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As Top GOP Aids Resign In Wake Of Scandal, Calls For Steele To Step Down Intensify

April 9, 2010 by  

As top GOP aids resign in wake of scandal, calls for Steele to step down intensify Embattled Republican National Committee (RNC) Chairman Michael Steele has been trying to reassure party members that the GOP will be ready for the midterm elections, but he is increasingly facing calls to resign.

Rocked by scandals—including allegations that young members of the party entertained guests at the party’s expense at a strip club—the GOP leadership appears to be increasingly shaky. This was exemplified by the recent resignation of a committee member Sean Mahoney, who accused Steele of spending donor’s money with "reckless disregard."

Mahoney’s resignation followed that of RNC Chief of Staff Ken McKay.

And although Steel has tried to reassure the party and its followers that he took the responsibility seriously and would not tolerate misuse of funds, voices calling for him to vacate his job have been growing.

Among those calling for Steele to step aside was Republican strategist Alex Castellanos, who questioned the chairman’s ability to lead the party into November’s elections in a commentary on CNN.

"I think a change in the direction now, at this point, would do the party good," Castellanos said.

However, former New York Mayor and presidential candidate Rudy Giuliani was among those supporting Steele. ADNFCR-1961-ID-19708409-ADNFCR

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  • Claire

    Personally, I think they should get rid of him. He has done more harm than any good for the Republican party. Replace him with someone that has some common sense.

    • JeffH

      The Republicans better not take anything for granted and get their house in order. I agree with you Claire.

      • Claire

        Jeff H– Yes, they better get their house in order. They better pick someone that is a true Conservative. This is the only way they will get ahead. Too many RINOs.

    • Jana

      I agree. They need to not only get their house in order, but get back to basics. Right now neither party represents we the people. Well, we the people want representation again, not dictators, and not someone in there who ignores what the people are saying.

    • Victor L Barney


  • Barbra Bronsberg

    Steele needs to step down. He is hurting the party at a time when we need all the help we can get to return the Congress to the Republicans in November.
    There are to many scandels at a time when we need all the votes we can get in November even here in the Florida legislature with their scandels.

    • LocalYokel

      Picking one out of the whirlpool will help but can’t solve the problem. It needs a flush. Ask Bucannon and other old timers that have tried.

  • Bill Bordeaux

    Mike is a good man but, he never seemed like the type that would go hehind closed doors and get the tough work done, Republicans are in the fight of their life. Mike should step down and get behind the new learder for the good of the American people.

  • http://Yahoo lester peoples

    Our Representives should not look at getting our country back as a big Joy Ride and Party for elites! Thats what got us into the mess we’re in. We need patriotic God fearing [not Allah], honest men and women believing in the founding fathers beliefs as a standard for our leadership. Having No other form of Fascist, Socialist or Dictatorial forms of control involved whatsoever! English is our language and American is our name! [no prefix please]

  • cs

    America NEEDS to understand WE the PEOPLE do NOT have a 2 party system anymore!! We simply have what the puppet masters want us to think we have! They have orchestrated this bogus 2 party system that is regulated and controlled by the REAL powers the rule our country and for that matter the entire world thru the monetary system they developed and OWN!! If you really research the facts you will see that each “parties” basics are the same they only differ in perifeal matters that really are miniscule in importance!! Thus by controlling both parties and manipulating the stupid publics perception that if this party doesn’t so what you wnat you can simply vote out the scoundrels and vote in the other!! By doing this the public thinks they are in control and the fact is the public (sheep) are really not in control!!!!!

    • David Goedker

      AMEN!!!! The supposed two party syetem we have leads us down the same path to tyranny. The only difference is that one party leads us a bit slower down that path than the other.

  • s c

    Wasn’t it obvious a year ago that Steele was questionable? If he’s busy acting like a mirror-loving, reincarnated RINO, dump him. The word needs to go out that we DON’T need so-called ‘Republicans.’ We need CONSERVATIVES and libertarians who have seen the light and won’t sit on a fence and try make ‘new friends’ at America’s expense.
    The many types of progressives have already put themselves into a corner. Now, let the light of truth and the Constitution do to the progressives what they’ve tried to do to America since Teddy Roosevelt and before.

  • Fred

    Steele should step down and we should put Palin in that position. Then she can quit funding the RINOS like Collins, Snow and McCain and campaign for the true Conservatives and Libertarians. This will get the media off her back for a while and let her get out among the people. She can also bring in a lot of money, unlike Steele. I quit funding the RNC when they spent my money funding Snow and Collins along with Favazzava in NY. Steele, Step down…Palin take the job.

    • Kate

      Not only would Palin be able to raise money…she is the cheerleader that could keep the Republicans and Tea Party followers working together rather than splitting the ticket. We have got to stay focused for 2010 & 2012!

      • DC Wornock

        Is is not amazing how easy people are led around by the nose. When our rulers and masters see that the public is beginning to catch on to their one party system with two faces. They have the media a hundred times a day present someone like Palin who will say a few right sounding thing but take her marching order from our masters. The even have the party leaders critize her (of course in the right way to make her sound better) and the public eats it up.

        In the meantime the few that might really give us change such as Ron Paul is first ignored and, it that doesn’t work, is called out of touch or kook, 100 times every day.

        For the Democrats, our masters gave if Obama. Hope and change, is all he ever said and the public believed he was different.

      • Palin12

        Sarah would be perfect for the job.

    • Water walker

      Yes, Palin would be perfect, but I thought she was trying to distance herself from the party?..

      • Jana

        I always hear her saying we need to stay with the party and get conservatives in there.

      • tedcrawford

        Water, I really hope she is! Mrs. Palin is exactly where she should be,doing axactly what we need her to do! She is a free agent, bound to no party,controlled by no political ideaology, save her own.
        Her support of McCain, who is not as far right as some of us would like, points to her loyalty. I believe that to be a quality very lacking in politics! Her actions in New Yorks 23rd district, shows she isn’t bound to the Republicans, but true to her supporters.
        The left likes to call her “unintellegent” and tries, at least on the surface, to discount her! What I see, however, is an abundence of good ole common sense! At the moment, at least, I hope she doesn’t run for any office, or affiliate with any party!

        • Claire

          Realistically, she couldn’t be too dumb, I would imagine she makes many trips to the bank. She is making the most of her popularity and I don’t blame her. I would too.

        • http://?? Joe H.

          At least with her supporting his reelection, he’s not as likely to try to hijack the nomination for pres again!!!

    • Hugh Jordin

      Steele is a dolt… but Palin??!!! please!

    • Robin from Arcadia, IN

      Fred… Wow … Great idea! Sarah Palin would be perfect for Mike Steele’s position!

  • MadeeColorado

    I agree with you, S C

    You hit the nail on the head! Michael Steele is a RINO and the Tea Party is about conservatives and libertarians wanting to get the government out of our lives and give the power back to the states.
    Steele doesn’t even think we can win back both houses in November. Why would anyone (except the dems) want him running the show?

  • Water walker

    Pat Buchanan : Said that if the Republicans get back in power the country will go over the cliff

  • wayne bauer

    All good appropriate comments, why can’t we get the message to headquarters? We don’t need any more of his rascist remarks and beliefs. I’m getting sick of all that at all levals. The only rascists are the blacks in power. We’ve had enough, it’s time to stop letting them have the country.
    I hope there is a way to find that we don’t have to buy politics, has anyone thought about all the money wasted on these election scams? With the alternative communications can’t we get support at a reasonable cost? We know the alphabet networks will continue there one sided fascist support as they are owned by same. QQuit listening and supporting.

    • michael cheaney

      why to you call the blacks in power rascist,it seems to me that the repuclican party are the racist

      • tedcrawford

        I feel that to paint an entire group with such a broad racist brush is counterproductive. Are there racists in the republican party? Yes. Are there racists in the democratic party? Yes. I give you, harry reid ” he doesn’t talk like a black man, unless he wants to” and Sen. byrd!
        Racism is where you find it,sadly, everywhere. Untill we can call ourselves and our fellow Americans, simply American no prefixes, we will continue to have to deal with it!

      • Charie

        There are not too many racist Republicans. They have always, since their inception as the anti-slavery party, yes, that’s how the Republican Party was formed, been instrumental in passing civil rights legislation. Democrats have fought against freedom for black people. The great Democrat leader who they point to with pride, Woodrow Wilson, was not only a racist but was dead set against the voting franchise for women. I’m not sure what Democrat it was that figured out that black people meant VOTES, but he was some kind of a genius. He managed to get votes for Democrats while putting too many black people back into the slavery of welfare while at the same time making the general public believe that Democrats were the saviors of black people. It was a stroke of genius seeing as how Democrats started the Ku Klux Klan (Sen. Robert Byrd-WV(D) being, a recruiter in the Klan in his salad days). And yes, Martin Luther King Jr. was a Republican because he knew which party had helped black people and didn’t want them back in the chains of welfare dependence.

        I’m afraid Steele is not the kind of Republican MLKjr was. He’s more the “cocktail party” type, out for money, influence and to be an insider.

    • Dr. Mabuse

      Deutchland uber alles…

      • coal miner

        Dr Mabuse,

        Doesn’t that mean Germany over all?

        • libertytrain

          Or Perhaps “Germany all over” (again) — perhaps someone doesn’t want a repeat performance of Nazi Germany.

          • coal miner


            I am with you.It can happen anywhere.

  • Victor L Barney

    I agree with these posts, that Republican National Committee (RNC) Chairman Michael Steele should leave! I’m not a racist, but it looks to me that the Marxist(anti-messiahs) in our government had elected a “foreigner” President, who also is a provable MARXIST, which is impeachable, but there already had been a Marxist Takeover of our government and so the Republicans had to respond in kind! I will mention that for those of you that believe that we(America) are Joseph’s child(and we are, just like it’s provable that Yahweh spoke in Hebrew(Acts 26:14), who received the promise given “Israel”(Not Judah(Judah got “grace” and the Messiah came through them). This simply is “misinformation” passed off as fact to the incorrectly educated public and “we”(America) had been absolutely forbidden from appointing a “foreigner” over us(Deuteronomy 17:15); but we have done just that thanks to the large percentage of women voters voting for him! How many people know that the Bible says the only Hebrew” is the set-apart and inspired scriptures given man and we must prove all things by them? How many people know that the Pope in 1520 asked a Spanish Priest names Petrus Galatinus to change the Jewish Messiah’s Name “Yahshua”(son of “Yahweh,” the Father)to a name that honors the highest Greek Deity, Zeus? He(Petrus) came up with both the Names “Jesus” and “Jehoveh” at this time and the “WORLD” of course, accepted it because the spiritual “RULER” of this world is “LUCIFER,” the first Messiah! A direct violation of the 3rd commandment! That’s readable and provable history folks, but no longer is being taught in our schools since the 1920′s! Obama is a self-pronounced Marxist, as were his parents, grandparents, and best friend growing up(That’s clearly impeachable, or use to be! PS” Read about Karl Marx and find out that he was an anti-messiah figure who wanted to kill all fellow Jews that Hitler took off on! Yes, it’s not Germany folks(actually a tribe of Israel,Gad, but the Anti-messiah as come to America! Watch!

  • Water walker

    Agree… Steele needs to Go… But who can we put in?

    • Claire

      Give me a little time–I’m thinking….

  • Richard Cancemi

    Michael Steele has been ineffectual and a big disappointment. Sarah Palin Would be a good replacement because of her voiced conservatism and support of the Tea Party movement. Stele has turned his back on the Tea Partiers. We need true and real political party reform and have more of a choice at election time than having to vote for the lesser of two evils.

  • Glen

    I don’t care is Steele is ORANGE, fire him!

    • Water walker

      How about Michelle Bachman?

      • Claire

        Water Walker: No thanks.

      • Smilee

        Please do, we in MN would love get her out of the house and she would do no better than steele

      • Hugh Jordan

        Bachmann is a bigger dolt than Steele and Palin. Haven’t you heard her speak? How about someone with a three digit IQ.

        There has got to be a brilliant conservative who does more than mindlessly spout dogma.

    • Claire

      Glen— Agreed.

  • gene shires

    If you are serious about winning the election, you need to scrap- huckabee,romney,mccain,gingrich and all these old washington takers-fakers. get palin and beck, get back to the constitution!!!!! and GOD !!!!!!!!

    • Meteorlady

      I’m sorry but I don’t vote for media babies like Palin with little or no experience. Surly we have some really good people that could run and win. I personally like Rand Paul, I like Thune of S. Dakota, and a lot of others that could take up the challenge. Palin is smart, witty and cute, but has no experience running a country, quit on the governor’s job, takes to the lecture circuit and signs on for buck at Fox. Not my kind of candidate. I want someone with substance who has a voting record or business record that I can see and read about. I want someone who has experience running a business, not some liberal lawyer with grand ideas and no background.

      • Meteorlady

        Oh forgot – I would vote for Condi Rice too.That lady has the gumption to get the job done.

        • Claire


          I agree with both of your posts.

          • tickedoff

            I don’t want anyone who has been a Council of Foreign Relations member. They are all globalists, and she was one.

            I want someone who will NOT be open to granting amnesty. McCain definitely was, and if Palin hadn’t backed him, and even made robo calls, (along with Scott Brown), to Arizonians asking them to vote McCain for senator, I would have been open to her. I do not believe that she is a dolt. The younger illegals think that this is their country and the last March on Washington proved that they have no intention of becoming Americans. They were told not to bring their Mexican flags but they proudly brought them anyway! That is ALL we need; to become like Mexico!

      • Charie

        Great Democrat talking points!

    • Smilee

      Great!! a big republican loss would be ensured!!

      • Claire

        Smilee– Nothing can be taken for granted in life, not even politics.

  • Meteorlady

    Steele needs to get out of there. He’s not doing the party any good. As for “rocked by scandals” I would guess that one person making an inappropriate decision and spending $2000 can’t be any worse than Obama taking Michelle on a date night to Chicago using AF1.

    If the Republicans are going to field any candidates that can actually win, they need to reassess their platform and get with it. I’m not a religious conservative, but I certain am a fiscal conservative and not may of their candidates have shown a great deal of fiscal restraint either. We need to get rid of lobbyist, pork and get some campaign finance rules back.

    • B. Stewart

      Lobbyist do all the work, you spend the pork, and there is no way to control money! Besides, we are now a soialist republic so it dosen’t matter.

  • Willard Schmehl

    You can protest on these blogs all you want, but nothing will change until you hit them in the wallet. All of the Republican National Committees (RNC, and Senatorial and Congressional)are walking in lock step. They spout their support for the Conservatives we want and then collect our money and support the RINO’s.

    We could have gotten rid of Specter six years ago but the various Republican committees supported him both monetarily and by campaigning. He only won the primary back then because W himself went to Pennsylvania at the last minute to support him. Soon as he was reelected, he stabbed us, meaning the people of this country, in the back.

    If you want to get their attention and see real change, STOP sending the National Committees money. SEND YOUR MONEY DIRECTLY TO PROVEN CONSERVATIVE CANDIDATES. That way we can support the Conservative candidates while forcing the national committees to change. After all, “Money, is the Mother’s Milk of Politics.”

    If you don’t know how to identify the true Conservatives, join “Club for Growth.” They identify candidates who support our capitalist system and practice true Constitutional Conservative principles. And you don’t have to send Club for Growth a dime if you don’t want to. They profile the candidates and then provide the addresses of the candidates so you can support them directly.

    Michael Steele and John Cornyn MUST go. They say all the right things and then support RINO’s.

    Here in California, the Party is supporting the most liberal of the candidates for both Governor and Senator.

    So if you want change, STOP sending money to the national committees. Only send money directly to Capitalist supporting Constitutional, Conservative candidates.

  • George

    Here’s an idea for direction, how about one that brings us back to being a Republic instead of a Democracy, one that shrinks the government and massive spending cuts and stops the entitlement programs, one that embraces constitutional solutions where we aren’t forced to buy a commodity?

    • Dr. Mabuse

      oh yeah !!!

    • eyeswideopen

      George are you saying kill SS and medicare? I am all for that. Let the elderly fend for themselves, they should have saved money and not relied on SS for their retirement. Let the Christian churches take care of the kids. No more disability payments, people need to learn how to take care of themselves and plan for the future. We need to immediately start phasing out both. Kick the age up to 72 for next five years. Make lump sum payouts to those who paid in and be finished with SS. It will probably take 10-15 years for the elderly to die and until then when the benefits stop, we need to just refund them the monies they paid in. It really isn’t that much per person. What are your ideas on how to stop it?

      • Granma Harp

        Excuse me? Can I then assume you would prefer death panels for the elderly?
        I am 92 years old and we receive $117 a month in SS, We pay, out of my purse, $330.23 each month for additional supplemental Medicare insurance, which I personally chose and wasn’t forced to purchase. I still get regular checkups and have never spent a nite in the hospital. My husband, who recently passed away at 96 of natural causes, had survived cancer and I am thankful that we were more than able to have the coverage we wanted.
        You see, we ran a small mom & pops grocery store for 61 years. Extended credit to the town folks that needed some help when times were hard. Many times we went with less because we wanted to see other good folks put clean diapers on there children, feed them and their selves first. To a tee, each and every handout was re payed, if not in cash, then in labor or barter. Our store was a family market, run and owned b my two children when Herb and I decided to retire 10 years ago. We worked hard, saved a bit, and enjoyed our life. My children lost the market to the county through eminent domain. They lost their whole life because the county wanted that property, and we were able to fight them off for over 20 years, but they got it. Someone real big wanted that property real bad. The federal government built a federal penetentiary there. My kids are scraping for a living now, both college graduates with fine families. There is no work available for them. I heard that unemployment is at 23% in our area now. They don’t get unemployment nor do they qualify for any assistance, but our community has stepped forward and is helping each other.
        Medicare is government ASSISTED health care, not government CONTROLLED health care.
        Your comments are cruel, rude and inhumane.

        • Claire

          Granma Harp — First of all I respect you and your husband for the fact you ran a business for all those years and you were “good” to your customers. You both are honest and fair-minded people.
          Eminent domain has been around for years and years. I had a problem concerning eminent domain about 3 years ago. It wasn’t as big a problem that you had, but the county where my country property is located wanted to put new light poles up–and two poles would have been just 20 feet from the old farmhouse. Needless to say they got huffy with me and my son took over. He is an engineer with IDOT and when these thugs told him they WERE going to put them up regardless, my son told them they were wrong, he knew all about eminent domain and they could NOT put poles up that close to the farmhouse. Needless to say, it worked out okay. The poles were put up in a different location far away from the house. Thank God for my son.
          Regarding SS— For years this has been a good program for seniors. It is not a freebie. People paid into this program their entire life. My husband and I have supplements too. My husband has had so many health issues. I am glad we had the supplement to go along with Medicare or we would really be in debt. The price of his surgeries were unbelievable but he is alive. And I am thankful to God for that.
          For years the government has dipped into SS and they did not have the right to touch this money. Some people should realize that not all families can save. Too many issues, catastrophes can pop up during a lifetime that can limit the saving process.
          I am all for SS.

          • Granma Harp

            Claire, thank you for such kind words, bless you.
            I myself, am far from being feeble. I am still driving, never an accident or any kind of speeding violations. I have lived and been self educated and I am still being educated today. I know about America and what our flag stands for, what it means to see children come home in a casket from war. That is the ultimate sacrifice for ones country. I saw and lived first hand the McCarthey era, Herb Hoover, the racial discourse that flowed through this great country with all of the hate. I saw the violence first hand, but I will say this: America is better because of it. I also saw the war demonstrations in the 1960′s and our nation is better because of it.
            That might be difficult to understand for some, especially the returning kids that fought so bravely with loss of life in another country, all in the name of freedom. We have a better understanding of the forces behind these things, we have been educated through life’s experiences. There is division in this country today and our elected officials have learned nothing from history. It is sad that so many people can’t realize that freedom in this country was not free. I don’t think our president is interested in freedom or this countries welfare. He seems to be more interested in himself, his TV time and promoting welfare. In my lifetime, I have never seen any President resort to constant, petty exchanges with their detractors. Believe me when I say, every president has been heavily critisized.
            I am concerned for my kids and all of the children yet to be born whether we will be able to save our nation for the future. It doesn’t look good, but Americans never ran from a fight, and we are in a fight for America, her flag and to preserve the great American dream that I have lived.

            Thank you, Granma Harp

          • Claire

            Grandma Harp– And thank you for your kind words. I agree with all that you have spoken. In fact, I admire you. If I live long enough, I hope I have the wisdom you have. I had my 69th birthday in January. I can still run with my dogs and so far my health has been good. My husband and I had our 50th wedding anniversary this past December. Hopefully we will have many more.
            I remember the ’60s quite well. I didn’t approve of Viet Nam, but I stood by our soldiers and America. My kids and I spent a lot of time working with a group that sent goodies to the troops. My kids were little at the time but I think they enjoyed doing this.
            Now we are in another war that is dragging on and on. I still think the minute our troops are pulled out, the Afghanistans, Palestians, and all of them will go back to their old ways. Those countries have fought for years, almost since the beginning of time. I hope I am wrong on this. I hope and pray for world peace but I truly do not think it will ever happen.
            With the problems of today, we are in for the fight of our lives. But, all of us are good true American patriots and we will prevail and like you said, we will be better for it.

          • Claire

            Granma Harp — I wish to add— May God bless you always and thank you for your words of wisdom.

  • Enlightened one

    Palin could do her ” Hollywood” Reality Show and lead the Republican party at the sametime…. The Tea Bagger party ticket would be… Sarah and Larry the Cable guy… Now that’s a dream ticket.. And a perfect fit

  • Jeannette/Cecil

    Please don’t think of Palin as the end all. She has said a few things that disturb us. One: she just supported McCain in his Senate run this year. Secondly, she said that her and Todd should have told Bristol about birth control-NOT abstinence, resisting peer pressure, saving herself for the right man (being Christian after all). Thirdly, she wants the federal government to find a way to help special needs children. Well, so far there is still the voucher system, although when I was young my parents paid for us to attend private school AND paid their taxes. With her celebrity, she needs to start a private foundation to do what she wants the gov’t to do for special needs children and their famillies, not impose it on the government(especially at this time when the taxes, entitlements and spending are so out of control). As for Michael Steele, this is the first we have heard of wrongdoing on his part. Can you find a way to give us more facts regarding this matter?

  • Reverend Joe

    Mike Leavitt or Jim DeMint would both do a great job. Mike Steele is siding with Obama on the race issue and forgets that this is the party that freed the slaves. Mr. Steele, don’t take this Party down!!!

  • American Liberal

    Retail sales in March….the best in the last decade……. Great job president Obama…….. I’m sure were all very pleased the economys picking up…. This will help Harrys election….

    • tedcrawford

      It’s about JOBS, PRIVATE SECTOR JOBS, everything alse is only a temporary illusion! This is just obama spending some more of the stimulus money he’s been sitting on! Most of us are not fooled by this!

    • zack

      American Liberal,;
      5,000 comedians out of a job, and you are trying to be funny;; Obama is the biggest looser of all time. Not a thing has gotten any better, everything is getting worse day by day.

      Wake up you old goat and get a life.!!1

  • http://AOl Dennis

    I’m not voting for anyone thats in office now..I would love to start over with all new people..I think going in they all have the right plan,to do the right things for the American people..But after they’ve been there awhile,they all get away from the reason they were sent there..TO REPRESENT THE PEOPLE…

  • Average Joe

    Political tags – such as royalist, communist, democrat, populist, fascist, liberal, conservative, and so forth – are never basic criteria. The human race divides politically into those who want people to be controlled and those who have no such desire.
    Robert A. Heinlein
    Now all we have to do is decide one which of the two groups we belong to…and vote accordingly….I am of the latter.

    • LocalYokel

      Then you could qualify as a patriot with a constitution but you’ll have to defend it at least every four years.

  • Dr. Mabuse

    Ok boys and girls, I’m going to use this issue to comment on a broad range of issues. First, Steele should step down, due to the simple fact that he’s lost control of his people and the RNC is floundering terribly. Who should step up to the plate next? I’m not going to disparage anyone of the names mentioned in the previous posts, so pick your own poison. What is the GOP conserving? There’s a rumor that staunch Conservatives make up a significant number of party members, but what exactly are they conserving? Certainly not a prediliction for same sex activities, whether it be in a West Hollywood sex club or a bathroom stall in a airport. Are they conserving money? (this reads fiscal responsibilty) Where are the firebrands demanding an accounting of 2.3 trillion missing from the DOD’s budget (9/10/2001) (gone…. off book.. disappeared) What about the no bid contracts for Halliburton and Dyncorp? (Psst… Some of the guys in these corporations should be indicted for past and present sins) Last, but certainly not least, the Fed. Reserve Board.
    Bernanke had the unmitigated gall to sit up in front of Congress and say he wouldn’t disclose how much and where taxpayer’s money was being disbursed. Geither, Larry Summers and Greenspan (the unholy three)… My Conservative friends were strangely silent while these jackaknapes worked their magic.
    Perhaps they’re conserving a misguided (misdirected) view on what to conserve and the process of conserving it. Maybe they should focus their attention on the powers behind the throne… (Gangsters and Banksters run this country) Why conserve a hatred for puppets on strings… Liberally apply your conservatism to the heart of the matter.
    I could go on, but you get the drift…..

    • LocalYokel

      Conservative, liberal, far left, rar right, middle of the road are all designed to replace the only two that count. PATRIOT OR TRAITOR.
      But that would leave the media in a real conundrum with only the terms “Having said that” and “Moving forward” to entertain their ad victims.

  • Enlightened one

    Massey mine Ceo & tea bagger : Don Blankenship, quote..we don’t pay much attention to Safety violations ……. America would end up just like the Massey mine company if the Tea Baggers and rightwingers got their Way….

    • LocalYokel

      Enlightend one should come out into the light more often. It’s already on it’s way. Ask your union leaders. Then read between the lines for the truth.

      • s c

        Local, it hasn’t been that long ago since Obummer’s alter ego [Motormouth Biden] said one of the new regime’s plans is to shut down the coal industry. As I recall, the coal industry has a lot of union members who mine coal for a living. If the
        coal industry is shut down, we’ll have a lot of union members unemployed. Does that mean they’ll enjoy protected status, or did Biden find another way to cram yet another foot into his huge mouth?
        You’d think any union member who works as a coal miner would see Biden (and Obummer) in a new and truly ‘enlightened’ way. It sure sounds like Obummer has plans to stab some of the more loyal folks in the back to bring America ‘change.’ I guess loyalty is now a one way street with Obummer in the White House. It will be interesting to see what happens when coal miners finally understand that their ‘friend’ specializes in abuse and manipulation to make America ‘better’ – via ‘hope’ and ‘change’.

  • http://yahoo bob peters

    the democrats are traitors to the american people…..Or should i say the PROGRESSIVES! I just wonder if there are any true democrats left???? Show me one!!! The rinos in the gotta go !! Of al;l the people i see in the natoional spotlight now…Palin!! yes ,She has a true american heart..Beck! well he surely is a patriot..If these two were 9in office you would see this country rise to it’s greatness fast..The reason all the news media and Progressives fear her is because maybe she will investigate all those corrupt bastards and prosecute the whole lot!! Go Sarah go!! Kick some commie ass!!!

    • LocalYokel

      You have hooked the big one Bob. A party name means little when big money owns them both. Trouble is they will spend more to discredit any other party competition than it would cost to try to buy a third party. Ask Ross Perot. Patriot or traitor are the key words. Not the party names you’re used to hearing.

    • LocalYokel

      Before you push anyone to the front ask Jessy Ventura what he’s found.

      • Claire

        I knew Jessy Ventura was on TV–but I did not get to watch and I sure wanted to. Tell me, if you will, what all he said. I am curious as the dickens.

        • Smilee

          He thinks 9-11 was a bush conspiracy plus other conspiracy’s in government as well, that’s what his new book is all about

          • Claire

            Well, I am still going to buy it and read it. As far as conspiracies, don’t you think some form of conspiracy has been in every administration? I think so. I am not so sure about Bush having any part in 9/11. Logically it would not have been feasible for him to have any connection. In the end, truth always comes out. There is all kinds of media gossip, but hopefully truth prevails, and we would certainly know by now.

        • JeffH

          I find Jesse Ventura as very honest and certainly not afraid to confront any situation. I didn’t care for him as a wrestler, he was always a bad guy. I think he did Minnesotan’s justice as their governor. Proved to a lot of people that one man can make a difference. I’ve only caught his show a couple of times. The seperation between truth and fiction can be extremely narrow. I think the same can be said of “conspiracy theories”. Uncovering the truth cannot be an easy task, especially if the truth is in uncovering a conspiracy. Often times it becomes a matter of weighing the evidence against the level of the conspiracy. When good questions are raised, we can only wonder…is it real or is it Memorex.

          • Claire

            Jeff H — I was kind of afraid to say that I liked Ventura. I was afraid everyone would come down on me but good. I always liked him and what he stood for. He sure didn’t put up with any crap. The fact a third party candidate won was wonderful. Here I go again but I have many friends in Minnesota (dog show people) and they liked him a lot. Help me here–did he run for a second term and was ousted or did he drop out? Gads, I can’t remember without looking it up. Here I like the guy and can’t remember that! It seems he is getting into the public eye a bit more lately, don’t you think? Wonder if he has something up his sleeve besides his arm??
            About conspiracies, I try to watch that because like you said is it real or Memorex.

          • JeffH

            In the Minnesota gubernatorial election of 1998, running as an Independent and member of the Reform Party, he was elected the 38th Governor of Minnesota and served from January 4, 1999 to January 6, 2003 without seeking a second term.
            After a trade mission to China in 2002, he announced that he would not run for a second term. He accused the media of hounding him and his family for personal behavior and belief while neglecting coverage of important policy issues. Ventura later told a reporter for The Boston Globe that he would have run for a second term if he had been single, citing the media’s effect on his family life
            During his tenure as Governor, Ventura drew frequent fire from the press in the Twin Cities. He referred to reporters as “media jackals,” a term that even appeared on the press passes required to enter the governor’s press area.
            If nothing else, he did it his way.

          • libertytrain

            Jeff – I’m also kind of remembering a health scare – like prostate or heart – can’t remember but there was something -

          • JeffH

            libertytrain, Ventura continued to wrestle until September 1984, when blood clots in his lungs ended his in-ring career.

          • Claire

            Jeff H — Thanks so much for the info. I will say this–the media can be horrific on anyone when they want to be. It does seem the media has their favorites. As far as I am concerned the media plays too big of a part in reporting the “news” and they report what they want. And the media always tries to get info (garbage) on the families. They probably hounded him and his family because Ventura says what he thinks. And he no doubt said things they didn’t want to hear. It will be interesting to see if he does anything regarding politics.

          • Claire

            JeffH– I should even mention this, this but I am going to anyway. It will probably open up a can of worms. My friends in Minnesota do not like Bachman. They want rid of her. And these friends of mine are all Republicans except for one. I thought this was interesting.

  • http://yahoo bob peters

    Right on Tea Partiers…Keep after those Commie pukes!!!!

  • Save America

    Save America: Outsource the Tea party and rightwing Christians

    • LocalYokel

      You may applaud now. Pressure is already on them from BHO’s csars.

  • eddie47d

    peters, someone has a different opinion and you come out with the commie talk. Sounds like you’d be more comfortable under a dictatorship. Free speech for peters but everyone else keep their opinions to themselves.



      • chuck b


        • B. Stewart

          Me TOO!

  • http://gmail i41

    I’ll take anyone that has run a state , not frat boy or washington wonk to run a party,Ron Paul, John Thune and other weak weinies of the same ilk, will give us the same dinks, that just don’t have a clue what is going on out in the real world. We all know to be as dem. advisor you must be willing to have sex with a pile of warm rocks, if a snake is in there, be a eleitist in good standing as a crook, don’t pay you taxes, and cut special deals. Rep will go along to get along, be willing to not push too hard on snafus in all branches, for fear of winding up some friends of the Clinton’s. Cold and lonely in a quite place as a staged self inflicted death. Get some Tea Party average Joe or Jane, more smarts and standrads. Not the same old tired hacks that go back to when Moby Dick was a guppy.

    • LocalYokel

      Just keep a life jacket ready for those old ones that jump ship before November.

  • ABinGA

    The last mailing I recieved from RNC asking for donations, I returned with no contribution and a note that read, When you start voting like true conservatives, then and only then will you recieve contributions from me. It was probably trashed as soon as they opened it and there was no check. Probably did not take time to read the note. I felt better though.

    • LocalYokel

      No worry. Their regular big money benefactors will fill the donation gap.

    • Claire

      ABinGA–Good for you!! I did the same thing. And I did not put a stamp on it to save “their” money. In fact, I also wrote on the letter to take me off their mailing list. I have received two letters this week. Both returned with my comments.

  • ABinGA

    Very true.

  • http://gmail Raindancer

    Enlightened one, The massey mine is another stupid idea pushed by democrat retards. If omoron hadn’t made it his mantra to not use coal out in Wyoming and plenty of oil in the Williston basin. Which is bigger than Prudue Bay by 25 times, look up USGSS articles in their magazine. Underground mining is always more dangerous. I doubt you have ever been around any kind of mining, methane gas could be used to burn, as a option of electrical production , but you simple minded democrats have created such a mess by using any non green options, it is impossible to do anything no cleared by beltway wonks. Methane gas is the same gas, that comes off of manure, which is being used on many farms, that EPA want to control the use of. Omoron stopped all oil drilling and exploration on land, shortly after he was swarn in. Him and thugs and brain dead dems were all going to have windmills, and let nature nuture and power America. And to keep his muslim buddies rolling in Chinese loaned money Now we find out his butt wipe brothers in Congress are giving several billion dollars of stimulas money to go China to build light rail in California, also are bringing in their engineers and some crews. You simple, no minded, dems need a harch education to get back to reality.

    • http://?? Joe H.

      farmers over in Europe have been using methane in farm impliments for years!!! they have also been running hot water heat pipes through very big compost piles and heating farm houses with it!!! Under black plastic, the heart of those piles can reach 140*.

  • Claire

    I heard on the news that Stupak will not be seeking re-election. This does not surprise me.

    • http://?? Joe H.

      all I can say is GOOD FOR MICHIGAN!!!!

      • Claire

        Joe H — There may be a few more that will do the same. This would be great as long as they are the ones we want out.

  • Denice

    We are reaping the whirlwind of folly that President George Washington warned against in his farewell address that once upon a time was widely read across the country not only in schools, but homes and workplaces also.
    Beware of political parties. It may be a necessary evil as is government, but we the voters must remain vigilant against the likelihood of corruption from all fronts. As it stands today, one of the main political parties has been selling our country out from under us while the other one has given it away.
    With such in mind, no vote should be cast lightly or ignorantly for superficial reason only.

    • morgansjc

      Denice- Exactly right. What we have now are Republicrats. I grew up in the ’70s, the last truly free decade. After that the regulations started. They got around passing laws by going to ‘regulatory agencies’. I want my freedom back, I want my America back, I don’t want a European inspired VAT that beats consumers into the ground, and I don’t want Hillary Clinton talking to the U.N. about the United States joining the Small Arms Treaty. In my 53 years I’m hearing things I never thought I’d hear from the generation before mine. For the first time I truly fear my government, and the possibility of foreign troops on U.S. Soil. Steele needs to go, he’s a distraction we don’t need right now, and fodder for the leftist press. We have actual issues to deal with. We don’t need to be distracted by allegations of strip joints.

  • Mazer

    Hey, I’ve been doing the same thing with their requests for donations, only my most recent one – yesterday – was returned with a note that read, “When Steele’s GONE, we’ll be back”!!! Am now donating directly to candidates all over the US, not just in my state.

  • kate8

    Interesting to me how conservatives are so ready to eat their own.

    The more corrupt and despicable a democrat, the higher they rise.

    Many good conservatives have gone down because of exaggerated infractions. The left and the media work hard to destroy anyone on the right, and the right hops right on the bandwagon. Why would anyone in his/her right mind take the job?

  • Claire

    kate8 — I don’t think conservatives are ready to eat their own. I may be wrong, but I think it is a matter of finding a good, true conservative to vote for.
    And I agree with you–the more corrupt a politician is, the higher they rise. It sure appears to be this way.
    Personally I do not think Steele has done much good for the Republican party. He started out all wrong. By this, I mean the first few times I watched him on TV he said some silly things–like hip hop crap, and for some reason the lingo he used at the time turned me off. And I couldn’t shake it off. He did not come across as being sincere, and realize the seriousness of his position.
    Like you, I would never want a job like this either. It is a damned if you do, and damned if you don’t type of job.

  • kate8

    While I think it is good that conservatives (supposedly) hold their leaders to a higher standard than the dems (dems have no standards, except low ones), anyone paying attention knows that the media starts witch-hunts and spews smears and attacks, often lies and/or exaggeration when it’s conservatives. I don’t know about Mr. Steele.
    When I’ve listened to him he always seemed intelligent, thoughtful and rational. But then, I haven’t really paid that much heed to what the party has been saying. They’re still politicians.

    I just hate to see good people thrown out because the media drums up some outrage. I don’t often see conservatives defend their leaders when the the left sets out to destroy them. Seems they are just too willing to let them go rather than close ranks around them. There is a place for loyalty, when it’s right.

  • Rod

    I would love to see Sarah Palin in the Congress! She would DRIVE PALOSI NUTS! Although, we all know Palosi is already NUTS. I believe Steele is trying to do it right. I am positive the G.O.P needs to be
    more AGGRESSIVE. It just seems to me like these elite progressive’s from the far left are getting by with breaking every Federal and Constitutional law there is. I don’t believe this would be a good time for the Tea Party to run a third candidate for Pres. Reid said
    he would love to have a third candidate run for his job. We all know why!

  • chuck b

    i don’t think the tea party is going off on its own unless of course the repubs run one of their good old boys, like huckabee or romney, i like newt gingrich, but again he’s one of the insiders and belongs to the clique, he has the political savvy, but, that’s the problem. we need someone that’s at least naive enough going in that it will take them awhile before they are corrupted. sarah palin i believe would not be easily influenced by corruption and she has the smarts to handle the job. if the pharaoh’s polls keep dropping by 2012 we will probably be looking at hillary who is probably as corrupt as barry, however, the liberal sheep would turn to her, sarah palin would defeat her or barry hands down.(if the election is honest) if we don’t clean out the government there’s cheap property to be had in mexico and you don’t have to worry about political corruption they admit it.

  • kate8

    There are people you would think would not be corrupted, but what happens when they get into office and are taken behind closed doors to be told the facts of life?

    JFK and brother Bobby tried to expose the FED, and they were made examples of. I’m quite sure all of them are told to tow the line or
    be destroyed.

    I’m certain that is why we were sold down the river on healthcare and many other bills that Congress has passed because those who opposed them were offered a deal they couldn’t refuse. If ya know what I mean.

  • Bill

    someone should ask judge Napolitano if he would be interested in heading up the republican party

    • http://?? Joe H.

      now him I could get behind!!!!

  • Jay Richardson

    The problem with the GOP is that if the make Steele resign every Socialist-Democrat will scream: “racism!”. The GOP is in a catch 22 situation. The fact is Steele hasn’t done a lot for the GOP other than raise money. To succeed in November the GOP needs strong, goal-oriented leadership and not one who tunmbles with the motions of the waters which surrounds it. To succeed the GOP needs to get rid of the RINOs deeply entrenched in DC, and return to its conservative mainstream.

  • kate8

    Perhaps, but dems don’t consider black republicans valid. The ones that have left the plantation are fair game. In fact, more so because the dems think they own black America.

    Just look at how dems have already insulted and ridiculed Steele over the years. Look what they did to Condi Rice. And they get away with it.

  • Bud Grounds

    Eyeswideopen and Claire: I agree that Rubio is not someone we would want as he already has already made unwise decisions with party money and was a lobbyist. Senator LeMieux, in my opinion would be better than any of those running. He explains his position in detail even if you don’t agree with his perspective but most often he is right on the money.

    • Claire

      Bud — I can remember my friend in Florida saying Rubio spent campaign money on his family. My friend does not like him at all. I saw him once on TV and so help me the first thing I thought was Chicago Mafia. And I only heard him once!! I do not trust the guy.

  • kate8

    EWO, libs employ people whose sole purpose is to destroy conservatives by any means possible. Everyone has skeletons in their closets, and their job is to dig up anything they can and blow it up all beyond reason. And they have the media’s full cooperation.

    That dems are corrupt is a given, and no one even looks at them. In fact, the more corrupt they are, the more powerful they become. They will lie, cheat, steal and murder, and the media covers for them. And
    you people keep putting them back in office.

    And you can’t even see the double-standard. In fact, you support it.

  • Russ Henry

    Governor Palin would be an excellent RNC Chairwoman. She ran the largest state successfully, eliminated a bunch of corrupt Republicans, shaped up big oil and developed a balanced budget. She has the values we need to have implemented in Washington DC, is not a lawyer and is a Tea Party supporter. Read “Going Rogue” to understand her incredible competance!

    • JeffH

      Russ Henry, I think that’s a great idea. I’m reading her book now, just started

  • kate8

    Sarah Palin is a perfect example of how libs smear decent people.

    Her qualifications are far and away more than Barry Soetoro’s, and her
    life is an open book. And she was only running for VP. Next to that buffoon, Biden, she’s a genius.

    Soetoro’s whole history is being shown to be a fraud. Yet the libs continue to defend him. With them it is always The Party first. That is communist mentality.


    • JeffH

      kate8, everything you’ve said is a fact…
      Here is a link I think you were looking for elswhere:
      One Day Soon, We’ll All Be “Homegrown Terrorists”
      By Giordano Bruno

      Neithercorp Press – 04/07/2010

  • chuck b


    you might take a look at this link

    • JeffH

      chuck b, thanks. That video coincides with all of the info I have discovered about the POTUS around the internet. None of this surprises me anymore, I expect there will be more and more info presented in the future. The guy that loaded the video on YouTube indicated that it had been deleted by YouTube before. Nothing surprises me anymore.

  • kate8

    Thanks, chuck b. The most amazing thing to me is that he was allowed to keep his records sealed. The only thing that can mean is that everyone in power is in on it, or covers for it. That means also that we can’t trust any of them.

    Even the FBI and CIA have to be part of it. Even the SCOTUS. When a hearing was scheduled to be heard, Soetoro and his goons met with Justice Roberts in private, and the hearing disappeared from the schedule.

    I’m sure every judge this case has come before gets a visit. It is the only explanation. Even the top brass of the military are involved.

    There are no legal channels left for the people. We need to go much higher.

  • kate8

    I actually discussed this with my conservative congressman at a townhall, and none of these guys want to touch this issue. When I brought up about his records being kept sealed, he called it “bad form”.

    Bad form, indeed.

  • chuck b

    it really is strange that no one wants to confront the administration on these matters, if they are just rumors and theories it would be to their advantage to put a stop to it and disclose the proper records. if the people who are disclosing this info are just political activists and trying to stir up resentment against barry, they are wasting their time, i don’t need that to see what this guy is up to and it could be the admin. is just showing their arrogance by not answering these questions.

  • kate8

    chuck b, it’s much more than arrogance. This has been brought to court multiple times by some top attorneys, one being Phillip Berg, an ex-AG from Pennsyvania and a democrat to boot. Every time it is dismissed for lack of standing. Like we the people don’t have standing. Also, several military people have filed suit, like the big one going on now, and they just get in trouble. I can hardly see how they could have lack of standing.

    And then there’s all the suits brought by Atty. Orly Taitz.

    The thing is, it’s never been allowed to be heard. No one denies that he’s foreign-born, they just won’t hear it.

    WorldNetDaily has had a big campaign going on this. You might want to check it out today. There is a new article about how African leaders are admitting that he was born in Kenya. WND has been at the forefront on this issue.

    This issue is off limits to the media. Not even the conservatives can talk about it. Just shows how it’s all controlled.

    • JeffH

      …or else you end up like JFK, RFK, MMonroe, and JHoffa. Sometimes I think about T Kennedy’s Chappaquiddick incident as being a set up just to keep any Kennedy from ever becoming a president. I’m sure we have no idea what is done in the political underground or who makes those decisions.

  • chuck b

    one thing i have no doubts about is chappaquiddick, i have always wondered what person or persons removed the police report to keep kennedy from being prosecuted.
    one thing about barry and his birth site, if they did find out he was not a u.s. citizen and was forced from office, what do you think the black population would do? this may be why the politicians are afraid to expose the truth, there would be out right anarchy and lots of people would be wiped out.

    • JeffH

      One would think that every American would want the fraud out of office if ever it was proven he was taking this country for more than a dangerous ride.

  • kate8

    I think it is much more sinister than that. There is a dearth of evidence that Soetoro was groomed for this throughout his life. It was known that he was not elegible to be president (how did he get by with not showing citizenship when running for the Senate?), but it was kept quiet. He was not vetted. He was allowed to withhold a valid
    BC and education records. Cheney failed to ask for objections before proclaiming him the winner.

    The communists have been at work for decades.

    They all know that if something is kept out of the media, most people will assume it has no credence, if they hear about it at all. They use tactics like ridicule (“birthers”) to marginalize any who ask questions.

    This was not only planned, but it is, in fact, a bona fide conspiracy of the highest order. It is high treason. This is a communist coup.

  • kate8

    Someone with no loyalty to America would have to be chosen to insure
    he would pull off the destruction of the nation. Just look at how he kept flubbing his oath of office, not saluting the flag, and otherwise dissing our country. According to those who remember him, he was unremarkable except in his arrogance. He can only speak as long as he has a teleprompter.

    The American people have been had.

    • JeffH

      Never has a man said so much but meant so little. He’s very careful to never answer any question with a direct answer. He twists everything around. Come to think of it, wasn’t that part of Alinsky’s Rules. We see it happen all the time here!

  • B. Stewart

    Steele can’t resign. He needs the money. Would be a great Czar!

  • kate8

    Also, Henry Kissinger is quoted saying that Obama is being groomed to be the head of the NWO.

  • Cliff

    How about Jesse Ventura?


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