Only The Rich Are Getting Richer In The Obama Era

The September bulletin from the Federal Reserve includes an observation that presents a problem for the Obama administration’s avowed war on income inequality: Over the past three years, only the very rich have increased their wealth. On average, everyone else is either treading water or drowning.

Bashing The Koch Brothers While Taking Soros Money: It’s A Democrat Thing; You Wouldn’t Understand

The head of one progressive super PAC is justifying his group’s acceptance of funds from progressive billionaire George Soros, even as he condemns conservative committees for taking contributions from the libertarian-aligned Koch brothers. The difference, he argues, is simply that he’s on the good guys’ side.

Having It His Way: Candidate Slams Burger King Move While Husband’s Stock In Acquired Company Climbs

Not pleased that Burger King is acquiring a Canadian company and relocating its headquarters to Canada, where the corporate tax rate is lower (and not universally applied to global revenues), Democratic candidate Sean Eldridge is slamming the deal — even as his spouse is benefiting from it.

Paperwork May Delay Tax Returns For Patients Covered Under Obamacare

Obamacare customers will have to fill out additional paperwork next year in order to verify their eligibility for tax credits under the Affordable Care Act. Tax preparers say it’s difficult to imagine the added layer of bureaucracy won’t delay many of those patients’ tax returns.