Climate Science Abandons Science

The American Association for the Advancement of Science must be getting desperate. More people are growing wise to the lies, doctored data and climate model subterfuge of the anthropogenic global warming crowd. Their lies are disintegrating in harsh winter temperatures and because of the fact that actual temperatures show that the Earth is not getting warmer and that it has not in almost 20 years.

Last week, AAAS issued a new report, stating: “The rate of climate change may now be as fast as any extended warming period over the past 65 million years, and it is projected to accelerate in the coming decades.”

The scientists predicted, according to The Guardian: “An 8F rise — among the most likely scenarios could make once rare extreme weather events — 100-year floods, droughts and heat waves — almost annual occurrences.

“Other sudden systemic changes could lie ahead — such as large scale collapse of the Antarctic and Greenland ice sheets, collapse of part of the Gulf Stream, loss of the Amazon rain forest, die-off of coral reefs, and mass extinctions,” the scientists claim.

The AAAS report presaged the U.N.’s Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change report, which is scheduled in coming days, because the AAAS was concerned Americans failed to appreciate the “gravity of climate change.”

“Despite ‘overwhelming evidence’, the AAAS said Americans had failed to appreciate the seriousness of the risks posed by climate change, and had yet to mobilise at a pace and scale needed to avoid a climate catastrophe,” The Guardian reported.

So now no warming is overwhelming evidence of warming? And 100 years of accurate measurements are now predictive of 65 million years?

The AAAS has given up any pretense of science. It should change its name to the American Association for the Advancement of Lies.

Very Unhappy Birthday Wishes To The Republican Party

On March 20, 1854, the Republican Party was born in Wisconsin. The party consisted of an amalgam of parties, business groups and other special interest groups, but was primarily made up of former Whigs and members of the Free Soil Party.

The Whigs believed in protectionism for industry, a national bank and currency, a large national debt and large Federal government engaged in extensive public works. Free Soilers believed in free land and subsidies for farmers. Business leaders wanted a protectionist big government that would keep them free from competition and send them money from the Federal treasury.

Whigs favored the economic platforms of Federalist Alexander Hamilton and former Whig leader Henry Clay. These ideas formed the economic agenda of the new Republican Party. “They advocated protective tariffs for industry, a national bank, and plenty of public works and patronage,” explained the Ludwig von Mises Institute.

The Republican Party nominated its first Presidential candidate for the 1856 election. John C. Fremont won 11 of 16 Northern States. The party’s fortunes were brighter in 1860, though, with the Democratic Party divided over slavery and Southern States threatening secession if Republican candidate and railroad lawyer Abraham Lincoln won the Presidency.

As the historian Bruce Catton wrote in The Civil War, in 1860, Lincoln wanted to be the nominee of the Republican Party — a party that consisted of an amalgam of former members of the defunct Whig Party, Free Soilers (those who believed all new territories should be slave-free), business leaders who wanted a central government that would protect industry and ordinary folk who wanted a homestead act that would provide free farms in the West. “The Republican platform, however, did represent a threat to Southern interests. It embodied the political and economic program of the North — upward revision of the tariff, free farms in the West, railroad subsidies, and all the rest.”

And in his book, The Constitution in Exile, Judge Andrew Napolitano wrote: “For forty years, Clay supported the creation of an American empire through measures such as corporate welfare, (which politicians like to call ‘internal improvements’); today we call them corporate tax breaks, protectionist tariffs, and a nationwide central bank. All the things that Clay favored in essence provided for a highly centralized government. And Lincoln supported them all.”

In the early 1860s, the Republican Party’s flurry of new laws, regulations and bureaucracies created by Lincoln and the Republicans foreshadowed Franklin Roosevelt’s “New Deal” for volume, scope and questionable Constitutionality of its legislation.

The term “New Deal” was only co-opted by Roosevelt. It was first coined to describe Lincoln and the Republican agenda by a Raleigh, N.C., newspaper editor in 1865.

“Lincoln’s massive expansion of the federal government into the economy led Daniel Elazar to claim, ‘ . . . one could easily call Lincoln’s presidency the “New Deal” of the 1860s.’ Republicans established a much larger, more powerful, and more destructive federal government in the 1860s,” Mises explained.

Republican elites try to cast themselves as the party of small government. But during the past 40 years, the party of Lincoln has done much more to grow government than reduce it. Both Presidents Richard M. Nixon and Gerald Ford expanded the Great Society programs of Lyndon B. Johnson. In 1970, Nixon imposed wage and price controls throughout the economy, imposed a tax surcharge on all imports and removed the American dollar from the gold standard: hardly small-government policies.

Nixon’s policies sparked a rise in oil prices and caused the Great Inflation of the 1970s, according to Charles R. Morris, writing in his book, The Trillion Dollar Meltdown.

Morris writes that Nixon was a Keynesian through and through, as were his supposedly conservative cabinet members.

President Ronald Reagan was a believer in limited government, and he took steps to reduce its size. His tax cuts stimulated the economy; but Democrats controlled the House, and he was vilified by them for his efforts to reduce domestic spending while he increased military spending. While he campaigned on balancing the budget, he wasn’t able to accomplish it and deficits soared. His limited-government agenda was hijacked by the Democrats and the Council on Foreign Relations, the members of which dominated his staff.

President George H.W. Bush was elected to continue Reagan’s policies but despite his “Read my lips. No new taxes” pledge, Bush 41 was neither a small-government guy nor a believer in Reagan’s low-tax policies or trickle-down economics. He was a true Republican. He immediately joined the Democrats and raised taxes and grew government.

The second President Bush, George W. (compassionate conservative), was simply a big-government fascist. He expanded the Federal reach into our children’s education with No Child Left Behind, along with Senator Edward Kennedy, expanded entitlement programs like the Medicare Drug benefit and embarked on a war strategy that helped push a teetering economy over the cliff.

More egregious than that was his USA PATRIOT Act — which, among other things, suspended habeas corpus — and other supposed terrorism-fighting provisions that intrude on the liberty and privacy of Americans and codified the expansive spying bureaucracy we only now are learning the depth and scope of. And many Republicans claiming to be conservative went right along.

“I’ve abandoned free-market principles to save the free-market system,” Bush 43 said, in classic Bushism fashion, as he pushed his Troubled Asset Relief Program (TARP).

So those of you who are counting on the Republican Party elites to rein in government have embarked on a fool’s errand. The GOP remains true to its roots, planted 160 years ago, today. A very unhappy birthday to the GOP.

Is Ukraine Crisis A Bankster Psy-Op?

The goals of the ruling elite never change in thousands of years. They always despise the millions of people they rule over, and even those they don’t.

Though they rule with outward pomp and circumstance, inwardly they are “raving wolves.” They have no empathy for human beings. They think nothing of killing 10 million people in phony wars under the pretense of patriotism.

Our Brandon Smith did an excellent job in his column Ukraine Crisis: Just Another Globalist-Engineered Powder Keg, explaining how the globalists and banksters have been fomenting crisis in Ukraine for years and how they played both sides against the middle in other major conflicts. Further proof can be found in the result of the orchestrated “coup.”

Elected Ukrainian pro-Russia President Viktor Yanukovych was ousted after he rejected the International Monetary Fund’s demands to raise taxes and devalue the currency. So the U.S. and the EU installed central banker and hand puppet Arseniy “Yats” Yatsenyuk. A Forbes article described Yats as “… the kind of technocrat you want if you want austerity, with the veneer of professionalism. He’s the type of guy who can hobnob with the European elite. A Mario Monti type: unelected and willing to do the IMFs bidding.”

In the wee hours of the morning of March 2, the U.S. took possession of Ukraine’s $1.8 billion (estimated value) gold reserves. That’s partial payback for the $5 billion the U.S. invested in dragging Ukraine toward the EU. It’s also gold the U.S. can pass on to Germany, which has been seeking to have its gold — supposedly held by the Federal Reserve — returned.

Recall that after the U.S. sacked Iraq to overthrow a dictator, free its people and find “weapons of mass destruction,” it confiscated that country’s gold reserves. The U.S. then abandoned Iraq and left it to fall apart into chaos and anarchy and terror bombings.

It treated Libya even worse. In order to “help” the Libyan people, President Barack Obama used NATO to bomb whole cities. It sacked Libya’s gold reserves (150 tonnes, estimated) and disappeared, leaving the country ruled by gangs and al-Qaida-related terrorists.

But Moammar Gadhafi had to be overthrown not because he was a dictator, but because he planned to quit selling oil in U.S. dollars.

President Barack Obama responded to Russia’s support of Crimean secession with sanctions, seeking “to hold accountable individuals who use their resources or influence to support or act on behalf of senior Russian government officials.”

Yet those sanctions, according to a report, affect only those who are Russian President Vladimir Putin’s domestic rivals.

It’s becoming increasingly obvious that the Ukraine situation is an orchestrated crisis. It’s directed history orchestrated by the globalists. Ukrainians will likely end up like Iraqis and Libyans, destitute and living in a lawless society.

Putin and Obama are merely pieces on the globalist chessboard. Empires and wars throughout history have been built and fomented upon myths and deception.

MYSTIC, Fairies And Unicorns

The National Security Agency has developed the capability to record all of a country’s telephone calls and save them for as long as a month with the ability to retrieve and review them at any time, The Washington Post is reporting.

The voice interception program allows conversations to be replayed without requiring either party to be first identified for surveillance. The program is called MYSTIC, and it began in 2009 with its RETRO tool (retrospective retrieval) going to full capacity in 2011 against an undisclosed foreign nation.

According to The Post:

In the initial deployment, collection systems are recording “every single” conversation nationwide, storing billions of them in a 30-day rolling buffer that clears the oldest calls as new ones arrive, according to a classified summary.

The call buffer opens a door “into the past,” the summary says, enabling users to “retrieve audio of interest that was not tasked at the time of the original call.” Analysts listen to only a fraction of 1 percent of the calls, but the absolute numbers are high. Each month, they send millions of voice clippings, or “cuts,” for processing and long-term storage.

The program’s existence stands at odds with President Barack Obama’s Jan. 17 pledge “that the United States is not spying on ordinary people who don’t threaten our national security,” regardless of nationality, “and that we take their privacy concerns into account.” But the NSA does not filter the calls and, therefore, often acquires conversations between Americans and foreigners, violating the rights of Americans who calls are intercepted. That means Obama’s promise on this program is much like his “If you like your healthcare, you can keep it,” promise.

According to the report, it’s not just the NSA with access to the data. Other U.S. intelligence agencies also have access to RETRO and are able to listen in on telephone conversations.

If you can believe the regime, the MYSTIC program is not being used in America at this time. If you believe the regime, you believe in fairies and unicorns.

Note from the Editor: Under the Obama Administration, the NSA, the IRS, and the State and Justice departments are blatantly stepping on Americans’ privacy—and these are just the breaches we’re aware of. I’ve arranged for readers to get a free copy of The Ultimate Privacy Guide so you can be protected from any form of surveillance by anyone—government, corporate or criminal. Click here for your free copy.

Fluoride, Other Chemicals Linked To Brain Development Disorders

Many years ago, I called fluoridation of the drinking water chemical warfare on the American people.

Sodium fluoride is added to most American drinking water under government fiat. American dentists recommend using fluoride toothpaste. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention calls fluoride one of the “ten greatest public health achievements of the 20th Century.”

They don’t tell you it is a poisonous pesticide and industrial waste product. Just a half tube of the flavored toothpastes marketed to children contains enough fluoride to kill them.

A new study by the Harvard School of Public Health and the Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai and published in The Lancet Neurology lists fluoride as one of six newly recognized “developmental neurotoxicants,” or chemicals that can cause brain deficits.

Fluoride and the other listed neurotoxicants are likely behind the increase in neurodevelopmental disabilities — including autism, attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) and dyslexia — seen in children.

Other chemicals on the new list include manganese, chlorpyrifos and DDT (pesticides), tetrachoroethylene (a solvent) and polybrominated diphenyl ethers (flame retardants). These join chemicals identified in 2006: lead, methylmercury, polychlorinated biphenyls (PCBs), arsenic and toluene.

Study authors “also forecast that many more chemicals than the known dozen or so identified as neurotoxicants contribute to a ‘silent pandemic’ of neurobehavioral deficits that is eroding intelligence, disrupting behaviors, and damaging societies.”

The study links manganese with diminished intellectual function and impaired motor skills, solvents to hyperactivity and aggressive behavior, and pesticides to cognitive delays. Many studies have linked fluoride to low IQ in children and adults. It also damages — rather than strengthens — teeth and bones through fluorosis.

Increased use of these and other chemicals — many of which are in our foods and embedded in our clothing — is behind the growing number of cases of reduced attention span, delayed development and poor school performance in schoolchildren and the rise in cancers of all types.

Why Your Savings Aren’t Safe, And What You Can Do About It

There is nothing “safe” about your savings if you have them in a bank or a retirement account.

Don’t believe me? Wait and see. Government bureaucrats and/or your Congressmen have lots of dirty tricks planned for the people.

So what’s new? Governments have been confiscating the savings of citizens for decades through deficits, inflation/devaluation and outright theft. And here and now, it is about to get worse.

Bankrupt governments will do whatever is necessary to keep politicians in a special status and feed the welfare state. They have never been more bankrupt and desperate than they are right now.

This is true for governments around the world. In January, Poland confiscated half of its citizens’ pensions. In the U.S., the government is coming for your money. The fatter government is, the skinnier the people are.

But when governments are broke, everything is fair game. Government officials are parasites. They don’t produce anything. They only feed off of those who do.

There is not one bureaucrat who does not know that citizens’ individual retirement accounts, 401(k)s and pension funds amount to $19 trillion. Here’s what they plan for us: The government will nationalize retirement accounts and force the funds into government debt. This debt is in default, and the sham is kept going only by the government printing presses. Government will carry out this giant theft under some guise of “protecting the public.” I am betting that most people will fall for their chicanery.

The Internal Revenue Service will block the transfer of retirement savings from going overseas. The IRS is blocking all retirement accounts from going out of the country so as to keep all wealth accessible to the government.

Marc Faber, publisher of The Gloom, Boom, & Doom Report, warns that the threat of wealth confiscation in the U.S. is very real. “As a result of the Federal Reserve’s monetary policy,” Faber explains, “huge wealth and income inequality [was created]…You have 1 percent of the people in a system that benefited incredibly from rising asset prices…[and] a lot of people are dissatisfied. They have the same vote as the 1 percent, except they are the 99 percent…so to them, it will be very acceptable to take money away from the 1 percent.”

Faber predicts that one day something big will happen. “What I would really hate is if one day the government comes and says, ‘Okay, we’re going to take 50 percent of your money and give it to social programs’…I think that is a real threat.”’s Tyler Durden’s advice to guard against government thievery by confiscation is to spread out your loot. “So what does all of this mean for us? It means that the governments of the world are eyeing our money as part of the solution to any future failures of major banks. As a result, there is no longer any truly ‘safe’ place to put your money. One of the best ways to protect yourself is to spread your money around. In other words, don’t put all of your eggs in one basket. If you have your money in a bunch of different places, it is going to be much harder for the government to grab it all. But if you don’t listen to the warnings and you continue to keep all of your wealth in one giant pile somewhere, don’t be surprised when you get wiped out in a single moment someday.”

The Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC) once provided protection for funds up to $100,000 in case of a bank failure. But as a result of the bank meltdown in 2008, that shield was raised to $250,000 per depositor, per insured bank, for each account ownership category.

It “does not insure money invested in stocks, bonds, mutual funds, life insurance policies, annuities or municipal securities, even if these investments are purchased at an insured bank,” according to an FDIC brochure available on the FDIC website.

That $250,000 threshold could be dropped to a lower amount at the drop of a hat, just as quickly and easily as it was raised. And if another banking crisis like 2008 erupted suddenly, a bail-in penalty on deposits in excess of whatever the insured amount is could be enacted just as suddenly as it was imposed in Cyprus. I would also recommend that you withdraw your money now. I know you probably think your bank is solid as a rock.

The FDIC has only $40.8 billion on account while insuring trillions of dollars. And you may not know this, but banks don’t hold all the money they supposedly have as assets. Study fractional reserve banking. Banks lend out $10 for $1 in asset they hold, and most of what they do hold is not even worthless strips of fiat. They are simply electronic blips or debt listed as assets.

All it takes a little bit of panic for a bank run to start. When depositors line up to demand their money, only the first few in line will get any before the banks run out of cash.

I liquidated my retirement account some 18 years ago, took the penalty and paid the taxes. I took a hit but overcame my loss with the silver and gold that I bought with the balance. I would do it again today.

I believe gold and silver escalation will still overcome any losses of liquidation by a large margin. The biggest rally in gold and silver is now ready to blast off. It has been a long time coming, more than two years. Many thousands have given up because they don’t stay in tune with the market.

The big Wall Street market is now headed down. As many people wake up, they will get into gold and silver. The giant Wall Street bear market has now started.

Debt Devalues Currency

Commenting on Do Currency Cultists Really Believe The Dollar Is Invincible?,
Jim B says:
March 11, 2014
I’ve used this analogy before, it’s not original, I picked it up from somewhere but basically this is how it goes; In the early 60’s you could by a new Buick for around 2 thousand dollars, or 30 oz. of gold. Today you can also buy a new Buick for 30 oz. of gold, but the 2 thousand dollars used to buy the Buick in the 60’s wouldn’t pay for the tax and registration costs today. So what has devalued the fiat currency so drastically in as little as a half century? Does a government debt of 18 Trillion dollars, with 120 plus Trillion dollar obligations of future payments have something to do with it? In the last days (a decade or so) of Rome, the Emperor, Senate, and whomever else of influence attempted to literally cut their coin currency in half and through full faith and credit of the Roman government try to establish the belief that the currency was worth the same amount of monies as when it was a full size coin. It is time to realize that the full faith and credit of the U.S. government is simply a machine used to continually cut the currency in half by producing more fiat currency a.k.a. money printing i.e. the Printing Press! Essentially, in a half century we have multiplied the money supply 20 time or so to keep up with the debt of the government, who in turn adds more taxes, regulation costs and fees to collect more and more money to feed their out of control debt spending addictions. The most recent and largest of these government scams is Obamacare, huge regulations, huge tax penalties and fees for the government. The government debt is expected to grow nearly 5 trillion dollars in just five years from this latest U.S. swindle. Note, the 5 Trillion is a doubling of the CBO’s estimate of 2.5 Trillion. I have done this because we all know, and history proves, that the CBO is always off by half when it comes to debt estimating.

It’s 14 Months Of Torture For Justina Pelletier

In the 14 months since the State of Massachusetts and Boston Children’s Hospital kidnapped Justina Pelletier “for her own good,” her health has deteriorated to where she is now confined to a wheelchair. Justina has been subjected to psychiatric torture, imprisoned in a psychiatric ward, denied medications prescribed by her longtime physician, force-medicated by strange doctors and prevented from contact with her parents for more than one hour per week. Her parents have been charged with child abuse, gagged by the courts, financially drained and emotionally destroyed.

Isn’t life grand in “free” USA for those who run afoul of the medical-industrial complex?

I first told you about Justina Pelletier’s plight in November. Then-15-year-old Justina — who suffers from mitochondrial disease — was under the care of a well-regarded physician and genetic specialist at Tufts Medical Center named Mark Korson, M.D. In addition to 27 years’ experience in the practice of medical genetics, clinical genetics, pediatric medical genetics and pediatric medicine, Korson is board certified in clinical biochemical genetics. Those are credentials even the medical mafia usually respects.

Despite dealing with her genetic abnormality, Justina lived a fairly normal life with her parents in West Hartford, Conn. That changed in February 2013 when Justina developed flu-like symptoms and her parents took her to Boston Children’s hospital for treatment.

There, doctors seeing her for the first time determined that she was suffering from a mental disorder, not mitochondrial disease, and her symptoms were psychosomatic. Without consulting her longtime physician, doctors at Boston Childrens created a new treatment plan for her. When her parents, Linda and Lou Pelletier, declined to sign off on it and took steps to remove their daughter from the hospital, hospital officials contacted the Massachusetts Department of Children and Families and accused the Pelletiers of child abuse for subjecting their daughter to invasive medical treatments and denying her mental health therapy.

The State goon squad then grabbed Justina from her parents, ushered them out the door and began 14 months of torture for Justina and her parents.

Two weeks ago, the Pelletiers received a little relief. A judge ordered Justina transferred to a non-medical living facility. But that facility refused to take her, fearing the media attention her case has received.

Contempt charges against Lou for violating a court gag order by speaking to the media were dropped. The judge also ordered that Korson, Justina Pelletier’s original doctor, be part of the medical team caring for her.

But the Pelletiers still face child abuse charges. They still can see her only once per week for one hour, the visits are supervised and the facility is a two-hour drive each way from their home. They can’t take photographs of their own daughter.

Just over a year ago, while Justina was under her parents’ and Korson’s care, she was a happy teenager who enjoyed going to school and visiting friends and was performing jumps and spirals at a skating show.

Under the 14-month long “protection” of Massachusetts DCF, Justina’s health has declined; she has been sequestered from her parents and friends, denied an education, tortured and declared a mental patient.

“I feel like a prisoner,” Justina told the Rev. Pat Mahoney, who accompanied the Pelletiers on a recent visit. That’s because she is, and she has been for 14 months.

“This is a victory, but the battle is long from being over,” Lou Pelletier, a financial planner with four daughters told ABC News. “The [Department of Children and Families] is still in charge, Justina is still in a psychiatric residential facility and the child abuse charges have not gone away.”

And it’s the parents who have been charged with child abuse?

Don’t view Justina Pelletier’s case as an isolated one. In fact, the medical mafia is increasingly kidnapping children from their parents in disputes over medical care. Expect it to increase exponentially under Obamacare. When the state ultimately controls the diagnosis and treatment of disorders, medical tyranny will increase and submission to the prescribed protocols will be mandatory under threat of imprisonment — or worse.

Remember; there is little more devastating and more dangerous than a government program designed “for your own good.”

Beating Obamacare 2014: Avoid the Landmines and Protect Your Health, Income, and Freedom By Betsy McCaughey, Ph.D.

This book is easy reading, and every senior age 65 and up should read it.

Obamacare will destroy what is left of our socialized medicine. Obamacare will be the finale of our medical system and most likely the United States as we know it.

I think the book has a lot of good and valuable information, but I think the author misnamed the book. Americans will not beat Obamacare. It will beat America — and worse than an invasion by a foreign enemy.

Seniors should begin now investigating medical tourism. They will get far, far better treatment in a foreign country for half or less the cost in the U.S. See my article on medical tourism from January.

Betsy McCaughey states on page 81 that: “There is no question that seniors bear the biggest cost of Obamacare. But taxpayers also pay for it. There are twenty new taxes or tax hikes in the law.

“It’s ‘the largest set of tax law changes in twenty years,’” according to Inspector General J. Russell George.

“If you’re a senior or a baby boomer, expect less care than in the past.” p4.

“This new law goes after more capital gains taxes.” p5.

“In 2018, the Independent Payment Advisory Board has the power to further cut what Medicare will spend on seniors.” p11.

“Government spending on health care administration–telling doctors and patients what to do–will more than double in the next decade. You guessed it–more for bureaucracy and less health care for the people. p15.

“Doctors can expect lower pay, more paperwork and more government interference in how they treat their patients.” p17.

“Seniors pay far more than half the Obama Health Law through cuts in Medicare, and Medicare Advantage Programs.” p17.

“The law empowers the IRS to seize tax refunds as payment toward an unpaid penalty. Section 5000A of the Internal Revenue Code expressly states that you cannot be criminally prosecuted for failing to pay a penalty.” p22.

This is badly misleading because the Internal Revenue Service can prosecute civilly, lien your property, your paycheck and bank accounts.

With all due respect to the author, she omitted the cause of Obamacare. The cause is that the U.S. government is in a state of financial collapse. And all governments that are collapsing economically, socially and morally attack their own population. Obamacare is a frontal attack on U.S. citizens under the pretense of Obama healthcare or the “Affordable Health Care” law.

The U.S. is collapsing economically because it has been devaluing its currency for 100 years another system of silent theft from citizens.

Now in 2014, the devaluation of the U.S. dollar is accelerating with a Federal Reserve ruse called Quantitative Easing, or printing vast sums of new money, thus diluting all dollars in the hands of citizens in the form of savings and retirement. A foreign army could not cause more destruction upon the United States and the American people. Impoverishment of the middle class will be the final result.

Any attempt to explain any event without including currency devaluation serves to mislead. Currency devaluation is the rot of America, but few are aware of it. No nation has ever survived the devaluation (inflation) of its currency. For 95 years, currency devaluation has been creeping out of sight. Now, it is terminal!

Depreciation/devaluation of a nation’s currency leads to greed, fraud, criminal government, war and impoverishment of most of the people. Obamacare is only part of this big picture. Look out and see it now!

According to Marc Faber in his January Gloom, Boom & Doom Report, “There is coming deflationary collapse, the certainty of which is almost given.”

The cause is debasement of the U.S. dollar. The system is floating now on printing-press dollars.

Obama’s Anti-Gun Surgeon General And Connecticut’s Attempted Gun Grab

President Barack Obama’s nomination of Dr. Vivek Hallegere Murthy for U.S. Surgeon General was passed from the Senate Health, Education, Labor and Pensions Committee to the full Senate by a vote of 13-9 last month. It is a nomination that should make gun owners shudder.

Murthy founded a campaign organization called Doctors for Obama in 2007. After Obama’s election, the group changed its name to Doctors for America. The organization has supported every one of Obama’s gun grab attempts. The group’s efforts to pass a ban on so-called “assault weapons” and high capacity magazines earned it the moniker “Docs vs. Glocks.”

Murthy supports having physicians document which of their patients have guns in their homes. He believes gun ownership is a public health issue, not a right protected under the 2nd Amendment. His organization supports gun licensing, limits on ammunition purchases and mandatory 48-hour waiting periods.

He has not been quiet about his anti-gun views. Here are a couple from his Twitter feed that the Senate committee questioned him about:

  • “Tired of politicians playing politics w/ guns, putting lives at risk b/c they’re scared of NRA. Guns are a health care issue.”
  • “NRA press conference disappointing but predictable — blame everything in the world except guns for the Newtown tragedy. #wakeup”

In a letter to Vice President Joe Biden, Murthy wrote:

Pharmacies track and limit the purchase of pseudoephedrine to prevent the manufacture of crystalline methamphetamine. Every state requires a driver’s license and car registration in order to drive, and physicians certify those who should no longer drive because they would be a grave danger to themselves and others. We should approach the purchase, transfer, and operation of guns and ammunition with similar rigor.

The Surgeon General does not set policy. But he is a mouthpiece for the policy of the President and has a big bully pulpit from which to pontificate. As such, Murthy would be disastrous Surgeon General.

In Connecticut…

Registration of so-called “assault weapons” and high capacity magazines aren’t going well for the elites. First, some 350,000 gun owners have simply ignored the State’s unConstitutional law requiring registration of their weapons. Now, it seems some police officers are in a state of open rebellion against the law.

The Connecticut Peace Officers Association has released a letter signed by 250 officers that says local police will not “be a party to the oppression of the people of the state by enforcing an unconstitutional law.”

This is in stark contrast to the words of Connecticut State Police Spokesman Lt. Paul Vance, who told a female citizen he was her “master” when questioned about gun confiscation and Branford, Conn., police officer Joseph Peterson’s Facebook conversation in which Peterson said, among other outrageous things, “I give my left nut to bang down your door and come for your gun…”

Democratic Global Warming Legerdemain

Senate Democrats spent Monday night on a massive distraction campaign.

After final votes in the Chamber had taken place, 28 climate alarmists pulled a political stunt “to raise public awareness about global warming and how to stem it.” A compliant media went into overdrive to publicize the event.

The campaign served three purposes. First, it provided a distraction from the ongoing failure of President Barack Obama to extricate himself from the Ukraine crisis he, his State Department and various non-governmental organizations created on behalf of the EU and globalist power brokers.

Second, it provided a distraction from the ongoing failure of Obamacare, the ongoing global economic malaise caused by money printing and profligate government spending and the myriad scandals threatening to envelop the regime of the undocumented White House usurper: Internal Revenue Service targeting of conservatives, Benghazi, Fast and Furious, National Security Agency spying, gun running to terrorists, drone-bombing innocents and American citizens without due process, etc.

Third, it was yet another attempt to prop up a failing meme. Man-caused global warming is a hoax being perpetrated on the American people and the American economy and is nothing more than massive scheme to redistribute wealth from wealthy nations to poor ones and into the pockets of select globalist corporations.

The climate alarmists’ legerdemain doubtless has David Copperfield envious.

Obamacare: Rationed Care, Rationed Doctors

Promises by the regime that patients could keep their doctor once transitioned to Obamacare have proven as false as the rest of the regime’s promises.

Obamacare has nothing to do with healthcare. It’s a big government boondoggle designed to transfer wealth, further enrich the medical-pharmaceutical-health insurance complex, limit choices and steal away medical freedom.

According to the Citizens’ Council for Health Freedom, “Obamacare provides more money for family doctors than specialists, even though specialty care is what saves limbs, gives new life to hearts, and extends life. It also sets up the Independent Payment Advisory Board (IPAB) to ration care and limit access to specialists by forbidding payment for certain care. The law also spends a $1 billion to conduct rationing-based ‘comparative effectiveness’ research through the euphemistically titled ‘Patient-Centered Outcomes Research Institute.’ PCORI research will inform IPAB decisions.”

Last month, the Los Angeles Times reported that Californians are having trouble finding doctors and are getting faulty information on which ones are accepting Obamacare policies. Here is one example from the article:

Aliso Viejo resident Danielle Nelson said Anthem Blue Cross promised half a dozen times that her oncologists would be covered under her new policy. She was diagnosed last year with non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma and discovered a suspicious lump near her jaw in early January.

But when she went to her oncologist’s office, she promptly encountered a bright orange sign saying that Covered California plans are not accepted.

“I’m a complete fan of the Affordable Care Act, but now I can’t sleep at night,” Nelson said. “I can’t imagine this is how President Obama wanted it to happen.”

To hold down premiums under the healthcare law, major insurers have sharply cut the number of doctors and hospitals available to patients in the state’s new health insurance market.

The law was written with the attempt to hold down premiums for the few years until Obamacare comes to be accepted as inevitable and people are conned or forced into buying into the system. This has limited doctor and treatment options out of necessity.

Bottom line: Don’t sign up for Obamacare. The system will collapse. Plus, doctors and hospitals are beginning to do some creative things with non-Obamacare coverage options. Another option is medical tourism.

Income Tax 101: Do You Know What It Really Is?

Well, my friends, it is income tax time again, everyone’s favorite time of the year. My years of study and observation tell me that not one person in a million understands the income tax. The very few who do vomit every time they hear the word “democracy.”

I love America, but its rulers are alien to individual freedom. Since aliens possess complete power over us, then it follows that we have unknowingly become aliens ourselves in our own country. The income tax alone has destroyed liberty and freedom in America.

The income tax is probably the greatest deception and fraud in history, because it is the foundation of a private monetary system. This private club of men owns the world. They have stolen the wealth and labor of the world with “money” that they create for nothing.

All modern wars — including the Civil War — have been financed by fiat-created money. Wars are not for patriotism and “democracy,” as we are propagandized. Wars are to kill, i.e., mass ritual murder. Big business in league with the satanic oligarchs reaps massive profits for the killing and sacrifice of young men (lambs) on all sides of combat. It’s been said that the job of armies is to kill people and break things. It’s simply the broken window fallacy writ large.

The deception of the income tax has made all this possible. I did not say that the income tax made all of the above possible. I said that it was the deception of the income tax.

The income tax produces no income or wealth for the government or for the oligarchy that owns the government. It is the false belief that the income tax produces income for the government that is the basis for all the deception that covers the fraud. It is the deception of the income tax that hides the super secret that the government gets everything it wants for nothing simply by the power of the Federal Reserve central bank to create “money” (credit).

The truth has been outside our parameters of thought so long that now, when the truth surfaces, it serves to mislead and confuse. This is to say that a programmed and “educated” mind cannot initiate the ability to accept the truth, no matter the facts. The deception is so big as to be incomprehensible.

The income tax is not a Constitutional issue. It is not an issue of law or the tax code. The income tax is a system of deception, fraud and entrapment that is outside the law and the Constitution. It is indeed above the law. This is the reason that it goes on and on. No one has effectively gotten at the income tax because it is not a legal or Constitutional issue.

Remember one thing: For the deception to go on and on, the people must be made to believe that income taxes provide income to the government. In so believing this, the herd believes in the myth that they should “pay their fair share.”

That “fair share” syndrome is one of the most powerful supports of and for the deception. It is altruistic nonsense that destroys reason and logical thought.

Where then does the government get its income to “pay” its expenses? We have already answered this by saying that all “money” (credit) that the government gets is created by the central bank. In its broadest definition, “money” (credit) is created by the Federal Reserve and all the commercial banks in the United States. Since it is created, there is no need for an income tax to produce income.

Thomas Jefferson warned that, “The central bank is an institution of the most deadly hostility existing against the Principles and form of our Constitution. I am an Enemy to all banks discounting bills or notes for anything but Coin. If the American People allow private banks to control the issuance of their currency, first by inflation and then by deflation, the banks and corporations that will grow up around them will deprive the People of all their Property until their Children will wake up homeless on the continent their Fathers conquered.”

Note from the Editor: As a reader you deserve to know the truth behind the economic disaster America faces. I’ve arranged for readers to get free copies of two books that reveal the sinister plot by the US Government to steal our wealth—a plot Merrill Jenkins, Sr. (the Original Monetary Realist) tried to expose at great risk. His books are hard to find, but these books include rare transcripts from his lectures. Click here for your free copies.

The broad purpose of the income tax is to regulate credit and consumption and create an informational dossier on all citizens. Yes, when you “pay” income taxes, you are involved in the system of regulating your credit and your consumption. The foundation of a fiat credit monetary system is regulation. Otherwise, it will not work. So when there is a credit monetary system, there has to be a system of regulation. This regulation system is called the Internal Revenue Service.

John Maynard Keynes, the darling of modern economic theory in the United States, made a very revealing statement in his 1919 book, Economic Consequences of the Peace. He wrote:

If government should refrain from regulation (taxation), the worthlessness of the money becomes apparent and the fraud upon the people can be concealed no longer.

Keynes was simply saying that the people must be made to believe that the “income tax” system produces income rather than what it is — namely, a system of regulation. So when you write a check to the IRS, you are certainly involved in regulating (reducing) your consumption.

So the term “income tax” is totally misleading. The words do not refer to a tax or income but a system of regulation. No matter what our thoughts are on human liberty, our lives are controlled by this rot of deception.

What are other purposes of the “income tax”? The income tax deception is compounded by the ideas of “Federal budgets” and “Federal debt.” There is no Federal debt. The term “Federal debt” implies that we owe the amount stolen from us. An entity that creates credit out of nothing and “pays” it for real assets and production is not assuming a debt by any definition. It is stealing and calling the theft debt. The creation and control of all credit in the hands of a central bank (government) is the fifth plank of the Communist Manifesto. Look honestly at the American monetary system and you are looking tyranny and slavery in the face.

The “income tax” is used to redistribute wealth from the producers to non-producers, i.e., “income taxes” and estate taxes. The “income tax” is used to express and enforce public policy. It is the foundation of socialism.

The Social Security system is the same system as the “income tax.” Social Security is paid out of created credit money. It is not in any sort of “trust” and it is not “funded.” It is a giant Ponzi scheme.

What happens to those checks that you write to the IRS? The numbers on those checks are computer symbols that disappear from the system. This is what regulates the money supply.

Editor’s note: Some readers have been critical of the way I have used the word “altruism.” Never mind the dictionary definition; altruism is a morality based on the philosophical premise that man lives for the sake of others… that man’s life and property are available for sacrifice to “higher causes, e.g., the common good the public interest, society, the needy, the world, God, country.” In practice, it’s who will sacrifice whom. You guessed it. It’s the non-producer political power transferring the wealth, production and the public will to itself. They do this with great ease once they instill altruism in the public mind with the concept of groupism and the loss of individuality. -BL

Don’t Sell Gold Stocks Now


We appreciate all the great advice over the years, and would hope you could shed some light on the best thing we could do in our situation. We are in our mid/late 40’s, only have small amount of money in retirement invested in gold stocks (no other stocks). I have read stories of significant amounts of gold being withdrawn from COMEX. We know the dollar is going to collapse, and stock market values in general are going down. We figure there is good chance our retirement in gold stocks won’t be there when it is our turn to retire, but when do we take it out? My husband thinks the time would be when the price of physical gold starts going up but I question the value of paper stocks, if inventory is truly low, may not go up alot more, even in fiat dollars. Does it decouple and how does that impact our timing?

Thank you in advance for your advice.

Stephanie N.

Hello, Stephanie:

I agree with your having gold stocks. That’s the best leverage you can get. I hope you have the certificates in your possession, not in street name with a broker. At least, you should have them with the transfer agent if you don’t have them in your hand. I believe gold stocks are a great investment, although they have been dogs for a long time. But we are now in a bear market on Wall Street; and we will soon have a blast off in gold, silver and stocks. So sit tight for now.

Certainly, you won’t be selling for a good while after stocks go up and after gold goes up. You will, at that point, be just beginning to get leverage — that is, capital gains. So it will be a good while before thinking about selling gold or gold stocks. We are right now getting into the best time we have ever had.

You didn’t say anything about owning physical gold and silver. It’s very important to have this in your possession, to back you up if things get really bad. You can buy it at lower cost now than for many months, if you can possibly get some.

No, the stocks and gold will not decouple. They will go together. Please don’t sell either now, even if they take off tomorrow. It will be several, several months before starting to take profit.

Best wishes,


Is Ted Cruz A Demagogue Or A Statesman?

Senator Ted Cruz offered red meat to conservatives during his speech at the Conservative Political Action Conference yesterday. His words will doubtless keep him in the top tier of GOP Presidential contenders.

He hit on three topics crucial to rolling back tyranny and restoring Constitutional governance:

  • Repealing the income tax.
  • Ending the “corrupt, interlocking system” of lobbyists, lawyers and consultants that are “suckling off of Washington.”
  • And the Federal Reserve.

Repealing the income tax and auditing the Federal Reserve don’t go far enough. The income tax is essential to Federal Reserve system because fiat money systems require regulation of credit and consumption. Though many people would like to see the income tax repealed, few understand what the income tax’s purpose is. (Hint: It’s not to fund the government.) I will explain this in more detail in my Monday column.

Efforts to audit the Federal Reserve cause the elites and banksters to go apoplectic. There is a reason. They want the people to remain in the dark about how the Federal Reserve is a theft system that transfers wealth from the producers and savers to the wealthy oligarchs who own government. Only one politician in the past 50 years has really understood the Fed and fought tooth and nail to expose it. He was cast by the mainstream media as a crank. But Ron Paul was a statesman.

On ending the revolving door between Congress, Congressional staffers, alphabet soup regulatory agencies and the corporations they are charged with regulating, Cruz is correct. We have pointed out this process in articles about the Obamacare law, Monsanto, Big Pharma and Thursday’s article on the monitor that the Department of Justice has installed at Apple. Almost without exception, laws passed by Congress and regulations issued by the bureaucrats today are written by and for the corporations and lobbyists to their benefit.

Cruz’s attack on the Fed and the crony system is curious, given that his wife works for Goldman Sachs, one of the chief beneficiaries of the system. That means that, by extension, he benefits from the system. Perhaps that tie gives him cover to demagogue the issues. Knowing they have Cruz’s wife in their pockets, perhaps the globalist elites believe they have Cruz in their pockets as well.

Whether Cruz is just a demagogue using conservative hot-button issues to put himself into contention for the Republican nomination or he really plans on tearing down the system remains to be seen. Remember that most politicians are psychopaths. We must watch what they do, not what they say.

One thing to note: The mainstream media and the establishment are treating Cruz as if he is just a crank.