Nearly two-thirds of Americans can’t identify the three branches of government

An important midterm election is just around the corner, so it’s fortunate that the electorate is boning up on civics this year in order to make informed choices about the nation’s future. What? What’s that, you say? Oh. Wrong electorate. Turns out, in this country, most of us know nothing about our Constitution — or how it establishes the divisions of our national government.

The Left Has An ‘Extreme’ Base Of Its Own — And It’s Not Ready For Hillary

It may not be as definable as the Tea Party, but the progressive left has an ideological base that’s busy vetting potential 2016 presidential candidates. And if their early grumblings are any indication, Hillary Clinton is too “establishment” to earn their vote of confidence.

Court Denies Qualified Immunity For Police Who SWAT-Stormed Florida Barber Shop To Conduct Licensing ‘Inspection’

Law enforcement officers who conducted a warrantless SWAT-style raid on an Orlando barber shop, ostensibly to help inspectors conduct a routine occupational licensing exam, violated the proprietors’ 4th Amendment rights and are not protected from personal liability under the qualified immunity doctrine.

Cop’s Teenage Son In Coma After Run-In With The Law

After being stopped by police because the car he was driving matched an outstanding warrant for a woman, a 17-year-old boy ended up stunned with a Taser, on the ground and in the hospital, where medical staff had to induce a coma to stabilize the injuries he allegedly suffered at the hands of the Independence, Missouri, police.

The Kansas City Star reported that the FBI has launched an investigation into the incident and that “Independence police said that they would cooperate ‘hand-in-hand’ with the federal investigation and the officer had been placed on administrative leave.”

Will Militia Plan To Block Border Bridges Lead To Standoff With Police?

This Saturday, a U.S. militia group reportedly will attempt to block the flow of traffic along one or more bridges connecting Mexico and the United States. What isn’t known is whether such an effort will actually materialize and, if it does, how it will play out as local and federal law enforcement look on.

Nevada Scraps Do-Over For Failed State Healthcare Exchange

Nevada abandoned its contract with a company to run its failed state Obamacare exchange back in May. The plan was to shift everyone buying Obamacare coverage over to, take a breath and recommit to crafting a new state exchange that could deploy in time for next year’s open enrollment period. The plan is off.

Obamacare Hits 250,000 Virginians With Canceled Policies, Extends Opportunity To Buy More Expensive Ones

Last year, U.S. wages and consumer spending fell, even as spending on healthcare costs increased. That’s got to be especially good news for the quarter million people in Virginia who are learning their existing health plans will be canceled this fall.

House Votes To Block EPA Power Grab That Would Regulate Small Waterways On Private Property

In a somewhat bipartisan vote, the House of Representatives on Tuesday approved H.R. 5078, a “statement” piece of legislation that aims to block the Environmental Protection Agency’s unprecedented reach for regulatory power over small streams, ponds and similar catchments on private lands.