ATF Wants To Know Everything About You


The Federal government has already made great strides in ensuring that anonymity is a thing of the past with massive data-collection-and-storage facilities like fusion centers and a post-9/11 American legal structure that makes government’s ability to spy on citizens easier than ever.

And American citizens, for their part, have willingly placed themselves in a position to be spied upon with relative ease via addiction to social networking and reliance on technology that provides unprecedented convenience.

Unfortunately, for all of the joy of being instantly able to contact old friends or keep in touch with busy grandchildren on social networks or the benefits that come from always having a phone on hand that doubles as a computer, Americans pay a high price: There is no such thing as privacy. And even if you refrain from using the aforementioned technologies, someone you know has likely already unwittingly provided the surveillance state with enough information to include you in the dragnet.

A recent notice posted on the website of the Federal Business Opportunities reveals that the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives  is currently seeking help putting together a “massive online data repository system.” The system, to be operated by the ATF’s Office of Strategic Intelligence and Information (OSII) for at least five years, would enable the agency to conduct ongoing automated searches and find links between people by scouring “structured and unstructured data.”

ATF officials are looking for a company capable of setting up a computer program that would compile databases of financial data, online information, vehicle registration records, phone numbers, addresses and all other manner of potentially identifying information in order to provide detailed records on American citizens searchable with just a few keywords. Using information gathered from social networks and other sources of publicly available data, the agency also wishes to be able to automatically establish connections between an individual and his family members, business associates and acquaintances without having to search more than one source.

While Federal agents can generally locate the aforementioned information using current investigative resources, the ATF says the database system it wants to implement allows it “quickly respond to problems, threats, etc.” spending as few man-hours on old-school detective work as possible.

That means ATF will be able to conduct no-knock raids, like that carried out against YouTube sensation Kyle Myers of the FPS Russia gun enthusiast channel, on more Americans and faster than ever before.

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Sam Rolley

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  • TIME

    Dear people,

    Really ~ so whats so bad about this?

    Do you really have a problem with the loss of the 4th Amendment?

    Why is that? ~ You gave away most of the 1st, the 3rd, the 5th, 6th, 7th, 8th, 9th, and 10th, and soon the 2nd, so whats the big deal with allowing the 4th of what by the way you did after 9/11, so infact you really don’t have a 4th amendment now do you?

    You have also allowed the special people in suits to start a DRONE plan to spy on you, ~ or kill you if they so wish by way of the NDAA.
    So really what do you need to keep away from these special people who run the nation? Just comply and be happy.

    102 Million Americans of working age have no job, let alone far too much time on their hands.
    Then figure in the children and old folks who don’t work, and whats left anyway? Oh thats right Jobs for the “state” ~ oddly all paid for by tax payers who still have jobs.
    But fear not, afterall the Fed can print up as much cash as they need.
    So ~ go back to sleep, and don’t have no worries, afterall ~ The Government is looking out for your best interest.

    Peace and Love

    • chocopot

      It’s just all part of the Progressive collectivist agenda to create a police state. I have always felt that the choice of the term “Progressive” was a particularly brilliant one since it gives the casual observer the idea that these people, the “Progressives,” are moving us forward to something better than that which now exists. Personally, I refer to them as “Regressives” since, rather than moving forward to something better, we are moving backward to the time when ‘freedom’ was an unknowm concept to humankind, who were ruled by totalitarian despots who could kill anyone they wished at will since there was a tiny, ultrawealthy elite which controlled everything, and the overwhelming majority of the population was peasants who were little more than slaves. In case no one noticed, that is precisely where we are heading. Time to wake up, people!

  • Guest

    The land of the free!

  • TheTruthHurts

    ‘placed themselves in a position to be spied upon with relative ease via addiction to social networking’… Stop with the word games… It’s not spying if the Info is in public. Same thing with ur picture being taking in public, there is no ‘reasonable right to privacy’ in public places (x for bathrooms, changing rooms etc).

    • DoingMoreWithLes

      So tracking your movement via your cell phone is ok? Monitoring you credit card and ATM transactions are ok too? Soon monitoring your movements via your new automobile ok too? Once you open that box the demons don’t fit back into it.

  • hungry4food

    These 2 links describe why the Law to Audit your Precious
    Metals investments is more about identifying who is a Sound Money
    Sovereign Citizen to determine those people as a Potential threat .
    This is a dangerous precedent that totally decimates anything that the US
    Constitution represents .,0,3800088.story

    A Bill to Register Buyers of Gold and Silver Coins

    Creates the Precious Metal Purchasing Act. Provides that a person who is in the business of purchasing precious metal shall obtain a proof of ownership, create a record of the sale, and verify the identity of the seller. Provides that a person who is in the business of purchasing precious metal shall not pay for the precious metal in cash and shall record the method of payment. Requires the purchaser to keep a record of the sale for one year or, if the purchase amount is over $500, for 5 years. Provides that a person who violates the Act is guilty of a petty offense and subject to a fine not exceeding $500. Provides that the Attorney General may inspect records, investigate an alleged violation, and take action to collect civil penalties.

    • sirgwain

      Most people don’t realize that all those precious metals they are buying and physically holding WILL be confiscated just like Roosevelt did. And if they think the government is going to give them full market value for the metals they steal, think again. Just look at Cypress!

  • Freedom Song

    Identity theft is destructive; think what this could be! Will there be a way of purging false information out of this “system”??? Our country is near bankruptcy, why would they spend so much on foolishness like this?

    • DoingMoreWithLes

      To answer your question “NO”. Bureaucracies are really great at one thing and only one thing and that is slowing everything down to a crawl. Only the incompetent make a career of government. True thinking people go nuts working for a system that breeds nepotism and kills inspiration. Getting your information corrected will be just like trying to get off the government’s no fly list. They refuse to fix any internal problems like the 5200 child porn traces that lead back to Pentagon employees. The sad fact is to get ahead in the government you must be as incompetent as possible so that people promote you to get you out of their organizations. The only thing the Federal Government is really good at is hunting down witnesses to their crimes, Labeling them “whistleblowers” which is a derogatory term tantamount to calling them snitches. The Roman Empire didn’t see the end coming either.

      The hackers have got to love all this consolidation of personal information. Thanks for putting everything in one location for them. We all know how incompetent the Federal Government has been in the past with information they declared “safe”. To make matters worse is that mercenary contractors with no loyalty other than to money have direct access to it all.

  • Timothy Thompson

    We have no idea who the President actually is, where he actually came from and he is in charge of all this tyranical pushes by all his agencies run by his CZARS. Indeed they want to know everything about you, with Obamacare passed the IRS has new intrusive powers to confiscate without warning any money held in any bank, they are positioned to raid peoples savings, 401K’s, checking accounts. When the fines for not having insurance is due, they will collect in anyway they can, keep your tax refund, put garnishments on your actual pay and strip you of any cash in your bank accounts. We haven’t seen anything like this and everyone will be under their control those who voted for him will be crying the loudest you can bank on that!

  • ChuckS123

    This would make total sense if Obama wants a dictatorship.

  • oldbill

    Privacy is a very interesting subject. I have friends who pay $3 a week to cash their paycheck because they don’t want the government tracking their spending with a bank account. I buy everything I can with credit cards. I have multiple bank accounts. I get some cash every couple of years for those oddball things, like targets at the shooting range ($1.34, I don’t want them to have to pay a 35 cent “click” just so I can use a credit card, so I carry exact change for the targets), or the nearest convenience store won’t let you use a credit card for less than $5 (because of the “click” fee). I have income on 1099’s as I am retired. I have a Social Security Number, I have a passport, and I have a state driver’s license with all the HSA and FBI whirly-jiggers on them. I don’t go to gun shows because, I don’t feel like I can get a better deal than I can get from my shooting range, and there are often more ATF agents wandering around than customers. I don’t have to pay to look at guns at the shooting range. I very rarely buy a gun except from an FFL Dealer. I very rarely sell a gun except to an FFL Dealer. All of this is traceable, if the government wants to track it. I don’t have anything of exceptional value that the government would be interested. I pay my taxes. I still assume that government’s main purpose is good and not evil. God allows the United States to continue because it suits Him. I support the government the best I can, and I would only draw the line if I cannot worship God in the Way He has commanded. If you think things are bad, read Daniel in the Old Testament.

  • carl dolph Pinson

    I feel its high time government gets out of dictator role in guns and 2nd amendment rights even their alterations in 1968 is actually a violation of 2nd amendment that constitution was put there to keep. Government tyranny. Out of God given rights to protect our family and loved ones from harms way there’s not enough cops on earth to guard everyone 24/7 wake up America time the average people take control of out country from the rich political. Idiots in dc