Terror in the heartland due to ‘workplace violence’

It wasn’t an act of terrorism; it was “workplace violence.” It wasn’t motivated by Islam; it was motivated by the loss of a job. It wasn’t racism; it was rage. When Alton Nolen roared through the door of Vaughan Foods in Moore, Oklahoma, last Friday, he wasn’t bent on inflicting the sort of inhuman violence Americans consider abhorrent and Islamofascists consider an afternoon at the office. He was merely expressing his indignation at the brutal treatment of today’s workers by evil plutocrats. Heck, Nolen isn’t a terrorist; according to such leading lights as MSNBC’s Melissa Harris-Perry, he’s a “gentleman.”

So rest easy, America. There is no threat of a wave of Islamofascist terrorism crashing upon our shores. The fact that a radicalized Muslim beheaded one innocent woman and stabbed another in a fit of religiously inspired rage does not mean that radicalized Muslims will behead, stab and/or murder any other innocent women. Just because a Muslim angrily replicated identically abominable acts to the ones demonstrated by the Islamic State (aka ISIS, ISIL and those guys who totally don’t represent Islam) doesn’t mean you should worry that any other Muslims who think Sharia law sounds like a party are lying about why they just bought a new GoPro. So stop worrying. You’ve got nothing to worry about. Even though ISIS and other Islamofascist rats’ nests — not all of which were armed by the regime of President Barack Obama — consistently shriek demands that all Muslims rise up and kill as many Americans as they can, Nolen’s Oklahoma killing spree was an aberration.

I’m guessing we’re supposed to believe that Nidal Hassan’s rampage through Fort Hood — which our Democrat pals assured us was also “workplace violence” — was also an aberration. As were those wacky Tsarnaev boys up Boston way. Plus, the kids thought the Tsarnaevs were just dreamy! Did you see Dzhokhar Tsarnaev on the cover of Rolling Stone? OMG!

But if Islamofascists had any chance of spreading animalistic butchery across the planet, they would need to establish footholds in major population centers worldwide. And the idea that 7th century religious dogma would not only resist evolving like the rest of the world’s major religions, but metastasize globally in the 21st century is ludicrous. Yet the charred remains of Islamofascist “workplace violence” smolder in the memories of people from London to Paris and from Berlin to Madrid, while those who aim to visit it upon the planet are popping up like tumors in places like Detroit, New York and Moore, Oklahoma.

The Brits recently arrested Islamofascist blowhole Anjem Choudary after years of his openly proclaiming jihad against every non-Muslim in the UK. And here in the United States we offer tax-exempt respect to the Council on American-Islamic Relations, a hate group that has already been caught consorting with Islamofascist terrorists. By the way, pay no attention to the reports from inside the federal government indicating the operation of ISIS cells in the increasingly unguarded southern border. I’m sure they’re just taking in the idyllic charms of Ciudad Juárez, Mexico. Those ISIS guys are suckers for shellacked frogs dressed up to look like mariachi bands, rosaries made from mismatched neon beads and mezcal that makes hillbilly hooch look like Dom Pérignon.

Look, I am not suggesting we meet jihad with jihad. In fact, I wholeheartedly support the opposite idea. Civilization seems to struggle with the century-old lesson that the places where Islamofascism has firmly planted its flag are ratholes. But Islam clearly still struggles with the centuries-older lesson that religiously inspired warfare is a losing proposition. That’s why there are no longer armies of Christian soldiers, marching off to war. The country that expends the most in life and limb dealing with Islamofascism is the United States, and we’re constitutionally nonsectarian; ask any Democrat, if you can catch one on a break from parsing words to avoid offending the Religion of Pieces. There are no platoons of Jews sawing off people’s heads and posting videos of their barbarism so their friends can get their jollies during Hannukah. American soldiers don’t use children as human shields. British soldiers don’t rig buses with Semtex. French soldiers don’t shoot up shopping malls. And none of them behead innocent women in food-processing facilities.

The idea that we, meaning the civilized world, are at war with Islam is ludicrous. There are more than 1 billion Muslims on the planet. The overwhelming majority of them are just trying to get through the day, just like the rest of us. They have kids to raise, jobs to work and bills to pay. However, the minority has openly declared war on us. Rather than playing a seriously painful game of whack-a-mole from Aleppo to Kabul, perhaps we should consider calling the exterminator on the infestation here at home.

There’s nothing wrong with most Muslims. I expect quite a few of them are mortified by what animals like Nolen, Hassan and ISIS do in the name of their religion. Heck, one of the coolest guys I know is a practicing Muslim from Tunisia. It’s vitally important that we stop contorting ourselves because we’re worried about offending the hundreds of millions of peaceful Muslims worldwide. People are dying in Oklahoma just like ISIS abductees in Syria. What Nolen did was nothing short of terrorism. What Hassan did was nothing short of terrorism. What ISIS does is nothing short of terrorism. And what Islamofascism has planned for the rest of us is nothing short of terrorism, despite the fact that President Obama and his Democratic accomplices insist on calling it “workplace violence.”

–Ben Crystal

#StopRush and the Democrats’ War on Free Speech

As Wednesday passed gray, breezy and decidedly non-global warmish, I sat on the couch, trying to make sense of President Barack Obama’s address to the U.N. General Assembly. As is often the case when I have to fight through Obama’s tortured enunciations, I got bored. Don’t judge me; the guy needed close to 4,500 words and 40 minutes to tell the U.N. that he was committing the United States to a war against the same islamofascists he helped arm. At least, I think Obama meant to tell the U.N. about his plan to go to war with the Islamic State (aka ISIS, ISIL and those guys who totally don’t represent Islam). After Obama’s rambling soliloquy — which included references to Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, whatever they’re calling “global warming” this week, the Internet and his grandmother’s village in Kenya — I remained as mystified as a newly arrived U.N. diplomat trying to drive in Manhattan before they tell him his parking is free.

I needed to clear my head. So I steered onto the information superhighway. I checked my email, adjusted my fantasy football rosters for the weekend and then wandered over to Twitter to see what the cool kids were compressing into 140 or fewer characters. Under “trending,” I noticed the return of the long moribund hashtag “#StopRush.” Bemused by our regressive friends’ tendency to be distracted by simple ideas, I decided to see what had revived such an odd Twitter tangent. Obama was launching cruise missiles in the opening gambit of a war that even Democrats are acknowledging is every bit as ill-defined and open-ended as nearly every major conflict to which presidents have committed us since the late 1940s. Given the left’s declared opposition to war, I assumed Limbaugh must have done something far worse than make fun of a phony congressional “witness” and her demands for taxpayer-funded promiscuity to draw their fake outrage. To my surprise, #StopRush was the same weird little hate nugget it had always been. It was just Democrats calling for a boycott of Limbaugh and his advertisers, a recurring theme throughout more than a quarter century of Limbaugh’s eating liberals’ lunch.

Surely, Obama’s sudden sprouting of hawk feathers would drive even the bluest of blue-state liberals to panicked clucking. After all, the resolutely anti-war left wouldn’t abandon their most committed beliefs just because the guy calling the shots has a “D” next to his name, would they? And even if they would ditch their unicorns for war horses, they wouldn’t circle back to an anti-free speech campaign that has failed as completely as an MSNBC host on “Celebrity Jeopardy” (Chris Matthews, hello!), would they? And even if their hatred of differing opinions drives them to tear up their flannel onesies in outrage, people who claim to consider free speech sacrosanct wouldn’t orchestrate a fake, bot-assisted war to deprive a guy of his livelihood, would they? As it turns out, they really, really would.

A little background might be in order. #StopRush is not the grass-roots, mass media campaign its creators would have you believe. Begun by a blogger named Angelo Carusone (Twitter handle: @GoAngelo) for the Soros-funded hate group Media Matters for America (MMFA), #StopRush attracted the attention of a horde of leftist Twitter-philes, eventually growing so large and powerful that even Limbaugh’s own network honchos pulled the plug. By “horde,” I mean “fewer than a dozen people.” By “large and powerful,” I mean “fewer than a dozen people.” And by “pulled the plug,” I mean “continued to pay Limbaugh a salary commensurate with his unprecedented success.” As has been recently reported by multiple outlets, including Limbaugh himself, #StopRush is less grass-roots and more Astroturf. In reality, #StopRush is mostly the work of about 10 left wing anti-free speech activists who use multiple Twitter accounts and automation software to harass small businesses that advertise on stations that carry Limbaugh’s program. In fact, most of the poor consumer ratings, spam attacks and pseudo-petitions thrown at people targeted for destruction by Carusone and his accomplices can be traced back to these half-dozen or so regressives.

In the interest of full disclosure: I’m not a big Limbaugh guy. I harbor no resentment toward the man; but his show is on in the middle of the day, at a time when I — like most productive Americans — am working. I also have little patience for terrestrial radio. I think my years in the industry soured me on the business. The hours are lousy, the pay for minor leaguers such as I was is abysmal and the glamour fades not long after you realize that the sales manager isn’t kidding when he asks you to apologize to the local Dominos franchisee for saying their tomato sauce reminds you of off-brand ketchup. (It did; I didn’t.) Nonetheless, I certainly don’t harbor Limbaugh any lasting animus; nor do I think he deserves to lose his career simply because his rhetoric upsets hysterical regressives who are really just looking for a new distraction from Obama’s endless series of crimes and misdemeanors.

To be honest, I wouldn’t even begrudge Carusone, MMFA and similar Soros-funded yet tax-exempt hate groups like Dailykos — whose own blogger, Carol Wallin (Twitter handles: @FlushFools and @hrhprincess), is also one of Carusone’s fellow anti-Bill of Rights spammers — their right to repeatedly slam their heads against the talk radio wall. The 1st Amendment not only guarantees Limbaugh’s right to free speech, it also guarantees the #StopRush agitators’ right to oppose it, counterintuitive though that might be. If they want to spend their time bemoaning the perceived evils of talk radio, they’re welcome to it. After 25 years, Limbaugh is still rolling, while liberal attempts at counterprogramming — remember Air America? — end up buried next to Al Gore’s presidential aspirations.

As night fell on Wednesday, I found myself face to face — well, tweet to tweet — with three of Carusone’s anti-free speech trolls. Jason Rey (Twitter handle: @FranticQuark), Dennis Rohner (Twitter handle: @ShawToo) and the aforementioned Wallin. Of the three, I thought Rohner did the best work representing the #StopRush “movement” when he asked me “Are you Kochsuckers?”

By the way, Obama did declare war in his U.N. speech, albeit not on ISIS, ISIL, the Islamic State or anyone else who totally doesn’t represent Islam. He declared “war on war.” Maybe we’d find more success if we abandoned the cruise missiles and went after ISIS with the big guns: artificially inflated hashtag campaigns run by 10 people. Look how well it worked against Limbaugh.

–Ben Crystal (@Bennettruth)

Is President Obama An Accomplice To Murder?

I doubt the Foley and Sotloff families foresaw this outcome. Granted, their sons, combat correspondents James Foley and Stephen Sotloff, worked as combat correspondents. So the families knew — or should have known — about the occupational hazards inherent in reporting from the “shootier” parts of the globe. Nonetheless, no parent actively imagines his own child’s demise — unless he works for Planned Parenthood or NARAL, in which case such unnatural thinking probably earns him a paycheck. But the idea of losing a son to the medieval brutality of a bloodthirsty death cult like the Islamic State (aka ISIS or ISIL) isn’t unnatural; it’s insane, especially centuries after such madness became passé in the civilized world.

Even if the Foleys and Sotloffs did consider the shocking way in which their sons met their fates, I find it highly dubious that they expected to see videos of the murders on the Internet. The digital age has made life vastly simpler, easier and even more fun. Unfortunately, the animals who slaughtered Foley and Sotloff define “fun” differently than do the Foleys, the Sotloffs or even the Obamas. Even now, following the efforts by major social media networks to scrub the ISIS murder videos from their sites, they remain available to any budding jihadi with an Internet connection and a dream.

Even if the Foleys and Sotloffs — knowing the dangers inherent in meeting journalistic deadlines while dodging personal deadlines in places where “deadline” and “flatline” mean roughly the same thing — actually expected their sons to end up as props in islamofascism’s endless theater of the macabre, I’d throw a pile of cash at the idea that they’d spare absolutely no expense in trying to save their sons’ lives. Given a chance to pay a ransom to ISIS or lose their sons to some expat-Brit jihadi with an overdeveloped medulla oblongata and underdeveloped cerebrum, I’m sure the Foleys and Sotloffs would have begged, borrowed, stolen, mortgaged their homes and/or sold their own kidneys to scrape up the cash.

And even if the Foleys and Sotloffs somehow managed to look into the future far enough not only to catch a glimpse of their children’s misadventures but to construct a response plan involving avoiding more than a few off-ramps from the information superhighway while simultaneously scrounging up enough dough to buy their sons’ freedom in the event they were abducted by Muslim serial killers, I am close to 100 percent certain that they never planned for their efforts being thwarted by a Nobel Peace Prize-winning president of the United States.

That’s precisely what happened. Both the Foley and Sotloff families faced cajoling, harassment and outright threats from an Obama regime bent on keeping them from negotiating for their sons’ releases.

James Foley’s mother, Diane, recounted the rough treatment she faced for her efforts. “I was surprised there was so little compassion… We were told we could do nothing… meanwhile our son was being beaten and tortured every day.”

And a spokesman for the Sotloff family tells a similarly horrifying tale. “We had meetings with the administration… and basically he [an official] bullied and hectored them [the family], and they were scared.”

Think about what that means: Obama secretly — and very illegally — traded islamofascist serial killers for alleged deserter Bowe Bergdahl, even though Bergdahl willingly sought out his Taliban captors. But when Foley’s and Sotloff’s parents tried to raise private funds to save their sons from a terrorist group that Obama helped arm, Obama threatened them with prison.

I’m sure the Foleys and Sotloffs dreamed of success for their sons. I’m sure they prayed for safe, healthy, comfortable lives filled with love, work and — if they’re anything like my parents — grandbabies, lots and lots of grandbabies. In retrospect, I’m sure they would prefer the relative security of life as a convenience store clerk in Detroit over the risk of spending too much time too close to an army made up of some of the darkest souls outside a maximum security prison. But I’d wager all the money George Soros plans to donate to the Democrats in his life that they never thought they’d lose their children to islamofascists, that those islamofascists would be armed by the President of the United States and that the President of the United States would intervene in order to stop them from saving their sons’ lives.

Foley’s mother recently told CNN’s Anderson Cooper, “Our country let Jim down.” She was being kind. From my angle, the President of the United States is an accomplice to her son’s murder.

–Ben Crystal

Coach Obama And The ISIS Varsity

As I’m writing this, President Barack Obama has just wrapped up a prime-time address to us, his loyal subjects. The topic of his latest proclamation: the islamofascist brushfire in the Mideast that Obama’s bumbling fanned into a five-alarm inferno. What was once a civil war between the forces of Syrian President Bashar Assad and rebel opponents has now metastasized into a regional nightmare. And while Obama once dismissed the Islamic State (aka ISIS or ISIL) as terrorism’s “junior varsity,” apparently, the terror team has been called up to the big show.

In his address, Obama outlined a four-point program to arm and train “forces fighting these terrorists on the ground.” Presumably, those “forces” would then use their newly acquired weapons and training to destroy ISIS and then what? Join hands and sing “Kumbaya?” You’ll pardon me for asking, but I have a few questions I think deserve more than the usual White House fade, especially in light of the fact that Obama’s newest attempt at meaningful foreign policy is — by his own admission — more open-ended than an Internal Revenue Service audit.

Obama accomplices like Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid have been providing cover for Obama’s latest misadventure by referring to “moderates” in Syria and Iraq. Who are these “moderates,” and where were they when Obama’s plan for pacifying a restive Mideast involved arming ISIS against Syrian President Bashar Assad? Are we now supposed to accept that not only do such people exist, but that they have earned such largesse? Are we supposed to forget that ISIS used to be the very “moderates” we supported? Are we further supposed to forget that Obama’s policy regarding the very real threat of islamofascism has gone from “arming islamofascists to fight against other islamofascists” to “arming islamofascists to fight against the islamofascists we armed to fight against other islamofascists?” Are we even further supposed to forget that some and/or all of the people — islamofascist or “moderate” — have spilled from Syria into Iraq to fill a vacuum Obama created? And are we even further supposed to forget that the current crop of islamofascists hail not only from the Mideast, but from such exotic locales as London, Paris and Minneapolis? For that matter, has it occurred to anyone within earshot of the president that giving money and materiel to everyone who writes “moderate” on his nametag has led to nothing but heartbreak so far?

Taking to the teleprompter, Obama provided answers to precisely none of those questions. But he did declare ISIS to be a “terrorist group” requiring us “to degrade and ultimately destroy” them. That’s a far cry from “junior varsity,” a long bellow from “we don’t have a strategy” and a big shout from “manageable problem.” Keep in mind that the previous sentence reflects only the past few weeks of Obama’s eternal evolution on the appropriate response to islamofascism. Throw in “the future does not belong to those who slander the prophet of Islam,” the Iranian crackdown, the “Arab Spring” (for which Obama was entirely unprepared) and a few murders committed in the name of a phantom YouTube video, and the lack of both coherence and competence emerges.

We’ve gone from 9/11 attacks to attacks on 9/11. We’ve gone from fighting islamofascist murderers in the Mideast to fighting islamofascist murderers in the Mideast. We’ve seen Libya transform from a terrorist haven into a haven for terrorists, albeit terrorists who now use our embassy as a health club. We’ve even managed to regress to operations in Somalia and Yemen, because we’re retro like that. But there is something new under the sun. As we paused to mark the 13th anniversary of the original 9/11 attacks, we were confronted not only by the spreading fungus of islamofascism in the Mideast but by the realization that the infection appears to have spread to our shores. Moreover, even Obama’s own national security apparatchiks are now acknowledging the presence of ISIS vermin within a short swim of our own southern frontier. Given Obama’s avowed plan to let through every thug, gangster and reprobate through with the promise of free lifetime care and feeding, it’s hardly a stretch to think a few Abduls and Zameers might have snuck through amidst the Tomases, Ricardos and Joses.

Since Obama took home the Nobel Peace Prize for promising to teach the world to sing in perfect harmony, the world has plunged into outright caterwauling. Russia dug its old Soviet uniforms out of the gulag; China has extended its airspace to include everything west of Obama’s vacation rental on Hawaii; North Korea is developing long distance delivery systems for Kim Jong Krazy; and even our pals in Europe are starting to look at us funny. Of course, they’ve got problems of their own. From the Norwegian capital of Oslo to Madrid and from Paris to Istanbul, islamofascism is whirling like the proverbial dervishes. The most common name for newborns in England is Mohammed, as if our best pals needed another reminder of how much fun the “religion of pieces” can be. And here at home, a growth Obama considered beneath his notice has rocketed past his “manageable problem” to “we should schedule a biopsy.” As Obama acknowledged, “[T]hese terrorists could pose a growing threat beyond that region — including to the United States.”

I suppose it’s laudable of Obama to actually show up for work, much less offer a strategy. But as he wrapped up his meandering attempt to convince the world that he’s super serious this time, I couldn’t help but think two things: “Welcome to the varsity, ISIS” and “Man, I could have watched ‘World War Z’ on Netflix.”

–Ben Crystal

ISIS And Obama’s Manageable Message

I wasn’t appalled when President Barack Obama strode to the podium Aug. 28 to announce that “We don’t have a strategy yet” for responding to ISIS’s cancer-like spread across the Mideast. Well, I was appalled, but no more or less so than I have been innumerable times since Obama parked his carnival sideshow of a regime on the White House lawn.

To be sure, if you tell your own nation that you forgot to come up with a plan to keep islamofascist serial killers — whom you helped arm — from murdering Americans, that’s bad. If you tell those same islamofascist serial killers that you forgot to come up with a plan to keep them from murdering Americans, that’s worse. Hell, you actually forgot to come up with a plan to keep islamofascist serial killers — whom you helped arm — from murdering Americans? That’s positively embarrassing.

Nonetheless, during Obama’s royal proclamation, I caught a glimmer of some of that hope he used to peddle. Sure, he fumbled the ball and then kicked it around the field for a while, failing once again to provide satisfactory, or even comprehensible, answers to the questions his behavior raises. But Aug. 28 marked the first time I can remember in which Obama was flat-out honest with the world. The poor fellow finally admitted that he’s not up to the task.

Of course, I was paying attention to what the president was actually saying. Some of my pals in the lapdog media missed Obama’s message. They weren’t blinded by a glimmer of hope; they were bedazzled by the glamour of the president’s suit. But I appreciated the president’s rare honesty. Granted, his minions circled the wagons fairly quickly, with current White House spokeshole Josh Earnest “um-ing” and “ah-ing” his way through a clarification that clarified nothing.

… the president was explicit that he is still waiting for plans that are being developed by the Pentagon for military options he has for going into Syria …

Right. That must be why he gave ISIS money and weapons. He was hedging his bets while waiting for the Pentagon to figure it out for him. And by “figure it out for him,” I mean “do his job while he plays golf and makes ill-advised public statements.”

Look on the bright side: At least he didn’t try to act unilaterally. It beats his illegal alterations to previously passed legislation, deployment of federal agents against innocent American civilians and swapping islamofascist murderers for deserters.

Obama may not have a strategy for ISIS, but their second beheading video indicates they certainly have a strategy for us. It may be an islamofascist strategy, filled with beheadings, honor killings, clitorectomies and all the other hijinks that make their world such a party; but it is a strategy, and it did stump Obama. Meanwhile, imagine what Obama’s statement means to heavyweight thugs like Russian President Vladimir Putin.

The ISIS strategy also includes operations on our side of the globe. According to recent federal security bulletins, the already-hellish Mexican city of Ciudad Juarez is now playing host to not only the usual narcoterrorist trash, but ISIS trash as well. Take a moment to let that sink in. ISIS is definitively operating not only in our hemisphere, but right next door. In fact, now that ISIS is filling roster spots with people from as far afield as Minneapolis, they’re essentially operating out of the freezer in the garage.

It’s worth noting that a week has passed since Obama worried most of us with his admission of incompetence and wowed the media with his fabulous tan suit, and he has yet to indicate that he’s formulated a strategy for ISIS. He did announce Wednesday that he intends to downgrade ISIS to a “manageable problem.” But he indicated neither how he’ll accomplish it, nor what he considers “manageable.” A headache is manageable, but so is a brain tumor. In the case of ISIS, Obama’s directionless tangle of a foreign policy created the headache, and now it’s showing signs of becoming a much more serious condition. And that presumes a correct diagnosis.

During the same press conference in which he clued the rest of us into his plans to make ISIS a “manageable problem,” he also threatened to “degrade and destroy” them. So which will it be, Mr. President, aspirin or chemotherapy?

It isn’t news that Obama is a mile out of his depth. This guy has no idea what’s going around him anytime he has to deal with the actual responsibilities of the presidency – hence, his painfully obvious discomfort whenever he’s not playing golf, hitting the beach with the kids or getting his groove on with Jay-Z and Beyonce. His high-handed statism, born of a lifetime tucked into the insular cocoon of academia with its slow-witted stepbrother, “community activism,” resonates as well with people who work for a living as a national anthem duet featuring Roseanne Barr and Bette Midler. Witness not only his ham-fisted attempts to impose his will on the lives of the people whom he clearly considers subjects, but his equally thumb-filled attempts to “fix” the messes his pseudo-imperial tinkering routinely creates.

From Obamacare to the still-unfolding IRS scandal to NSA spying, Obama’s performance on the domestic front has been less than thrilling. Even his oft-touted “jobs” numbers are hollow — with record numbers permanently out of the workforce, others working two or even three jobs to make up the income they lost in Obama’s still-roiling recession and up to 30 million illegal aliens preparing to flood the legal labor force. Yet he’s a veritable superstar at home when one considers his road game record. For a guy who essentially won the Nobel Peace Prize on spec, Obama hasn’t delivered much of a return on investment to the boys in Oslo, much less the folks back home.

And now, as the 13th anniversary of the Sept. 11, 2011, terrorist attacks and the second anniversary of the Sept. 11, 2012, attack on Benghazi, Libya approach, and as the islamofascists ramp up their efforts to establish a worldwide “caliphate,” Obama has finally admitted that he simply isn’t competent.

Look, I’m glad he finally opened up about his own shortcomings. I just wish his timing was better. But, hey. Nice suit, Mr. President.

–Ben Crystal