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At National Press Club Meeting, Activists Denounce Role Of Special Interests In U.S. Politics

April 16, 2010 by  

At National Press Club meeting, activists denounce role of special interests in U.S. politics On April 13, a forum was held at the National Press Club in Washington, D.C., which discussed the influence of corporate special interests and big money on public policy and United States democracy.

The event—in honor of Thomas Jefferson’s 267th birthday—was sponsored by the People’s Lobby Coalition for Public Funding Only of All Elections and the Green Party of Florida. Some of the topics discussed by the attendees included the effect of corporate money on healthcare, energy and the economy. They also analyzed the issue of military expenditures in light of campaign contributions from defense contractors.

"[We talked] about the correlation between the influence of the 13,000 plus special interest lobbyists and our elected officials’ voting trends in relation to these issues," said Jennifer Sullivan, organizer of the event.

She added that the outcome of the event will lead the group to propose "necessary changes to our election system to restore democracy."

Speakers at the event included Dr. Margaret Flowers, congressional Fellow for Physicians for a National Health Program, filmmaker Jesse Johnson, chair of the West Virginia Mountain Party, and Pat LaMarche, weekly columnist for the Bangor Daily News and the 2004 vice-presidential nominee of the Green Party of the United States.

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  • Raggs

    That should piss obama off…LMAO!

    • http://?? Joe H.

      Anything that calls for honesty will piss off Obummer!!!! It’s contrary to all of his morals or the lack there of!!!

    • EltonJ

      Well, Obama is a pathological Prevaricator. He wants everyone to prevaricate in Washington.

      • denniso

        You people have made it very clear before that you’re partisans,now you’re showing your true colors,you are BLIND partisans.
        The point of the forum and article is that there is too much corporate control on our gov’t and so less control by the voters. Obama fought the corporate interests in the yr long healthcare battle to bring reform to our health system. Obama and most liberals are in favor of public funding of national elections to get big money out of our politics…you might agree w/ that,if you would do some thinking
        about it rather than just blast Obama like little kids might…

  • Sunshine

    The only way we’re going to get this country out of the mess it’s in, is to END THE FEDERAL RESERVE,because the money people who own it are really the ones running this country.All the politicians are nothing but puppets contolled by them.See the video on YouTube called “The Obama Deception.” Wow.
    Next, we need to get the U.S. OUT of the U.N. and the U.N. OUT of the U.S.Go To Freedom Advocates dot oh are gee, and read about agenda 21.
    These are our only hopes to salvage this country.

  • s c

    Short of grouping lobbyists with people who are accused of RICO crimes, I don’t see how we can do much. Those who are contaminated by lobbyists (“professional,” career politicians) are the same ones who get to decide who’s doing something that may need to be prohibited. It’s the same people who have the most to lose by having to endure term limits.
    How can we change things the right way(s) when we have a herd of institutionalized, scum-sucking criminals who’ve been put in charge of everything from ethics to midnight pay raises to passing legislatiopn that is NOT read or understood?

    • Tom

      I agree SC, these people are career criminals.
      Thats why I am such an advocate of third parties. Get them stumping on campaign finance reform, and vote them back out quick if they fail for any reason.
      I don’t know what else can be done.

      I’m open to suggestions…

      • denniso

        The only way to change the system is to get special interest big money
        out of our electoral system. Ban all private money in all national elections and provide public financing and free TV time. As long as our congress people and prez have to raise such huge amounts of $$ to get elected,they will continue to be partly owned by corporate and specisl interests….we’re going the wrong direction w/ the conservative court recently ruling that there be no limits on corporate money.
        It isn’t rocket science that if people have to beg large sums of money,they will not be free of influence from the donors…pretty obvious,isn’t it?

        • Jim H.

          Denniso, Since the TV networks are private companies, are you going to force them to give free TV time, or will that public financing cover TV time also?

          • denniso

            The major networks are private,but they use the public airwaves and so are subject to fcc regulation…part of their charter can include a set amount of political advertising mandated. Same goes for the radio stations…they use public airwaves as well.

        • http://?? Joe H.

          like I said the last time you posted this , it’s so strange that you say this AFTER your hero is already in office and it has been reported that it’s gonna take money to un-seat him!!! HACK!!!!!

          • denniso

            I and many others have advocated public financing for a decade and more. You complain and whine about congress being sold out to the highest bidder but won’t do anything to remedy the massive problem…
            corporate America is,of course,against it because it could end their control over our congress and the country.

  • Cecil Jeffries

    as far as I can see the bigest problem is we have the best political system that money can buy they sell out to the higest bidder to heck what is best for the country or why they were voted in to do they stole all the money from social security so they could continue spending on there pet projects and to hide the national debut they vote them selves raises when they dont deserve it some day the people will open there eyes and these people out of office we need to hold congress and the house acountable for what they do and we need A law making them tell the truth when they talk and not make so many false claimes to try and get there way

    • eyeswideopen

      Cecil, do some research on Koch Industries and Koch family. They founded almost all of the conservative think tanks, and organizations like the John Birch Society. They put out denial that they were funding the tea party, but the web site for American for Prosperity shows that Chairman is Koch. and they web site gives all location for the tea party events. Duh, not funding the tea party??? You betcha, your lying ways prove differently Koch family.

      • chuck b


        koch was only one of twelve people who founded the society. robert welch was probably the main person. he was against everything your pres.stands for today.

      • http://?? Joe H.

        while you are at it, look up george Soross. or as I call him ol’ soreass!!!

  • JC

    One of the great behind the scenes manipulators and provider of so many Fed Chairman, Goldman Sachs has (finally) been charged with fraud:

    • s c

      JC, on the surface, it sounds good. What are the odds that this is a scapegoat scheme? Bernie Madoff wasn’t the only frosty prostie. He shouldn’t have been made out to the ‘lone nut.’
      In a related matter, a certain geekoid from Massachusetts and an airhead from Connecticut come to mind. For many years, the government has specialized in lone nut theories. As long as government is averse to the truth, odds are that not enough investigations will be made to guarantee that America is being protected from home-grown predators (and career politicians).

      • JC

        There’s always a fall guy.

  • Russell

    Is “one man one vote” still in effect?
    Corporations and unions “don’t have a votes” are for sale. What do corporations and
    unions want in return for their donations to the parties?
    We the people “all have a vote” are for sale. What do “We the people” get in return for
    our vote? Fifty percent pay no income tax, fifty percent get some sort of largess from the
    government. (Welfare, food stamps, subsidies housing, farm subsides, and many more.)
    The first amendment gives us the right to voice our opinion but it does not give us the
    right to demand that the government be our sugar daddy. If we are a compassionate nation, then
    why do we demand that the government take over the responsibility that should be that of the
    “We the people”
    Why do we have a constitution? Is it something to hang on the wall like a picture? Or is it
    a blueprint for neighbors to be neighborly and to keep the government from interfering.
    Our founding fathers established three equal branches of government and that each
    branch was to ride heard on the other two. Who is going to stop the fiasco that has penetrated the
    legislation and administration. The only one that can stop this fiasco is the judicial. We can’t
    depend on “we the people” to do the job.

  • rayg

    In retrospect to what p.o”s the president what what would p.o.republicans more than democrats demolishing the GOP in presidential elections ala 208, is not being able to accuse the democratic party of anything that comes to mind and having to come up with a sensible solution and have the courage implement it for the good of everyone other than DER PARTIE… sounds kinda NAZI ISH doesn’t it….P>S> and when is Bush and friends going to let the world know where those WMD’s are please putit in your memoirs, and if you still don’t where they are lie about it like you did to the world and had a laugh about it, along with liemaster Rove and Rummy the dummy. Tell it like it is… “RAYG”

    • http://?? Joe H.

      check out the planes that flew yellow cake into Canada!! Look it up !

  • http://gmail Dodad

    rayg, they were flew to Syria with Irag planes, don’t you ever read or talk to some one else, besides your pin headed pacifist dems or the muslim UN inspectors.You have to be pretty simple to not listen to facts from captured military Iraqies. I think it out in the Balkan Valley or some camel dung area, that has a runway, where inWMD’s are stored.Sadamm moved it of his country both by planes and trucks, and played rope a dope with you dems.Al-baridi the UN inspector and the wimp Swiss sure wasn’t going to piss off or turn in his muslim or get off of UN money train, with Obummer’s in breed brothers. If you notice Obummer is kissing and bowing to dictators and muslim pedophile nut jobs,he just loves to tear down this country, a 4th grader could have told our muslim smuck, Iran was going to not do a damn thing. Another blatant damaged gentic defect of liberal democrats, or just democrats in general. talk and waste time, while dictator’s thugs build weapons and get set for war. They love to tie military’s hands when posecuting a war, in every war from the 60′s on. That is why we lose so many troups from fee good Dems, in setting up rules of engagement. you dumazzes should realize women and children that hide and beleive the correctway to fight a war, to just play like it is a volleyball game. You hang out with the thugs , you just might get shot to hell, moron. Turn on the thugs or take a little hot shot and flack.

  • Stephen Russell

    I say we Conservatives form own Press club for OUR VALUES.
    I dubb this the Eagle Press Club or New Republic Press club for all like minded journalists worldwide.
    & have our own Team in the WH press Corp alone.
    How radical & our homebase: Fox News.

  • http://gmail i41

    EWO, american progressive party is just a Sororis 527, like Acorn, and all the rainbow queers and steeers groups, George keeps giving money to start. I know you b–l s–t about tea partys being started and funded by koch. is just another drug induced socialist democrat dream.
    Of course dems cann’t start a new thought unless it is approve union bosses or some other socialist democrat who lives off of taxpayers money, they sure cann’t earn enough to support themselves or their bastardized spawn.

  • Jim H.

    When people think of lobbyists or special interest groups, they think of defense contractors, tobacco, energy companies or big pharma. The Sierra Club, NRA, and other civil rights and environmental groups are also special Interest groups. Do we give the same scrutiny to these groups as we do big business, or should it be handled differently? Some Of these groups have as much pull and donate as much money to political campaign’s as business and trial lawyers do. Just food for thought.

    • eyeswideopen

      Jim, take a look at this and then tell me who you think is controlling the media and the American sheep.

      • Jim H.

        Eyes, So the Communists needed the help of private industry to get the job done, that just reinforces our free market stand. It’s to bad someone had to spend so much of their own money to disprove the man made global warming lie. Now to the point of my post, should all special interest groups be lumped in all the same,or is there a difference?

  • s c

    By the way, as long as our ‘leaders’ in Congress and the White House continue to be lightning rods for earmarks, every one of them should be considered two-legged, special interest brown-nosers and hookers looking for as many pimps as they can get while they’re in Washington.
    This situation can’t change until enough Americans are fed up and take steps to deny consecutive terms to all comers who pretend to live up to their oath(s) of office. You know it. I know it. Deal with it, America.

    • JC

      I think it’s fair to say at this point that when Congress is in session….they’re planning their next heist.


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