Fort Worth Police Shoot And Kill 72-Year-Old Who Checked On His Neighbor

Jerry Wayne Waller, a 72-year-old who lived in east Fort Worth, Texas, heard his neighbor’s security alarm going off early Tuesday morning. He lived in an area where most people knew their neighbors, as well as others who lived down the street. So he went outside his house to see what was going on.

But the Dallas-Fort Worth police had already arrived to take care of things. They didn’t let Waller leave his own property alive.

U.S. Government Continues To Silently Endorse Saudi Diplomats’ Virtual Enslavement Of Domestic Workers In Virginia

About a month ago, two Filipino servant women escaped from a mansion in a Washington, D.C., suburb occupied by a Saudi Arabian diplomatic contingent. Now, another woman says she was essentially kidnapped into domestic slavery at another Virginia home occupied by more Saudi diplomats in the Washington suburbs.

Handicapped Texas Man Shocked To Death With Taser On Suspicion Of Drugs That Apparently Weren’t There

A 350-pound asthmatic man was sleeping on the couch at his Fort Worth, Texas, home on May 16 when the cops showed up with a warrant to search his house. Jarmaine Darden had asthma severe enough that he wasn’t able to sleep lying down. That didn’t stop the “zero-tolerance” officers from immediately treating the situation like a standoff with a dangerous criminal.

Patient Consent At Risk As Genome Sequencing Breakthroughs Divide Medical Community

A forthcoming report in Science magazine argues that patient consent and confidentiality are under fire, after the American College of Medical Genetics and Genomics recently adjusted its formal recommendations to doctors that, for the most part, now leave the patient out of the decision-making process over how much data researchers can mine from their unique genetic codes.

Palin On Obama’s IRS Attack Dog: ‘Will We Stand For This?’

Kudos to Sarah Palin. In a recent column, she talks about how, since the beginning of the Tea Party movement in 2006, Constitutional conservatives have successfully been marginalized in the press, despite the fact that the Administration of President Barack Obama evidently has considered the true conservative movement a great threat.

‘Budget Cuts’ Leave Attacked Oregon Woman Out Of Luck When She Calls 911

As an ex-boyfriend attempted to break into her home, allegedly intent on assaulting her both physically and sexually, an unidentified Oregon woman did what everybody’s instructed to do: She called 911. A dispatcher answered. The woman described the situation, saying, “If he gets in the house, I’m done.” That’s when the dispatcher advised her to… figure it all out herself.

Cruz To RINO McCain: I Don’t Trust You, And I Don’t Trust Democrats

On Wednesday, Senator Ted Cruz (R-Texas) sparred with Senator John McCain (R-Ariz.) over what’s wrong with conservatives who strike liberally diluted devils’ bargains. The topic was the Senate’s attempt to pass a budget — its first in four years. Led by McCain, moderate Republicans have been urging holdouts to go along with their Democratic colleagues.