How Much (Or How Little) Will $100 Buy In Each Of The 50 States?

Everyone knows that location matters in determining the relative cost of equal goods. It’s amazing, though, just how great a disparity exists between the costliest and the cheapest locations in the U.S. when it comes to stretching (or squeezing) the value of a dollar for all it’s worth.

Progressives Everywhere (Except Texas Democrats) Think Rick Perry’s Indictment Is A Joke

Texas Democrats are trying to weaponize last year’s DWI arrest of a high-profile party official, flying the public disgrace of Travis County district attorney Rosemary Lehmberg, kamikaze-style, right into Republican Gov. Rick Perry’s presidential campaign.

Former DARPA Director Broke Ethics Rules By Encouraging Government Funds Flow To Company She Founded

Regina Dugan, the former director of the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency, has been scolded in a U.S. Inspector General’s report for improperly granting her blessing to agency contracts that were awarded to a company she had previously founded — and in which she continues to hold a financial share.

Federal Work-From-Home Program Rife With Fraud As Employees Collect Checks For Doing Nothing

The U.S. Patent and Trademark Office has a program that allows its patent examiners to work from home. An investigation of the practice has now revealed that a lot of those employees have routinely lied about the number of hours they’ve worked, and they have even received bonuses for work that was never done.