Pregnant Nurse Refuses Flu Vaccine, Loses Job

A Pennsylvania nurse faced a choice: Accept a mandatory flu vaccine in order to comply with workplace policy, or decline the vaccine and be at ease that she wasn’t doing anything to endanger her pregnancy — after two previous miscarriages. She chose not to receive the vaccine, and she was fired.

2013: The Year Of Too Many Cops Doing Too Many Bad Things

We’ve reported this year on plenty of outrageous crimes for which cops have received little or no punishment. Such was the case of Milwaukee officer Michael Vagnini, who was sentenced to 26 months in prison earlier this year for conducting a series of illegal strip searches over the course of at least two years.

Run On Guns In California As New Registry Deadline Approaches

California residents are lining up to beat a new ban on unregistered shotguns and rifles, as a law that creates a State registry for long guns is set to go into effect at the start of the new year. The law, passed in 2011, basically treats all long guns sold after Jan. 1, 2014 as handguns.

Say Goodbye To Incandescent Bulbs As Government Ban Takes Effect

A law signed by President George W. Bush is set to enter its final phase in a long-term plan by Congress to phase the simple incandescent light bulb out of existence. Starting in 2014, you won’t be able to legally get your hands on household 60-watt and 40-watt incandescent bulbs.

Rural Oregon Residents Organize Community Patrols To Offset Lapsed Sheriff’s Coverage

Over the objections of county officials, former law enforcement officer Ken Selig and a friend created the North Valley Community Watch, a grass-roots crime-fighting organization that covers all of Josephine County and recruits residents to participate in monthly training sessions that focus on personal safety.

Government Isn’t Obligated To Inform Users When Site Compromises Their Private Info

If you enroll in Obamacare at and later find out that your financial information or identity has been stolen by hackers, it likely won’t be because the government called to warn you of the security breach. That’s because the government isn’t obligated to let you know if fails to protect your information from criminals.

Barack And Michelle Ask Moms To Become Obamacare Community Organizers On Their Grocery Trips

President Barack Obama and first lady Michelle met with eight moms at the White House last week to establish a nebulous cultural association between domestic nurturing and the Affordable Care Act, with the President entreating mothers everywhere to become community organizers for Obamacare the next time they’re in the cereal aisle.

Maryland May Scrap Awful State-Run Obamacare Market And Just Send Everybody To

The editorial board of The Baltimore Sun is embracing a suggestion by Representative John Delaney (D-Md.) that the State should consider abandoning its troubled healthcare online marketplace and just refer everyone who plans to sign up for Obamacare to the Federal website.

Live Off the Grid, Get Forced Out Of Your Home

Cape Coral, Fla., resident Robin Speronis had a pretty cool thing going. She had decided to live a resourceful life. Speronis was living off the grid. Now she’s facing eviction because she agreed to share her enthusiasm for off-grid living with a local television station, and the city government saw the story.

Oregon Pulls The Plug On Exorbitant, Ineffective Hipster Ads For Obamacare

After spending at least $8.3 million on a television jingle intended to extoll Obamacare’s goodness and drive residents to the State’s messed-up insurance exchange website, Cover Oregon is pulling the plug. “The problem? The spots still in circulation have been pushing people to use the unworkable online exchange.”