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Atlas Shrugged: Is American Business On Strike Against Obama?

May 3, 2012 by  

Under President Barack Obama, Atlas Shrugged has come to life, explains Wayne Allyn Root. Civilization cannot survive when people are forced to be slaves to government. And without business owners who are willing to risk their own money, there are no taxes to pay for government. There are no jobs, either. Obama’s tax-and-spend philosophy is a dismal failure, causing business owners to go on strike — permanently.

Wayne Allyn Root

Wayne Allyn Root is one of America's leading Libertarian-conservative authors. Wayne's new book is The Murder of the Middle Class Wayne is a Capitalist Evangelist, serial entrepreneur, conservative media commentator, and proud champion of the middle class. He is a former Libertarian vice presidential nominee and Fox News regular. Follow Wayne on Twitter and visit Wayne's web site:

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  • Jeremy Leochner

    I simply do not see corporations, business owners and rich Americans in general being slaves to the government when the top 2% control more of the countries wealth than the bottom 50%. The marginal tax rate on the top 2% of Americans is at the lowest it has ever been. The capital gains tax is also at an historic low. Finally there are corporate tax loopholes which grant corporate executives many freedoms most Americans only dream of. Added to the number of lobbyists which vastly outnumbers the members of congress. Finally throw in that other from some less moderate voices the only thing being called for is an increase in the marginal tax rate by 4-5% and perhaps closing some corporate tax loopholes. Its hard for me to believe that the movers and shakers of our country are any where near as controlled and subjugated as described in Atlas Shrugged. I will be the first to admit I have not read the novel. I will see what I can learn and perhaps read it. All I know from those who have read it is that it describes an America with constraints similar to the soviet union where those who run business’s and who have decent income levels have no say in their lives and are forced to give up their money to a government that uses it for its own ends. There is certainly wasteful spending and I would be the last person to believe that government isn’t filled with people trying to achieve their own ends. However our government itself is not evil and neither are the people in it. The money that is taken in the form of taxes has and can be misused as it is being divided to spend. However what it is being spent on is not unimportant and it is something we all use. Our countries educational system, military, social services,infrastructure, and other services are important and useful. I am not saying government is perfect or even very good. But it is useful and it can do good. And it is not nearly as bad as what it is in Atlas Shrugged. Business owners have nothing to fear and they certainly do not need to go on strike.

    • MAP

      Mr. Leochner, your analysis is very leftist. You reveal a trust in the general government that is neither earned nor warranted. Your entire statement is one of statist approach. Where do the leftists derive this undying trust in the omnipotent state? Give me an instance when the general government did anything right. What did it ever do that did not illustrate its inherent corruption and incompetence? The Founders of this country had no such trust in general governments. That is why they created a government of limited powers. And the tenth amendment was added to make certain that those powers remained limited. A totalitarian, leftist state is the complete opposite of their goals. Most of the expenses you mention – educational system, social services, infrastructure – are not given to the general government by the Constitution, but were, instead, usurpations of state powers by statists. And each of those has proven a disaster in their hands. For the general government to drive businesses off our shores or into bankruptcy to help finance services for which the general government was never intended is, to me, a paradox of absurdity. I believe it would be far wiser be to starve the beast into submisssion.

      • OneDamnAngryAmerican

        Where in the US Constitution does it say that you are entitled to a “job?” You better STFU. because I know for a fact that US businesses are boycotting barry by not hiring, or should I say, by only hiring illegals. If you want to complain about not having any money in your pocket, I say, GET A JOB, moron! And, don’t forget to vote all Republican in the next election. Once Romney guarentees American businesses that they are not going to get raped by the Fed, then they will begin hiring. Or, why not go to a “liberal” and have them give you a job? Most liberals are now homeless people and they live under bridges. Go ask one of them for a job. Then come back here and bitch about how even a homeless person WON’T even give you a job!

      • miken25

        Right on MAP. Government is force. It has nothing to offer citizens except the management of force.

      • Robert Smith

        MAP asks: “Where do the leftists derive this undying trust in the omnipotent state? Give me an instance when the general government did anything right. ”

        Kill Osama.

        Get health care to those who need it (work in progress).

        The snow was cleared from my street.


      • Michael J.

        Attention fellow patriots, if you do only one thing today, watch this video:

      • MAP

        Robert, with more leftist nonsense. Tell us, oh great see-all-know-all, why was Osama a burden to begin with? How did the hijackers get into this country to begin with? By what great act of the god-like state was this allowed to happen? What did it cost us, the taxpayer, to achieve this great failure? And your healthcare disaster has even not happened, thank God. Therefore, you place faith in something that has not even taken place. You are a dreamer, a disillusioned communist. May the Lord protect us from such as you.

      • MAP

        Correction in the above. Robert is a delusional communist, not disillusioned. Pray that he was!

      • Mario Quijano

        I still see a lot of adhominems and rather quaint, very retro, cold warrior rhetoric against Mr. Loecher’s assertion that the top 2% enjoy an unprecendently low tax rate. But no one has yet to dispute it. Is it true or not? And, if true, is lowering this tax rate even more the way to create jobs in this country?

      • Tom W.

        Maybe this will help explain!


      • flajim

        Mario, the answer is Yes. Those with money are those who create jobs. In addition, who decided that it was ‘fair’ that those who earned more paid taxes at a higher rate? History proves that when tax rates are lowered, more money flows into the economy and all benefit.

      • Deerinwater

        “Most liberals are now homeless people and they live under bridges.”

        Now tell us how you know that? I would tend to believe that they are not “political” at all! They have not engaged the political process. Having no willingness, desire or political acumen, look at the activities of politician as I a workingman/gun hunter might golfers, looking on with only mild amusement, thinking~ “that’s pretty”, nice lawn!

        You are attempting to suggest, mankind is to be divided into two groups in perfunctory fashion. All those in prison and living under bridges are liberals, all those that work, raise and educate children and pay taxes are conservatives.

        I think you need to set down that paint roller and pick up a smaller brush if you ever expect to paint us a clear picture of your political “views”

      • Michael

        MAP, the government is in place to guide and serve the people and it has done a fine job of doing just that. The results speak for themselves since America, even with our current down turn, is the envy of the world. I’ve lived in Europe and travelled overseas and can tell you with 100% certainty that America is the best place on earth. The small government zealots in the Bush administration are the true enemies of America; by not enforcing laws and regulations they didn’t like they caused the Great Recession. The best bet for effective government is one run by Democrats who are fiscally responsible like Clinton. With all the insane turmoil on the Right it is forgotten that Clinton left office after 3 years of budget surpluses each larger than the one before and we were well on our way to invincibility. We would be there is Gore had been elected instead of GWB and the Right would be shriveled up and forgotten.

      • nc

        Map, you ask when has General Government ever done anything right? Ever heard of WWII? Wasn’t fought by state militias! Was fought under the managment of a GENERAL GOVERNMENT! You say general government has gotten too big and two powerful! Where would rather be today? Somewhere else? All of what we are today occurred while the general government was in control! It has never lost out to a different country! WE’re number one in the world, What would you rather the general government achieve?? Winning the NBA???
        As the old saying goes, you conservatives would pi$$ and moan with a loaf of bread under each arm!! From what I have read here NO past President would qualify as a “true conservative” based on their tax hikes and accumulation of debt! Since we achieved ” Number one nation in the world” status and remained there without your leadership, that
        is a mighty good indicator we don’t need “true conservative” leadership!
        Wayne Root has obviously just awankened from a 12 year nap if he thinks all of this economic mess started with Obama! The 06 and 08 elections were adjustments to economic condition that he slept through.! Leading economist as early as 2005 WBO (Way Before Obama) were predicting the collapse of the housing market and guess what?? They were dead right and with it came the collapse of the finanicial market before Obama was even the leading candidate for the Democrat nomination!

      • Jim

        Map , you got it right in everything you said in your comment. The left is putting their spin on everything that is wrong with America but it is only cheap and down right lies they are saying to save their president’s hide with the upcoming election. Those that will vote for him are either Marxist or people that actually believe what he has been shoveling for the last 3 and a half years and if the majority of American’s are either of those things, then nothing will change their minds until it is too late, then those that are card holding Marxists will then be the 1% they are always complaining about and the rest will just have to depend on Obama’s handouts and entitlements since we are losing our manufacturing base faster with this administration in office then we have lost in the last 30 years.

      • DaveH

        Robert Smith (answering the question — what has Government done right?) —
        Kill Osama. Really Robert? Did you see the body? Did anybody except the Seals? Why would they so hurriedly bury him at see when he has been the target of the US’s attention for a decade? Did Obama kill Osama (if it really was)? How come you credit Obama with the military’s 10 year quest to kill started under Bush, but don’t credit Obama with our current economic malaise which you say was Bush’s fault?

        Get health care to those who need it (work in progress)?
        Surely you kid, Robert? The takeover of the Health Care Industry is doomed to failure when Government runs out of other peoples’ money and starts rationing care to all. How could anybody expect anything different when disinterested expensive middlemen, who have secure jobs and don’t have to answer to the patients, will be placed between the doctor/patient relationship? Socialism always has, and always will Fail, because the reality is that it is designed to feather the Leaders’ and their Crony Capitalists’ nests at the expense of the rest of the citizens.

        For those who want to learn the reality of Big Government Intervention in the Marketplace, please read this book:

      • DaveH
      • DaveH
      • DaveH

        Also here:

        Above all, Corporations don’t pay taxes — People do.
        The Corporations just pass the higher costs (by necessity) to the consumers, or they lay workers off or lower their pay, or they move out of the country. The Corporate Tax is just another of the many ways that Government fleeces the citizens.
        In 1900 Government spent less than 7% of our GDP.
        Now they spend over 40% of our GDP. That’s almost a 7X increase in their size. Are we that much more in need of protection than they were in 1900? Of course not. Leaders are just adept at growing their Power and Perks at the rest of our expense.

      • eddie47d

        Considering that tax rates were 80-90% back in the earlier 50′s claiming that lower tax rate will spur the economy comes across as rather shallow. It may be true but businesses back then were entering a era of tremendous growth and our economy was going gang busters. Now we have lower tax rates (about half of what it was) and the only ones benefiting are spoiled CEO’s who fight over each other in who’s got the most. I would say they are doing quite well and they don’t even have a robust economy in mind and only their own self interest.

      • Paul B.

        Michael, another delusional leftist. Clinton a spendthrift? You might want to reconsider that opinion. The ONLY reason Clinton had budget surpluses was due to the efforts of the Republican led Congress… period. And heaven help us if Gore had been elected. We would have faced numerous attacks from Al Qaida, Bin Laden would still be running free and his appetite for Green Energy would have bankrupted us by now.

        I do agree with you though that America still IS the best place on earth, regardless of your compatriots consistent trashing of what we have, and what we want the vision of America to be… smaller government, less market manipulation from DC, more money in our pockets to spend, more freedom to pursue our OWN dreams and goals, not to have to follow the goals of those who would diminish America’s greatness, our individual freedoms for the benefit of centralized planning… which has yet to EVER been proven effective.

      • Hey You

        Paul: You seem to forget that the budget surpluses of the “Clinton years” were mostly caused by the winding-down of the “cold war” and the decrease in military spending which accompanied that winding-down. Present activities are never insulated from prior events.

      • Michael J.

        I agree that barry somewhat resembles Osama, but he’s a dead ringer for this guy:

      • JeffH

        Hey You, sorry but there never was a surplus during the Clinton years…never was!

      • Doug

        Hey Robert how about showing me some proof that we killed Kill Osama last year? You took hook line and sinker you have no proof you know why Osama has been dead for years. Oh Robert before going to be tonight make sure to look under your bed and in the closet to make sure the boggy man is not in your room tonight. A mind is a terrible thing to waste and yours is a waste land!

      • Tom W.

        Have y’all seen this new ad put out by “Veterans for a Strong America”?! ENJOY PATRIOTS!!!

        “How art thou fallen from heaven, O Lucifer, son of the morning! how art thou cut down to the ground, which didst weaken the nations! For thou hast said in thine heart, I will ascend into heaven, I will exalt my throne above the stars of God: I will sit also upon the mount of the congregation, in the sides of the north: I will ascend above the heights of the clouds; I will be like the most High. Yet thou shalt be brought down to hell, to the sides of the pit. They that see thee shall narrowly look upon thee, and consider thee, saying, Is this the man that made the earth to tremble, that did shake kingdoms; That made the world as a wilderness, and destroyed the cities thereof; that opened not the house of his prisoners?” – Isaiah !4:12-17 (KJV)

        Sounds like our beloved POTUS and Lucifer both suffer from the same problem. an “I” problem!!!

      • Tom W.

        In honor of Memorial Day coming up! I found this song on Steve Vaus’ 1996 CD “Don’t Tread On Me”, the words to the song were there but not a credit to the writer, it sounds traditional to me and if anyone knows anything about the history of the song and the identity of it’s writer, I would LOVE to know! I think it’s AWESOME!!!

        Sacred Ground

        This sacred ground, deserves my all

        No less for God, or freedom’s call

        If my life, be laid down, let it be on sacred ground

        It was purchased with the blood of Patriots,

        consecrated for liberty

        Protected, through the generations,

        Now the future rests with me

        This sacred ground, deserves my all

        No less for God, or freedom’s call

        If my life, be laid down, let it be on sacred ground

        Who will answer the call for warriors,

        Who will be there at the battle line

        Who will lift up a prayer for courage,

        Who will bury me if I die?

        This sacred ground, deserves my all

        No less for God, or freedom’s call

        If my life, be laid down, let it be on sacred ground

        If I should die, watch o’er my family,

        But brother shed no tears for me

        For I will be among the angels,

        Who’ve given all to keep all free

        This sacred ground, deserves my all

        No less for God, or freedom’s call

        If my life, be laid down,

        Let it be on sacred ground

      • Jay

        Well said Map, bravo!!! Keep in mind Map, when the lefttist-zombies viscously attack you, it is not you they’re attacking, but the truth!!!

      • Tom W.

        Whadup MAP?! If you didn’t see my thank you for the link to the Ann Barnhardt videos! Talk about one pissed mamma griz! SON!!! Sarah and Michele together as a team couldn’t carry Ann’s sports bra! LOL!!! Now she’s the real deal! I sent that link to my 31 yr.old left-leanin’, Kool-Aid guzzlin’, femi-nazi, (Thank God she’s straight!) daughter, and she responded, “That lady’s off of her meds!” LOL!!! I LOVE IT! She’s sooo stubborn and hardheaded, a trait naturally inherited from her know-it-all mother, and like most of her gender thinks that they (women) can fix the world if given the chance. LOL!!! When ya get right down to basics, women already rule the world and are responsible for the shape that it’s in!!!
        Michael J., AWESOME video!!! It’s hard to refuse to see it when ya get bludgeoned right up side of you lemming heads, huh Qu…oops, I mean Deer, Rob, nc, and the rest of you loony-left, Kool-Aid intoxicated libtards!!! Oh yeah Michael J., it does look like him! Maybe it’s his cuz!!! Uncle Ungabunga’s son! LOL!!!
        Mario, what good is it goin’ to do to raise the tax rate for the top 2% when they already shoulder a huge portion of the burden?!! Their tax rate isn’t THE problem! The problem is the GROWING percentage of worthless, good-for-nothing, lazy, parasites who refuse to work and lay around whinin’ feed me, clothe me, house me, school (I have not the foggiest clue why!!!) me, and the tax payer funded bureaucratic amalgamation from hell of self-serving, lazy, could care less who’s payin’ the bill, six-figure salaried sponges who coddle and spoon feed these worthless slugs like the good little nanny state that we’ve become!!! THAT’S THE PROBLEM MARIO!!!
        It took three times to send this post! The first two times, I was almost done and hit the wrong key and POOF!!! Makes ya wanna KILL somethin’!!! Where do you live Qu… I mean Deer?!! It’s terrible to become addicted to posting when ya can’t spell or type either one! LOL!!! But whoever said ya can’t teach an old dog new tricks?!! I’m workin’ on it!!! WOOF!
        Keep your eyes on the skies everybody, JESUS IS COMIN’! He LOVES y’all and so do I!!!

      • Jeremy Leochner

        MAP I never said I have absolute trust in the government. I do not believe in an omnipotent state. In regards to the good the government has done I would point out the abolition of slavery, the right to vote for women, the repeal of child labor laws, social security, and finally the voting rights act. Government is not perfect but neither is it evil. It is not inherently corrupt. I do not believe it is all good though. Government is like any thing. It is good and bad. I figure lets try and save the good and expand on it before we simply gut the whole thing for the sake of destroying the bad. We need to reform the government, not reboot it.

      • Tom W.

        I beg to differ Jeremy, sometimes ya just gotta tear that old barn down and build a new one. When that old barn has stood for years in disrepair, sometimes the easiest and safest thing to do is to set it on fire, step back and get outta the way and let her BURN!!!

      • Jack Dixon

        Like the weather, everybody talks about how bad it is but nothing changes. Substantive change is not out of our reach. The Founding Fathers, in the debate between the Federalists (altho they were more like Royalists) and the anti Federalists, hit upon the best solution:

        Limit central government to a narrow list of powers and a very restrictive taxing authority, seeing it as a necessary evil, but binding it down with the chains of the Constitution. In fact, 75% of the federal government is based on a very shaky reading of the Commerce Clause.

        If the citizens rise up and demand that the federal government return to its lawful role, specifically that the legal authority of the Commerce Clause be reestablished to conform with original intent, which was merely the regulation of duties between states. Over time the federal cancer would be reduced to about 20-25% of its current size and the thuggish income tax would no longer be needed (since it violates several enumerated liberties anyway). The problem of crony capitalism would be one of simply enforcing the law. Enormous capital that was freed up (or tax load) would in the free market produce much greater economic activity and wealth. Yes there would still be corruption and pandering, but it would be a pale shadow of its current self. The best way to deal with rats, roaches and other vermin is to deny them sustenance.

        There is a strong reform movement in the Republican party, and a serious effort to reform the Commerce Clause is very possible. The next and final step would be devolving all the federal overreach to state authority over a reasonable period, say 3-5 years. Those states which chose to continue overbearing and confiscatory taxes could, like present day California, do so. No doubt most states would choose a free and less intrusive course. Competition between the states is also a great way to balance the power.

      • DaveH

        Flashman (aka Jeremy Leochner),
        Give it up. The regulars know your game. Do you think its good for Progressives to have you making them look bad?

      • CardinalMo

        Yes…Let’s just trust the corporations with HUGE profit motivative. You really don’t know who is controling your life do you?

      • CardinalMo

        I don’t think progressives trust either the government or the Global corporations. But the lesser of the two evils is the govenrment when the public does their job and learns about the candidates beyond the superfical bickering.

      • jorind

        Bravo MAP. A pithy and erudite response to an avowd leftist statist.

    • Shane

      Hey Jeremy. I need salt to survive. But too much salt spoils the soup and may kill me. Understand?

      • DaveH

        No he doesn’t, Shane, because Jeremy isn’t here to learn. He is just one of Flashman’s multiple personalities.

      • Mike in MI

        Shane – Dave is right; he can no more absorb such information than granite absorbs tar. A Univ. of VA prof. named Jonathan Haidt has been researching what may be a genetic basis for why people develop into the particular brand of socio-political personalities they become. See “Born Ths Way?”. Jonathan Haidt archive,, May 2012.
        It’s kinda neat because it seems that if a successful culture needs an engine that runs on five cylinders, liberals are only banging on two.
        Even more interesting is that Haidt self-identifies as a lib. So, while he and his team identified five principles (cylinders) I personally suspect the are probably several more which they can’t “see” because of their liberal blindness.

      • DaveH
      • Tom W.

        Hey DaveH, does anyone have a clue as to how many there are?!! Could be hundr… Hell! It could be thousands!!! It’s scary as HELL if you ALLOW yourself to really think about it! Ahhhhh!!!

      • Jeremy Leochner

        I understand Shane.

        Dave nice to see you again. And I am not one of many personalities. I am only Jeremy as I have always been.

      • DaveH

        Sure you are, Flashman.

      • DaveH

        It’s time for your meds, Flashy.

      • CardinalMo

        You have that right.

      • Jeremy Leochner

        Dave. I believe you are who you say you are. I do not believe you are a fake name. All I ask is for you to pay me the same respect I pay you. I believe what I believe and with all due respect you are not going to change that by insulting me and pretending I am lying about who I am. My name is Jeremy Leochner. If you cannot accept that than we can never have a real discussion. I have a right to post my beliefs same as you. I would prefer a discussion of the issues, not my identity. If you wish to have such a discussion I will be all for it.

        • CardinalMo

          Good Job Jeremy you stated your position very well. It takes a real man with intellegence to do as you did. I glad some of the folks who are making comments do not fall back on name calling, hateful comments, ahd praising the king for every turn of the wind.

      • Jeremy Leochner

        Thanks for the compliment CardinalMo.

    • Robert Smith

      “I will be the first to admit I have not read the novel. ”

      I have, Jeremy.

      It’s NOT those who are producing like the Dagney and Reardon who are the problem. These folks have strong personalities (Ayn Rand distills things so they can be easuly understood) and it’s clear that not ALL who can produce go on strike under the leadership of John Gault. A lot of good points are clearly made, but there is room to understand that absolutes are not the rule of the day.

      Ayn Rand had another entire catigory of folks who were ripping things appart in America. The LOOTERS. They are the 1% who are using paper instruments to rip off the middle class and corrupt our economy.

      Those who were responsible for the crash during the Bush years should have been prosicuted and put in jail if found guilty. Obama should have done the same thing.


      • Warrior

        You’re right, and the majority of those responsible are still holding office. There should be a whole bunch of pink slips handed out this Nov. Imagine, all these tripes who claim they just didn’t know how bad the situation was. Are you kidding me? They provided the ingredients. McCain, pelosi, reid, schumer, durbin, osama, boxer and all the rest of the “progressive putz’s”. Out with every one of these friggin communists!

      • Deerinwater

        I have read the novel, in fact all of her novels, “We the Living” my personal favorite. Ayn Rand wrote from a delightfully narcissistic point of view. The world was truly her oyster. Ms Rand was an extremely powerful wordsmith and a confusingly delightful read. She wrote in a way, you would spend months thinking about her views of the world and your own responsible in the world. Not light reading and surly not for the weak minded and doubtful heart.

        If the world was full of very many Ayn Rands, it become over crowded rather quickly as such a character requires a lot of personal space.

      • Michael J.

        Robert Smith,
        I am no longer a fan of Dubya, but I can tell you that the crash you speak of did not happen until consumers and big business got wind of what was coming down the pike in the name of the goddess you worship!!!

        The curtain has been pulled back, the Genie is out of the bottle, the game is over. Truth has a clensing affect and your parroted rethoric is still filthy dirty.

      • DaveH

        Ayn Rand was an immigrant from the USSR. She knew full well how Leaders could distort the Marketplace and fool the citizens with their double-speak Propaganda.

      • SerfCityHereWeCome

        LOL. If you’d really read it, you’d know his name is John GALT.

      • vicki

        Robert Smith writes:
        Ayn Rand had another entire catigory of folks who were ripping things appart in America. The LOOTERS.

        Let us see whom those looters might be.
        2 big government owned companies in particular.

      • vicki

        A bit more for Robert Smith on who the looters are according to rand.

        “The looters are basically pseudobusinessmen, like the incompetent steel executive Orren Boyle, who get unearned riches by getting special favors from politicians. Their business isn’t business, but political pull.”

        I.E. CRONY Capitalist.

        Note the central connection in the looters corruption is CENTRAL Government.

      • Tom W.

        Robert! Man!!! I thought my spellin’ was bad! Boy, SCHWC sure called your lemmin’ bluff there didn’t he?! Qu… I mean Deer, I’ve said it before, I’ll say it again, you’re deeper than your hero’s dead, decaying, crustacean eaten, body dude! You’re sooo full of yoself, a TRUE legend in yo own mind!!!
        I’ve never read the book, I will one day, but as much as I’ve heard about it, don’t feel it’s nessesary!!! I hear the moral of the story and totally agree, nothing kills ambition more or faster than having hard work not recognized, or rewarded, or even worse, seein’ someone who’s not hittin’ a lick gettin’ by better than you when you’re givin’ it ALL ya got!!! It’s the same problem that has been the cause of just about every revolution recorded in the history books, TAXATION WITHOUT REPRESENTATION!!! The window of opportunity is closing fast on these people and they know it! This plan is very very old!( Only God knows how old!!! But they see that people are startin’ to awaken and that without clairvoyance their plan is doomed! They were hopin’ to disarm us by deceit, and now I believe are beginning to realize how futile that hope was!!! Be on your toes everybody, I look for them to pull out all stops to try and cause some type of social uprisin’ which will give them the opportunity to implement Mashall Law!!! BE VIGILENT Vig! We MUST keep our cool as long as absolutely possible, but at the same time not allowing them to succeed to the point of no hope!!! I truly don’t believe that this will ever be resolved in a peaceful manner, I pray that I’m wrong but I don’t see this ending without armed conflict! BE READY AND PRAY AMERICA!!! GOD BE WITH US!

      • Tom W.

        Hey Vicki! Sorry! I meant to say hey at the end of the last post, but got so wrapped up in the heat of the battle that I popped that send button before I realized that I meant to halla’ at you also! I pray you didn’t feel like I was writin’ ya off or ignorin’ ya, ’cause I think your posts are awesome!!!

      • Jay

        Back in the early 70’s, when “tree-huggers” were predicting the new ice age, Ayn Rand was lecturing at Boston where she was speaking on the topic of how the progressives were going to use environmentalism to destroy capitalism.

        You might be interested in picking up a copy of her book, deer, “The New Left”: The Anti-
        Industrial Revolution. The lecture is in that book.

    • Brad

      Jeremy, I have a few questions for you. Are you a small business owner and if so what industry?

      • DaveH

        Jeremy is one of Flashman’s alter egos. I guess after Bob Livingston dressed him down yesterday, Flashman reverted to one of his old personalities (Scroll down to Bob Livingston’s comment):

      • Karolyn

        Jeremy is young and one of the most polite posters who ever visits here.

      • DaveH

        You’ve been around long enough to know better. Jeremy is one of Flashman’s multiple personalities. Follow the link above to Bob Livingston’s comment.
        Flashman is one sick puppy.

      • Jeremy Leochner

        Dave I am not flashman. My desire is to debate and discuss. My name is Jeremy. My views are my own. If I truly believe what I say there is no reason for me to hid behind a fake name. I believe what I believe and I have no problem with people knowing this is what I believe. In fact I prefer it. I am Jeremy and this is what I believe. I wish you would show me the respect I show you. I believe you are who you say you are and that your beliefs are what you say they are. All I ask is for you to please treat me with the same dignity.

      • Jeremy Leochner

        I am not a small business owner. I am a student. I do not know what small business owners are going through. I think regulations should be brought up. I do not know very much about what regulations are being enforced but I am sure there are some that are not needed. I think certain regulations should be discussed. If a good case can be made for that regulation to be amended or abolished than I would be for it wither way. The problem is I often just hear broad phrases from politicians about how many regulations there are and how we need to start slashing them. I think we can be a little more specific than that.

      • Tom W.
      • Jeremy Leochner

        Interesting. Never knew there was a song called Jeremy.

      • Tom W.

        Did ya listen to the words?!!

      • DaveH

        Save it, Flashman. You can fool Karolyn (not hard), but you don’t fool me. And you’re right about one thing, Flashman, I don’t respect you. I think you are one sick puppy.

        • dawgbisquit

          Hey DaveH, do ya think he’s sittin’ there behind his keyboard in a pair of Groucho glasses! LOL!!!

      • Jeremy Leochner

        I am not trying to fool anyone Dave. Call me crazy but I truly believe what I say I do and I do not mind having people know what I believe. I have a right to my opinion same as you.

    • Charles

      Hi, Jeremy. As a “senior” who has been there and done that, let me say that I was born in a nearly free country just coming out of the great depression and and only a few years before entering WWII. Compared to now, we were totally free back then, partly because we had half the population we have now, but mostly because the hyper well-intended “progressives” hadn’t locked in a strangle hold on the country. I was going to joke and that now these leftists even want to control CO2, the “gas” your body expels when you breathe.

      They have created so many laws (40,000 new laws in 2011 alone between fed, city and states, look it up), that it is impossible to breath without breaking one of them. To understand the real impact, multiply some portion of that number times the 236 years we’ve been a country, and the total number on the books becomes mind boggling, whatever it is.

      What are all of these new laws that were passed?

      Well, again, according to the National Conference of State Legislatures, they ranged from making it a crime to sell a live animal on any street or in any parking lot to honoring law enforcement officials killed in the line of duty with special medals. Several states passed laws regarding the use of E-Verify. Others tackled changing regulations for upcoming elections. Still others range from prohibiting the sale of shark fins to allowing civil unions, from creating a license plate for music teachers and banning people under the age of 18 from using tanning beds. Oregon passed laws to increase compliance with the requirement to report any hunting activity. Many states passed laws restricting texting or the use of cell phones while driving. Other laws covered environmental regulations, sexual exploitation of children for profit. California passed a law requiring that the contributions of gays and lesbians to our country and culture be taught in California schools. A new law in California prohibits an employer or prospective employer from using a consumer credit report for employment purposes. The new laws go on and on, covering healthcare, housing, impaired driving, insurance, pensions and employee benefits, transportation and veterans benefits. And these don’t include those passed by the U.S. Congress.

      If you’re starting to feel a bit cramped under this barrage of new laws, most of which you won’t know exist until you accidentally break one, welcome to the club. The big question is: what to do about it?

      Texas governor Rick Perry in one of the recent GOP debates suggested that we should only allow Congress to meet every two years, and then only for a few months at a time (as does Texas.) Seems to me that would be great for state legislatures, too. If they only worked a few months every couple of years, they couldn’t do so much damage.

      If you really want to understand, and not just defend the state, read the book “The Road to Serfdom” by F.A. Hayek. That book will open your eyes as to why liberalism (do-goodism) inevitably leads fascism and/or a dictatorship.

      Have a nice, if you can, before that, too, becomes illegal or “unfair” to those who aren’t having one.

      • Tom W.

        Good mornin, Charles, I do hope you read my response, I tried to send it to ya yesterday but my computer keeps mysteriously deleteing messages that I’m workin’ on but not ready to send! I don’t know if it’s something that I’m doing wrong, I’m still a neanderthal, or if it’s something wrong with the lap-top, GOTTA LUV IT!!! And I do!
        Charles if you’ve never seen the documentary film by the late ex-governor of Nevada, and Hollywood film producer (“The Rose” with Bette Midler and “Trading Places” with Dan Aykroyd and Eddie Murphy,) Aaon Russo called, “America: From Freedom to Facism”?!! If you haven’t, I know you’ll find it interesting! ( Over-complication!!! Have you seen the latest tax code?!!
        Yes it was a TOTALLY different world back then, or at least I’ve been told! You sse I was born in “58″ and pretty much remember the late 60′s and early 70′s as the years of my childhood. As turbulent of a time in our history as that was, it was still a TOTALLY different world even then! There was a prevailing HOPE that the fruition of the TRUE “American Dream” that ALL people could live together in peace with liberty and justice for ALL, the “Dream” that Dr. King so eloquenty shared from the steps of the Lincoln Memorial that early summer day in 1963. MAN!!! What in the HELL were WE smokin’?!! WE were that generation that Don McLean so aptly decribed as “lost in space” in his classic pop hit “American Pie”! With ALL our grandious ideas of peace, love, and TRUE happiness we went floatin’ out into the world, granny shades on, flowers in our hair, hand raised in the infamous “V” peace sign, ready to take on the establishment! Ready to make some changes!! Ready to change this world back into the lush green paradise that it was back in the Day!!! WE forgot the MOST important element, WE forgot GOD!!! The AUTHOR and the FINISHER of ALL things! We went and got engulfed in our own SINS, “If it feels good, DO IT!!!” became our motto, and as good as that might sound, we forget about other people’,s feelings and lives as we selfishly live out our wildest fantasies, family name?! Who cares?!! It was ME, ME, ME, and that ALL there was to IT!!! Those of us who grew uip during those years, the ones who are STILL alive and not in prison, HAVE to KNOW that SOMEONE was watchin’ over them!!! And He still is!
        How bout you Charles? Do you and yours know the Creator of the Universe as your Personal Lord and Savior?!! If the rapture were to happen today, I’d be totally in awe if 75% of church members, not to mention the general population of the United States, would be present at that great meeting in the air. (I Thess. 4:16-18) Do You know what the Olivette Prophecies are? Before entering Jerusalem for the last time, Jesus sat on the Mount of Olives and told the Deciples for the third time what was going to befall Him. They just weren’t getting it. But He told them not to worry because He would come again. When asked what would be the signs of His return, He gave them these prophecies. (Matt. ch.24, Mark ch.13, and Luke ch.21) Luke ch.17 also touches a little on the End-time Prophecies. Along with many other Old and New Testament prophecies. Study them! Know them! Memorize them! Is your lamp trimmed and burning? (Matt. 25:1-13) Because if you’re not looking up, (Luke 21:28) you surely to God must be blind!!! (II Cor. 4:3&4) Jesus is coming everybody!!! I pray that you’re ready! If you’re not, you may pray a prayer similar to this: “Dear God, I know that You love me. I admit that I’m a sinner. Please forgive me for my sins. I place my faith in Jesus as my Savior and Lord. Thank You for saving me. In Jesus’ name I pray. Amen.” If you prayed that prayer and meant it with all your heart, know for a certainty that it is impossible for God to lie! (Rom. 10:13) This is what it means to be born-again! (John 3:3) Go find yourself a church, forget about a perfect one, they don’t exist. Surround yourself with Christian friends, they won’t be perfect either, that’s why we need Jesus! Emmerce yourself in Gods’ Word so you’ll know how to fight off ole’ nick. (Eph. 6:13-18) You’re in the Army now, soldier! And now it’s your job to bring as many lost sheep back into the fold as possible. (Matt. 5:14-16) What?! Did you think it was going to be easy? (II Tim. 3:12) God be with you! I wish for everyone who reads this letter to know that the writer is a certified Jesus nut with plenty of documentation to prove it!

      • Tom W.

        Another little Gem that I just discovered Charles! Thought it went right along with your thoughts from yesterday! I pray you enjoy it as much as i did!!!

    • Mario Quijano

      Mr. MAP: you fall into the adhominem fallacy by right away stating to Mr. Loechner that “your analysis is very leftist” and NOT responding to Mr. Leochner’s assertions that the top 2% enjoy all the fiscal privileges and their tax rates are at historical lows. I ask you, Mr. MAP, is Leochner’s assertion true or false? Where specifically does Mr. Loechner “reveal an unwarranted trust in the government”? Can you cite evidence that refutes Mr. Loechner’s assertion that the top 2% enjoy historically low tax rates? If Mr. Loechner’s assertions are true, how low do you Mr. MAP believe should the tax rate for the top 2% go before jobs start being created once again in this country (NOT in China)? Thank you.

      • Brad

        Mario, Are you in the 99% or are you part of the all new. just released, 98%?? I am confused when did the 98% come into effect. Man you liberals just can’t make up your mind….

        Oh a co worker just passed me the latest memo, it has something on it the resemble PBJ, not sure what that is on the now wadded up crumpled note, say’s that on Thursdays liberals will talk for now on of the 98%, but will change back to 99&% on Fridays. Everyone inter this into tyheir notes so tomorrow we will all understand 98% on Thursdays and 99% on everyother day. GOT IT!!

        • Mario Quijano

          Brad – I am a liberal? I am as fiscally conservative as can be! Please, do you have arguments or just have adhominems? (I suggest you and the rest of the proletarian flock here wiki what an adhominem is.) Anyways, Brad, is Loechner’s assertion true or not? Do the top 2% enjoy a historically low tax rate? Will lowering it even more create jobs?

      • Charles

        The top 2% is not homogeneous.The noveau riche generally earned what they have and deserve every penny of it. Would you say that Bill Gates doesn’t deserve his wealth? He built Microsoft from scratch. What about Sam Wall, who started in a small town story in Arkansas and grew his company via hard work over the years to become Walmart? Sam Wall became a billionaire. Was Sam Wall undeserving of his rewards. Look at the men who built Home Depot from scratch. When you say the top 2%, you shouldn’t lump them all together. It is the old money, the Gnomes of Zurich, the Bilderbergers, the really super wealthy families, the Rockefellers, Melons, the Rothchilds, etc. that have the power. They inherited the money mostly from robber barons. Most businessmen are just businessmen. They are not the manipulators of governments as are the super wealthy, world power brokers who stand with their legs on multiple continents, with no real national loyalties. Think ye, before ye condemn.

      • Ted Crawford

        What you and Mr. Leochner assert is true! What you might not be considering here is the status of the World Markets at the times of these higher tax rates. When tax rates were at some of their highest points, we enjoyed a dominance in manufacturing and Industry, due to the devastation of Europe during the war. Our compitition was weak and inefficient. The same is not true today, and ALL their tax rates are much lower!
        In addition to that fact, our Industries are far more regulated and our labor cost are far higher than other countries.If we are to remain a leader in the World Marketplace some of these issues must be substantively addressed! Would you prefer that we de-regulate, or cut the wages to American workers, or is a tax reduction a more commonsense approch?

      • DaveH

        I answered your questions in an above comment the first time you asked.
        And if you’re really seeking knowledge, you should read this:

      • Nancy in Nebraska

        Charles, the founder of Walmart ws Sam Walton.

      • Vicki

        Mario Quijano (flashy is that you hiding under there?) says:
        Mr. MAP: you fall into the adhominem fallacy by right away stating to Mr. Loechner that “your analysis is very leftist” and NOT responding to Mr. Leochner’s assertions that the top 2% enjoy all the fiscal privileges and their tax rates are at historical lows.

        You seem to have erred in your assertion. Had Mr. Map said that Mr. Loechner was very leftist then it might have been an ad hominem fallacy. However Mr. Map said that Mr. Loechner’s ANALYSIS is very leftist. That is a self evident truth.

        Now for a moment lets address the historical low tax rates. They are lower then they were in the 1940s. But do you really think that people like Mr Obama would be paying 94% of his now paltry just less than 1 million a year income in taxes? Do you REALLY think that the 94% was there to get lots of money for government?

        Take a wayback machine to those years and look at the marginal rate vs the actual rate after all the wonderful loopholes for those making more than $70,000 a year. That magical 2 % have been leading the people around for YEARS and they are government employees all or their few crony capitalist friends.

        But go ahead and raise the marginal tax rate back to 94% minus any loopholes and see if you can find ANYONE willing to work for 3 weeks a year for themselves and 49 weeks as slaves for the government beast.

        Slaveholder thy name is progressive tax.

        Now since the original comment was about CORPORATE tax I ask you who you think pays that tax. If you answer Corporations then congratulations. You have been successfully brainwashed.

        For those who are not sure consider that you are in business to make money. If your cost of making something goes up (additional taxes) do you raise your prices or do you just sit back and loose money? Remember ALL your competition gets the same additional tax.

        Well not all but that is a crony capitalist story.

    • atikva

      The bottom 48% doesn’t pay ANY income tax at all, while In NYC, for instance, 3% of the population pays for 47% of the city budget.

      You haven’t got a clue, obviously.

      • carrobin

        I’ve always wondered how much of that percentage who don’t pay income tax (though they pay all the other taxes everyone else pays) are actually the extremely wealthy, who keep accountants and “wealth advisors” are on staff for that kind of thing.

    • Geiser Carol

      Hey Jeremy, I think you need more coffee this morning. And please, BEFORE you post your ?? statements, please do your research first.
      First and foremost, NO the marginal tax rate for “rich” people and the capital gains tax rate is NOT at an all time low. Do you have any knowledge of history or are you just spewing forth your drivel because you’re a far left leftist?

      Are you aware of the small fact that before 1913 there was NO Capital Gains tax and there was NO rate for taxing income whether marginal or not.

      And just why do you think that you or anyone at all has the right to other peoples money?

      • DaveH

        Because Jeremy (aka Flashman) is one of the many Thieving Progressives who lusts after other peoples’ assets and have little in the way of morality.

      • revere

        Teddy Roosevelt, you know,one of the presidents enshrined on Mt. Rushmore, said;
        “The man of great wealth owes a particular obligation to the state because he derives special advantages from the mere existance of government.”

      • DaveH

        That might apply to certain Crony Capitalists, but certainly not to all wealthy people. And Teddy Roosevelt would certainly know that since he was a Progressive and in bed with many Crony Capitalists.

      • DaveH

        For more on Teddy, read “A History of Money and Banking” by Murray Rothbard:

        Page 188, Footnote 2 — “Indeed, much of the political history of the United States from the
        late nineteenth century until World War II may be interpreted by the closeness of each administration to one of these sometimes cooperating, more often conflicting, financial groupings: Cleveland (Morgan), McKinley (Rockefeller), Theodore Roosevelt (Morgan), Taft (Rockefeller), Wilson (Morgan), Harding (Rockefeller), Coolidge (Morgan), Hoover (Morgan), and Franklin Roosevelt (Harriman–Kuhn, Loeb–Rockefeller).

      • Jeremy Leochner

        Your right I am sorry carol. I honestly did not know that. My comment is based on my understanding of the current rates in relation to what they have been since the rates were established.
        As to your question I do not believe people have a right to other peoples money. But we
        live in a a nation founded on everyone’s equality and liberty. We are all in this boat together but some are struggling and we do need to help them. We all share the weight and we all need to pull our fair share.”Fair share” being an ambiguous term. But we all need to contribute, because we all benefit in some form or another. You could easily argue that collecting taxes is akin to stealing from one person to give to another. But I could also argue that giving people tax cuts and cutting spending to things like social security is also like stealing money. We could go in to all sorts of accusations all day. All I want is to try and have as fair a system as possible, again fair being an ambiguous term. Right now we are in an economic recession and all I hear in Washington is “More taxes and more spending” and “Less taxes and less spending”. Can’t we try a middle approach like “Less spending and More taxes”.

      • Vicki

        Jeremy Leochner says:
        Your right I am sorry carol. I honestly did not know that. My comment is based on my understanding of the current rates in relation to what they have been since the rates were established.

        It is not as if we have not been telly Jeremy for YEARS what the rates are. It’s not like Jeremy couldn’t look it up on the net like we all did. We even had the courtesy to post the results here. I will do so again.
        This one has both bottom and top bracket for each year and what the income line is.

        Just imaging having to pay a whole 7% of you income over $500,000 in a year when a house was as much as it was in 1913-1915. The closest I could find in unadjusted fiat dollars was 1930 and you would still have money left over for lots of gas.

        Jeremy Leochner:
        As to your question I do not believe people have a right to other peoples money. But we
        live in a a nation founded on everyone’s equality and liberty. We are all in this boat together but some are struggling and we do need to help them.

        Good. Go help them. But quit stealing MY money to do it. I have my own brother to keep.

        Jeremy Leochner:
        We all share the weight and we all need to pull our fair share.”Fair share” being an ambiguous term. But we all need to contribute, because we all benefit in some form or another

        We all do. Stop pointing a government gun at my head and telling me that YOU don’t think I contribute enough.

        Jeremy Leochner:
        You could easily argue that collecting taxes is akin to stealing from one person to give to another.

        Not akin. IS. Evidence, Soylandra, TARP, Foreign Aid. …….

        Jeremy Leochner:
        But I could also argue that giving people tax cuts and cutting spending to things like social security is also like stealing money.

        So the thief comes to steal your wallet and car. He decides to let you keep the wallet (After taking all the cash and credit cards from it) and for THAT you accuse him of stealing? I am beginning to think, as some already do, that liberalism IS a mental disorder.

        Jeremy Leochner:
        All I want is to try and have as fair a system as possible, again fair being an ambiguous term.

        Return to the old ways of private property, hard work, and honest pay. The free market is the only possible fair way. We have shown in this country alone with nearly 100 years of meddling that elites have not a clue how to “manage” the economy. But they sure know how to steal your wealth. :(

        Let the government focus on protecting us from fraud by keeping each of the transactions honest rather than, as it currently does, be the creator of fraud. (Solyndra, Fast and Furious, …..)

    • Tom

      Jeremy’s premise that the top earners have an unprecedentedly low income tax rate is both true and false. It is false because until the 16th Amendment to the Constitution, Congress was not allowed to tax income, therefore the rate on all Americans was zero. It is true because since that time, high wage earners have historically been raped by the income tax. I remember when the top rate was 90%. It was in the 70% range when Reagan got his tax cuts enacted. I wonder if the same extreme effect on the economy would happen today, because our top rate can’t be reduced much more under the same taxing system we have today. If everyone today received a tax decrease, as we did under Bush II, Reagan and Kennedy, we definitely will have over 50% of the population paying no tax. With no skin in the game, why should they vote for any candidate running on an austerity or limited government platform. It’s not costing them any money, they may even profit from the current system. It’s broken beyond repair, and needs to be replaced.

    • Airangel

      Freedom is the ability to pursue riches, there is no guarantee you will be successful. Most Americans are increasingly being forced into poverty because of run-a-way Government spending and gross negligence of the citizen’s hard earned money. With no private sector jobs, there is no revenue going into the Government coffers for all of their extravagant, irresponsible spending.

      They always threaten to cut Social Security and Medicare that real tax paying citizens have paid into from their paychecks their whole life only for Government to chop these noble citizens off at the knees and steal any kind of dignified retirement and quality life they so deserve for all their hard years of sacrifice….for what? For our sick Government to send billions to our enemies, billions for rich beaches (yes Government caters to the rich despite their rhetoric) to be re-sanded, billions spent on prostitution studies, forced Big Pharma backed insurance rather than choice, billions to their buddies like Solyndra, Monsanto, etc…even Obama gave his daughters 24,000 each to AVOID paying too much in taxes….the loopholes and special favors are the problem. The rich pay enough taxes, they just need to pay them and the 50% using all the fire, police, medical, roads, etc, need to pay something or do volunteer work to pay back society! Incarcerated need to do good and also pay back society like pick the veggies, rebuild inner cities, paint houses, walk and care for animals, etc. Companies can use prisoners rather than illegals. It also helps rehabilitate the mind to be exposed to doing good rather than always scheming and taking!

    • Galen


      • GILLYSROOMS from Australia

        Try telling the holiday resort and staff in Hawaii that the money did not do them any good…$4 muillion or whatever it cost was not a waste of money if it created wealth and jobs in Hawaii, but how was the cost calculated? did it include the cost of wages for her security staff or other staff too? IF THE HOLIDAY MONEY IS GOING TO BE SPENT SOMEWHERE IT MIGHT AS WELL BE SHARED AROUND…LOL

      • DaveH

        No Gilly, taking money from the Private Sector, much of which would otherwise have been invested in Productive Capital Equipment and plants to produce cheaper goods, and spending it to service Unproductive Government activities is NOT good for an economy.
        Take your hard earned money which you probably would have spent wisely and give it to a profligate Progressive friend, and you will see what I mean.

    • John

      Jeremy, I think you should go back and read Wayne Allen Root’s paragraph again. It is talking about the general population and small businesses being run by the general population. Our government and the media are being run by corporations. If we had a free enterprise system our economy would be thriving. Our phoney money system allows our government and the banks to live in club med while the general population are being treated like a bunch of farm animals. The Federal Reserve money is just ink and paper, backed by absolutely nothing of value. Our government officials can and do make as much as they need for themselves, so inflation (the devaluation of the dollar) isn’t an issue for them. Our lawmakers make hundreds of new laws every year to regulate everything the population does, while the lawmakers themselves are exempt from many of the laws that they make. Our government is supposed to be “rule of Law” where the law is supposed to apply to everyone, not “rule of men” which is a socialist government where the laws are made to manipulate and control people.
      The problems that our founding fathers were trying to prevent in the way they designed our government with three branches to keep each other from getting too much power isn’t working anymore. Our founding fathers recognized that human nature is corrupt and positions of power are attractive to corrupt people.
      Thomas Jefferson said in 1802:
      “I beleive that banking institutions are more dangerous to our liberties than standing armies..
      If the american people ever allow private banks to control the issue of their currency first by inflation, then by deflation, the banks and corporations that will grow up around the banks will deprive the people of all property until their children wake up homeless on the continent their fathers conquered.”
      Do you know that when you get a mortgage loan in this country the money loaned to you doesn’t exist. The money is digital money created out of thin air by the federal reserve and nowdays loaned to banks at zero percent interest? The banks then loan the money to you and make more than double the price in real money that you worked for over 30 years. Our government today on both sides is a dog and pony show made up of self serving people who are continually promising the people that they are going to solve our problems, to get elected, when they are the cause of our problems. The people of this country need to quit looking at our government as their daddy. They are our employees, not our rulers. You should read G. Edward Griffin’s book “The Creature from Jeckyll Island”. It gives a factual account of how our government and financial system is really run.

      • Vicki

        Thomas Jefferson said in 1802:
        “If the american people ever allow private banks to control the issue of their currency first by inflation, then by deflation, the banks and corporations that will grow up around the banks will deprive the people of all property until their children wake up homeless on the continent their fathers conquered.”

        It appears that he was quite correct. The evidence is all around us. The Federal Reserve at the center of the set of banks.

    • http://gmail sancheleezy

      J.L. Is nothing but a naive, simplistic fool which the Founder’s warned us about, as they said that if the public does not remain ever vigilant against ignoble and evil forces, this nation will not persevere. Unless the populace is educated and fully in control of their senses they cannot even conceive of the importance of the Bill of Rights and a small federal government which usurps our individual freedoms and liberties. In other words the people in government are not necessarily evil people, in their efforts to be concerned with the people’s needs, but by intervening in everyone’s affairs it becomes oppressive by nature. Jeremy Leochner, READ and COMPREHEND the Bill of Rights before you open your (emotional) mouth.

      • Jeremy Leochner

        I have read the bill of rights. I have never believed that government should not be kept under control. People should not be afraid of their governments governments should be afraid of their people to quote the old parable. But government is not evil. It can be misused and must be watched. But wanting government involvement is not evil and is not the same as wanting to trust the government in all things. Having laws is not the same as oppression. Unrestrained lawmakers can become oppressive but simply having lawmakers does not equal oppression.

      • Vicki

        All very nice. Now do join us here in the 21st century and observe that the lawmakers HAVE become unrestrained and have indeed become the oppressors.

    • michiganminuteman

      Wow, if there was any uncertainty about your stupidity, you just removed that uncertainty. To make statements about a book you haven’t even read is one of the dumbest things I’ve seen today.

      • Jeremy Leochner

        Perhaps your right. The best I can say is I do not believe America today is the same as the America in a fiction.

    • http://google Leonard W. Giddens Jr.

      Where did you come from my friend. You are so off key it is crazy. obama is a complete failure on purpose and it is people like you that are helping him destroy our country one stupid move at a time.

    • Dan Healey

      Jeremy – I suggest you read the book – ” it is better to remain silent and be thought a fool than to open one’s mouth and remove all doubt” Abe Lincoln

      • Jeremy Leochner

        Got me there Dan. I will not try to challenge the words of Honest Abe.

    • Ray Rothfeldt

      I don’t think you understand the point – or read the book. Businesses will always exist, but the important question relates to how productive and innovative those businesses are. GE, Alcoa, Kraft all continue to exist and generate incredible profits, but the principle reason they do so is because they are reliant on government for all of the protections you mentioned. Would GE thrive in a market where the government took a back seat and allowed more innovative companies with better products and lower prices to actually challenge them? Not as currently structured. And that’s the point. Rather than enter a rigged game, most of today’s brightest and most energetic business leaders are sitting on the sidelines, waiting for the inevitable economic catastrophe.

  • Sirian

    Good points Wayne – Atlas Shrugged or not. Good book, Good movie. Waiting on the second movie to be released. It too should be very good. Now then, simple question for you. . . why is it that there is not a strong movement to eliminate the present tax system and replace it with a “Flat Tax” system? Not the “Fair Tax” – FLAT TAX. It has been brought up as a “side thought/proposal” before but that’s about all that it is ever spoken of. I personally spoke with one of our former Senators (Nichols) about establishing a “Flat Tax” back in ’92 – twenty years past – and at that time it was considered one of the most foolish things to even think of let alone attempt to bring up on either the floor of the House or even more so, the Senate. So, merely wondering what you think of this form of taxation. Again, just wondering what you think of it.

    • rjim

      They do not want a flat tax… they will no longer have political control over our activities. Our current tax system is all about control.

    • DaveH

      What they typically label as a “Flat Tax”, Sirian, is really a Flat Rate Income Tax. Why do they conveniently leave the “Income” part out? Because thinking people know that as long as their foot is in the door, Government will eventually distort and manipulate it back into a system similar to the Byzantine Income Tax we currently suffer under.
      Once people learn that Government Leaders are in it for their own good, then the rest of the Leaders’ manipulations becomes clear.
      The only truly Fair tax would be a head tax (True Flat Tax) where every adult was liable for the same amount of money. It would be much harder for Government to Grow if everybody had equal skin in the game, and for that reason Government would fight such a proposal tooth and nail. Before the 16th Amendment, the States paid Federal Taxes based proportionately on the size of their population.

      • Sirian

        I see what you’re saying and in many respects agree with you. If only we could at some point in the future eliminate the 16th and 17th amendments. It may seem as nothing more than a dream but at least so far, it is still possible.
        You’re quite right when it comes to how the government distorts and manipulates it. The evidence lies publicly open within the thousands and thousands of pages of IRS rules & laws.

  • Power To The People

    Agreed, putting your faith in the government is madness. It is s beast that grows by the day sucking in more and more resources that could be used for truly economic purposes.

    If Big Brother is not reduced, starved or broken, it will continue sucking our wealth from us. Count on one day the hand of government reaching into your 401k funds or savings account at the bank to take a “fair tax” as your “fair share” to supposedly pay down the debt. Right, it would be spent before they take it on more BS…not the debt.

    Ever notice how they talk about the debt like it is something that just appeared on the horizon!!

    • rosina

      It has already happened or have you not read about it.
      An extra tax has been placed on 401KS—i DO NOT KNOW HOW MUCH AS DO NOT HAVE ONE.
      If the Imposter gets in it will happen I am very much afraid.
      Supposedly we are TOO STUPID to handle our own private pensions so the IRS or a new bureaucracy will take over.–paid with our money of course.!
      This is robbery but, as voting fraud seems to be OK the Robbery will become legal as well.
      Make sure you know all facts when voting.
      Do not believe the media.

    • Steve E

      Having faith in government is just a subsidy to take the place of their lack of faith in the Almighty. Something has to fill the void. That why some people worship Mother Earth also.

  • jake barrett

    10% of the public pay 70% of the taxes….and bo thinks that isnt their fair share? 49% pay nothing (cept ss)… that their fair share? i keep my billions under my mattress until sanity returns. it took the ussr 70+ yrs to find some sanity…….there is hope for us

    • DaveH

      Russia’s current political state is far from sanity. Once people have been so thoroughly brainwashed, it’s very hard to get back to any sort of Freedom and the good Economies that come with it:

    • Vicki

      It has been proposed (by liberals) that the rich should pay more of their share to be fair.
      Well first how much is fair? As you noted the rich already pay a huge amount of what is collected. Not what is owed. Just collected. Well there is a video where an analysis was done of just how much it would take to pay for JUST one YEAR of spending under obama.

      And as the narrator says. Now what?

  • Tazio2013

    You’re being myopic, Wayne; the fix is in and BHO will get a 2nd term!

    The Obama Recovery Persists At Least Until After the Election … and Then Watch Out!

    U.S. Manufacturing Grows at Fastest Pace in a Year … Manufacturing grew in April at the fastest pace in almost a year, propelled by a pickup in orders that signaled factories will remain a source of strength for the U.S. expansion. The Institute for Supply Management’s factory index climbed to 54.8 last month, exceeding the most optimistic forecast in a Bloomberg News survey and the best reading since June, the Tempe, Arizona-based group’s report showed today … The world’s largest economy may pick up after slowing in the first three months of the year as the increase in bookings indicates American assembly lines will keep churning out more goods. Combined with a report showing manufacturing in China also accelerated, the figures sent the Dow Jones Industrial Average to the highest level since 2007 as the data eased concern global growth was slackening. – Bloomberg

    • Brad

      Tazio they just avnnounced a few days ago manufacturing is down, where are you getting this info MSNBC?

    • Michael K

      You’re taking a 12 month sample and saying that April had the highest manufacturing increase in the past 12 months. Big deal! That’s such a small sample size, you can’t make any valid conclusions from looking at such a small sample size.

      Take a look at the financial data from the past 10 – 15 yrs and then tell us how we’re doing.

      Here’s a good website for everyone to study. This is a Financial Freedom data website. Type in “United States”, “Hong Kong” and “Canada” for example, and you’ll find some startling revelations over the past 18 years, including the disturbing downtrend in most US scores since BOH took office.

      • Michael K

        I’d like to mention that the website I provided above is the Financial Freedom Index website that Wayne mentions towards the end of his video where the US ranks 10th now.

    • charlie

      you have a point ,,, the fix is on the way,,, Obama is bringing Obadiah into play and things will work out just as King Jesus said thru His Prophets as written in The World History Book called The Holy Bible… Read and weep you heathens,,, repent ,,,or perish…
      Praise King Jesus for Salvation and Healing …

    • DaveH

      Tazio, good buddy, you need to read this (Part Two, Section 3):

  • Michael Weiner

    I confirm your point of view. 2 years ago I employed 100 people and owned businesses worth $35 million. Today I have zero employees and own no businesses. Did someone else buy me out? Yes, but that is not the point.

    I bailed out because I sensed that if I actually made some money, someone in government would find a way to take it away from me. Does America need me? No way, but America does need a lot of people just like me. Until risk takers like me sense there is a real reward possible for taking risk, there will be no recovery.

    Congress and the President should figure it out… every job is expected to be a profit center. If it is not profitable to employ people, there is no point in doing the hiring. Currently, profit is a dirty word in America. Another reason there will be no recovery under this administration.

    Thanks for listening.

    • Robert Smith

      No Michael: “Currently, profit is a dirty word in America.”

      Profit is GOOD in America.

      Looting and extracting wealth from the middle class through Wall Street, health care (increasing rates), and energy speculation is what’s killing the American middle class.

      Why isn’t the difference seen?


      • Deerinwater

        Just about thing could be seen as good until which time it is not.

        Most of my customers would feel good about paying me a 35% markup margin. That 35% does not really provide the margin I need to stay in business at 35%, so I’m left to increase volume (work harder) or ask for higher margins while staying inside the boundaries of what the market will bear before I start losing market shares and price myself out of the market.

        When you can command a 300 to 500% markup and still maintain a strong market share is when you beginning to really make money and get beyond just scratching out a meek existence.

        When business can capture or corner or lock in a market, protecting it from outside competition via trade mark, copyright, government regulation, patent, business affiliation etc. is where we see these profit margins swell in relation to volume.

        Profit is good until it becomes absurd and more important, who is to decide what is absurd?

      • Searcher4851

        Are you referring to the half a billion dollars this administration speculated with on Solyndra?

      • JeffH

        Robert Smith, may I refer yo to:

        Definition of ‘Crony Capitalism’
        A description of capitalist society as being based on the close relationships between businessmen and the state. Instead of success being determined by a free market and the rule of law, the success of a business is dependent on the favoritism that is shown to it by the ruling government in the form of tax breaks, government grants and other incentives.

      • DaveH

        How does Wall Street et all extract the middle classes money?

      • DaveH

        Deer says — “Profit is good until it becomes absurd and more important, who is to decide what is absurd?”.
        Was that a mistake, Deer? Because the latter part of that statement is spot on. Who is to decide what is an absurd profit? Nobody but the customer of that company has any business in that decision and then only by refusing to buy that company’s products, or starting his/her own competing company.

      • eddie47d

        Free Markets aren’t free Jeff no matter how you twist it and they hardly obey the rule of law. If they did we wouldn’t have the Keating scandals or the Enron collaspe or environmental damages that they leave for the government to clean up. The CEO’s wouldn’t be setting us up with over priced salaries and claiming they deserve it. They especially didn’t earn their loot so you keep hanging on to that Utopian pipe dream that Capitalism is as pure as the driven snow.

        • CardinalMo

          I agree with you Eddie. Capitalism is a beautiful pipe dream. But, it is incapable of functioning at a level which provides full employment. It depends upon low wages or slavery to drive it. I think the reason it worked so well in the past, for America, was because America was a new country and had a lot of basic needs. Now those basic needs have been pretty much met…so we have to look for “New Markets.”

          What will happen in the thrid nations when their basic needs are met? They will sit in the same hole we are in.

          To me free enterprise is about mom and pop and the people next door using their indivdividual skills to provide for themselves and others.

          My son is in South Korea right now. He loves the place. Why there are numerous mom and pop shops, a lot of individuals earning a living in their areas of expertise. They do not depend upon the MEGA CORPS for their survival. Although that may eventually change as the MEGA CORPs knock out the individual businesses.

          Yawn Yawn…I hate shopping these days. There is plenty of stuff to buy, but between poor quality and sameness why bother? I remember a time when each shop bought from a diversity of suppliers and each shop carried different styles, different quality, and it was a lot of fun to shop because they weren’t all carrying look alikes.

          Free enterprise system, Yes …capitalism NO, . Power to the Global corporations NO.

      • Vicki

        Deerinwater says:
        Profit is good until it becomes absurd and more important, who is to decide what is absurd?

        Easy answer. The customer. And if the profit is high enough the competitor will come along and offer the item to the customer at less profit. Assuming that the government does not interfere with the competition.

    • http://N/A T

      Is it a reward, or is it greed? There is a difference.

      • Deerinwater

        It can be confusing I suppose. They look similar from the outside. Greed seems to be “lustful” ,an obsession while just ‘reward’ enjoys common acceptance.

        Like Mr. Potter and his Potterville or an Ebenezer Scrooge, these men were obsessed with wealth and power to the point of being evil. Willing to exploit their power and position to the weakness, frailty or simply dis-concerned of other citizens.

        You can’t help anyone if you yourself is found lacking and weak. The world will consume you and take everything you own and might ever own, have or hold dear. Each of us has certain responsibility to our own self and to others if you wish to subscribe to the notion that you are your brothers keeper, which could be debatable as well.

      • DaveH

        Who is Greedier, the man who wants to spend his own legally acquired money or the man who wants to take the former’s money from him?

      • Vicki

        In a free market greed is controlled by competition. In a government controlled market greed is unleashed. (600 dollar hammers) 500 MILLION to a “green” company.

  • Stephen

    As in Atlas Shrugged, the greed factor has swung to those officials who make the laws which only benefit an ever-growing government. Their importance is the collective society of which our current Obama Administration is pushing to achieve. There are strong parallels to the book written so very long ago by someone who was living off the government system of the day. Even she could see the logical end to a nanny state government running out of control. It is only a logical result that companies would begin to disappear and/or move away from a country with such a governmental ideology. This is NOT our Founding Fathers government. We must return to OUR Constitution to put the controls back upon the current tax and over-spend mentality.

    I AM John Galt.

    • http://liberty Tony

      To Stephen:
      Both sides are involved in the greed factor. You see the majority of people, who recieve “welfare”, are the big corporations with the jokers on Wall street. They recieve this through subsidies, handouts, and loans where they don’t have to begin paying back until 10 years down the road. That’s if they make a profit. Furthermore, the people, who are getting hurt the most, is the small business owner. For small businesses create 75% of all jobs, 80% of all new innovations, plus 67% of all econ. growth. Therefore, they shouldn’t be squeezed out by the big corp., who get all their support from gov. However, you’re right about going back to constitutional principles. Alright, later on!!

      • Robert Smith

        From Tony: “They recieve this through subsidies, handouts, and loans where they don’t have to begin paying back until 10 years down the road. ”

        Why do oil companies get subsidies?


      • Brad

        I agree Tony small businesses like myself are having the toughest time by far. I need to hire people and my business growth is suffering from it, but I can’t afford the unknown.

      • http://liberty Tony

        To Robert Smith:
        Oil Companies shouldn’t get subsidies from the gov., especially with all the huge profits. However, as mentioned in my last post, big corps. along with big gov. go hand in hand. Thus, this huge rift occurs. If we would end these subsidies, then the econ. would even out. Therefore giving the small business owner a chance to hire more people which will lead to great econ. growth plus prosperity for all people in this republic. I hope this explanation clears things up for you. Thanks!!

      • Vicki

        Huge profits? Oil Companies? Surely you jest.

        Gross profit margin on a gallon of gas $0.08 (At $3 gallon)
        JUST gasoline taxes $0.59

        Who is gouging whom?

  • Warrior

    The bottom line is , we have adults who prefer to act like bully children, i.e. ALL PROGRESSIVES. Get rid of these putz’s at every level who wish to practice their “connected capitalism”.

    • Sirian

      I agree with you wholeheartedly Warrior but we’re looking at a problem that would take anywhere from three to four generations to eliminate the Progressive mindsets. It’s possible and should be one of the prime objectives of our nation but. . . :(

  • Nottakenyan

    America needs a business experienced American and not a community jungle boy!

    • revere

      Hey Notta,
      Thanks for being so upfront with your racism. You are obviously not a christian & are therefore free to follow the atheist philosophy of Ayn Rand. Please tell us what business you own so that we can be sure not to patronize you.

      • Vicki

        Notta writes to revere
        You are obviously not a christian & are therefore free to follow the atheist philosophy of Ayn Rand.

        What about Ayn Rand’s philosophy that we are discussing here is atheist? And why is being atheist bad? Other than the possibility of missing out on life eternal?

      • Vicki

        Opps got it backwards. Revere writes to Notta.

  • Chester

    Yes, Warrior, and while we are at it, let us do away with the roads, bridges, docks, and anything else our taxes MIGHT support, as they should have been built by the people who needed them, when they were needed. Oh, also, no police, no schools, no public water supplies, no sewer systems, no military to keep some other country from moving in and co-opting all our natural resources to their own use. Of course, then they would own the roads and bridges, and quite possibly, control who used them. Not a pretty thought, is it? Do away with all taxes, and this is exactly what you are setting us up for.

    • Stephen

      Taxes are fine, but a government which will not exist within its means and picks it winners and losers who will/will not support those who are pulling the strings is not the answer to the problems which exist today. Government IS the problem. Collectivism has never worked anywhere in the world. This administration is pushing the entire world toward a central world government where the elite government class RULES the WORLD.

    • Michael H.

      I haven’t seen anyone here advocating getting rid of taxes, all we want is a tax system that doesn’t punish the ones who are fortunate enough to actually make a profit. If obummer wants to be fair then a flat tax is the only way. Then everyone has a finger in the pie. The only exceptions would be food and medical care. All other purchases would have a tax applied, then you would have to choose between luxury and necessity. As in clothing versus a new I-phone. It really chaps my ass when I see someone in the grocery store buying food with stamps while talking on their cell phone. At the present time I live with my parents because it took me 22 mo.s to secure my disability. I’ve suffered two moderate strokes and more mini-strokes than you can count and I was still denied the first time around. I have a total blockage in the interior artery that feeds the right side of the brain and 25 % in my left leg, yet I know people who have been granted disability for addictions. Does that seem fair to you. As for the things such as police and schools, seems to me we had all that before the fed’s jumped in and they worked a lot better. The larger the fed gets the more room for mismanagement and corruption.

    • Brad

      Chester we are all ready moving other’s in, Have you not heard we are soon to be policed by the UN? It is all underway. They are taking tax payer money to build infrastructure and not rebuilding in many cases and the cases where they are rebuilding, those jobs are being giving to illegals and to Chinese workers. Here in TX all road infrastucture is latino nature; Pass by no blacks or whites out there working. The infrastucture in CA is all Chinese.

      Did a light fianlly go off in your skull??

    • justjim

      I find it interesting that the taxes paid by the taxpayers to build roads, bridges, wtr. companies, etc. are being sold to
      WASHINGTON (AP) — Roads and bridges built by U.S. taxpayers are starting to be sold off, and so far foreign-owned companies are doing the buying.
      On a single day in June, an Australian-Spanish partnership paid $3.8 billion to lease the Indiana Toll Road. An Australian company bought a 99-year lease on Virginia’s Pocahontas Parkway, and Texas officials decided to let a Spanish-American partnership build and run a toll road from Austin to Seguin for 50 years.

      Few people know that the tolls from the U.S. side of the tunnel between Detroit and Windsor, Canada, go to a subsidiary of an Australian company — which also owns a bridge in Alabama.

      Some experts welcome the trend. Robert Poole, transportation director for the conservative think tank Reason Foundation, said private investors can raise more money than politicians to build new roads because these kind of owners are willing to raise tolls.

      “They depoliticize the tolling decision,” Poole said. Besides, he said, foreign companies have purchased infrastructure in Europe for years; only now are U.S. companies beginning to get into the business of buying roads and bridges.

      • Vicki

        This also demonstrates that we do not need government to build roads.

    • Average Joe


      I find your post to be lacking in thought and quite myopic in scope.
      All of the things you mentioned could be handled at the state level…no Federal involvement is nessesary (including the military). If we weren’t sending all of tax dollars to our Federal government, but instead, sending it to our state treasuries….all of those things could be handled…by our states. Instead, we send it to the Feds…who then offer to give back “some” of that money to the states…in order to do those very things. The problems arise when the Feds offer to give back some of that money….but always with strings attached, “if you don’t play by our rules, we just won’t give you any money back”. That is why our country is in the mess it is in…The Feds..hold the states at gunpoint and demand to have their way…..or else! This would be akin to a judge telling you that you must give X amount of dollars to your next door neighbor…who will decide how much you will get to keep…your neighbor may decide that he hates driving around the block and would really like to drive through your yard…to get to the street behind your house….if you allow him…he will let you have a few more of your own dollars back,,,deny him and you will always get nothing back. This is how the Federal government works…they bully us …using our own money…..get it?
      The Federal Government needs to shrink considerably (ending all of the UnConstitutional “agencies”) and congress should only meet for 2 months of the year in DC….and the rest of their time should be spent in their own states…talking to their own constituents. As it is now, they get elected (?), go to DC…and stay there(only going home…when it’s time to campaign again) , wheeling and dealing to line their own pockets…rather than looking out for the very people that elected them…as representatives of the people. Once elected…you are no longer their concern…period. End the Fed and return to sound currency…the Feds can set a system of weights and measures…and allow the staates to have their own currencies…no more printing worthless fiat paper at will.
      No Law passed by congress should contain anything not authorized by Art.1 Sec.8 of the Constitution..cantain more than one provision…or be more than 5 pages long…and should be voted up or down….no more voting “present”…we want to know how they vote and where they stand on all issues…and voting “present” ain’t gonna get it anymore…They need to stand up and be accounted for…period.
      The choice is yours Chester… educate yourself better by taking a different path…..or just keep plodding along that same road that you’ve been traveling…..

      I’m voting for Ron Paul 2012…and I approved this message.

  • MAP

    Reread my post above. What I wrote is clear – to me, at least. Who is it that determined the general government is more qualified to spend someone’s earnings than the earner? Profits are needed to reinvest. No one will reinvest while the fear exists that the out of control general government is about to seize wealth. The argument that the general government has such right is based on collectivist nonsense.

    • MAP

      The above post was supposed to have been directed at Mario Quijano.

      • Mario Quijano

        MAP: I was not asking about who is more qualified to spend your earnings. That is a non-sequitur fallacy. Let’s stick to the original discussion. I pointed out that you started out with an adhominem fallacy regarding Mr. Loechner “a very leftist…etc…” which would discredit your arguments right from the start (such I learned at prep school). I still do not have an answer from you. Loechner claims that the top 2% enjoy a historically low tax rate. Is it true or not? Will lowering that rate even more create more jobs? Thank you and spare me the cold warrior rhetoric. I am just asking you questions and you are already offering hemlock! If I want that drivel I can watch and enjoy George C. Scott’s warhawk performance in Dr. Strangelove. Thank you.

  • vanessa

    I see another civil war on the horizon……hopefully its a war at the ballot box free of all the democratic voter fraud.

    • rosina

      Amen to that Vanessa!
      To get that will need a huge effort to dislodge all the incumbents who are for voter fraud by making stupid excuses against voter ID!
      Yet, to get my library card I needed proof of ID AND where I lived!
      Also, to get into a schooll for a visit?
      Also for a drivers license!
      How naby people who are minorities have these anway???

    • charlie

      vanessa,,, The war between the states is still going on ,,, where you been babe???

  • Neil

    I closed two companies the day Obama signed the Stimulus Plan. Granted they were small businesses. I had not read Atlas Shrugged prior; however, I had no intentions of creating goods and services of value so the government could redistribute them. It is MY time and MY property. It is not for the govenment to sieze.

    The productive employees were readilly employed elsewhere.

    I see no merit in investing time, initiative, ingenuity, risk, capital, and endless attention to detail without the assurance the rewards of my efforts belong to me.

    The OWS can rot in the squawlor of their entitlement when none of them contribute as much as they consume. I will not be a slave for them.

  • Chuck

    I am not sure if I would call Pelosi, boxer and all the other ilk communists, even they have standards. I just heard a congressman [MI] is running for a term and he has been there since the 50s. That is the folks we must remove, talk about loosing touch with the real world they haven’t been in it for 50 years how could they possibly know what is going on

  • thomas g kroger

    Neil: And there is no earthly reason as to WHY you should be a slave for them, except insofar as it furthers a politician’s ambitions. Obama has made no secret of his political philosophy, so what is there left to say? He has claimed the right to redistribute wealth – wealth he has not earned, and the origin of which he cannot understand. But as bad as Obama is, his guilt is not nearly so much as that of the self-hating, self-flagellating white “liberals” – now more openly Communist than ever – who continue to support him. I have no doubt that he will play the race card once again, because his only real claim to fame is his skin color. If Obama had been white, the world would have paid little attention to him. But in the America of the early 21st Century, it is clear that skin color means everything, and the content of one’s character and beliefs is secondary. Our political process has becom so compromised, that there is virtually no discussion of principle, and those such as Ron Paul who attempt to do so are marginalized and labeled crackpots, nuts, extremists, etc. All that serves the corporatist media, which is now a branch of government.

    Boycott the whole stinking system by boycotting the election? It makes more sense now than ever before. When “…the working of the system becomes so odious, you have to place yourselves on the gears and levers of the system, and make clear to the people who own it, that unless you’re free, you will stop the system from working altogether.” Although these words were uttered by Mario Savio at the height of the Free Speech Movement in Bezerkeley, they are applicable. Funny, isn’t it? – how the so-called “liberals” of the 1960′s have joined hands with corporatist Amerika and forged a corrupt oligarchy that resembles nothing so much as Fascist Italy under Mussolini. And they have done so in the name of “democracy” and even “social democracy.”

  • Mikey

    MAP is a wrong wing troll paid to write his dribble and call people names… or he is an idiot. Or maybe both.

    • charlie

      Mikey,,, easy now,,, MAP has just lost his bearings,,,off course,,, like ,,,lost…

  • Rick Bowen

    I for one will be looking for a new America to relocate to If Obama manages to steal enough votes to be re-elected. He and his cronies are fast creating a society that will be void of Free Enterprise. It is a horror that I have to pay 12k a year just to get a cpa to file my taxes and keep me out of jail. After 25 year in business providing many jobs in my community we are facing a reality that we no longer can make a profit that makes worth the effort of staying in business.

    • justjim

      Rick, paid any real estate taxes in Westchester co., N.Y lately? Prepared and sent to you from India? As is your blue cross-blue shield paper work?
      I quit ten years ago in disgust, the paper work of running a small business, fifty or so people just eats you alive. Then any little thing and you have some govt. wasterel demanding this or that, think Gibson Gitar Com.? Gave to the wrong party and the creeps in D.C. headed by our mus-lim president are busting their hump to put him out of business because of wood he bought from a supplier in India, legal there, not legal here, the list is endless,
      I have enough thank goodness to last another ten years if inflatation sponsered by the govt. does not devalue our dollar to equal the mexician peso.
      Our nation, with out a bloody civil war and even with I think the survival as a free nation is not possibile.

  • John

    Businessmen are not hiring because people are not buying. Nevertheless, corporations are making record profits. The government should impose high taxes on the well to do, and increase government spending and employment. It worked for Roosevelt. It will work for Obama. Obama’s chief mistake was not to do that immediately after his inauguration, when his approval rating was 66 percent.

    • justjim

      You wand to know why people are not buying? Very simple, really,they don’t have the money to buy things with.
      If it were not for food stamps, and other govt. programs to keep food on the table, the death toll from starving would be in the hundreds of thousands a year.
      And what happens when those programs can no longer be funded?
      BANKRUPTCY and the edge of the cliff grows greater with ever session of congress.
      16 trillion or so debt under this NO BUDGET DEMOCRATIC CONGRESS.
      How many billions have been sent to Kenya? Palenstien, 192 million just the other day, how much better would that money been used to feed hungry children, right here in the usa?
      In the state where I live, 11 per cent of the people go to bed hungry, ever night and its getting worse, the jobs are gone, they will not be back, and who sent them out of the USA?
      To establish level playing fields? Why I do beleive it was the democratic leaders and congress back about 20 years or so.

      • Karolyn

        On the other hand, there are places that are doing very well. It amazes me when I drive the 50 miles to Charlotte and see all the people in their fancy cars shopping in the fancy shops. It is what you make it; and ANYBODY can make it. It all comes down to want power. It’s too easy to sit and complain anout how bad things are. Even when I had NO income, I didn’t do that. At 65 and starting over, I have BIG plans. There’s a lot of money to be made in a lot of ways, and it’s all legal.

    • GILLYSROOMS from Australia

      I suspect that some of those corporations except banks, are cooking the books to make it look like they are still making healthy profits but in reality they are a few years away from going broke unless the economy picks up. How can most corporations make so much money when most consumers are not spending??? Its a fraud I say unless your in food or banking…you will be in decline…so be very careful where you invest…DO LOTS OF REAL RESEARCH.

      BTW Banks and Insurance companies can cook the books best by under or over estimating provisions for bad debts or claims…

  • Michael

    The Atlas Shrugged premise is BS. Most of the supposed movers and shakers in American are psychopaths that got to the top by stealing other people’s ideas and taking credit for other people’s work. Once at the top, even if they fail they usually move on to another top position because they are in the club. There are very, very few true geniuses like Steve Jobs and Bill Gates at the top. Further, the climate of fear and uncertainty gripping corporate America is deliberately fomented by the Right. That has far more to do with the hesitancy of business to spend and grow than anything Obama has done or wants to do. The American Right is suffering from paranoid delusions that need and should be treated by mental health professionals.

    • thomas g kroger

      “The American Right is suffering from paranoid delusions that need and should be treated by mental health professionals.” – Michael

      Oh, and I suppose it is just a paranoid delusion that the American Left has spawned “sanctuary cities,” and that the despicable Obama regime persecutes Arizona because it believes its own crap about “diversity”??? OR is it more likely that massive, systematic voter fraud, such as that practiced by ACORN is involved? Maybe little Michael would do well to own some gold, or run a business, and see just how easy and care-free these have become nowadays. Maybe he should try to contemplate hiring someone, and then face page after page of new regulations, not to mention the prospect of Obamacare, and consider how these will impact his future prospects. Oh, well, not everyone can be an entrerpreuner. So, maybe getting nearly gang-raped by TSA goons will be more his speed? It is all just fantasy, you understand. Another good reason to support state-run psychiatry. In the Soviet Union, dissidents were labeled crazies, then sent to psychprisons. It was all the rage after Stalin and the gulags had run their course, but even the gulags never went out of business entirely. But little Michael needn’t worry. All these things just worry right-wing crazies, They are, after all, nuts, just like Ron Paul is. So he should be sent to one of these places first, right, Mikey?

  • FreedomFighter

    Obama must go…

    Laus Deo
    Semper Fi

    • charlie

      FF,,,he is gone ,,,as soon as Obadiah gets here…

  • Brad

    Mikey get a life. And I don’t mean Life Cereal. Let Mikey try it, Mikey will try anything, espacially if he is paid by some leftist group to come spew his BS on a conservitive blog.

  • Mario Quijano

    Are you part of the top 1%? See if the following statements apply to you.

    1. You don’t go to ski at Aspen, you prefer Cortina d’Ampezzo.
    2. You pride yourself on being an enologist and have toured all the Moselle vineyards, Herr Schaeffer bottles his best vintage just for you.
    3. You have a roman numeral after your name.
    4. Yes, you are a brother in Skull and Bones.
    5. You love getting nekkid at the Bohemian Grove while drinking margaritas with the boys.
    6. Your trophy wife is on a first name basis with all the diamond vendors at Tiffany’s.
    7. You have to insure that your mistress (the one that appeared in the SPorts Illustrated swimsuit issue) does not shop at Tiffany’s when your wife is there (yiou know, old chap, appearances).
    8. When someone talks about “living paycheck to paycheck” you don’t know what they mean. After all, you don’t ever get a paycheck…quarterly dividends, maybe.
    9. You got out of the Eurozone early and now are playing in China and India.
    10. You have no problem with Obama; after all, you and the other “boys” you golf with were the ones that “made him win”.
    11. Your grand daddy had something to do with November 22, 1963 but he clams up whenever you ask him.
    12. Of course you are all in favor of more wars. After all, your family owns a good part of that military industrial complex that that communist Eisenhower warned about.
    13. You have not read Atlas Shrugged and, frankly my dear, do not care if Ms. Rand scratches her butt or not.
    14. Your first job was not flipping burgers…daddy called one of his golfing buddies and you started out as a CEO.
    15. Senators call you, not the other way around.
    16. Your family has very expensive lawyers on retainer, one was a former supreme court judge and there is also
    17. No one asks you to take off your shoes before you board a plane, heck, the guy that heads TSA used to be one of your lower level subordinates!
    18. You still do very good business with the Bin Laden family and the Saudi king sent you a camel as a gift (it is housed in your stables next to the thoroughbred horses and the latter don’t like it!)
    19. The pope asks you for an audience.
    20. Yes, the world is your oyster.

    If you answered NO or ANy of these statetements do not apply to you, congrats, you are just a tax paying working stiff that lives paycheck to paycheck that will never see the inside of a Wall Street board room that only knows of the world what the corporate media tell him to believe and prays ferverntly that when you get elderly your social security will at least cover the cost of dog food which is going to be the major source of your diet!

    • LarryR

      It sounds like you are envious of all people.. Try cleaning your house out before you trash someone elses. Your list of the so called 1% is merely envy. So you are telling me that if you were to get off the couch and out of your mother basement and went to work you would be content with the government taking most of your earning. All I have to say to that is good, now go make something of yourself and give it all to the government.

      • Mario Quijano

        LarryR – of course I would not like to git off my mother’s basement and make a lot of money and give it to the gubmint! Heck! I would rather be one of them Skull and Bones boys that git nekkid at the Bohemian Grove and pay ridiculously low taxes to the gubmint because…THEY CONTROL THE GUBMINT!!!! I suppose you are one of them if you react so virulently. Tell me old chap, what year did you attend Princeton? Have I seen you at the Hamptons? Surely you do go yatching right? Tell you what, wiki “plutocracy” jest so we are talking on a more playing field, will you? Thanks.

    • charlie

      Mario,,, What if you know the Owner of The Earth,,, would that qualify one to be in your top 1% list???

  • Elizabeth Blenis

    Mr. Loechner, Wayne’s point as is Ayn’s was that NO one is entitled to the fruit of other labors, and it has not worked since the beginning of time, Russia and China both fell on their sword trying to impose this idea on everyone, what happens is “NOTHING” and more “Nothing”, so when you are working 60-70 hours a week and told that you should be happy to work, and all your pay has been taken to pay your “fair share” not determined by you but by the government you placed so much faith in and pay for healthcare,food, gas set at prices determined by the government, and how much you purchase, write to me and tell me on what principle you truly live by, WAKE UP!!!

  • MA

    Did anyone catch the msn list of the richest countys in the USA? Over half of them are in the DC area. The government spending is out of control. All the wealth & power is concentrated in DC and they are wanting more from everybody.
    Our tax money goes into DC and only trickles out.
    I was a small business owner since 1990 and saw the writing on the walls when Obama got elected. When Obamacare got through the congress, I realized that there was not sufficient margin $ available to even pay the 2000.00 fine much less for healthcare for my employees. I sold in 2011. Let someone else have the headache of dealing with the government. I am tired of risking my money for the benefit of others.

  • sabulaman

    A whole lot of truth in Wayne’s commentary. Thanks again.

  • Henry Ledbetter

    “Without a vision The people perish.” (Prov. 29:18) Sad to say that in the midst of chaos and turmoil there can be no clear vision for the future of the nation. It is also true that many “people will be destroyed for a lack of knowledge.” ( Hosea 4:6) God’s Wisdom is what is needed.

    • charlie

      Henry,,, when is the prophecy of Obadiah going to happen??? who are the people called out in Obadiah ???

    • charlie

      a few more questions ,,, how does one get The Wisdom of The Almighty God ??? Is King Jesus the same as The Almighty God ???

  • GILLYSROOMS from Australia

    The government knows that few enterprises or investors will go on strike even if they wanted to..firstly they are stuck in the merry go round and cant sell out of their musical chairs and secondly thet are too eager for the next adventure especially if they are risking other peoples money.

    Having said that…i have gone slow and even gone on strike permanently in Australia by stopping to provide accommodation for the homesless due to the silly regulations even our so called free enterprise State government of Victoria has done to discourage investment in the area. I’m leaving it to the churches or the government social workers to provide shelter to the homeless thieves and vagabonds, due to the gestapo type secret police rules they have introduced to seek out any investor who dares to provide accommodation for 4 or more people in a house unless they register with the local council. How dare I not comply with their important regulations…lol Families of any number dont need to register but as soon as an investors DARES to rent out his rooms to 4 or more people then that becomes a crime in the State of Victoria.

    I say ….. let them sleep under bridges and on park benches.or perhaps those do gooders in the Liberal Party of Australia in Victoria and the political members of parliament who agree with such stupid laws…they perhaps could offer accommodation to these “poor vunerable” criminals themselves.

    Yes I agree we too have STUPID LAZY POLITICIANS who wont do any of their own research but are prepared to listern to TENANTS UNIONS and socialists who were employed by the previous SOCIALIST LABOR PARTY. and still employed by our new government SOCIALIST LIBERAL PARTY who claim to want to help small business. What a laugh….

    • CardinalMo

      Gillysrooms, I’d bet we have some type of law like that. I guess it’s their way of trying to keep track of homeless people…Maybe they some how think they are protecting them from exploitation and abuse. Could that at all be possible? How, by the way, does one make an investment providing accommodations to homeless people? How does one profit from homelessness of others.

      Evidently you heart wasn’t into the job of caring for these people or you wouldn’t be calling them names and demeaning them as individuals with souls… People can be pretty screwed up when we look through our own eyes. We we to open up and try to learn to look at life from some one else’s perspective…and that is difficult sometimes.

      Remember the quote “Love your enemies.”…Well we can certainly be aggravated with certain people, but that doesn’t call for not respecting them and tying to understand their pain or suffering…after all, all of life suffers weakness, frailties, pain, confusion, etc. at some point in life. Let’s try to speak with compassion…truth…fairness…it’s a process of learning.

      If you want to work with homeless people I suggest first investigating the laws and work within the framework. It is much easier that way.

      It sounds like you perhaps were not allowed to have a business of renting out rooms to homeless people?

      Big Business does not like competition. They have lobbied governments to create these laws. Starting a business in America is also very difficult. Even if you are a craftsman or artist working in your garage. If one tries to be honest and pay tax, or file for a business license you are on the radar. I know of an artist who did this and the IRS came to his place checked out his art work and valued them and wanted him to pay a tax on what he had created and not sold…because they were considered an asset. He took his paintings to the back yard…in front of the IRS and set them on fire…never painted again.

      We also had a case I heard about where several women were knitting sweaters in their homes and selling them…guess what they were high quality sweaters…and some corporate managed to somehow to make them stop.

      It’s just like the case of hemp vs the cotton industry. Hemp could be used for making all kinds of things, clothes, ropes, paper, oils, the list is long. But the cotton growers ran to the government and of course hemp is illegal. Hemp is a cousin to Marijuana and THC too, however one would have to smoke a lot to get the same results.

      I don’t know how we are going to make government accountable to We the People instead of their being accountable to Corporations. We need jobs, we need a sense of fulfilment in our lives, a sense that we are serving a purpose beyond ourselves. Free enterprise is about competition…but that has been killed through allowing the Corporate coups.

      Good luck in Victoria. You battle is like ours. And the struggle is the same the world over.
      People just want to live, but greed and power manages to produce elites who dictate to the rest of us. It doesn’t seem to matter what the system is.

      • charlie

        Hey CardinaIMo ,,, you write as a Judeo Christian ,,,are you one of them non – christian Christians??? Love your enemies was spoken by King Jesus ,,,BUT,,, King Jesus did not say to love His enemies or His Father’s enemies… So who are The King’s enemies ??? they are called “anti-christ ,,, am I to love anti-christs ??? NO WAY Jose…
        Get the Holy Bible right or you got it wrong and may end up at Matthew 7:22… Read The Bible per Psalms 119:160…

  • http://N/A HapHarris

    America was our last chance and we blew it-! It is not Politics anymore, it’s… TYRANNY… and it is now staring us in the face. It is now time to search your souls and suck it up-! Be prepared to say NO (!) to their requests. If you have any Patriotism left in your bellies, you might want to consider joining a well organized Militia. We stand on the threshold of the New World Order, severe population reduction, and being enslaved. Your worst nightmares are going to be multiplied beyond your imagination. God love you.

    • charlie

      HapHarris ,,, I am in that well organized Militia ,,, My Commander is King Jesus ,,,My Guardian Angel is standing at Parade rest ,,,ready to go into Action when needed …
      Praise King Jesus for Salvation and Healing …

  • uvuvuv

    no one reads my posts but i try to give a little education besides opinion. fdr tied into business during his fireside chats, he said that your being unemployed is not your fault, it’s the evil bloodsucking corporations. the wealthy of this country have hung you out to dry, they are amoral gangsters, the lowest scum of society if indeed they are human.
    if you know your history adolph hitler had the same tactic, and for him it worked.
    anyway, the business leaders met with fdr and said, look frank, we’re really not all that bad, times are hard for us too. he said, come on fellows, you know what audience i’m targeting, people who need their self respect back. well the next broadcast he was back at it, those heartless business owners, people who you once patronized, they are the reason you can’t provide for your families, they’re all crooks, sleazy lowlifes.
    with fdr the tactic didn’t work. the reason, hitler blamed the international bankers, and everyone could agree on that, business owners and ordinary people alike. he brought everyone together as fellow citizens and teammates, wildly cheering they grabbed each other and vowed, we’ll beat this enemy together. germany went on to have a massive economy, full employment.
    but with fdr the businessmen threw up their hands and then sat on them, and the great depression lasted twice as long under him as it did under hoover. think of that.
    i read this from several sources and my account is an amalgamation. obama would do well to read this, then he would see why hiring is so anemic. he never instilled a sense of national purpose, of bedrock unity where what we have in common brings us together. everyone is hunkered down, awaiting new politics to get us off top dead center. or correctly, bottom dead center. record numbers in poverty and on food stamps. now do you get it?

    • charlie

      uvuvuv,,, 88

  • CardinalMo

    The problem is Capitalism isn’t Sustainable. In fact it is killing us off. And no other economic system is working any longer either. Liberal, communist, red diper doper baby! (That’s just what you’ll say, I already can see it already….so don’t bother)
    but read further.

    During the time Atlas shrugged was written the environment was not as damaged as it is today. The rainforests which provide you with oxygen were pretty healthy for the greater part. Waters were not as contaminated by the chemical soup (created by industry, first in America and Europe). Business does need regulation when it comes to protecting the well being and health of society and the world we live in. This is true for America and all other nations. We are on the wire now…will we fall or not? It very much appears that we will. We are living in a time of GREAT HISTORICAL changes. We are dealing with environmental changes, economic changes, political changes, spiritual changes, societal changes and some of our needs are different than they were 40-50 years ago.

    The matrix is very complex and each area is out of balance. We pull on one string and another is affected. Some of us are trying to get out of the old boxes of the past mind set. We can’t go back to slavery, we can’t go back to neglecting the environment, we can’t go back to pre-industrial revolution. We can’t go back to the time Atlas Shrugged was written. Ann Rand was fearful of the type of totalitarian approach to government. On that I agree with her. That kind of government is dangerous and ineffective causing more harm than good. Most people have a passion for doing something in their lives. whether its building trains or sewing quilts. The focus of life has been towards the goals of only the powerful as in the MEGA CORPS, The mass of people are being left out of the formula of life. We should be working toward something different than what we have, not continue to drag up old paradigms

    1. We need a direct democracy.
    2. We need a different type of economic system.
    3 We must continue to keep our constitution in place and effective.
    4 We can amend our constitution as we did for voting rights, and changing Jim Crow Laws.
    5 We do have some good laws which are supposed to protect peoples’ well being,
    but, it seems to me Conservatives want to erode all of these and roll time back.

    We cannot return to the past for tomorrows or even today’s realities. We need new systems, of just about everything I can think of. Calling liberals commies or reds, etc. does not help us to progress. This type of name calling and disrespect is going to have to change. We cannot have a direct democracy in this situation. For, we need to share our ideas and new thoughts. It is a struggle for everyone, liberal and conservative, to express in words what they are feeling and thinking about our problems and how to solve them.

    How I perceive the dialogue so far is that liberals tend to be very concerned about the destruction of the environment, (our earth’s health), the health and well being of all humanity, individual liberty and justice, creativity, sharing, equality, and fundamentally the earth’s continued ability to provide.

    I perceive Conservatives as concerned about business, money, cheap labour, power, control of the worlds natural resources and superiority over other nations. Also, they want to do away with safety nets for Seniors, the disabled, poor families, women and children, they do not want any regulations on businesses or regulations about the environment. Their main concern is money, Christianity, and name calling. ( not that some liberals don’t get heated up too.) …but those who are educated tend to use some form of sarcaism and try to communicate the thoughts.

    What both are concerned about is an out of control government with the potiential to become totalitarian, and the power of the Mega corporations.

    I think the problem is not the government per say, but the representatives of the people who are bought out by the Corporations. The Corporations pressure, threaten, harass the representatives to pass bills and laws which are in their favour…for their profit…or behaviour. This to me is the root of our problems and has always been a problem. Tony mentioned corporate welfare…this is so true. Subsidies for business is welfare. And, corporate welfare costs the taxpayers far more than the social welfare…look at the bailouts…not only do we pay for the corporate welfare, they in reality pay less tax than the poor…through all of the write offs, loop holes, deductions. We the people pay for all of this welfare plus a tax on their product,(sometimes) fees, plus the cost of the item/serivce. Even the poor pitch in here to pay the government and the corporations. Trust me the poor do pay taxes!…plenty of it in proportion to their income. Minimum wage is poverty, by the way.

    I don’t understand why Wayne sold his businesses…perhaps he made more money selling it. If his business were worth 35 Million how much was the net and the Gorss…Net or Gross he didn’t mention. He didn’t mention his salary….or his companies expenses…what type of businesses ? or what his employee expenses were or his write offs, or deductions. Wow if Waynes businesses were worth 35 Million and he sold them for that …He did very well for himself. Why is he crying? He can relax, spend time with family, make great investments, buy a 3 million dollar house, educate his children, eat anything he wants. He can afford to live lifes excesses. What about employees who made him rich by working for him? Can any of them do that? Can they even ever own a modest home? Yes, we need people like Wayne. But, Wayne needs to understand we need rules and he really is able to pay a higher percentage in his tax than a just above the poverty line person…who can sink into poverty just for catching the flu.

    We are all in the mess together and we have to learn to share the best that we can. We have become a very selfish people. You know when we die none of our possession, our power, control, whether we won or lost, matters. What matters is the fact that we cared for others and they cared for us, that we created warm memories as a gift to another and we helped a stranger without expectation of any return. We shared our bread with someone who was hungry when we had more than we could eat. If all of that is communistic…then I guess I’m a commuist….Call me what ever names you chose. I know who I am and I am struggling to share my thoughts.


      CardinalMo, I think i’m just tired of providing rooms for homeless theives and growing government interference after doing it for 20 years I,ve just had enough…they can do it now. They want total control…they can do it themselves…i’m only going to rent to workers and working tourists….. The reality is these homeless see us as a suckers to try take advantage of.but..i’m warn out …they can sleep on park benches…and i dont feel sorry for them anymore. You try it and tell me its easy and profitable.

      • CardinalMo

        No gillyrooms, I wasn’t trying to tell you that it is easy and profitable. I’ve just never heard of any one renting out the rooms to homeless people unless they were receiving a charity, or working though a government agency to begin with.

        I just don’t understand how someone “rents” a room to people who I assume are broke.
        You see in America we don’t have a lot of spare rooms in our homes, and do not normally rent out our rooms. The homeless here can generally stay in homeless shelters to receive help in finding an apartment, a studio….these are usually private charities.

        I understand how difficult people can be who need help. You have to figure a lot of these people have diverse psychological problems…which is probablly why they are unemployed. And, if it’s not that, they have developed a real attitude because of the stresses of homelessness. I guess there are a lot of reasons for homelessness…Mental/ Personality problems, drug/alcohol problems, and down on the luck problems caused by a sudden loss of a job or due to poor health, and then there are those who chose homeless as a way of life (perhaps) We also have beggars here in America who appear to be homeless who actually make a lot more money here than the minimum wage earners. It is really diffficult to tell the difference between those in real need and those who just scam the public “pretending to be homeless.” It really hurts those who have a real need.

        I can certainly understand being tired after 20 years. I don’t think I could have done your job for that long. It is hard to be around weak, hurting people day in and day out. It takes in toll on your own energies….physical, mental, emotional, and spriitual.

        Thank you for doing your work as long as you did. And, I thank you for giving it your best and trying to help others. That is all we can do really after that we just have to let go. Sometimes, we are lucky enough to affect the life of a person without our direct knowledge of just how much we really helped. I know this…because it happend to me one day. An angery customer, at a truck stop, returned after a year. He came into the establishment looking for me.

        I had spoken one sentence that we both remembered. I was calm, not angery and spoke a fundemental truth. When he returned he reminded me of the moment and then said this: “Do you know that you are responsible for changing my life?” “Do you know how many lives your may have saved because of your comment to me?” “For some reason your comment really made me stop and begin to think about my life.” I have to admit the opportunity to hear this changed my life too. It refinforced for me the idea that what and how we interact with everyone has an effect on many, many people.

        You may not hear the words…but, I’ll bet that perhaps at least one of your most difficult clients thinks about time spent with you. You may have saved many people whose lives you touched unknowingly..

        Walk in dignity.


      I should advise that all homeless or unemployed in Australia receive government support and rent assistance being enough to pay for a room and food which is their choice to do and i provided rooms to many in crisis for rent, not charity. My charity was accepting them on short notice when no one else would. I do not provide food ..i provide a room for up to 15 -20 people in a government registered building with fire safetyregulations being met etc The building also has gas central heating for cold winter months which is included in the rent i charge. The rooms are furnished with refrigerator, bed etc basics and sometimes a TV, but most have their own TV or computer these days.

      During our interview process I set out house rules which they must agree to, these rules are important to maintain the peace and good order and safety of all residents. These rules require that they do not take or deal drugs on my property or to invite any of their criminal associates onto my property which are banned anyway and i advise them also that i give a list of residents to police in case they thinking of hiding from police they best not accept to live in any of my houses. I also tell them that i have given police permission to enter premises without a Search Warrant at any time and they must agree to let them in…if the police suspect any illegal activities in their room etc That they not attempt to borrow from other residents and NOT to bang on their doors at any time or to make any noise after 9pm at night as some residents do work and need a rested sleep. That all residents undertake to keep their rooms clean and to help keep the general house and gardens clean.And I advise them that they must pay their rent on time because I am providing them a room, a good mattress and roof over their heads on time too. My rules are set for the benefit of everyone and I advise them that if they break our agreement or become agreesive against others they will be evicted and I do sometimes needing police assistance..

      Whilst some of my tenants became homeless due to relationship breakup or loss of a job which meant they could no longer maintain a lease on an apartment and thus might otherwise be honest and good citizens, some were thrown out by their spouses because of their agressive behaviour or alcoholism or drug taking affects or other behavioural problems and issues. The problem is some of these people are REJECTS because their families and relatives dont want them, their girlfriends dont want them,,no one wants to live with them because of their behavioural issues and we dont want them either unless they accept our conditions,

      Some accept our conditions to get a room and then decide that they dont like my rules and want to take over management on their terms which does not suit me and after a warning or two if they lucky we ask them to leave and go find another abode who may wish to accept their terms and conditions and if they behave themselves they will get time to find another room elsewhere where they may be more appreciated. All like our facilities and dont want to leave but as they cant accept our other terms..we evict sometimes with police assistance. Many of these people have serious personality problems and cant live with anybody let alone their families, I dont feel sorry for them if you knew the disruption they can cause in a group accommodation facility I operate and sleeping in a park or under a bridge would be good theraphy and training for them,

      I’ll tell you a true story of a guy living with his girlfriend in one of my houses…he became abusive against his gf and threw pizza around their room and was drunk and disorderly so I evicted him for disturbing the peace. He went to live at another rooming house where many violent criminals lived and there were no rules…He got assaulted several times and left to live in a safer park bench. He rang me up pleading to be permitted to return, I said NO. He begged so I said that the only way I would accept him was if he undertood a serious Alcohol detox course and be successfully rehabilitated. With that he undertook a 10 day course and showed me his certificate but i still said no to return to live with his gf …i permitted him to move into one of my country houses for a long trial period…and only after i was sure that he was respecting my rules did i allow him to return but in a separate room. This guy was not uneducated he had been an electrical engineer and had been in the Army had previously been married etc but took to the drink as some people do. He now has been a great help with my admistration of some of my houses, but i must say he is the exception rather than the rule of people being rehabilitated.

      Some people leave of their own accord and if they are paid up when they request they return, then if their behaviour was according to my rules we usually accept them again, however many are never accepted again and i feel no remorse for rejecting them and they may need to sllep rough, not my problem, The problem rests with those who choose to disrupt other peoples lives just so they can get what they want.

      I had previously accepted referrals from social workers, unfortunately due to them refusing to provide mental health information about these people …they claim PRIVACY RULES stopping them divulging vital information..I have stopped accepting their referrals from the Salvation Army, and many other groups who will hide the dangerous nature of their referrals just so they can get them housed. I say if they are safe,,they can house them themselves in their own homes, but dont try putting the criminally insame and dangerous psyhcopaths into our homes to disrupt our lives. Let them sleep in the streets so they can maybe learn to conform or feel the snow, I’m sure many readers might agree with me.

      • CardinalMo

        To Gillyrooms, I can certainly understand where you are coming from. I worked for awhile in a residential home for people with disabilities. Most of these people’s IQ’s were from 6months to borderline. Some had been abused, or had illnesses when they were small babies and children. It was quite an interesting job. I learned a lot about people who have such problems… and people in general who have serious issues. The individuals we care for really could not help who they were or how they behaved. They did not have the intelligence to analyse events, situations, intentions, or their behaviours. Their behaviours were basically set early in as responses to their early childhood. But, even they had to learn behaviour boundaries. It can take years to see a slow improvement. It it takes the right combination of staff and everyone being on the same page.

        Of course my group of individuals was much different than yours. But, in some ways they are the same. One client I had one lady about 30 yrs. Her IQ was borderline, and later it was suspected she also had personality disorders. She was capable of manipulating the staff, staff of other residential homes, the residential supervisors, and therapists…Everyone in the establishment. She would make life so miserable for her staff that many would quit. She would lie, twist the truth, become verbally abusive, and sometimes physically. She had certain targets…usually a new staff. Bottom line she was jealous when a staff member showed the more needy clients the attention they were supposed to receive. She wanted all of the attention so she used negative behaviour to get the attention of the entire establishment by trying to get her staff fired. It seems to have worked for her in the past.

        Unfortunately, there are a lot of people in the world who fall into the category of this young woman. In the past she had her own apartment. But she was a danger to herself. She was unable to work because of her lack of employable abilities. But, she was too smart to do nothing. She was placed into the residential homes for her own safety and guidance. The establishment I worked for eventually worked to find her a different home in the city. I have no idea how she is doing. Her story has a bit more complicated background than what I have given here. But, when I consider her I think about some of the backgrounds of some of the people who are on drugs, alcohol…who may not be much more intelligent than her. Who like children live in the moment, think not too much about consequences, and by their nature are self ego centric.

        We all do the best we can. You did the best you could. It’s frustrating…it’s sad. I also taught school for awhile. And, I can tell you the next generation has a multitude of problems society will be dealing with. It is figured this way. About 1/4th of the population has some type of mental illness, lives in poverty, is in prison and self medicates with drugs and alcohol. I was so surprised when I realized that all of these areas is represented by 1/4 of the population. There is a connection between these issues, I believe. At least it certainly makes sense that there would be. I don’t know that there is any real permanent way to help these people…except perhaps to improve the social conditions in the world.

        I think perhaps some of these people need a less complicated life. A life that is busy and easier for them to handle. Say like on a farm where they can have a bit more freedom of movement, yet maintain discipline and a sense of responsibility to life beyond themselves. I once met a homeless man who was trying to work a small job…He had been an alcoholic.,,may have still been. But, he had a pet who he had actually taught to “say his prayers” and do other very cute tricks. He totally loved this little ragged animal. And, of course his dog loved him. This little dog was everything to this man. So, hopefully this little dog who was the center of his life, managed to save his life….I’ll never know.

        You did your work for a long time. I can’t imagine what you must have gone through on a daily basis. But, I think that it sounds like these people need supervision, counselling, goals and objectives.

        You see society has for a long timed assumed these people are just plain bad, evil,possessed etc. whatever the era dictates. So, they are throw aways sort. They end up in prison. People like this used to just be exiled. Then later, many were thrown into mental institutions…perhaps just because they had some misfit streak…especially women. Here in America most of the mental health facitities (institutions) were closed down…(for many reasons) But, they did not fill the void with anything other real significant approach. We now have some very serious mentally ill people roaming the streets…until the next time they go to jail.

        Well all of this could probably be a book. It certainly is a riddle to solve. And, it is a difficult situation for everyone involved. I believe you certainly have a right to know who amoung your renters is violent…at the very least.

        We do have some group homes here for people who have been in prison. From what I heard they seem to work fairly well. Perhaps, we need a system that transitions people instead of just releasing them from jail on to the streets to fend for themselves. The mentally ill really can’t help what they see, hear, or how they respond. They have to be worked with very closely. They need to learn to control the mental illness…that takes time. Drugs and alcohol helps to create some mental disfunctions as we all know. Well I won’t go on and on any longer…we know it’s complicated at best. But, you shouldn’t have been the one to have to tend to these people. Other professionals should have been doing that along.,, I can see your renting rooms to those who were in a transition from group homes to indpendence. And, if the messed up….they went back to the group home situation.

        It’s a pleasure having this disucssion with you.


      My current annoyance with our Conservative Victorian State government in Australia is that they require houses with 4 people who are unrelated to be registered with the local council. ie 4 people or more…i might understand 10 or more but 4 is rediculous it makes it uneconomical to do so and with a shortage of accommodation becoming critical it means that if I housed a woman with 2 children i would have to register the house so i could accept another person in the home. Its plain silly…its not a matter of trying to avoid income taxes which i declare anyway..its the silly health rules, fees and other red tape which a smaller house would be trapped into with government regulations, And further they could have repealed these socialist type regulations brough in by the previous Socialist Labor Government BUT they chose to keep them, which annoys me the most, nor are they interested in reviewing these rules.

      • CardinalMo

        Gillyrooms, Archaic concepts are very difficult to change. We’ re rather Schitzo here in America…we go between Victorianism and what ever the extreme opposite is. We too have rules similar to yours…not quite as strict. However, if a family is receiving housing money for their family every child has to have their own room. Or, at the very least it has to be seperate rooms for both sexes. There are so many changes these days, I’m not sure where all of that stands now. I do know that the rules are based upon what is considered a safe, and healthy environment. The intent is perhaps good, but the implimentation is poor. People are people and as long as anyone has power in their position they tend to make it miserable for others who don’t fit into their box.

        I don’t think there is too much diffenence between The Brits, Australia, and the USA. We are all fundamentally Rooted in Romanism and we all know how tyrannical they could be. We the people have to start speaking up…we need direct democracies and not representative republics. There are just sooooooooooooooooo many issues. For now I am conserned primairly in with dealing with Monsanto’s GMO’s for I believe that they are creating a real serious food crisis for the the very near future and this will affect the abilities, and well being of all future generations.

        We are in a major messes around the world and it is going to take all of us to consider how to solve the rubic cube of issues. We need organization of the people around the globe…not the elites…to determine where we go from here. Wouldn’t it be much better to use sports arenas as meeting places for the people rather than for just sports games where people get drunk and kill eachother because their team lost? Better yet…the internet is perhaps the best tool. I don’t know. You know how it is…the more you know the more you realize you know very little. But, one thing for certain…our problems are so huge how can we expect governments to really solve anything. They are a small group of people around the world who go into rooms to try to solve an issue for some other group but, they are always on the outside looking in…so they really do not know what they are doing any better than we do. I think perhaps we have too many overlapping laws and we need to simplify them. Another thing is the laws are all black and white…motivations, intents, situations and a personal history should be taken into account. To often it seems in the bureauacrats mind everyone else is suspect…and guilty until proven innocent. We are very divisive in our culture and are getting more so. It’s scarry.

  • David

    Jim says:
    May 3, 2012 at 9:13 am
    Map , you got it right in everything you said in your comment. The left is putting their spin on everything that is wrong with America but it is only cheap and down right lies they are saying to save their president’s hide with the upcoming election. Those that will vote for him are either Marxist or people that actually believe what he has been shoveling for the last 3 and a half years and if the majority of American’s are either of those things, then nothing will change their minds until it is too late, then those that are card holding Marxists will then be the 1% they are always complaining about and the rest will just have to depend on Obama’s handouts and entitlements since we are losing our manufacturing base faster with this administration in office then we have lost in the last 30 years.

    ———– Sorry about your assumptions, but you know what they say about assuming, right? I for one will be voting for Obama in 2012 and not because of any of the “reasons” you listed. The number one fact effecting my vote is I do not trust the Republicans. For the last 3-1/2 years all they have said is “Obama can’t be trusted” “Obama is a Maxist” or some other such silly nonsense and like the boy who cried Wolf!, they have said everything and anything about our President in the hopes something sticks. Well, if you lie to me once, twice, three times…. how many times do I still believe you after that? Romney is a LIAR. Newt is a LIAR. Rick Santorum is a LIAR. Perry is a LIAR. Every one nominated on the right has LIED about anything and everything concerning Obama’s record so now I don’t trust anything they say. Since Ron Paul won’t be getting the nomination, Obama gets my vote simply because I WILL NOT VOTE FOR SOMEONE I DO NOT TRUST!

    • CardinalMo

      We are losing our power base because corporations could find very low wage slave labour in third world nations. This process began in the 70′s.

      Also about that time we implemented environmental regulations. The third world nations didn’t care..they wanted to catch up to America. Their politicians looked the other way and took bribes. It was fine by their leaders to degrade their environment as long as people were making a few cents a day. It didn’t help the people or the nations in one meaningful way.

      This process of which we are beginning to see the fruit began long before Obama. It has been the ballgame for quite awhile…with a few superstars, some wins some losses. Presidents are pretty much puppets for the most part dancing with congress, senators, and corporate leaders. We have ourselves to blame…we don’t speak up enough in mass and we don’t come up with solutions, suggestions. If we want to beat back the powers of the corporations and the laws which protect them instead of the 99%, we have to at least appear rational and able to communicate some original thoughts in complete sentences void of slogans, and clichés.

  • Matt L.

    To those of you with leftist beliefs and inclinations: This video is spot on. I was born and raised in the former Soviet Union and can tell you that obama behaves, speaks and acts eerily similar to the charismatic folks who had destroyed Russia and turned it into a socialist nightmare that lasted several generations. I can only hope that there aren’t enough left-winged lunatics and parasites in this country to assure its similar destruction. God help America.

    • CardinalMo

      I don’t know how old you are. But there was a time when The Soviet Union was a Communist totaliarian state. Brutal! Before that the people of Russia live in horrible conditions…horrible! Poverty was rampant. Hunger was common…as was starvation. The Communists rose up against the King and royalty. It was a step out of serfdom. But, I imagine even more people were murdered under Communism.

      Socialism is not Communism. Though there may be some overlaps…the difference is on the world stage how each unfolded. Any political/economic system has the potential of becoming totalitarian.

      Socialism, Communism, and even our form of Democracy has to potential of becoming facist, dictatorships. which is why I harp about Direct Democracy. We don’t have to be Socialists or Communists to become totalitarian.

  • Chisna

    “Obama’s tax-and-spend philosophy is a dismal failure”

    What tax and spend philosophy ?
    How can you call something that only exists in your imagination a dismal failure ?

    It does concern me however that U.S. corporations aren’t hiring when they are paying less in taxes ( both as a percentage of profits and GDP ) than at any point in the last 50 years. And also are posting higher after tax profits than at any point in history. In fact they have been posting record profits every single quarter since Oct. 2009. But have only hired back a fraction of the employees they laid off at the start of the recession.Most of them, have found they can demand more from fewer workers and still make ends meet.

    Why don’t you talk about that Mr. W.A.R. ?
    You know….. something that’s actually true. And is actually happening.

  • frank austin

    I closed my business,and refsed to re-new my license as a mortgage loan officer when osama bama rama mama got elected.I will not re-open until he is gone.You cannot tax what I refuse to earn.Screw these progressives(possesseves).

  • Chisna

    I know, I know….. It’s not what you WANT to hear. But it’s something you should hear.

  • David

    As a mortgage loan officer, you already stole enough money to retire comfortably. Retire on other people’s money that you, yourself didn’t earn. Easy to see why you support the GOP, they are just like you. Would rather do anything, no matter how harmful to others, just for spite.

  • CesarCris

    Go easy on the guy (Robert Smith). His comments are that from somewhat a newcomer to the political scene. To respond to Robert: “Osama killed” project started after 911 with George Bush. Obama did not even want to get anywhere near the war on terror, but now he wants to take ALL credit for it. If and when Robert gets to see his tax bill and he still doesn’t come around, that means he’s in the coffers of, or simply a die-hard liberal fanatic, who still thinks it is Democraps vs. Repubs. Wake up America, your president stacked the national debt faster than all the other presidents before him – combined. It is Washington vs. you and me and that has been true for some time. Oh, and your street sweeper is paid for by your tax dollars to your CITY, I wouldn’t dare entrust your president that or a dog catcher’s job.

  • http://peresonallibertydigest.. gottaplenty

    Well David you’ve stated your level of attention , you would vote for a marxest, commie . Stating you would not vote for some one you couldnt trust. Grab a little history on the commies and show any thing that is trust worhty. vote for obummer sheeeeeeutt what an idiot. you dont belong in America.

    • David

      So, since I do not agree with you, I don’t belong in America? You are certainly a Republican. I am entitled to my opinion same as you and I do not trust Romney, I do not trust any Republican I have heard speak since 2008 for that matter and I will not vote for someone I do not trust. However, you may vote for Mitt if that makes you feel better… guess you trust the man who changes his line every time he speaks it. The same man Rick Santorum said was the “worst” Republican to run against Obama. The same man Newt said was a liar. The same man who said to let Detroit go bankrupt, let the housing market bottom out, the same man who keeps his money off-shore. The same man who never served a day in his life in the military and probably doesn’t know anyone who has… You want to trust someone like that? Perhaps it is you who is a fasisct and doesn’t belong in America?

      • Wildey

        Simply put, communism is government owned / government conlrolled and fescism is privately owned / government controlled. When it comes to playing with our toys, what difference does it make? As far as that goes, you rent everything. Don’t believe it? Don’t pay your taxes.

      • http://peresonallibertydigest.. gottaplenty

        First , you must just love liars,m thieves and unbound egoes.. get off that dem .rhetoric line and just look at obummers record … To destroy america. I suppose you just love his spending spree, more than all potus since the beginning. building his muslam s with our money , giving away American property that he had no right whatsoever, getting into office by fraud, and list aftere list of his commie acts and you think this is the American way?

  • Robert Phariss

    It’s really pretty simple, concentrated and centralized power without any oversight by the citizens or their elected representatives = tyranny. Separation of power, with a system of checks and balances such as that provided for in the US constitution = freedom. In his end run around congress via federal regulation and executive order as a means to avoid congressional oversight Obama is effectively ruling by imperial decree. This may be acceptable in his Indonesian homeland, but there is no room for Emperors in America!

  • LarryR

    In reply to Robert Smith, You clearly show your ignorance. First, Obama only gave the order to kill Osama as it was clearly the previous administrations actions that put into play the means to locate this scum, and further more it was our great military that actually killed him and not the President. Secondly, the so called ObamaCare has not and by the grace of god has not taken affect yet, and as for your all so knowing mis-informed statement, Please, Please tell us how many people died or were refused health care prior to your so called messiah’s health care law?
    As for your statement about your street being plowed (hahaha), I wonder what people did in the early days when there was no such services around? They did it themselves at a far more effecient way.

  • scout

    How far do we let this go before the tipping point is reached,the point of no return? Are we there now? I think so. Go back to your drug induced stupor. It’s over.

  • qquest

    with all this talk about Taxes…
    here’s a thought (and the ONLY Constitutional way) for taxes..
    since the Constitution states all men should be treated equally.. there is only ONE way to achieve this.. a FLAT TAX.. EVERYONE (no mtter of income level) pays the same low rate (NO decductions all). Keep the rate low (like 12% or 15%, exact number to be determined) This number is TOTAL Income tax paid. The Feds, states and local and argue how to divide the money and which benefits they will provide. the people paid their 15% and should be done. EVERYONR lives on 85% of their income
    NO deductions for hoem mortage.. if you can afford a $50M home, more power to you, you are NOT writing off the interest.
    If YOU elect to have 10 kids,,, Great!! they are YOUR bastards to take care of.. ZERO deductions.. YOU elected to have them, YOU pay for them.. you do not pay less taxes than the rest of us because of it.
    This way, the more you make, the more your pay (no longer cutitng your taxes via deductions). The flip side is the more your keep (and why not? It is YOUR money in the first place, not the governments and not the useless ones wanting a hand-out).
    this is fair.. using the leftist argument.. “we are all in this together”.. fine… then we all pay the same RATE… period.. problem solved.. and Givernment cannot spend more than it takes it or call it treason and execute ANY Politician spending more than the revenue gathered.

    • David

      While I agree with 99% of your statement, I must say the last line is too much. You had me until then and I have just one question for you. Let us just say for sake of argument, that your town was destroyed by some natural disaster and that happened at the end of the year when the government had no money left (considering it would be broke the days before payday like the rest of us in the real world) and they couldn’t spend what they don’t have… so do you sit and wait a week or two or three or however long it takes to get the money for FEMA to act?

  • Ron

    YES. They ARE on strike against Obama! Of course, if their workers were on strike, they could hire Blackwater Security or some such privatized army to break it up in our “Hate All Unions” climate. But since it is they who are taking America hostage, we can do nothing but sit and take it until we meet their demands and put another De-Regulator-In-Chief back in power to let them finish looting the country.

    Yay! We succeeded in liberating ourselves from Big Government!

    And we’re now slaves to Big Corporate.

  • Ron

    And if you’re a RealAmerican SuperPatriot who lives in rural America and is here online hating on the President and All Forms Of Government (Which Are From SATAN–unlike our Corporations Who Are From Jesus), I’m afraid you have the Rural Electrification Act of 1937 to blame for your predicament–and the liberal, Lyndon Johnson.

    Oops. Like Rick Santorum, I just threw up in my mouth at little mentioning his name. I’ll swill around a little AynRand ’57 to get the taste out of my mouth.

    At the time, Big Corporate had NO interest in providing electricity infrastructure to a bunch of dumb crackers living in the country (welfare-queen farmers who wouldn’t buy Big Corporate’s good and services), and would NEVER cooperate among themselves to achieve such a public service, since the guiding principal of capitalism is always dog-eat-dog; if you are not me, you are against me.

    Even as today, the Corporatocracy and their Republican menservants loudly shrieked that within a couple of years the Rural Electrification Act, an unholy abomination of CommuNaziHomoSocialistN*gAKenyanism, would bring America to it’s knees by using taxpayer dollars to build a power grid into rural regions.

    If they’d had their way, you’d be sitting at home, praying for the death of the President and raging away at him by oil lamp, and not on a computer. You’re welcome. Computers didn’t come into full, organized R&D until the Eniac project, an America-hating collaboration between the University of Pennsylvania and the Department of Defense.

    Of course, after cursing each of these developments as the End of SuperPatriotic RealAmerica as We Know It, Big Corporate swooped in and made a ton o’ money off of both Big Government sponsored endeavors, and the True American Christian Commie-Hating Capitalist Way of Life As We Know It not only didn’t die, but got better for a lot of afforesaid crackers.

    Similarly, America has been betrayed and destroyed time and again by Big Government Tax-and-Spend Boondoggles like these few examples, off the top of my head:

    The Erie Canal (John Quincy Adams–Al Qaeda-loving America-hater)

    The Interstate Highway Act (Dwight Eisenhower–Commie-loving, Negro-coddling, Traitor for Exposing the Military-Industrial Complex)

    The Panama Canal (Teddy Roosevelt–Legendary Traitor to America),

    The Global Positioning Satellite System (Ronald Reagan, Filthy Liberal Class-Warfare Traitor made this available to Big Corporate for commercial use after it was built through collaboration of the Pentagon and Big Corporate– who $uffered immen$ly for their participation in this godle$$ project)

    And a$ Alway$, even though each of the$e Big Government America-hating Project$ de$ecrated our holy nation, our Chri$tian Capitali$t Corporation$ were able to $ave u$ by making ma$$ive profit$ off of them.

    ‘Makes you wonder: Why does Big Government hate America so much when our Big Corporation$ Love It To Death?

    But let$ be clear about one thing: Even though Corporate America may patriotically pledge allegiance in their patriotic commercial$ to act a$ if they give a damn about America?

    They pledge allegiance to their multi-national shareholder$. And when they’re fini$hed looting thi$ place? They’ll move on to greener pa$ture$ and turn tho$e brown, too.

    ‘Nothing per$onal. It’$ ju$t bu$ine$$.

    And believe me, if we can overthrow America, strip any regulation from our Big Corporate rulers and get Cheney 2.0 back in there?

    Bu$ine$$ i$ GOOD.

    • Mario Quijano

      Omigod!!!! You mean them commies were digging the Erie Canal? Must have been a terrorist plot to unsettle the oith and cause a big quake in the northeast. Thank Yeezus that the movies show that the Duke lived in the 19th century and must have foiled their evil plans!

    • dufas magnet

      And another thing!.. You think it’s less bigoted to call the white race ‘crackers’ or do you even care? Yet you frown big time on the ‘N’ word like it was a sin, seeking out the NAACP to sue and make laws against such bigots while going about calling your own people that with every other word.. Be more considerate, do not refer to the whites as crackers and we won’t go about slandering your race either.

      • charlie

        dufas,,, King Jesus discriminates … See Matthew 15:24 for that race issue from The King…

  • Wildey

    American business is so involved with its own businesses that it forgot that American business is reponsible for who heads their nation and his impact on their businesses. They forgot they can’t use government to help their businesses.

    A man invented a new widget in a small town. He started a business and the business grew and grew. Pretty soon he was on all the town boards and “friends” with all the politicians he donated to and got elected. A newcomer with a new widget came to town. After a while he was becoming competition with the older manufacturer. The old timer decided he’d us his influence to slow down or get rid of the newcomer. At his request the politicians passed laws. He succeeded to crush the newcomer but something else was happening. The politicians had passed laws at his request that gave the politicians power over him and they started to say “When we blowa da whis, everybody offa our dock”.

    This may work in a socialist country but: Everybody is equal but some are more equal than other, won’t here, yet. You can’t ask government to do what you’re capable of doing yourself. Want freedom? Want Liberty? Then take the lumps that comes with them.

    • Neil

      Sounds like you are referring to Pelosi, Gore, Kerry, Waters, Feinstein, or Warren. They are just trying to make a living (and use the government to make darn sure it is a nice living).

      I am amuzed by the pettiness of the hatred for George W.’s corruptions. Obama’s czars and secretaries have diverted $100′s of billions to their supporters. In fact, two of the recipients got the free use of more than $100B each.

      I just hope Barry Mooch is gone next year.

  • Polski

    It’s not that we want Obama to be re-elected, it’s that we don’t want the republicans to have the presidency. Our shuddering memories of Dubya/Cheney for 8 years scares us crapless. Of course, if somehow we could get rid of Obama and the republicans that would really be fantastic. But with all the crooks in positions of power and wealth, that’s not going to happen.

  • HKaufman

    Wrongo Author of ARTICLE; his plan failed because of the dismal failure of the House of tea baggn Republicans. GET IT… GOT IT…. Good>> Mark and remember. Enough of the Blame game, start writing and become an ASSET, not a Author of HE DID THIS, HE DID that, He should HAVE this.. CALLING OUT EVERY WRITER on STAFF. A good Journalist will write UNBIASED,UNDISPARAGING Rhetoric, but will Give EQUAL PRAISE as well as CRITICISM. NOT ONE Writer written anything CRITICISM the Rogues gallery of REPUBLICAN FOSSILS.. When WILL this CHANGE?????????

  • James

    “The Strike” would have been a better title.

  • http://non Charles

    You liberals get me. All I can say is be careful for what you ask you just might get it. I have been in communist countries and believe me they are not doing as good as you might believe.I personally hope they put him back in and as some have seen already what he is doing to this country others will wake up when it smacks them in the face to. Just hasn’t hit home for some of you libs (communist) yet. Both sides are against the American people and our Constitution. Wake people. But Romney as usually will be better for us to slow down there take over and destruction of Our Constitution.We have to get rid of all those whom have been in goberment and start with new fresh (non Laws) people. Like Joe the plumber for instants. Everyday citizens not career politicians whom never worked a day in there life like the messiah. I am ready and have been for the ;future I only hope those conservatives and independents are ready also.Well say what you want, time is close, God be with all of us even you Libs whom don’t know no bette

    Bushmaste out

    • David

      Same could be said for the ultra-rightwing as well. They better be careful too as they could get what they want (or rather what they don’t really want, but what they want for others.) Seems to me that what the right-wingers want is their way and only their way. Where we are all carbon copies of Rush Limbaugh, where no thoughts are allowed if they don’t mesh with the “accepted” truths (like when Galieo was branded a heritic for saying the sun did not revolve around the Earth.) An America where the few powerful “upper crust” have everything and the “lower born” can just be forgotten. Where it is socially acceptable to say “I’ve got mine, you can FO.”

      What I would like for someone to explain, is why it is so wrong to believe there is good in every person, that all deserve to be treated as humans and a man’s worth isn’t measured by his bank account? Why is it wrong in helping the guy next to you with his burdens, with sharing, with compassion? Where is it wrong to feel empathy for those less fortunate, with wanting to lend a hand, with doing something for free?

    • A Little Bit of Reality

      Crying out loud Charles, go back to school.. Public education hasn’t benefited you at all. English is a language, not an olio.

  • 2¢ worth…

    “Obama’s tax-and-spend philosophy is a dismal failure, causing business owners to go on strike — permanently”

    Not permanently.. Just until he’s out and a Pub is in.. That’s the way politicians (of any party) plays the game and screws the people and the games never change.

  • Rick

    If I had a business, I would be fighting Oblama by cutting growth and that would cut down on the insurances and taxes, payroll, worker comp. etc. His plan is clear, It’s like it is fulfilled. All the elite that are needed are in control and he is one of them and that’s how all the others think too, they even have the Hollywood idols backing them. They over regulate businesses to control them They forced the middle class that didn’t care if they had health insurance because they didn’t want it or can’t afford it another $700.00 a year each and up to $2400.00 per household in fines. Here what Oblamacare was for 1 A bail out for insurance companies that have lost a lot of insured due to the millions of americans out of work dropping their insurance to survive. 2.A bailout for union workers premium healthcare plans that their bosses have squandered their pensions and retired workers healthcare plans away,3. A free ride for votes from illegals, welfare, anchor babies hospital bills, their emergency room health insurance plan that they don’t pay. So who has to pay? Not the wealthy and thats there business anyway as long as they pay their own they are exempt from Oblamacare, so who pays? Answer, the middle class and small to medium size businesses. Fight Oblama and his elite any chance you get…

  • maxinegridi

    Pre-Born (and even Post-Born) Baby-butchering is not the only thing that Barry delights in!

    Barry is also butchering the Goose that lays the Golden Eggs!

    How so?

    Let me count the ways!

    Barry is murdering Jobs; he is murdering the Middle Class … Manufacturing … and he is also murdering off the Businesses (that hire us … and keep us employed)!

  • GM

    All of you are way more informed than I am, so I have a question: The thing in 1933 about the birth certificate bonds–is it true? And if so, do you honestly believe that ANYONE in government since then has cared one bit about the United States, it’s people, or anyone else? If all the country is being ruled by Maritime law and none of us, as citizens have any rights at all—THEN THAT is where we all got messed up. THE WHOLE SYSTEM NEEDS TO BE RE-DONE! All of the presidents from then on, have just been pawns to break the country down, and now, at this point in time, it would take an absolute MIRACLE of some kind to change any of it.


    I think it would be great if all coal fired power plants would shut down, like the week before the election, for inspection purposes. Obama would finally see what it would be like to achieve his goal

  • Jay

    An ever growing government must by necessity grow in expanding its revenue (called taxing to the uninformed) and therefore can be very creative in methods for taxing and names for said taxes.

    Since the phrase “cut spending” is not found in any dictionary or book owned by politicians, the only recourse is to increase revenue.

    Government makes Robin Hood look like an amateur. Frederic Bastiat was correct when he called taxation legalized plunder.

    Of the more than 50 different taxes that exist today on federal, state and local levels, here are a few more familiar and common taxes. Federal income tax, sales tax, bridge tolls, sales tax, commuter tax, dog license tax, gasoline tax, Social Security tax, seven different taxes on telephone usage, and the list continues.

    We jokingly talk about how politicians would tax the air if they could. Water is already taxed. If only they could contrive a way to tax the sunlight. Wait…believe it or not…’s been done!

    In 1696, the window tax was enacted in England and it lived into the 1800s.

    At the time, the people opposed an income tax because it would require the government knowing everyone’s income. This was considered an intrusive invasion of privacy and a personal attack on liberty (imagine that).

    Finally someone hit on the idea of taxing based on the number of windows in a house. The larger the house, the more windows the house would, which coincidentally meant the larger the house, the more income the person would have. And after all, the rich should pay more because they have more, right?

    So was it a window tax or a sunlight tax? Windows let in the light and to close a window, was to not be able to enjoy the use of light. Even today, some buildings from this period have bricked up windows, a reminder of an early home owner who used the only loophole available at the time to avoid taxes.

    Listen to a description from this unlikely source on this subject, the prince of preachers Charles Spurgeon. In reminiscing about his childhood in his autobiography, Spurgeon describes the manse of his Grandfather, James Spurgeon.

    “Some of us can remember the window tax, which seemed to regard light as a Latin commodity-lux, and therefore a luxury, and as such to be taxed. So much was paid on each aperture for the admission of light, but the minister’s small income forced economy upon him and so room after room of the manse was left in darkness….What a queer mind his must have been who first invented taxing the light of the sun!

    It was, no doubt, meant to be a fair way of estimating the size of a house, and thus getting at the wealth of the inhabitant; but, incidentally, it led occupiers of large houses to shut out the light for which they were too poor to pay.” (C. H. Spurgeon Autobiography, Volume I, 1897).

    So there you have it. If it can possibly be taxed, politicians have no conscience when it comes to extracting. Water, air, sunlight, who would have thought it?

    Remember the words of Ronald Reagan concerning governments view of the economy: “If it moves, taxvit. If it keeps moving, regulate it. If it stops moving, subsidize it.”

  • mikefromamerica

    I’ve read a LOT of the comments, and most make valid points, so here’s my 2 cents worth: I am a unabashed Independent. So America is my focus of concern and NOT either party. There will ALWAYS be someone with one more dollar than you or I. I will NOT begrudge him/her that 1 more dollar. There will always be upper, middle and lower classes. It is NOT, in my opinion, the Government’s job to take more from one because that one has 1 more dollar than another. The Government has NEVER got involved in ANYTHING where the costs actually went down (re: Obamacare). The Government has NEVER gotten involved in anything where the quality actually improved. And I will also point out that, as someone posted, Corporations DON’T PAY TAXES! The consumer does. And some like to infer that Corporations are inanimate objects that exists to suck money from the middle class. The only thing sucking money from the middle class is our current President and Congress! As I’ve heard, and believe, MONEY IS POWER! And right now MIDDLE CLASS power is being stolen by our not so benevolent Uncle Sam! TAX the RICH? The RICH will always be rich, the taxes they incur to be paid for by the middle class! One extra dollar makes someone richer than me. One less dollar that someone has makes them poorer than me. That’s how it will ALWAYS BE! The Government has NO RIGHT to decide who to take more or less money from! That’s my belief, and to borrow a phrase, I APPROVE OF THIS POST!

    • nc

      Mike,If Americans had never allowed our governemnt to levy taxes we would still be an English colony or speaking another language! Eventually those countries that did levy taxes would create the stronger military and while we might have been ‘free from taxes” we would not have been “free in fact”. So if it took taxes to get us here it sure as h*ll is going to take taxes to keep us here. Taxes are money so it must come from those who have money to “produce” what it takes to keep our place in the world that is getting smaller by science! So we must collect our taxes and learn to live in a smaller world with a lot of people who don’t like us! Some of it our own fault by bad foreign policy!
      We can vow to “fight the gubmint”, pound our chest and screan at our “enemies” and call them names but the problems still remain. WE need to get together as a people and we can! Clinton and Newt did and the results were pretyy good! Real good, as a matter of fact!

  • Jay

    When it comes to Barack Obama, one of the most important things to understand is that he is a committed globalist. He firmly believes that more “global governance” (the elite don’t like to use the term “global government”) will make the world a much better place.

    Throughout his time in the White House, Obama has consistently sought to strengthen international institutions such as the UN, the IMF, the World Bank and the WTO. At every turn, Obama has endeavored to more fully integrate America into the “global community”.

    Since he was elected, Obama has signed a whole host of new international economic agreements. He regularly speaks of the need for “cooperation” among global religions and he has hosted a wide variety of different religious celebrations at the White House.

    Obama once stated that “all nations must come together to build a stronger global regime”(Does that not sound similar to the Bush sr’ New World Order speech?). If you do not want to live in a “global regime” that is just too bad.

    To globalists such as Obama, it is inevitable that the United States of America will be merged into the emerging global system. Just this week, Obama has issued a new executive order that seeks to “harmonize” U.S. economic regulations with the rest of the world.

    This new executive order is yet another incremental step that is pushing us closer to a North American Union and a one world economic system. Unfortunately, most Americans have absolutely no idea what is happening.

    The American people need to understand that Barack Obama is constantly looking for ways to integrate the United States more deeply with the rest of the world.

    The globalization of the world economy has accelerated under Obama, and this latest executive order represents a fundamental change in U.S. economic policy.

    Now federal regulators will be required to “harmonize” their work with the international community. The following is how this new executive order was assessed in a recent Busines-week article….

    • nc

      Jay, What foreign countries can we deal with and recognize their place in the world and not be consisered “globalist”? You seem to take issue with Obama saying we should harmonize our trade regulations with the rest of the world. TRADE IS HARMONY! We don’t just take our goods to another country and throw them on their shores and tell them they HAVE to accept them under OUR conditions(regulations) and pay OUR price or we WILL blow their butts off!
      Here’s the option! We go back to trading in the same manner and with the same people as we did in the 18th CENTURY!!! HEY!!THE GRAND OLD PARTY WAY!! THAT’S WHY THEY ARE CALLED “MOSS BACKS.” There are a LOT of essential THINGS we need today that are found in PLACES all around the GLOBE that we don’t own or control!! Things that were not even things AND in places we didn’t know about in the 18th century!
      Democrats call them problems of the modern world that must be dealt with !Republicans call them problems above their pay scale!

  • Melvin Kelly

    With everyone pointing their fingers and not realizing there’s a power’s at work here, that’s stronger that Pressident Obama, Bush or Reagan, it’s hiding the real truth and it’s have been dividing us for centuries. Don’t blame the president for everything. Check out this video, that real Americans are watching ;

    • eddie47d

      The would be too complicated for them to understand. They don’t have hope because they are hopelessly locked in the same holding pattern.

    • GM

      I totally agree with Melvin. The one thing the “power” constantly does is keep all people in some kind of conflict with another. The truth is, people in all countries, just want the same thing we all want, which is acceptance, respect, and human rights. The way we all have to fight is to be less judgemental (and I know that is hard to do), and to learn to love and respect each individual as a human, no matter what country they are from, what language they speak, or what religion they believe in because love will always conquer evil.

      They plant doubt, fear, un-truths, and uncertainity into all of us on a daily basis, so that we never once think that we are ALL just trying to live and do the best we can all over the world. It has nothing to do with political party, or even democracy, it is all set up so that human beings have no care or respect for other human beings. The one world government already exists. The solution is to come together as human beings with compassion for each other and take the power of evil away.

      The “power” puts people in positions (such as presidents) where they can manipulate them and use those people to manipulate others. We all must take personal responsibility for our own actions. If we could learn to accept each other, they would have no power over us anymore. The more we talk about differences amongst us, the greater the differences become, but, if we all started to find the ways that we are all the same, we could turn this situation around.

      It is a fact that you attract into your life what you think about, and if you change the way you think, then things around you will also change. If you look for good you will find it, but if ALL you look for is bad, then that is EXACTLY what you will see!! It is time for all of us to take control of this situation and unite as HUMAN BEINGS, that is the answer. Countries, Civilizations, Cities, towns, governments and everything else is built by US, the people. We have to see that first step to re-building all of them is to start with acceptance, and caring for each individual that makes up the world. Evil cannot dominate where there is love and acceptance.

      Obviously, there are some things people do that we may not like, personality conflicts or belief systems or whatever you want to call it, BUT, you don’t have to like what they do to love them as a human being. If we did that, we could create a whole better world for all of us. It would not be easy, but living like we are now is sure not easy!! What would it hurt to try? The one thing the “power” counts on is making us seperate, in some way, to other human beings on earth, so that they become “the enemy”. The only real enemy is thinking we are any different that the man in China, Japan, or any other country, who is also just trying to make a living, feed his kids, and live his life. We are all HUMAN BEINGS, lets start acting like it and the “power” will have nothing to use against us. If we believe in ourselves and our fellow human beings, then, we could overcome the evil “powers”.

      I am sorry, I know you all were discussing politics and I kind of went off in a whole new direction, but what I am saying is the truth. We have too many seperations, we need to look for ways to unite. We will find power, truth, and hope in unity not seperation,and that is how we can re-build a better world. Secret societies, government lies, and secrets, THINK ABOUT IT! EVERYTHING they have done all these years is to seperate people into classes, income brackets, nationalities, religions, age groups, standards of this or that or something else and they continue to do this on a daily basis to cause conflict. ANYTHING to make us think we are not created equal. We have to start thinking in terms of likeness. We are individuals, yes, with our own hopes, dreams, values, etc. but we are human beings first and we need to start caring and respecting each other as such.

      Ok, I think I am done for now, but whatever else you do, THINK about what I have said. The only way to change this mess is to start thinking for ourselves and remember we are all connected as people, first, before classes, politics, money, statures, governments or anything else, we all get here the same way (birth) and leave the same way (death). The only enemy is the non-human thing that is trying to make us all hate each other!!

      • CardinalMo

        GM I could not agree with you any more than I do. You know something is seriously wrong in this world when you feel odd about speaking up for unconditional love…even pastors tell us that we too evil to know how to love undoncitionally….that’s a cop out. It can be done.

        I don’t have clue what Charlie and Tom are trying to tells us here. All I can say is that we have choices to make and responsibility to make compassionate, forgiving, wise choices.

        For Tom and Charlie: I believe that Jesus would prefer that you delve deeper into the real meanings of your belief system. You are just spouting stuff which has no substance, no wrods of wisdom which the God/man expressed. If one is to really honor God, Jesus… we are to live like Jesus. Did Jesus worrie about money, power, greed, have affairs, cheat, lie, twist the truth.

        Humaninity has to come together to make the leap and realize all of humanity is one species. We are a family no matter how different we are on the surface. Christianity is not the only religion which teaches love, compassion, reserection, virgin birth, chastity, virtue, honesty, etc. These values are also taught in Hinduismm, Buddahism, Judahism, Taoism. Many very wise men around the world have in the past tried to inform their cultures on how to get along with each other. But their concepts are lost in the much adeu about nothing. The main point of Jesus is what he was teachiing…what he tried to share…not who he was.

        What did he teach.

        1) Yes, you are your brothers keeper…in the sense that we watch out for each other, if they have a need we help out.

        2) We assist our neighbours
        3) We do not take from widows and children—we protect them and help them.
        4) We love our enemies…
        5) When someone has wronged us we turn the other cheek ( We are humble….we walk away) We don’t make the argument worse. (How much abuse is there in families because they cannot do this simple thing?

        We know you believe Jesus is King…OK

        Now fill yourself with the meanings of his TEACHINGS. Then for the sake of furthering your wisdom read the holy books of other religions or belief systems. You will be surprised how much you will learn about God and human belief systems. They are actually more alike than different.

      • charlie

        GM et al,,, surely all of you can read and write as well as I can ,,,most,,, probably better ,,,I agree The Bible is amazing it took Me about 6 years to come out of My brainwashing that was given to Me by the Judeo Christian Churches but IF you check things out and do the simple things FIRST ,,,then you may do the more complex,,, otherwise you are on the way to hell in a hand basket made in China…. Praise King Jesus for Salvation and Healing …

  • Tom W.


    • charlie

      Tom W.,,, King Jesus was hung as a King ,,, King Jesus raised Himself from the dead,,, King Jesus is The Son of The Almighty God ,,, King Jesus IS God ,,, so ,,, get it right ,,, King Jesus is Lord ,,, Acts 2:38 ,,, IS ,,, Salvation ,,, Acts 2:38 ,,, The only single verse in the Bible that “Gives” Salvation AND,,, The Gift of The Holy Spirit in one single verse …
      King Jesus ,,,King of America … You Judeo Christians become “Real” Christians per The Book ,,, get rebaptized according to Acts 19 ,,,or get baptized according to Acts 2:38…
      OR ,,, you may end up at Matthew 7:22… Get it right per The Book or you ain’t got it “Right”… King Jesus could not make it more simple… The Whole entire Holy Bible is about King Jesus and His Creation … Honor The King ,,,fear no Man ,,, Praise King Jesus for Salvation and Healing … Baptism IS,,, Salvation ,,, see First Peter 3:21…

      • dawgbisquit

        Yo Brother charlie, I been lookin’ for you dude! I can call you Brother can’t I chuck?

        “But he answered and said, I am not sent but unto the lost sheep of the house of Israel.” – Matt. 5:24 (KJV of course)

        You asked me the other day how I read thiis verse, I read this verse in context that Jesus was answering the Gentile woman that was asking favor of Him in healing her daughter. Out of context I read it as Jesus being the fulfillment of the Messianic prophecies, He came unto his own, and his own received him not.” – John 1:11 (KJV) He was simply responding to this Gentile woman’s request, but if you read on, He is so impressed with her faith, that He grants the woman her request! PRAISE BE HALLELUJAH!!! What a Savior!
        At the well in Samaria (John 4:!-26), He asks the Samaritan woman to give Him drink, Now the Samaritans were Jewish halfbreeds, consequences of the Assyrian invation of the Northern Kingdom and the pious Judean Jews would have nothing to do with them, as a matter of fact, they were held in higher distain than your everyday run of the mill Gentile, these were half Jew and therefore a stain on their Jewishness! But we see that Jesus went on to save this woman! PRAISE BE HALLELUJAH!!! What a Savior!
        The Roman centurion which some theologians identify as Cornellius requested for Jesus to come and heal his servant (Matt. 8:5-13), when Jesus said that He would, the centurion, told Him that he was unworthy to have the Lord enter his home, but that he knew that if Jesus would simply verbally grant the petition, it would be done! Again Jesus, this time so impressed with this Gentiles faith, holds him up as an example of faith to his own people, and then goes on and grants the man’s request which the Bible says was fulfilled the self-same hour! PRAISE BE HALLELUJAH!!! What a Savior!
        Jesus was the fulfillment of the suffering servant prophecy of Isaiah 53, sent unto His own to be despised and rejected, to be spat upon, to be crucified on that Old Wooden Cross!!! ALL for you and for me charlie, and for whosoever else should decide that they want to trust Him that He is who God’s Word testifies Him to be! As Jesus was sent unto the Jews, the very people that God had entrusted with His Holy Law, so was Paul sent unto the Gentiles the Bible says to provoke the Jews unto Jealousy. (Rom. 11:11) In that they would SEE God’s blessings flowing down unto the Gentiles and cause them to seek salvation! PRAISE BE HALLELUJAH!!! What a Savior!
        That’s how I read it charlie, how ’bout chu?!! I have NO problem with callin’ my King KING! PRAISE BE HALLELUJAH!!!

      • charlie

        dawgbiscuit,,, do you eat dog biscuits??? just kidding,,, but you maybe a little prejudice ,,,King Jesus called the canaanite woman a dog (bitch) ,,, that’s chapter 15:24 NOT,,,5;24 … In Matthew 15:24 King Jesus gave the bitch A blessing (healing of her daughter) but He did not give her Salvation… You have been “Mind programed” by the Judeo-christian false prophets and you are wanting Me to spoon feed you The Holy Bible in a few paragaphs ,,, you need to do your own reading and THINKING , ANALYSING , praying and what ever it takes to arrive at “Truth” ,,, the equation for truth is Psalms 119:160 ,,,The Holy Bible has meanings in each verse as well as the contexts of many verses ,,,you are also in a psychological condition known as cognitive dissonance ,,, you have been brainwashed by some Man as to what The Bible says ,,,so,,,when Man speaks or writes there may be some lies but The Bible has NEVER been proven wrong and guess who’s going to have to prove it right to you ,,,YOU ARE,,, all I can do is point at “Scripture” and ask questions to get you to THINK and ANALYZE …
        What Scripture gives Salvation in one single verse ??? does that mean that’s all you have to read ,,,??? NO!!! see Psalms 119 :160 again ,,,does an equation have at least two parts that are equal??? OK,,,, here are a few questions that you DO NOT have Bible answers for … Who are God’s / KingJesus’s Chosen people ??? do a word study in a good Concordance on the words “Jacob” ,,, “Israel” ,,,and guess what you will find out ??? The Children of Israel (Jacob Israel) are God’s Chosen people NOT just the Jews,,, IF,,, one is a blood line jew from the tribe of Judah ,,,then of course he’s one of the Children of Israel…
        Praise King Jesus for Salvation and Healing …
        dawgbiscuit ,,, when you digest the above come on back with one question at a time …
        I don’t have time to rewrite The Bible for you …

        • Tom W.

          I don’t want you to rewrite any damn thing for me heretic! Your answer just confirmed to me what I already expected, you’re a freakin’ nut who tries to twist scripture into the anti-Semetic bigoted mumble-jumble that drives people away from the Word of God, and the Shar Shalom says that it would be better for you to have a millstone tied around your neck and you was cast into the sea than to keep doin’ what you’re doin’! Repent and beg forgivness charlie!!!

      • charlie

        dawgbiscuit ,,, BTW King Jesus said “be not deceived “,,, are You deceived ??? how would you know you are deceived if you are deceived ??? since Satan is more intelligent and smarter than most 10 men that do not have Acts 2:38 accomplished properly …
        Praise King Jesus for Salvation and Healing …

        • CardinalMo

          Gee Charlie will you just stop with this stuff… and get a little bit rational…think..You are not even close to the main topic…I’m sure we’ve all been postulilated to many times. Just be cause you love the phrase King Jesus dosn’t mean we want to keep reading it like a repeated rote prayer…signifying nothing.

          rock, siccsors, hammer, rock siccors, hammer, rock siccors hammer …get the point?

      • Tom W.

        Next thing ya know, you’ll be postin’ in tongues charlie! LOL!!!

      • charlie

        dawgbiscuit ,,, big difference between a Canaanite and a Gentile ,,,what is that difference??? TW says we ought to get into tongues ,,,are you ready for a real brain warpp???

  • charlie

    Tom W.,,, would you care to tell us Bible dummies what a Semite is ,,,and while you are at it tell us who the lineage of Esau Edom is today…. BTW ,,, I am a Semite one of the Children of Jacob Israel ,,,maybe a little “bastardized” but still purafied by The King’s
    Blood … Praise King Jesus for Salvation and Healing…

    • Tom W.

      If you are one, why do you need me to define it for you heretic?! Ahh bam lam a na hoh shim sha ah la nam na!!!

      • charlie

        thanks you have confirmed what We suspected ….

        • Tom W.

          LOL!!! TURN or BURN charlie!

        • Tom W.

          Alright charlie I’ll try this again.. ERR!.. I’ll be workin on a post and go to move a line or word or something and sometimes one of the lap-tops I use will go into a spin cycle (LOL! For lack of a better term), and all my work will just mysteriously disappear into cyber-space!!! poof. I’d like to treat this lap-top like Jimi Hendrix used to do his guitars!!!
          Now you’re startin’ to get a little far away from the bag there charlie! You should be CAREFUL!!! I have a better pick-off move than Hall of Famer Whitey For.. POP!… YOUURRRR OUUUTTTTT!!!… See! I told ya!!!
          I will be taking my definitions from the free Mariam Webster’s online dictionary, I have no quams with any of them!
          Definition of SEMITE
          1 a: a member of any of a number of peoples of ancient southwestern Asia including the Akkadians, Phoenicians, Hebrews, and Arabs b: a descendant of these peoples 2: a member of a modern people speaking a Semitic language
          Definition of GENTILE
          1 often capitalized: a person of a non-Jewish nation or of non-Jewish faith; especially: a Christian as distinguished from a Jew 2: heathen, pagan 3 often capitalized: a non-Mormon
          NOW WAIT!!! You said, “big difference between a Canaanite and a Gentile”! Only if that Canaanite is Jewish charlie! Duhhhh!!! So tell me, what’s the difference in your holiness opinion charlie?!! I think you also wanted to know who I thought were the modern day decendants of Esau, I agree with most theologians that the a lot of Arabs are. You know them red-bones! (Just kiddin’! LOL!!!)
          You also said that Jesus did not give the Canaanite woman salvation after healing her daughter! He just performed a MIRACLE right before her very eyes charlie!!! You don’t think she believed?! Duhhh… Are you blonde charlie? I’ll bet you’re bald… From all those little boys rubbin’ ya on the top of your head!
          The Samaratan woman went runnin’ back to town PROCLAIMING Yeshua as the Christos (Greek for Messiah), “LOOK!!! Come SEE! I think she’d been saved charlie, PRAISE BE HALLELUJAH!!! What a Savior! Do ya want to debate the theif on the cross?! Salvation is SOOOO simple!!! So simple that MOST people simply can’t handle it! That why Jesus said that if you didn’t possess the faith of a little child, you couldn’t enter the Kingdom of Heaven! God’s Holy Word says that ALL that is required is that you MUST BE BORN AGAIN (That means that YOU”VE amitted to God, NOBODY else, it’s between you and Him in the privicy of your own heart, that you are a sinner, and that you BELIEVE that Jesus died for your sins and then rose again the third day and now sits at the right hand of the Father waitin’ for Him to say, “Son, go get Our children!”) that you simply believe and do your BEST to HIS glory!!! Jesus only give us two commandments;” Master, which is the great commandment in the law? Jesus said unto him, Thou shalt love the Lord thy God with all thy heart, and with all thy soul, and with all thy mind. This is the first and great commandment. And the second is like unto it, Thou shalt love thy neighbour as thyself. On these two commandments hang all the law and the prophets.” – Matt. 22:36-40 (KJV) ALL that is required is to simply BELIEVE!!! Man just can’t handle that! He’s GOT to do something!!! It HAS to be earned! And some religions take FULL advantage of that by making rules and stipulations (Why that’s the EXACT same thing that Jesus accused the Saducees and the Pharisees of!!!) which keeps people enslaved and never knowing the TRUTH!!!
          I personally have no problem with the holiness churches, but I will say this, God;s Holy Word says that if there is no one to interpret, then tongues should not be spoken; ” So likewise ye, except ye utter by the tongue words easy to be understood, how shall it be known what is spoken? for ye shall speak into the air. There are, it may be, so many kinds of voices in the world, and none of them is without signification. Therefore if I know not the meaning of the voice, I shall be unto him that speaketh a barbarian, and he that speaketh shall be a barbarian unto me. Even so ye, forasmuch as ye are zealous of spiritual gifts, seek that ye may excel to the edifying of the church. Wherefore let him that speaketh in an unknown tongue pray that he may interpret. For if I pray in an unknown tongue, my spirit prayeth, but my understanding is unfruitful. What is it then? I will pray with the spirit, and I will pray with the understanding also: I will sing with the spirit, and I will sing with the understanding also. Else when thou shalt bless with the spirit, how shall he that occupieth the room of the unlearned say Amen at thy giving of thanks, seeing he understandeth not what thou sayest? For thou verily givest thanks well, but the other is not edified. I thank my God, I speak with tongues more than ye all: Yet in the church I had rather speak five words with my understanding, that by my voice I might teach others also, than ten thousand words in an unknown tongue. Brethren, be not children in understanding: howbeit in malice be ye children, but in understanding be men. In the law it is written, With men of other tongues and other lips will I speak unto this people; and yet for all that will they not hear me, saith the Lord. Wherefore tongues are for a sign, not to them that believe, but to them that believe not: but prophesying serveth not for them that believe not, but for them which believe. If therefore the whole church be come together into one place, and all speak with tongues, and there come in those that are unlearned, or unbelievers, will they not say that ye are mad?” – I Cor. 14:9-23 (KJV)
          The holiness churches come in MANY variations from the “Assembly of God” churches where you’ll hear the occasional break out of mumbled tongues among the congregation to the snake handlin’, poison drinkin’ churches of the Appalachia. Now I’m not gonna say that the things that happen in these churchs aren’t for real because I truly believe that God works in strange and mysterious ways! I’m LIVIN’ proof!!! But IF you’re fakin’ these things charlie, you not drawing people to Christ, you’re pushing them away, and God’s Holy Word says; “Woe be unto the pastors that destroy and scatter the sheep of my pasture! saith the Lord.” – Jer. 23:1 (KJV)
          Are you SURE you’re right charlie?!!
          “Beware of false prophets, which come to you in sheep’s clothing, but inwardly they are ravening wolves. Ye shall know them by their fruits. Do men gather grapes of thorns, or figs of thistles? Even so every good tree bringeth forth good fruit; but a corrupt tree bringeth forth evil fruit. A good tree cannot bring forth evil fruit, neither can a corrupt tree bring forth good fruit. Every tree that bringeth not forth good fruit is hewn down, and cast into the fire. Wherefore by their fruits ye shall know them. Not every one that saith unto me, Lord, Lord, shall enter into the kingdom of heaven; but he that doeth the will of my Father which is in heaven. Many will say to me in that day, Lord, Lord, have we not prophesied in thy name? and in thy name have cast out devils? and in thy name done many wonderful works? And then will I profess unto them, I never knew you: depart from me, ye that work iniquity.” – Matt. 7:15-23 (KJV)

          “And ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free.” – John 8:32 (KJV) Oh, how I wish I could’ve had this last verse printed in RED!!!

          So are we straight charlie?!!

      • charlie

        Tom W. , dawgbiscuit , et al,,,
        To understand a problem it helps to know and analyze the basics of what ever problem one is dealing with,,, so the Maintenance Manual for Man Kind is The Holy Bible of The Almighty God… The Bible ,,,I did not write The Bible,,,God’s Servants wrote The Bible,,,so IF some Man says something in reference to The Bible you better check it out and define everything with the Sum of God’s Words,,, see Psalm 119:160,,,for example your Computer problem is because you are not in harmony with or knowledgeable of the computer programing then you will have “conflict” (sin) with the “program”…
        Your Mind is one of God’s Computers ,,,so,,,IF,,, your mind is not programed with the Sum of God’s Words then there will be conflict on what some verses mean in “Scriptures”…
        So ,,,I have ask a few basic questions and your answers are in conflict with “the sum of God’s Words” ,,, bear in mind one scripture DOES NOT delete or take away from another scripture ,,, ALL Scripture harmonizes with other scripture ,,,BUT,,, some Scriptures have “Rank” over other scriptures… For example King Jesus Christ (God) is The Top Ranking Man in the entire Bible ,,, so what King Jesus says is Law and what ever His Ranking Men say is also Law…. So at Matthew 16:19 ,Peter , was delegated Hi Rank by King Jesus regarding The Kingdom,,, that’s why Acts 2:38 CANNOT be bypassed regarding Salvation … There is no such thing as “believe only” Salvation… Now , Paul has rank BUT Paul’s rank does Not OVER RIDE Peter’s ,,,it harmonizes with Peter’s …
        Now regarding Lineage Esau was Jacob’s twin brother , Esau had “The Rank” (seniority) over Jacob ,,,in this case rank is called “birth rights” ,,,BUT,,, Esau sold his Birth Rights to his brother Jacob which was gross disrepect by Esau for God and His Blessings ,,,So,,, Esau and his lineage were “cursed” by God for ever ,,,see Genesis 26,27,28 for that Scripture and Malachi 1 covers the big part of the “curse” by God…
        Esau and Jacob were both Semites see a Bible Lineage Chart for that info or the Lineage is also in The Bible…
        So,,, all basic white men are Semites ,,,BUT,,, the lineage of Esau is teetotaly “CURSED”
        and will be wiped out so says the book of Obadiah …
        The Lineage of Jacob Israel and his 13 sons , are, called the children of Israel ,,,AND ARE GOD’S CHOSEN PEOPLE,,, so says The Bible at Matthew 15:24 and the old Testament calls it out many places ,,,1Chronicles 16:13 is one Scripture …
        So let the above soak into your pea brains for awhile AND ,,,THEN,,, maybe you can figure out who and what a Jew is from the three different definitions of the word “jew”…
        1. Bloodline Jew ??? ,,,2. Geographical Jew ??? 3. Religious Jew???
        Praise King Jesus for Salvation and Healing … AND reprogram your pea brain computer… by paying attention to Psalm 119:160…

  • KB

    Right on, Wayne A! Of course American business owners are shrugging, and skedaddling. Because, it’s not just O’Bummer. Nearly everyone in government are members of the CFR. The New World Order means zero growth. See “Hunger Games” for how they want it to be. Read “The Bilderberg Group” by Daniel Estulin for the insider info on their evil plans for enslaving the survivors after the big kill (nearly everyone). They promise world peace while delivering perpetual war. But, cemeteries are very peaceful.

  • CardinalMo

    In response to Christian conversation: I found a spot in the bible one day where Jesus actually supposedly stated that you will be forgiven for doubting “the son of man” but do not doubt not his father. I think this sort of contridicts what everyone preaches. Jesus wants us to have faith in our creator, the creator of all of life and the known and unknown universe and the creator also of Jesus…(since his is 1/2 human and 1/2 god spriit.) So, the way I see it is that one does not even have to believe in Jesus as a co-creator but Just God. Simple…yes it is. There are people who have god in their hearts from the most primative tribe to the most advanced society. But, some people began to worship the mediatior. This is the main point…the main point is to be a person of God. Jesus came to teach us Gods ways…how he wanted us to live in community with others while here on earth, and that meant to not judge the hearts of others,(only God can do that), we are to care for others, to forgive, and basically, harm nothing. We do need action…for Jesus discussed the fact that if you are forgiven of an offense…don’t go out a commit the offense again or knowingly keep on committing harmful actions.

    Let’s discuss harmful actions…whenever a person attacks a persons spirit or humiliates them as in verbal abuse, gossiping, false testifying, unfair and attacking criticism, “some types of teasig”, to desrespec/be little by name calling and any of the affore mentioned do not represent how God would have us behave.

    How do we attack a person physically. Simplistically we believe when we hit someone that is a phsical attack or when we murder some one, while true these are simplistic concepts for the time we live in. To attack a person physically one can actually disregard anothers right to physical space eg., a super loud party, angery horn honking, road rage, loud boistress out of place talking/yelling, super loud car radios …which can actually cause heart rythms to change.

    Harm comes to people when we commit adultry. Why? Because, we lose the trust of our families and friends. We hurt the hearts of even people we may not have met when an offended spouse or children share their sorrow. We are cheating on our entire family out of a potentially loving relationship and a healthy foundation for the future. We destroy a peaceful continum of life and create instead a situation in which life is broken like a shattered window glass…with pieces of the past reflecting a disconnected managre memories and our soul aches as it does with death. We also harm out community. because the shattering of a family creats a certain kind of fear… our own spouses. And this rocks the foundation of our community.

    Murder, theift, are pretty obviously harmful. As is of course sexual abuse, and physical abuse. No need to go into the why;s here.

    What about how we conduct our businesses? government…these are huge so…I’ll just leave them alone for now.

    • charlie

      the way you see it may not be the way King Jesus had it written ,,,read The Bible in compliance with Psalm 119:160…

      • CardinalMo

        The Psalms are the beautiful songs written by King Salomon who reigned well before the time of Jesus. Jesus did not write these…neither did God. Salomon wrote these to praise God ….our creator. He knew nothing of Jesus. Where and how exactly am I in conflict with Psalm 119:160? You mentioned in one of your writings that the Bible was all about Jesus. But, it is not ALL about Jesus. It is about God and humanities relationship to God. Jesus was not a thought in the Bible until later…when the Jewish people were looking for a “saviour” to save them from the invasions of the Romans. However, there is a prediction in the later old testament about a saviour such as Jesus. And let us remember that since the translations been translated many times. What we read in English could not be exactly translated from another language.

      • charlie

        CardinalMO,,,et al ,,,
        First off you have never been in compliance with The King’s First two “Orders” at Matthew 6:33 ,,,next you do not understand what has mentally happened to you ,,,which is called out at Matthew 24,,, you have been duped, deceived and deluded by The Satanic Powers that Be ,,, I am giving this info to you RIGHT from the NASB bible ,,,can you or anyone else prove the NASB Bible wrong ??? next King Jesus is God in the flesh see that at Matthew 28… The WHOLE Bible is about God / King Jesus and their Creation and The Men called out in The Bible , old or new testament were / are servants of King Jesus … NOW,,, that’s what Psalm 119:160 is about ,,, it’s a equation for “Truth” = The Sum of God’s Words = Truth,,, did you excell in Math ? All Sciences are Created by The Almighty God ,,, your brain is one of God’s computers and your brain has been improperly programmed …
        Your rebuttal about The Bible is as old as Judeo -Christianity which is NOT Real Christianity according to The Bible ,,,how many time do you think I have heard your rebuttal from other Judeo Christians??? at least hundreds of times…
        SO,,, to arrive at Truth on any particular subject matter in The Bible one MUST harmonize many Scriptures and select the “Ranking” Scripture and apply it to receive maxs Power and Blessings from King Jesus and His Blood ,,, King Jesus said “if you love Me , obey Me”… SO,,, the first things first to become a “Real” Christian one MUST accomplish Acts 2:38 with understanding and at age 20 or older ,,,now one can be “converted” at a younger age but conversion and Salvation are two different things ,,,Notice at Acts 2:38 it says “repent” ,,,that is conversion,,, then it says “and each of you be baptized in the name of Jesus Christ”,,, baptism IS Salvation ,,, see 1Peter 3:21 to verify that … Wake up Judeo Christians and get it right PER The Bible OR your name will NOT be written in The Book of Life… Praise King Jesus for Salvation and Healing ,,, Amen and so be it…

  • Rob Foote

    There were six years with a democrat congress stemming from the Bush admin and two years through the obama administration… During the Clinton administration, if I remeber correctly, there were four years of a Republican congress. So we became in debt during a Dermocrat congress, and had a surplus with a Republican congress…

  • jopa

    Six years of a Democratic Congress under bush and he didn’t veto one bill or spending package.Something fishy here?Doesn’t the President have the last say on any of this?

    • coal miner

      Why didn’t he?

  • Corey Mondello

    Ms. Rand utilized socialized medicine in the USA when she was dying. That is enough for me to dismiss her as someone who actually practices what they preach.

    • CardinalMo

      I ask you What socialized medicine was available when Ms. Rand around? Medicare, Medicaid. I do not recall what year she passed…could you refresh my memory? If you really think about insurance companies are not really much diferent than socialized medicine. Basically with both a pool of people pitch in to pay or health care…We what If you are never sick…Haven’t you paid the premium and got no use from the insurance…even with private companies….Either way I’m paying for someone else to use a medical “system.” There is no difference really except under Medicare/medicaid/Obama Care…even the poor, low income, or even the well off are allowed to have medical care…on an equal footing. There are plenty of people who pay into insurance and into other medical systems…who rarely use the systems. But, either way, it is there in case a need arrises.

  • coal miner

    i am here

  • coalminer

    something is wrong

    • coalminer

      There needs to be a change.

    • Rob

      This article makes sense, and it is apparent that companies are battening down the hatches in anticipation… With the constant discussion of raising taxes and adding regulations, it would be natural for business to do so, a business must make a profit to sustain itself and it’s employees…

  • post5249489

    Very descriptive post, I enjoyed that a lot.
    Will there be a part 2?


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