Reader Reaction: 2nd Amendment Vigilance Isn’t Just Some Fringe Hobby For Trigger-Happy Nut Cases

The reader comments that continue to follow from our Tuesday article about one man’s effort to rally 2nd Amendment supporters for a nonviolent armed march on Washington, D.C., range from all-out enthusiasm for the idea to indignant disdain for firearms and their place in American life.

Guerilla Diplomacy: North Korea Sentences American Citizen To 15 Years’ Hard Labor To Lure U.S. Into Talks, Tribute

An American citizen who went to North Korea late last year as a tour guide has been arrested and charged by the North Korean Supreme Court on a vague charge of attempting to overthrow the government. Kenneth Bae was traveling with a group of tourists at the time of his arrest.

New Policy Will Court-Martial Soldiers Who Share Religious Faith

If you’re a U.S. soldier who’s a Christian, Jew, Muslim or something else, would you want to entrust your fate to a military hierarchy steered, from the top, with the guidance of a man who founded an organization expressly designed to eradicate any form of individual religious expression from the ranks of fighting men and women?