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Audit Reveals That CDC Misplaced Millions Of Dollars Worth Of Equipment

January 3, 2011 by  

Audit reveals that CDC misplaced millions of dollars worth of equipmentGovernment auditors revealed this week that the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) lost or misplaced more than $8 million in property in 2007.

According to media reports, the report was filed last week by the inspector general for the Department of Health and Human Services, which is the agency overseeing the CDC. In 2007, auditors checked on 200 randomly selected items and found that 15 were lost or not inventoried. Among the missing equipment was an $1.8 million hard disk drive and a $978,000 video conferencing system.

The Associated Press reported that CDC Director Thomas Frieden agreed with the report's conclusions, but said that better controls have since been implemented. On Dec. 29, a spokeswoman for the CDC told the media outlet that all but four of the missing items from the 2007 audit — including the two most expensive pieces — had since been recovered.

The watchdog group Citizens Against Government Waste (CAGW) criticized the agency for its lack of diligence on the taxpayer's dime.

"It's just a good thing they haven't lost any diseases," CAGW president Tom Schatz told the AP.

The Hill reported that the CDC was cited for sloppy record keeping in a 1995 audit as well. The latest examination was requested by Congress, according to the news source.

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  • Sue

    Where is the rest of this report??? Where were the missing items,’Found’ and what is still missing??? If a business in the real world was found out as this Government agency was,they would be fined. The government in this case…”CDC Director Thomas Frieden agreed with the report’s conclusions, but said that better controls have since been implemented.” That’s it! In other words…if the Government is found out,oh well.

    • Bill

      This property was never ‘lost’ as it was delivered to a clandestine location that they didn’t want to write on any receipt.

      It is still there but they have provided a ‘receipt’ to account for it now.

      Where is it? Try looking in a D.U.M.B.! Deep Underground Military Base. How else are they going to stock these with very expensive parts unless they LIE?

      I have never heard of a $1Million HDD (Hard Disc Drive). With 500GB drives for $50 just how much will this drive hold? There should be redundant storage for everything ever written. OR, maybe it is just to store the photos of the aliens and their spacecraft!

      “Oh what fools we mortals be when first we practice to deceive.”

      And it doesn’t speak well for our accepting the garbage from our ‘servants’ who manage to eat the PRIMO from the table, that WE pay for, and let the scraps fall to us.

      AWAKE! And tell the ‘kings’ to get the hell out of our lives!

  • Mick

    What ever happened to ethics and responsibility in the work place ??
    The decline of accountability in every sectors is directly responsible for the mess we’re in, people criticize the old ways which made this country the jewel of the world then came the Unions, human rights organizations, many stupid laws allowing people to sue for a hang nail , the lawyers too happy to oblige and created a society of spoiled brats only capable to think of themselves ignoring what this kind of attitude would do to the whole country.
    Well, we see part of the results today and believe you me , we ain’t done yet
    What do people expect from a Government .composed of people coming from this type of society ?

    • Richard

      Mick: You’re exactly right! Paul Harvey offered the following comment often, on his radio show: “Self government without self discipline will not work”. The dumbing-down of the populace by the liberal central govt. is by design. Getting more and more people dependent on govt. support is by design of the liberal progressives. There are 49 million on food stamps now and the govt. is feeding our school kids–even beginning on weekends now! Enacting laws to get total control of our lives is by design. Way back in the 1970′s, I could see what the govt. was up to, and I coined this phrase: “The government is protecting us to death”——————So, now, what do we do to reverse it? All we have left is our vote. So, we must find a way to counter the liberal voters. And, we must hold the feet of conservatives in Congress to the patriotic fire!

      • Mick

        Richard says:

        All we have left is our vote. So, we must find a way to counter the liberal voters. And, we must hold the feet of conservatives in Congress to the patriotic fire!
        I have been saying this same thing for decades the problem is that the new generation mostly voting liberal has been poisoned by their own folks.
        In order to restore discipline which in turn would bring responsibility we have to convince parents to start with their own kids and teach them what’s right and what’s wrong in a young age.
        We have parents arboring their off springs until they’re 30 years old, boot them out and teach them to stand on their own two feet, they soon will figure out that nothing is free in this world and will soon change their mind about all of that free crap once they have to work in order to survive and their liberal ideas would surely diminish………

        • Dan-o

          VOTE! like thats going to make a difference, it’s time for war within, it’s us against the FEDS, we need to take em out.

          • independant thinker

            You have to vote so you can say you tried to change the system from within. If/when that doesn’t work yopu then have justification for other actions.

  • Dorothy

    I certainly hope better controls will be implemented! If the summation of the report is accurate, a lot of public money has been wasted; equipment and tools worth hundreds of thousands of dollars represent an important citizen investment in our government and it is very discouraging to have that type of trust violated.

    • Bruce D.

      I have no doubt that there is waste and fraud in every part of government. Government should be able to cut %10 right off the top on every agency especially Medicare and the military budget. I think it would not be a problem if the government had able administrates. You could probably even maintain the same services.

  • Mick

    Dorothy says:
    January 3, 2011 at 8:09 am
    I certainly hope better controls will be implemented! If the summation of the report is accurate, a lot of public money has been wasted; equipment and tools worth hundreds of thousands of dollars represent an important citizen investment in our government and it is very discouraging to have that type of trust violated.
    Dorothy…Don’t hold your breath, this kind of things has been going on for ever and getting worse,,
    Nothing will save America until discipline is restored on all fronts.

  • Bluefish

    Not enough questions. What percentage of the CDC’s budget does 8 million dollars represent? This is basically a rounding error. If one the Wall Street banks had lost track of this much money, it wouldn’t even be news. I’m not excusing the CDC-they should keep track of their equipment-but big corporations are often worse. Where should the CDC’s attention be; on watching for and preventing disease or counting test tubes? I’m sure that there would be a huge outcry if they missed an epidemic just so they knew where all their equipment was all the time.

  • Richard

    And the beat goes on. More unchecked government waste. Who can turn the runaway train of liberalism, waste and fraud by our government around? Will the GOP-controlled House in the 112th Congress be able to slow the train down? Maybe. But the outlaws still control the Senate and the White House, so don’t get your hopes up. The liberal voters crippled our attempt to secure Congress for conservatism.

    • eddie47d

      Nice grandstanding Richard. Who was in charge in 2007? Find a solution to these messes instead of pinning medals on the GOP.

      • ValDM

        You still can’t get the idea. It may have been a Repub president, but it was a dem congress. It really doesn’t make any difference which of these two were “in charge”……they’re ALL corrupt.

      • 45caliber


        I’ve not figured it out. Perhaps you can help me. Why is it that liberals always believe the President is in charge of money? According to the Constitution and to what I’ve seen, it’s Congress.

        Do you libs have something about wanting a king?

        • BigBadJohn

          I’ll try to explain it to one more time.

          The PRESIDENT submits HIS budget to congress with the things he wants to see and will accept.

          Then Congress fleshes out the budget and submits it to the senate.

          The final step is PRESIDENTIAL approval. If the things that he suggested and wanted in the budget are not there – HE VETO’s the whole budget and it is back to the drawing board.

          In essence, since the congress and senate have to come to a common agreement to get a majority vote, this gives the president more power than both the congress and senate combined, as far as the budget is concerned. Whatever debt is racked up is the PRESIDENTS fault. I think it was a democrat that said “the buck stops here” – the last president to say so.

  • jopa

    The auditors in Iraq and Afghanistan are trying to find the roads and building contracted out to firms such as Haliburton.They are not to be found because it was only hundreds of millions of dollars on the books only.There were some built and American troops were electrocuted in the showers.Eight million lost at the CDC is small potatoes.

  • http://com i41

    edee, it was you socialist sorry a$$ed democrats that controlled Congress, same as the last 2 years. Don’t forget the State Department s–t birds are life long hires and more get change out durning a democrap adminstrations. jopa most of the electocution were caused by idoits who weren’t smart enough to check the oil on their vehicles. Some more of the crap if we build schools and talk they will feel good and play patty cake. Instead of going and blowing areas where the puke muslims were playing hide and seek. What azzhole get the idoit awards, morons like Onumnutts. Our troops get handed engagement rules drawn up by the berltway idoits who have never been in a fist fight. We would be in and out, if USA went in and kicked some serious a$$, but dumbocraps stop the engagement, when feel good idoits claim women and young people are getting killed. Tough s–t, don’t hang out with the freaks, just like drug areas, talking and basketball courts don’t cure drug problems. Halaburton pays its help great and gets the job done, all the differnt rig work sites of compaies the own and produce something useful has been a great place to work at and for. You socialist welfare wonks are to damn stupid to work for Haliburton. The need to hire private companies goes back to Whorehound Clinton and all socialist democrap downsizing, we have to many couch lizards doing nothing productive.

    • 45caliber

      After WWII, it was decided that we needed a military that could fight two wars at the same time.

      The Dems decided that too much money was being spent on the military so they changed that, starting at least as early as Carter. Clinton cut the military so short that they couldn’t even fight one war. Now they have to use National Guard units (which weren’t meant to fight except things like WWII) to even fight one war. Further, the equipment is so poorly maintained due to lack of parts that they have to scrap some to keep others working.

      And Oblama wants to cut it another 25% because they need that money to help the Welfare and Illegals.

      • BigBadJohn

        Factchecking Republicans on Bill Clinton and Military Spending
        January 6, 2008 — Ron Chusid

        The second of two reports from on the Republican debate which I find worth quoting in whole debunks the common Republican claim that we currently face problems because Bill Clinton drastically cut back on the military:

        Rudy’s Historic Rewrite

        Giuliani falsely blamed President Clinton for cuts in the military that happened mostly under a Republican administration:

        Giuliani: Bill Clinton cut the military drastically. It’s called the peace dividend, one of those nice-sounding phrases, very devastating. It was a 25, 30 percent cut in the military. President Bush has never made up for that. We – our Army had been at 725,000; it’s down to 500,000.

        Actually, most of the cutting to which Giuliani refers occurred during the administration of George H.W. Bush. At the end of fiscal year 1993 (which was Bush’s last one in office), the Army had 572,423 active-duty soldiers – a far cry from 725,000. In fact, to get to that number, one has to go back to 1990, during the first gulf war. Moreover, Clinton’s cuts in the military, while large, were nowhere close to 25 percent to 30 percent. Between 1993 and 2001, the Army went from 572,423 to 480,801, which is a decline of 16 percent. The entire military went from 1,705,103 to 1,385,116, a decrease of 18.8 percent.

        Compare that with the far larger cuts made during the first Bush administration: In 1989, the military stood at 2,130,229 and the Army had 769,741 soldiers. By 1993, those numbers had declined by 19.9 percent and 25.6 percent, respectively.

        And as we’ve pointed out before, it was the first Bush administration – specifically then-Secretary of Defense Dick Cheney – that began bragging openly of the peace dividend.

  • 45caliber

    This is not a surprise at all. Even larger police forces (like NYC) can lose this much a year.

    The real problem is that no one tries to do much about it. ANd when they catch someone involved it is barely a hand slap. One woman manager of a government department several years ago used her government credit card to charge over $8 MILLION. When investigated by the feds, they found that she had given $5 million of it to charities. They never found the other $3 million. So they decided that she simply should be told that she wasn’t supposed to give government money to charities. That was IT. If I had done that, I’d have been fired and sent to prison the rest of my life for fraud.

  • Doyle

    Here’s my two cents’ worth: I think that heads need to roll at the CDC. There is no excuse under the sun to waste that kind of money, nor to hide things. Hide it from who? Sheesh! Firs the bums and look for someone with better intentions. It wouldn’t hurt to throw some of them in prison for that kind of stuff.

    • BigBadJohn

      I agree, but why were you not this upset about the military losing 12 BILLION dollars? It was announced on 9/10/2001.

      Then Bush flew another 10 BILLION in CASH to Iraq which promptly disappeared. Why were you not outraged about that?

      A couple million pales in comparison.

  • http://com i41

    .45, don’t forget the sec of Hud under Clinton that misplaces 300 million that was never recovered. Several years later sat on the board of directors of Wal-Mart as well as several other Clinton administration slugs, of course they were just following the Flying Sow Hillary, who sat for years on the board of Wal-Mart. Theyu don’t need to audit any democrayts, since they go for over a decade without paying their taxes, ,and when caught they never spend time in the crowbar hotel, but climb higher in status in the party. Killing someone like Drunk Kennedy did, helps to gain the high bar of the socialist soros party.

  • Joe

    A US government organization stealing and or lying? Absolutely no surprise. American people in disbelief, getting wrapped up in misguided subjects while trying to analyze the situation or getting all up in arms about it, (well at least until American Idol comes on) absolutely no surprise. So like in the past NOTHING WILL COME OF THIS and the US government is fully aware of it. Washington could only get a third of the people to fight for the revolution and had to call in help from other countries. We have 1 percent willing to fight and 49 percent willing to complain. Guess I will just go tend my garden.

  • http://com i41

    Joe, with the socialist education system and removal of reaching of government and civics classes, and more approved reading of Saul Alinski and Karl Marx. No wonder we have such a bunch of stupid dumb bastards who don’t give a rats rear what is happening to the USA. Our colleges only enforce the marxist communist veiws and socialist education system. Most of the idoits that would fight and screwed the British and embraced the veiw of England were located in New York and big cities. Same as today, mostly the elitist “educated” jackasses.


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