Daily Read: How anti-GOP is Rand Paul’s rhetoric on civil liberties?

Sen. Rand Paul (R-Ky.) is willing to tread into grey ideological areas that, so far as the establishment wing of each political party is concerned, can only exist in purest black or white. In other words, he’s willing to let himself be seen as a thoughtful judge of ideas based on their merits, rather than their political connotations. How will that serve him as a presidential candidate?

IG Report: IRS illegally using audit quotas to measure agent performance

You know how some police forces allegedly use quotas to make sure their officers are out doing the Lord’s work of writing people enough traffic tickets? Well, the IRS is taking the same approach to rating its agents’ performance, in some cases applying the quota metric to determine whether employees are auditing enough people and businesses.

John McCain wants Lindsey Graham to run for president — and Graham’s thinking about it

Spurred on by Sen. John McCain, Lindsey Graham is saying he’s interested in a presidential run, once his Senate campaign is in the bag. He’s fed up with President Obama’s inscrutable foreign policy, and thinks he is capable of repairing the damage the next president will inherit from the current one.