The Oslo discord

Last Friday afternoon, the monotonous buzz of liberal mendacity, gender bias and racism was shattered by the roar of a terrorist attack in Oslo, Norway. Once it became apparent that the perpetrator was not striking a blow for Muhammad, I started counting the moments until someone tried to link the actions of some fruitcake in the land of the midnight sun to the Tea Party.

You’ve Come a Long Way, Baby

Sometime after June Cleaver turned in her apron and retired to guest spots on “The Love Boat,” the feminist movement took center stage in what some called “the gender wars.” I’ve always thought that the boys lost to the girls right about the same time we started pretending we liked movies with Sally Field — and without the Trans-Am.

The Capitol Circus

Here at Personal Liberty Digest™, we watch the Capitol Circus because we’re paid to do it. But even a casual glance Washington-ward reminds the most dispassionate observer that these guys are clowns. Unfortunately, they’re not the kind who make balloon animals and juggle milk bottles; they’re the kind who show up in Stephen King novels and live in a sewer.

The Assassination Of Old King Coal

Well, I certainly hope everyone is enjoying President Obama’s “Recovery Summer II — The Empire Strikes Out.” Unemployment hovers just below 10 percent. Of course, that’s the number the Department of Labor is willing to admit. Any economist outside the Department of Labor will acknowledge the real rate is closer to 15 percent.

The Presidential Communication Breakdown

The Vice President is online to save his job, but the President is just on hold. Where’s a good lawyer when Al Qaida needs one? Barack Obama, D.D.S.? Texas hangs up on Mexico. And DSK says: “let’s hear it for Le Bleu, Blanc et Rouge!” All this, plus — MSNBC calling Miss Cleo? Presented in 1080 hi-def, FOR FREE! It’s The Great Eight, from the Personal Liberty Digest™.

Red, White and AWESOME!!

Helen Thomas says “heil!” The TSA protects us from… really old people. Hugo Chavez calls a Cuban plumber. Mark Halperin goes south for the summer. And Harvard says red is good, but not so much the white and blue. All this, plus tiny purple leather burkhas! It’s the Independence Day edition of the Personal Liberty Digest’s™ The Great Eight; presented in 1080 high-def, FOR FREE!

Bienvenidos A Los Estados Unidos (Welcome To The U.S.)

I speak Spanish. Well, I speak high-school-distracted-by-the-hot-chick-in-front-of-me-in-class Spanish. As the Democratic-led U.S. Senate again tries to push through the amnesty-for-illegal-aliens DREAM Act, more and more often I’m noticing a sizable number of people who struggle with English the way I struggle with Spanish.

Presidential Show’n’Tell

Time magazine misses the big picture. Holder and the lawyers to the rescue! “Tingle-boy” Matthews’ unhealthy obsession? An ex-Hillary Clinton intern gets paid the REALLY old fashioned-way. And—flying the unfriendly skies. All this, plus— goldfish! Presented in 1080 high-def, FOR FREE! It’s The Great Eight, from the Personal Liberty Digest™!