Missouri Legislature Nears Approval Of Nullification Bill To Limit Federal Gun Control

The Missouri State Legislature is on the verge of forwarding a bill to Democratic Governor Jay Nixon that, if signed into law, will nullify virtually all Federal gun laws while asserting the State’s rejection of “unlimited submission” to Federal powers not enumerated in the Constitution.

Pennsylvania High Court Allows Police To Search Vehicles Without Warrant

The Supreme Court of Pennsylvania issued an opinion this week that opens the way for local police to avail themselves of the same warrantless search powers that Federal law enforcement officers operating in the State already enjoy when stopping and questioning motorists.

Federal Campaign Watchdog Resigns After Admitting To Campaigning For Obama

An attorney working for the U.S. Federal Election Commission (FEC), the Federal body tasked with ensuring the integrity of the campaign process, has resigned following the uncovering of evidence that he (or she) actively campaigned for President Barack Obama while on the job.

New Police Footage Renews Scrutiny On Nevada’s Asset Forfeiture Law

If an armed person stops a motorist in one of the Nation’s most deserted areas and demands that person hand over the large sum of cash he’s carrying, doesn’t that make the armed person a brigand? In Nevada and other States, it’s perfectly legal…for the cops.

Kareem Abdul-Jabbar Slams Media Culture Of Racial Sanctimony

NBA legend Kareem Abdul-Jabbar is, like many famous people, plenty mad at Los Angeles Clippers owner Donald Sterling for saying some pretty inflammatory things about black people and the sport he loves. But he’s equally angry at the mainstream media for dive-bombing Sterling’s racist remarks like vultures.

Tennessee Deputy Fired For Choking Nonresistant Handcuffed Student Until He Passes Out

A Tennessee Sheriff’s office has fired a deputy whose excessive actions against a compliant detainee were photographed and circulated on the Internet over the weekend. The pictures appear to show the deputy methodically choking a handcuffed University of Tennessee student until the young man drops unconscious to his knees.

Department Of Justice Seeks Legal Power To Keep Detainees From Erasing Their Smartphones

U.S. law enforcement is petitioning the Supreme Court for the legal authority to snatch smartphones from detainees without a warrant and peruse the phones’ contents before their owners can activate a “kill switch” — an option on some smartphones that completely wipes or encrypts all their data.

FDA Pushes To Regulate E-Cig Industry Like It’s Big Tobacco

FDA Commissioner Margaret Hamburg’s prepared remarks in announcing proposed new rules on tobacco-free electronic vaporizers suggest she possesses a singular measure of insight into the biological and cultural perils of e-cigs, and has satisfied herself that they are, for all intents and purposes, Big Tobacco Part II.