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Attacking Makes Nuclear Iran More Likely

October 5, 2012 by  

Attacking Makes Nuclear Iran More Likely

Robert Gates, former Secretary of Defense under President George W. Bush, said that there is a surefire way for the United States to create a nuclear-armed Iran: Attack.

Speaking in Norfolk, Va., Gates warned of the potentially catastrophic consequences an American or Israeli attack on Iran would pose for the Mideast. He believes that neither the American nor the Israeli military is capable of quashing Iranian nuclear ambitions.

“Such an attack would make a nuclear-armed Iran inevitable,” Gates said. “They would just bury the program deeper and make it more covert.”

Gates, a longtime voice against U.S./Iranian war, said recently that war with the country would pose greater challenges than any the U.S. military faced in Iraq.

“The results of an American or Israeli military strike on Iran could, in my view, prove catastrophic, haunting us for generations in that part of the world,” he said, according to the Virginia-Pilot.

Aggressive rhetoric in recent weeks from Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has heightened the prospect of U.S. military involvement in Iran. He believes nuclear talks are ineffective and argues that the sanctions are doing nothing to stop Iran’s nuclear program.

Gates said he believes that Iran’s nuclear program can be more effectively halted by increasing “economic pressure and diplomatic isolation to the point where the Iranian leadership concludes that it actually hurts Iranian security and, above all, the security of the regime itself, to continue to pursue nuclear weapons.”

Rioting in Iran was reported this week, which is said to have stemmed from a plummeting currency value in the nation due in large part to economic sanctions currently imposed by the United States.

Sam Rolley

Staff writer Sam Rolley began a career in journalism working for a small town newspaper while seeking a B.A. in English. After learning about many of the biases present in most modern newsrooms, Rolley became determined to find a position in journalism that would allow him to combat the unsavory image that the news industry has gained. He is dedicated to seeking the truth and exposing the lies disseminated by the mainstream media at the behest of their corporate masters, special interest groups and information gatekeepers.

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  • Michael J.

    With due respect Mr. Rolley, isn’t this a bit like letting pick-pockets ply there trade un-opposed, lest they become bank robbers?

    There are those who believe that a nuclear armed Iran is already inevitable.

    Why else would they be producing weapons grade Plutonium?

    • FreedomFighter

      This reminds me of the rise of Nazi Germany, all the placators and chickendroppings let Nazi Germany become a menace to the world and led to WW2

      Again we have not Nazi but Islamo-fanatics rising to power and the chickendroppings and placators are at it again…Iran is a rising menace to the entire world.

      Iran gets nukes they will use them as soon as they feel the moment is right. They will use them on the West and Isreal.

      Laus Deo
      Semper Fi

      • Gary Frazier


    • eddie47d

      Great article Sam Rolley and it has been said before. Iran has not aggressed against another nation in centuries but we have so who is the real threat. We are in their lands and they are not in ours so who is the threat Freedom Fighter? Who else would be developing weapons grade plutonium Michael? Why us of coarse and possibly Israel considering we both have nukes. Any aggressor is a threat so lets keep this in perspective and stop being the loose cannon ourselves.

      • OneGuess

        “Iran has not aggressed against another nation in centuries…” What about Hizbullah? (Iranian supported.) What about the IRG in Syria? What about…never mind, eddie weddie, we know your mind is made up…of WHAT we are not sure.

      • FreedomFighter

        I call Bravo Sierrra Eddie47d, Iran has stated its intentions from the start,

        “Death to Isreal”
        “Death to America”
        “Death to the West”
        “We will burn the world in Islamic fire”

        They have school class in which they teach the children to hate America, jews and anyone else on the list.

        Wake up foolish Eddie47d, just like Hitler and Nazi Germany, when they pick the time and the place — it will happen.

        Laus Deo
        Semper Fi

      • eddie47d

        Freedom Fighter; and Israel says Death to Iran. So isn’t it time you stopped falling for that saber rattling and every screech for war?

      • eddie47d

        One Guess;That is no different than the USA supporting underground factions all over the world. (proxy wars) So would you be saying the USA has declared more wars than the public knows about? Now if Iran sends their armies into Lebanon or Syria and engage in armed conflict then you may have a point. Until then you are doing nothing but searching for the next war.

      • Bob

        Eddie, have you ever heard of the decade long Iran/Iraq war??

      • eddie47d

        Yes it ended over 20 years ago and Iraq was fueled by the USA to be the aggressor. Terrible losses on both sides.

      • vicki

        OneGuess says to eddie47d:
        “Iran has not aggressed against another nation in centuries…” What about Hizbullah? (Iranian supported.) What about the IRG in Syria?

        In government elite circles that is called “plausible deniablity”

  • Samuel Clemens

    So lets continue the failed policies? How are we to deal with Iran once the terrorists have nuclear weapons? 9-11 will be nothing compared to the holocaust to come. It will be called Armageddon!

    • eddie47d

      Stop threatening Iran and creating a situation for war which may include some of these sanctions. We are hardly saints in this stand down.

    • Jimbo

      No one has explained to me why Iran would spend billions of dollars developing an nuclear weapon and then hand it over to a homicidal, maniacal terrorist group. The terrorists would be just as likely to turn against Iran. The USSR said they were going to bury us. Did they turn their nukes over to terrorists? Did China? Or North Korea? Not even Pakistan, which supports the Taliban and Al Queda, has turned their nukes over to terrorists.

      Israel would love to drag us into yet another war.

  • cawmun cents

    Sept 11 2012…..embassy attacked 4 Americans killed.
    Administration officials cannot agree,or at least will not inform the public,of what really happened that day.
    Fast forward to a nuclear terrorist attack on the mainland of the United States…..
    Wholesale panic has made the administration declare Marshall Law.
    Will the officials then be able to determine just who made the weapon detonate in our nation?Will there even be an effort at retalliation of any kind?If you dont know who made it happen,then how can you retalliate against anyone?Is anyone in their right minds even asking these worst case scenario questions?
    While I am certain that these scenarios are all taken into consideration,there might want to be a push to collectively aggregate our fecal matter over this issue.
    Because if it happens….(and from the way the secular world sees the future in its utopian dreamstate,I can say that it is highly likely it will),there will be a call for retalliation at the core of the nations foundation,and the current admoinistration doesnt seem to be interested in ensuring the safety of its citizens by doing so in a timely fashion.
    Back to 9/11/2012.
    Excuses,out and out lies and confusion do not a trusted administration make.
    So an effort to decide whether you can entrust the current situation,to who its being entrusted to now,is a necessity.
    Am I saying that I think the other guy can do a better job?
    That is an unknown quantity.
    However it occurs to me that a monkey with a stick,could do a better job than what we’ve witnessed so far.Whether that is because the secret mustnt get out,or by the fact that our media doesnt support retalliatory measures,is up to ones own scrutiny.
    But nothing has been done and folks,we were attacked by persons in a foreign land that bring to mind the words of a military song,and yet nothing has been done.That says volumes about our leadership in a time when the world seems to be violently destabilizing.
    Its says that there is no clear conditions which merit retalliation should someone like Iran propagate and distribute nuclear….I will say this again for those of you who cannot understand the rammifications of the word….NUCLEAR weapons,to whomever they decide to issue them to.
    Does this not ring a giant alarm bell inside you tiny minds?
    Is this not cause for greater alarm than has ever been caused to have an alarm for in the history of mankind?
    Maybe I am overstating the danger here?
    But what if I am not?
    Then what has all your postulating served to do?
    It has painted a larger target on your backsides,with a sign over the top which reads,”Go ahead and kick my ass.”
    Because the likelyhood that something will be done about it get more minute by the second.
    But what do I know?
    Apparently very little…….

    • Warrior

      Remember when Sadat met his maker?

    • twizzler

      Martial Law

    • eddie47d

      The world has had nuclear capabilities since the early 40′s with the Made in America brand on it. We didn’t stop India and Pakistan from developing their own arsenal and that is a bigger threat than Iran will ever be or what is assumed.

      • Ed Weber

        And just HOW do you know this???

      • eddie47d

        How don’t you know this Ed or have you forgotten the Pakistan-India conflict where nukes were on the table.

  • braindeadus

    It’ time we crystalize Iran once and for all, the world will be better off.

    • Mark

      Other than the millions of Iranians who are NOT part of the government and are NOT part of the problem, but would die anyhow. Is your proposal to prevent an attack that would kill innocent people really….an attack that would kill innocent people? Is it okay with you that they die just because they aren’t American’s?

      I served for 20 years in the Marine Corps and I’ve been all over this world enough to know that the people who suffer the most are the ones that no one ever even want to admit exist. The actual rank and file citizens of a nation are the ones who get slaughtered while leaders wax on philosophically about “defending this great nation”, or some other such trash. I’m not willing to kill a million Iranians to prevent an attack that could be prevented without bloodshed.

      • BradR

        Believe me, I totally agree with your statement; I do not want to kill a million or any number of innocent Iranians. In all sincerity, how do you propose we stop them peacefully? Sanctions don’t work and never will. The same people we want to protect from war are the same ones that suffer from sanctions. I guarantee ity that none of the leaders have missed so much as one meal or one dessert. Do we wait until the bomb is dropped on Israel, killing millions, and then saying it’s now OK to bomb Iran? You may think I’m being a smart ass, but I’m not. I don’t have the answers; these are honest questions. Also, note that more than one mideast country has asked us to bomb Iran, ut they don’t value life nearly as much as we do.

      • OLD MAN

        Right on…..Kill a million citizens because a few leaders are power hungry. Brilliant decision making! It seems that it is Governments that want to make and fight wars. It is those who run Governments that are selfish, self centered and power hungry. The ordinary everyday citizens could get along if it were not for the Governments. What is the answer to this? I don’t know. Do you?

      • Mark

        Brian-I agree with you and don’t think you’re being a smart ass. Sanctions won’t work, especially against a nation that has a lot of ties to OTHER nations that are not friendly to the U.S. They will get enough to support their agendas and the people will suffer. North Korea is proof of that. I don’t have answers either, except this: If we wanted to ignore ALL of history, except for the last ten years, even that last ten years has an enormous amount of evidence to suggest that preemptive strikes and bombing innocents is NOT an effective foreign policy. What we did in Iraq and Afghanistan was an abject failure, killing thousands of Americans, hundreds of thousands of Iraqis and Afghanis, and leaving both of those nations in a complete shambles. It will take them generations to rebuild, and when they do, they aren’t going to be friendly to the U.S., you can count on that.

        My best answer for Iran would be that if we absolutely had to use force to prvent something from happening, we should use special forces with strategic surgical strikes to take out a capability before it is used. Overwhelming force is usually clumsy, and does more harm than good. Stuxnet is a perfect example of how we SHOULD do it, Iraq is a perfect example of how we should NOT do it.

      • Kinetic1

        A voice of reason in a sea of hatred and fear mongering.

      • Nancy in Nebraska

        It is NOT the Iranian people or the Israeli people OR the American people that want this war! Unfortunately, none of us will have any choice! There are those who hold the true power. It is they who want war! They have used Israel’s government and ours to poke a stick at every country in the middle east. They have made everyone in the middle east hate us even though they don’t represent us! The vast majority of people in the world just want to live and let live but there are those in power who want to stir things up and intentionally CAUSE the problems that lead to war. I think that it may be too late for all of us. I think that we have pushed Iran and the other countries in the middle east so far that things may not be reversible. At this point I don’t think that anything would stop Iran from obtaining or even using a nuclear weapon on Israel OR us. I can’t say that I blame them. They are in the bullseye. Their very existence requires it. The people don’t want this but those in power do. Unless we take our power back, it is inevitable. “They” want a “one world government”. “They” want to be in control of everything and everyone. “They” will stop at nothing! We are mere pawns on their chess board!

      • eddie47d

        Terrific responses to Braindeadus. Thank You Nancy and all the others.

    • jopa

      braindead;I think the biggest problem America has today is the ungrateful Netanyahu and Israel.It should be time for someone else to babysit them already with their bad attitude in a bad part of the world..Let them go to the UN and see where that gets them, we don’t need them and in reality they have enough armament now to take care of themselves.They have a higher per capita income and we send them billions in aid every year.This needs to stop.

  • peter

    @ Cawmun cents – the world does not SEEM to be violently destabilizing – it is already unstable. The alarm bells should be ringing of course, but if one buries one’s head in the sand or, as with the lamebrained leaders simply choose not to hear, of course those bells will not be heard and finally you seem to know quite a lot about life so don’t sell yourself short. There are more folks who agree with your opinions than you may think. Kind regards.

  • Jefferson Thomas

    Apparently Mr. Rolley never reads any of the responses to his articles and Mr. Gates is either unaware or has another agenda for making the statements that he made about Iran and Israel. One could ask “who does Mr. Gates work for now and who is he a consultant for” (a journalist will still do this on rare occasions even today)?

    I’ll say it once again. The Israelis have the capability to launch a EMP that will send the Iranians back into the stone age. They will not have the capability to launch a nuclear attack after their nuclear facilities are destroyed by the world’s largest bunker busters.

  • Scott in SC

    I have to ask, why do we keep arming and training nations and then declare they are dangerous because they are so well armed and well trained?

  • Tek Kirby

    He is an idiot Allies can squash Iran.

  • ChuckS

    One thing that will help in the middle east is drill more of our own oil. That will strengthen us and maybe hurt them a bit.

    I think Obama is very misguided at the least, so whatever he does is likely to be messed up. Like allowing/supporting the Muslim Brotherhood taking over Egypt and maybe Libya and Syria. I just heard that in Afghanistan, our troops can see enemies loading their rockets on cameras, but can’t shoot them because of rules of engagement.

    • Toy

      The Vietnam war was extended as long as possible by, “Rules of Engagement”!

  • Dad

    This is just liberal noise… ignore it!

  • unit7b

    I’ve only known a couple of Iranians but they are decent, intelligent people. They said that most Iranians like Americans but hate their own government. Killing millions of innocent Iranian civilians will only make things worse. The possibility of the Iranian government attacking the USA is virtually nil. The possibility of a false flag attack or staged nuclear incident is very high. That’s how we got involved in most recent wars. There are rich, powerful men who stand to gain a lot by starting another war. These men own most of the world’s politicians, especially ours, so war is almost inevitable no matter who wins the election.

    By the way, I don’t know if this is completely true but it appears that Iran is one of the few remaining countries that doesn’t have a central bank that’s owned or controlled by the above mentioned rich, powerful men. Libya was one of these countries until Obama followed his orders and took out the government. The new central bank was already in place before the invasion was over. Watch your butts – my guess is that a false flag dirty bomb is coming in the near future.

  • TIME

    Dear people,

    The question is more in line with: if we allow this to unfold what ramifications will this event yeild?

    Now look into how the government of China feels about us getting involved with Iran? How about Russia, how do they feel about this issue?

    When you do the real math, the numbers are not really within the relm of reason for us to beging any involvment with Iran, { that also means Israel as well } ~~ as these nations know quite well we are the Military arm of Israel, and you all should know that as well.

    Do any of you really wish to serve your children or family members, ~ let alone yourself up on the “New World Order’s ALTER for Blood LUST Sacrifice?”

    We are talking about a small nation; Iran ~ that has made no agressive moves on any other nation in over 200 plus years. they don’t even have NUKES, yet Isreal dose!
    And we don’t even know how many they have.
    Iran is a small nation that will not conform to the “INDOCTORINATION of the NWO Criminals” ~ unlike many NEO CONS and NEO QUASI LIBERALS here in the seem so willing to do.

    In case you still don’t get it, You don’t have a Government, you have a Puppet of the Zoinist Rothschilds ~~ AKA ~ the NWO. So ~ Really just who are the evil ones?
    Will you all just keep doing their dirty work? Or will you wake up?

    Look into this issue far deeper than many of the retorts posted,

    Do any of you really want a Thermonucler war with China & Russia? If so: why is that again?

    Peace & Love be with you. May your eyes open to TRUTH, and you all stop eating lies.

  • http://None von ives

    There is one factor ALL of you are missing in this discussion.
    Islamic terrorists. Primer: Islam is a system of government,
    finance, culture, including religion, etc.. They are out to rule
    the world and have been for centuries. So the ends justify the
    means in their view. They are using the ‘Trojan Horse’ of the
    U.S. Constitution of separation of government and religion to
    gain a toe-hold in this nation. Time is on their side. Just
    look at their considerable more than toe-hold in the western
    European nations already. They are doing it by their birth rate.
    Anthropologists say that a minimum of 2.2 off-spring must be born
    by each parent couple just to maintain a race. In the U.S.A.
    the average for the white race is 1.6. Last year more so-called
    ‘minority babies’ were born than white. The muslims average 8
    per couple! One can bury their head in the sand and ignore reality,
    but it will eventually kick you in your exposed anterior!

    • TIME

      Dear Van Ives

      Perhaps you should take a google trip over to ~~~ { before its } then review the David Icke feed under the: POLITICS button on the top bar.

      Then go to David Ecke on the people of the revolution, perhaps then you may learn a little something, so you have TRUTH on the issue / issues.

      By the way thats just the tip of the ice burg, – but if you so wish to keep your head in the sand of the Zionist Rothschilds 100% totaly controlled mass media rhetoric: such as the AP, UP, and UPI ~~~ just to name but a few ~~~ Well thats your call.

      But for you to tell anyone they have their head in the sand based on ten day old cow waste is rather bent to say the least.

      Peace and Love. May you wake for your slumber before its to late.

  • gunner689AI

    It was this kind of excuse making and appeasement that allowed Hitler to rise to power in the 1930′s. It’s easier to kill a snake in the nest than when it’s full grown in the woodpile.


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