Department Of Defense Censors 3-D Print Gun Schematic: ‘The United States Government Claims Control’

One of the key proponents of a technology allowing a plastic gun to be assembled through a three-dimensional printing process has been forced to remove all firearms-related schematics from a personal defense website that had made the designs available for free.

The U.S. Department of Defense sent a letter last Thursday to Defense Distributed, the free speech and 2nd Amendment advocacy group behind the website, demanding all the material be taken down. Defense Distributed had created a companion website known as DEFCAD, a self-described “makeshift” site intended to host firearms-related files previously self-censored by Makerbot, which manufactures 3-D printers and provides info on how to use them.

You can still visit the site and browse all the stuff that, before last week, was available for 3D enthusiasts to download. The “Liberator” schematic was downloaded 100,000 times in only two days. But all the “download” links, for all the schematics, have been changed. It’s now a “look, but don’t touch” affair.

The government censor came only three days after the group announced it had successfully test-fired its first prototype of a 3-D printed weapon it had dubbed the “Liberator,” a device whose only non-plastic component is its metal firing pin:




The DEFCAD site now has an alert at the top of all its pages:

DEFCAD files are being removed from public access at the request of the US Department of Defense Trade Controls. Until further notice, the United States government claims control of the information.

When you scroll down to the area of each page where downloads had previously been available, this is what you see:


While 3D printers are still more expensive than most guns, the theoretical endgame of the new capability — which essentially democratizes the process of manufacturing firearms and makes it possible to create guns at home, away from the existing infrastructure of dealers, licensing and background checks — is already drawing the wrath of liberals in Congress.

Residents Taking Over Public Services In Financially Crippled Detroit

Residents on lawn mowers have formed a “Mower Gang” in Detroit, determined to maintain public aesthetics in a city where there’s not enough public money to pay enough workers to keep overgrown parks, roadsides and medians usable and clean.

TheBlaze reported Friday that many people who’ve chosen to persevere in their near-bankrupt city, whether wealthy or not, are contributing their money, skills and time to keep up many of the public services that the city simply can’t handle.

“When the system fails us, you have to become the system,” one volunteer explained.

In addition to providing landscape maintenance, Detroit volunteers are also equipping the city with new ambulances and squad cars for cops, as well as planting trees in parks and other public spaces.

Detroit came under State control in March, when Governor Rick Snyder appointed a financial manager to navigate the withering city out of an immediate $327 million budget deficit, as well as figure out a way to tackle more than $14 billion in debt.

Illinois Can’t Keep Up With Inundation Of Firearm Permit Requests

The little card that identifies Illinois residents as lawful gun owners has gotten incredibly hard to obtain, as State police report an enormous backlog of applications since December of last year.

According to a CBS Chicago report, Illinois State Police are already 76,000 applications behind in processing citizens’ requests for Firearms Owner Identification (FOID) Cards — and that was before April, when an additional 28,000 applications poured in.

The approval process is designed to approve or deny an applicant’s request within 30 days, but budget cuts and understaffing are supposedly exacerbating the delays.

A lobbyist with the National Rifle Association is also pushing the State to expedite the renewal process for gun owners whose cards are expiring. FOID cards must be renewed every 10 years.


FAA Refuses To Disclose Nuisance ‘Mystery Aircraft’ To Residents, City Leaders

The Mayor and city council of Quincy, Mass., have been trying to get some kind of statement out of officials with the Federal Aviation Administration regarding a two-week-long ordeal in which residents have seen — and heard — some kind of unidentified, low-flying aircraft buzzing over the city every night, from sundown to sunup.

Officials know the aircraft isn’t a part of any State or local police patrol, so it obviously must be something Federal — or at least sanctioned by the Feds. But the FAA’s not talking.

Even if the agency won’t reveal what the aircraft is for intelligence reasons, local officials are sympathetic — so long as the Feds will at least, for residents’ peace of mind, describe the general nature of the flights.

The FAA refuses.

“I specifically asked, ‘Is it a law enforcement flight? Can we tell people that?’” city council member Brian Palmucci told CBS Boston. “He said, ‘No, we can’t tell you that.’ Then I asked that when folks call me can I at least tell them that it is something that they shouldn’t worry about; it’s something they shouldn’t be concerned with? He said, ‘I can’t tell you that.’”

According to the witnesses, the aircraft flies only when the weather is clear. Observers also say the plane isn’t a drone, and that it is being flown by someone inside the craft.

“We’d like to be able to give our citizens some answers, but we don’t have any answers,” said Mayor Tom Koch.

Immigration Bill Expands Authority Of DHS Empire, Allows Big Sis To Overrule Enforcement

If the immigration reform bill before the Senate passes, Department of Homeland Security (DHS) Secretary Janet Napolitano will gain the power to pre-empt the enforcement efforts of the Nation’s Immigration and Customs officers on a case-by-case basis.

In a letter submitted to Congress Thursday by the Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) Council of the Nation’s largest Federal employees’ union, along with nearly 30 county sheriffs from across the country, the law enforcement community called upon lawmakers to object to language in the bill that would give DHS appointees far-reaching discretionary powers that would undermine the efforts of on-the-ground agents who make arrests in accordance with the law:

Congress can and must take decisive steps to limit the discretion of political appointees and empower ICE and CBP [Customs and Border Protection] to perform their respective missions and enforce the laws enacted by Congress. Rather than limiting the power of those political appointees within DHS, S. 744 [the bill] provides them with nearly unlimited discretion, which will serve only to further cripple the law enforcement missions of these agencies.

…Unfortunately, S. 744 provides no guarantee of increased border security. Instead, it relinquishes Congress’ authority to establish border security measures to the Department of Homeland Security (DHS), which will then develop its own unilateral border security plan.

… The degree to which this legislation tolerates both past and future criminal activities ensures legalization and a path to citizenship for many criminal aliens and gang members currently residing in the United States.

What kind of “unlimited discretion” would pass from enforcement agents, working under Congress’s authority, to Big Sis?

  • The power to waive misdemeanor criminal convictions (which, in some States, can include assault, DUI and vehicular homicide) for purposes of determining an illegal’s “Registered Provisional Immigrant” status.
  • The discretion to open legal eligibility to illegals who have committed document fraud and evaded court-ordered removal hearings.
  • Giving the DHS Secretary discretion to pardon any crime that would make an applicant ineligible, if that applicant can claim family unity, a humanitarian need or any other mitigating factor that the Secretary, according to her own definition, “believes is in the public interest.”
  • Granting the DHS Secretary “sole and unreviewable discretion” to deem eligible any illegal who previously has been deported — even though the bill states that deportees aren’t otherwise eligible even to apply for legal status.

After fighting over the significance of Republicans’ demands to put border security ahead of any policy reform, the Senate Judiciary Committee rejected a GOP-led effort Thursday that would have included language intended to slow the path to legal residence for those immigrants already living in the U.S. illegally.

Can You Smell What Barack Is Cooking? President Evangelizes Liberalism To Latent Hispanic Voters On Texas Jobs Visit

It requires generalization, assumption and condescending disdain to complete a circle of logic that presumes a lemming-like, groupthink mentality as a defining characteristic of all the members of an amorphous and diverse ethnic population.

So NPR stepped up and did a generalizing, assuming and condescending story Thursday on how, if President Barack Obama can start getting himself in front of the State’s Hispanic citizens, they’ll start voting more often. The presumptuous part is, of course, that they’ll vote Democratic and turn the political tide in Red Texas. The story doesn’t go into much detail about why that’s so. It’s just a simple fact mainstream media seems to take for granted.

Texas Governor Rick Perry was set to greet Obama in Austin Thursday, with the President hitting the Lone Star State as the first stop on his “Middle Class Jobs and Opportunity” economic pep rally tour.

The visit is ostensibly all about jobs and the economy, a way for Obama to refocus one of his key administrative ambitions after botching one hare-brained Congressional collaboration after another since the start 2013. But the Texas trip also gives the President a chance to extend the poison apple of liberal policy to what NPR portrayed as a massive segment of would-be voters in Texas that, if treated generally, hasn’t shown much interest in politics.

Ahead of his arrival in a low-regulation, pro-business State with an economy among the Nation’s strongest, the President had already signaled he’d follow his established pattern of co-opting others’ success and then flipping the script.

On Wednesday, Wayne Slater of The Dallas News succinctly forecast how Obama’s strategy would unfold:

White House Press Secretary Jay Carney says the president is traveling to Texas tomorrow because while there’s lots of gridlock and partisan infighting in Washington, the Lone Star State is home to the kind of economic growth Obama wants to highlight…

…Some words you’re likely to hear tomorrow in Texas: middle class, economic opportunity, education, jobs.

Some words you won’t hear: Battleground Texas, an effort by several Obama campaign veterans to relocate in the state and begin a project aimed at turning reliably Republican Texas blue.

“Obama lost Texas by more than 1 million votes last year. But Democrats believe their fortunes in the Lone Star State may soon change, thanks to demographics and a new organizational push,” offers NPR, quoting a political demographer who adds there’s “a lot of upside potential for the Latino vote.”

Why, for liberals, does that assumption persist?

Selling quick fixes, mediocrity and safety nets in a race-baiting perversion of the American dream does work — so long as the people who’re buying are uninformed.

The ambitions of generations of blacks in the U.S. have been squelched by liberals whose goal was never to stand to the side while the cream of humanity rose to the top, but to keep as many warm-bodied, functionally illiterate constituents as ignorant as possible, for as long as possible, through entitlements that exempted individuals from the real world; that exempted them from walking the arduous path toward a fundamental education; toward the job market; toward a free, self-willed and prosperous life.

No pain, no gain. And liberals love to take away the pain, to the absurd point of creating a second, parasitic fantasy world — one that feeds off the real one with which it’s become conjoined. Many of the black politicians who have helped carry out that mission were born into the liberal-led entitlement matrix of the post-Civil Rights era, and have never known life outside the bubble. Now they do their masters’ dirty work by proxy.

Don’t make the mistake of accepting that Hispanics who vote have no choice but to vote with liberals. That may one day prove true, from one end of the country to the other, but there’s absolutely nothing inevitable or predestined about it. The insidious liberal campaign to compartmentalize Hispanics into voter chattel isn’t as entrenched or opaque as the same effort among American blacks. And it doesn’t have to win out among Hispanic citizens who believe America is a place that’s supposed to give industrious and hardworking people a fair shot at a better life.

Just ask Texas’ own Ted Cruz.

Chasing The Green Energy Dragon: Obama-Backed Plan Spent $11 Million For Each New Job

The U.S. Department of Energy released updates Wednesday to its maintained list of loan guarantee projects.

The Institute For Energy Research (IER) crunched the numbers and discovered that five years’ worth of taxpayer-diverted funds for renewable energy projects has produced not much more than 2,000 new, permanent jobs since President Barack Obama originally announced his plan, which was to manufacture 5 million jobs from green initiatives over a 10-year period.

“[T]the data are…revealing: for the over $26 billion spent since 2009, DOE Section 1703 and 1705 loan guarantees have created only 2,298 permanent jobs for a cost of over $11.45 million per job,” noted IER.

If Your Husband Kills You To Shut You Up, ‘That’s How It Is In Our Religion,’ Warns Controversial Islamic ‘Life Coach’

A woman who styles herself a “life coach” for Muslims advises other Islamic wives to shut up or face their exasperated husbands’ religiously justified violence with the dignity their pre-ordained domestic role demands.

“Women talk ceaselessly. It’s the woman’s fault if she’s killed,” said Sibel Uresin in an Islamic print magazine column. “It looks better on a woman to be naive, polite and soft, and that’s how it is in our religion.”

Uresin advised women not to offer their opinions, even when their advice is more informed than their husbands’. That’s because they’ve become smug as they’ve begun to enjoy greater economic freedoms, and they have begun to believe that sort of license extends into the home — which, she believes, it clearly doesn’t.

Moping In The Motor City, China’s Fizzle, Syrian Defectors Lift Al-Qaida, Obama’s Secret Energy Meet, Public Schools Fracking Out: Thursday Morning News Roundup 5-9-2013

Here is a collection of some of the stories that Personal Liberty staffers will be keeping an eye on throughout the day. Click the links for the full stories.

  • The economic DMZ that is Detroit has been under the “emergency” leadership of specially appointed financial manager Kevin Orr for the past 6 weeks. Set in charge of turning around the city’s $14 billion debt and $327 million operating budget by Governor Rick Snyder, Orr now says the city’s situation is “worse than we originally thought. It ain’t good.”
  • There may be signs that China’s exuberant economic growth could be slowing, as the central government struggles with overly optimistic spending at the local and regional level. A finance columnist with the U.K.’s Telegraph thinks China’s slowdown, coupled with a nascent energy and industry boom in the United States, may mean Western fears of China’s ascendance are a long, long way from fruition.
  • In the destabilized, theocratic Mideast, there’s no such thing as a “freedom fighter.” Following a script Western governments have been helping to write for decades, undersupplied and desperate rebel forces in the Free Syrian Army are joining the better-trained, better-armed, better-funded Islamist group Jabhat al-Nusra en masse. Al-Nusra is that suicide-bombing, islamofascist al-Qaida organization the United States recognizes as a terrorist group. “Blame the West,” says one regionally prominent defector.
  • President Barack Obama held a closed-door meeting Wednesday with energy execs in an ostensible effort to game-plan coordinated responses to future weather disasters like last year’s Superstorm Sandy. POLITICO insinuates that Obama’s no-media approach violates his very own criticisms of the Bush-Cheney years, when he campaigned against the old guard’s hush-hush methods in crafting energy policy.
  • Check out this video of how students at Evergreen Middle School in Colorado are being indoctrinated by taxpayer-funded public educators to believe fracking, which is causing a thriving economic boom in some parts of the Nation, is evil.


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Bloomberg’s Gun-Control Group Eats Its Own With Ads Assassinating Democrats Who Break Rank

Mayors Against Illegal Guns, New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg’s charity for municipal elected Democrats who view gun control as a palliative for urban violence, is being less than charitable to a few U.S. Senators who helped defeat the Manchin-Toomey gun control bill last month.

Funny thing is, those Senators are Democrats, too. Because, when it comes to social engineering projects that subvert the Constitution, Bloomberg’s grand agenda is too myopic to let party solidarity get in the way.

It’s potentially damaging to Democrats’ control over the Senate — sufficiently damaging, in fact, to prompt Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-Nev.) to implore Bloomberg to back off attack-ad TV spots against vulnerable Senate Democrats in Alaska, Arkansas, Montana and North Dakota.

But Bloomberg doubled down instead. His group already is prepping hit pieces against Democratic Senators Mark Begich of Alaska, Mark Pryor of Arkansas and Max Baucus of Montana. Mayors Against Illegal Guns has also indicated it’s not done with Democratic Montana Senator Heidi Heitkamp, who, like all of the Democrats in Bloomberg’s crosshairs, sided with Republicans last month to stop the Manchin-Toomey gun bill.

Never mind the fact that waging a PR campaign, one designed to defeat Democrats who break rank with the party on gun control, can only help the targeted districts elect Republican candidates whose 2nd Amendment views distance them even further from the Bloomberg gun agenda.

The internal party fragmentation, especially because it involves such a well-funded adversary in Bloomberg, is rocking the boat. Congressional Democrats are fuming, with one anonymously telling POLITICO: “How does hurting Mark Pryor help them? I just don’t see how it gets them where they want to go.”

There’s likely to be a gun-control encore in the Senate this summer, with sponsor Joe Manchin (D-W.Va.) telling the Sunday talk show crowd he’s prepping revisions to the failed gun-control bill that will, surely, have his Republican colleagues jumping on board next time around.

Top Business-Friendly States Share Common Traits: Low Regulations, Low Taxes, Happy Workforce

A survey of more than 700 corporate chief executives has produced a ranking of the Nation’s most business-friendly States, using a few basic criteria. Not surprisingly, the States that top the list have a lot in common.

Chief Executive magazine received responses from 736 American CEOs — “the highest response on record” in the survey’s nine-year history — on a series of questions framed by “metrics” that included taxation and regulation, quality of workforce and living environment. The abstract explains the significance of those three criteria:

In the minds of most leaders, a state’s friendliness is closely aligned with its tax and regulatory regime. Similarly, workforce quality also measures the perceived cooperativeness of workers with management, as well as the people’s general work ethic and education attainment. The living environment metric measures the perceived quality of education and public health facilities, as well as the affordability and quality of real estate, the transportation system and related environmental factors.

Texas finished at the top of the list, followed by Florida, North Carolina, Tennessee and Indiana.

California finished dead last, preceded by New York, Illinois, Massachusetts and New Jersey.

The Internet is filled with mentions that the top 10 States all have Republican Governors, while seven of the bottom 10 States are governed by Democrats. But the formula for fostering capitalism isn’t the intellectual property of one political party; it’s simply one more facet of the ongoing, fundamental disagreement between Republican and Democratic politicians over how most effectively to manipulate public opinion to their benefit.

To no one’s surprise, it turns out that Republicans are generally winning that argument when it comes to commerce, because when you reward ambitious people who possess the resolve to risk their own capital, you often please both business owners and the people whom they hire.

That’s nothing new; the survey has continually revealed an unchanging pattern among States regarded as business-friendly, as well as those that aren’t. That many States’ rankings change little, or not at all, from year to year further indicates the proven consistency of what works and what doesn’t in the top- and bottom-ranked States’ policies. Each of the top five business-friendly States were ranked in exactly the same spot in last year’s survey, and only one of the bottom five (New Jersey) shifted its rank (sliding from 45 to 46) over the same period.

The CEOs quoted in the abstract say it best:

‘[A] good state is one that understands the private sector pays for the public sector and makes it easy for the private sector to conduct business and grow,’ remarks David N. Willis, CEO of CRW Parts, a Baltimore wholesale distribution firm. ‘California, New York and Illinois have high costs of living, high taxes and high regulation,’ says Mark Larsen, CEO of Maxxcap Group, a mid-size financial services firm. Additionally, each of these states makes it difficult, and often worse, than other places to do business. By contrast, ‘states like Texas and Ohio are consistently trying to help us grow our business and are listening to the leaders of companies to help solve problems,’ says Toledo-based Impact Products CEO Terry Neal.

The abstract can be found here, with the full interactive State-by-State ranking here.

U.S. Military Says Bye-Bye To Pin-Ups, Calendar Girls And Naughty Screen Savers

U.S. military barracks with girlie calendars and pin-ups on the walls will be getting the sterile treatment under another Defense Department inspection aimed at rooting out gender-offensive material in military working environments.

The new round of “close-up, comprehensive” inspections will focus on soldiers, sailors and Marines, much the same as a similar sweep of Air Force facilities last year, according to Military Times.

It’s a cultural sea change from the sanctioned, sexed-up morale boosters soldiers have long enjoyed — but that’s the point.

Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel said Tuesday the military has to do something about escalating allegations of sexual assault, as more women join the ranks of America’s fighting force.

“We need a cultural change where every service member is treated with dignity and respect,” he said.

Number Of Americans On Disability Could Populate State Of Georgia — Or 42 Other States

Only seven States have a population greater than the total number of Americans now on government disability, according to data just released by the Social Security Administration (SSA).

For the month of April, the SSA reported 10,962,532 beneficiaries receiving payments from the Disability Insurance (DI) Trust Fund. That number represents a consistent monthly increase in public disability enrollment that dates all the way to 1997 — the last time the number actually went down.

Georgia, the Nation’s eighth most-populous State, had a 2010 Census population of 9.68 million. That means the government is funding enough people on disability to subsidize (or fund altogether) the incomes of everyone in the State of Georgia, Michigan, North Carolina or 39 other less-populous States.

Meanwhile, the size of the U.S. labor force is shrinking.

JoBi Tells Religious Leaders: Morality Favors Gun Control

Noted theologian and United States Vice President Joe Biden entreated a room full of religious leaders to support Congress’ second attempt at gun control by recasting the language of gun-related violence in moral terms when communicating with their followers.

In a closed-door meeting Monday, Biden spoke with Christian, Muslim, Jewish and other religious leaders, calling for them to counter the National Rifle Association’s Constitutional basis for fighting gun restrictions with a moral one, according to TheBlaze.

That may be a tough sell to people like Rabbi Dovid Bendory of Jews For The Preservation Of Firearms Ownership or Pastor Chuck Baldwin, as well as the multitude of religious people out there who make compelling moral cases in favor of preserving 2nd Amendment powers.

Jack Lew’s John Hancock, Rodman The Diplomat, Frost On Egypt’s Arab Spring, The Donald Hawks A Startup, Colbert-Busch? We Hardly Knew Ye: Wednesday Morning News Roundup 5-8-2013

Here is a collection of some of the stories that Personal Liberty staffers will be keeping an eye on throughout the day. Click the links for the full stories.


  • U.S. Treasury Secretary Jack Lew has been widely mocked for his scribble signature, which is required on each currency note in order to make it legal tender. Now he’s fixed his scrip to make it look more legitimate… no word on the fiat currency.


  • Dennis Rodman is conducting a little more freak diplomacy with his tiny eastern dictator friend Kim Jong Un. Calling for the release of a Korean-American that’s been sentenced and jailed in the Hermit Kingdom, Rodman asked Kim via Twitter Wednesday, “Do me a solid and cut Kenneth Bae loose.”


  • Two years after the ousting of former President Hosni Mubarak, Egypt is lapsing into the pattern of destabilization, violence and vigilantism that’s followed past Mideast revolutions. Urban black-market arms manufacturers in Cairo are doing a big business, when they aren’t dying or facing arrest. Why? “Fear is big business nowadays,” one told Bloomberg. “We’re in a jungle now.”


  • Donald Trump is launching a new crowdfunding start-up. To prove he is hip with the youthful start-up mentality and not just some old, out-of-touch rich guy, Trump will be giving away suitcases full of cash as a promotional effort.


  • After months of National micro-focus on the South Carolina District 1 Congressional race, Steven Colbert’s sister, Democrat Elizabeth Colbert Busch, couldn’t defeat Republican Mark Sanford — a man who in 2009, as Governor, absconded with an Argentinian mistress (now his fiancée) while telling the public he was just hiking the Appalachian Trail.


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Reader Reaction: 2nd Amendment Vigilance Isn’t Just Some Fringe Hobby For Trigger-Happy Nut Cases

The reader comments that continue to follow from our Tuesday article about one man’s effort to rally 2nd Amendment supporters for a nonviolent armed march on Washington, D.C., range from all-out enthusiasm for the idea to indignant disdain for firearms and their place in American life.

But the majority of comments you’re leaving reveal reasoned and thoughtful reflection on the implications of taking the fight to preserve the Constitutional right to bear arms — in such a very direct (and illegal) way — to the seat of power. Most of them don’t make for the kind of fodder the mainstream media craves in its ongoing depiction of gun rights watchers as mindless fools, trigger-happy gun addicts who fantasize about Taking The Power Back in some John Rambo-style orgy of revolt.

To be sure, readers largely agree that citizens must take their Constitutional rights back from the modern iteration of what American government was originally designed to be. But most readers also assert that this proposed July 4 armed demonstration isn’t the flashpoint for that kind of revolution, and that there are better and more effective ways to hold our leaders accountable to their oaths.

And, as the comments from a few veterans demonstrate, those who defend the idea largely do so with a passion informed by conscience, experience and sacrifice.

Some excerpted highlights of your conversation (so far). Only formatting changes have been made to what readers have written:

  • …NO FIREARMS! That is an invitation to disaster. I can’t think of a better way to convince the statists that the 2nd Amendment has to go, along with private ownership of firearms. This is either a false flag effort to convince middle America that gun owners are gun nuts or just the stupidest idea in a long time, rivaling some of the BHO administration’s stupid ideas.
  • While I can support the march itself I cannot support being armed especially openly. The chances of Bloomberg inserting a ringer with instructions to start something quite possibly including firing shots is just too great.
  • Bad, Bad, Bad Idea. Let the 2nd Amendment “Speak For Itself” Please don’t fall for this “Trap” because that will be all it takes for every anti – 2nd Amendment Agency in this Country to scream “See, We Were Right” Guns must be confiscated from everyone!!
  • You know that this will NEVER remain peaceful despite your best intentions! That does not make the MSM happy or give them a news bite! You are setting up Patriots for Liberal slaughter in the media or bloody on the pavement.
  • I am a STRONG Supporter of the 2nd Amendment!!! But This march has “FAIL” Written all over it! One Itchy Finger and it will turn into a BLOOD BATH! Exactly what the Libs Want! Martial Law and WE all are in for a BAD TIME!!!
  • …The 2nd Amendment does not automatically give credibility and trust to those who open carry. A huge responsibility comes with the right to own and carry guns.

While it’s too long to quote, scroll down and check out BrotherPatriot’s seven-step alternative method for carrying out the march without inducing anyone to violate the law.

Finally, one endorsement of the demonstration that’s hard to read with a dry eye:

This old Vietnam vet will be there. I just hope that I can get some help up the hills in my wheelchair. I can only walk about 300 yards. I will not be carrying a gun, but a Bible and a copy of the bill of Rights will be on my lap.

Texas Jobs Trip May Find Obama Grudgingly Embracing Governor Rick Perry’s Free Market Success Story

Even with the selective editing afforded the White House by major news outlets, President Barack Obama hasn’t fared well of late in the public eye.

A cavalcade of Constitutional assaults on firearm ownership, privacy and State sovereignty, coupled with a series of elitist, out-of-touch endorsements of regressive social reform proposals before Congress, have distanced the President from leading the public’s attention back to the talking point central to the agenda that led him to two election-year victories: the economy.

So this week, Obama will launch a refocusing effort, embarking on a campaign he’s dubbed the “Middle Class Jobs & Opportunity Tour.” The jobs tour is supposed to take the President to States and cities across the country whose employment and economic successes (and, presumably, failures) illustrate something germane about freeing Americans to innovate, work and prosper.

Except for his first stop, scheduled for Thursday, the full itinerary hasn’t been revealed. But to kick off the campaign, the President’s first stop will find him speaking in Austin, Texas, where the local economy’s on fire.

What he’ll say there is anybody’s guess, but don’t be surprised if Obama attempts to co-opt the success of Governor Rick Perry’s low-regulation approach to business in a strange obfuscation of what has worked in Texas and what the President thinks will work going forward. Taking pro-growth success stories and attributing them to untested or discredited policies he’d like to implement wouldn’t break character for a President who has a serial habit of confusing outcomes with approaches.

You can see it already in Obama’s PR statements, which displace to the Legislative branch his recent policy defeats and pat the Administration on the back for what success America’s relatively Obama-free zones — like Texas — have enjoyed.

“Even though some in Congress are determined to create more self-inflicted economic wounds, there are things Washington could be doing right now to help American businesses, schools and workers,” said Deputy Press Secretary Josh Earnest. “We need to build on the progress we’ve made over the last four years, and that means investing in things that are already creating good-paying, stable jobs that can support a middle class family.”

Press Secretary Jay Carney, who was unable to fully conceal the Administration’s provincial take on the lands west of the Capital, said: “Out in the country, there are positive things happening, and that only reinforces the need for Washington to do some very simple things to help facilitate economic growth and job creation.”

The Perry approach to fueling the Texas economy involves getting out of the way of people who have good ideas and want to profit from them. Low taxes, a relaxed regulatory environment, a State budget that doesn’t bloat and, most importantly, an underlying philosophy of governing that understands jobs come not from government innovations but from the free market: That’s the essence of Texas’ economic success that, if Obama is honest with himself, he’ll have to acknowledge when he sets foot in the Lone Star State tomorrow.

Perry’s office greeted news of Obama’s Austin visit with a Texas-friendly “duh!”

“If President Obama is serious about getting our nation’s economy working again, then he’s come to the right place,” Lucy Nashed, the Governor’s Press Secretary, told National Review Monday. “Texas’ success didn’t happen by accident — it’s a result of policies put in place under Governor Perry’s leadership with a laser focus on making Texas a beacon of economic freedom.”

Jihad Driving Christian Mass Exodus From The Muslim World

A pattern that’s been decades in the making in the Middle East has seen dictatorial regimes toppled, only to give way to Islamic forces that destabilize any modicum of Christian coexistence in countries that formerly held at least a measure of religious heterogeneity.

The result, according to Fox News columnist Raymond Ibrahim, has been a mass exodus of Christians from predominantly-Muslim lands, as hard-line Islam leaves longtime Christian residents little room to breathe – almost literally.

A late-2011 report found that Christians were being displaced so rapidly from some areas that, within a single lifespan, there may be no Christians whatsoever living in Iraq, Egypt and Afghanistan.

Pointing to a pattern established when the U.S. “liberation” of Iraq gave way to anti-Christian sentiment that led to thousands of Christian deaths, Ibrahim takes aim at the American response to the current crisis in Syria:

“[E]ntire regions and towns where Christians lived for centuries before Islam came into being have now been emptied, as the [Syrian] opposition targets Christians for kidnapping, plundering, and beheadings, all in compliance with mosque calls telling the populace that it’s a ‘sacred duty’ to drive Christians away.”

EC President: A Federal Europe Is Inevitable

The leader of the European Commission (EC) said Tuesday there’s no way the European Union will continue to be united by a single currency without moving toward a political union within the next few years.

EC President Manuel Barroso, formerly a Portuguese politician, announced he will reveal plans outlining a path toward the creation of a “European Federation” next year ahead of EU Parliamentary elections.

“We want to put all the elements on the table, in a clear and consistent way, even if some of them may sound like political science fiction today. They will be reality in a few years’ time,” Barosso claimed.

The idea of a politically federated Europe is extremely divisive among the EU’s 27 member nations, with Great Britain also internally divided over how – and how fully – it will be able to renegotiate its unique “opt-out” membership within the increasingly globalist EU structure.

Obama Administration Engages In War Of Words With China Over Alleged Espionage Hacks

A Pentagon report on the Chinese military bluntly accused the People’s Liberation Army and the Chinese government of instigating cyber-attacks against U.S. government computer systems, as well as those of industrial and defense contractors.

“In 2012, numerous systems around the world, including those owned by the U.S. government, continued to be targeted for intrusions, some of which appear to be attributable directly to the Chinese government and military,” the report, released Monday, alleges.

An official with the U.S. Department of Defense confirmed that the report had been coordinated so that the White House could reveal suspicions it’s long harbored under the security aegis of the Pentagon. Industrial espionage appeared to be the primary motive for the alleged cyberattacks, with Chinese efforts to understand the thinking behind U.S. policies mentioned as a secondary motive.

A Chinese Foreign Affairs official responded Tuesday by saying the report contained “groundless accusations and speculations.”

Obama’s Secret Pig-Out, Christie’s Secret Weight Loss, Celebrity Guns, NoKo Standing Down?, Drone Hacker Jihad: Tuesday Morning News Roundup 5-7-2013

Here is a collection of some of the stories that Personal Liberty staffers will be keeping an eye on throughout the day. Click the links for the full stories.


  • President Barack Obama secretly held an A-list celebrity bash the night he took his second oath of office. The Hill got hold of the guest list in April. Jamie Foxx, Kelly Clarkson, Eva Longoria: You get the idea.


  • No one could have suspected it by looking, but Republican New Jersey Governor Chris Christie evidently had lap band weight loss surgery three months ago. The 50-year-old RINO is trying to live longer for his family and perhaps to get down to his fighting weight as he mulls a run at a Presidential nomination in 2016.


  • A Florida guy who just likes guns and decided to start putting a daily picture from his 115-weapon collection on Instagram has gained close to 40,000 followers since December. He had only 8,500 followers before Congress started talking about gun control.


  • North Korea may be dialing down its saber rattling, at least for now. U.S. satellites reveal that, over the weekend, the Hermit Kingdom removed a battery of missiles it had placed in firing position for a much-publicized test launch.


  • A new online magazine for new jihadists is putting out a call for some tech-savvy Muslim to help figure out how to hack American drones, saying “any opinions, thoughts, ideas and practical implementations to defeat this drone technology must be communicated to us as early as possible because these would aid the Ummah greatly in its war against the Crusader-Zionist enemy.”


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