medical establishment pushes annual mammograms as the gold standard for early detection of breast cancer, with the idea that early detection reduces mortality. But a new study published in the British Medical Journal shows that annual mammograms do nothing to reduce mortality rates beyond that of “physical examination or usual care.”

In the study performed by Canadian researchers, 89,305 Canadian women aged 40-59 were enrolled and randomly assigned to one of two groups: one that receive mammograms and one that did not. During the study period that encompassed 25 years, 3,250 women receiving mammograms and 3,133 not receiving them were diagnosed with breast cancer. Of those 3,250 receiving mammograms, 500 died from breast cancer. Of those not receiving mammograms, 505 died from breast cancer.

In others words, there is no significant difference in the death rates of women whether they receive mammograms or not.

Mammograms use ionizing radiation — known to cause cancer — to provide a radiological image of the breasts. But each mammogram a woman receives increases her risk of developing breast cancer by 1 percent.

While mammograms do reveal abnormalities in breast tissue at an earlier stage than physical examinations, the study shows that earlier diagnosis does not translate to improved mortality rates. Mammograms also produce a number of false positives that cause women needless stress and usually result in additional mammograms or other procedures to make a complete diagnosis.

Thermography is non-toxic method of imaging that should be considered. It uses heat and does not expose the breast to repeated doses of radiation.

To prevent breast cancer (and all cancers), women (everyone) should eat a healthy diet consisting primarily of organic and mostly raw vegetables and avoid genetically modified foods and those treated with pesticides. The quantities of meat — particularly red meat — consumed should be reduced; and any meat should be organic, from free-range animals not treated with antibiotics and hormones. And don’t forget to take a vitamin D3 supplement.

H/T: Drbrownstein.com

What Are They Thinking?

Washington has no moral authority to tell Russia not to invade Ukraine.

“You just don’t in the 21st century behave in 19th century fashion by invading another country on completely trumped up pre-text,” Secretary of State John Kerry told the CBS program “Face the Nation” Sunday.

What a laughable assertion. Kerry supported the U.S. invasion of Iraq. He’s joined the Barack Obama regime’s threats against Iran. He’s supported assaults on Libya, Syria, Pakistan, Yemen and Somalia. Drone attacks, gun running and CIA-instigated uprisings are invasions, just as is sending in troops.

The U.S.-sponsored Ukrainian uprising is fast falling apart, and Russian President Vladimir Putin is not sitting idly by as the U.S./EU attempt to control the Ukraine and put U.S. missiles and a U.S. port so near Russia. Who can blame him? U.S. instigation in the Russia region has drawn Russia and China together and is pushing us toward war with two regional powers.

If the U.S. cannot defeat the Taliban in Afghanistan, how can a depleted and weary U.S. war machine hope to defeat Russia and China?

Besides, how would U.S. citizens feel if Russia backed a “revolution” in Mexico in order to install a puppet regime and put Russian missiles and warships so close to the U.S.?

Livingston Speaks The Truth

Commenting on A Once Free Nation,
Stuart Shepherd says:
February 25, 2014
“The central purpose of Liberty Digest is to raise awareness of the people.” I think I might be Mr Livingstons’/Liberty digests’ biggest “fan.” In fact, I would label the effect this column has had on me in reading it for over 2 years now regularly is “ANTI- gradualism,” or a gradualism of its own in moving toward clear, unpropagandized and conditioned thinking. At first, when I read his columns, they seemed “extremist” and even paranoid or histrionic. Nevertheless, I was drawn to them, probably by the strength of truth primarily, but definitely also by Mr Livingston’s MASTERY of not only tying up the truth into cohesive “bundles,” but interweaving threads of the overall truth(s) he writes about into every column that states those truths from a different perspective or in the context of reporting current events. This has had the effect of GRADUALLY sewing the threads and then re-inforcing the threads into an extremely strong fabric in my psyche. At a minimum, it has set me “free” (“and ye shall know the truth and the truth shall make you free”) of any misconceptions. What seemed somewhat “histrionic” 2 and a half years ago I now know quite surely to be the extremely scary and true reality of our perilous condition in America. I don’t believe that there is going to be a George Washington to ride in, cross the Deleware, and save us from tyrrancy. Reagan was the closest we are going to get and the Reagan revolution is definitely over!

How Government Confiscates Your Wealth

Government is by far the biggest expense that citizens have.

Through a complicated maze of propaganda, “public education,” political chicanery and a veritable army of sociopathic politicians and parasite bureaucrats, America has been hollowed out, leaving only a zombie nation totally ignorant of history and their human condition.

Let’s take a look at just what a sociopath or psychopath is. It is the only way to understand most politicians and bureaucrats.

Psychopaths may be social or antisocial as manifested in stealth criminal or amoral behavior without empathy, remorse or guilt. Psychopaths and sociopaths have great capacity to have dual personalities. They say what they know voters want to hear but use the privileges of their office to aggrandize themselves and their cronies. They act with such social two-facedness that they may stay in office for years carrying on great deception and doing great harm to the country.

Worst of all, sociopaths and psychopaths may be criminal and commit criminal acts while lacking a sense of moral responsibility or social conscience.

Sociopaths and psychopaths are highly skilled with language, even gifted politically. So we have to watch what they do more than what they say. This is something few people can accomplish. It is very easy for a sociopath or psychopath to manipulate you by saying exactly what you want to hear. This is his front.

The voters are gullible and blind to sociopathic political trickery and have been for years and even decades. They are victims of what Edward L. Bernays described as an invisible government that is the true ruling power of the country. Bernays, the nephew of Sigmund Freud, described in his book, Propaganda, how the unseen hands of these few men pull the wires that control the public mind. I described more about this in my column, Decoding The Political Message: Politicians, Governmentspeak And Brainwash.

It is a known fact that at this time in the U.S., 50 percent of the population supports the other 50 percent with their income taxes. The producers support the non-producers. The political class and their propaganda machine push the notions that the producers must “pay their fair share” and “give back” to the community. And then there is that subtle economic class war syndrome that implies that the accumulation of wealth makes one dirty.

“Pay your fair share” is a control phrase created to condition the public mind to a perverted “fairness” that uses an altruistic public to feel obligated morally to pay taxes. It tells the conscious mind to “do the right thing.” This phrase helps extract tax money without allowance for logic or legality.

“Give back” is another control phrase created to condition the public mind that what everyone has comes from the state and giving back a portion is the moral thing to do. President Barack Obama invoked a turn of this phrase when he said, “You didn’t build that” to business owners.

For a hundred years, Americans have been victimized by a state-sponsored socialist, altruistic, collectivist social and educational system which has produced a popular mentality of diminishing the individual and independent thinker to a collectivist mind (mentality) which can be esoterically swayed, directed and channeled against their own best interest. The virtue and sanctity of the individual person and ego is no more, and anathema to the state.

What does it all mean? It means to develop a state of mind that gives ones’ self and production to the state. Each individual, in order to be a good citizen of the state, must contribute most of his means and be grateful for the services the state returns — whether they are necessary or useful or not.

Note from the Editor: As a reader you deserve to know the truth behind the economic disaster America faces. I’ve arranged for readers to get free copies of two books that reveal the sinister plot by the US Government to steal our wealth—a plot Merrill Jenkins, Sr. (the Original Monetary Realist) tried to expose at great risk. His books are hard to find, but these books include rare transcripts from his lectures. Click here for your free copies.

Your Representatives and Senators are supported by the super rich. They legislate in favor of the super rich and the non-producers at the expense of the producing middle class. They never use terms that express what they are doing. They address the people with altruistic and collectivist statements. They use “for the greater good” which translates “share your production with the non-producers and the non-producing parasite system.” The term “the greater good” is not for the individualist and his pursuit of happiness.

The American people still believe, or can easily be persuaded, that if the “Feds” get after you, then you must have done something wrong. They don’t stop to think that the men manning the guns are government employees. They are paid gunmen, even if they are ordered to shoot their brothers and sisters; and they are doing so in increasing numbers.

This mindset has trickled down to the local police, who are becoming increasingly militant and increasingly militarized and increasingly are showing psychopathic behavior. In Connecticut there is a showdown looming over guns confiscation. As many as 375,000 gun owners have ignored the new law requiring them to register their so-called “assault rifles” (a propaganda term). Some are asking the State’s law enforcement officers if they will attack gun owners and forcefully confiscate unregistered weapons.

Unfortunately, as Connecticut State Police Spokesman Lt. Paul Vance told one woman, the police are fully prepared to put their boots on the necks of Connecticut gun owners. When she called to question her husband’s liability under the law, Vance told her she sounded “un-American” and “anti-law” when she questioned the law’s validity. When she reminded him that the State police work for the people and are servants of the people, Vance responded that “I’m the master, ma’am. I’m the master.”

Big government has an endless bag of tricks to keep the pot of population boiling over with issues that divide the people against themselves. The psychopaths use assaults on the people and their freedoms as diversionary tactics to sow discord and unrest as they tear down the system step by step. The rule is that the people are always manipulated against their best interest over time. First, the people are pitted against each other. Then they create a false dialectic to create the illusion of choice in order to create a further division and hide their theft and destruction.

People with system blinders on cannot see the axiom that “things that are equal to the same thing are equal to each other.” If two politicians fall under different party labels but, upon objective analysis, they have the same philosophy and approximately the same voting record, they are the same in reality.

An inconsistent mind knows not the difference in system-taught altruism and the sour odor of fraud upon the people. It cannot see through the deceptive fog how government sucks out and squanders a people’s wealth and their very existence.

By slowly changing their psyche to collectivism and altruism, their morality becomes quicksand and reality becomes spurious and frivolous. Collectivism and altruism diminishes individualism and transforms the mind. Collectivism and altruism are the rot of morality and individualism. The people evolve into nothing more than an expression of the state.

APG Believers Are The Flat Earthers

Consensus is not science.

Supporters of the theory — and a debunked theory it is — of anthropogenic global warming claim that because a group of scientists have proclaimed that it’s happening, that means the science is settled. Evidence refuting the “settled” part of their “science” is irrelevant to them.

For instance, last month PolicyMic.com had this to say, “Despite the presence of a near 100% agreement on man-made global warming in scientific journals, it seems that deniers will always have something to cling to, even if it can’t be found in a scientific journal. The rest of us will just have to sit here and wait for them to catch up.”

And Secretary of State John Kerry, who once proudly proclaimed he voted against something before voting for it and never met an issue — except global warming — upon which he couldn’t equivocate, last week in Jakarta, Indonesia, said: “The science is unequivocal, and those who refuse to believe it are simply burying their heads in the sand. We don’t have time for a meeting anywhere of the Flat Earth Society.”

Psychopathic thieves like Kerry overlook the fact that the theory of a flat Earth remained “settled science” for many years.

Kerry also proclaimed, “We should not allow a tiny minority of shoddy scientists and science and extreme ideologues to compete with scientific facts. Nor should we allow any room for those who think that the costs associated with doing the right thing outweigh the benefits.”

Add another “shoddy” scientist to the mix of “flat Earthers” and “head buriers.” Dr. Patrick Moore, who knows a little more about “science” than John Kerry knows about anything beyond spending his wife’s money — make that a lot more — told a Senate panel: “There is no scientific proof that human emissions of carbon dioxide (CO2) are the dominant cause of the minor warming of the Earth’s atmosphere over the past 100 years. Today, we live in an unusually cold period in the history of life on earth and there is no reason to believe that a warmer climate would be anything but beneficial for humans and the majority of other species.”

Moore, the former co-founder of the environmentalist group Greenpeace, reminded Senators that an Ice Age occurred 450 million years ago when CO2 levels were 10 times higher than today.

For people like Kerry and President Barack Obama (who proclaimed global warming a “fact” in his State of the Union speech), the science is “settled” because they see yet another opportunity for a wealth-redistribution scheme and more government power. Since their “theory” doesn’t hold water against the fact that global temperatures have remained steady for almost 20 years, they want to stifle any debate over their theory’s validity.

Scientists and people like Al Gore use much the same tactic but for different reasons. They are in it for the money: Scientists don’t want their Federal grant gravy train to disappear, and Gore doesn’t want to have to give up his speaker fees and “carbon credit” get-rich schemes.

Their sycophantic followers have merely fallen prey to a cult. But it’s one that exists on cognitive dissonance. Moore summed that up in his Senate testimony:

From 1910 to 1940 there was an increase in global average temperature of [0.5 degrees Celsius] over that 30-year period. Then there was a 30-year ‘pause’ until 1970. This was followed by an increase of [0.57 degrees Celsius] during the 30-year period from 1970 to 2000. Since then there has been no increase, perhaps a slight decrease, in average global temperature. This in itself tends to negate the validity of the computer models, as CO2 emissions have continued to accelerate during this time. The increase in temperature between 1910-1940 was virtually identical to the increase between 1970-2000. Yet the IPCC does not attribute the increase from 1910-1940 to ‘human influence.’ They are clear in their belief that human emissions impact only the increase ‘since the mid-20th century.’ Why does the IPCC believe that a virtually identical increase in temperature after 1950 is caused mainly by ‘human influence,’ when it has no explanation for the nearly identical increase from 1910-1940?”

The flat Earthers, head buriers and clingers are those who continue to promote the theory as “settled” despite evidence to the contrary.

Our All Is At Stake

In the early morning hours of April 19, 1775, English Gen. Thomas Gage’s troops moved toward Concord, Mass., in an effort to capture guns, gunpowder and lead stored there.

When they reached Lexington, Mass., those troops were met by about 60 to 70 Minutemen mustered in response to reports the British troops were advancing. The Minutemen were told to stand fast, not firing but not cowering in the face of what was considered the mightiest army of the day.

After making their point, the Minutemen were dispersing and British Maj. John Pitcairn was telling his soldiers to hold their fire when a shot rang out. When the firing ceased, eight Minutemen were dead and nine more were wounded. The British then moved on toward Concord.

In Concord, British troops were met by some 250 Minutemen mustered in response to the shooting at Lexington. Meanwhile, Lexington’s Minutemen were regrouping and moving in behind the British.

Caught between the two forces, seasoned British troopers broke and ran. They were harassed by sniper fire all the way to Charlestown. At the end of the day, 73 British soldiers were dead and 174 were wounded. American losses totaled 49 dead and 39 wounded.

Dr. Joseph Warren, who became an immediate hero for the way he ignored the firing around him and rushed around the battlefield to treat the wounded despite musket balls flying all around him, made a call for volunteers.

Our all is at stake. Death and devastation are the instant consequences of delay. Every moment is infinitely precious. An hour lost may deluge your country in blood and entail perpetual slavery upon the few of your posterity who may survive the carnage.

Thousands of men responded.

About 140 or so miles southwest of Concord, Connecticut authorities are now plotting about how to deal with that State’s gun owners who have ignored an unConstitutional State law requiring them to register their black guns and extended magazines under penalty of felony.

On Tuesday, a copy of a letter surfaced that was ostensibly from the State’s Department of Emergency Services and Public Protection. The first batch of 100 of the letters is reportedly being sent to noncompliant gun owners, reminding them they missed the Jan. 1 deadline to register their weapons and magazines and giving them one more chance to comply with the law.

The letter gives them the choice of: 1) Rendering the weapon and magazine permanently inoperable, 2) Sell to a licensed gun dealer, 3) Remove the weapon and magazine from the State, or 4) Make arrangements to surrender the weapon and magazine to the State.

Estimates from multiple sources put the number of noncompliant gun owners at about 350,000. If comments on some pro-gun websites are to be believed, thousands more Americans are supporting Connecticut gun owners in their stance and are prepared to go to the State to support them. In other words, Connecticut gun owners are taking a stand much like the one taken by the Minutemen.

Connecticut authorities are apparently using the Federal background check database to identify gun owners who have not responded. Gun owners and gun rights supporters have long claimed that background checks and registration are the first steps to confiscation. Evidence that is so is now seen in Connecticut, as well as in New York and California, where guns are being confiscated.

It appears that at some point in the near future, Connecticut law enforcement officers will be ordered out to confiscate weapons. But those LEOs have sworn an oath to defend the Constitution and they are going to have to make a choice. Will they defend the Constitution and ignore unlawful orders at risk of their jobs? Or will they enforce unConstitutional orders handed down by statist politicians and risk starting a bloody confrontation like the one in first Lexington and then Concord?

And if the confrontation does get bloody, will gun owners from other States respond recognizing that, “Every moment is infinitely precious. An hour lost may deluge your country in blood and entail perpetual slavery upon the few of your posterity who may survive the carnage.”

A Once Free Nation

A once free nation’s descent into tyranny occurs one of two ways: either through sudden violent revolution or gradually over decades in fits and starts. America’s has occurred gradually.

Government conquers its citizens with gradualism because few understand it. Gradualism is imperceptible force.

America has evolved into a lawless state. There has been a breakdown of law and order, but only a few can see it. There are many layers of deception and those few who have become alerted see and understand at different levels.

The first trigger of alert is when a few people come to understand that government is organized crime and that government is in all-out war with its own citizens. The central purpose of Personal Liberty Digest™ is to raise the awareness of the people.

The U.S. Congress has, gradually, ceded its authority to the President and to the alphabet soup agencies of government that it created or allowed the President to create. Now the President rewrites laws on a whim, or chooses to not enforce them on a whim. This is the stuff of third-world banana republics. The imperial presidency feared by the Founding Fathers is in full operation. Yet the feckless Congress hardly whimpers about it and the people do little more than shrug their collective shoulders.

Even worse are the regulatory and quasi-military law enforcement agencies. These agencies, staffed by career bureaucrats and headed by statists with “altruistic” motives that always benefit either the cronies and well-connected or the growing government apparatus, create new standards and new regulations and new rules without regard to the Constitution and their effect on the American people.

Often the elites simply do not care how their policies will affect average Americans so long as the fascist system is rewarded or the State is made more powerful. Other times the detrimental effects are simply chalked up as unintended consequences or collateral damage.

Almost any crime can be carried out without overt force or resistance if it is done gradually. Somehow any process of gradualism escapes detection. Gradualism extends false hope and the illusion of reality.

One can poison himself and be dead immediately. On the other hand, we can be poisoned over time with fluoride in our drinking water, by vaccinations and inoculations, by toxins in our foods, and so on ad infinitum.

Gradualism does something else. It confuses cause and effect. As long as a process of currency depreciation is gradual, the people cannot discern the cause nor place the blame on the money printers.

Currency debasement has throughout history always been the method of choice of governments to steal and transfer wealth from the people to the government in subtle and secret ways so that the crowd never catches on.

This is going on now in our lifetime more than at any time in history. Yet there is no revolution. There is no blood in the streets. The propaganda still holds sway. The people still trust the system. The people remain calm.

Not only are the peasants calm, they have been deceived into believing that rising stock markets constitute a sign of prosperity. They can’t conceive that the market is a bubble of fiat currency (nominal dollars) that is in no way reflective of real dollars or real value.

This type of chicanery is a tribute to modern and very sophisticated propaganda that is hiding the destruction of the value of the currency and impoverishing all who hold U.S. dollars as savings and retirement.

There is always a secret and hidden agenda in government finance, now more than ever. The U.S. government has become such a fiat money monster that it has lost control of normal channels of finance. It cannot levy enough taxes for income nor negotiate loans.

The government can least afford to reveal that it is engaged in grand theft by printing money. So it kills the signs and symptoms by suppressing the price of gold and silver and engaging in printing money to fund a government that is essentially out of control.

Time will have its way but at this point it is vital that government mislead and deceive the public in order to continue the present system that could not survive one minute if the people really had a choice by understanding the truth here printed.

Note from the Editor: Round two of the financial meltdown is predicted to reach global proportions, already adversely affecting Greece, Spain and most of Europe. It appears less severe in the states because our banks are printing useless fiat currency. I’ve arranged for readers to get two free books—Surviving a Global financial Crisis and Currency Collapse, plus How to Survive the Collapse of Civilization—to help you prepare for the worst. Click here for your free copies.

The U.S. political system is on a theft binge of consuming the assets of Americans by whatever method it can contrive. It is financial war and the political system is winning, backed by the police power of the State. Any thinking person can clearly see that the U.S. system is collapsing. Better said, it is self destructing in many ways.

The USA Patriot Act was passed without protest because of the people’s fear following the 9/11 attacks on America. The law codified the electronic surveillance and snooping that Edward Snowden’s revelations brought into public light. But the government was already collecting data in a massive operation long before the act was passed.

Once passed, the law was twisted and abused and this abuse sanctioned by the people in all levels of government to the extent that there is no longer any private communication and any communication that is contrary to the government’s message is now considered hate speech or inappropriate speech to be regulated and or persecuted.

The State is currently pushing a homosexual agenda and has the full force of the mainstream media behind it. The message has become so radicalized and nonsensical that an NBC report on an American Olympic skier claimed the athlete lived an “alternative lifestyle” because he had a wife and child, attends church regularly, takes care of his family and goes home at night rather that going partying with friends. In other words, the lifestyle of the majority of Americans is now being cast by the propaganda machine as “alternative” whereas the perverse immoral lifestyle of homosexuality is being cast as the new normal.

The Department of Justice tapped the phone lines and scoured the phone records of reporters and their family members. The IRS stifled the free speech of Tea Party- and Christian-affiliated groups by denying them 501(c)3 status and subjecting them to extra scrutiny not required of other groups—going so far as to seek information on their family members, associations, reading habits and group affiliations.

The Department of Homeland Security has named Tea Party supporters, returning veterans, preppers, and supporters of libertarian candidates as potential terrorists. These messages have trickled down into State and local governments who are now increasingly tightening the screws on American freedoms.

One example is in Campbell, Wis., where, after people across the country began hanging signs from highway overpasses calling for the impeachment of President Barack Obama in 2013, the town passed an ordinance prohibiting signs, flags banners pennants and other displays on or within 100 feet of vehicle and pedestrian overpasses.

A couple of weeks after the ordinance was passed, Gregory Luce and a few others appeared on a pedestrian overpass wearing T-shirts that collectively spelled “IMPEACH” on the front side and “OBAMA” on the back. A town police officer ordered them to leave or receive a citation. The group left. Three days later Nicholas Newman appeared on the same overpass carrying an American flag. He was issued a citation for displaying the flag in violation of the new ordinance and fined $139.

The Thomas More Law Center has sued the town on behalf of Luce and Newman. Richard Thompson, President and Chief Counsel of the Thomas More Law Center, commented, “The Supreme Court has repeatedly stated that a bedrock principle of the First Amendment is that government cannot ban the expression of ideas just because some find it offensive.   In fact, the Supreme Court has allowed the burning of the American Flag on the grounds that it is matter of free expression.  So I’m astonished that the Town of Campbell and the police department think it can ban a citizen from displaying the American Flag.”

While nothing would please the progressive and statist elites more than to see court rulings “legitimizing” their efforts to shut off dissent, remove guns from American homes, relieve Americans of any or all of their God-given rights guaranteed under the Bill of Rights or place FCC “monitors” in newsrooms, many of these attacks are just window dressing to conceal their ultimate agenda of destroying the American system for the global elite.

Update: Yesterday I wrote about the growing number of bankers, including three from JP Morgan Chase, who have died under mysterious circumstances. Add one more to the list.

Last December, Jason Alan Salais, a 34-year-old information technology specialist with JP Morgan, was suddenly stricken with illness outside a Walgreens pharmacy in Pearland, Texas. Salais died later that evening of myocardial infarction. According to the National Center for Health Statistics and National Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute, myocardial infarction affects one half of 1 percent of the population aged 20-39. That makes three people with ties to JP Morgan’s IT department to die in two months, and the fourth JP Morgan employee overall.

HT: EconomicPolicyJournal.com

Paxil Shown To Cause Tumors In Breast Cancer Patients

An antidepressant commonly prescribed for women undergoing breast cancer treatment has been shown to promote the development and growth of breast tumors in women.

Researchers at the City of Hope cancer research center screened 446 drugs in wide circulation to identify how they disrupt the balance of sex hormones in humans and influence the development and progress of diseases like breast cancer. They found that paroxetine — better known by its commercial name Paxil — has a weak estrogenic effect that could promote the development and growth of breast tumors in women.

Paxil was being taken by about a quarter of the depressed cancer patients in City of Hope’s study. Researchers found that Paxil behaves as endocrine-disrupting chemical that blocks the production of a liver enzyme needed to metabolize tamoxifen. Tamoxifen is the usual anti-estrogen therapy for certain breast cancers in premenopausal women and the standard treatment for breast cancer in postmenopausal women.

A 2010 study found that breast cancer patients in Canada taking Paxil were more likely to die of breast cancer than those taking other antidepressants when they were also taking tamoxifen.

Last summer, the Food and Drug Administration approved the marketing of a low dose of paroxetine as nonhormonal treatment for hot flashes and other symptoms of menopause. The new version of paroxetine is being marketed as Brisdelle.

Bartering With Gold And Silver

Dear Bob,

Could you cover some info in BLL (The Bob Livingston Letter, subscription required) on how a person would go about spending or using gold or silver if we were to buy any quantity of it in physical coins?

J. Palmer

Dear J. Palmer,

Think of gold and silver as commodities for barter. As the dollar gets lower on the dollar index, people will begin thinking about their silver and gold. The use of silver as money is sure to come before gold, because silver coins predated 1964 are still legal tender. This means they look like our clacker coins do now but are 90 percent silver. People will catch on to the difference in a hurry and will take the silver money over the paper money, which is wasting away in purchasing power. There will be exchange charts everywhere, frequently updated for the lower exchange value of the paper money. This is not a new idea. Right now, in every country, exchange charts are available in each currency. Gold and silver will always be going up against depreciating paper money. The public will become keenly aware of the difference. At one time in France, during the Assignat paper money collapse, the government decreed the death penalty for anyone trying to use anything but the wasting paper money. The people used their silver coins anyway. Most people had only the worthless paper money, and many starved. So we learn to barter the same as if we swapped a cow for a horse. We swap an ounce of silver for a bag of groceries.

Best wishes,