No Honor Among Liberals

Under different circumstances, I might feel bad for Solicitor General of the United States Donald Verrilli. Charged with the duty of defending the bureaucratic behemoth known as Obamacare — in front of the highest court in the land, no less — Verrilli became a mosquito with a law degree, slamming headlong into the windshield of superior Constitutional scholars.

The Devils We Know

Conservatives have repeatedly been forced to hold their noses and cast ballots for candidates who are only marginally better than the shrieking liberals whom they oppose. As a result of our own excessive flexibility, we have unwittingly played a part in allowing an incremental shift in the Republican Party away from its conservative roots and toward the sort of monster-government espoused by the Democrats and their hordes of dependent minions.

Racing Past Justice

The self-serving attempts by some to insert race into the Trayvon Martin tragedy (and it IS a tragedy—for everyone involved) is particularly odious. A young black man is dead, killed by a Hispanic man who may or may not have been acting in self-defense. That’s ALWAYS terrible; for the shooter and the “shootee” alike. What everyone seems to forget when they turn these cases into public referenda is that both are PEOPLE; with families and friends.

Game Over

“Game Change”is a two-hour character assassination of Sarah Palin. Interestingly, the thinking viewer can detect an unintended subtext: If Palin is as far out of her depth as she is portrayed, then she is actually a hapless dupe victimized by callous politicos. While most liberals might cheer such a characterization, she can’t be a victim and the glowering monster they usually describe.