Colorado Recall Votes Send A Signal To The Elected Class: Representation Matters

On Tuesday, both of the Colorado State Senators who faced a voter recall — a culmination of massive public backlash over their support of new, unConstitutional gun control legislation — lost their jobs. Democrats quickly demonstrated they’d learned absolutely nothing from the grassroots-bred ouster.

Election-Year Intel Reveals Obama’s ‘Decimated’ Al-Qaida Was Actually Retrenching, Expanding

In May, President Barack Obama said al-Qaida was so thoroughly vanquished that the time had come for the United States to rethink its model for counterterrorism. But a new report shows a stark contrast between what Obama has been telling Americans about al-Qaida and what his intelligence team has been telling him.

Obama’s Approval Rating At All-Time Low

If there’s a poll out there with the words “President Barack Obama” in it, there’s a good chance it’s attended by words like “only,” “plummets,” “dips,” “sinks,” “dives” and “free fall.” A poll released late Monday shows Americans’ regard for Obama has reached an all-time low: Only 40 percent approve of the job the President is doing.

Obama Administration Secretly Got NSA Restrictions Lifted in 2011

The Washington Post reports the Administration of President Barack Obama persuaded the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court in 2011 to secretly reverse George W. Bush-era limitations on warrantless National Security Agency spying. In Obama’s scandal-plagued second term, what ought to be a bombshell comes across like more white noise.

Newspaper: Voter ID Laws Have Positive Effect, If Any, On Minority Turnout

According to an Atlanta newspaper’s investigation, requiring Georgia voters to present a valid form of State-issued photo identification failed to catch a single documented case of voter fraud in five years. Nor did Georgia’s voter ID law stymie the will of non-white voters to play an active part in the process of self-government.

White House To Give Unions Obamacare Subsidies

Outraged at the President’s stoic silence in the face of labor unions’ pleas for massive changes to Obamacare (a plan they once ardently supported), union leaders have begun playing out the fight over the Affordable Care Act in the court of public opinion, launching verbal salvos against the Administration to any reporter who’ll listen.