Mom Knows Best

Like any good son, I call my mother every week. I sit through the usual litany of complaints about how I don’t call enough, I don’t visit enough, etc. Sometimes, Mom gives me both barrels. Take last Sunday. Mom turned to a topic that disappoints her more than I ever could have: politicians.

Christmas Fun With Obama

Organizing for Action says we should all #GetTalking about enrolling in Obamacare this Christmas. Bah humbug! But we can get political, and we can do it without sacrificing Christmas cheer. And I’m going to help. Just sing along with this jaunty little jingle and satisfy the whole family.

A Majority Of Fools

As of this moment, Obama has the approval of only 43 percent of his employers. Presuming the Democrats are correct in believing that a majority trumps everything, then I have some very bad news for President Barack Obama and his peeps: You’re done.