News That’s Too Bad To Spin: Obamacare Has Enrolled 3 Percent Of Its Target Customer Base

If you started a company with a fully subsidized startup cost and were granted free publicity months ahead of your product launch that got your product in front of every eligible buyer in the United States, would you be disappointed when your product achieved a 3 percent market share in its first month?

Obama Has Lost America On Immigration Reform

A Pew survey released Friday shows Americans are increasingly frustrated not only by President Barack Obama’s overall performance, but by his handling of almost every matter of policy that has confronted his Administration throughout his ineffectual, scandal-plagued fifth year in office. Surprisingly, Obama’s approval on immigration reform has plummeted.

High Obamacare Traffic Causing Crashes? Not So Much: Only 18 Percent Of Uninsured Have Visited

Gallup reported Friday that only 18 percent of all Americans without insurance have even visited websites that sell Obamacare coverage. And even among those uninsured who express interest in buying health insurance soon, only 22 percent report they’ve yet taken a peek at an Obamacare insurance exchange website.

Berkeley Bans Use Of ‘Illegal Immigrant’

The student government at the University of California at Berkeley student government has banned the term “illegal immigrant,” citing its implicit racism and negative cultural associations. Berkeley’s student government will not officially countenance use of “the I-word” in academic writing or in communications between faculty, students and staff.

Gun Magazine Fires Editor For Column Promoting 2nd Amendment ‘Regulation’

Guns & Ammo magazine has fired contributing editor Dick Metcalf following a controversial column in its December issue in which he attempts a comparison between government regulation of firearms to other “Constitutional” limitations like licensing drivers and arresting people who kill in the name of religion.

Sanford, Fla., Police Flip-Flop On Scheme To Disarm Neighborhood Watch

The Sanford, Fla., police department has ditched its plan to disarm neighborhood watch volunteers. Coming in the aftermath of the now-infamous show trial of Sanford resident George Zimmerman over the stand-your-ground shooting death of Trayvon Martin, the plan appeared to be a police effort to rehabilitate the city’s maligned public image.

Five Anal Probes, One Colonoscopy And No Drugs Later, New Mexico Man Sues Local Police Force

A New Mexico man has filed a Federal lawsuit following an encounter with police that resulted in several anal probes and a colonoscopy in an attempt to find narcotics — narcotics that weren’t there — because the cops thought he had clinched his rear suspiciously when they saw him get out of a car near a Wal-Mart.

The Inevitable Obamacare Relief Deal For Labor Unions Is On Its Way

The Administration of President Barack Obama is likely to grant exemptions to some labor unions that will open the way for Obamacare subsidies for members’ health plans, following ongoing complaints from union leadership that, in the early spotlight of the Obamacare rollout, the White House had temporarily ignored.

McAuliffe Wins; Cancer Patient With Dropped Insurance Blasts White House Response To Her Story; Chinese Yuan Rises; President Silent As Another Subsidized Green Company Sinks; Obamacare’s Pathway To Food Stamps; No Wonder The Postal Service Is Broke – Wednesday Morning News Roundup 11-6-2013

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Obama Executive Order Creates Task Force, Expands Government For Climate Change

President Barack Obama issued an executive order last week that forges ahead with his Administration’s unswerving devotion to the lucrative religion of man-made climate change. The order calls on new Federal measures to prepare the Nation’s infrastructure to withstand weather-related natural disasters.