It Isn’t Racist If It’s Right

Let me get this out of the way first: By thinking (much less typing, proofing and emailing) the following remarks, I’m a racist. Most of you who read it are racist as well. I know this because the Democratic Party says so. Granted, the Democratic Party and its corporate media minions say that about anyone who doesn’t think and do exactly what they’re told by, well, the Democratic Party. But, according to the Democrats, that’s immaterial.

Criticize President Barack Obama and/or his accomplices for whatever disgrace they’re currently visiting upon the Nation, and you’re a racist. Since I’m writing today about the latest developments in the Benghazi, Libya, scandal (which has deservedly enveloped the Democrats of late), I’m fairly certain I qualify under the liberal strictures on the subject. In fact, far less conservative fellows than I have earned the slanderous sobriquet from Obama’s horde. Senator John McCain (R-Ariz.), who is to conservatism what cough medicine is to good scotch, found himself tagged as the latest to suffer the baseless charge by an Obama machine. Last week, McCain and some of his Senate colleagues joined the chorus of people leveling criticism at U.N. Ambassador Susan Rice for her repeated lying about the source and progression of the murders of four Americans in a Libya torn apart by Obama-backed strife.

Backed by a cohort of shrieking liberal harpies at a Friday press conference, Representative Marcia Fudge (D-Ohio) said: “There is a clear sexism and racism that goes with these comments being made by unfortunately Sen. McCain and others. And I strongly stand by that statement.”

Fudge, who is the incoming chairwoman of the racist-by-deed-and-definition Congressional Black Caucus, is welcome to stand by whatever statements she wishes. Since she’s a Democrat, the statements by which she stands don’t even have to be true. But she wasn’t finished, making a number of similarly false barbs about McCain — even working in some meaningless attacks on McCain’s nearly six-decades-past academic career. At no point during her ridiculous rant did she even approach the undeniable fact that Rice, along with the rest of the Obama Administration, spent weeks brazenly lying to the world about Benghazi.

Fudge and her wacky friends in the estrogen army are hardly alone in trying to cover the increasingly appalling post-Benghazi cover-up. Obese multimillionaire and Democratic icon Michael Moore put down the Twinkie to tweet: “Yo! McCain — The ‘attacking women strategy’ didn’t go so well last Tues, did it? So now this week, let’s try ‘attack the black woman’! #Rice”

Yo! Fat, rich, white guy — Where was your outrage when liberals launched a series of racist attacks on former Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice? Did you leave it at the dessert buffet? #RealRice.

Obama himself actually abandoned the back nine to shake his fists thusly: “If Senator McCain and Senator Graham and others want to go after somebody, they should go after me.” Hold your questions until the President putts out, though.

Rice lied repeatedly. That doesn’t make her stupid. Surrounded by an Obama Administration in which lying is apparently a job requirement, it doesn’t even make her particularly remarkable. While Democratic attempts to besmirch her critics with the venerable smear of racism are similarly unremarkable, they are absolutely stupid and somewhat offensive.

Real people have suffered, and they do and will suffer under the yoke of racism. As I write this, the racist attempts to steal the election from Representative Allen West (R-Fla.) have yet to reach a resolution. Across the Sunshine State, so-called “white Hispanic” George Zimmerman’s fate hangs in balance following a Presidentially endorsed lynch mob’s attempt to murder him the way Islamofascist terrorists murdered the Benghazi four, albeit with fewer rocket-propelled grenades. (I’m guessing at that last one. I wouldn’t be stunned if race pimp Al Sharpton got his hands on a B-40.) To point out an already established fact that Rice lied isn’t racist. It’s right.

–Ben Crystal

Gunning For Liberty

Regular Personal Liberty Digestreaders likely noted Bob Livingston’s article detailing the U.N.’s plan to lean into America’s sovereign affairs and abscond with the 2nd Amendment. Those who took the time to peruse Livingston’s work likely noticed the fact that President Barack Obama and his cabal of accomplices in Washington are happily helping them steer the getaway car, signing us up for renewed talks on the gun grab this spring.

Indeed, Obama has made clear his support of the U.N.’s plans, waiting mere hours after his re-election to do so. Hearkening back to his 2008 campaign, Obama clearly holds gun owners in low regard. After all, we’re just “bitter” and we “cling to guns or religion.”

But fret not, my dear patriot friends. I bring you glad tidings: No matter how many affirmative votes it holds on the issue of sovereignty-violating, internationally administered gun programs (the most recent went 157-0 with 18 abstentions), the U.N. has no chance to grab so much as an air rifle from your fists. For an organization whose members rarely do more than blow hot air at each other, the effort would be unimaginably complex.

First, the same U.N. pseudo-military clowns under whom our soldiers enjoyed serving in various theaters of war over the past 60 years would have to secure the active support of our military for such an operation. After all, every time the U.N. does anything involving force, it has to secure our participation, and that still doesn’t guarantee it won’t fumble the ball.

I have a number of friends in the 1st Ranger Battalion and the 3rd Infantry Division. I know these guys. I’m not saying I oppose the idea of some 15-star generalissimo from East Ongoolia (or wherever) trying to direct our own soldiers to violently abrogate the Bill of Rights; I’m just saying I want to be there when he tries — mostly so I can laugh at him while he tries to run in his jodhpurs.

Once violating the Posse Comitatus Act falls on its face, the next step would be to enlist law enforcement. But a huge number of law enforcement officers are also veterans. Good luck breaking that bond, U.N. You’ll end up being force-fed your darling blue helmets. And while there might not be a shortage of agents of the FBI and the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives who will step up for a Ruby Ridge redux, an internationally coordinated invasion (and that’s what such a gun grab would entail) would have to contend with literally millions of resisters. And, in this case, they would all be armed. There’s no proof Admiral Isoroku Yamamoto ever actually said that “there would be a rifle behind every blade of grass,” but the lesson remains just as true whether the invaders march under the Rising Sun or the Big O.

And let’s not forget the single most perfectly defining characteristic of not only Democrats, but all politicians: an insatiable lust for authority. While the terrorism financiers, dictatorship apologists and Third World trash at the U.N. might harbor fantasies of a disarmed American populace bowing and scraping before their goose-stepping legions in their goofily overadorned dress uniforms, even the most repulsively left-wing stuffed suit knows the downside. A gun grab led by Americans would fail; a gun grab led by a U.N. force sans American muscle would result in a bigger beat down for the bad guys than the really cool parts of “Red Dawn.”

I say let Obama and his U.N. circus freaks give it the old college try. Give a shot at the high plains to a U.N.-force led by some Wesley Clark knockoff from Kazakhstan (think Borat with an infantry), and then see if it can match the killed-in-action totals from Little Big Horn. Give a Jordanian colonel a lift to downtown Detroit and see how he does disarming the gangbangers. For that matter, give some blue-helmeted peacock an order to come to my house and see who leaves wearing the fancy headgear.

I’m not suggesting we laugh off the internationalist threat to our God-given rights. Any time liberals start making time with the buffoons at the East River School for Scofflaws, every citizen’s ears ought to perk up. But the time for hunkering down in the underground bunker is not quite at hand. Go about your business, fellow patriots. However, to borrow a phrase from my colleague Chip Wood: “Keep some powder dry.”

–Ben Crystal

Old Generals Don’t Fade Away, Either

Just to be clear on this: We’re against politicians keeping a “girl Friday” on the side? I’m asking only because the sudden resignation of retired Gen. David Petraeus as CIA director has me a bit perplexed. While I have no doubt that Petraeus’ extramarital affair and subsequent admission thereto are real and sincere, I don’t remember the directive suggesting that extramarital affairs were cause for concern. After all, the list of Washington politicians who have dined out on their spouses is longer than the list of union thugs with felony convictions.

This is the guy whom the Democrats used to refer to as “David Betray-us.” Therefore, it’s unlikely that the vermin in the Administration of President Barack Obama withheld information regarding his misbehavior out of any concern for his endangered dignity. These are the same clowns who shrieked bloody murder when former President Bill Clinton faced impeachment for perjury over his lies regarding his tendency to treat the Oval Office like a crash pad. They threw an epic tantrum when many demanded the resignation of Anthony Weiner for turning Twitter into an unmarked, windowless van parked too close to the high school. To be honest, a Republican opposition that looked the other way on the extracurricular activities of Senator David Vitter and former Senator Larry Craig (I still get nervous when nature calls while I’m in the Minneapolis Airport) can hardly object.

But why cut Petraeus loose now? Why not months ago, when the FBI allegedly “stumbled” upon the affair? If the CIA director opened the door to a security breach at the highest level, why would Obama allow him to continue potentially jeopardizing national security during an exceptionally fiery time? Some people might suggest that Obama (who brazenly lied to the American people about virtually everything from the budget to Benghazi, Libya) simply doesn’t care as long as it doesn’t interrupt his golf games. But I think the answer is simpler: protecting the campaign.

Obama held back on dropping the hammer on Petraeus until he knew his re-election was clear.  The irony lies in the fact that an electorate that displayed no qualms over Obama’s bald-faced lying about Benghazi and Operation Fast and Furious (for starters) is hardly likely to pull the handbrake over Petraeus’ peccadillos.

When Attorney General Eric Holder perjured himself in front of Congress, he did so with Obama’s full endorsement. When Obama changed the tale of Benghazi more often than Al Sharpton changes the oil in his hair, Democrats sang along to every new refrain. Last Tuesday, 62 million Americans (51 percent of those who cast ballots in the 2012 election), laid down their dignity and patriotism in support of a President whose dubious accomplishments on fronts economic and diplomatic pale in comparison to his arrogant mendacity. If Obama forced Petraeus out in order to quash any potentially damaging testimony he might deliver to Congress over Benghazi, then the President’s efforts were not only another example of his usual bumbling, but they were entirely wasted.

In Obama’s America, people care as much about marital infidelity as much as they do about dead ambassadors, dead Navy SEALs, dead Border Patrol agents and dying liberty. And the Republican-controlled House will drag Petraeus out of a spider hole if they have to in order to force him to testify.

The idea of a member of the Washington reprobates’ club getting the bum’s rush for something as mundane as a an affair seems as strange as a Presidential Administration making Richard Nixon look like George Washington — and getting away with it. Here’s the curveball: I don’t think Petreaus’ resignation has anything to do with Obama’s re-election racket; I think he stepped down because he knew he had disgraced himself, and he wanted to rescue what little dignity he had left. Tragically, that means the lone member of Obama’s crew who is worth a plugged nickel is headed for the door.

–Ben Crystal


There Must Be A Morning After

I wrote a different column at first. It was reasonably lighthearted, as I wanted to avoid being excessively morose following President Barack Obama’s re-election. It had some cute little one-off gags about the Senate win by Elizabeth Warren and her fake Cherokee cheekbones and Representative Jesse Jackson Jr. winning a landslide in his Illinois Congressional race despite making his father look like a Franciscan monk while Junior hides from investigators in a Minnesota hospital room.

But I don’t have it in me to be my usual sunny self. I am morose. I’m as sad as a homeless guy who just found out the Democrats pay only for votes; and that, tomorrow, he’ll be back to counting cans for the recycling deposits. I am so confused by my country from time to time. I understand the allure of the Obama life. Food, clothing, money, healthcare, Jay-Z tickets and cellphones are all free. Work is a thing of the past, as is responsibility. It’s always someone else’s job to make sure you’re covered. The politics of ease are a powerful drug.

But I like being free. I love it. I love that I can point out that the leader of the country is a profligate liar without being shot, beaten or sent to the gulag for it. I love that I can discuss the crimes he has committed and will commit in his insatiable quest for power without black helicopters descending on my house. I even enjoy the fact that Democratic sock puppets can party themselves into an even deeper stupor than usual after their icon’s victory, despite the fact that they’ve sold their country into slavery in doing so. And if I have to pay for creature comforts with my own cash, then so be it. It sure beats living in one of those sad, gray little dictatorships like North Korea.

And I’m not fleeing the country. I’m not one of those uber-wealthy Hollywood clowns who promises emigration to the nearest convenient tax shelter in the Caribbean every time my guy takes one on the chin. Even if I end up being the last man standing in a country overrun by liberal filth and their idiot minions, I’ll be damned if they’re going to run me off. I survived eight years of Bill Clinton’s dough-faced dishonesty; I can survive eight years of Obama’s mealy-mouthed mendacity.

Clinton was a liar and a reprobate, but at least he was fun about it. I never got the sense from Clinton that he hated me (though I did from his wife). Obama hates me. He also hates most of you. Close to 50 percent of the Nation no-voted Obama, and he despises them for it. He despises their God and their guns. He reviles their refusal to knuckle under to socialist nightmares like Obamacare. Clinton may have been a screwball, but at least you knew he could hold his liquor and might be fun to party with. Obama is a living, breathing archetype of the effete elitism that has turned the Democratic Party into the national disgrace it has become. Democrats aren’t better than we are, but they think they are and they act accordingly. Witness Obama’s casual mendacity on Benghazi, Libya, and Operation Fast and Furious.  Furthermore, witness his comfort in skirting the law with “executive orders.”  He rules by fiat — like some kind of sideshow emperor.

Obama’s re-election is bad news for America. But we’ve received bad news before, and we will again. As the returns rolled toward Obama last night, I comforted a pal by suggesting that while Obama’s re-election may be a hurricane of horror for liberty, the storm surge might help to wash the shore clean for 2014’s House and Senate elections. We made it to 2012; we can survive to 2016. When my friend suggested I was trying to put lipstick on the proverbial pig, I offered another outcome:

It’s 2012. If the Mayans were right, then none of this matters much.

–Ben Crystal

Good Morning, America

Acrimony, slander and rage led us inevitably to Election Day 2012. Droning campaign ads begged for our votes, bellowing promises as believable as a children’s magic show (re-electing President Barack Obama will improve our standing in the world) or charges as honest as, well, a politician (electing Governor Mitt Romney will result in the outsourcing of every job beyond caddy at the local golf club).

Mindless speeches demanded our support with vague promises of everything short of the kind of future that exists only in the final chapters of Ayn Rand novels. Campaign mouthpieces on both sides hurled accusations and counteraccusations ranging from honest (Obama fiddled while Benghazi burned) to ludicrous (Romney plans to murder black people).

The corporate media offered their level best effort to push Obama over the top, repeating tropes that ranged from stupid (Obama has shown true Presidential leadership) to ludicrous (pretty much everything that has fallen out of Chris Matthews’ face-hole). Although, cracks in the media wall have appeared: Dozens of newspapers have leapt off the port-listing ship of fools in likely response to the increasing disgust displayed by their readership.

Even Mother Nature weighed in, delivering Hurricane Sandy and subsequently exposing Obama’s ineptitude at a depth previously un-plumbed. But I would be remiss in my duties were I to omit the fact that Obama’s response to the storm’s devastation makes former Federal Emergency Management Director Michael Brown look like Mother Theresa and the Democrat-authored horror of New Orleans look like a mild delay on the way to work.

It’s highly unlikely that most of you who peruse Personal Liberty Digest remain uncommitted to a vote for the candidate of your choosing. Many of you likely have cast your ballots already. A few of you — who are inexplicably hostile to that which we colleagues of Bob Livingston proffer — have even stood behind the criminals, cretins and cronies who operate against our best interests in the shadowy folds of the White House. Nonetheless, allow me to share some thoughts as a gift to take with you on your way to the polls.

  • Remember Ambassador Chris Stevens, Consular officer Sean Smith and Navy SEALs Tyrone Woods and Glen Doherty; and remember the casual mendacity of Obama as he changed his rhetoric about the Benghazi, Libya, murders on a virtually hourly basis.
  • Remember Border Patrol Agent Brian Terry, Immigration official Jaime Zapata and the unknown hundreds of Central Americans murdered by narcoterrorists deliberately armed by the Obama Administration in the disastrous Operation Fast and Furious. And remember Attorney General Eric Holder as he blatantly lied under oath to Congress and the American people about the gunrunning nightmare that cost hundreds of millions of dollars and hundreds of lives.
  • Remember the dozens of ventures led by Obama cronies that dove into bankruptcy one after another, like the swimmers in an Esther Williams film. And remember the billions of taxpayer dollars which disappeared forever beneath the surface of solvency.
  • Remember the record numbers of Americans needing government assistance to survive, our society sliding into the abyss with them.
  • Remember the brazen hostility displayed by our enemies as they sense Obama’s fumbling weakness the way a coyote smells a nearby lamb.
  • Remember the record rise in our national debt.
  • Remember the millions of illegal aliens roaming our land, safe from law enforcement as they spread misery and crime.
  • Remember the hate. Never before has America been so deliberately divided. Never before has a President directed his accomplices and minions to show such overt disrespect and disdain for those among their fellow citizens who labor to make America exceptional despite Obama’s belief that exceptionalism is something to avoid. Remember every time some liberal has slandered you with baseless charges of racism — or worse — because you expect him to strive to contribute something worthwhile to the Nation.
  • Remember the violence of the union thugs who went so far as to deny their fellow citizens aid in the wake of Sandy.
  • Remember the dream that is the real America. Remember the gift of liberty which we share.

The shining city upon a hill has lit the darkest corners of the world for generations; now, the light glows through peril. So get out and vote. As I’ve warned you before, the Democrats are planning to do so twice.

–Ben Crystal

God Forbid

Mormonism doesn’t work for me. I just wanted to get that straight, right off the bat. I have serious doubts about the timeline of events proffered by The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. I just can’t swallow the idea that the Son of Man rolled away the rock and then ascended into heaven, only to make a pit stop on the other side of the planet. It’s not that I doubt that Jesus could have dropped in on the loincloth-and-human-sacrifice set; but if He did, His lessons clearly didn’t take — until Hernán Cortés and his Spanish legions reinforced it at the end of a musket. I likewise find the details of golden plates and seer stones pretty dubious.

But here’s the really cool part: I don’t spend time thinking about LDS doctrine, nor do I have to. Mormons are welcome to believe whatever the heck they want; the last time I checked, that’s the American (not to mention Constitutional) way. And I would have guessed that the Democrats would move to the front of line to join me in dismissing attempts to criticize any candidate based on his religious beliefs. After all, Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-Nev.) shares the Mormon faith espoused by Governor Mitt Romney; and I have heard no howls of derision pouring forth from the left regarding Reid donning any “magic underwear,” promoting polygamy or otherwise planning to impose his faith on those of us who prefer the booze to contain actual alcohol.

To be completely honest, with Congressmen like Representative Keith Ellison (D-Minn.), a Muslim, keeping company with Islamofascist-linked hate groups like the Council on American-Islamic Relations while the Democrats accuse his detractors of religious bigotry and intolerance, it ought to follow that the LDS church, which has no ties to suicide bombers or their financiers, is free of the fickle finger of fatuousness.

It ought to follow, but it doesn’t. As I perused media and social networking sites, I caught a recurring theme of liberals launching venom at Romney and his faith. From Daily Beast Brit and Obama cheerleader Andrew Sullivan’s statement that “Mitt Romney belonged to a white supremacist church for 31 years of his life” to “Doonesbury” (yes Virginia, it does still exist) cartoonist Garry Trudeau’s crude attacks in a series of comic strips, there was nary a shred of religious acceptance to be found.

That sort of mouth-breathing, ignorant hate represents the worst kind of mindless political assault. And it is hardly isolated. The same Democrats who find Ellison’s pals such fun at a party have no room in their hearts for a guy who thinks of Utah as the Promised Land. The same liberals who cheered the idea of a mosque within AK-47 range of Ground Zero can’t abide the idea of a teetotaler in the Oval Office. The same Obama backers who slander anyone who opposes Obama with the rhetorical brush of racism just can’t imagine a Mormon in the White House.

If the Democrats really do want Americans to look past those matters of faith that separate us, then perhaps Romney’s religion ought not be a sticking point in 2012. There is no shortage of reasons to object to Romney, and he’s eminently preferable to the abominable Obama. The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints causes me no great consternation. It’s not as if the Mormon clergy espouse a doctrine of hatred, racism and “God damn America.” Now that would be wrong, wouldn’t it?

–Ben Crystal

The End Is Near

We’re almost done with the endless parade of stupidity that has been the 2012 electoral season. We’re almost done listening to Mitt Romney try very hard to establish the conservative credentials he avoided until sometime in March. We’re almost through with enduring President Barack Obama’s daily litany of disgraceful lying. We’re almost finished watching party flacks wail, corporate media trash spin and self-appointed experts bloviate.


On Tuesday, those of us who have yet to cast our ballots (that’s most of us) will step into polling places nationwide and partake of our still Constitutionally protected right to select the man who, right or wrong, will then become the single most important human being on the planet. In some heavily Democratic districts and selected cemeteries, some of us will partake of that right more than once. Afterward, those ballots will be counted — again, some more than once. The totals will be checked, the absentee and provisional ballot numbers (except for the ones the Democrats have thrown into the nearest convenient storm drain, Great Lake or community activist’s basement) will be tallied, and Ann Romney will begin selecting new drapes for the White House residency.

Again, almost.

What I’ve described represents the most likely scenario to unfold over the next 10 days. However, thanks to the magic of the U.S. Constitution, the possibility exists that Election 2012 may well make the George Bush-Al Gore battle of 2000 look like a disputed ballot for homecoming queen.

As of this moment, polling indicates Romney holds a slight lead in the popular vote, but he and Obama are running neck and neck for the Electoral College vote. Although a disparity in the popular and Electoral College results is highly unlikely (such an outcome has occurred only twice), lurking in the ballot booth is an even less common — but even more potentially catastrophic — finale. Romney and Obama could tie.

As is the norm for Presidential elections (they can’t all be Ronald Reagan v. Walter Mondale), neither of the major party candidates is likely to steamroll the other. However, should a couple of swing States fall in a certain way, Romney and Obama actually could wind up with 269 Electoral College votes apiece. For the victims of teachers’ unions, that’s one short of the number needed to forward your mail to 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue. Indeed, the website offers different scenarios, some of which don’t stretch credulity particularly far, in which the swing States from Nevada to New Hampshire split between Romney and Obama and create the worst Constitutional crisis since Obamacare.

Just imagine the fun we would all have. With Romney and Obama splitting the Electoral College down the middle (presuming some elector doesn’t bolt his party, itself the political equivalent of a hand grenade in the proverbial potato salad), the responsibility for electing the next President would immediately fall to the 435 passengers in the Capitol Clown Car: the U.S. House of Representatives.

If one believes the Democrats’ overt threats of murder, rioting and other behavior currently spreading across Twitter and social media outlets like a scorching case of something carried by Lady Gaga and reminiscent of the so-called “Occupiers” (or of Detroit when the Pistons win the NBA title), then the House will convene while the Nation burns.  Given the current makeup of the House and the fact that even the most extreme liberal outlets like The New York Times and Dailykos agree that the GOP will keep control of the body through the elections, the House subsequently will proclaim Romney the new President.  Following that announcement, the aforementioned Motor City and a host of America’s other garden spots and States will fall into the sort of chaos that normally accompanies a pack of Skittles and what the media calls a “white Hispanic.”

Presuming said unrest doesn’t make the rest of the country look like East St. Louis, Ill., after a Louis Farrakhan speech, we’ll all get to enjoy the second act: the election of the Vice President. That’s right, kids. The House elects the President, and the Senate elects the guy (or gal; we’ll get back to that) who stands next to the Commander in Chief and gazes longingly at “the button.” And the Senate is projected to remain under the thumb of reprobate liar and accused serial farm-animal abuser (that’s what I heard, anyway) Senator Harry Reid and his Democratic do-nothings. Therefore, President Romney would be joined by Vice President Joe Biden. Even the gridlock of the 2006-2008 House under then-Speaker Nancy Pelosi would seem like a meeting of the ladies’ sewing circle compared to the legislative pileup that would ensue.

In actuality, the real outcome of an Electoral College split actually would send us even farther off the deep end. Instead of staying in the Naval Observatory, Biden would join his boss, Obama, at the Michael Dukakis Home for Formerly Relevant Politicians. Biden is a national embarrassment whose invitation to all the cool parties at the White House depends entirely on Obama’s largesse. Once Obama hits the unemployment line, the Senate Democrats would experience no qualms about placing someone less likely to make racist comments about the guys behind the counter at the 7-Eleven, someone more likely to set the stage for a resurgence of Democratic power in Washington, someone like Secretary of State Hillary Clinton.

With Romney in the Oval Office, Clinton just down the hall, the House controlled by the GOP and the Senate controlled by the Democrats, the pace of business in Washington would likely roll to a pace slower than Al Sharpton running uphill in a hurricane. Scandals would follow scandals with even more frequency than they do currently. Voters nationwide would unite in ubiquitous disgust at the stupendous incompetence of and hyper-partisan quibbling by the people charged with the day-to-day operation of everything from the military to the Federal prison system.

The above scenario is hardly the most likely outcome of next week’s festivities. But it is a possibility — a worst-case result that could plunge the Nation into absolute disarray. However, the long-term blowback from an Electoral College tie between Romney and Obama actually offers a real light at the end of the tunnel. Despite the failure of the two major parties to reach meaningful accord, there was no realistic chance for a third party candidate to legitimately challenge them for the Presidency in 2012.

Four years of a Romney/Clinton “Administration” would not only break the stranglehold in which the current two-party system holds our future, it could even force the Republicans and Democrats to meet in a new battle: the fight to determine who gets to remain one of the two “major” parties and who gets to hang out with the lunatics from the Green Party at the also-rans convention in 2016.

–Ben Crystal