Child Abuse Or Vitamin D Deficiency?

Loving parents are being charged with child abuse because authorities fail to consider low levels of vitamin D in infants as a cause of broken bones and head trauma.

Many pediatricians warn parents to keep their newborns out of direct sunlight and use sun block to protect their baby’s skin. Pediatricians don’t routinely check infants for vitamin D levels. But breastfed babies, particularly black babies born in late winter and early spring and living above latitude 35 degrees, are susceptible to low vitamin D levels, according to John Cannell, MD., of the Vitamin D Council.

Insufficient vitamin D in infants causes soft bones that break easily. In severe cases, brain hemorrhaging that mimics shaken baby syndrome can occur. So parents who handle their infants appropriately can be accused of child abuse even when they haven’t done anything wrong.

A recent case in Great Britain is a prime example. A couple whose child died from a head injury was charged with murder. The couple denied having abused their child, but prosecutors insisted the brain damage could have occurred only if the child had been violently shaken or slammed against a wall. Medical, professional and expert witnesses were unable to agree on the cause of the baby’s injuries.

The couple was acquitted by a jury because the autopsy revealed the child had a severe case of rickets, caused by a vitamin D deficiency in the mother, who was breastfeeding.

It’s happening in America as well. Cannell has published numerous letters written to him by couples in similar straits.

The criminal justice system in those cases considers only the possibility of abuse, even though there are no other signs of bruising or injuries accompanying the broken bones and brain hemorrhaging. Prosecutors then offer the parents a Gordian knot-type deal: The father must agree to plead guilty to abusing the child in order to allow the child to remain with the mother. If the father refuses, the child is taken away from the parents and put on an infant formula.

The formula, which contains vitamin D supplements, leads to the child’s improvement, which, in the minds of authorities, proves the child suffered from abuse. They attribute the lack of additional injuries to the fact that the child is out of an abusive environment rather than the addition of vitamin D supplementation through the change in diet.

Be sure to have your pediatrician check your infant’s vitamin D levels during checkups, particularly if the baby is being breastfed. Failing to do so could lead to severe injury or death of your child and a world of legal troubles for one or both parents.

The Best President Money Can Buy

As the American housing bubble collapse and financial meltdown accelerated in the fall of 2008, the political ruling class and their bankster masters put together a plan to save themselves from the crisis they created. They decided to scare everyone silly by claiming the banksters were too important to “fail,” and to loot the middle class to refill their coffers.

Never mind that small businesses would fail by the hundreds of thousands. Never mind that millions of homeowners — caught up in euphoria over the artificial inflation of home values — would lose everything they owned, along with their jobs. Never mind that the retirement funds of millions of seniors would evaporate.

The banksters were guaranteed safe haven and political elites were more than willing to take the heat from the proletariat which, by a margin of 3-1, opposed using taxpayer money and/or Federal Reserve funny money to keep the banksters fat and happy. Sure, it cost a few of them their political seats. The rise of the Tea Party — in its original form, before it was assimilated by the Republican Party Borg collective — saw to that. But no worry, K Street had plenty of openings available for its former Congressional lapdogs.

Americans grumbled about the bailouts, stimulus, money printing, etc., and continue to do so to this day. Yet they willingly line up to support the banksters’ Presidential candidates and resign themselves — because the bankster-controlled media tell them it is so — to the fact that their choices are between bankster incumbent candidate Barack Obama and bankster challenger Mitt Romney. They never look behind the curtain.

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The Greatest Government Cover-up Ever

The subprime mortgage market collapsed…financial institutions across the country failed… unemployment skyrocketed… and America was catapulted into the biggest financial crisis of all time.But what really happened? And why is our government distorting—and even deliberately covering up—the seriousness of the current financial situation? What are they trying to hide from you?

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Goldman Sachs rules the world, so it owns the leading candidates from each party — as it did in the past election and the one before that. And much of what Goldman Sachs and the other “too big to fails” are spending can be considered money looted directly from the American middle class — especially now that we know the Fed passed another $16 trillion to money gangsters around the globe that no one knew about at the time.

Meanwhile, Goldman Sachs and other banksters operate above the law. It is now common knowledge that Goldman Sachs recommended to its investors that they invest in stocks related to the housing mortgage mania while at the same time Goldman Sachs and other banksters were shorting the market. Additionally, when State attorneys general tried to step in and prosecute various banksters and their related partners in crime, Federal agents intervened and halted prosecutions and civil court actions, as I noted in my book, Robbed Blind! Who’s Really to Blame for America’s Economic Crisis?

Romney has raised $32.2 million in campaign cash. His major contributors are the banksters Goldman Sachs, Credit Suisse Group, Morgan Stanley, HIG Capital, Barclays, Bank of America, JP Morgan & Chase, USB AG, Wells Fargo, Blackstone Group, Citigroup, sundry Wall Street fat cats and his former firm, Bain & Co.

Obama reports having raised about $86.2 million in campaign cash. And while Goldman Sachs itself hasn’t given Obama as much as it has Romney, the “1 percent” hasn’t been shy about donating its cash to keep Obama on board. Securities and investment firms are No. 2 on Obama’s list of bundlers — right behind trial lawyers. In addition to Goldman Sachs, there’s the bankrupt MF Global (which can’t find investor’s money but did find enough to give Obama more than $900,000), Centerview Partners (who has Goldman Sachs’ Robert Rubin as counselor), UBS Americas and Barclays Capital. And as an aside, Jon Corzine, former Goldman Sachs CEO, bankrupted MF Global while CEO of that company, and he also bankrupted the State of New Jersey while Governor.

When another “financial crisis” comes along, who do you think is going to get the best seat at the bailout table?

You may remember that in 2008, as the campaign between Obama and Senator John McCain was at its zenith, McCain inexplicably suspended his campaigning to return to Washington to save the financial system. It was a gimmick that failed to produce any results except to make McCain look more ridiculous than he already did. It probably sank his campaign, but it pleased his masters.

When you realize his top contributors were Merrill Lynch, JP Morgan & Chase, Citigroup, Morgan Stanley, Goldman Sachs, Wachovia, UBS AG, Credit Suisse Group, Bank of America and Lehman Brothers, you can see what I mean.

That fall, Obama also supported — and as Senator voted for — TARP and bailouts passed by Congress. Care to guess who’s listed among his top contributors from 2008? That’s right: Goldman Sachs, JP Morgan & Chase, Citigroup, UBS AG and Morgan Stanley.

And who financed George W. Bush’s re-election campaign in 2004? If you guessed Morgan Stanley, Merrill Lynch, UBS AG, Goldman Sachs, Lehman Brothers, MBNA Corp., Credit Suisse Group, Citigroup, Bear Stearns, Wachovia and Bank of America, give yourself a prize. And remember: Bush’s Treasury Secretary Hank Paulson, formerly of Goldman Sachs, devised the plan to loot taxpayers to save his buddies’ fortunes.

Bush’s 2004 opponent, Senator John Kerry, was likewise owned by Goldman Sachs, Citigroup, UBS AG, JP Morgan & Chase and Morgan Stanley.

In addition to controlling America’s political system, banksters, particularly Goldman Sachs, control the European political system as well. Former Goldman Sachs executive Mario Monti is now prime minister of Italy and former Goldman Sachs executive Mario Draghi is president of the European Central Bank. Other former Goldman Sachs alums of prominence are new Greek Prime Minister Lucas Pademos, and Petros Christodoulos, chairman of Greek’s Public Debt Management Agency.

And Marc Faber points out in his Dec. 31 Gloom, Boom & Doom Report that two other Goldman Sachs alums  have figured large in the European debt crisis: Otmar Issing, a one-time chief economist for the European Central Bank; and Peter Sutherland, who played a behind-the-scenes role in the Irish bailout.

It seems that the destruction of the middle class follows in the wake of Goldman Sachs’ influence on the political system. And here we have Americans once again seemingly facing a choice of one Goldman Sachs/bankster puppet or another in front-runner and Republican establishment choice Romney or Obama.

If Americans continue to “settle” for the most electable candidate — and that’s most electable according to the propaganda spouted daily by the banksters’ media mouthpieces – they will have to continue settling for having a bankster’s hand in their pockets. That is, until the banksters collapse the system completely and we get a chance to start over.

Whenever I or anyone else points out that there is an elite cabal of banksters that control the world, we are branded conspiracy theorists and kooks. But anyone with half a brain who looks honestly at the world situation can see that the world’s political systems — and most especially that of the United States — are controlled by Goldman Sachs for the benefit of Goldman Sachs.

Working behind the scenes, banksters and a cabal of donors and bundlers write the legislation that benefits the 1 percent to the detriment of the middle class. That’s why — campaign rhetoric aside — policy never changes, regardless of which party is in charge.

The only changes are which group gets the best seat at the table and gets to decide which scraps get thrown to the proles (aka the American middle class). And that’s why both sides support liberty-stealing legislation like the National Defense Authorization Act, the Stop Online Piracy Act, the Protect IP Act, the Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act, and the USA Patriot Act.

A vote for either Romney or Obama is a vote for Goldman Sachs and the world’s elites. And a vote for faux conservatives Newt Gingrich or Rick Santorum is a throwaway vote, as neither has a snowball’s chance of winning: Gingrich because of his serious character flaws (which he only temporarily put off answering for after his feigned indignation during Thursday’s debate), and Santorum because he has no national organization and no ability to raise money (he reported only a paltry $1.28 million total in his last filing, which hardly buys lunch for Romney or Obama and their entourages).

There is only one candidate who can break the stranglehold the banksters have on the U.S. political system, and it’s the only candidate who predicted the 2008 crash years ahead of time, the only candidate who is willing to challenge — and end — the Federal Reserve, and the only candidate not owned lock, stock and barrel by the banksters. His name is Ron Paul, and he’s the last chance we’ll have to save the Republic.

Iran Hostage Crisis Ends

On Jan. 20, 1981, within minutes of the inauguration of Ronald Reagan as the 40th President of the United States, 52 U.S. captives who had been held in the U.S. embassy in Tehran, Iran, were released. It ended a sad 444-day saga in American history.

The crisis began on Nov. 4, 1979, when Iranian “students,” outraged that the U.S. government was allowing the Shah of Iran — who had fled the country when his U.S.-supported government collapsed earlier that year — to travel to New York City for cancer treatment, stormed the embassy, overpowered the guards and assumed control of the building. Some of the hostages have since claimed that the leader of the “students” was Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, Iran’s current president.

Iran’s religious and spiritual leader, Ayatollah Khomeini, assumed control of the situation and began releasing all non-U.S. hostages and all female and minority Americans. But he ignored U.N. Security Council demands and appeals from other Arab nations to release the hostages.

As the crisis dragged on, President Jimmy Carter’s image as a weak and feckless President grew, and was cemented when a rescue operation ended in the Iranian desert in a huge fireball that killed eight U.S. military personnel.

As the 1980 Presidential primary grew near, the Reagan campaign complained that Carter was about to pull off an “October Surprise” that would see the hostages released and hand Carter his re-election. The Carter campaign alleged that the Reagan campaign had its own surprise in store. From that, the term October Surprise entered our lexicon.

Allegations surfaced that Reagan Campaign Director William Casey had met secretly with some Iranians in Madrid to keep the hostages until after the elections in order to deny Carter a victory that would give him a campaign boost.

A Democrat-controlled House committee, dubbed the House October Surprise Task Force, cleared Casey because “Credible witnesses and corroborating documents showed Mr. Casey to be in California” at the time the Madrid meeting was supposed to have taken place, according to The New York Times.

Of course, America continued to be involved in Iranian affairs. A scandal that came to be called the Iran-Contra Affair began in 1985, when the Reagan Administration sold arms to Iran — which was by then at war with Iraq — and used the proceeds to arm Nicaraguan guerillas called the Contras who were fighting the Communist government of Daniel Ortega.


A Healthy Breakfast Gives You A Good Start

A nutritious breakfast can help give you more energy, reduce your daily caloric intake and help maintain a healthy weight.

A national study followed the eating habits of 12,000 men and women. The findings show those who ate a low-calorie and low-energy dense breakfast weighed less and had an overall healthier diet compared to those who ate junk food or skipped the meal altogether.

Researchers concluded that low-energy dense foods such as fruits, vegetables and high-fiber whole grains can help you lose weight and make better food choices during the rest of the day.

Try these tasty breakfast options for a fresh start to a healthier lifestyle:

  • Bran flakes with almond milk. Top with banana or blueberries.
  • Oat bran with almond milk. Add raisins or strawberries.
  • Whole cut oatmeal with honey and assorted fruit.