Congressional Democrats To Blog About Climate Change On Progressive Social Media Sites

If you can’t win your legislative fight in Congress, then take it to the court of public opinion. That’s the thinking behind a new push by Congressional Democrats to pressure their GOP counterparts toward a tipping point on taking legislative action to regulate climate change out of existence.

Police State: Watch Iowa Cops Go SWAT On Family Home During Fruitless Warrant Raid

An Iowa family is confused and angry in the wake of a recent brush with America’s highly evolved military police, who executed a search warrant on their home by suiting up a dozen officers in tactical gear, battering down the door and generally treating everyone as though violence was an expected outcome.

Are Congressional Democrats Finally Waking Up To Obama’s UnConstitutional Power Grab?

An interesting trend may be emerging among Senate Democrats in the twilight period between President Barack Obama’s State of the Union address and the perilous midterm campaign season: some of them – even Obama’s staunchest supporters – may be ready to signal to the President (and to voters) that he’d better keep his hands off their Constitutional powers.

Constitution Absent From Barack Obama’s State Of The Union

If President Barack Obama is successful in accomplishing all that he set forth in last night’s State of the Union address, he will have transformed the Presidency, almost beyond recognition, from the proper and limited role our Nation’s Founders codified in the document that describes his job: the U.S. Constitution.