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Australian Doctors, Scientists Fear Alternative Medicine

February 9, 2012 by  

Australian Doctors, Scientists Fear Alternative Medicine

The traditional medical establishment fears the mainstreaming of alternative medical practices so much that a group of doctors and scientists in Australia are asking the country’s university policy makers not to allow courses in alternative medicine to be offered.

The Friends of Science in Medicine, as they call themselves, say they are worried about the increasing number of “pseudo-science” courses they say are not based on scientific principles and experimental evidence. They believe that universities would lend undeserved credibility to what they describe as “quackery.”

According to The Sydney Morning Herald, about one in three Australian universities now offers courses in some form of alternative therapy or complementary medicine, including traditional Chinese herbal medicine, chiropractic, homeopathy, naturopathy, reflexology and aromatherapy.

Friends of Science in Medicine co-founder John Dwyer, a government adviser on “consumer health fraud,” says government funding for alternative medicine courses in subjects like Chinese herbal medicine and chiropractic should cease. He also believes that Australia’s government health insurance should stop reimbursing for alternative treatments altogether.

German and British medical insurance providers are also in the process of removing alternative therapies from the list of treatments they will cover.

Sam Rolley

Staff writer Sam Rolley began a career in journalism working for a small town newspaper while seeking a B.A. in English. After learning about many of the biases present in most modern newsrooms, Rolley became determined to find a position in journalism that would allow him to combat the unsavory image that the news industry has gained. He is dedicated to seeking the truth and exposing the lies disseminated by the mainstream media at the behest of their corporate masters, special interest groups and information gatekeepers.

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  • Karolyn

    The poor doctors don’t want to lose control! Boo-hoo!

    • Acushla

      I have been told by my friend in Florida that if the doctors in USA did what the doctors did to me here in Australia they would be charged with malpractice. Here in Australia they are a law unto themselves.

      • libertytrain

        Don’t hold too much stock in that.. I recall when we moved to Florida down on the Gulf — the docs there seemed to be a collection of all kinds that were chased out of other States. That may have changed in the last few years but there were some lulu’s with some bad history in other places.

    • Alheimstead

      Not so Karolyn. Medical Doctors know those listed therapies don’t work. If thats how you feel I challenge you to use them next time you get sick or if you ever get terminally ill. But let me warn you beforehand, the outcome will not be pretty.

  • Sirian

    Hummm, isn’t it odd that countries that are basically socialist in nature are having problems with “acupuncture” and such? Chiropractors of the world, start cracking bones on a grander scale!!!

    • Joe H.

      i had an arthritis specialist tell me last week that my taking 1000 units of vitamin E for my diabetes is risking a “bleeding” problem. I stopped taking it once and my levels went up by thirty points within 48 hours and fifty by weeks end! i finally told him that after taking it for almost TEN YEARS, if it was gonna cause me a problem I think it would have already shown itself!! Actually, when I cut myself, I don’t bleed very much at all. I clot fine! he was worried because my primary care dr put me on an 82mg aspirin each nite and THAT doesn’t bother me either!1

      • Acushla

        I had a very painful right shoulder which the Australian doctors diagnosed as Osteo Arthritis. Then I met an Indian doctor who correctly diagnosed it as a frozen shoulder. After the correct treatment my shoulder was completely healed. My wife and daughter died as a result of their misdiagnosis.

        • Joe H.

          I saw the xrays, they showed the dark areas around my hand, finger, wrists and shoulders. there is also some minor bone loss!! this is the opinion of three different doctors. i don’t settle with one on real important things anymore. My fused back taught me THAT!

      • L Johns, MD

        Asprin would not in any manner shape or form pass the requirements today. Yes, aspirin thins the blood. However the accompanying , hemmorhagic bleeding in the gasteic system and likely death, is not worth the risk of taking it.

      • tamarque

        and aspirin also causes liver damage!
        little things the medical industry does not tell you

  • traderphil

    The existing “Medical system” is running scared and rightfully so! People are beginning to realize, en masse, that this system is DANGEROUS TO OUR HEALTH!!! What IS A FRAUD is the PATHETIC EXCUSE that they presently have for a “Health” system! The present system is based on PHARMACEUTICAL POISONS, PERIOD!!! Never in the history of the world has there been so many diseases that are treated woth so many DRUGS that remain UNRESOLVED!!!! What kind of a system is that? One that PAYS THE PHARMACEUTICAL COMPANIES A LOT OF $$$$$$ , and that they have “BOUGHT & PAID FOR” a lot of “doctors” as the obviously “bought and paid for” bunch of fools are suggesting with the proposal to not teach REAL HEALTH CARE in Australia! HOW PATHETIC that they think so much of $$$$ and so little for the actual health of the Australian public that they would even consider eliminating anything that actually helped people remain healthy. “Doctors” should really be called PHARMACOLOGISTS because that is ALL THEY DO, SELL PHARMACEUTICAL POISONS that DON’T RESOLVE ANY CAUSES of diseases, just address the symptoms!! The garbage they produce is designed to ONLY make $$$$ for them and keep folks ill, so they are a constant source of $$$$ for the PHARMACEUTICAL Co’s and thier “employees” in the “medical ” field. If you want to stay healthy, KEEP AWAY FROM YOUR “Doctor” and his prescription pad, the only thin they know how to do. PATHETIC system, at best!!!!!!

    • Alheimstead

      Why would the Medical profession be running scared lol ? The medical profession has more than they can handle right now.

      • tamarque

        I don’t think it is about what they can handle. It is more about keeping control of all health care and raking in all the health care money. The big pharma industry went ballistic in the mid-90′s when they realized that very close to 50% of health care $$ went towards alternative health care. The created the quackbuster groups to wreck havoc in the public media against alternatives.

        These are the very same people behind the Australian effort to squash alternative training. And they are people who say the stupidest things about health care, point to alleged fallacies in holistic health/healing but totally ignore basic issues with allpathy such as the fact that vaccines have never been proven either safe or effective.. Or the fact that the vast majority of ‘studies’ are poor to fraudulent. Or the fact that there are acknowledged over 100,000 deaths a year in US hospitals due to medical mistakes and reactions to toxic drugs. The list of negligence and lack of meaningful science in allopathy is rampant but these industry supported quackbusters will never discuss this.

  • s c

    This is NOT any complex issue, people. IF Australian MDs are AFRAID of alternative medicine, then their collectives arses are owned by the AMA and the FDA and the same people who control America’s AMA and FDA. SCIENCE MY ACHING RUMP!
    America has a lot of well-trained, skilled MDs who have learned that the only thing to fear in America is our effing Medical Establishment. Those SCUM are AFRAID they’ll lose their CASH FLOW. SCIENCE has NOTHING to do with it!
    If you don’t know it yet, our ‘medical geniuses’ are NOT above having “designer science” studies done so they can be sure they get the ‘answers’ they want.
    They use bad science and ‘engineered’ science in an attempt to “prove” that they’re always right, and anyone who sees it in a different light must be marginalized and even arrested “if necessary.”
    Australia, GROW A PAIR, and do the right thing. If you’re tired of freedom, surrender. Otherwise, shut up and do what you know must be done. DO IT!

  • Buckner

    That’s it! Do anything to keep the competition away! Who cares about some hypocritical oath the doctors took…

  • Pat

    I simply cannot understand why “men of science” try to bar alternative or natural medicine. Think about cancer treatments which can cost $10,000 per month and they do not cure anyone of cancer. All that happens with chemo and radium treatments is the demise of the patient in a most horrible manner. Doctors are curing cancer in old Mexico with natural cures but these people, so-called “men of science” would try to bar anyone from getting these treatments. I can understand the big pharma companies, they will be losing huge amounts of dollars if no one takes those awful treatments anymore but “men of science”, even doctors, should know better.


      If you think about what a doctor’s business is called, ie: A PRACTICE, you will see the truth in that term. I have long said that “Doctors bury their mistakes”. I have been using “Alternative” medicine for several years now with far better results than so-called “Traditional” medicine. The only negative thing I have experienced is that I have had to pay for this out of my pocket. I have had too many doctors tell me that if it is not FDA approved, they don’t believe in it.

      • Al

        Jukebox: If something IS FDA approved, I avoid it. MSG and Aspartame are both FDA approved and they are known neurotoxins. is an FDA site, look up something and if they say it is no good, then feel free to take it.

      • Joe H.

        The only thing my gP has said about my 1000 units of vitamin E was ” If it works for you, DO IT!! She’s a dam good Dr.!

      • Alheimstead

        If thats your attitude about doctors then next time you get sick, don’t go to a real medical doctor.

  • ROGER, Canadian Libertarian

    MONEY RULES,even FIAT money and the direction we are heading is UNSTOPPABLE until the collapse.

    That is-The Establishment LED by the Central Banks which are only tools of the Royal Families,Vatican, Masons and the Rothchilds which provide the funds for the Governments and MULTI-NATIONAL corporations. What they say goes and right now the Pharma Industry wants NO COMPETITION and they will get their wish.

    The result will be MORE Sicknesses and Poverty caused by the chemicals they feed the masses and the exhorbitant costs…soon to become compulsory as are Vaccinations.

    In another industry think SOPA !!!

    NOTHING profits like MONOPOLIES including the monopolies of Trademarks and Patents

  • Al

    For many years I have refused prescriptions from a doctor. Initially I just dropped it in his “circular file” right in front of him. I really don’t know what his long term reaction was in each case, because he was no longer my doctor. I asked each prospective doctor what they thought of chiropractors? If they were OK, then I asked about acupuncturists. After a few more of these I finally sought out an ND. I have been happy with her and she has not knocked the allopaths either, believing in integrated medicine, which means take what is good from the established doctors and reject that which doesn’t pass my smell test. My ND is the first doctor to test my vitamin D level, which by the way, was below 10. She is the one that suggested I eat organic foods to the extent I was able. She also recommended that I go ahead and have my bladder tumor removed surgically to get a head start on keeping it at bay. She also suggested I not take antibiotics “just in case” and to use a probiotic when I did take an antibiotic. NONE of these suggestions came from an allopath. I have way more confidence in my ND than I do in my MD. One MD got so angry when I refused to take statins that he stormed out of the office. I requested, and got, another doctor. Bad health is self induced, whether via the womb or the environment. Cancer is not a communicable disease. It is a lifestyle disease. Let us not forget that Hippocrates said, “Food is thy medicine.”

    • Chris Schilke

      You are right Al. I agree that cancer is a lifestyle disease, but then possibly most of the other diseases are also.

      • Shereena

        Cancer is not just a lifestyle disease. Our toxic polluted environment which is aggravated by the DoD, FDA, EPA is far more culpable than lifestyle. Read Silent Spring by Rachel Carson and Poisoned Nation by Loretta Schwartz-Nobel. Consider vaccines, the poisons deliberately added to food, the toxicity of our water, babies with leukemia.Big industry demands immunity from the Safe Drinking Water Act, the Clean Air Act, and the Endangered Species Act. We are the endangered species.

  • Desert Rat

    Modern day doctors, those with an M.D. or D.O., are not interested in healing, but in controlling symptoms using pharmaceuticals. Those pharmaceuticals may have undesired side affects which require more pharmaceuticals to control.

    These same doctors misuse medical technology, developed for short term life saving use, for long term death prolonging purposes to generate income from our tax dollars & our insurance premiums. (example: dialysis)

    Their interest is not in preserving a quality life but in prolonging an cash productive death.

    • Alheimstead

      Desert Rat, so let me get this straight… Its all just one big conspiracy, right?

      • Desert Rat

        I did not say anything about conspiracy. It’s really about big pharma BUYING that mindset thru the educational process. The big pharma companies give millions of $$ to the universities. In return those universities, to keep the $$ flowing, are “more open” to teaching med students that RX is good, natural is voo doo.

      • tamarque

        Conspiracy: Plans made by a group of individuals, behind closed doors, that affect others without their knowledge or permission.

        It is not intelligent to toss the accusation of conspiracy theory at others. To do that is only to try and stop real conversation and ignore facts that you don’t want to hear.

  • ph

    ah yes. big medicine’s monoply on faux treatment & their cash cow is being threatend by alternate practices that cure instead of keeping people sick,so we will leglislate it out of business.I got news for these clowns. It will just go underground & it will survive.People have wised up to the liars & the dope pushers who call themselves doctors & governments that want their people to die before getting old. The cat is out of the bag & no amount of government intrusion is going to put it back in again.The establishment does not have anyones best intrests as their goal.

  • ranger hall

    WELL all i can say is THESE Overpriced Doctors want to keep the Money to themselves. nOTHING WRONG WITH ALTERNATIVE MEDICINE. During this Bad economy you would think they would like to help their fellow aMERICANS BY CUTTING costs LIKE WE HAVE TO DO. Just seems to keep on Getting more expensive. All medical has gotton out of control.

    • Alheimstead

      I challenge you next time you see your doctor to tell him your exact words that you have posted here. See if he thinks he gets paid way too much money and thats why he became a doctor.

  • THOR 2 4


    • Chris Schilke

      Thor, you’re exactly right about following the money. Socrates said that we should make food our medicine and medicine our food…something like that. His point? What’s important for us is the food we eat. We all have to eat and eating the right foods is cheaper than eating medicines(supposed) that are really poisons. The vast majority of pharmaceuticals comes from plant and animal sources. Is there a reason for this? You betcha. Those medicines are already in the foods we eat and if we eat them we won’t need big pharma’s expensive poisons to die on.

    • Karolyn

      Something that ticks me off to no end is Prevention magazine. It was a great publication in the 70s and then sold out to Big Pharma. Every couple of pages is a medication ad. They should change their name to Allopath. I wrote to them several years ago telling them I would never buy their magazine again because all those ads go against the very title of their publication.

  • Chris Schilke

    Rev_18:23 AndG2532 the lightG5457 of a candleG3088 shall shineG5316 no more at allG2089 G3364 inG1722 thee;G4671 andG2532 the voiceG5456 of the bridegroomG3566 andG2532 of the brideG3565 shall be heardG191 no more at allG2089 G3364 inG1722 thee:G4671 forG3754 thyG4675 merchantsG1713 wereG2258 theG3588 great menG3175 of theG3588 earth;G1093 forG3754 byG1722 thyG4675 sorceriesG5331 were allG3956 nationsG1484 deceived.G4105

    I left the numbers there in case anyone wants to look them up in a concordance.
    See that word sorceries and the number after it? The Greek word is:
    From G5332; medication (“pharmacy”), that is, (by extension) magic (literal or figurative): – sorcery, witchcraft.
    Now how in the world did anyone then know then that this would take place today?
    Let them run scared. They need to be scared.
    For most of us our bodies contain the systems needed to repair itself if you give it the basic materials necessary for it to do their jobs and if we learn to listen to our body then we’ll learn what to give it so it can do just that. I understand that there are people out there who’s bodies lack the working systems that most of us have and that they need help and this is where a real doctor knows how to help. The standard medical profession is clueless as to how to keep us living a quality life. It’s possible, somehow, that what a doctor does may somehow extend a life but, generally there is no real quality. besides, a doctor never healed anything, it’s already there in our bodies just waiting for the “right stuff” to be added.
    I’ll give you a brief example of listening to your body. You know that heartburn you get after eating that delicious pizza(and yes they are very delicious)? Well, it’s your bodies way of pleading with you not to put that stuff in your mouth to swallow. There is no way to estimate the damage that is done by food the body can not properly assimilate?
    Anyway, end of rant.

  • Karolyn

    Did everybody else lose all of the posts here?

    • Karolyn

      That was really weird. None of the posts for the day showed up until I typed and posted the above remark.

      • Sirian

        It could be Karolyn that the NSA has hacked into your computer and is closely watching every keystroke you make. NEVER FEAR, UNCLE SCAM IS HERE!!!. . . :) A joke of course, but then again, is it? I’ll leave that up to you.

        • Joe H.

          I take it you have read Puzzle Palace????

  • James

    Medical Doctors are essentially drug dealers, they deal in ‘cure’ rather than prevention. And their cures are to treat symptoms rather than what caused them. Like taking an aspirin for a headache, the pain isn’t the problem, it’s a warning sign. Deadening the nerves so one doesn’t feel pain doesn’t cure the problem.

    • Alheimstead

      HA! Doctors are drug dealers? What ?????

      • James

        Alheimstead, When you get a prescription from a doctor, don’t you ake to a drug store to get it filled?

    • Joe H.

      if you are still here, I have to say you are wrong. If a dr truly worked in CURES that would be good! They work in symptoms only and treating thre symptoms, not curing the problem that is causing the symptoms!!

      • James

        Joe H., That’s what I said, read it again.

  • http://personallibertydigest Gottaplenty

    What a pleasant line of thinkers in these posts. First time in ages that we agree in nearly all points given. I for one had cancer . The Dr?had me all scheduled to go to surgery as soon as we could get in. I suggested I would just pass on that one and wait a while Of course I was supposed to die right away if I didn’t comply . I resorted to some natural remedies and survived at least 15 more years to date. After a couple years after I couldn’t possibly live any longer the same DR? pronounced my cancer was gone but concluded that they sometimes miss diagnose, but it could not have been the system I used to get it gone. Sometimes you get a GUT FEELING that you dont need them so much…

    • Chris Schilke

      Gottaplenty, I like what someone asked a woman who said she was supposed to die in the next six months. He asked her to see the bottom of her foot. She asked him why? He said he wanted to see the expiration date that should stamped there.

  • Diana Winters

    I agree with you all about the way we have been poaioned all of these generations.I think that they should do away with the medical feild all together. God Christ Yeshua has a plant yhat is full of herbs and plants out there for us to take. And we have the best Herblists out there that can mix and help us to stay well and our children to. If they would just take the drugs that they say does you good then why don’t you take it and give it to your family and freinds?

  • Trouble

    I agree with you all. Many years ago I had my first encounter with hollistic healing by a homeopath. He completely cured the wet eczema that I had suffered with for 13 yrs. Within 1 month it was gone and to this day, nearly 30 yrs later, it is STILL gone! A few years ago I saw an ad on tv for some crap allopathic medicine that was supposed to “surpress” eczema outbreaks. The commercial claimed there was “no cure for eczema.” I had to laugh!! Among the many things I have since learned about natural healing, “suppression of a disease is one of the most dangerous things you can do!

  • Rebel

    I totally agree with what you all are saying here. I don’t trust doctors – and this feeling goes way back to when I was a kid and things that happened then. My first real healing was from a homeopath who was able to cure the wet eczema I had lived with for 13 yrs. of my life. Within a month it was gone and has stayed gone for nearly 30 yrs now. My MD at the time said it was “just a coincidence.” A few yrs ago I saw an ad on tv for some allopathic drug that was supposed to “suppress” eczema outbreaks. The ad also stated “there’s no cure for eczema.” I had to laugh! One of the major things I have learned in the yrs since I was cured is that “suppression” is one of the most dangerous things anyone can try to do with any disease!! The problem with a lot of “modern” medicine is that they never get to the root of the illness but rather just try to suppress one symptom after another. They’re just compounding their patients’ problems.

  • Rebel

    Whoops! Looks like both of my posts showed up at the same time. I didn’t think the 1st one had gone thru. :>)

  • Carol

    My son had quite a few different symptoms that our family MD wrote off as IBS. We saw about 4 different doctors that all said the same thing. Finally we brought him to an ND, who was thorough in her questions and testing. He is now 3 months along in his treatment and is 95 % improved. I am so thankful to the ND. She is absolutely wonderful. As for our family MD…he just lost three patients, my son, husband, and myself.


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