Graphic: Illinois Woman Sues Local Police For Excessive Force After Cops Refuse To Discipline Their Own

Cassandra Feuerstein of Chicago admits she did it: She was driving under the influence, so she pulled over to the side of the road and attempted to sleep it off. The police found her and took her in, charging her with a DUI. Feuerstein didn’t contest the charges and pleaded guilty. But she’s suing for what officer Michael Hart did to her while she was in custody.

Want To Start A Business? Go West

An annual report that ranks U.S. States according to how business-friendly their tax structures are indicates that people looking for a place to start a new enterprise will do best if they go West. Wyoming tops a top-10 list of business-friendly States rounded out by Florida, Indiana, New Hampshire and a handful of mostly rural western States.

Numbers Discredit Obama’s Attempt To Link Debt Limit Fight With ‘Extremist’ Few

Even as President Barack Obama attempted at a Tuesday press conference to exile Congressional conservatives to some imaginary, relegated minority backwater of public opinion for their tough stance against raising the Federal debt limit, FOX News released a poll that shows it’s the President who’s actually in the minority.

‘Gestapo Tactics’ — Park Service Rounds Up, Detains Yellowstone Tourists At Gunpoint

One wonders how long it will be before we start reading stories about people getting arrested merely for coming within eyesight or snapping photos at the entrance gate at one of these off-limits public lands the Administration of President Barack Obama is punitively closing down during the phony Federal government shutdown.

NYPD Cop Allegedly Stood By As Bikers Cornered, Beat Man In Front Of Wife And Child

An off-duty New York City police officer has been placed on modified duty after being forced to turn in his gun and badge — all thanks to his alleged role in a sensational chase last week in which a biker gang pursued a family, cornered their SUV, dragged the father from the vehicle and beat him as his wife and toddler watched.

NYT: Racist Southern Republican Governors To Blame For Uninsured Poor Blacks, Single Moms

What a facile strategy to shore up the benefits of Obamacare: Paint its political opponents as racist, while bolstering the emotional weight of your argument by suggestively alluding to past racial conflicts that have nothing in common with the present situation, save their GPS coordinates.

Who’s The Criminal? Illinois Police Strip DUI Suspect, Leave Her Naked In Cell

A Chicago woman busted on suspicion of DUI in LaSalle County, Ill., is suing the sheriff’s office for an incident recorded by a surveillance camera: Four cops forcibly stripped her, threw her to the ground and then tossed her into a padded cell, where they left her naked.