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Audio Recording Captures GOP Senate Candidate Criticizing Republicans, Urging Tea Party Rival To Drop Out

October 11, 2010 by  

Audio recording captures GOP Senate candidate criticizing Republicans, urging Tea Party rival to drop outAn audio tape has revealed U.S. Senate candidate Sharron Angle of Nevada criticizing her own party and attempting to persuade third-party candidate and Tea Party member Scott Ashjian to pull out of the race.

According to CNN, the recorded session includes audio of the GOP candidate urging Ashjian to drop out of the race in order to bolster Angle's chances of defeating incumbent Harry Reid (D-Nev.), the Senate majority leader in Congress.

"Anything I can deliver personally, I am glad to," Angle allegedly told Ashjian during the meeting that was recorded.

The audio tape also captures Angle denouncing the Republican Party for offering reluctant support to her candidacy. She added that the GOP leaders have "lost their principles."

Ashjian confirmed to the news provider that he recorded the session without Angle's knowledge or consent. He said that he recorded the conversation just in case there were any misrepresentations of their meeting.

According to last week's Pulse Opinion Research poll for FOX News, 49 percent of Nevada voters said they would vote for Angle compared to Reid's 46 percent. Two weeks ago, approximately 10 percent of Angle supporters said they could change their minds before November's election. Last week, that number dropped to 4 percent.

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  • s c

    Nevadans, you’ll have to sort this out on your own.
    If getting RID of Reid isn’t the main objective, then maybe you deserve to be stuck that miserable sunny beach.
    OK, Vigilant, it’s your turn.

    • Vigilant

      Thanks s c!

      I have nothing to add to your perceptive and wholly accurate assessment!

  • Jana

    I looked up Scott Ashjian on the net and what I find, is disturbing.
    He told Angle that he would withdraw if the national tea party leaders would stop trashing him.
    He also taped this meeting without her knowledge.

    This came from the website:
    Former Nevada Tea Party Chairman Syd James resigned after the flap and endorsed Angle. James, who arranged the one-hour meeting between Angle and Ashjian, said he scolded Ashjian for releasing the recording.

    “I told him this was not honorable,” James said.

    James said Ashjian, his friend of 20 years, asked him to chair the Tea Party so Ashjian could run for office, but the title didn’t come with any responsibilities. “The party has never really been functional,” James said. END OF COMMENT.

    If he is already doing such shenanigans for revenge, then he would certainly not make a good Senator.

    He has 5% on the polls to her 49% and yet he claims she is weak.
    Also I noticed he has the colors of Islam on with his bright Gold tie and bright gold handkerchief. I am not saying he is Islamic, but he is wearing the right colors for it.

    I listened to the tape and even to him talking and I did not hear anything incriminating from her. She said she had as much juice with DeMint as he does, that she could go to Washington DC and ask to talk to him and he would be there, the same as he could do. She also told him that he was hurting her chances and helping Reids chances, which he is. If she said anything about the Republican Party that put it down, then that is just more points in her favor as far as I am concerned.

    • Jana

      Harry Reid is banking on the short memory of the people. This has always worked in the past. Now, finally he needs to find out that the people do remember. He thinks he is all powerful and that the people will see the good he has done. The only problem is there isn’t any good he has done. He has pushed through nothing but bad agendas for the last few years and we are sick of it.
      We each have to realize that the people we vote in from our own state affects all of the people in all of the states.

      • Vigilant


        “Harry Reid is banking on the short memory of the people.”

        I’d say he’s banking on the short IQ of anyone who would vote for that sleazy, self-serving S.O.B.

        • Jana

          Well, I pray his ‘bank’ fails.

        • Pat

          I would say just the opposite! Anyone who would vote for the garbage that passed so much legislation behind closed doors and is as criminally-minded as Reid, has lost all their brain cells. He doesn’t just affect Nevada. He affects America. Get over it, and think about the rest of the country. If Angle doesn’t do a proper job, she can be booted in the next election. We will be “watching” them all. The article doesn’t show anything incriminating or worthy of all your criticism.

  • FlaJim

    Ashijian is a straw man put up by Reid, and the Tea Party he ‘represents’ is a phony. He’s there only to try to syphon off votes from Angle.

    If Angle had anything bad to say about the RNC establishment, more power to her. Country club Republicans have never done anything useful in their entire careers.

    • J.M.R.

      i agree with you jim

    • JeffH

      FlaJim, after reading this, my thoughts exactly.

      • Palin12

        As a Nevadan, I will be voting for Angle and Heck.

        • JeffH

          Palin12, If I lived in Nevada I would also. The big dirty Demo push is on in California also. Both Brown and Boxer’s union funded campaigns are really pushing the lie buttons in their adds. Really sickening. I just hope there is some hope left in Californians to see who has really been screwing them for decades.

  • Robin from Arcadia, IN

    Okay… So she said the GOP has lost it’s principles. And? I have said the same thing! Reid needs to go! He has been self-serving for too long and anyone who tapes a conversation with the intent to ‘spread’ the conversation through the media is not exactly an ideal candidate either! She is the best to choose from the 3 of them! There is always going to be something about a candidate that you can find fault about. Anyone who votes for Reid over her will get what they deserve. How long will Nevadians put up with Reid?

    • CJ

      People need to understand there is more than one objective with their vote. You can’t simply vote your favorite. The true objective is how to effectively cast your vote to eliminate the worst of the candidates. One may like Ashijan, but if he doesn’t stand a chance of defeating Reid, the smart vote is for Angle. Remember, a vote against her by voting for Ashijan, could turn out to be a vote FOR Reid. The problem with three parties is if two have similar ideals, they split their numbers, and the third party wins.

      • Jana

        The only thing is Ashjian doesn’t have similar values and Angle. He seems more like a snake—sneaky. Some of the people are suggesting he is a Reid plant. The more I think about it, the more likely it seems.

    • Jeep

      Robin, in the interest of piling on…the GOP HAS lost it’s principles! AND, it’s way, morales, ideals, etc…

  • mickey

    Yes, I think the GOP has lost its way, too. So? The recording act sounds like a Reid thing. Meanwhile, Reid keeps pushing amnesty. If Neveda wants to look like AZ, then I guess the rest of us can’t do anything about it but I sure wouldn’t vote for him. We’re trying to get rid of the Senator (Rep) that supports the Dream Act in our state.

    These are tax dollars that obama is handing out as grants to dem states. Pretty soon we are going to have to stop forwarding fed taxes for our own self preservation.

    Local news has it Nevada properties decreased by 75%! If that is true, why would anyone vote for Reid again?

  • rosina

    I agree with the majority of commenters.
    That is the most important thing of all.
    It does seem that this Ashijan is a plant put there by REID who will do ANYTHING to get re-elected.
    I do hope that the poll stations will be properly monitored and that each voter will have to show their citizenship papers to prevent the fraud which is bound to happen in this state especially by the renamed Acorn thugs who will help REID of course.

  • Cribster

    Sharron Angle reminds me of the Founding Fathers. It’s only because the country has moved so far left since it’s inception that she seems extreme to some.

    Government needs to be hacked and slashed down to at least half it’s current size. The Department of Energy and Department of Education need to go for starters. Sharron is for drastic reduction of government.

    With more like Sharron in Congress we may actually be able to implement term limits, which, in my opinion would be the single most effective way stop the power monger generator that Washington has become. Given enough time even the best men and women succumb to the lure of power and money.

    • DavidL

      1. Sharon Angle, and all the other Tea Party candidates, proves the adage that “Conservatives think government is bad, and they have the candidates to prove it.”

      2. Sharon Angle is out for Sharon Angle.

      3. The Founding Fathers were OPPOSED TO TERM LIMITS.

      • Vigilant

        “The Founding Fathers were OPPOSED TO TERM LIMITS.”

        Kindly expound on that gem of ignorance. Sources? Quotes?

        • DavidL

          The Federalist Papers No. 72!

          • Jana

            But neither did the founding fathers want this nation to become a Socialist nation. Nor did they intend for Congress to meet as much as they do, nor for congressmen to get as rich off of the public as they do, nor for them to become the dictators that they have. They did intend for them to listen to their constituents, which most of them refuse to do.

          • Robert S

            David The founding fathers didn’t want term limits because they didn’t have politicians staying in Washington for life. They served and got out.

          • Allan Halbert

            Ok. That’s Hamilton’s opinion. To me, the logic in No. 72 is shortsighted and patronizing in No. 72. With the excessive media influence in elections, the crushing advantage of incumbency, the finances that limit participation, the corruption of officials from domestic and foreign influence, the increase in longevity, the rise of professional politicians and their desire for wealth in office, and the record low regard for congresspeople — we need limits, plain and simple. It was not included in the Constitution because the fathers didn’t see it as essential to liberty. And it was not prohibited. Instead, we were given the constitutional convention mechanism to make changes. And that is what I think we will eventually do, since the lawmakers failed to include senators and representatives in 1951 when term limits were set for the President.

      • Cribster

        If Sharron doesn’t behave herself she’ll be out in four years. You can bet she will be highly scrutinized by all parties. Even though I believe she will bring the “change” we need I will judge her, as I judge all, by her actions.

        Reid is the epitome of everything wrong in government, he’s a lying thief and one of the most disrespectful miscreants in congress.

      • Vigilant

        …and somehow I expect your tune would change if those badass Conservatives were in charge of the Gov’t.

        • Vigilant

          That last comment was directed to DavidL, resident expert on term limits.

          • DavidL

            I gave you the answer to your question about term limits and the Founding Fathers. They were opposed to them and, because of their reasoning, so am I.

            May I suggest you read Federalist 72 in its entirely and identify the listed reasons against term limits before you open your mouth again. Just because you think you disagree with me does not mean I am wrong. It’s always better to know what you are talking about before you speak, don’t you agree?

            Read Federalist 72, and the get back on this post and answer the question WERE THE FOUNDING FATHER OPPOSED TO TERM LIMITS? If you are an honest man, as I believe you are,you will. If you are a blowhard and BS artist, you won’t. Ball is in your corner. We all await your answer.


          • Jana


            I am not saying term limits is the answer, but I will reiterate what I said above, that the founding fathers didn’t want this nation to become a Socialist nation. Nor did they intend for Congress to meet as much as they do. Congress was only supposed to meet every other year. Nordid they intend for congressmen to get as rich off of us, the people like they do, nor for them to become the dictators that they have. They did intend for them to listen to their constituents, which most of them refuse to do.
            Got any suggestions on what to do besides the obvious of voting them all out, which is almost impossible because like it or not we have a group of people who are bound and determined to keep these idiots that are supposed to represent us but don’t, in office.

  • eddie47d

    Ashijan “is a plant”, oh how convenient of you all. More excuses for everything! All political parties will eat their own for the power they crave. Nobody really wants free and open elections and all parties will say and do anything to strengthen THEIR point of view. Honesty and fairness doesn’t exist in politics. We say we want it yet I see no proof that that is true and quite the opposite. We accept lies if those lies defend our side and the truth be damned. We either allow all parties to exist and flourish (at least be on the ballot) or we are only concerned about winning and not “the principle” or even free speech.

    • Robin from Arcadia, IN

      eddie… Do you have a solution?

      • George Halepis

        Sure. Vote Libertarian.

    • Vigilant

      “Nobody really wants free and open elections.”

      Speak for yourself, dude.

      • http://?? Joe H.

        Hear, Hear!!!! The unions and the progressives are the only ones I know of that don’t want open and free elections!! The unions want votes to be non-secret so they can strong-arm the workers into voting the way they want them to!!

  • mimi

    There can be nothing more to add to previous comments all of which are valid. MORE POWER TO YOU SHARON. REID THE WEASEL MUST GO!

  • marvin

    this is to the people of NAVADA we the people of all states will help but you and only you can PUT REID OUT if you like what you have in reid and obama then vote for reid or this plant of reid, scott asswipe ever vote for him is a vote for reid so don,t be decived

  • Korean War Vet

    There are signs all over Nevada that read “ANY ONE BUTT HARRY REID.” I think we will be giving Reid his walking papers in just a few weeks.

    • James

      As one Korean War Vet to another, I would vote for anyone who ran against Harry Reid – even ole Scratch.

    • Palin12

      Reid is going to be Daschled.

  • marvin

    where are all the liberals to dispute the fact that asswipe is not a reid plant to take votes from. angle with the help of the registered voter in nevada we can put obama liberal agenda to rest, ashijan like crist and lisa madcow will only give the liberals a vote

  • http://personallieritydigest t-bone

    Scott Ashijan is a straw man. His integerity stinks along with his islamic ties. Sharron Angle is gong to win. You’ll get yours Scott, wait and see. The people in Nevada deserve the best consertive for the job. What would we do with an adult play ground.

    Give Harry Reid his walking papers swiftly, and his son should be in the same thing. The Reids are flandering power ,money mongers that love big goverment. Go Sharron Angle.

    • Jana

      Is he Islamic?
      I thought he was by the way he was dressing and even speaking, but not sure. He had the very shiny gold tie on and a very shiny gold handkerchief, which is one of their tell tale signs. Very similar to the ‘new’ white house decor that Obama stands in front of when he is talking to the press. The other Presidents stood with a flag behind them, but not Obama.
      Obama is not Islam, but he certainly greatly identifies with them, and is oh so comfy with them.

  • http://n/a Robo

    It was exposed months ago that Ashjian was a complete phony and put out there by Reid and his machine to pull votes away from Angle. The Tea Party people have denounced him from the get go and have said they had no connection to him nor did they even know who he was. Therefore, this story is complete a fabrication of the manipulated liberal puppet media to help keep their slimeball, Reid, in power. OF COURSE, it was reported on CNN — just another outlet owned and operated by the New World Order Bilderberg boys. THIS IS NOT A REAL OR TRUE STORY! Just get Reid the hell out of there!

  • Uncle Jaque

    In NJ the Dems put in a phony “Tea Party” Candidate – Peter DeStefano – as a “spoiler” against the conservative contender. If they can siphon off 5% of the votes from gullible conservatives they can essentially steal the election all nice and legal like.

    It sure looks to me as if the same thing is happening in Nevada.
    Since the “Tea Party” name and logo are not copyrighted or patented, anyone can claim to be a “Tea Party”, and a lot of them like to do just that in order to misrepresent and discredit the movement. They can also do it to steal our popularity and credibility. How many charlatans have done that with the moniker of “Christian”?

    • Jana

      Uncle Jaque,
      You hit the nail right on the head on that one.

    • JeffH

      Uncle Jaque, you got it…how many pose as conservatives…the same deal.

  • Pat from Texas

    I cannot believe the good people of Nevada would vote this horrible man back into office. Just look at the high dollar legislation that he has “crookedly” maneuvered through Congress. Angle bad-mouthing, if she did, some RINO’s in Congress is appropriate. We need leaders who will listen to the American PEOPLE!! We are tired of being ignored, and tired of the fact that our children and their children will never be out from under the taking of their hard-earned income to take care of those who sit on their butts and do nothing.

  • http://GOGGLE vaksal

    I am a total supporter of the tea party as opposed to the dumocrats(neo-communist liberal name calling thugs and all the self serving rhinos,that sat on the fence doing nothing except lining their own pockets,the point of posting this i heard joe miller from alaska said he wants to cut social security and medicare and hes a tea party man,then the rhino that presented the republican pleadge said that social security would be reveiwed,WOW these people are really going to make more changes,they are going to kill off us seniors,and they want my support,they must be insane,why not say they will secure or borders,deport all the illeagals,dump(NAFTA) audit the federal reserve(OWNED BY THE ROTHSCHILD BANKING CABAL WORLDWIDE) and repeal all the laws passed that have abridged everyones constitutional rights,but not one word has been spoken about these issues,no its more important to exicute us seniors,who now have nothing because the power and money hungry bunch in government have stolen everything,even the kitchen sink,and now want to shaft the rich and poor again,i say get the damn agenda straight,or there is going to be many seniors like me that are fed up with the stupid thinking of this new generation of self made masters of the universe,you better straighten out your program,or you will lose 30% of the american conservative seniors votes,then what? us seniors want to help you kids overthrow the bunch of leftwing neo-com communist causing this mess,but swear that you all in the tea party wont cut our throats in the process,one way to avert a lot of cutting into medicare and social security is to throw out all the illeagals on it period,then deport them,the result would be felt the day after hundreds of billions of dollars saved,if none of the bums pushing the agenda to mess with social security and medicare dont retrack their positions,many seniors may go their own way,then what? civil war within the republican party,come on you guys must have a better agenda than that,and us tea party seniors are doing our part 100%, define your program clearly,not like you have a mouth full of oatmeal and mumble the same trash that brought the dumocrats into power.and this one is to anyone running on the tea party platform,this means you joe miller and bohner have a good time getting my vote you self serving maggots,oh i well vote for only good folks,ive had 25yrs of people like you both,hurting this great republic,by turning us against the very people we have in government,and this is from an old angry tea party conservative,my grandfather had a mule with more brains in his rear end,than both you meatheads have,you morons are going to kill the republican partys chances to win this election,just on the issue i just posted,we just may all stay home and not vote.

  • Irene Schweitz

    I say get the oldies out of office now!The elite, wealthy democrats and republicans have sold us down stream, It’s time to “TAKE BACK AMERICA.” Vote to replace everyone of them. We need a new government, new people with honesty, loyalty and with our Founding Fathers at heart along with justice for all. Get our principals and integraty and what we stand for back into the small government that once was and has lost its way. If they say anything bad about another person, place or thing – OUT! Start representing our world with everything that we are proud of and lets get our soldiers back home where they belong. Stand up for America or your out.

  • ted

    Let’s face facts Ashjian is working for Reid and wants to split the vote a spoiler if you will just like ROSS PEROT. If you will remember Ross quit then he had a meeting with the Clinton folks and it was off to the races again and stupid people like my wife voted for him. She only voted once for him once, her brother voted both times for him.

  • http://com i41

    Same goes for libatian or green or any funky 5th place idiot of a canidate.

  • DavidL

    I was responding to the gentlemen (Cribster) who wrote the following:

    “Sharron Angle reminds me of the Founding Fathers….With more like Sharron in Congress we may actually be able to implement term limits….”

    He obviously thinks term limits are a good thing. I pointed out that the Founding Fathers did not, and for very good reasons.

    Vigilant wrote to disagree with me. I provided him with the proof he requested which is to be found in the Federalist Papers N0.72

    I’m still waiting to hear from Vigilant.

  • DavidL

    Allan Halbert,

    First, The Federalist Papers rank right next to the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution as our most fundamental and important political documents. To dismiss them as “only Hamilton’s Opinion” is shocking coming from a conservative. The Federalist Papers are among the best sources of the “ORIGINAL INTENT” of the meaning of the words our Founding Father used in the Constitutional text. Please read NO 72.

    Second, term limits are not essential for liberty, quite the contrary. The Founding Fathers did not include them because they were explicitly against them. They believed they unwise and dangerous. If asked today, I’m pretty sure the Founding Fathers would support the repeal of the 22nd Amendment.

  • DavidL


    To answer your earlier question to me “Got any suggestions on what to do besides the obvious of voting them all out,…”?

    The answer is to participate responsibly in our democracy. That doesn’t mean just vote at election time. It means staying close to our elected representatives (our employees), Local, State, and Federal, all the time. Call them. Write them. Fill out their questionnaires when received. Answer the phone when they call. Be an active supervisor of our elected representatives.

    Focus on YOUR elected leaders and let others in our democracy do the same. Uninformed, hyperbolic, and over-emotional outbursts don’t help anyone. And please remember, in our democracy we are the government. Let us act on that responsibly. If we are not willing to do these things, then, if we are not hypocrites, we should stop complaining about what our unsupervised employees are doing.

    If by “Socialism” you mean government controlled, then we need more of it not less. But we need OUR VERSION. Here is a partial list of OUR Socialist Institutions. Tell me which ones you would eliminate:

    US Military – Government controlled Single-payer system
    US Coast Guard – Government controlled Single-payer system
    Veterans Health care -Government controlled Single-Payer system
    Police – Government controlled Single-payer system
    Fire Departments – Government controlled Single-payer system
    Social Security – Government controlled Single-payer system
    Medicare – Government controlled Single-payer system
    Pubic Schools – Government controlled Single-payer system
    Public Libraries – Government controlled Single-payer system
    State-run monopolies -Government controlled Single-payer system

    I recognize and appreciate the new Health care reform law, but believe it should have gone further. It needs to be improved, not repealed. To really cut costs and improve health care in our country, we need a sing-payer not-for-profit system. Here is what the doctors say on the subject:

    For an excellent explanation of the new health care law, take a quick look at this animated explanation:

    If you are still falling for the argument being used by the vested interests opposed to reform (Insurance lobby) that the new law is unconstitutional, a Federal Judge just ruled it constitutional. Even if you may not see it now, that is good news for you, your children, and your family.

  • Jim

    David: You make some pretty good statements in your rendering, However, I do not agree with you about Healthcare Reform. WHO wrote this reform? It was not our elected representatives! It was not Obama alone! So…. I ask you WHO wrote this load of crap? There are Banking laws in this HEALTHCARE BILL …. Finance laws, personal information laws, in this bill, It seems more like a anti-Freedom Bill then a Healthcare Bill. So I ask you WHO WROTE THIS REFORM BILL?
    If Congress wrote it they would know whats in it….. right? They don’t, If the Senate wrote it they would know whats in it …… right? And they don’t, Obama is the puppet for the Dafters of this Bill, But WHO WROTE IT??? WHO is pulling the strings on this puppet called Obama? It is not good for me , it is not good for my Family, It seems that it is not good for most Americans, so …. Other then YOU, David, WHO is this bill good for and WHO WROTE IT?

    • http://?? Joe H.

      Like all gold sales having to be recorded??? What the hell does that have to do with Health Care????

  • DavidL

    Hey Jim,
    I share some of your sentiments about the way Congress works. Who the heck completely reads ANY of the bills they vote on? I hear you. But remember that part of the BS campaign being waged by the insurance lobby, who opposes this new law, is the notion (scare tactic) that hidden inside the language there are “secret deals”. Don’t let them distract us from something good for our families.

    Here is what I like about the new law. They happen to be among the reasons why the insurance companies are screaming like stuck pigs. It cuts into their profits.

    1.Children, up to 26 years old, can no longer be dropped from their parents insurance because they get ill. This saves lives and dramatically reduces the prospect of parents going bankrupt because of uncovered medical expenses. This means your children, and the financial well being of your family, are much more secure. Remember, over 240,000 American families went bankrupt last year because they had no insurance coverage.

    Please read T.R. Reid’s book The Healing of America. It is an objective history of the medical industry among the industrialized nations such as ours. It should be read by all of us before we give opinions about the new health care reform law.

    2.Insurance companies must spend 85% of premiums on direct medical expenses. They cannot spend that money on salaries and perks. This really angers the insurance lobby and why they are spending so much money, lying to and scaring the American people, to get Republicans elected to take over Congress. They want this new law repealed because it cuts into their profits. Have you read the Republican pledge to the American People? The insurance lobby helped write it.

    3.You and your wife cannot be dropped from your insurance because your care gets too expensive. Annual and lifetimes caps are gone.

    4.You and your entire family are now able to practice preventive medical care because the fees are waived. Your wife’s mammography’s for example, each running in the neighborhood of $100 to 200 dollars, are covered for free. No co-pays. Why? Because paying for preventive care catches disease sooner, saves lives, and is cheaper.

    5.Everyone must buy insurance because sooner or later they will take advantage of health care. It’s like obligating people to buy car insurance. If all have coverage, it saves you and me about 1100 year because we are no longer picking up the tab for those going to the emergency room and passing the bill onto us.

    6.Please watch this animated explanation of the new law. It’s pretty good. Please get back to me and tell me what you think.
    Remember the perfect, as to content and to process, must not be the enemy of the good. This new law need improving, not repealing.

    P.S. A federal judge just ruled the new health reform law constitutional. So much for another scare tactic by those who oppose the reforms.

    • http://?? Joe H.

      why the heck should my parents coverage cover me if I am healthy and 21??? At 21, I was already in the Army four years!!! At 26, I was already two years out and working, covered by my OWN policy!!!
      As far as mamography, the government is already saying those AND prostate screenings are invalid and useless!!! So much for covering them for free, huh?

  • DavidL

    If you are unemployed, because of a terrible economy or your job was shipped over seas, you are covered under your parents plan until 26.If you have other coverage, then you don’t need the coverage under your parents. You might also be able to file under your parents insurance as secondary insurance to help pay for what your insurance didn’t cover. Check that out.

    The tests are not “invalid and useless”. Your information is incorrect. These tests, while not always perfect, continue to save lives, MY WIFE INCLUDED!


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